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Long ago in a land far, far away, the Great Hunter stood in awe as the sun fractured the eastern horizon of the plains of Shinar and ignited the predawn sky into a myriad of color. The shimmering rays of light that exploded from the sky and danced across the colossal structure gave him a profound sense of pride and great accomplishment as few have ever felt.  The instructions had been explicit, the plans had been executed perfectly to the minutest detail, and now the magnificent tower that would serve as catalyst to the culture and technology of the not-too-distant past was becoming a reality. 


The structure was not simply a work of stone and mortar, but also represented something esoterically spiritual and deeply religious.  This religion, the Ancient Wisdom, contained beliefs and doctrines of the “Old Ones” and the ingredients for the restoration of an earlier age washed away in the annihilating waters of the judgment of God.  Now the Great Hunter was on the very precipice of proving that a united, motivated, and esoterically empowered human race could accomplish anything—even if such an accomplishment was diametrically opposed to the plan of God for humanity.  With these intoxicating thoughts flowing through his consciousness, Nimrod basked in the warmth of the sun and the pure euphoria of personal achievement. However, this very day God Himself would not only thwart his ambitious plans of a world empire, but also deny the immanent appearance of a single, universal religion that would accompany any such political aspirations.     


The construction would stop, and the lofty dreams of Nimrod would be shattered.  But even with his subsequent death and dismemberment (Jewish scholars teach that Nimrod was executed by Noah’s righteous son, Shem, his body cut into 14 pieces, and the pieces subsequently distributed to his followers as an acute warning of rebellion.), the esoteric religion would live on.  With the help of Nimrod’s widow and her illegitimate son (Semiramis and Tammuz), the Ancient Wisdom would be carefully preserved in the Babylonian Mystery Religions. (1) As the followers of Nimrod scattered across the face of the earth, the Ancient Mysteries accompanied them from Egypt, to China, and to even to the Americas.  With the passing of time, the Ancient Wisdom came to be guarded by the “elite wise persons” of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Pergamos, and Rome.  It later found a home in Eastern Religions, the Jewish Kabalah, and Western Gnosticism. (2)




After the turn of the Third Century AD, the power of the Church of Rome began to rise, and this directly developed into a schism among the keepers of the Mysteries.  When Constantine moved to legalize Christianity, the Roman Church embraced many of the doctrines of the Babylonian Mystery Religions. As a result, the Church of Rome adopted the worship of the mother and child, infant baptism, confession to a priest, and many other practices of the Babylonian Mysteries.  The Church did not embrace the occult aspects of the Mystery Religions, but these remained with the Mystery Schools of the East, Kabalists, and Gnostics until the time of the crusades.  However, the purely occult side of the Ancient Wisdom surfaced publicly in Western Europe with the rise of the Merovingian Dynasty and the legends of “Parcival and the Quest for the Holy Grail”.  The subsequent schism within the “mystery schools” of “white and black magick” exploded into a major conflict when the Knights Templar (The Order of the Temple) returned from the crusades as the wealthiest men on earth. 


The Knights Templar and the Prieure’ de Sion (The Order of Zion) became the cultural elite that fully embraced the dark, most occult aspects of the Ancient Mysteries.  This put them on a collision course with the Church of Rome and her allies.  The Prieure’ de Sion went underground and became an elite “secret society,” while the members of the Knights Templar were viciously attacked by Catholic puppet, King Philippe IV of France, and Pope Clement V.


On October 13th, 1307, Philippe ordered the arrest of all Knights Templar.  However, the prior evening, an unknown number of Knights Templar sailed from France with a reported eighteen galleys loaded with the legendary Templar Treasure. (3) At least a portion of the Templars sailed to Scotland, and organizing with the Scots Guard, Rosicrucians, Invisible College, and Royal Society (all occult groups) formed the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. (4) The Freemasons appropriated the Templars as antecedents, as well as authorizing custody of their arcane secrets. (5) As a result, the Scottish Rite is “magically oriented, emphasizes a sacred social and political hierarchy, a divine order, and an underlying cosmic plan.” (6) This is the very essence of the Ancient Mysteries of Nimrod.


From this sequence of historical events, one who is acquainted with the Word of God, and particularly Bible prophecy, can logically conclude the following:


1)     Nimrod sought to restore the pre-flood system by a world government, led by a priest-king, empowered directly by Lucifer.

2)     When God spoiled Nimrod’s plan, Lucifer’s strategy was altered to set up a system of false religions that would hold in store these powerful Ancient Mysteries until the time that he (Lucifer) could succeed in establishing such a kingdom.

3)     These Mysteries have been guarded since that time by a select, elite group.  There have been periods of history that publicly accepted the darker (occult) side of the mysteries and periods when the occult has been suppressed.

4)     The Bible records that a future world kingdom will arise led by the Beast (Antichrist), who will declare himself as the Christ.  This world kingdom will be accompanied by a one-world church until such time that it is no more useful to the Beast.  The Beast will also declare himself to be the Messiah of the Jews and rightful heir to the throne of David.

5)     The Beast will reveal the secrets of the Ancient Mysteries that have been so faithfully guarded by his servants for millennia as proof of his position to fully establish his kingdom.


The process of the inevitable demise of the human race that will culminate at Armageddon began with Nimrod and the construction of the Tower of Babel.  The Ancient Mystery Religions were in direct opposition to the worship the God of the Bible, Nimrod was the servant of Lucifer, and the Tower of Babel was the symbol of defiance against the plan of God for the human race.  As a result of these facts, even the vaguest reference to the Tower of Babel as a positive image for any honorable undertaking was absolutely unthinkable for the four millennia since construction was abandoned. 


