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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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January 31, 2003

Breaking News

Sudden Expulsions Along Iraqi-Kurdish Border Prompt Speculation Saddam Creating Buffer for Attack


Global Terrorism Threat

Al-Qaeda 'Was Making Dirty Bomb'

Israel, Islam: Biochemical and Nuclear Terrorism

Secret Islamic Cell Vows New Attacks On Americans In Kuwait

Ridge: We're Ready to Fight Homeland Terror

Hospital Staffers Invent Gas Mask Link For Patients On Home Ventilators

Shoe Bomber Sentenced to Life in Prison

US Intelligence Focussing On One-Legged Jordanian Man As "Deliverer of Biological Doom" For Saddam

Hamas: Sharon Victory Will Enhance Jihad

"I Watch My Son Die Every Time I See The Twin Towers On TV"

FBI Head Announces Upgrades at Bureau

Bomb Destroys Bridge in Afghanistan, Killing 18 - Al Qaeda Suspected

Administration: Al Qaeda Active In Baghdad

Korean Peninsula

North Korea May Be Moving Nuclear Fuel Rods: Could be moving them to facility to quickly produce nuclear bombs

North Korean Streets Awash With Anti-U.S. Posters

Blair: North Korea Is Next -- After Iraq


West Bank Violence Flares Up

Israeli President Urges Unity Coalition

Palestinians 'Sink Into Extreme Poverty'

Likud: Labor Can Be Swayed To Join Government

World Leaders Congratulate Victorious Sharon

IDF Sends Tanks Back Into Hebron

PA Columnist Tells Terrorists: Stop firing rockets at Israel

Ramon Says Blessing Over Jerusalem -- Jerusalem In End of the Age Prophecy

Jerusalem: "A Cup of Trembling" -- Coming Last Days Temple

Iraq Accuses Israel of Hiding Nukes

Prophesied Apostasy Speeds Up

Church Leaders Eye 'Christian Alliance': Church Leaders Propose a Plan to Create the Broadest-Ever U.S. Christian Alliance

"Occult Invasion": The Subtle Seduction of the World and the Church

Christian Churches Opening Door To Antichrist! Purpose Driven Apostasy

"This Little Church Went To Market"

Snow Storms Cause Commuter Chaos in U.K.

Pakistani's Tough Talk: Not Just for India

Anti-Muslim Bumper Stickers Stir Controversy At Conservative Political Action Conference: V.P. Cheney to speak

Global Anxiety Propels Euro Above Dollar

Time Warner's IPO May Face Trouble

Wall Street Continues Sell-Off on Gross Domestic Product, War Worries

Disney Reports Profit, Declines to Offer Q2 Forecast

Dow Chemical to Cut Up to 4,000 Jobs

Stanley Cup LEGOes Its Way To Arizona: Stolen replica of hockey trophy found almost 300 miles from Vegas

Students Admit to Using Cell Phone To Cheat On Accounting Tests

Chinese High-Tech Spies In Silicon Valley?

Nine Killed In Sydney, Australia Rail Crash

Ignitable Cloud of Rubber Dust May Have Caused N.C. Factory Blast

Committee Approves Estrada Judicial Nomination

Residents Trying To Dissolve Tiny Village They Call A Speed Trap

9-Digit 'Social' Overused As ID -- Citizens promised repeatedly that Social Security Card would never, ever be used for anything other than Social Security

Iraqi News

U.S. Intelligence Looks For Signs of Iraq Pre-emptive Strike

Bush Approves Nuclear Response

Nuclear Clouds Foretold In Middle East At End of Age!

Final Countdown: Everything Is Falling Into Place!

Powell to Present Iraq Evidence To U.N.

U.S. Says War Support Increasing Overseas

Mandela: U.S. Wants Holocaust

US Studying International Law To Determine Oil Field Rights In Event Of War With Iraq

How Important Is Baghdad's Location On 33rd Parallel?

Bush To Allow Only "Weeks" For Diplomatic Solution

Saddam Briefs His Generals - Turkey bolsters Iraq border defences

US Sending Patriots To Jordan

War Diplomacy

Diplomatic Flurry To Extend Inspections

Iraq Showdown: Bush Meets Saudis, Italians

Tony Blair: The US Poodle? -- Bush, Blair to discuss war plans

Bush Phones Sharon

Birth of World Government Through Deception, Intrigue, War

Making The Case Against Baghdad: Evidence Strong, not Conclusive

Candian PM Says Current UN Resolution 'Will Authorize Action'

21 Nations Allow US War Access

Human Activity - Environmental Panic

Nuclear Weapons And Pollution Linked To 65 Million Deaths

Huge Dust Cloud Threatens Asia With "Ecological Meltdown"

Earth, Air, Fire and Water

Impeding Global Governance - Prophetic Implications of Current Ecological Panic

Ocean Temperatures Set Up Drought Conditions

U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development Sets Spring Meeting Date

First Cloned Baby Reportedly In Israel

Convincing People of Cloning Using Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan: Human cloning belief critical to staging Antichrist

Two Plans Rise To Top: New towers, bedrock focus of WTC panel

Government Investigators Sting U.S. Border Guards

Moral Collapse Continues

Hitting the Hard Stuff on the Small Screen; Scripts are having actors and actresses hitting the booze like frat brothers at a homecoming game

Offensive T-Shirt Stirs Anger At U of L

Bank Apologizes For Altering Fifth-Grader's Artwork, In Removing Steeple and Cross From Award-Winning Art

City Council Bars Prayers To Jesus

Pro-Life Shirt Equated With Swastika

Physician Ordered To Pay Couple $295,000 For Not Catching Fact That Pre-Born Baby Had Down's Syndrome: Better to have killed the child in the womb?!


