HEADLINES TELL THE STORY: "Our Capitol Is Under Seige"

by DEBKAfile, 22 March 2002

DEBKAfile’s Exclusive Sources:
Arafat’s Fatah Rejects Saudi Peace Initiative
Friday as an “American-Zionist Plot Against
Palestinian People”

Palestinian Leader Has No Intention of Attending
Next Week’s Arab League Summit in Beirut

Arafat Builds up “Suicide Offensive” Before
Jewish Passover Next Week – 20 Palestinian
Human Bombs Stopped in 48 Hours

Trilateral Security Commission Convenes in Tel Aviv
Friday One Day After Member of Arafat’s Police Force
Blows Himself up in Jerusalem’s Main Shopping Center

Killed Were Gad Shemesh, 34, and His Pregnant Wife
Tsipi, 32, from Givat Zeev, and Yizhak Cohen, 32, from Modi’in
Of 100 Injured by Blast, Flying Nails, Screws and Spikes,
Four Still in Serious Condition

State Department Lists al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades of
Arafat’s Fatah as Terrorist Organization

Israeli Cabinet Approves Continued Military Restraint in
Face of Palestinian Violence - to Help Zinni Mission

Friday, Dozens of Jerusalem Store, Café, Club,
Restaurant Owners Demonstrate at PM’s Residence
Near Ruined Shell of Bombed Café Shouting
“Our Capital Is Under Siege”

Many Downtown Businesses Shutting Down

Top Terror Alert Sustained in Two More Israeli Cities –
Hadera and Nahariya – and Synagogues

In Karachi, Anti-Terrorism Court Friday Indicts Four,
Led by British-Born Ahmed Sayeed Sheikh, for
Kidnap and Murder of Daniel Pearl