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Item Name: BOOKLET - Dominionism, Kingdom Now, and What Does the Bible Say?
Category: Booklets - Lighthouse Trails
Item Number: LHT-BKT-DKN
Price: $1.95
Dominionism is a deep, dark APOSTACY, for it teaches that Jesus Christ cannot return until the Christian Church prepares the way by conquering the world in Jesus' Name. Of course, this teaching runs counter to the Word of God, and to End Times Prophecy. This horrific doctrine takes Absolute Sovereignty away from Jesus and lays the burden of winning souls for Jesus Christ squarely upon man's shoulders.

The Bible teaches that the numbers of truly genuine Christians is going to slide down to the point that Jesus asked the rhetorical question: 'when the Son of Man returns, will He find any faith on the Earth'?

This doctrine is so heinous that Skull & Bones President, George W. Bush used it to convince a goodly number of Evangelical pastors to support his invalid invasion.

Dominionism came into Pentecostalism through certain teachins from the Latter Rain movement of the later 1940's.The major End Times model today revolves around 'Spiritual Warfare' Prayer. Dominionists believe that Spiritual Warfare is to remove demonic hindrances in the spiritual realm. If we demolish the devils kingdom and atmosphere over homes, cities and countries, then our world will change and will create a worldwide revival unlike any in all of human history.

18 pages and still only $1.95


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