Religion And Science Collide In Texas: Professor refuses to write letter of recommendation for any student who doesn't believe in Evolution

Perhaps Professor Should Read "Biblical Basis For Modern Science"

Or, Profesor Could View: "Fraudulent Science of Dating Fossils and Rocks" Video

Clerk Thinks She Saw Laci Peterson in Longview, Washington: Woman asked clerk to report her as kidnapped

Energy Department Denounces Firings: Action against whistleblowers at Los Alamos ‘incomprehensible’

U.S. Food Programs 'Make The Poor Obese'

More South American Countries Issue ID Cards To Illegal Aliens In U.S.

AOL Officially The World's Biggest Financial Loser

InterNet Used To Tattle On Smokers: Tempe police add new tool to reduce bar violations

Weapons of Mass Destruction Handbook


January 30, 2003

Iraq War Buildup

Europe and America must stand united: Is Bush finally getting the support for which he has been seeking?

US enters 'final phase' of process before Iraq war

Saddam: Iraq Ready for U.S. Attack

Iraqi Recipe for Disaster?

Iraq: What Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Saddam: Iraq Ready for U.S. Attack

US Studying International Law To Determine Oil Field Rights In Event Of War With Iraq

The Curious Case of War, Assassination on the 33rd Parallel: Both Iraq and Armageddon On 33rd Parallel

Decision On Iraq Possible Next Week -- Weapons Data May Be Revealed

Pentagon's "Yoda" Holds Important Role

US Said To Be Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Nightmare Scenario: Iraq, Al Qaeda Linked

Inspector: Aluminum Tubes Could Be Modified for Nuke Program

AOL TW Posts Loss of Nearly $100 Billion

Pharmaceutical Plant Blows Up in North Carolina: "Whole Sky was black"

Glance at West Pharmaceutical Services Inc

In the Confusion, Some Thought Blast Was Terror

Japan 'Loses' 206kg of Plutonium, Enough To Make 25 Atomic Bombs: Is Japan signalling that she has nuclear weapons?

Judge Rules In Favor of Gun Maker: Says company not liable in death of Florida teacher

Park Ranger Cites Border Civilian Patrol Leader For Carrying Loaded Weapon

'Human Cloning' Lab Revealed

Cloned Cows Produce Higher Protein Milk

Iraq War Protest

Anti-war protesters announce Feb. 15 rally for `millions'

How War Protests Are Designed To Aid War Effort

White House Cancels Poetry Symposium Afraid Some Poets Might Issue Anti-War Poems

Fidel: U.S faces widespread opposition to a war against Iraq


'How fragile the earth looks from outer space,' Israel's first astronaut says

President gets the go ahead for post-election talks with political parties

New Knesset to have largest-ever number of women

Likud says Labor can be swayed to join government

IDF arrests Fatah leader allegedly involved in shooting attacks

Bush Proposes Complex Medicare Drug Benefit

Prophetic News Corner

Final Prophetic Countdown: Everything Is Falling Into Place!

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

Prince Charles: "Sustainable Prince" Awaits In The Wings

Antichrist And A Cup Of Tea

Treasury Secretary Nominee Likely to Get OK

Disruptive Airline Passenger Sets Fire To Seat

Top Secret Checks Required At Labs: Anthrax probe to put Army biologists' backgrounds under microscope

Five-Minute Laser Dose Clears Acne

January 29, 2003

Bush - State of the Union

Bush: Our Course of Action Does Not Depend Upon Others

81% Of Americans Polled Said Bush Has Same Priorities They Have: Speech gives major boost

Bush Promises 'Full Force' if There Is Iraq War

Key Points in Bush's State of the Union - Attacks Human Cloning

Nikkei Plunges After Bush Speech, Nears 19-yr Low

Bush Offers Stick to Iraq, Carrots to Americans

Democrats Attack State of the Union

Asia Reacts to State of the Union Speech

Top U.N. Inspectors Urge Iraq to Produce New Evidence Before Time Runs Out

The Curious Case of War, Assassination on the 33rd Parallel: Both Iraq and Armageddon On 33rd Parallel

Decision On Iraq Possible Next Week -- Weapons Data May Be Revealed

Pentagon's "Yoda" Holds Important Role

US Said To Be Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons

Pentagon's Casualty Count Scenarios

US Nerve Centre On Qatar Readies For War

Russia Adds To Pressure On Iraq

We Will 'Consult' U.N., Then Lead

Bush Pledges $15B AIDS Plan for Africa

Stocks Rise Amid Bargain-Hunting, Solid Earnings Reports

US Opposes Iraqi UN Disarmament Committee Presidency

Anti-War Movement Alive, Well, Kicking

Government Buys Its Own Anti-War Protest Movement!

