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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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January 22, 2003


Saddam’s Sacked Bodyguard: I Know Where Weapons Are

Bush Tired of Saddam's 'Bad Movie' -- Bush: 'Time Is Running Out'

U.S. Attack 'Possible Any Minute,' Says Iraqi VP

Navy Doubling Number of Carriers in Gulf -- All eyes head towards Baghdad: Snake hologram goggles truly appropriate!

Iran and Threats to U.S. Forces in Middle East: " U.S. forces now almost completely encircle the Persian state" -- Analysis comforms to Cutting Edge Article on attacking mulitple nations with our huge forces now assembling

Pentagon To Offer Combat Videophones So Journalists Can Get "Real-Time" Combat Information

Sea Basing: Operational Independence -- How to properly deploy Naval Forces

Bush Administration Disagrees With Push to Delay War

Another American Killed, Second Wounded in Shooting in Kuwait

Front-Line Troops Disproportionately White, Not Black: Numbers refute long-held belief

Technology Puts U.S. Troops on Higher Ground: Weaponry at Disposal of Infantry in Kuwait Has Improved Greatly Since Persian Gulf War

Since This Is True, Why Are We Amassing Troops 40% Numerically Higher Than In 1991?

U.S. Army Brigade Awaits Next Deployment

Civilians Deploy to Gulf Alongside Troops

Volunteer 'Human Shields' to Head for Iraq

US Allies Bailing Out?

France Vows to Block Resolution on Iraq War: U.S. Schedule Put at Risk By U.N. Debate -- Bush dismisses French bid to block Iraq war

German Chancellor Refuses to Back Iraq Resolution

Powell: We Must Not Shrink From Disarming Iraq

Turkey Hosts Top General For Talks on U.S. Force: Regional Leaders Continue Peace Push -- Turkey's military to allow limited U.S. base use; constrained by public opinion

America's Road To Teheran

American Public Becoming Restive On Iraq

Prophecy Being Fulfilled?

Has God Been Slowing Down Rush To Global Government?

Revived Roman Empire Is Here, and Becoming Ever More Powerful. Wonderful prophetic news! -- France and Germany unveil plans for dual citizenship

Final Countdown To World Government

Birth of World Government Through Deception, Intrigue, War

NOW Is The Dawning of the New World Order!

Barmy Army Beats Retreat From Zimbabwe Campaign

Danger High As Avalanche Probe Begins

Cult's Cloning Machine Goes On Show In London

Italy Clone Guru on Hunger Strike, Says Persecuted

Raelian Leader: Clone claim possible hoax -- Cult founder tells followers he likes publicity for sect regardless -- This story confirms work of Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan

Cloned Cat Isn't A Carbon Copy

Democratic Presidential Candidates Declare Support For Abortion Rights

A Tough Roe: Will Democratic Party be abortion's final victim?

Abortion Wars: 30 years after Roe v. Wade

Lawyer, "Jane Roe" Now Work Toward Different Goals

Winter's Chill Blasting Northeast - Global Warming?

Wind-Whipped Frigid Air Blasts Northeast -- Wind Chills Down to Minus 60 Degrees!

Preparing For Even Colder Weather

Cold Weather Means More Firewood Sales

Bitter End: Boston Elderly Homeless Man Dies In Shanty After Refusing To Go Into Shelter

Deep Freeze Driving Up Heating Bills

Race Heats Up For Northeast's Snowiest City

Commuter Plane Crash Killing Three Mass. People Raises Concern About Weight

Charlotte Plane Crash Raises Concerns About Weight, Balance Rules

Airlines Defy Government's Restrictions on Code-Sharing

Parents Abuse Children by Smoking, Group Says

Beatles Abbey Road Cigarette Airbrushed To Remove McCartney Holding Cigarette


Powerful Earthquake!

Powerful Earthquake Rocks Mexico, 19 Dead -- At least 7.6 magnitude

Did Not Generate Tsunami Wave Against California

Death Toll Now Up To 21

Preparing For Terror

U.S. to Deploy Bioterror Alert Monitors

Britain's Blair's Gloom : Forecasting Terror Attack Attempt

Police Raid London Mosque Linked To Ricin Scare: No cure for deadly Ricin

The War's Most Agonizing Issue

Three Journalists Kidnapped in Panama

Terrorist Task Force Raids Florida Home

Korean Peninsula

Japanese Government Considering Evacuation of Japanese Nationals From South Korea

Guest Column: Evacuate Civilians from Korea

North Korea Using China To Obtain Missile Supplies: China is planned to come to N. Korea's diplomatic aid

U.S. Envoy: N. Korea Dispute Will Reach U.N.

N Korea Fears US Attack -- Fears US Will Attack Once Finished With "Regime Change" In Iraq

Rumsfeld Under Fire For Vietnam War Draftee Comment -- He does apologize

Pork Greases U.S. Weapons Program


North On Alert After Car Bomb, Hizbullah Attack

Israel: God's Timepiece -- Will Arab, Israeli Conflict Begin World War III?

Floods Swamp Tel Aviv

Two Terror Suspects Escape From Detention Camp

Ben-Eliezer - Commissioned Poll Suggests He Could Beat Sharon --- 4.7 million Israelis can vote next Tuesday

Campaign Mudslinging Goes Into Orbit

Israeli Forces Shell Lebanese Village

Soccer Tournament Named For 'Martyr' - Palestinians honor bomber who killed 29 in Passover massacre. Truth about Islam

God Protecting Israel Miraculously Just As In Old Testament Days!

