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"Freemasonry: FATAL In The First Degree" DVD

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"Antichrist & A Cup of Tea" DVD

by Tim Cohen

"The Illuminati Is Fulfilling Biblical Prophecy" DVD by Doc Marquis

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Subtitle: Events foretold in The 1995 Illuminati Card Game that are about to happen. The end goal is to stage Antichrist and his kingdom in all aspects. Remember, this card game was created from 1990-1995 so the author knew of these specific events over a decade ago. This card game reveals the final climactic steps of the Illuminist plan to produce Antichrist and his kingdom.

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

Stand by for insights so startling you will never look at the news the same way again.



We have covered the background of Steve Jackson and his S.J. Games in NEWS1753, and strongly urge you to read it so you will understand the implications of the attempt of the government to shut Jackson down before he could get his Illuminati Card Game to the market. Jackson knew the specific plans of the Illuminati by which they could slowly dissolve the Old World Order, replacing it with the New World Order, including the appearance of Antichrist. We encourage you to read this above previous article, for we consider it "Smoking Gun Proof" that the Illuminati had planned the attacks of 9/11 many years before that terrible event.

In this article, we shall conclude our study by showing you the cards depicting events that have not yet happened but will surely happen, based upon Bible prophecy, and the parallel Illuminati plans. Of course, the Illuminati Card Game has cards for these events, continuing to demonstrate that Steve Jackson knew the plan very well. Avid players of this role playing game knew most of the detailed parts of the plan to so change Western Society that the Antichrist can be established upon the world scene as they began to play the game in 1995.

The bottom of this card reads: "Though England's power is reduced today, her influence is still felt everywhere. England gets two action tokens every turn."

Notice the cup of tea superimposed upon the Big Ben Tower. One very interesting DVD is called, "Antichrist And A Cup of Tea", a must watch for anyone who wants to understand the workings the symbols of the Illuminati and their plan to produce Antichrist. Tim Cohen is the author and he "counts" or "calculates" the number of the Beast just as we are told to do in Revelation 13:18. Cohen performs his "calculations" very well and very interestingly. He concludes that the identity of Antichrist can be known ahead of time if you "calculate" his number. He believes Antichrist will arise out of the English Monarchy, from the House of Windsor! If you have not read this book, we highly recommend it.

Another most interesting factor about this card is the Ben Ben Tower, truly THE #1 symbol of the past might of Great Britain and her long-term stability. This landmark is also known as "the Great Clock of the Palace of Westminster". Before we discuss this particular card, let us briefly examine the history and some facts about Big Ben.

Brief History: "On the night of the 16th of October, 1834 the old Palace of Westminster was destroyed by fire ... the Houses of Parliament were on fire. Following the destruction of the buildings, a competition was launched for design suitable for the new Palace ... The name 'Big Ben' was first applied to the original hour bell cast by Warners ... it may have derived from Sir Benjamin Hall, Commissioner of Works who was involved with the project and who was a man of considerable size ... the five bells were installed in the tower in 1858 ... the clock became fully operational on the 7th of September 1859 ... The next 114 years of the clock's history were relatively serene and Big Ben soon developed a reputation for great accuracy. In 1906, the gas lighting of the dials was replaced by electric lighting. Electric winding of the clock was introduced in 1912. The mechanism was overhauled in 1934 and 1956 ... The first radio broadcast of Big Ben was made by the BBC at midnight on the 31st of December 1923 to welcome in the new year ...

"The broadcasting of the bells on the BBC World Service assumed particular importance during the Second World War, when the sounds were a source of comfort and hope to those that Britain would not be overcome ..." ["History of Big Ben", http://www.bigben.freeservers.com/history.html]

In most people's eyes today, Big Ben is synonymous with Great Britain -- its sturdy institutions of Parliamentary democracy, the Monarchy, and its financial wealth and stability. That very fact makes it a likely terrorist target. If you destroy Big Ben, you have symbolically destroyed Great Britain. Are there any terrorist threats against Big Ben? We know that London has drawn up draconian massive evacuation plans to be implemented during a terrorist strike, but most people have not heard of any specific target within London; however, threats against Big Ben are known to exist.

NEWS BRIEF: "Big Ben 'was September 11 target'", CNN News, June 12, 2002.

