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Item Name: The Catholic Mary & Her Eucharistic Christ: Booklet by Roger Oakland
Category: Booklets - Lighthouse Trails
Item Number: LHT-BKT-RO-CM
Price: $1.95
Christianity is all about Jesus Christ and in believing in Him alone for salvation. The Scriptures testify of the true Jesus (John 5: 39, 40). The entire Bible leads us to, testifies of, and focuses on, the one and only Savior of the world. (John 1:45).

Adding to Gods Word or perverting His Word has devastating results. To do so, or follow those who do, is very dangerous, perhaps even eternally fatal (Revelation 22: 18-19; Deut 4:2 & 12:32)

According to the Bible, if you follow a false christ based on unscriptural sources, you will end up separated from the true Christ and spend eternity in hell.

Mary is present with the Church and as the Mother of the Church, at each of our celebrations of the Eucharist. . . . Mary Most Holy, in whom the Eucharistic mystery shows itself more than in anyone else, as mystery of light. When the ordained priest consecrates the wafer during Mass, not only does Jesus appear, but the mother of Jesus also shows up. Of course, this contradicts the Bibles affirmation that only God is omnipresent.

Marian apparitions have always stressed the great importance of the Eucharist. In particular, the Queen of Heaven has repeatedly stated that the Eucharist, once consecrated by a priest, becomes the literal body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus, and is therefore worthy of worship and adoration. The Eucharistic Jesus will have an important role in the last days. The Eucharist has the power to transform the world; the Eucharist should be worshipped; Eucharistic adoration will bring peace and unity. Messages originating from such diverse places as Amsterdam, Holland; Akita, Japan; Rome, Italy; Naju, Korea; Bayside, New York; and Budapest, Hungary all convey this common idea. Therefore, the EUCHARIST IS UNITING ALL RELIGIONS INTO ONE!

The apparition of Mary explains that the culmination of her apparitions will usher in the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus. The Bible will call this Eucharistic Jesus, Antichrist!


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