Israeli Astronaut Lifts Nation's Spirits

Fugitive Heir Convicted In Rape Trial

Catholic Sex Abuse News

Abuse Specialists Challenge Church Defense Tactic: Assert depositions will betray victims

Clinician's Plea to Bishop Lennon: 'Do not do this to your wounded faithful'

Boston Globe Complete Coverage of Sex Abuse Scandal

Judge Allows Resumption of Law Deposition -- Denies appeal to delay proceedings

Suit Charges Catholic Seminary With Pro-Gay Teachings

Kennedy Ends Silence, Endorses Colleague Kerry's Presidential Bid

Smooth Rush-Hour Debut For Boston's New I-90 Tunnel

Economic News

Stocks Tumble Amid War Fears

Saddam Ouster Seen Key to End of Stocks Slump

Many Happy Returns for Amazon

This Is Your Business, Virtually

White House: Snow's DUI Arrest, Child Support Dispute Not Relevant to Treasury Job

Snow Experienced in Business, Government

Director's Guild Nominates Martin Scorsese For Award: Producer of blasphemous movie about Jesus Christ

Northwest Airlines Pilot Arrested At LaGuardia

Toddler Killed at California Burger King -- Aren't You Glad We Are Secure In Christ For Now and Eternity? This world is NOT our home!

25% of HIV-Infected Men Sought Out Virus: "All who hate me love and court death" - Proverbs 8:36


January 21, 2003

Middle East -- Iraq

Fox News' Mysteriously Changing Story: Different story followed original within hours, with same URL address! Is 4th Infantry being deployed to Korea or Middle East? Why the change in story line?

France Vows to Block Resolution on Iraq War: U.S. Schedule Put at Risk By U.N. Debate

Saddam's Bodyguard Reveals Locations of Hidden Arms Cache and How They Are Protected

U.N. Gives Saddam Reprieve From Attack Until March 27! Will U.S. decide to go alone, or do we need this much time to get our 350,000 troops fully deployed?

Decision On Iraq "Soon" -- Rumsfeld

Iraq Warheads Designed for Deadly "Sarin" Nerve Gas Payload

Powell: UN Must Not 'Shrink From' Action On Iraq

Britain To Send In Quarter of Its Army: 26,000 Troops

European Allies Move To Thwart Blair War Strategy

Turkey To Host Regional Meeting On Iraq Crisis

One American Killed, Another Wounded in Shooting in Kuwait

Troops In Kuwait Get Shots To Fight Smallpox

Kuwaiti Soldier Plotted to Poison U.S. Troops

Saddam Says Not Losing Sleep Over Possible War

Marines at Risk in Djibouti

Blair Says Britons Can Be Won Over to Iraq War

Knowing True Face of Islam

Islamic Militants Threaten Kashmir Women With Death If They Don't Quit Their Jobs

Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century - Video

Australians Prepare To Flee Canberra Brush Fires

Shuttle Records Electrical Phenomenon: Shuttle Cameras Capture Images of an Elf- a Electrical Phenomenon That Occurs Above Thunderstorm

Evolution vs Creationism

Man Descended From Early Aardvark, Scientists Claim

Biblical Basis For Modern Science

Creationism Defender's Bible: KJV: Dynamite footnotes and articles demonstrate scientific accuracy of the Bible

"In Six Days" God Created -- On Seventh Day Answers intellectual objections to Creationism

Cloning News

Italy Investigating Alleged Cloning Doctor

Welcome to UFOland - Inside the Raelian Sect

Preparing People To Accept Human Cloning: Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan Rules Supreme!

Eight Skiers Killed In B.C. Avalanche: More U.S. tourists survive; no word on their condition

Cancer Biopsy Mix-Up: Mistake Costs Woman Both Breasts

Ritter's Attorney Confirms Arrest: TV station claims tape shows ex-U.N. inspector caught in sex sting. Why did authorities wait 1 1/2 years yo make this public? Did Ritter's recent public cry for Bush's Impeachment over Iraq have any impact?

Clinton Yalks On The Global Economy At N.Y.U -- USA will no longer be "biggest dog on the street". Politically, either.

Former President Bill Clinton On Globalization: "Use Tracking Devices"

Fluoride & the A-Bomb Program: "The key chemical in atomic bomb production"

ADHD And Ritalin: Reality Far Different Than We Are Told

Iraqi Anti-War Protests

America Under Siege From Anti-War Protestors

Iraqi Anti-War Protestors Marched By Tens of Thousands: Perfect manipulation of the public mind

Final Countdown To World Government -- 2 1/2 hour Video

God Has Impeded Global Governance -- For Now

Middle East -- Israel

Israeli Election Is over – Even the Shouting

Sharon Throws His Weight Around As Support Rises

Sharon, Netanyahu In Unusual Side-by-Side Campaign Appearance

Palestinian Official Predicts Failure For Cairo Cease - Fire Conference

Israel's First Astronaut Brings Holocaust Survivor's Torah Into Space

Sharon To Chat Via Satellite With Israeli Astronaut

Islamic Jihad: Two Escaped Terrorist Prisoners Have Reached Safety

Finance Minister Shalom Yays Unity Government Better Than Right-Wing Coalition

Korean Peninsula

Guest Column: Evacuate Civilians from Korea

N. Koreans in Seoul for High-Level Talks

U.S. Fears N. Korea Weapons Expansion

Russian Envoy Holds "Successful" Talks With North Korean Leader

TV - Neutralizing Bad Effects

TV 'Has Influence On One-Year-Olds' -- Behavior modification begins very early, with verbal manipulation

Television and Children: "Parents Must Take Control" Expert Says

TV Foul Language Filter: Protecting our children

Weemote: TV Remotes For Children
-- Parents program the five channels they approve and let children "choose" what they watch

Russia Leases Nuclear Bombers To India: £1.9bn arms deal to give India power of mass destruction across Pakistan and China

One Dead, at Least 15 Injured in Venezuelan Street Clashes

Brazil's Poor May Gain Property Rights

Radical London Muslim Cleric Decries Police Raid On Mosque

Arms Found In Mosque Terror Raid

A Tough Roe: Will Democratic Party be abortion's final victim?