Chavez Makes Gains in Venezuela Strike

Corporate America Silently Profits Big From Porn

Surveillance Society Coming

Smile! It's You-Better-Be-Candid Camera: May replace polygraph to determine lying

Nowhere To Hide: Iridium Satellites

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections

Boston Archdiocese To Close Several Schools

Hiring For Health Care Is Surging In Bay State

Fraud Science! Dating Fossils and Rocks

Russian Official: Anti-Terror Operation in Afghanistan Has Not Stemmed Flow of Illegal Drugs


Sharon Seeks Unity Government -- Masonic Lodge Over Jerusalem - Incredible plot to blow up Muslim holy places!

Sharon's Likud Party Wins Big in Israel

Sharon's Tough Quest For Unity

Secular Shinui Party Holds Key To Coalition: Labor, Religious Parties Go Down To Defeat

Two New Israeli Leaders Need to Wake up

Israel Kills 7 Palestinians

Some in Israel Say They Expect Little To Change

Japan 'Loses' 206kg of Plutonium, Enough To Make 25 Atomic Bombs: Is Japan signalling that she has nuclear weapons?

South Korean Envoy Heads Home Without Meeting With Kim Jong-Il

Prophetic News Corner

Final Prophetic Countdown: Everything Is Falling Into Place!

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

Prince Charles: "Sustainable Prince" Awaits In The Wings

Antichrist And A Cup Of Tea

Treasury Secretary Nominee Likely to Get OK

Disruptive Airline Passenger Sets Fire To Seat

Top Secret Checks Required At Labs: Anthrax probe to put Army biologists' backgrounds under microscope

Ethnic Fighting Kills 10 in Ivory Coast

U.S. Cybersecurity Czar to Resign

Pakistan Arrests 21 Suspected Militants

U.N.: War, Drought Devastates Afghanistan

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

Coming Great Thirst—That Astonishing Day

Microsoft Hit By "Slammer" Virus!

How The Net Leaves Itself Open To Attack

Microsoft To Work With Linux?

Kmart Gets Approval to Close 316 Stores, Borrow $2 Billion to Pursue Exit From Bankruptcy


January 28, 2003

Iraqi War - "Need A Miracle To Avoid War"

U.S. Moving Toward Military Showdown With Iraq

U.S. to Make Iraq Intelligence Public: Evidence of Weapons Concealment to Be Shared in Effort to Boost Support for War

Final Prophetic Countdown: Everything Is Falling Into Place!

Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

'Iraq appears not to have come to a genuine acceptance . . . the disarmament which was demanded' - Full Text of Blix Speech

Another Step Towards War: UK and US claim justification as Blix accuses Baghdad of lies, but UN inspectors get more time

Condemning Saddam -- So Much Weaponry "Missing"

Bush Sets His Military Three Conditions For Late February Offensive

Former President Bush Defends His And Son's Iraqi Policies

Iraq to chair Conference on Disarmament: How Do You Spell "Farce"?

US To Provide Jordan With Patriot Missile Shield

Australia: Iraq In 'Material Breach'

Anti-War Senator To Run Iraq-War Subcommittee? Selection compared to putting 'Germany and France' in charge

Circle of Intrigue -- World Government Nearly Here!

Iraq: "US Is Dreaming of Controlling The Whole World"

Economic Impact of War News

World Stock Markets Down Sharply

Shares Sag To 50% of Dotcom Peak

U.S. Blue-Chip Dow Tumbles Below 8,000 For First Time Since Oct. 15

Sales of Existing Homes Surge in December

Terror Before Invasion Begins?

20 Terror Commandos Unleashed On Europe: Al-Qaida plans attacks before U.S. invades Iraq

At Least 16 Injured In Bombing In Southern Philippines

US Troops In Largest Battle With Afghan Rebel Forces In 9 Months

Radical Cleric Banned From Returning to London Mosque

FBI 'Seeks 3,000 Missing Iraqis'

Frigid Temps Keep NYC/NJ Ferry Service On Ice

Teen's Web Browser Wows Top Geeks: Said to boost web surfing by 600%

Five-Minute Laser Dose Clears Acne

Docs Skip Work to Protest Insurance Costs

Nictoine-free Genetically Modified Tobacco To Offer Cigarettes That Do Not Cause Addiction

Deep Freeze Follows Snowfall

Drought Impact: West vs. East -- Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

25 Years Later: Hoosiers remember record blizzard

The Coming Great Thirst



Israel Goes To The Polls

Landslide Likud Victory Expected in Israeli Election: Right Wing Wins, Just As U.S. Last November

Unstoppable Sharon Marches Towards Victory

Thunder Over Zion Video—Illuminati Bloodlines and the Coming World Messiah

Israelis Set To Boost Sharon And His Right-Wing Likud Party

Surprises in Store for Israeli Voter - Mitzna, Sharon cast their votes for the 16th Knesset

Voter Turnout Lowest Ever So Far - Up to 24 percent at noon

Two Palestinians Killed In Jenin, French Photographer Wounded

Weekend Bloodbath 'Sharon Election Ploy'

Masonic Lodge Over Jerusalem

Soldiers Thwart Infiltration On Jewish Settlement In Southern Gaza Strip

"State of the Union" Speech Tonight

Bush Address Won't Include New Iraq Data

Democrats Set for Response to Bush Speech

Bush: How I Created The Axis of Evil

Bush To Ready US For War

Judge Rules In Favor of Gun Maker: Says company not liable in death of Florida teacher

