by DEBKAfile 28 March 2002

"12:30 IT: Israeli Commando Lt. Boaz Pomeranz, 22,
from Kiryat Shemona, Is Killed in Early Friday
Engagement with Guards in Arafat’s HQ

Four Palestinians Killed, 22 Injured
Four Israeli Soldiers Injured

Arafat Says He Wants to Die a Martyr Like the
Bomber Who Blew up Jewish Seder in Netanya

Friday 11:10 IT: Armed Palestinians Called to
Come out of Government Buildings and Surrender Arms
Israeli Troops Enter Palestinian Refugee Camps
Around Ramallah
10:15 IT: Israeli Commandos Break into
Arafat’s Offices in Ramallah

IDF Calls Up 20,000 Reservists

Sharon in News Conference Stresses Arafat Is Enemy and
Isolated “For the Moment”

Israel Imposes Electronic Blanket on His Headquarters

After Fierce All-Night Debate, Israeli Government
Rejects Likud Demand to Deport Arafat, Declares
Him “Enemy” to Be Isolated and Approves
All-Out Military Operation Against Terror Organizations in
All Palestinian Territories

Palestinian Terrorist Attacks Continue
Friday on Both Sides of Green Line
Friday Morning, Two Israelis Stabbed to Death by
Palestinian Laborer in Netzarim, Gaza Strip
Bringing Number of Israelis Killed by Terrorists to
27 in 18 Hours
Both Were Visitors: Tuvia Weisner, 79, from Petach Tikva, and
Michael Orlinsky, 70, from Tel Aviv

Thursday Night, Palestinian Terrorist Kills
Four Israelis in Their Home in Alon Moreh near Nablus:
Avraham Gavish, Officer in Elite Matkal Unit, His Parents
David and Rachel Gavish, and Grandfather, Yitzhak Kaner
Rest of Family Rescued by Ladder
Terrorist Shot Dead

In Bloody Terrorist Outrage Wednesday Night,
21 Israelis Were Killed and 170 Injured When
Palestinian Suicide Blasted Passover Seder Feast at Netanya’s Park Hotel
Nineteen Still in Critical Condition

Israel Regards Arafat’s “Unconditional”
Ceasefire as Tactic

High Terror Alert Maintained in Jerusalem for Passover
Arab League Summit Ends by Adopting
Amended Saudi Middle East Plan

Unofficial Israeli Reaction to Saudi Initiative: Beirut Document
Implicitly Condones Palestinian Terror

American Tourists in Italy Warned of Easter Sunday
Terror Attacks in Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice