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Item Name: Butterfly Illusions: The New Age Implications of Roma Downey's Box of Butterflies - Booklet by Lighthouse Trails
Category: Booklets - Lighthouse Trails
Item Number: LHT-BKT-GR-BX
Price: $1.95
Will you believe in the doctrines of Jesus Christ or the doctrines of death and spiritual enslavement? Satan's deception has easily slipped into the Christian Church, where the devils teachings are pronounced, clothed in Biblical terminology.

'Box of Butterflies' is filled with New Age precepts ... a mix of Christian, mystic, Buddhist, Muslim, and New Age leaders interspersed with her own Christian-sounding but New Age beliefs.

Deception, deception and more deception: Here is the problem. Roma Downey is not known in Christian circles as a New Age author but as one of us. Mark and Roma are accepted as believers'loving Hollywood luminaries who brought new life to religious films through The Bible series and Son of God. They have been given carte blanche into church leadership, pastoral circles, Christian media, and places of influence without question because their presentation, products, and faith appear to be the genuine.

But the Jesus that New Agers love is a 'Christ' who is one of many 'ascended masters', who allows everyone into Heaven, and accepts everyone whether they believe in the blood sacrifice of Jesus as an atonement for their sins or not.

With Box of Butterflies, the doors to the New Age have been thrown wide open -- within the Christian Church!

18 Pages Long


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