Courts Put Girls on the Stand in Alabama: Teens want abortion without parental permission

'Horrific Executions' In Cape Town Gay Massage Parlor

Will Porn Lead Ultra-Fast Mobile Telephony Take-Off? -- In new technology services, porn accounts for 80% of traffic

Magic-Comedy Team "Penn & Teller" Ridicule Christ's Crucifixion: Duo presents skit where angel performs sex act on 'Jesus'

U.S. - Mexico Border Troubles

Civilians Patrolling the Border With Mexico

Now You Can Watch Illegals Crossing U.S. Border, Live and On Your Computer!

Index of Terrorist Organizations by Country of Operation


January 20, 2003 -- 13 Days Before First Satanic Sabbat -- Imbolg, Also Called Groundhog's Day

Middle East -- Iraq War More Certain

Fully 1 in 3 Senior Officers Questions Wisdom of Pre-emptive War With Iraq: Rumsfeld's War

'Beloved Saddam, Strike Tel Aviv,' Palestinians Chant In West Bank Rallies

Obscure Indian Company Provides First Clear Evidence Iraq Obtained Materials To Produce Weapons of Mass Destruction

War Nears As Iraqi Nuclear Bomb Papers Are Found -- Iraq war could be weeks away: U.S.

Saddam Could Prevent War by Going Into Exile, Says Rumsfeld

America's Ultra-Secret Weapon -- Interactive Iraq Map

U.S. Units On Hunt To Track Saddam, To Capture or Kill Him

Chief U.N. Inspectors Report 'Some Progress' in Talks With Iraqi Officials: Saddam ensures inspectors "discover" 4 more warheads

Sharon Warns Against Terrorism During Iraqi War

British Troops Fear Anthrax Jab More Than Germ War

U.S. Would Welcome Exile for Saddam

Saudi, Algeria Pledge To Secure Oil Supply In Event of Iraq War

Middle East -- Israel

Sharon Warns Against Terrorism During Iraqi War

Joint Patriot Drill With US Begins

God's Protective Miracle: Account of the Six Day War of 1967 - Video

Fatah: No Alternative To Resistance and Intifada -- Violent, Bloody Terrorism Aimed At Innocent Men, Women, Children

Palestinian Propaganda Revealed!

Work To Start 'Within Days' On Gilboa-Area Security Fence

Possible Prophetic Implications Of Israel's "Security Fences" Now Being Completed

Likud, Labor Concentrate Campaigns On Attracting Undecided Voters

Cabinet Declines To Deal With Fate of 20,000 Starving Jews in Ethiopia

Expert Says 'First Temple' Find A Fake -- But Destruction on the Temple Mount Continues Unabated

Boston's "Big Dig" Places Obelisks On New Bridge!

Boston Sees Light At End of 'Big Dig': World's most expensive stretch of road Costing $14.6 Billion

Tunnel Connecting Ted Williams Tunnel, Turnpike Opens -- Tunnel alone costs $6.5 Billion!

Building The Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge With Obelisks At Each End!

Pagan Design of Washington, D.C., Included Pagan Obelisks

Importance of Obelisk To Practicing Pagan

Hollywood Magazine Spikes 'Pedophile Warning': "Variety" backs down on ad exposing Alfred Kinsey, 'father of the sexual revolution'

Raelians' Latest Claim: Japanese Clone Is Next

IRS Committed Fraud, Appeals Court Rules

Missing Woman's Husband to Join Search: Husband may be prime suspect

Senator Kennedy: Will Propose Broad Health Coverage Plan

Strong 7.8 Earthquake Rocks Solomon Islands: Tsunami Alert Issued

Predicting Volcanic Eruptions

Worst Ever Drought Leaves Floating Restaurant Partially Aground and Tilting

Coroner's Flawed Report Shatters Policeman's Life

China Awaits High-Speed 'Maglev' -- Magnetic Levitation Train

Canadian Judge To Admonish Internet and Foreign Journalists To Comply With Ban On Publishing Certain Details In Murder Case





Events Coming Like As Cutting Edge Anticipated: U.S. may have to attack alone. Only Israel and Britain now allies in attack: Even Britain now talking about pursuing "even-handed" policy

Jordan Follows Turkey's Lead: Now denying U.S. the use of her bases, or flights over her land

Muslims Understand Iraq Is Not Only Target: Pakistan could become target of war after Iraq: Musharraf. More "Regime Changes" planned than just Iraq, just as NEWS1761, above, states

US Set To Deploy Another 75,000 Troops

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and Jordan to Attend Regional Summit To Talk About Iraq: Want to prevent the U.S. attack they know is aimed at each and every one of them

"No Question" Iraq Has Transferred Weapons To Syria: Netanyahu

U.S. War Supplies Pass Through Suez: Another good reason Marines are posted at Djbouti, at Gulf of Aden

Excellent Middle East Map: Requires Acrobat Reader

Global Terror

Bin Laden Issues New Statement - Arabic Newspaper

Police Raid London Mosque, Arrest Seven Suspected Terrorists

Terrorists' 1st Air Attack On U.S. Soil: Groundbreaking evidence points to TWA Flight 800, not Sept. 11

Washington Turns A Blind Eye To Brazil

FBI Searches Bus For Suspicious Package

Dipstick Gives Rapid Plague Diagnosis

Reports Claim Ritter Arrested In Sex Sting: Does ex-weapons inspector pressing impeachment have own legal trouble? Was Ritter set up?