Park Ranger Cites Border Civilian Patrol Leader For Carrying Loaded Weapon

'Human Cloning' Lab Revealed

Cloned Cows Produce Higher Protein Milk

Space At Triple Speed: Nuclear Engines Considered

Net Virus 'Was Preventable'

'Slammer' Worm Cools Down a Bit

Moral Collapse Continues

Police: Dismemberment Had 'Sopranos' Inspiration

Teacher Back In Jail On Allegations She Was At Boy's Home: Bail-jumping charge added to those accusing her of sexually assaulting student

Coed Swim-Team Ritual Ended After Outcry

Presbyterians Won't Debate Gay Clergy: Denomination may be headed for 'disintegration'

Fraud Science! Dating Fossils and Rocks

Liver Recipient Receives Nut Allergy From Transplant

Put Those Glasses Away for Good: Promising new techniques could restore your youthful vision

A Cancer Pill Whose Time Has Come

What to Do About Nasty Boo-Boos -- Smart Bandages!


January 27, 2003

U.N. - Judgment Day Today

For Members on the Fence, Inspectors' Report to Security Council Could Make All the Difference

US Dubious That Inspectors' Report Will Be Productive

War and Consequences -- "Dove" Powell Has Now Grown Eagle's Claws!

U.S. Ready To Act Alone, Powell Says: Secretary of State indicates it's useless to give inspectors more time

Just the Facts: Bush wakes every morning, wondering, "I wonder if this is the day Saddam will do it"

800 Missiles To Hit Iraq In First 48 Hours: "Unprecedented Warfare" foretells the 2,500-year-old prophecy

Bush Will Agree To Extend UN Inspectors For Few Weeks To Give US Troops More Time To Get Into Position

Israeli Commandos Part of Elite Force Searching For Saddam

Marine Given Delay In Deployment Until He Sings On "America Idol"

Attack On Iraq Will Put Ancient Sites At Risk

War Is Not Justified, EU Chief Tells US and Britain

Pentagon Advisor: France's Anti-US Position On Iraq Stems From Need To Protect Oil Contracts

State of the Union to Emphasize Iraq, Economy

Nuclear Bombs To Be Used?

Pentagon Considers Mass Graves For Troops: Option would fight contamination after bio-terror deaths

American, British Soldiers to Go Home in 'Plastic Bags' Should Iraq Be Invaded

U.S. Prepares For Possible Use of Nukes In Iraq, Expert Says

Mushroom Clouds Foretold In Middle East At End of the Age

"Final Countdown" Shows Prophecy All Set In Place Now For First Time In World History

Why Not Implant a Microchip?

India - Pakistan

India Warns Pakistan That It Would Be `Erased From Map' If It Uses Nukes

India On High Alert Ahead of Republic Day

India, Pakistan Further Sharpen Nuke Swords

Dating Fossils and Rocks Video: At last, scientific facts a layman can understand

Tornado Strikes Near Limassol Port In Cyprus; Injuries Reported

Loyalists in Ivory Coast Riot Over Deal

Terror Attack Warnings

CDC To Monitor Health Data of People In Eight Major Cities

US Warns That Bioterror Attack Is Inevitable

The CIA's Secret Army -- CIA/FBI Secret Army & Police

Big Brother Getting Bigger: President presides over burgeoning government

Bio-Chem Suits Found In London Mosque: Discovery confirms Scotland Yard's worst fears of massive attack planned

FBI Orders Agents: Count the Mosques

Chicago-Area Muslim Banned From America


Final Polls Show Likud, Right-Wing Heading For Victory

Israel "Locks Down" West Bank, Gaza Strip Ahead of National Elections -- Significance of "locking down" capability

Shots Fired At Arab Knesset Candidate

Hamas, Jihad Rejected Egyptian Cease-Fire Plan

Work On Security Fence In Gilboa Area Finally Begins

Slammer Internet Virus

Personal Computers Not At Risk - Internet Recovers

Officials Investigating Whether Sapphire Worm Originated In Hong Kong

'Slammer' Worm Could Pick Up Steam Monday: New vulnerabilities might arise as businesses boot up

Cloned Cows 'Can Make Own Cheese'

Time For Public Schools To Throw In The Towel? Education now so bad, so inaccurate, it threatens life of the nation

"Brave New Schools" - The Planned Disaster

Hip-Hop Hogwash In The Schools

Super Bowl Disaster

Tear Gas, Vandalism Explode In Oakland Streets

Super Bowl Ads Stick With Humor: Osbourne had a nightmare that his children had turned into Donny and Marie Osmond

Osbourne's Friend In The White House

Ex-presidents About To Collect Raises

Budget Crises Worsen In Almost Every State - Graphic


January 26, 2003

Nuclear War In Iraq?

U.S. Prepares For Possible Use of Nukes In Iraq, Expert Says

Mushroom Clouds Foretold In Middle East At End of the Age!

Pentagon Considers Mass Graves For Troops: Option would fight contamination after bio-terror deaths

"Final Countdown" In Bible Prophecy Has Finally Begun!

