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Item Name: 70 Years: Israel's Prophetic Past, Present and FUTURE! with Johnathan Cahn, Joseph Farah
Category: Israel
Item Number: WND-9781942-475743
Price: $24.99
Is Israel just another nation in the world, like any other people, with a long history of triumph and tragedy, peace and persecution, status and statelessness?

OR IS IT POSSIBLE -- that the history of Israel is evidence of a unique and mysterious Divine script written at the Dawn of Creation? Is it possible that this script reveals the destiny of every person who has ever lived on Planet Earth?

God's Power, All-knowledge, and His Faithfulness are proven when He brought Israel back to her land after she had been destroyed for nearly 1,900 years, fulfilling many Old and New Testament prophecies to the letter!

Watch the miraculous story of Israel's 70th Anniversary back to its original land after a dispensation of nearly two Millennia.

God brought Israel back to life from the 'graveyard of nations' just as He prophesied in Ezekiel 37 and He brought her back in an unbelief in Jesus Christ just as He prophesied in Ezekiel 37!

This story is not just the narrative of the Jewish people; it is the backdrop of the greatest story ever told, a story that actually explainswhy we are still all here, the fate of our world, even the secret of Eternal Life!

Run time 60 minutes


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