Ritter Calling For Bush Impeachment On Iraq Policy

War Protestors -- Hegelian Dialectic In Action

Huge Protests For Peace: Tens of thousands in S.F. demand Bush abandon war plans

200 War Protestor Renegades Rampage In S.F.

War Protesters Sound Off About Bush, War On Iraq

Special Photo Gallery of S.F. War Protest

"Give Peace a Chance", World Religions Say

Public School Moral Collapse

Sex-Ed and the Destruction of American Morality

Sexual Incidents Drawing Concern: Moral Collapse Continues As School Officials Hush Up Incidents

"Brave New Schools" -- Clarion call to pull your precious children from Public Schools

Allegations: 4-year-old Prekindergartner Forced To Perform Oral Sex On students, Ages 12 and 6, On Bus Ride Home From School

Public School Academic Collapse

Prof: Math Courses Watered Down: Even math teachers today are incompetent to teach subject

Law Could Label Half Massachusetts Schools Deficient As Test Scores Are Recorded

Great Void: Inexplicable Half-Mile Long Hole in Deeply Frozen Lake Defies Nature

Pope Urges Catholics To Send Children To Catholic School

Penn. Man Allegedly Fires Gun at Priest

Max Factor Heir Vehicle Found in California

Australian TAXPAYERS Funded Booklet That Tells Children: How To Dodge Drug Charges, Advice On Keeping Abortions Secret, Provides Excuses For Carrying Weapons

Canberra On New Bushfire Alert

SEC Could Delay Reforms Forcing Lawyers To Blow The Whistle On Clients

Hackers Attack New Smart Phones

Is U.S. Really Thinking About Reducing Size of Our Armed Forces In Korea?


January 19, 2003

Middle East -- Iraq

Jordan Follows Turkey's Lead: Now denying U.S. the use of her bases, or flights over her land

Events Coming Like As Cutting Edge Anticipated: U.S. may have to attack alone. Only Israel and Britain now allies in attack: Even Britain now talking about pursuing "even-handed" policy

Muslims Understand Iraq Is Not Only Target: Pakistan could become target of war after Iraq: Musharraf. More "Regime Changes" planned than just Iraq

Rhetoric and Reality Seemingly Contradictory From Britain, Allies Over Iraq

America's Ultra-Secret Weapon

UN Inspectors Uncover Proof of Saddam's Nuclear Bomb Plans

The Environmental Damage of War In Iraq

U.N. to Iraq: Time Is Running Out

Blix: Iraq Impeding Inspections

Angry Iraq Scientist Blasts UN Inspectors' Attempt to Lure Him Abroad

Palestinians March In Support of Saddam: Just as they did in 1991

Without Smoking Gun In Iraq, Bush Shifting To New Strategy: 'Non-cooperation' claim may become rallying cry

Gulf War Veterans Suing Companies For Chemical Exports

Middle East - Israel

Terrorists Kill Father of 5 At Shabbat Dinner

Poll: Labor Party May Slip To Third Largest Party In Upcoming Elections!

Egypt Invites Palestinian Terrorist Groups For New Round of Cease-Fire Talks

Navy Destroys Terrorist Raft: Loaded with explosives

Defense Ministry Orders 100,000 Improved Gas Masks

Britain Insists It Will Continue To Deal With Arafat: Pursuing her "even-handed" policy!!

Foreign Bishops Avoid Taking Sides In Israel/Palestinian Conflict

PA Promises Constitution Within Two Weeks

Israel Downplays Reports Russia To Build Syrian Nuclear Reactor

Sharansky: A Separation Fence For Security, Yes -- As a Political Boundary, No

Possible Prophetic Implications Of Israel's "Physical Boundaries" Now Being Completed

Archaeological Controversy

Controversial 'First Temple Tablet' Reputedly Dates To King Joash

Archaeologists Skeptical On Authenticity of Temple Tablet

Police Hunt Rogue Terror Gangs In Poison Alert: Biological attack in UK 'inevitable' as search widens for new gangs

Canadian Muslim Admits To Role In Hunt For 'White Meat'

Shorter Terms, Bigger Dangers Mark Missionaries' Careers: Ill-prepared short-timers are at risk; others work in unstable Muslim areas

Lone Hollywood Star Stands Up For Decency: Patricia Heaton walks out of music awards because of lewd tone

Eastern Kentucky Loads Up On Painkillers

Official Apologizes For Removing Healthy Breasts: Patient mistakenly told she had an aggressive form of cancer

South Asian Cold Snap Kills More Than 1,250 People

U.S. Midwest and Northeast Midwinter Chill

Agents Search Home in Plague Vials Case: Authorities said to be on a "Fishing Expedition"

Recipes For Bioterror: Censoring Science

Science Aids Guatemalan Twins 'Miracle'

Police Arrest Man In Texas Massacre: Charge him with six counts of capital murder

Bush Visits Soldiers Mending From Afghanistan Wounds

Penn State Research Aims To Make Ice Cream Healthier



CNN.TIME Gloom Poll

NBC News Raises Eyebrows With Hour Long Expose' On Michael Jackson's "Face"

Bush Fires in Australia Capital Kill Two


War Protestors -- Hegelian Dialectic In Action

Tens of Thousands Protesters Gather To Oppose War

Nation Rallies For Peace: Tens of thousands in S.F. demand Bush abandon war plans

"Elvis Hates War" -- Anti-war protesters rally in Las Vegas, Reno

Anti-War Rallies Provide Platform For Anti-Israel Views

Britons Join Protests Against Iraq War

A Brief Look At All Anti-War Rallies

Martin Sheen: An act of faith: president of the peace movement

Anti-War Leaders Charge Nazis Rule White House: Movement rallies this weekend, insists attack grounds for indictment of Bush

Korean Peninsula

South Korean President-Elect Says U.S. Considered Attack On North Korea Last Month

U.S. Hopes For Quiet Korea Until Getting Rid of Hussein: What if Saddam and Kim have agreed that Kim would open second war front?

