by DEBKAfile 26 March 2002

Police Roadblock Palestinian Bomb Car on Way to
Main Jerusalem Mall Blows up Tuesday Noon When
Stopped at Police Roadblock
Major Disaster Averted
One of Two Suicides Wore Explosive Belt

Jerusalem Police Believe Two Terrorists Part of Large Team on Its
Way to Capital, Maintain Highest Alert for Passover Period – Post
Entire Force on Streets, Markets and Synagogues, Beefed up by Soldiers

Arafat’s Departure for Beirut Not Discussed by
Israeli Government “As Conditions Not Ripe”

US Issues Huge Oil Tenders for Its Mid East Forces –
Like Eve of Gulf and Kosovo Wars

Palestinians Refuse to Attend US-Palestinian-Israeli
Security Committee Session Monday After
Defeating US Envoy Zinni’s Efforts Sunday to Negotiate a Truce

OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen Gabi Ashkenazi Is Named
Deputy to IDF’s Next Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen Moshe Yaalon

DEBKAfile Military Analysts:
Palestinians Increasingly Import Professional Assassins
DEBKAfile’s Security Experts: Evidence Both Israelis
Struck by Non-Palestinian Precision Marksmen –
Possibly al Qaeda or Chechen