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Item Name: DVD - Masonic Demolay: Kindergarten For Satanism
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: Freemasonry
Item Number: WOA-CEDVD-02
Price: $19.99
DeMolay is the boys' order in the Masonic fraternity. Is it really a place to build character? The DeMolay organization is one of the most dangerous societies on earth -- and it is aimed directly at your precious child. Consider the spiritual bondage inherent in DeMolay: 1) Places young man back under the spiritual headship of Freemasons; 2) Lionizes Jacques Demolay, setting him up as a hero when he really was guilty of worshipping Baphomet and sodomizing young men; 3) Some of rituals, signs and gestures are out of the Ancient Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, one of the most powerful of all Satanic covens.

Remember, the DeMolay's most famous alumnus is Bill Clinton! New Age author Bill Cooper ("Behold A Pale Horse") states that no one gets promoted in American Intelligence unless they are a member of Freemasonry. Cooper's only experience with Masonry was DeMolay as a young boy.


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