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Item Name: The Gospel: Message of Reconciliation - DVD
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: Christian Life/Growth
Item Number: KH-DVD-126
Price: $19.95
One of the last instructions given by Jesus to the Church was, Go into all the world and preach the gospel. (Mark 16:15)

The fact is most Christians dont know how to share their faith effectively. Sadly, many of the people they know in the world today are wandering around, lost and without hope, having never heard the wonderful Message of Reconciliation.

How would you answer the question, What must I do to be saved?

What are the essential facts, demands and promises of the Gospel?

Why are we told to evangelize?

Join Ron Matsen in the Executive Briefing Room of the River Lodge, New Zealand as he explores the subject of The Gospel  The Message of Reconciliation and gives practical insight into how to share the essential doctrines of salvation.

This DVD contains 2 hours of soul-winning teaching


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