Little Diplomatic Progress on N.Korea

North Korea Calls For Unity of All Koreans Against US

N. Korea Directs Culture of Hate To U.S.: From an early age, residents are taught that America is evil and its streets are full of beggars

North Korea's Kim Vexed by U.S. Arrogance

Korean Crisis Puts China In Diplomatic Role

North Korea Wants To Push Washington To The Brink

Russia Submits Plan to N. Korea

Middle East -- Pakistan/India

India, Pakistan Further Sharpen Nuke Swords As War Rhetoric Sharpens

Two Pakistani Terrorists Killed In Jammu and Kashmir

Pakistani Intelligence Agents Harrass Senior Indian Diplomat

'India will never give up Kashmir'

Prophetic Implications of India - Pakistan Conflict Over Kashmir: China protecting her all-weather road that will take her forces to the Middle East!

India Responsible For Regional Tension

Boston's Big Dig Places Obelisks On New Bridge!

Boston Sees Light At End of 'Big Dig': World's most expensive stretch of road Costing $14.6 Billion

Tunnel Connecting Ted Williams Tunnel, Turnpike Opens -- Tunnel alone costs $6.5 Billion!

Building The Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge With Obelisks At Each End!

Pagan Design of Washington, D.C., Included Pagan Obelisks

Importance of Obelisk To Practicing Pagan

Sexual Incidents Drawing Concern: Moral Collapse Continues As School Officials Hush Up Incidents

Oliver Stone To Immortalize Castro, Arafat? Filmmaker uses Hollywood clout to puff dictator, terrorist

Commander Testifies in Friendly Fire Case

Mexican Troops Stray Over Border

CDC Anthrax Study Violated Privacy Regulations

Kentucky Bible College Shuns "666" Phone Number

Jail Broke Mother's Rights By Taking Baby

Police Mum on California Pregnant Missing Woman Case

Stalin Henchman’s Crimes Disclosed: Secret Police Chief used his position to forcibly rape hundreds of women. Somber news as U.S. moves to secretive police state

Arizona Arsenal? Hardly, Gun Experts Say

Man Claims To Have Bomb On Empty Minnesota Bus

There Was A Moment Last Month When The Bush Administration Overturned Roe v. Wade: You may not have noticed because it happened in Bangkok


January 18, 2003

Breaking News!

Jordan Follows Turkey's Lead: Now denying U.S. the use of her bases, or flights over her land

Saddam’s Pre-War Feints and Maneuvers

South Korean President-Elect Says U.S. Considered Attack On North Korea Last Month


Iraq War Buildup Continues

US Sends Another 10,000 Troops To The Gulf; Britain Sends Another 14,000

Suddenly, 350,000 Total Troop Strength Announced! Analysis

Marines at Risk in Djibouti

Many Americans Wary of War With Iraq, Just as in 1991: But almost 8 out of 10 believe the United States would win such a war

Powell: We'll Prove Iraq's Lack of Cooperation

Iraq, Russia Sign Three Oil Accords

Warheads Cited As 'Proof'

Jordan Closes Newspaper For Article On the Prophet Muhammad's Sex Life

Former UN Weapons Inspectors "Not Surprised" by Iraq Chemical Warheads Find

Ukrainian President Heads To Mideast To Promote Arms Deals

Thousands of Palestinians In Gaza Rally To Support Iraq While Israelis Queue For Gas Masks

Palestinians In Lebanon Call For Volunteers To Defend Iraq

Saddam Cancels Exile Mission, Fearing Aide's Arrest

US Envoy Tells Indonesia That Jan. 27 Not Date Set For Attack On Iraq

Warning On Iraqi Hackers And U.S. Safety

War Oil Worries

War On Iraq 'Would Spark Largest-Ever Oil Shortfall'

Oil Surges On Powell Comments: U.S. futures hit $34, a 2-year high

Interior Dept. Issues Alaska Oil Drilling Plan

Telling Truth Is Now Offensive!

First Conservative Baptist Church Sign Upsets Muslims: "Says Muhammed Rndorsed Murder In The Quran

Let the Koran Speak For Itself! You then can be the judge

Columnist Pays Price for "Free Speech"


Another Palestinian Home Invasion Murder In Hebron! Terrorist later killed by IDF soldiers; Father Killed, Four-Year-Old Daughter One of Three Wounded

Israeli Astronaut Spends Shabbat In Space

Settlers and Left-Wing Activists Scuffle Near Hebron

Mortar Accidently Sets Fire To Palestinian Fields In Gaza

Cornerstone of New Church Laid Near Site Where Christ Is Believed To Have Been Baptized

Hamas Claims Responsibility For Gaza Terrorist Raft Attack

Germany Calls For International Mediators To Moderate Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Group To Unveil 'The Deadly Dozen' Senators: Ad campaign IDs Catholic lawmakers who support abortion

D.C .Teachers' Union Plagued With Scandal

Illinois Court Asked to Void Some Clemencies

Agents Search Home in Plague Vials Case

VA Halts Medical Care For Higher-Income Veterans: New policy to affect 164,000

Is Someone Watching You? This pocket-sized Camera Detector will warn you if hidden cameras are watching you

British Farmer Refused Parole As 'Danger to Burglars'

Economic News

Stocks Sink on Glum Tech Forecasts

Spam Confab: Hackers to Internet Rescue?