Turkey, Jordan Are (Partway) Back on Track: Essential elements of US attack plan are back in place

US To Seize Iraqi Oil Fields -- Map of Oil Fields

U.S. Military Considers Limits on Role of the Reserve Forces: Unhappy with way mass callup has gone

US Opens Way For Iraq War To Be Fought At Night So Summer War May Be Waged

Window For Iraq War Widening: U.S. forces need time to assemble -- February date hinted on war decision

Top Turkish Politician: US Troops In Northern, Southern Iraq

Hezbollah Warns America About Attacking Iraq

Mubarak Travels To Gulf To Forestall US Attack On Iraq

All Arab Nations In Middle East Know That US "Regime Change" Will Be Applied To Them Once Iraq Is Conquered

Powell: World Must Act to Disarm Iraq -- Anti-War Protestors Confront Powell At World Economic Forum

Iraq Looms Large for Wall Street

Three Scientists Refuse Interviews; Two Separate Scares at U.N. Compound

State Dept. Issues Warning to Americans Abroad: Considered normal action to take prior to outbreak of hostilities

Bush Speech To Focus On Iraq -- Will Speak To Economy

Flying Into Exile? -- Saddam Will NOT Go Into Exile! War Is Declared Certain!!

"Human Shields" Leave Britain For Iraq On Overland Route


U.S. U-2 Spy Plane Crashes in S. Korea

Korean Vets, Wary of North, Are Voices of Past: New Generation's Shorter Memories Altering Relations

North Korea Demands Crisis Talks with Washington

U.S. Signals It Won't Seek Sanctions Against N. Korea -- North Korea had warned that sanctions would mean war

White House Launches Super Bowl Anti-Drug Ads

Judge Has Upheld Murder Charges Against Woman Accused of Killing The Fetus of A Romantic Rival

Montgomery County Police Chief Moose to Announce Book Deal About Beltway Sniper Case

Death by Islam

Nigerian Woman Appeals Islamic Sentence of "Death by Stoning" for Bearing Child Out of Wedlock

Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection

Behind The Veil of Islam

"Demons In The Smoke" -- Excellent Comparison of Biblical Christianity and Islam

Huge Fraud of Dating Fossils and Rocks Revealed!! Video

'Dead' Man Shocks Family by Sitting Up, Asking For A Drink

R&B Singer R. Kelly Will Still Release Children's Book Even Though He Has Been Twice Charged With Child Porn

Greek Officials Accused Over Mass Poisoning of Stray Animals, As They Prepare For Olympic Games

How To Sell Size XXXL: With more Americans overweight, smart firms aim to sell them things to make their lives more comfy

U.S. Pension Agency Loses $8 Billion

College Credit for Multiple-Choice Tests? Decline in Public School Eduction Encouraged and Perpetuated

Martha's Offering Up Serving of Humble Pie To Avoid Prosecution

KMart Reports Evidence of Wrongdoing


"Sapphire" or "SQL Slammer" Virus Attacks Internet!

Computer Worm Slows Net, Grounds S.Korean Surfers

Internet Storm Center -- CERT® Advisory -- Symantec

Bank of America ATMs Disrupted by Virus

New Worm Exploiting Microsoft Hole

Massive Internet Outage Was Preventable


Hamas Says It Developed New Anti-tank Rocket

Full Closure Imposed On Territories Until After Elections

Troops Move Into Gaza Town Looking For Rocket Launchers -- 12 Palestinians Killed

Israel Considering Reoccupying Gaza Strip

Sharon Advisor In Moscow For Strategic Talks

Booby-Trapped Donkey Explodes Near Bus South of Jerusalem

Convicted Spy Currently Acting As Advisor To Elite IDF Unit

French Prime Minister Reaffirms Friendship Toward Israel, Commitment To Fight Anti-Semitism

Global Terrorism

Focus on Great Britain

Chemical Warfare Suits Found In Raid On London Mosque

British Police Officers Are To Be Told Not To Challenge Or Intervene With Suicide Terrorists!!

Hunt For 1,200 Britons Who Trained With al-Qa'eda

Focus on United States

Reserve Call May Weaken Security -- To lose upwards of 75,000 experienced firefighters, 10 percent of State Troopers

Meet The U.S. Congress' Dirty Dozen Terror Caucus: At least 12 members of House, Senate provide aid, comfort

Ridge Faces Early Test of Power as Head of Homeland Security

Ridge Becomes First Homeland Security Secretary

Sen. Hillary Clinton Blasts Homeland Security Efforts

Students ‘Duke It Out’ With Controversial Speaker Who Is Convicted Terrorist!

Serena: Don't Sit On U.S. Flag!

Super Bowl XXXVII

Fun Rules In Week Before Super Bowl Game

Super Bowl XXXVII Full Coverage

"Sum of All Fears" Spreading Fear Amongst The People

Liberal Church Apostasy

The Rise and Fall of the Religious Right

God Wrote a Book: Defense of the Bible In These Turbulent Times

Exposing The Errors of Bill Gothard and the Christian Life Book

God Has Been Impeding Global Governance! Prophetic Implications

Arkansas Teen Turns in NYC Pupil for Threats To Create Columbine Style School Massacre

Billy Joel Stable After L.I. Car Crash

London Subway Train Smashed Against A tunnel Wall Before Mounting A Platform Injuring 32

World Economic Forum

Violence Flares After Davos Protest

Plan Calls For Organizing Protestors At All Major Illuminati Events: "Wealthy are buying themselves a revolution!

Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

Venezuelan Opposition Holds 'Longest Protest In History': Tens of thousands march demanding Chavez's resignation

Is It High Noon for Eight O'Clock Coffee?

