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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Friday, January 9, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

8 Soldiers Die When Helicopter Goes Down in Iraq

Big U.S. Cargo Jet, Hit by Groundfire, Lands Safely in Iraq

Military movement largest in decades: U.S. troops turn over in Afghanistan, Iraq

Powell admits he saw no hard proof of Iraq terror link: Still defends justification for war

U.N. Chief to Meet With U.S. Ambassador to Discuss World Body's Role in Iraq

U.S. military deaths in Iraq approach 500

Global Jihad

Probe finds no terrorists on Air France flight

Interrogation, Torture, the Constitution, and the Courts: Bush - Ashcroft argue right to torture prisoners without Judicial review

U.S. Reportedly Will Release British Detainees Only if They Are Prevented From Terrorist Activity

Libya Signs Deal for $170 Million for 1989 French Passenger Jet Terrorist Bombing

Bush to Announce Missions to Mars, Moon


Palestinian leader warns of push for single nation

Powell rejects Palestinian Qurei's 'bi-national' threat

Terrorist Group Hamas plays down Yassin peace offer'

Syria negotiations' pressure mounting on Sharon

15 Palestinians arrested in Jenin

Libya: "Israel totally lacks diplomatic ethics"


Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea Hints It Won't Follow Libya's Model of Renouncing Weapons of Mass Destruction

South Korean farmers force vote delay on free-trade pact


Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran's foreign minister welcomes resumption of ties with US


Wednesday, January 7, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Global Terror

'Dirty Bomb' Was Major New Year's Worry: Washington, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Baltimore were cities of concern

Third Communique from 'Islamic Bayan Movement' Warns of an Upcoming Terrorist Attack: 'We Are Capable of Destroying an American City'

Al Qaeda Plans to Bomb London Flights

US demands airline passengers to be banned from queuing for the toilet

US exports its security problem - Flight experts urge crackdown on ‘untrustworthy’ planes - Airlines find detours around restrictions

Gov't Seeks Secrecy for Supreme Court Filing In Case of Immigrant's Challenge of His Treatment After Sept. 11 Terror Attacks: Accused is joined by 20 journalism organizations and media companies

U.S. May Be Ready to Lower Terror Alert Level

False Alarm Shuts Down Concourses at Airport

Visitors' Reactions Vary on New Tracking Program

Jacket wires cause woman's removal from flight

Masquerading as 'mainstream': How extremist Muslims intimidate press, true moderates into silence

Court to FBI: No spying on in-car computers

Iran funds Jihad via Damascus

US, Kenya Train Together to Combat Terrorism

Taped Voice Is Bin Laden's, British Officials Say

Supreme Court rejects Bali bomber appeal: Indonesian Official

Prime Minster Blair: Announcement Soon on Guantanamo Britons

Brazil introduces 'US-style' terror rules

Rio de Janeiro plans to sue over Brazil's new practice of fingerprinting U.S. visitors

Non-Integrating States News - Korean Peninsula

North Korea offers 'bold' concession on nuclear crisis

U.S. Reactions Mixed on North Korean Gesture

North Korea Invitations Not Thought Linked to Latest Nuke Offer

South Korea sees better atmosphere for North talks

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US considers Syrian peace overtures

Syria's Assad given weapons ultimatum: Must give up its WMD even if Israel keeps hers

Syria has no WMDs - Arab League

Israeli Government unconcerned by Assad's historic visit to Turkey

Iran, Egypt to resume full diplomatic ties

Jerusalem sees benefits from Egypt-Iran ties

Egyptian Christian Killed in Army Attack on Christian Center

Children among dead in Afghan bomb attack

Aceh rebels willing to release 80 hostages in return for two-day ceasefire with Indonesia

Gold may soon be Zimbabwe's only legal tender

Blair: I'll take Britain into euro by 2007

Diana Names Charles in 'Plot' Against Her

British Royals hurt over 'absurd' Di death probe

Lady Di inquest scrambles black helicopter brigade

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

British MoD pays out for Iraqi civilian deaths

US troops arrest 42 resistance fighters around Baghdad

Iraq police fire on soldier protest

Coalition to free hundreds of Iraqi detainees

$13,000 bonus offer for US troops if they would extend Iraq tour

Marines to soften image in Iraq

Iran 'Ready to Play Role in Restoring Iraq'

UK soldiers kicked Iraqi prisoner to death

U.S. shows video of GIs' raid on mosque

Group cites Iraq war for surge in journalist killings in 2003

Baker set for Saudi talks on Iraq debts

NATO's transformation - moving from 'uselessness' to usability

Whole lotta shakin' going on in 2004: Seismologists alarmed by rash of quakes rattling around globe

Credit-card implant provokes criticism

Mad Cow News

DNA tests confirm infected animal came from Canada

Mad cow triggers slaughter

Junk Science: Still No Beef to Mad Cow Mania

Wendy's, Yum Sales Rise in December Despite Mad Cow Case

Restaurant stocks recover from beef fears

Digital Angel soars on cattle worries: Sells microchips that can identify, monitor and track people and animals

Remembering England's Herd Slaughter

Archives: "Foot-and-Mouth" Herd Slaughter In Britain As Absolute Unreasonable Panic Set In