Industrial Production Down 0.2 Percent in December

Trade Deficit Swells to Record $40.1B in November

110 Economists Back Bush Tax Plan

The Case for AOL Name Change

Its Future Is Fuzzy: FAO Schwarz's Chap. 11 filing puts statue's fate in question

Mexico Anti-Drug Force To Be Scrapped

Flying in the Face of Infertility -- Infertile fruit flies injected with a human gene are now able to produce viable sperm

Boston Archdiocese Subpoenas Therapists

Lay Panel Sets Wide Review of Church: Keating board to examine sexuality, role of celibacy

Big Dig Ribbon-Cutting Celebrates New $6.5 Billion Logan Connector Tunnel


Iraqi War Protest -- Today, Washington, D.C.

Protesters Gathering in Washington to Oppose War

Anti-War Protests Worldwide Ahead of Key Iraq Talks

Anti-War Protesters Flock to San Francisco

World Capitals Gird For Peace Protests: Weekend will see demonstrations from san francisco to Tokyo

Martin Sheen: An Act of Faith: President of the Peace Movement

Anti-War Leaders Charge Nazis Rule White House: Movement rallies this weekend, insists attack grounds for indictment of Bush

Has Anti-War Movement Been Hijacked? Terror alliances, radical politics revealed at forefront

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Declares Ready To Go To War

Evacuate Civilians from Korea!!

Eight Million In Life or Death Humanitarian Crisis In North Korea: CFR Maurice Strong the UN Envoy In N. Korea!

Russian Diplomat Enroute To North Korea For Nuclear Talks

U.S. Contingency Plans For North Korea: Strikes on nuclear facilities possibility if diplomacy fails

Hints of Aid for N. Korea Begin to Mount

Taiwan Sees 'Terror' From Mainland: Security conference in Taipei becomes anti-China event

India, Pakistan Further Sharpen Nuke Swords As Rhetoric Escalates

Smallpox Plan Rears Ugly Head

CDC Says Smallpox Plan Ready to Go

Is Martial Law Just Around The Corner?

Senator Boxer Wants Anti-Missile Technology On All U.S. Commercial Jets

Genie 'Out of the Bottle' On Space Imagery

Stallone Takes On Osama bin Laden, Taliban In Rambo IV

Latest Bush Job Approval Rating at 61%: Averages 71% approval for second year in office

Bush Second-Year Approval Rating One of Best Ever

High-Quality Heroin Being Sneaked Into U.S. In Clothes!

Diana Ross DUI Arrest Video Released

Arkansas College Class on Clinton Era Begins

5 Years Ago, Internet Rocked Clinton Presidency and the Mass Media

Course on Clinton Won't Shun Scandals

'Friendly Fire' Pilot Had Orders Not to Fire, Airman Testifies

Ridge Confirmed by Senate Panel

True Nature of Ridge's Homeland Security Department

Bills: Down With Citizen Database

Moral Collapse Continues

Corporations Proud of 'Gay' Politics: Magazine honors 5 firms for promoting homosexuality

Concerned Women of America: Bush's Gay Policies "Identical" To Clinton's

Fox Renews The Simpsons for Two Seasons

Law Targets 'Up-Skirt' Filming

Relative Voices Suspicion: Husband responsible for the disappearance of his 27-year-old pregnant wife

'Miss Drunk' Contest Is Held in Thailand

Judge to Hear Airlines ID Challenge -- Do passengers really have to show ID before boarding plane?

Jesse Jackson's Influence Declines

Man Not Guilty In Spanking Case: He admitted leaving marks on girl, 14

Men Seek 'The Truth' On Prostate Treatments

Transport Firms Fear Anti-Terror Measure

West Hollywood May Ban Declawing of Cats: Slowly bringing animals up to level of humans

This Biker Brakes for Penguins

Winter Storm: Stranded in Tennessee

Midwinter chill in the East


January 17, 2003

Middle East -- Iraq

Inspectors Find 12 Empty Chemical Warheads in Iraq: U.N. Says Warheads Had Not Been Declared by Iraq

Is Washington Planning To Strike More Nations Than Iraq? Force levels and deployment suggests so

Navy May Position Five Or More Aircraft Carriers Within Striking Distance of Iraq: Examine deployment on map in above article

Saddam's Defiant Call To Arms

Iraq Said To Be Stashing Arms In Underground Facilities, Private Homes

Saddam: Any Invasion of Iraq Will Fail

Saudi Push For An Iraq Coup

Experts: Press and Military Must Cooperate During Upcoming War: Translation -- Press must submit to military censorship

EDITORIAL: Russia's Nuclear Merchandise For Sale To Any Rogue Regime

Inspectors Whisk Away Iraqi Physicist

Anti-War Movement Racing the Clock, Support for Bush -- Today's Anti-War Movement

Evidence Against Iraq Building Toward War: Inspectors find chemical warheads, Blix issues stern warning, ricin plotters tied to Baghdad

Pentagon Urgently Seeks Missile Protection For Military Transports Flying Dangerous Missions In Battle Theater

US Admiral Tells Navy to Be Ready to Make History

Anti-Gay Discrimination Becomes Illegal In New York State

Supreme Court Urged To Kill Texas' Sodomy Law

CFR's Jesse: Wall Street Built On 'Backs of African People': Jackson stumps for reparations, affirmative action

Global Government Coming

WTO Rules U.S. Can't Pass Duties To Firms

Some Force Is Impeding Global Governance - Prophetic Implications Video

National Sovereignty Is Going, Going, Soon To Be Gone!

Destiny 21st Century: Toward Global Financial Control - Video

Personal Surveillance

We Can Be Constantly Tracked tThrough Our Clothes, Shoes or Even Our Cash In The Future?

Hideous, Occult Nature of Homeland Security Revealed!