Colorado County Debates Guns in Workplace

Brain Cancer Patient Sues Over Arrest At Walgreens



January 25, 2003

Breaking News

U.S. Prepares For Possible Use of Nukes In Iraq, Expert Says

Window For Iraq War Widening: U.S. forces need time to assemble

Building To War While Talking Conciliation

State Dept. Issues Warning "Warden's Message" to Americans Abroad: "Be prepared to depart the country if needed"

More Americans Support 'Going It Alone': British special ambassadors meeting might signal that U.S. will have to attack Iraq alone

Iraq Faces Massive U.S. Missile Barrage: 300-400 Cruise Missiles\

Military To Seize Iraqi Oil Fields

White House Could Extend Weapons Inspections

Hackworth: An 'Army of Many' Can't Hack It

Man Enters U.N. Baghdad Compound Shouting "Save Me"

Bush Speech To Focus On Iraq: Will neither 'declare war' or provide direct proof of Iraq's weapons violations

U.S. Counts on Support from a Dozen Countries - Powell

Stocks Tumble Amid War, Profit Jitters

Analysis: US And Europe Like Jilted Lovers

U.S. Slams Iraqi 'Intimidation' of Its Key Scientists

Iraq to Get Good Grade by Nuke Inspectors: Want more time to complete their inspections

Shots Fired At US Military Convoy In Kuwait, No Injuries Reported

2 of 5 Gulf War Vets On Disability 209,000 Make VA claims, 161,000 Getting Payments -- Sarin Cause Of Gulf Syndrome?

Military Contractors Report Boost From Pentagon Spending

Roman Catholicism

Catholic Bishops Blocked Bankruptcy Idea

Bishops' Appointee Supports Depositions

Pope Pius IX "Solved" Priestly Celibacy Problem

Vicious Virus Unleashed On Internet: "Not debilitating", Under Control By Virus Protection Services

Teenager Listened to Eminem After Brutal Murder

Former Rocker Reveals Truth About Rock, Pop, and Current Music In Most Revealing Expose' Ever!

Cut-Price Harry Potter and The Vanishing Profits

IMF Approves Argentina Loan: Troubled Leftist South American country to receive $6.78 billion

Troubled Kmart Files Reorganization Plan

Light Planes Collide Over Denver: 3 people killed, wreckage hits homes, school, setting 25 buildings on fire

Laughing Scientists Show How To Make A UFO: SOHO team responds to claims of alien craft

Porn Strategy: Share and Snare

Homeland Security

Ridge Becomes First Homeland Security Secretary

Agencies Being Transferred to Homeland Security

Both Parties Wary of Citizen Data Mining -- True Occult Face of Homeland Security Made Quite Evident

On 9/11, Was United Flight 93 Shot Down By U.S. Fighter? New report revisits nagging question of what really happened to doomed jet

Connecticut Prepares to Fight Smallpox

Hillary Assails Bush On Homeland Security Readiness 'Myth'

Global Jihad

Sunni Muslims: Having Modern Nukes 'A Religious Obligation'

German Security Chief: Al -Qaida Leaders Communicating Again

FBI Searches for Iraqi Spies in U.S.: As many as 50,000 Iraqis!

Raids On al-Qa'eda Thwart Chemical Attacks

Muslims At 'Lowest Point' In Development

Imam 'Instructed British Muslims To Kill Infidels'

New York Times Runs Ad For Terrorists: Times' plug included photos of 6 alleged congressional supporters

British Journalist Kidnapped by Colombian Rebels

INS Kicks Off 'Operation Game Day': Agents arrest dozens in security sweep tied to Super Bowl

More Checks on U.S. Travelers


Israel Will Be Key Part of World War III

Hamas Leader Says Palestinian Authority Doesn't Try To Stop Attacks On Israelis

IDF Ends Overnight Operations In The Gaza Strip

Retaliating For Rockets Launched Into Israel, IDF Bombs Bridges In Gaza

Tombstone For Remains of Holocaust Victims To Be Consecrated In London

OC Central Command: Palestinians who ambushed soldiers were aiming at civilian car

Troops Kill Two Terrorists North of Nablus

Backing for Germany's Schröder's Party Slides To Historic Low

Planned Parenthood Probe: Pro-life group's investigation of rape concealment admitted in court

Is The "Housing Bubble" Ready To Burst? "Keep your powder dry" in times of uncertainty

Cold Holding Its Grip On The South

Bitter Cold in Florida Keeps Citrus Growers on Edge

Clonaid Says New Clone From Dead Baby

Kasparov, Computer Talk Chess Match: Trying to prove humans are not "helpless" in match with computer

New York Police: Crooks Ripping off Easier-to-Rob Banks



January 24, 2003

Iraq War News

Message From Bush Camp: 'It's war within weeks'

US: Iraq's Time Is Running Out -- Predator or Prey?

"Blood In The Streets": Perfect Blueprint For Destruction of Iraq First, Then All Muslims

U.S. Voices Hope for Consensus on Iraq, Europeans Stiffen Resistance

Iraq Says Scientists Demanded Gov't Officials Attend U.N. Interviews

Iraq 'Preparing For Chemical War' -- Kuwait Waits

Iraq's Neighbors Meet In Turkey In Attempt To Stop War: Or, are they meeting to coordinate "aysemmetrical", coordinated response to U.S. attack?

