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Item Name: DVD or Flash Drive - Sons of God & The Nephilim - The Supernatural View From the Word of God: Volume 1 of 2
Category: Alien/UFO
Item Number: CE-Mac-04
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Sons of God and the Nephilim

Twenty-five years ago, Mac Dominick hosted his first instructional documentary for Cutting Edge Ministries, The Nephilim Walk Among Us. Over the past quarter of a century, we at Cutting Edge Ministries have continued our research and study on the subject matter of the Nephilim. Additionally, while we were some of the early pioneers of this subject, many other researchers have entered the fray to discuss this subject. While some of those researchers have gone down paths of incredulity and blatant fantasy, there have been many solid, biblical scholars who have taken up the subject matter. In our new DVD, Cutting Edge Ministries has drawn on our new research and has assembled a wealth of knowledge from others who have remained true to the Word of God and actual historical accounts to compile this new documentary.

DVD 1 will cover the events of Scripture from Genesis 6 through the Flood itself. We will additionally discuss the myths of ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Greece to gain insight into man’s interpretation of the true events of the final 2 centuries before the Flood. We will also explore extra-biblical information from the Book of Enoch and its account of the Watchers that came from the heavenly dimension to Mt. Hermon in the days of Jared.

The first DVD will resolve the important questions:
1. Who were the Sons of God of Genesis 6?
2. Who were the giants?
3. What was their intention when arriving to our physical dimension?
4. What was their impact on mankind?
5. Can we identify these creatures in human history and/or myth?
6. What happened to them?

DVD 2, to be released summer of 2021, will begin again from the beginning. We will discuss the different theories of the Sons of God and the giants of Genesis 6. We will speak of the Apkallu and the Annunaki who ruled from Mt. Hermon. We will look at the last days of the line of Cain and their accommodation to the Watchers. We will discuss personages that include Nimrod, Gilgamesh, the Titans, and demonic entities like Azazel. Most importantly, we will examine our new research and the contributions of other godly individuals in light of the Word of God.

There is a phenomenal amount of information in this 2-DVD series. Please join us to gain great insight into the supernatural nature of the Word of God, and how we should think about these events. We promise that this DVD set will change the way you look at the Word of God in general and the Old Testament in particular. As a result, we would hope that all who view it will gain a new level of wisdom from the Word of God in order to live our lives as more acceptable ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

Run Time 1 hour 32 minutes

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