North Korea Will Nuke American Cities if Provoked

Korea WebWeekly

(May 03, 2003) -- Dr. Kim Myong Chul, Japanese-borne expert on North Korea's military has stated in the past that North Korea has more than 100 nukes, including hydrogen bombs. In a series of statements recently, Dr. Kim asserts that the nukes will strike American cities if the Bush administration imposes economic sanctions or other hostile moves against North Korea.
In sharp contrast with his past practices, Dr. Kim states that he is speaking for North Korea: he is relaying North Korea's official message to the Bush administration. During the last meeting of North Korean and American officials in Beijing, the North Korea's chief delegate told his American counterpart that North Korea had at least one nuke. The US CIA estimates that North 'may have one or two crude nuclear devices.'

Dr. Kim states that the nukes were built in the 1980's before North Korea signed the Agreed Framework in 1994. It is likely that the US CIA knew about North Korea's nuclear capability but decided to cover it up with its persistent "North Korea may have 1-2 crude devices." It should be recalled that the US CIA failed to predict the Korean War of 1950 and also the intervention of Chinese forces. The failure was due to not any lack of intelligence but incorrect analysis of the mountain of intelligence.

Dr. Kim stated that North Korea's technical capacity of delivering nuclear weapons on missiles was proven by Pakistan's nuclear tests and missile test-fires. Pakistan claims that it has developed its nukes and missiles on its own. The bottom-line is that neither North nor Pakistan has violated any international agreements.

US Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld believes North Korea does not have the capability to strike American cities and North Korea is bluffing. Dr. Kim believes that North Korea will demonstrate its capacity to strike America: it may conduct a series of nuclear explosions and test-fire an ICBM over the US homeland. The US CIA claims that North Korea's ICBM, Taepodong II, failed in its maiden test and that North Korea's ICBM test site was destroyed in a failed engine test. Recently, the warhead of North Korea's 'failed' ICBM was discovered in Alaska.

The US hawks led by Rumsfeld believe that Kim Jong Il and Saddam Hussein are cut from the same cloth and that Kim will go the way of Saddam. It should be noted that when the chips were down, Saddam's 'supporters' deserted his sinking ship and few Iraqis opted to die for him. The fact of the matter is that the great majority of Saddam's supporters were opportunists and sycophants out to make a fast buck using Saddam's name. Rumsfeld is convinced that few of Kim's supporters will die for him and that shake Kim's regime a little and he will be gone.

Dr. Kim asserts that Kim Jong Il is no Saddam and that North Korea's military and people will fight to the end and die for Kim; and that unlike Iraq, North Korea does have the military capability and the will to inflict fatal blows not only to the US bases in Japan, Okinawa, and Guam, but also the US homeland. According to Dr. Kim, North Korea will demonstrate its military capability to hit the US homeland in the very near future.