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Item Name: DVD - Welcome To World War III and the Coming New World Order
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: 9/11 and Aftermath
Item Number: HFA-DVD-19
Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $14.99
This world nightmare is rolling down the tracks, seemingly unstoppable. Soon, the world will be thrust into the prophesied Final Birth Pangs War (Mt 24:6-8) which shall stage Antichrist on the world scene. The Illuminati calls this war "World War III".

Was Bush's attack on Iraq designed to be the slow trigger for World War III? Will Iraq become desolate forever as prophesied in Jeremiah?

Find out how and why Russia is still a deadly threat to the U.S. When the USSR passed through its planned demise, most people thought that Russia was no longer a threat -- just as President Ronald Reagan claimed in 1988; however, the rise of the militant and powerful President /Prime Minister Putin, aided by vast oil income, has brought Russia back to the forefront as THE major threat to the United States.

Discover Chinese missiles aimed at U.S. cities, and the strong will of the Chinese leadership determined to wage war with the U.s. sooner rather than later.

Dave Wegener speaks to the issue of whether the bio-chip is the Mark of the Beast. Discover how Homeland Security will affect you very powerfully, very soon. by David Wegener, Hope For America. 2 DVD set

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