Rumsfeld Not Speaking Softly -- It's time to act

Col. Hackworth Fears Army Troops Not Prepared For Ground Combat

Iraq: Invading a Toxic Kill Zone -- We absolutely can't back down

Interactive Iraq Map To Keep Track of Events

Foreign Baghdad Embassies Closing In Weeks: All foreign diplomats expected to leave by Feb. 15 -- Huge War Sign!

Collateral Chaos? Air Force Report Expects Numerous Civilian Deaths -- Just as 2,500 Year-Old Iraq Prophecy Predicts

Iraq Attack Is NOT Over "Big Oil"!

US Says It Can Prove Iraq Has Banned Weapons

Terror Fear Ratchets Upward!

Plot to Poison Food of British Troops With Ricin: No Cure for Ricin

"Sum of All Fears" Spreading Fear Amongst The People

Congress Briefed on Iraq's Links to Al Qaeda

Senate Blocks Funding for Pentagon Citizen Spying Database

Italian Police Foil Muslim Terrorist Attack On London -- Italy links arrests to terrorism

Airliner Missile Attack No Longer Unthinkable

Wife of CNN Host Arrested For Having Gun In Airport

When Politicians Support Terrorism

CRISIS IN VENEZUELA -- Leftist Chavez Arming Supporters To Invade Homes

Dear Ozzy Osbourne -- A Couple of Years in the Military Would Really Have Helped You Out!

Ozzy's White House -- Bush's "Headbanger's Ball"

Former U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter: Timing of Arrest Reports Suspicious, Coming Just Days After He Called For Impeachment of Bush Over Iraq Policy

Baghdad Pressuring Ritter? Wolfowitz says Baghdad has history of blackmailing weapons inspectors

Still Taking Casualties From Gulf War I

Leukemia, Agent Orange Link Shown In Vietnam Vets

Most Media Ignoring 160,000 U.S. Casualties

Don’t Ignore Health Risks of a Gulf War II

Extreme Birth Abnormalities Tied To 1991 Iraq War

Marine Copters Crash, Killing 4, As They Help Border Patrol In Drug Chase

The State of the Borders 2003

Maryland Gov. Prepares to Reinstate Death Penalty

Bishop Challenges California's Davis On Abortion: 'Oppose it or stop taking Holy Communion,' governor told

Prior To Roe vs Wade, Catholic Church A Skilled Provider of Abortion!

Study: Abortion Pill Under Attack

Microsoft Requests Java Delay



Roman Catholic Sex Abuse News

Catholic Bishops' Independent Watchdog Meets With Boston Church Officials: To review new national sex abuse reporting policy

Pope Pius IX "Solved" Sex Abuse Brought About By Celibacy In 1866! Setting up "Priest's Substitute For Marriage" Secret Society

Priest May Have Taken Collection For "Hush Money" To Buy Silence of Pair Threatening To Expose His "Sexual Indiscretions"

Catholic Bishop Considered Sexual Assault by Priest A "Sin", Not A Crime

Newly Released Documents Name More Abusive Priests

Pope Wants EU To Call Itself Christian -- E.U. Is "Revived Roman Empire"!

Will Antichrist Soon Be Coming From The E.U.?

Middle East -- Israel

Jerusalem in Prophecy

Three Soldiers Slain By Ambush In Hebron Hills

Troops Kill Two Terrorists North of Nablus

Kassam Rockets Send Sderot Children Into Underground Shelters

IDF Damages Anglican Chapel During Raid Into Gaza

INTERESTING TIMES: This year will be Israel's best yet

Coming Last Days Temple

Britain's Lord Levy Visits Palestinian Authority, Stirs Anger In Israel -- Attempting "Even-Handed" Policy So Desired by Prince Charles!

Rejecting False Realities: Key to national survival

Interactively Tour Israel: CDROM Plus Book will help you keep track of coming war and terrorism events in Israel

Violence Surges Days Before Israeli Election

Quality of Life: "Living Life Unworthy of Life"

Medical Examiner: Nursing home deaths weren't natural

New Genocide of Handicapped and Afflicted People IS Occurring Right Now In Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospice Centers!

Winter Blast Hits 2/3 of U.S.

Winter Blast: Freezing Temps Gripping Ihe South

Winter Blast: Rare Snow Hits North Carolina's Outer Banks

Snowfall's Volume Surprise: Area braces for icy roads today In South Carolina

Winter Blast: Midwest in a deep freeze

Winter Blast: Chill Map

Environmental "Sustainability" Being Pushed As Responsible For This Kind of Weird Weather

Prince Charles: The "Sustainable" Prince

Parents Shocked After Scout Camp Features Nazis Chasing Jews

McDonald's Plans More Closings, Causing Bigger Loss

Strong Tech Earnings Help Stocks

Amazon Posts Second-Ever Quarterly Profit, Raises Outlook

Super Bowl Ads -- Starring You

How I Joined "Teach for America" —and Got Sued for $20 Million

United Nations: Not the Organization People Think It Is!

Harry Potter News

Top Security Over Release of New Harry Potter Book

Harry Potter Video - Politically Correct Paganism

Harry Potter and the Bible

Pokemon and Harry Potter: A Fatal Attraction


January 23, 2003

Middle East -- Iraq

Timed To Coincide With Smallpox Vaccines?

