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Item Name: DVD - Harry Potter - REAL Witchcraft - Former Satanists Examines Harry Potter
Category: Mind Control
Item Number: WOA-DVD-166
Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $9.99
Updated and expanded version of Schnoebelen's highly successful earlier video. This is a full 2 hours of teaching about the Harry Potter phenomenon and what parents should do about it. This has information on the Potter film. It is also presented in a dynamic, town hall forum-type format. Cutting Edge has seen this video and can attest to the volume and depth of information included. Bill begins the video with some of his Satanic background so that all watching can see that he speaks from a position of experience in Witchcraft and Satanism. It is filled with well researched information that will help you in dealing with friends or church members who feel they can read and watch Harry Potter and still have a good relationship with God. The format includes questions from the audience which are fielded by Bill and Wendell. Even if you are well read on this subject you will learn many things from this video.

Bill Schnoebelen only uses the King James Bible

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