DEBKAfile Headlines 27 March 2002

"Two TIPH Observers – A Swiss Woman and Turkish National –
Were Shot Dead at Close Range by Palestinian Policeman Tuesday Night,
Near Halhoul, North of Hebron
Third Observer, Wounded Slightly, Reports that Even
After Two Shouted they Were International Observers Posted in Hebron,
Uniformed Palestinian Kept on Firing

In Gaza Strip, Two Israeli Soldiers Moderately Injured in
Clash with Terrorists Near Kissufim

Egyptian President Mubarak’s Last Minute Decision to
Stay Away from Arab Summit Opening in Beirut
Wednesday Throws Event in Doubt

Almost Half of 22 Arab League Member Heads of State
Giving Summit a Miss Include: King of Morocco, Emirs of Kuwait,
Oman, Qatar and UAE and Libya’s Qaddafi

Jordan’s Abdullah Will Put in Brief Appearance at Opening

Arafat Decides Against Attending Arab Summit – Even If He Gets
Sharon’s Permission to Travel

Israeli Cabinet Refrains from Addressing Arafat’s Attendance
As US Envoy Zinni Ceasefire Mission Fades

Trilateral Security Committee Cancels Twice over
Palestinian Objections to Zinni Formula

PLO Foreign Minister Farouk Kadoumi Calls on
Hizballah Leader Nasrallah in Beirut

Major Terror Disaster Averted in Jerusalem Tuesday
When Fatah Team Is Stopped at Police Roadblock on Way to
Crowded Mall and Blows up Own Bomb Car

DEBKAfile Reports:
Team Planned Suicide Bombing at One Mall Gate, While Its
Members Gunned down Fleeing Shoppers at Other Exits

Jerusalem Police on Highest Terror Alert for
Passover Period, Reinforced by Soldiers

US Issues Huge Oil Tenders for Its Mid East Forces –
Like Eve of Gulf and Kosovo Wars

Major Earthquake Devastates Remote Baghlan Province
of North Afghanistan, Leaving an Estimated 5,000 Dead