Archives: British Government Seemed Guided By Terrible Vision of Jeremy Rifkin: Extreme Environmentalist Who Wants To Destroy Practice of Eating Beef Through Contrived Crisis

Archives: "Foot-and-Mouth" - Weapons of Mass Destraction - ""The threat of environmental crisis will be the 'international disaster key' that will unlock the New World Order"

Archives: The Planned Destruction of Our High Entropy Civilization


Israel, Palestinians moving further apart: Diplomatically and Physically

Arafat's Fatah 'ready with 5,000 bombers' to strike Israel

Israel reportedly holding talks with Libya

Sixty outposts to be dismantled

EU suspends seminar on anti-Semitism

IDF: Those who try to damage security fence may be shot

Criminals trying to infiltrate Isralie police

Architects of the Geneva Accord trying to creep back into the limelight

Road map 'bad recipe for all,' says Halevy: Former Member of Mossad

Large Concete Cinderblocks are Called "Stones": Media lying to public

Palestinians continue mortar attack on Israeli communities

Dividing The Land of Israel

Sharon chooses the world over God: Both routes would lead to a sovereign Palestinian state rising on Israel's ancient heartland

God Threatens End Times Judgment On Those Who Would "Divide the Land" of Israel

Is this the year? Israel moving toward an earthshaking date with destiny

MK Eichler: Israel Already Has Non-Jewish Majority

Israeli Cabinet Decision Bends Before American Dictates

Christians Supporting Israel

Israeli Lawmaker Announces New Christian Caucus in Knesset

Bush-Sharon Cleverly Leading Evangelical Christians To Support Current Illuminist Israeli Government

Objecting Australian Pharmacists Refuse to Sell 'Morning-After Pill'

Vegas drying up; is Phoenix safe?

Flu season still hasn't reached peak, CDC warns

Moral Collapse

11-Year-Old Girl allegedly sold heroin while in school uniform

77-Year-Old Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner woos Britney Spears as his girlfriend

Breaking Away From Broomsticks: Can a New Ad Campaign Exorcise Salem’s Witchy Reputation?

Christian fired for 'anti-gay' Bible verses: Federal Court upheld firing

Kwanzaa put on par with other 'religions': White House Press Secretary McClellan defends President Bush honoring invented holiday

Dollar May Fall: Belgian Minister Says Euro Rise Not a Problem

Biggest, Brightest Star Yet Puzzles Astronomers: 150 times heavier than our Sun

Yellowstone Update

Scientists closely monitoring Yellowstone: Recent eruptions, 200 degree ground temperatures, bulging magma and 84 degree water temperatures prompt heightened srutiny of park's geothermal activity

Archives: Yellowstone Super Volcano May Be In Early Stages of Eruption


Tuesday, January 6, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Syria Admits Possessing WMD!

Syria's Assad: Syria entitled to possess WMD

We won't scrap WMD stockpile unless Israel does, says Assad

A senior Syrian journalist reports Iraq’s WMD located in three Syrian sites

Assad makes first state visit to Turkey

The Great Restructuring: Syria and Turkey

The truth about WMD lies beyond Hutton Inquiry

'Father of the euro' calls for global currency

Terror Goes Global!

More flights grounded as terror grips globe

Al-Jazeera broadcasts purported bin Laden audiotape

Brazil introduces 'US-style' terror rules

RUPPERT: The US Needs Another 911 In 2004

Terror Alert Remains High As Holiday Ends: "Threat level" remains Orange

Foreigners Give U.S. the Finger

Suspicious Object Shuts Down Portland, Oregon, International Airport

Letter Bombs Sent to Three EU Lawmakers

Too Soon to Dismiss Terror as Cause of Egyptian Air Disaster -- Search for bodies, black box goes on in Red Sea

French Divers Find Egypt Crash Flight Recorder

France: In the Danger Zone

Will George Orwell's 1984 Become A Reality In 2004? Gen. Tommy Franks, warns that constitutional government could be subject to a sudden demise if another major terrorist attack took place in America

Terror alert delays another flight from London to D.C.

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghans OK constitution: New charter creates a strong presidency, offers basis for peace

British general may become UN's man in Afghanistan

India, Pakistan to Begin Peace Dialogue: Giant Leap for Peace?

Grateful Blair ready to meet Libya's Gadafy - US keeps sanctions against Libya in place

Mbeki's mistake: South African president indirectly signalled approval of fascist regime in Haiti when he attended 200th anniversary celebrations

Iran asks Egypt to restore full diplomatic ties: Says full ties will aid Palestinian cause

Sadat assassin street name asked to be changed in order to facilitate full diplomatic ties between Iran and Egypt

Saudi Reformists demand that Saudi royal system be changed to a constitutional monarchy


Bush to Propose Immigration Law Changes: Changes to appeal to Hispanic voters in Fall election

Tabloid names royal in Di death plot claim

'Diana was pregnant at the time of her death'

Charles wants me dead: Diana letter

No end in sight to dollar's descent: Federal Reserve's insistence on rock-bottom interest rates triggers currency rout

Battle against SARS becoming complex: Expert

China confirms SARS case, begins civet cat cull

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea wants reward for freezing nuclear program

China, Russia favor early second round of North Korean talks

Russia says North Korea nuclear talks facing further delays

U.S. Rules Out Giving North Korea Incentives to Come to Talks

Taiwan referendum law signed: A controversial law which allows the island to hold referendums

US drawn into Taiwan-China dance

Will Your Computer Get Under Your Skin?

