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Item Name: Love Into Light: The Gospel, The Homosexual and The Church
Category: Books
Sub-Category: Homosexuality
Item Number: AI-9781620202227
Price: $12.99
Homosexuality is one of most controversial moral issues of our day. Many genuine Christians simply do not know how to reach out to save the eternal souls of those people caught up in this aberrant and disgusting life. Pastor Peter Hubbard reveals that, at the end of the matter, homosexuals are sinners and need to be saved by the same wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ that any other kind of sinner needs.

Dealing with homosexuality as a sin liberates the person caught up in this behavior, because sin can be repented and forgiven just like the sin of greed, murder, theft, etc. Gays are told repeatedly that they cannot help their sexual orientation, that they were born that way; understanding that homosexuality is sin is totally liberating because Jesus came to save sinners!

Pastor Hubbard shows you how to reach out to this special class of sinner, boldly proclaiming the Biblical standard on the one hand while loving them as Jesus loves them on the other hand. This combination of Biblical standard and compassionate love has worked miraculously in bringing these lost souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

176 pages


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