"LONDON, England -- Suicide hijackers intended to target London's Big Ben on September 11, according to a British terrorism expert. A group of al Qaeda operatives were at Heathrow Airport waiting to take over a jet and crash it into the Houses of Parliament ... the attack was thwarted when flights out of London were grounded following the U.S. attacks. The plan was intended to show the international reach of al Qaeda ..."

Therefore, we know that, supposedly, al Qaeda intended to strike Big Ben on 9/11/2001, but were thwarted because British planes were grounded immediately after receiving news of the strikes in America. This cover story does not really ring very believable, for a couple of reasons:

1. Any attack on multiple targets in different countries would likely be carried out simultaneously, or nearly so

2. London is five (5) hours earlier than American East Coast time, so there is no reason to pass up the early morning rush hour in Heathrow Airport to wait for a later time; after all, the U.S. attack took place during the rush hour commuter air traffic time. Surely, the morning rush hour time would be preferable for terrorists, because the sheer number of people getting on planes makes the thorough checking of potential terrorists a more difficult proposition.

But, then, we realize that Big Ben might be a future target as well. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Domestic Security Sky-Rockets as New Al-Qaeda Target List Uncovered", IslamOnline, February 2, 2002.

"WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 (IslamOnline) – Security in the United States is at an all time high as news agencies reported that a new Al-Qaeda target list citing several U.S. and European tourist attractions as possible new targets has surfaced. The 11 volume, 5000 page manual is reported to have been turned over to an Associated Press (AP) journalist in Afghanistan by a 'disenchanted Taliban member'.The manual allegedly calls for the new target sites to have 'high human intensity' and 'sentimental value'. Included in the list were major landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty in New York, Big Ben in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In addition, the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, set to host 75,000 people for Sunday’s Super Bowl XXXVI was also reported to have been named in the document."

Certainly, Big Ben would be a highly sentimental target for all British citizens. If the Illuminati wanted to symbolically destroy the Old World Order Great Britain, they would naturally target the Big Ben Tower.

For that matter, the Eiffel Tower is THE symbol of Old World Order France, and the Statute of Liberty is another Old World Order symbol of America. We have stated many times in the past that terrorist strikes are planned in virtually every major country in which the people still go to the polls. Democratic and Republican forms of government must give way before the ultimate Absolute Dictator can arise to take global control. We shall meet him later in our study of these cards.

SPECIAL NOTE: We find it very interesting that this article would mention that the Superbowl was a likely a terrorist target, for such is the plot of Tom Clancy's novel, "Sum of All Fears". In NEWS1535, we noted that the exact manner in which the World Trade Center was taken down was eerily similar to the description given by Tom Clancy in his novel, "Debt of Honor". At the conclusion of this novel, a disgruntled Japanese 747 pilot deliberately slams his aircraft into the U.S. Capitol during a presidential speech to a Joint Session of Congress. The description of how the Capitol came crumbling down was very similar to the way in which the WTC collapse.

So, we asked the rhetorical question: Do we have to worry about the plot of Tom Clancy's novel "Sum of All Fears"? Is it possible? A nuclear Attack on an Pro Football stadium during Super Bowl? Now, we find out that Super Bowl XXXVI was targeted!

As we go into the period when this final plan will begin to unfold, we must keep our eyes on Big Ben, and the Eiffel Tower, for they are prime symbols of the Old World Order targeted for destruction!

"The bottom of this card reads: "This group can interfere in any privileged attack made by, or with the help of, any Straight or Conservative group. If it does so, that attack is no longer privileged."

The New World Order Religion is coming, and it will be patterned after Adolf Hitler's "Fourth Reich Church". We urge you to read NEWS1244, the Study of Adolf Hitler's Satanic Public Church. Hitler was most interested in fashioning a church that would serve his purpose, in precisely the same manner as Antichrist will want to do. By studying Hitler's Church, we shall be most enlightened as to the coming One World Church that this Illuminati Card Game rightly calls the "Religious Reich". We shall quote small relevant portions of our article, mentioned above.