Bushite betrayal of working America

Bush's budgets vex conservatives: New plan awaited after spending has grown 23.7 percent in 3 years

Mars Rovers Probe Water's Wonders


Mad Cow Slaughter Begins

450 Calves Face Slaughter Over Mad Cow Case

No-meat advocates careful in response: Mad cow isn't impetus to recruit, many argue

US envoys bid to ease BSE fears

US farmers count on home market
: If the export ban remains, the US cattle industry stands to lose around four billion dollars a year

Indonesian Government asks for calm despite mad cow fears

Mad cow weighs down a $175 billion industry

Bush Grabs New Power for FBI: "Wired News" confirms Cutting Edge December analysis!

Original Cutting Edge Article In Mid-December: While People of the World Were Enthralled By Saddam's Capture, President Bush Was Quietly Signing Into Law The Most Dictatorial Powers Act In American History

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Prayer List For Coalition Forces

White House attempting to rebrand Bush as a man of peace: Wants different look for Presidential race

Army psych unit tries to persuade Iraqi insurgents fight is over

Army to extend terms of about 7,000 troops: New policy seeks to avoid shortage

Army will beef up its basic training: Ramped-up drills tailor recruits' skills to combat in Afghanistan, Iraq

Iraq role can wait, says new NATO chief

Trouble looms after coalition tells Kurds self-rule can stay

Reservists tackle old lives: They struggle to adjust to civilian jobs after fighting war overseas

Iraq graduates new army battalion: Graduation of day of 83rd Annual Iraq's Army Day

On Iraqi Army holiday, some see little cause for celebration

Alleged Spy On Iraqi Dissidents Motivated by Palestinian Cause

American troops launch 'Exorcist' tour at ancient temple

Iraq Hot Spots at a Glance

U.S. Frees Iraqi Workers for Reuters' News and NBC

U.S. Talks Iraq Guerrilla Tactics With AP

US soldiers sent home for beating prisoners of war

Blair praises UK troops in Basra: Troops to stay in Iraq: Britain's Straw

Islamists fan rumor U.S. soldiers raping girls

Suddenly Rush Limbaugh Is Concerned About Conspiracies

Video lottery addictions ensnare citizens, trouble Canadian officials: Rural provinces have highest percentages of gambling addicts


Is this the year? An earthshaking date with destiny looms large

Israel draws list of 28 settlement outposts to be removed

Wallerstein Accuses PM Sharon of wanting to show pictures around the world of Jews being forcibly removed from their homes

Outpost removal delayed by Israel's High Court

Sharon and Mofaz Swoop Down on Two More Outposts

Sharon Says, "No Peace, No Outposts"

Majority of Jerusalem-area fence to be completed by end of 2004

Israeli Police uncovered attempts to penetrate its ranks

Refusers Sentenced To Year In Jail

Sharon enjoys criticism at Likud convention

Likud convention: Everyone played his role as expected

Electronic explosives-identifying means will be installed in the doors of public buses

Remembering A Bus Attack

Another Tunnel Blown Up

Massive Mortar Attack In Gush Katif

Israeli MKs create 'Christian Allies Caucus': Bush/Sharon Cleverly Leading American Evangelical Christians Into Full Support of Current Illuminist Israeli Leadership

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan: Opens In West Bank a new centre specifically built for dialogue between the world's three monotheistic faiths – Christianity, Judaism and Islam

E.U.'s Prodi suspends anti-Semitism talks

The ghost in Israel

Gay Church News

Plans by the (Lutheran) Church of Sweden to introduce ceremony for same-sex couples have stirred protests from leaders of other denominations

Anglican Churches mark AIDS day: Disease stigma must end, says archbishop

New Anglican Network Forms to Combat ECUSA's 'Huge Lie' About Homosexuality


Monday, January 5, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Global Terror

Al-Jazeera airs bin Laden tape appearing to refer to Saddam capture: Also referred to "Geneva Initiative"

Bin Laden urges: Continue fighting a jihad, or holy war, rather than cooperating with Mideast peace efforts

CIA to verify purported bin Laden tape

More flights grounded as terror grips globe

RUPPERT: The US Needs Another 911 In 2004

Military Split On How to Use Elite US Special Forces In Terror War

NEW!! The American State vs The People : The Rise of the American Police State -- Book

Censorship across the divide: 'Epithet' that!

FBI Checked Las Vegas Hotel Lists in Terror Alert: Required hotels to provide list of everyone who had booked rooms!

Airlines, hotels ordered to give FBI information
: Had to turn over all guest and passenger names and personal information

U.S. to digitally track foreigners: Immigration officials will use fingerprints, photos to register visitors as they enter, leave the country

US Security checks: Your reaction - Picture worth a thousand words!