Bush: U.S. Prepared To Go To War -- E-Bomb: Ultimate Military (and Terrorist) Weapon

War Deployment News

Brits May Not Be With U.S. on Iraq -- Analysis: Will U.S. Be Attacking Iraq Alone?

Britain’s Anti-Americanism?

Building Toward 350,000 Men In Mid-East -- Use Predators to Protect Our Warships

France, Germany Resist Iraq War Calls -- Powell Doubts French Are Serious About Ridding Iraq of WMD

Don't waver, Bush warns France and Germany: "Will be held to account"

Bush: U.N. Inspectors Have Failed, Iraqis Face "Severe Consequences"

Iraq's Neighbors Meet In Istanbul To Discuss Ways of Averting a US-led War: Many of these nations are on U.S. Terrorist "Hit List"

India and Iraq Connection Revealed

Rumsfeld Seeks To Cut Three Top Posts: Advocates of our 900,000 reserve and special forces may protest greatly

'Civilianization' Ruining Reserves

U.S. Denies Iraq Downed Unmanned Plane

US Begins Secret Talks To Secure Iraq's Oilfields: Fears that wells will be torched if regime falls -- War not about Oil, but Antichrist!

"Our Present Civilization Has To Die"!

Honor Guardsman Is Fired For This Blessing: "God bless you and this family, and God bless the United States of America"

From the Field: Not Ready For War - Recruits Lacking Discipline

Two Copters Taking Part in Drug Case Crash Along Texas-Mexico Border: Four Marines on Board Dead

Middle East -- Israel

Latest Polls Show Labor Dip To 18, 19 Seats -- Poll shows sixteen percent of voters undecided

Security Forces Remain On High Alert

IDF Sappers Detonate Explosive Device

Wartime Information Apparatus - Censorship - Approved

Police: Soldiers Sold Sizable Amount of Weapons To PA

Economic News

Gold at Highest Level in Nearly Six Years on Iraq Tensions

Slump In Credit Industry Prompts Zero Percent Offers

Dow, S&P Give Back Their Gains for the Year

Will Dividend Tax Relief Spur Economy?

Kodak To Cut Jobs Again As More Buyers Go Digital

Texas Instruments Posts Loss but Beats Expectations

Chain Store Sales Up a Notch

American-Made Mystery: Speech Backdrop Snafu Had White House Thinking Out of the Box

Microsoft Loses Showdown In Houston

Offers of Aid To Quake-Stricken Mexico

Rethinking Citizenship: Many illegals enter U.S. just to give birth so baby would be "native-born" citizen

Ophthalmologists Getting a Closer Look at the Human Eye

Children Sold 'Harry Potter' Ecstasy Pills

Shuttle Astronauts Tend to Roses in Orbit

Labs Increasingly Caught Faking Environmental Tests

Smallpox Vaccine Deliveries

Timed To Coincide With Iraq Attack?

U.S. Starts Shipping Smallpox Vaccine To States: This part of the plan is now setting in place, timing with our Iraq attack

Pentagon Plans For Smallpox Outbreak

Outbreak Would Provide Excuse To Clamp Down Martial Law, Quarantine Entire Cities!

"Divine" Revelations Versus Smallpox Vaccinations: "Sheeple" about to be sheared!

Korean Peninsula

No Plan To Build Nukes: North Korea -- But, CIA report reveals secret Pak-N Korea Nuke-pact!!

South Korea Pushes North Korea For Commitment To End Nuclear Activities

North Korea Crisis Might Go To U.N. Security Council

U.S. To Seek U.N. Sanctions On N. Korea -- U.N. Official: N. Korea Will Regard U.N. Sanctions as 'Act of War'

Russia Against N. Korea Issue In U.N.

U.S. Getting Police State Together

Timed To Iraq Attack?

New Homeland Security Department to Open Friday, 1/24/03

Hideous, Occult Face of Homeland Security

Barcodes 'Stop Baby Mix-Ups'

World Economic Forum

World Leaders Meet In Climate Of Crisis

Staging Own Protests Against World Meetings

Lisa Marie Presley Sings For Scientology

Abortion Shocker

Feminists Discuss "Roasting, Eating Babies" From Their Own Abortions: True Sign of Practice and Attitude of Satanism

Activists Rally on Abortion Rights Anniversary

Rush Limbaugh: Abortions Kill Liberal Causes

A Tough Roe: Will Democratic Party be abortion's final victim?

Abortion Wars: 30 years after Roe v. Wade

Women Having Earlier Abortions; 'Morning-After' Pill Use Rises

Bush Aide Rove Foresees Ban On Cloning, Late-Term Abortion

Super Bowl Ad Lineup Shuffled: Out with the new, back with the old

Selling Your Soul For Fame, Fortune

R& B Singer Kelly Arrested In Florida On Kiddie-Porn Charges: Awaiting trial in Chicago for charges he had sex with 13-Year-Old Girl

Ever Wonder Why Singers Seem To Always Be Active In Illicit Sexual Activity?

Texas Suit Targets 100 Companies Tied To Slave Trade

Court Dismisses Claims of Slave Laborers

Obesity Suit Against McDonald's Dismissed

ACLU Sues Klein School On Behalf of Lesbian Student

Parents Press School Board To Cancel Sex Survey

Picture Book For Children Has A Gay Theme

Nasa To Go Nuclear In Future Explorations

In Tit-for-Tat Expulsions, Pakistan Orders Four Indian Officials to Leave



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