"The Beast does not look what he is. He may even have a comic moustache." ["The Antichrist", written by Soloviev, quoted by Trevor Ravenscroft, "Spear of Destiny", p. 106, published in 1897 ]

From the beginning, Hitler was backed by Satanic power! Few people understand how completely Adolf Hitler was controlled by Satan. Hitler was totally taken over by the demonic host by the early 1920's; in fact, Eckart regularly held specialized rituals in which he and every other member of the Thule Society called for the Spirit of Antichrist to enter him. When Hitler began his quest for power, he was assured of success, even against the seemingly impossible odds facing him. While History records this success, almost no historian comprehends Hitler because he does not understand, or even believe in, the power of Satan.

Hitler captured the minds and imaginations of a huge majority of Germans because he was demonically possessed. His power over the people was unparalleled, and will remain unparalleled until the real Antichrist arises. Of special interest to all Christians is the attitude Antichrist will display toward the Bible, Jesus Christ, Christianity, and the Christian Church. We can know what these attitudes will be by studying Hitler's attitudes; when Antichrist displays these attitudes towards God's Elect, you will understand how thoroughly the Illuminati is going to fulfill prophecy!


1. Christianity is a religion that defends the weak and the low
2. It is purely Jewish and oriental in origin
3. It forces people to bend their backs to the sound of church bells and crawl to the cross of a foreign god
4. It began 2000 years ago among sick, exhausted, and despairing men who had lost their belief in life
5. The Christian tenets of forgiveness of sin, resurrection, and salvation are plain nonsense
6. The Christian of mercy is a dangerous, un-German idea
7. Christian love is a silly concept because love paralyses men
8. The Christian idea of equality protects the racially inferior, the ill, the weak, and the crippled

Adolf Hitler founded a "Third Reich" church that "solved" all these "problems" with the true Christian Church. In 1936, Hitler established a new pagan church, which he termed as "Positive Christianity". Only Nazi-approved ministers and preachers were allowed to "minister" to this congregation. Listen to some of the tenants of this church.

1. The National Reich Church demands an immediate stop to the printing and sale of the Bible in Germany. The National Reich Church will remove from the altars of all churches the Bible, the cross and religious objects.
2. On the altars there must be nothing but My Struggle, [Mein Kampf] and to the left of this a sword.
3. Do to others as you are ordered!
4. Love only your neighbour who is like yourself!

Hitler's new Reich Church viewed him as their Messiah:

"Adolf Hitler is the new messiah sent to earth to save the world from the Jews." [Antichrist will also present himself as the "New Messiah" sent to earth to save the world. This is one of the most striking parallels between Hitler and Antichrist, which is why we highlighted it in red.]

Throughout Germany, church members enthusiastically sang along with the German Youth: "One people! One god! One Reich! One church!"

As Liberal Christians "rush after" Antichrist in utter amazement, and after his False Prophet comes on the scene, the people will sing, "One people! One god! One Reich! One church!" The "Religious Reich" Church is coming; today, the Roman Catholic Pope is leading the world into Ecumenicism, and for the first 3 1/2 years, the Pope shall serve beside Antichrist, displaying the same powers [Rev 13;12], urging people to worship the First Beast, and then forcing people to take the Mark of the Beast [Revelation 13:16-18]

Then, we read in Revelation 17:16 that Antichrist and his political allies will suddenly turn upon the False Prophet and kill him and his followers; thereafter, Antichrist will serve in the same dual capacity as did Adolf Hitler: 1) Top Absolute Dictator; 2) Top Shaman, leading the people into a worship known as the "Restoration of the Mysteries", i.e., open practice of Satanism. (We urge you to fully read NEWS1244, for you will not believe the church Hitler set up, a church that Antichrist and False Prophet will copy.)

The bottom of the "Fraternal Orders" card reads: "You think they look silly with their hats and their motor scooters. If you knew what those hats really meant, you'd never laugh at anything, ever again."

Steve Jackson knew the truth about Freemasonry that so few people truly understand: behind their silly facade of strange dress and their even stranger facade of counterfeit Christianity, "Invisible Freemasonry" [Read free01a] has its hands on the levers of power throughout the world. Beginning in 1782, worldwide Freemasonry joined with Adam Weishaupt to lead the march toward the New World Order. Since that time, Freemasonry is the major power behind the effort to produce Antichrist.

