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Item Name: A Serious Look at Richard Foster's 'School' of Contemplative Prayer: Booklet by Ray Yungen
Category: Booklets - Lighthouse Trails
Item Number: LHT- BKT-FOSTER
Price: $1.95
Christianity is not complete without the contemplative dimension. (Richard Foster) >P> The 'Christian' mystical tradition (i.e., contemplative prayer) shares a sense of profound kinship with the Eastern mystical tradition. Richard Fosters 'school' of contemplative prayer does not belong in Christianity. In fact, the message behind it is the very opposite of biblical Christianity and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Richard Foster's 'school' of contemplative prayer employs the same methods as those of Richard Rohr and Thomas Merton that lead to a certain perception. We shut out every other source of stimulationsensual, intellectual and reflectivein order to focus on God alone. At this level, we even move beyond our thoughts of God in order to dwell in his presence without thought or distraction.

The God he [Merton] knew in prayer was the same experience that Buddhists describe in their enlightenment. Merton's spirituality has come into the evangelical church through Richard Fosters 'school' of contemplative prayer. And this is one school where no Christian should enroll.


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