Quarantining dissent: How the Secret Service protects Bush from free speech

'Intifada' v 'Mujahideen' football teams scrapped

13 confirmed dead in blast in southern Philippines

Al-Qaeda said to set sights on flight 223

Airline in Egyptian air crash formerly troubled

China pondering its own 'green card' system

Pakistan fights back against terrorism

Jihad money trail leads to Damascus, Syria

Assad backs terror, wants to talk - IDF

Cambodia to Try Egyptian, Thai Militant Suspects

Lawmakers Call for Improved Security

Letter Bomb Sent to Head of EU Parliamentary Group

Blair's Freudian Slip Betrays Terror Scams

Terrorists use clean passports

Who's afraid of LNG? Liquid Natural Gas

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Blair Says Iraq Is a Test for Terror War

Iraq under the starter’s gun

U.S. to begin handover of power back to Iraq: Completion deadline set; critical details still must be decided

Secret police force to be set up in Iraq

Fatal errors in Iraq alarm U.S. officials

Strategies emerge for Saddam's trial

Michigan troops bid goodbye to families: 170 in Howell Guard unit head for Iraq and Kuwait

Iraqi police lack citizens' respect

Cracks Appear in U.S.-Trained Iraq Corps

Women's Combat Role Draws Little Comment

Iraq combat claims first S.C. woman: Helicopter of Army pilot from Easley was brought down by ground fire

3 U.S. soldiers killed in 2 attacks - US chopper shot down in Iraq, one killed

US helicopter attack suspects arrested

Turmoil, neglect have millions homeless in Iraq: Mud cities among proposals for providing housing

New NATO chief sees possible Iraq role

Blair back to face fiery few weeks

Butchers adjust to beef concerns, changing tastes

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Nuclear Talks with N. Korea Not Likely in January

The right path in Korea

Government, IBM officials indicted in South Korea: On corruption charges linked to a South Korean affiliate of the U.S. computer giant

Blair in weapons plea to 'rogue' states

Pre-agreed rewards will ensure nuke talks: N Korea

North Korea Warns U.S. Policy May `Scuttle' Six-Nation Talks

Delegation Visit to N. Korea is 'Private Initiative,' say US Officials

North Korea Increases Military Spending Amid Nuclear Standoff

Beware of the Alternative Minimum Tax

Gun Control

Why People Fear Guns

Death by Gun Control

Dial 911 and DIE!! - Shocking Truth About Police Protection Myth - Book

Europe Wants to Rival US as Military Superpower: EU Parliamentarian

America: The real danger lies within



Is this the year? An earthshaking date with destiny looms large

Security Fence A Hotspot

Israel to reject the Hague court's authority on security fence

Lapid: Fence could lead to South Africa-style boycott of Israel, because Israel would turn into Apartheid state

Possible Prophetic Implications of the Security Fence

Something's afoot along the fence: Military and security considerations gain upper hand

This is the fence that Arafat built

The fence brings friction and hatred

Settlements News

Sharon, settlers go head to head

Israel To Raze Two More Settlements

PM rejects proposal to move outpost to nearby settlement

Phony Likud activists endanger state of Israel: Education Minister Livnat

Palestinians booby-trap Gaza tunnels, fire mortars

Labor vote embarrasses Peres: Are these Liberals actually turning conservative?

Other News

Egypt's Maher to Iran: Camp David issue ‘in the past’, signaling that peace accord between Egypt - Israel is "in the past"

Man spared as Police find bomb under his car

Israel spins tourism off unrest: Terror sites, resistance events are attractions to niche buffs, activists

2004 a difficult year for Palestinians: Arafat complains

Arafat hails informal mideast peace pact

Palestinian Prime Minister Qorei slams international ‘silence’ over deadly Nablus raids

Water import from Turkey approved

Jewish leaders rap European Commission, charging Anti-Semitism promotion

Israel on recovery path

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

2020 scenario: OPEC will be replaced: Liquefied natural gas to be world’s primary source of energy

Leaders of India, Pakistan ease tensions

Afghans OK constitution: New charter creates a strong presidency, offers basis for peace

Iranian-Americans Mourn Quake Victims

Iran considers moving capital after Bam quake

A Tehran earthquake might collapse Iran’s regime

U.S.-Iranian Thaw Could Be at Hand: Devastating earthquake may provide catalyst for thaw in relations

Iran Not Ready to Accept Sen. Dole Visit Plan

Libya weapons: Nice start, now the tough cases

Revolution leader to head Georgia: Presidential post won in landslide

Brochure hawks Pakistan's nuclear technology - Bragging rights!

