"What Arab leaders really say and believe!

One of France's most respected film producers, Pierre Rehov, has set created the first two of a series of mini-documentaries on what Arab leaders really believe and say about the prospects for peace in the Mideast.

A few examples of scenes depicted on Palestinian television, and added in the documentaries:

* The videos show a group of youngsters chanting in unison that they are part of a suicide squad.

* Another shows a hysterical teenage girl, screaming at the TV camera, demanding weapons so "we'll kill them all. We won't leave a single Jew."

* Actors, dressed as Israeli soldiers are shown capturing a 14-year-old boy and girlfriend, where after the soldiers rape the girl and shoot her in the head, in front of the young boy.

In addition to the inciting video clips, speeches by Yasser Arafat and other top PLO members have been added to the documentaries. These include:

* The famous speech made by Yasser Arafat in a mosque in Johannesburg, just months after the signing of the Oslo accords. There Arafat compared the Oslo accords with the Hudaybiyyah treaty signed by Mohammed, a temporary settlement that was discarded by Mohammed at a later date, when it was no longer needed.

* The videos also include a revealing interview given by the late Palestinian leader Faisal Husseini, who told an Egyptian magazine in mid-2001 that the Palestinians are aiming for a state from the Jordanian River to the Mediterranean Sea. (i.e. to wipe out Israel and replace it with a Palestinian state).

* Arafat is also shown declaring that the ultimate goal of the Palestinians is to initially receive a small portion of the land, through negotiations, and then capture the rest through armed struggle and holy war.

Unique about the documentaries is the fact that they merely reflect what is shown on PA television, while no outside opinion is stated. In this way, the viewer can make up his mind for himself with the facts at hand.

These professionally produced documentaries, containing raw material from Arabic language broadcast on Palestinian Authority TV, have been translated and subtitled into English and French. To date, over 40,000 video cassettes have been distributed in France. In the U.S., production and distribution is being handled exclusively WorldNetDaily."