This perception began to change in the 1980s when the image of the Tower of Babel began to appear on promotional material for the European Union. This, of course, should come as no surprise to the biblically astute individual who understands the total ramifications of modern political globalism.   For the EU is, if nothing else, the embodiment of the Luciferic philosophies that will pave the road to Armageddon.




However, there are very recent positive references to the Tower of Babel that can be put in no other terms than “completely inexplicable.”  Furthermore, these references did not originate from a Luciferic, globalistic, secular source, but from the pulpit of a “conservative” Baptist church.  Without doubt, many sermons have been preached from the pulpits of Bible-believing churches that that have characterized the Tower of Babel as an example of rebellion against God and the object of His judgment.  However, on October 30-31, 2004, the pulpit of Saddleback Community Church (Southern Baptist Convention) in south Orange County, California, was in all likelihood the first ecclesiastical location in history from which the Tower of Babel would be presented as an example of what individual members of the Church could accomplish when functioning in concert.  In addition, many of the additional 700 churches chosen to pilot the “40 Days of Community” at the same time may have used this positive promotion of the Tower of Babel (This author has received notification of at least one other church that used this very illustration).  


The pastor of Saddleback Community Church, Dr. Rick Warren, was in the midst of his latest 40-day campaign, “40 Days of Community.”  The “40 Days of Community” program is a 6-week emphasis on building “community” within the Church, and Dr. Warren’s example of the Tower of Babel was given at the conclusion of the 4th week.  In essence, Dr. Warren related that the Tower of Babel was a perfect example of what could be accomplished when men and women work together to reach a common goal. He stated that the construction crew of the “Tower of Babel” worked so well as a group that God had to intervene to separate them.  The context of this characterization and comparison of the events that occurred on the Plain of Shinar so long ago with that which can be accomplished by the members of the “Body of Christ” unified by the bond of the Holy Spirit should make the blood of a true child of God run ice cold.  How could Dr. Warren violate the context of Scripture to the extreme that would result in such a comparison?  Does he not realize the rebellious source of empowerment of those who built the tower?  Does he not understand the historical and prophetic significance that stems from the events at Babel?  Does he discount the power of the Holy Spirit working within the child of God in order to accomplish God’s purposes?  Does he dismiss the Scripture that states that God’s strength is made perfect in man’s weakness?  Why would a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ glorify one of the most renowned examples of rebellion against God in all of history?  Is this a warning of deeper issues with the “40 Days of Community” program?  Could this illustration possibly be a signal to undisclosed observers that there is more to “40 Days of Community” than meets the eye?




The basic concepts of Warren’s “40 Days of Community” are all based upon the formation and functioning of small groups within the church and the theme that “we are better together.”  While there is no doubt that the Word of God teaches unity among believers, the concepts and terminology used in the 40 Days of Community campaign raises many red warning flags.  However, these “red flags” become more like screaming sirens when one realizes the permeation of the “group-think” mentality held by occult, pagan, and earth-based religions that originated at the Tower of Babel.


The Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus, wrote of the Tower of Babel from a unique perspective.  Josephus stated that after the Flood, God commanded mankind to disperse across the face of the earth and populate the entire globe.  In lieu of following the commands of God, mankind followed the leadership of Nimrod.  Nimrod and his followers realized that they were in direct defiance to the commandments of God, and they chose to build a tower that would “reach to heaven” to provide a way of escape the wrath of God in the event of another flood.  They all worked together to insure the survival of the species.  They functioned as a group in order to preserve the group.  (7)


Once these men were dispersed across the face of the planet, this “group-think” philosophy then permeated occult thought from this point in history forward.  It has been seen throughout history and in modern occult, “new-age,” and neo-pagan thought.  Group-think philosophies are readily perceptible in modern theosophical writings, earth-based nature religions, eastern religion, goddess worship, Luciferic organizations, and now (thanks to Dr. Warren) the evangelical church. 




Unfortunately, many Christians are being duped into following a Luciferic agenda because they have no real concept of the beliefs and methods of occult and esoteric religions, and are so detached from the leading of God’s Holy Spirit that they have no sense whatsoever of discernment of that which is truly good and that which is truly evil. In other words, this generation of evangelicals is ripe for deception.  The deceptive agenda is cleverly disguised a “new way of doing church,” “building community” among the body of believers, and a host of other systems and programs.


The average Christian (whether conservative, evangelical, or fundamentalist) has very little knowledge of the true workings of the occult world.  This, of course, is not surprising, for those who “name the name of Jesus Christ” naturally, as a matter of course, avoid religious discussions with those who would participate in occult practices.  Not only that, but the workings of the “forces of darkness” are generally perceived as evil, macabre rituals that are too terrifying for the average individual (Christian or not) to comprehend, much less cerebrally reconcile on any logical level.  Furthermore, the perception of an individual involved in occult practices is one of placing that individual on a lunatic fringe of society.  However, not only are these perceptions grossly inaccurate, but there exists a distinct, lurking danger associated with this lack of knowledge—for if “evil” were always readily identifiable as evil—very few would be enticed into its clutches.  Therefore, the strategy of Lucifer is not always that of the grotesque or macabre; but as the Word of God warns, he appears as an “angel of light.”


It is within this context that one must evaluate the recent events within Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christianity. For the latest movements in the construction of the outcome-based, New Paradigm Church share some very eerie and very disconcerting similarities to the dark forces of the occult, and it is these very similarities this manuscript will seek to address.  In essence, it will further examine these occult concepts and establish how modern evangelicals who claim to be “building the Kingdom of God” are, in reality, rebuilding the Tower of Babel. 


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