U.S. Looks at Cuban-Venezuelan Leftists: Alarmed by rise of Anti-American sentiment in region, fueled by these governments

Egypt's Mubarak: My son will not take over presidency

Moral Collapse

N.J. 'cloning' bill likely to reignite national debate; state to sanction stem cell research

Jersey's brave new world

Diane Dimond Leads Coverage of Jackson Story

Pete Rose Admits He Bet on Baseball

Britney Annuls Marriage Only One Day After Wedding

Jacko Defense: He Wasn't There

Women's Birth Right Under Attack By Feminists - Socialists

US girls embrace gay passion fashion


Witchcraft Explosion Rocks Western Society

Satan's School for Girls: Stylish, eerie, and sexy modern version of witchcraft at its most evil

Library Books That Magically Disappear: Books about dreams, witchcraft, astrology and the occult

Wicca 'not a religion but a way of life'

Crackdown spooks jail witch

"Buffy" Actress Casts A Spell On Witchcraft Fans During Visit To Scotland

China confirms SARS case

China patient may have new strain of Sars says expert: A new, mutated strain of the deadly virus

Price of AIDS drug soars fivefold

US manufacturing surge offers hope

Power grid needs web-like format: Smaller, more numerous power plants would cut risk of blackouts


Sunday, January 4, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Global Jihad = Global Dictatorship

Too Soon to Dismiss Terror as Cause of Egyptian Air Disaster

Search for Red Sea crash bodies

Egyptian Charter Company Banned from Switzerland

Egypt Plane Crash Kills 148; Technical Fault Blamed

U.S. Monitors Security for NFL Playoffs

Terrorism Fears Touch Down: Airlines, NFL add security

'Travellers Face Years of Air Security Alerts'

False alarm closes US Capitol

AP: Dean Was Warned on Lax Vermont Security -- Dean's Statement on Security Record

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

In Brazil, Tough New Gun Control Laws Aim to Curb Gun Deaths

Death by Gun Control: Book explains historic record of what governments do to their citizens once they take the guns away

Meteorite hits Iran

Seismic shift in axis of evil: Has taken the horrendous earthquake in Iran to act as catalyst for a discreet U-turn in US policy

Iran Minister: U.S. Must End Hostility Toward Tehran

Woman, 97, rescued from quake rubble after eight days

Libya's 'advanced' nuclear efforts: "Some years away" from a nuclear weapon

Philippines gym blast may have killed 10: Military

Haiti's bicentennial of independence to be celebrated locally

'New Charter Agreed for Afghanistan'

Indonesia introduces visas for Australian tourists

Former Soviet republic of Georgia votes to elect new leader

India's Vajpayee holds one-on-one meeting with Pakistan's Jamali on the sidelines of the SAARC Summit

Pakistan is the fountainhead of clandestine nuclear trade

US rover lands on Mars, strong signal heard

Moral Collapse

No more "Sex In The City": Show that glamorized singles exits

Unruly students in Ohio city facing arrest, not detention

Howard Dean's Gay Army: Leading Democratic presidential candidate

Chicago Bids For 2006 Gay Games

Judge Amends Controversial Lesbian Divorce

Gay Activists Honored By Queen Elizabeth

Massachusetts Court Rejects Amendment Vote

Northern Nigerian state of Kano shuns Nigeria polio campaign: Believes vaccine is laced with infertility drugs

RUPPERT: The US Needs Another 911 In 2004


Palestinian NGOs reject antiterrorism pledge

"State of Palestine" Constitution Institutes Islamic Law: Renders all people living in the PA subject to Islamic Law

Prime Minister Sharon, Mofaz order removal of 2 inhabited illegal outposts

Outpost settler: We cannot stand alone

Five Palestinians killed in clashes

IDF: Syria's Assad serious about renewing peace talks

IDF grants entry to 30,000 Palestinian workers

U.S. Demands "Clarifications" on Israeli Plans to Settle Golan Heights

Lesson in Public Relations From the Palestinian Authority

Experts formulating defense for Hague debate on fence

Hague court sets February date for security fence debate

Military Intelligence Chief: Assad serious about talks, but Syria still backing terror

Israel Moves Towards Recognizing Gay Couples

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Guerrilla attacks kill three US soldiers

Another Helicopter downed in fightback

Four Iraqi Civilians Die as US Convoy Opens Fire on Car in Tikrit

US troops arrest 128 suspects in Iraq

Blair in Iraq to visit troops

Syrians Helped Iraq Get Arms: Documents detail smuggling

Iraqi civil defense units stumble on: Nervous, hastily trained and shoddy marksmen

In Basra, influx of consumer goods means times are changing quickly:
Importing is a huge business since downfall of Saddam

Torture victims begin lining up to confront Saddam at his trial

Journalists in war zones: Should they carry arms?

Ahern Speaks Against Two-Speed Europe

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

More US groups to visit North Korean nuclear facilities

North Korea blasts visit by Japan's Koizumi to Yasukuni shrine honoring the nation's war dead

Japan, US, S Korea to insist on denuclearised N Korea

White House keeps its distance from experts' visit to N. Korea

Rising China Is a New Sun in Asia's Solar System

Mad cow leaves 1 in 4 wary of beef, poll says

13 Million Anglicans Oppose Gay Bishop

Ashcroft Goes After the Left: Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) becoming the "connecting tissue of the evolving surveillance state"

The American State vs The People : The Rise of the American Police State -- New Book


Saturday, January 3, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Terrorism Fears - Rumors of Wars

Egyptian chatered jet crashes near Sharm el-Sheikh, 148 killed: Not clear whether accident or terrorism

Egyptian crash plane was headed for Paris

Air disaster timeline: BBC News Online looks at some of the world's most recent air disasters

British Airways Flights Grounded over Terror Threat Fears: But, BA Flight to Washington to Leave as Scheduled