ACLU Spooked by Domestic Spying

Privacy Already Lost -- Mark of the Beast -- Irridium Satellite Tracking

ACLU: Big Brother A Fact, Not Fiction -- Says total 'surveillance society' now realistic possibility in U.S

Unbelieveable Personal Weapons Available For Personal Security, Surveillance

Oklahoma Baby Killer Executed

New Poll Shows Tilt To Protect Unborn

Command Confusion: Officer Says HQ Ignored More Than 100 Calls to Fix System Before Friendly Fire Bombing

Teamsters Win Bid to Limit Mexican Trucks in U.S.

Texas Professor Confesses in Plague Scare: Accidentally destroyed 30 vials containing bacteria that causes plague

Anthrax Holds Hope As Cancer Fighter

Beltway Sniper Sniper Victims' Families Sue Gunmaker

Illuminati Fingerprints All Over Beltway Sniper Shootings

Ritual Pentagram Placed On Ground By Shooting Pattern: Spiritual significance

More Bush Spiritual Fruit

Bush's Phony Faith-Based Initiative: "Road to hell, slavery, tyranny is paved with good intentions"

Cutting Edge Was Right 2 1/2 Years Ago!

In Gaia We Trust: White House puts faith in EPA

Wildfire Causes Evacuations in Australia

Crown Research Institute AgResearch Has Turned Down More Than $1 Million To Clone A Family Dog

Wierd, Disruptive Weather

Mississippi River Near Record Lows

Expect Fewer Peanuts Thanks To The Weather

Drought Will Occupy Legislation This Year

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

Coming Great Thirst—That Astonishing Day

Korean Peninsula

South Korea Defense Chief: Prepare for 'Worst-Case' Scenario

North Korea Weapons A 'Nuclear Nightmare' -- Is buildup beginning to justify action against North Korea?

Hackworth On North Korea: Putting Out A Sea Of Fire

Washington and Pyongyang Must Hold Direct Talks: Carter

China Card

Ex-Los Alamos Scientist Called Spy For China

150-Year-Old Plan To Make China Militarily Equal To U.S.!

Middle East -- Israel

Israel: God's Timepiece -- Will Arab, Israeli Conflict Begin WWIII?

Israeli Naval Patrol Fires Upon Bomb-laden Raft

Israel's First Astronaut Lifts Off Into Space: One of pilots who bombed Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981

Is Blair Turning Out To Be Enemy of Israel?

Asking For Death: Why do Palestinians continue to train, and send, children on terrorist missions?

Palestinian Propaganda Caught On Video: Pictures tell the whole story of outrages, including sending children to murder

Laborites Admit They're Praying For A Campaign Miracle -- Why Elect Rightest Likud?

God Is Protecting Israel Now The Same Way As He Did In Old Testament Times!

GI's To Help Israelis Shoot Down Iraqi Scuds

Sex And Rock-n-Roll

British Rock Stars Arrested On Child Sex Abuse -- Pedophilia

The Who's Guitarist Townshend Released After Being Arrested on Suspicion of Possessing Child Porn

Sex Perversion and Abuse At Epidemic Proportions In Rock-n-Roll Industry

Moral Collapse Continues

Nudist Travelers Ready For Takeoff: Clothes on the Cancún flight will come off at cruising altitude

Male Modeling Showing Off Androgeny Perversion

Normal Heterosexual Response To Gay Advances Now Illegal In California: We are supposed to be flattered when a gay propositions us!

Man Pierces Record with 702 Needles In Less Than 8 Hours: Wanted to get to 1,000 but pain became too much to bear

Parents Demand Say On Sex Education -- "Too graphic" Especially For 8th Grade!

Friends? It's The Sickest Joke Of Them All: 25 million viewers watch Sexual Fornication, "Relationships", and Non-Judgmental Attitude weekly

West Wing Popularity Eclipsed By Wierdness: Disturbing appeal of Man vs. Beast

German Satanists 'Ate Babies': Satanists always eat their sacrifices, both human and animal

New York's police Send Terror Expert To London To Exchange Information About Bioweapons and Ricin

Bazooka Seized In Huge Arizona Gun Bust: 'Staggering amount of weapons'

Anti-tax Campaign Shut Down: Website banished after state flooded with e-mails to lawmakers

Vatican Writes 'Glossary' On Sex Terminology

Vatican Takes Aim at Catholic Politicians, Lawmakers

Poll Shows Tumbling Job Approval Rating for NYC Mayor Bloomberg

Bungling Burglar Has Very Bad Day: Drops loot, locks keys in car, shoots himself in leg

2,400-year-old Ship Found In Black Sea

U.S. Border: A War Zone

Axles of Evil: Anti-SUV hysteria goes into maximum overdrive

Ramsey Clark Slurs Jesus, And The Media Shrug

UFO - Aliens - Antichrist

'Proof of Aliens' Goes On Show

Globalism, Iron Mountain, and UFO's Video

Antichrist, Aliens, UFO's

In Pictures: Have The Aliens Landed?

Cyclone Ami: Family of Seven Dead

Greens to Launch New Scare Campaign Using Junk Science


January 16, 2003

Breaking News

Anti-Gay Discrimination Becomes Illegal In New York State

U.N. Inspectors Find "11" Empty Chemical Warheads In Iraq

Space Shuttle Columbia Makes History: Israeli Colonel Ilan Ramon One of the Astronauts

Brits Allow U.S. To Use Base In Northern England Into Its Proposed Missile Defense Network.

Hackworth On North Korea: Putting Out A Sea Of Fire

South Korea Prepares For Potential War With The North


Middle East -- Iraq

Bush Administration Split Over Go-It-Alone Option If UN Resists

ANALYSIS: Plan may call for U.S. to act alone

U.S. Resisting Calls for a 2nd U.N. Vote on a War With Iraq

White House Promises 'Smoking Gun Intelligence'

Bush, Blair To Meet Late In Month At Camp David Amid Iraq Preparations

Kurdish Leader Looks Like Washington’s Iraqi PM Candidate: Will Turkey accept him?

