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Item Name: DVD - Klaus Schwab, the Third Reich & the Covid 19 Holocaust by Pastor Billy Crone
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: End of the Age
Item Number: SWR-Klaus
Price: $28.97
Sale Price: $24.97
What if I were to tell you that Hitler’s Third Reich never went away?

What if I were to inform you that all the evil dastardly things that the Nazis did to humanity back in World War II are actually being repeated today on a much grander scale? And what if I were to disclose to you that all the deceptive tactics that were used to dupe the German people the first time, are actually being used on the world today with even more devastating and mesmerizing effects? Well, believe it or not, all this and much more, including another human holocaust, is not only happening, but it’s well underway. Therefore, this series, Klaus Schwab, the Third Reich & the Covid 19 Holocaust seeks to equip you with the historical evidence revealing how this evil Hitlerian plan of the ages is being thrust upon you and I whether we want it or not, or even believe it or not. Here you will learn such scandalous historical parallels as:
Klaus Schwab & the Antichrist Kingdom -
Klaus Schwab & the Forced Sterilization -
Klaus Schwab & the Nazis
Klaus Schwab & the New Holocaust
Klaus Schwab & His Family
Klaus Schwab & the Murder for Hire
Klaus Schwab & the Third Reich
Klaus Schwab & the Death of Freedom
Klaus Schwab & the Hitler Scheme
Klaus Schwab & His Defeat by God

Who would have thought, in a relatively short amount of time, that history would be repeating itself with the rise of another even larger Hitlerian Regime on the planet? What Klaus Schwab and his evil gang of Global Elites have planned for us is much grander and wider than what Hitler ever planned to do, with even deadlier results.

4 DVD Set

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