Cancelled flights: Case of mistaken identity - US intelligence was wrong

British Cancel Another Flight as Allies Question U.S.: Reliability of Intelligence Questioned

US pilots on alert to intercept possible hijacking

UK warns of more flight disruption in terror war

Washington, D.C., 'a definite target'

New Jersey synagogue terror threat deemed 'not credible'

Seeds of destruction: European Union

Jewish group says European Commission anti-Semitic: For Publishing flawed poll which said most Europeans considered Israel the main threat to world peace

No direct proof, so terror suspect walks free in The Philippines

U.S. Navy Makes $11M Hashish Bust: Persian Gulf smuggling route used by al Qaeda

Missing Keys At U.S. Nuke Labs

Pope Calls For New World Order Relying On U.N.

Pope calls for a new world order

Pope Wants New International Order to Keep Peace

Illuminati Named Pope Top Religious Leader in New World Order in 1991: Transcript of House of Theosophy Seminar

Pope Declared To Be Top Religious Leader in Kingdom of Antichrist

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

United States, Japan and South Korea are to demand North Korea scrap its nuclear programmes

U.S. groups to visit North Korea, may see nuclear complex

US delegation to North Korea not endorsed by Bush

Nuclear arms topic of visit to N. Korea

North Korea blasts Japanese leader's visit to war shrine as 'revival of militarism'

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Meteorite hits Iran

'Miracle' quake survivor pulled from rubble: Iran

Miracles are in short supply in Bam: Unlike quakes elsewhere, the mud-brick construction materials used in Bam crumbled to dust, leaving few air pockets

Iran rejects Dole-led mission

Bush signals: No warmer Iran ties yet

Iranian exile's true voice emerges through the 'Fog'

Pakistan restrained on Kashmir in lead-up to SAARC summit

India rules out Pakistan talks: During the South Asian (SAARC) summit in Islamabad

Ugandan President Museveni takes steps to hold on to power

African's visit sparks dispute: President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa is criticized for joining Haiti's bicentennial celebrations

Protesters increase calls for Aristide's resignation: Opponents issue demand for interim government after clashes shake Haiti

Libya urges US to lift sanctions quickly

Peace hopes for Africa: Continent is free of major wars for the first time as it enters the new year and there is cause for optimism

Gulf over Afghan constitution narrowed

Mad Cow Scare

Still No Beef to Mad Cow Mania: Called Groundless Alarm!

Overseas health bans create backlog of U.S. beef exports: Shippers struggling to line up other cargo

Mad cow probe isolates 3rd herd: Quarantine is expanded to another Washington farm

Cuba unafraid of U.S. beef, official writes

US says its beef is safe but no country is biting

Two countries, one market for cattle trade

Some Cows Are Too Sick To Kill - "turn carnivores into vegetarians"

Electronic tag system for cattle now on fast track

US may pay farmers to test animals for mad cow

Three Herds Quarantined: USDA mulls slaughter action as safeguard in mad cow scare

"Hey Diddle Diddle" - Lots of people are swearing off beef

China and Japan vie over Russian oil pipeline

Russians Dump Dollar For Euro

Oil tycoon's deal with US firm put him on Putin's hit list


Israeli official rebuts plan to expand Golan Jewish settlement: Deputy Prime Minister Olmert

Let The Golan Bloom!

Soldiers kill 3 Palestinians in Nablus clashes

Sharon to meet with every Likud Knesset member to push his unilateral disengagement plan

Two IDF officers moderately wounded when a bomb exploded near their jeep while searching for fugitives

Muslim pro-Israel activist threatened with death: Actually defended Israel's right to exist

Egypt upbeat about cease-fire following Egyptian's Al Baz - Arafat meeting

College Students Hoping to Lead Aliyah Revolution: "My people shall soon come home"

Increasing Aliyah From U.S., Canada

Fighting Settlement Dismantlings In The Courts

Why I paint things black: "2003 was worst year in Israel's history"

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Prayer List For

The demise of U.S. diplomacy: US has ruined and devastated two countries, Afghanistan and Iraq, without fulfilling any of the objectives it professed to accomplish

Instability in Iraq to affect all regional countries

U.S. raids Baghdad mosque, worshippers protest

Insurgents shoot down another helicopter, US troops swoop on suspects

Confusion over armed 'journalists' after US helicopter is shot down

'EU could have averted Iraq war'

U.S. Army buys $30 million in anthrax shots

Families demand rights for Iraq's 55 most wanted

Digital warfare on the streets of Iraq: US soldiers using high-tech system to help them conduct urban raids and track down rebel leaders

Defense Dept. is removing Corps of Engineers from Halliburton contract

US forces hold five over deadly Karbala attacks

Soldier admits he lied about his injury in Iraq

Women fighting in Iraq not ‘a big deal’

Latest government report on Senator Wellstone 'accident' finds its scapegoats, many questions remain

Evangelical Christianity - Knee-Jerk Support of Bush

Pat Robertson: God told him it's Bush in a 'blowout'

President Bush Is About To Betray Evangelical Christianity!