Jackson's comment here strongly implies that, once a person truly knows the truth behind Freemasonry, they would be sufficiently horrified that they would never laugh again. This reminds me of a famous quote about secret societies like Freemasonry. Listen:

"There is a power so organized, so subtle, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." [President Woodrow Wilson, "The New Freedom", quoted in "The New World Order", by A. Ralph Epperson, p. 32-33; also quoted by Dr. Dennis Cuddy, "Secret Records Revealed", p. 24-25]

"An invisible hand is guiding the populace." [Lafayette, "The New World Order", by A. Ralph Epperson, p. 32-33]

This "invisible hand" of which Lafayette was speaking is the Illuminati, and the foremost part of the Illuminati is Freemasonry. Key Illuminist leaders have always spoken highly of the Masonic Fraternity. Listen to one, Alice Bailey, Director of the House of Theosophy. Bailey is writing as a conduit for her demonic 'Guiding Spirit', Master D.K. Bailey writes in 'The Externalisation of the Hierarchy':

"The Masonic Movement ... will meet the need of those who can, and should, wield power. It is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. The methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples and under the All-seeing Eye the work can go forward. It is a far more occult organisation than can be realised and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists ... in Masonry you have the three paths leading to initiation. As yet they are not used, and one of the things that will eventuate -- when the new universal religion has sway and the nature of esotericism is understood -- will be the utilization of the banded esoteric organism, the Masonic organism and the Church organism as initiating centres. These three groups converge as their inner sanctuaries are approached. There is no dissociation between the One Universal Church, the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons, and the inner-most circles of the esoteric societies. (Pages 511, 513)


Alice Bailey reveals much truth about Freemasonry in these words, above. Freemasonry reveres the Egyptian All-seeing Eye of Horus, which is Satanic through and through. Bailey also ties together as one organization the Universal Church of Antichrist, Freemasonry, and other esoteric (occult) groups such as Rosicrucians, the Knights Templars, the Order of the Golden Dawn, and many other such groups of occult magick throughout history!

Then, Bailey lays all the cards on the table for anyone who wants to understand, when she says, that Masonry is "a far more occult organisation than can be realised and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists." Freemasonry is the "training school for the coming advanced occultists" which will lead America and the world into the coming New World Order. This revelation casts new meaning on the many U.S. Presidents which have been Freemasons, doesn't it? We now realize, with horror, that these men were "advanced occultists" leading America away from the One True God of the Bible and toward the Great One [Antichrist]. [Ibid.]

The bottom part of the Templars card reads: "No, they weren't wiped out in 1312. They've been growing in power and wealth and strange knowledge."

Knights Templar was one of the most deeply Satanic secret society in history.

"The original Order of Knights Templar was founded in the twelfth century ... Trade ... made the Templars rich ... In October, 1307, [French King] Philip ordered the arrest of all Templars on French soil and the seizure of their property. There was reason to believe, said the king, that the [Templar] order was profoundly heretical; that its military monks, in fact, were black magicians ... At these trials, many of the accused Templars admitted ... to witnessing or participating in ... sodomy, trampling upon the crucifix, and worshipping some sort of mummified and fiercely bearded three-headed creature. The creature, swore some of the accused, was named Baphomet ... Some may well have been practicing homosexuals ... Templars were the custodians of secret esoteric teachings, later associated with Rosicrucianism and esoteric masonry." ["Mind & Magic," by Francis X.King, Crescent, ISBN 0-517-06036-1, p. 84-85] [Note: This is a Luciferian book]

Thus, this Luciferian book on Magic ties this deeply Satanic Knights Templar to Modern Freemasonry! Christian author, Gary Kah, in his book, "Enroute To A Global Occupation", discovered from Freemasonry literature that accidentally fell into his hands, that Modern Freemasonry links itself to the Knights Templar. When we peruse some of the literature which Freemasons are encouraged to study, you will see repeated references to Knights Templar. Indeed, the 13th Degree of the York Rite is entitled, "Knights Templar". [page 92, Kah]

On page 102, Kah states that "The Templars represented the first wide-scale attempt to organize and mobilize the forces of occultism for the purpose of gaining control of the world." This, in a nutshell, is the New World Order. Kah continues, "Having embraced Gnosticism while in Palestine, and in touch with the sect of the Assassins, the Templar order degenerated, and some of its members ... were said to practice Phallicism or sex-worship, and Satanism, and to venerate 'The Baphomet', the idol of the Luciferians. The crime of Sodomy was a rite of Templar initiation."

