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Item Name: Lectio Divina: What it is, What it is Not, and Why It is a Dangerous Practice - Booklet
Category: Booklets - Lighthouse Trails
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Lectio Divina (pronounced di.veen.a) always includes taking a passage of Scripture (or other writings), reading it slowly, and repeating it as you work your way down to where you have just a word or small phrase from the passage that you are 'meditating' on (repeating over and over). Basically, you are coming up with a mantra-like word or phrase that has been extracted from a passage of Scripture, which, according to contemplatives, if repeated for several minutes, will help you get rid of thoughts and distractions, so then, they say, you can hear the voice of God and feel His presence (going into the silence). NOTE: God never asks His followers to empty their minds, but Satan always does!

There are four steps in lectio divina.
1. Reading (lectio) Slowly begin reading a biblical passage as if it were a long awaited love letter addressed to you.
2. Reflecting - Ponder this word or phrase for a few minutes. Let it sink in slowly and deeply until you are resting in it.
3. Expressing, These may be prayers of thanksgiving, petition, intercession, lament, or praise.
4. Resting (contemplatio)Allow yourself to simply rest silently for a time in the stillness of your heart remaining open to the quiet fullness of Gods love and peace.

Lectio Divina is not traditional Bible study, not reading the Scriptures for understanding and edification, and not praying the Scriptures ... lectio divina is an introduction into the more intense practicescontemplative prayer and centering prayer.

In conclusion, Lectio Divina is a bridge TO Eastern-style meditation. If indeed, this is true, then it will lead Christians away from the message of the Cross and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and thus Christians should not practice lectio divina.


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