Bush-Sharon Cleverly Leading American Evangelical Christians Into Full Support of Current Illuminist Israeli Leadership

Has Rev. Sun Myung Moon Purchased The Top Right-Wing Evangelistic Leadership Locak-Stock-Barrel?

President Bush Declared 'De-Facto Leader of Christian Coalition'!

IRS Employees Targeted in Tax Review

Martha Stewart jury off limits to media

Confusion clouds reports on Chinese SARS patient

Australian Property crash a possibility

Pakistani Elected Mayor Of New Jersey Town

All religions equal: German President

Women's Group Slams AMA's Efforts to Conceal Abortion-Breast Cancer Research

Abortion doctor gets 34 years for sex abuse: Top Phoenix-area physician molested patients over two decades

Famine Across Africa

Dual comets make for heavenly sight

Earth loses its magnetism: Earth's magnetic field is fading, a reversal that would flip the North and South Poles

After the cold war, we need to build a new world order - The Synthesis System so ardently desired!

Feds to Hear Video-Game Lawsuit : Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, instructs players to "kill the Haitians" and awards points for each kill

Games Elevate Hate to Next Level


Friday, January 2, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Pope Calls For New World Order Relying On U.N.

Pope calls for a new world order

Pope Wants New International Order to Keep Peace

Illuminati Named Pope Top Religious Leader in New World Order in 1991: Transcript of House of Theosophy Seminar

Pope Declared To Be Top Religious Leader in Kingdom of Antichrist

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Al Qaeda Threatens to Nuke New York on February 2

Illuminati Does Plan To Destroy New York City With Atomic Device! "Smoking Gun" Proof That Illuminati Planned Terrible Events May Years Ago In Order To Bring Down Our Culture - Part 3 of 5 Illuminati Card Game

Terror alerts in the air in US

Two Flights to U.S. Canceled in Wake of Terror Concerns

Valdez tanker port shut down: SECURITY: Coast Guard abruptly closes terminal, orders tankers to leave area

US Coast Guard shuts down Alaskan oil terminal as security measure

A Footnote To Yalta: Churchill turned over tens of thousands of anti-Communist Russian soldiers to Stalin at end of World War II -- Fellow Illuminists cooperating with each other

Earthquakes In Divers Places

Small earthquake hits Dead Sea - Experts: Big one on the way

Mexican capital hit by 5.3 earthquake

6.1 Bali earthquake kills one

North Korea authorises US nuclear visit

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Broaden the effort to rid the world of WMD

US hawks urge regime change in Syria and Iran

Bush appeals to pro-democracy forces in Iran

Iran Plays Down Political Impact of U.S. Quake Help

Bush lists demands of Iran

Iranians gather at mass grave to say goodbye to families

Iranian City of Bam hit by 29 aftershocks - Quake toll could top 50 000

Pakistan-India passenger flight is first in 2 years

Army takes full control of Pakistan's nuclear facilities

President Mbeki flees bullets in Haiti

Body of Burundi Terror Ambush Archbishop Arrives Home

SAARC foreign ministers' meet begins in Islamabad

Tests show possible infection of Chinese SARS suspect


Israel - Another "Peace" Effort

Baker’s ME Mission Reopens Syrian-Israeli Peace Track

No life raft for Syria's Assad

EU poll: Israel greatest threat to world peace

Israeli Police: North on high terror alert

US calls for halt to Golan settlement

15 hurt in anti-fence protest clashes

Israeli army lifts its blockade on Jenin after four months

Eight Israelis, Palestinians to climb mountain together

Israeli Court recommends chemical castration for sexual offender

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Prayer List For

UK Iraq troops face another year, until 2005

Creating order from chaos is half the battle in Iraq

Baghdad death toll rises to eight

US planning rotation of 250,000 troops in Iraq: Officials term operation risky

Car dealers enjoy 'mother of all business' in Iraq

Insurgents in Iraq seen shifting focus: A move to civilian, `soft' targets noted

Ethnic violence threatens northern Iraq

US captures Iraqi suspected of smuggling foreign fighters

US Special Envoy for Iraqi Debt to Visit Middle East

American Soldier Killed in U.S. Helicopter Crash

Still No Beef to Mad Cow Mania: Called Groundless Alarm!

U.S. wants world to buy its beef

CBS and Jacko: New York Times Reporter's Second Mistake?

US vows to deepen ties with China in future

Evangelical Christians

Bush-Sharon Cleverly Leading American Evangelical Christians Into Full Support of Current Illuminist Israeli Leadership

Has Rev. Sun Myung Moon Purchased The Top Right-Wing Evangelistic Leadership Locak-Stock-Barrel?

President Bush Declared 'De-Facto Leader of Christian Coalition'!


Thursday, January 1, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For

Emphasis: Evangelical Christians

Bush-Sharon Cleverly Leading American Evangelical Christians Into Full Support of Current Illuminist Israeli Leadership

Has Rev. Sun Myung Moon Purchased The Top Right-Wing Evangelistic Leadership Locak-Stock-Barrel?

President Bush Declared 'De-Facto Leader of Christian Coalition'!