Please remember this horrible revelation that Templars practiced Phallic worship, for Homosexuality is very tightly tied in with the Knights Templar. In the paragraph above, we see homosexual practices such as Phallicism and Sodomy. The Luciferian book, "Mind & Magic", also quoted above, lists sodomy as one of the crimes of Knights Templar. The Grand Master at the time that King Philip IV of France tried and executed key Templar members, was Jacques de Molay. Since de Molay was Grand Master of Knights Templar, we can rightly conclude that he was also involved in these Satanic, and homosexual acts. We find it highly disturbing, then, that Demolay is one of the orders of Freemasonry for young men!

Freemasonry is clearly Luciferian worship, despite their very clever, and successful, attempts to hide this fact. The ancient order of Templars became the order of Freemasonry gradually over many centuries, until today, The Templars is a specific sect within Freemasonry. The levers of power throughout the world are controlled by these organizations, just as this card correctly states!

The bottom part of this card reads: "Your whole power structure is immune to attacks from Peaceful groups."

We find it highly fitting that this picture shows a Pope wearing his pagan Dagon Fish Hat, with the equally pagan "out-raying" of light coming out of the top and the Satanic pyramid with the Eye of Horus (Lucifer) in the middle. When I was sneaked into a House of Theosophy seminar for members only on August 18, 1991, I learned that the Illuminati had just made the decision that the top religious leader of the New World Order Religion was to be the Roman Catholic Pope -- whomever he was at the time [Read NEWS1052]. This makes the Pope the False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18!

This understanding spoke volumes to me, for now I realized the significance of the fact that the Roman Catholic Church is the most pagan religious body ever that claimed to be Christian. But, I instantly remembered the prophecy of him in Revelation 13:11:

"And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. [Rev 13:11]

The phrase "he had two horns like a lamb" means that the False Prophet will present himself to the peoples of the world as a Christian leader and will be accepted as such; yet, within his heart, he will speak like a dragon, whom we know to be Satan. This prophecy fits the Pope perfectly. He is the leader of the most pagan, secretly Satanic church on earth. We have several articles on this subject we would like you to read:

1. "Traditional Roman Catholic Church Proven To Be A Worship of White Magic Witchcraft" - NEWS1334]

2. "The Bent Cross Crucifix versus the Traditional Crucifix" - RC100

3. "The True Face of the Roman Catholic Inquisition: Rotten Spiritual Fruit From The Abyss of Hell" - NEWS1676

4. "Catholicism: Whited Sepulcher Christianity" Video that incorporates most of our teachings and speaks to the sexually predatory priests of today -- https://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=326

Now, we come to the handful of cards representing the final act of this global drama to so change society that Antichrist can arise.


The bottom of this card reads: "Any nation making a direct Attack to Destroy against another nation has tripled power. If it succeeds, the attacking Nation gets a Plot card, and another Action token immediately! It it fails, the attacker is destroyed and counts toward victory conditions of the defending player."

The ultimate end of the Illuminati Plan is to produce Antichrist on the world scene. However, consistent with Bible prophecy, the "birth" of Antichrist on the world scene can only occur at the end of a global war, a war in which entire nations may be annihilated. This is prophecy and this is the Illuminati plan.

Listen to prophecy first, telling us that Antichrist will be a global leader:

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy ... and all the world wondered after the beast." [Rev 13:1, 3]

From this passage, and others, we know Antichrist will be a world ruler. Now, listen as prophecy tells us by what means he shall arise.

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars ... For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom ... All these are the beginning of sorrows." [Matt 24:6, 7, 8]

From this passage, we must realize that the word, "sorrows" here means "birth pangs". Literally, Jesus is foretelling that the appearance of Antichrist shall be like "birth pangs" and the birth pain shall be war, rumors of war, earthquakes, and famines in many places. Consistent with this prophecy, the Illuminati has also planned for the appearance of Antichrist to be as a "birth" [Read NEWS1789] with the birth pains being "war, rumors of war, earthquakes, and famines in many places".

All of the parts of the plan that we have been speaking of -- all these cards of the Illuminati Card Game -- will culminate in the appearance of Antichrist on the world scene to begin his global reign. World War III is the planned war that will enable Antichrist to appear. This planned Third World War is to be three wars, natural disasters, and terrorism in our cities. These are the parts of this war:

1. Israel goes to war with her Arab neighbors. The America invasion of Iraq was planned in 1952 to be the trigger that causes Israel to go to war.