UN Inspectors Make First Search of A Private Home In Baghdad

Kissinger To Meet Australia's Prime Minister To Discuss Iraq War Plans

Iraqi Exiles Report for Training to Help in Campaign Against Saddam

Rumsfeld: Administration Cooperating With Congress

U.S. Formally Asks for Limited NATO Help In War With Iraq

U.S. Covert Ops Said Unlikely to Prevent Iraq War

Royal Navy Sends More Troops

Princess Di's Lover Off To War

Middle East -- Israel

Middle East History In A Nutshell: Excellent graphic presentation

Hizbullah Is Reportedly In Full Military Readiness, Prepared Now For War

Israel To Stage "Targeted Killings" of Terrorists In U.S., Allied Nations -- Did Bush base his pre-emptive terror strikes from the Israeli policy?

Soldiers Thwart Series of Attacks In Gaza

Arafat’s New Terror Weapon: Exploding Toy Planes

IDF Arrests 22 Suspected Terrorists Overnight

Likud Rebounds In Polls, Labor Party Decreases: Old Illuminati election trick -- Re-elect scroundrel because opponent is very weak

Senator Lieberman Calls For Deeper US Involvement In Middle East

Judge: 17-Year-Old John Lee Malvo Can Be Tried as Adult in Sniper Case

Prosecutor: Malvo Not Exclusively Responsible for Most Shootings

Mind Control Evident In Sniper Suspects

Surgery Tools Left in 1,500 People a Year

Postal Facility Tests Negative For Anthrax

New Harry Potter Book on Satanic Sabbat!

Fifth Potter Book Due Out June 21 -- Summer Solstice on Satanic Calendar!

The Full Truth About Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Bible

Harry Potter Video - Politically Correct Paganism

Woman Has Devil of Time Finding Exorcist

Senate Reaches Deal on Organization, Avoiding Paralysis

Senate Starts Debating Massive $390 Billion Government-Wide Spending Plan

Planned Parenthood: 100 abortions for every adoption referral

RU-486, Similar Pills Accounted For 6 Percent of U.S. Abortions

Newsman David Brinkley Rescued From Fire

Ecuador Mob Burns Accused Rapist Twice, Finally Killing Him

British Embryologist Gets Jail Time: Tricked women into thinking fertilized eggs had been implanted in their womb

Taking School Spirit to the Grave: College-themed caskets popular

Scientists Create Brand New Organism

Gestapo Plan

Pentagon Database Plan Hits Snag On Hill: Plan to link databases of credit card companies, health insurers and others--creating what critics call a "domestic surveillance apparatus"--raises concern on Capitol Hill

Hideous, Occult Nature of Homeland Security Revealed!

ACLU Spooked by Domestic Spying

Privacy Already Lost -- Mark of the Beast -- Irridium Satellite Tracking

ACLU: Big Brother A Fact, Not Fiction -- Says total 'surveillance society' now realistic possibility in U.S.

'Smart Card' For Crossing Border Urged

Korean Peninsula

Death, Terror In N. Korea Gulag

China Launches Massive War Games

U.S.: No Swift Solution On N. Korea -- Pyongyang rejects
U.S. talks offer

North Korea Places Her Armed Forces On Alert: U.S. professes no alarm

North Korea Nuclear Stand-Off Sparks Aussie Fears

North Korea Rejects U.S. Offers as 'Pie in the Sky'

South Korea Vote Recount Could Overturn Roh Victory

North Koreans Get Daily Serving of Anti-U.S. Diatribes

College Affirmative Action Under Fire

President Hits Race Policy of University of Michigan's Affirmative-Action Policy

Supreme Court to Decide on Affirmative Action in Public Universities

Black Republicans Urge GOP to Make Changes

Video Shows Pilots After Mistaken Bombing

Male Visitors From Five More Countries Will Have to Register With INS

Public School Nightmare

Public School Board Knew of Super's Boy Toy: Police finally arrest education chief for sexually molesting 15-year-old

Oakland Schools Hold Teach-In Against Possible War In Iraq -- Schools long ago began indoctrinating instead of educating

Pull Your Children Out of Public Schools

Homeschooling A Great Alternative

Human Actions Blamed for Worst Australian Drought: Bottom line is lie that Industrial Civilization Is Not "Sustainable"

"Human Activity" Sustainability Lie Will Doom Our Present Industrial Civilization

Global Economy

Swiss Pull Out All The Stops To Protect World Economic Forum

Destiny 21st Century: Toward Global Financial Control - Video

Stocks Fall as Earnings Season Kicks Off

Supremes Uphold Longer Copyrights

Wholesale Prices Flat in December -- Study sees optimism in hiring this year

Grid Computing Good for Business

Intel Posts Rising Profit, Beats Forecasts

Kmart Must Think Small as It Closes 326 Stores

Researcher Arrested In Plague Case: Missing vials of bubonic plague accounted for at Texas Tech

Illinois, Indiana and Ohio Sex Ring Busted

Aircraft Safety In Terrorist World

U.S. Acts To Cut Threat Against Airliners: Possible measures range from simple to high-tech

Plan Puts Hijack Alert on Planes

Missile Threat Sparks Agency: Airliners' vulnerability the subject of task force

Australian Banned From Driving For Almost 1000 Years: Judicial System Running Amok

Pakistani Doctor Hid Top Al-Qaeda Figures At Home

Drunken Birds Fly Into Windows After Feasting On Fermented Berries

Protest Groups Using Updated Tactics to Spread Antiwar Message

Fear of West Nile Virus Growing

Millions of Discarded Hard Drives Found Full of Personal Data

Garbage Cans Talking Trash to High School Students


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