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Item Name: Climate Change or Mind Control? - DVD by Dr. Daniel Faulkner
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: Environmental Extremism
Item Number: CE-FA-01
Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $19.99
Is our Earth warming? YES!

Is our Earth cooling? YES!

Are man's activities the cause of this warming and cooling? NO!

Professor Dr. Daniel Faulkner of Physics and Astronomy, at the University of South Carolina, reveals how false the alarms over Global Warming and Global Cooling truly are by speaking in layman's terms that all of us can understand.

Dr. Faulkner examines the history of warming and cooling trends over the past 1,000 years and proves that this current alarm is a propaganda exercise designed to scare us into a Global Government.

Faulkner then shows us the exact propaganda techniques that Mass Media is using to control our minds so that vast numbers of people can believe in a global problem that simply does not exist.

You and I and the people of the world are the intended victims of a very slick propaganda exercise!

Over 1 1/2 hours

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