2. A confrontation on the Korean Peninsula that will threaten mankind's existence.

3. China invades Taiwan

4. As soon as the war between Israel and her Arab neighbors starts, terrorist attacks against selected cities of all Industrial nations whose people still go to the polls will begin. New York City is planned to be destroyed by a terrorist nuclear device ["Behold A Pale Horse", William Cooper].

5. Natural Disasters will occur

All these disasters are planned to have a devastating cumulative effect. People will be so panicked they will beg the government to impose strict Martial Law, and anything else that might restore order. When our leaders tell us they must "temporarily" suspend our system of government, all liberties and rights if they hope to restore order, the people will gladly assent, and our freedoms will be lost. When the smoke clears from the wars, the terrorist attacks, and the natural disasters, Antichrist will come striding.


The bottom of the "Messiah" card reads: "Play this card at any time except during an attack. Link it to any Personality you control. That person is hailed as the Messiah by the millions worldwide. The new Messiah's Power and Resistance are both increased by +4, plus 2 more for every Church you control at any given time. Only one Messiah can be in play at a time."

This card certainly understands the coming Messiah, does he not? Messiah will certainly control all individual Personalities worldwide. All charismatic leaders of every nation on earth who command local audiences will come under the control of Antichrist. Certainly, Messiah will be worshipped worldwide, for the Bible prophesies he will be a global leader who will be enthusiastically worshipped by all people. Even the term, "new Messiah" is exactly the term used by such New World Order authors as Peter Lemesurier, in "The Armageddon Script". The world will be big enough for only one Messiah and if any pretenders dare raise their head, they will be summarily crushed by the demonic power residing within Antichrist.

But, now, let us see the Satanic power with which Antichrist shall arise. Read carefully:

"The Spirit of Peace is hovering close to humanity, seeking opportunity to make His Presence felt. The Spirit of Peace is not an abstract concept but a potent Individual, wielding forces hitherto unfamiliar to our planet. Great Forces are awaiting the hour when They can function as the Liberators and the Deliverers of mankind. But the door to Their entrance must be opened by humanity itself and it will be opened by a united act of the will, expressed through some formula of words and expressed in sound. It will be brought about by an activity performed simultaneously by all men and women of goodwill and by all the world aspirants and disciples. The door will not open unless the act of invocation is backed by the focussed will. The directed determination of the man or the group who is using the suggested formula, prayer, or invocation is essential." ["The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", by Alice A. Bailey]

Please allow me to explain what the demon, Master D.K., has just revealed through Alice Bailey:

Minutes before the Antichrist (Spirit of Peace) arises, some supernatural sound will be heard -- and spiritually felt, by everybody on the planet simultaneously. At no other moment in world history will so many people be impacted at once, at the very same moment! This action is designed to cause everyone to look around and upword, amazed at what has just occurred, and wondering what it all means. People will be asking themselves, "what caused this unbelievable sound"? This sound will literally "jar" the soul of all every person everywhere on earth, causing their souls to somehow "shake like a bowl of jelly".

Then, when everyone's attention is aroused and focussed (the "focussed will") images of Antichrist will appear simultaneously over the entire earth, speaking to mankind, each in his own language. The prophesied "signs and wonders" will have begun. [House of Theosophy Seminar, "Possible and Probable Events in the Future", by Bill Lambert, New England Director, August 18, 1991, explained in NEWS1052]

However, in the next few moments, another electrifying "wonder" will occur. As the people are listening to The Christ -- Antichrist -- speaking to them in their own language, they will soon realize his image has been supernaturally modified! Listen to Bill Lambert explain:

"When Lord Maitreya appears, he will appear as different beings to different people.

* He will appear as a man to a man and as a woman to a woman.

* He will appear as a white to a white, as a black to a black, as an Indian to an Indian, etc."

"It makes no difference whether you are viewing him in person or on Television. Thus, he will show that he is all things to all people". [Lambert]

Literally, people's minds will be literally blown by this guy. Those practitioners of the magical arts, New Age adherents, and all members of mystic religions who have desired greatly that their Great One would appear, are going to receive the "strong delusion" from God (2 Thessalonians 2:11]. As these people see all the "lying signs and wonders" that will continually be pouring from this occult superman, they will "rush after the beast" to worship him with all their heart, mind, and soul.

