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Item Name: Glimpses of Glory Book - by Derek Gallup, Tom Horn
Category: Books
Sub-Category: Faith Building
Item Number: DF-Glory
Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $9.99
"From the opening words to the last, 'Glimpses of Glory' is like watching a riveting movie. Absolutely engrossing. A stunning journey that will answer many questions, and undoubtedly enhance your perspective of life and of God's Word!" -Tom Horn, CEO Skywatch TV

From Eden to John's visions of the end times, Carl Gallup paints images of God's handiwork on the canvas of human history-pictures of glory, but also of the human failings and frailty that make His ultimate victory all the more powerful. - Derek Gilbert, Host of Skywatch TV

419 Pages

Download the Forward. table of Contents and the first 7 of 70 chapters HERE


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