Israeli - Palestinian Conflict

One in four Israelis don't want nukes - Poll

Washington Seeks to Keep Satellite Exposures of Israel from Hostile Eyes

Israel on New Year Terror Alert as Peace Efforts Continue

US demands clarifications on Golan development plan

Syria condemns reports of Golan settlement expansion: Plans call for doubling of Israeli citizens on Golan

Israel to double Golan settlers

No life raft for Syria's Assad

Mubarak envoy to discuss cease-fire with Arafat

December Terror Watch: 6 Persons Murdered in Attacks

US disappointed with Palestinian Prime Minister Qurei

2003 population growth lowest since 1990: Israel now total 6.75 million

Sharon's plans 'are nothing but terrorism' : Arab viewpoint

Vehicular Convoy Targeted by Gunfire

Israelis and Arabs Attacking Security Fence Bulldozers with Rocks

Anti-fence movement makes for strange bedfellows

Violent fence protestors wound police officers

Re-Settlement Uproar

Outpost settler: We cannot stand alone

While their leaders back away from Yesha
…Ordinary Israelis flock to settle their ancient homeland

God Threatens End Times Judgment Upon Anyone Who Would Seek To "Divide the Land"

Palestinian State Remains Bush's Unfulfilled Goal: Administration's 'Road Map' Stalls

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

N Korea Accuses US Of Spy Flights, Planning Attack

Japan PM War Shrine Visit Angers China, S. Korea

North Korea pledges peaceful resolution of nuclear crisis

'North Koreans went to Pakistan for nuclear study'

Chinese Propaganda

President Hu: China seeks peace, prosperity

President Hu calls for carrying on Chairman Mao's great cause

China concerned with unilateral decision by US religion body to visit Hong Kong

WHO: Big SARS outbreak unlikely in China

Pragmatic warning for Taiwan: Bush warns US it would come to Taiwan's defense if the island were attacked, but not if Taiwan tried to assert its own sovereignty

How a Taiwan maverick is testing US-China ties

Mad Cow Spurs Livestock Tracking: Could speed the nation's move to a centralized system that electronically tracks animals as they move from fields to feed lots to food stores

Endangered Species Act turns 30 as Bush, greens seek reforms

Flu Deaths Hit Epidemic Level in U.S.

Victoria amnesty nets 18,000 handguns

Father of the Web gets a knighthood

UN Trojan Horses: Stealing our sovereignty civilly


Global Terrorism Gathering Strength

Al Qaeda Threatens to Nuke New York on February 2

Illuminati Has Planned To Destroy New York City With Atomic Device! "Smoking Gun" Proof That Illuminati Planned Terrible Events May Years Ago In Order To Bring Down Our Culture - Part 3 of 5 Illuminati Card Game

Terrorism Threats Shadow World's New Year

Bush doctrine strains global rules: "Unprovoked and illegal invasion of Iraq" may destroy United Nations

Powell outlines US government’s New Year’s resolutions: War on terror first priority

Flight Sent Back on Terror Fear, U.S. Officials Say

Agents Detain British Airways Jet at Washington Airport

Phildelphia Airport Security Chief Suspended

Brazil to fingerprint US citizens

Mexican Diplomat Charged With Helping Smuggle Arabs Into U.S.

Disney's 'Tower of Terror' float evokes grim memories for some

Air France Pilots' Union Opposes Imposition of Armed Marshals

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Car Bomb at Popular Baghdad Restaurant Kills Five: Were celebrating New Years

Three L.A. Times reporters injured in blast

14,000 and 22,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have been medically evacuated from Iraq to the USA. - Col Hackworth

Death taking greater toll on Guard, Reserve: December share of military deaths in Iraq was 26 percent, up from 14 percent in November

Iraq's WMD haunt Blair again: US civil administrator in Baghdad contradicts British PM claim of 'massive evidence' of Iraq's quest for WMD

First New US Troops Prepare For Iraq - Part of planned rotation

America sees Iraqi video of injured Private Jessica Lynch

UN adds $US2.6 billion to Iraqi reconstruction fund

Gunfire Erupts in Kirkuk; Two Said Killed

Powell admits US foreign policy mistakes: Says Bush's approach is not defined by preemption despite invasion of Iraq

Army supply truckers drive the front lines in Iraq: Convoys are reinforcing vehicles to guard against guerrilla attacks

Iraqis, US troops brace for New Year assault: More than 11,000 officers have been deployed in Baghdad

Blair shuts up rebels with I'm-here-until-job's-done declaration

Sheriff denies Jackson abuse claims: Releases video and audio tapes to back up denial

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan's Musharraf will fall first, Osama will be captured: US columnist

Nuclear Naivete: IAEAstrove mightily to put a good face on the embarrassing failure of his inspectors to discover the nuclear weapons program Khadafy has confessed to having

US eases Iran sanctions for quake relief

Survivors pulled alive from Iran's Bam city quake zone

Plea for Bam rescuers not to fly home

Suspicion Still Surrounds Libyan Leader Qadhafi

No Indo-Pakistan bilateral meetings at SAARC summit

When Cash Is Only Skin Deep: Paying for merchandise with human chips implanted under skin

Is RFID Technology Easy to Foil?

UK feared Americans would invade Gulf during 1973 oil crisis

Tasmania's 'ground-breaking' same-sex laws take effect

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