The bottom of this card reads: This artifact, both sacred and cursed, can be used as often as you wish. It can give +1 to any Attack to Destroy (by an player) or to any Disaster. Any attack aided by the Spear is considered Magic, and magical defenses may help against it."


Stave Jackson is so correct in his understanding of the "Spear of Longinus" and its properties in the realm of the occult, I am amazed. Jackson really does know Satanism generally and Illuminized Satanism specifically.

Occultists subscribe great power to this "Spear of Destiny", also known as the "Spear of Longinus".

Supposedly, the leader who "possessed it and understood the powers it served, held the destiny of the world in his hands for good or evil." [Trevor Ravenscroft's "The Spear of Destiny", p. xii].

This spear has been held in the House of Hapsburg, in Vienna, Austria, for centuries, and is on public display in a museum. One of Hitler's first official acts, once he annexed Austria, was to drive to Vienna in a motorcade, go to the museum, and take physical possession of the Spear of Destiny. At that point, Hitler believed he possessed the power to overcome all odds and conquer the world. At that point, World War II became inevitable. A short time later, when Hitler published the inverted Swastika as the symbol of his Nazi Party, White Magic occultists the world over gasped with alarm, as they realized he was going to use this power for Evil, not Good. And, they realized he possessed the Spear of Destiny!

As Hitler stood in front of the Spear of Destiny display in the Hapsburg Treasure House Museum in Vienna, staring at the Spear, strange sensations exploded within him. As Hitler later recounted, "The Spear appeared to be some sort of magical medium of revelation for it brought the world of ideas into such close and living perspective that human imagination became more real than the world of sense. I felt as though I, myself, had held it in my hands before in some earlier century of history -- that I, myself, had once claimed it as my talisman of power and held the destiny of the world in my hands. Yet, how could this be possible? What sort of madness was this that was invading my mind and creating such turmoil in my breast?" [Ibid., p. 9]

Adolf Hitler committed suicide just a few days after the Americans took control of the Spear of Destiny!

Antichrist will also highly covet this Spear of Destiny, which is again in the hands of the Hapsburg Dynasty in Vienna, Austria. Once he has this Spear, he will believe that he has the occult power of the universe behind him. Satan is the power behind this Spear, which is why Hitler became increasingly demonically afflicted the longer he stood in front of it. Antichrist will not arise until he has firm possession of the Spear of Longinus. Once he has it in his possession, he will believe no power on earth can withstand him.

Steve Jackson knew right well that Satanic doctrine dictates that Antichrist must control the "Spear of Longinus" before he arises.

"The bottom part of the End of the World card reads: "The end of the world is at hand! The millennium is coming. Real soon! Repent ... all Church or Fanatic groups get +2 Power; Fanatic Churches get +3 Power. All Corporate and Government groups lose credibility, and their Power is reduced by 2."

The Bible tells us that, as soon as Antichrist arises, God is going to raise up two very special witnesses and an "army" of 144,000 special evangelists who will witness against Antichrist, urge people to repent, and speak of the truth in Jesus Christ. While they will not look insane as does this man, they will be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.

God certainly desires that people come to repentance during the reign of Antichrist. Eleven times God uses the word "repent" and "repented" during the Book of Revelation. Repentance carries a great deal of importance to God, as He desires to save men and women out of the clutches of Satan, literally "snatching them out of the fire", as Jude 23 so eloquently expresses.

However, the Illuminati views anyone who urges people to "repent for the Kingdom of the Heaven is at hand" to be a verifiable nut case. During the Tribulation Period, people who urge others to "repent" will be mercilessly killed.


For four articles, we have been studying the remarkable accuracy of Steve Jackson's Illuminati Card Game, researched from 1990-1994 and published in 1995. As you can easily see, Jackson knew Witchcraft very well in general and he knew the Illuminati Plan to Produce Antichrist very well specifically. Jackson knew the individual parts of the plan to bring down the Old World Order so that the Kingdom of Anti-Christ (New World Order) could be established.

These Illuminati cards very closely parallel Cutting Edge teaching for the past 12 years! The plan to produce Antichrist is ongoing and is apparently getting close to the end. The beginning of World War III seems imminent.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

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God bless you.

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