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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Friday, January 16, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Israel - Palestinian Conflict

Palestinian Authority Admits: We could stop the bombings, if we wanted to

Suicide Bomber was wealthy, mother of two

Suicide Mother’s Disappearing Crutches

Female Hamas suicide bomber given hero's funeral

Analysis: Palestinians worsening their own lot

Israel to Resume Targeted Hamas Killings: Spiritual leader tops the list to be hunted down and killed

Jerusalem: Our chief joy, their chief target

Jewish Settlements: 'A cemetery for the living'

Israeli Economy sees first deflation since 1949

Building Credibility of International Court

Int'l Court of Justice to hear Arab League fence arguments

Israel prepares for security fence case

Arab states may testify on fence

Israel considers new name for West Bank barrier: "Terror Prevention Fence"

Irish Foreign Minister Condemns Israel Security Barrier

2004 Campaign News

Wesley Clark Supported Case For Iraq War: Transcript Reveals

Senator Lieberman Responds To Clark Revelations

Senator Kerry Starts to Pull Ahead in Iowa

Lead split 4 ways as Iowa race nears end

Clark's wife, Gert, takes swing through Arizona

Katherine Harris to announce decision for U.S. Senate on Friday

Indiana OKs new regulations to thwart mad cow disease

Search continues for Canadian cows in infected herd

Vietnam's largest city bans poultry sale

Bird flu kills 13

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iranian Earthquake: Bam quake toll tops 40,000

Lebanon: Seeking catharsis

Turkish reforms mean EU entry talks one step closer: Cyprus deal would help, but reunification not a precondition

Pakistani train takes new peace hopes to India

MMA Pakistani senator expressed deep concern and displeasure at the recent US-India deliberations to supply nuclear and missile high-tech to India

Terrorism Uniting The Globe

Military Tribunal to Try Al Qaeda Detainees: Ready to start trials immediately -- "Mission here is to do justice during wartime"

US Court Ruling Places Terrorism Detainees Beyond Protection of the Law

Radioactive Yellowcake in Rotterdam Harbor May Be From Iraq

Man with bullets on US-London flight charged

Air Marshals on SIA flights to Thailand

Four killed in Singapore explosion

U.S. Pilot Pays Brazil Fine for Obscene Gesture: Protesting Brazil's Retaliatory Treatment of American Citizens Flying In to Brazil

US takes anti-terror campaign to Sahara Desert

Terror fight a relentless daily battle, says Singapore's DPM

Flight Color Coding Scheme Being Implemented - NOW!

Man On National "No Fly List" Tries To Board Plane In Boise

Private American Chief Executive On The "No Fly List" And Cannot Get Off

If you're 'red', you could be barred by US: CAPPS-2 program 'unimaginable in the US only a few years ago'

Wired News "Rants and Raves" Against CAPPS Program: "It will just take away more of our freedom and liberty until we are under a government dictatorship posing as a democracy"

Archives: Status Quo for Travel Privacy

Ecuador jungle volcano shoots ash into sky


Genes decide who is prone to Sars: Genetic Markers determine who is more prone to the disease

Is SARS A Bio-Weapon Specifically Aimed At Orientals?

Sars crisis helped Singapore prepare for bioterrorism



President Bush In The News

Conservative groups break with Republican leadership: Over run-away spending

Bush's immigration plan hurts re-election war chest

U.S. feels crunch to comply with WTO's international laws

Bush Booed at Martin Luther King Gravesite

King's tomb far from quiet on slain leader's 75th birthday

Al Gore Slams Bush Administration on Environment: Calls Bush a "Moral Coward"

Bush space plan buoys Russia: Mars quest given long odds

Taiwan - China

Will Taiwan be forsaken just like Korea was? Is Bush ready to favor China so much he will forsake Taiwan?

Illuminati Promised China In 1952 She Would Get Taiwan Back!

China-US relations warming: General Myers - Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Chinese invasion of Taiwan is the planned third war that will comprise World War III

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. Joins Iraqis to Seek U.N. Role in Interim Rule

Iraqis balk at U.S. plan for interim government

Bremer recalled for strategy talks: Trying to rescue its troubled plan to restore sovereignty to Iraq

30,000 Shiites protest plans for legislature: Head cleric threatens fatwa if U.S. rejects direct elections

U.S. Commander Warns Iraqi Insurgents

Military Misses Body Armor Deadline for Troops in Iraq

Iraq shells did not contain poison gas

Cheney's former company target of new questions concerning lucrative Iraq contracts

Japan Honors Military Team Headed to Iraq

Japan media warned over Iraq mission: Warned to not "obstruct" its mission in Iraq or face a news blackout

Dead UK scientist report to land in two weeks: Hutton Report on Dr. Kelley's death to stir explosive controversy

British Tories Demand More Answers over Dr. Kelly Security 'Outing'

Global Warming News

Al Gore Warns of Global Warming While In New York City: During coldest spell in almost 50 years

'Extremely dangerous' cold grips Northeast: "Extremely dangerous" wind chills as low as 45 degrees below zero in eastern Massachusetts

Record-Low Temperatures Forecast for U.S. Northeast: Schools closed, airflights cancelled, traffic snarled

Freeze shocks cities into stillness

Michael Jackson

News Media Gather for Jackson Arraignment

In California, media, fans await Michael Jackson

Jacko Bombshell: 'Jewish' Ex-Wife vs. Nation of Islam

Jackson Expands Defense Team: Will plead "Not Guilty"

Eco-Extremism, Not Science, Behind Fishy Salmon Scare

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea showed empty nuclear fuel pond

N Korea 'warned US delegation on nuclear deterrent'

S. Korea's Foreign Minister quits after tiff: Over dispute pitting pro-US ministry officials against left-leaning presidential aides about Seoul's policy toward the United States and North Korea

North Korea: Time is not on US side in nuclear dispute

N Korean nuclear talks likely in February

North Korea denounces US arms build-up in S Korea

Moral Collapse Accelerating

'The L Word' Has Tongues Wagging: Lesbianism being depicted now on TV in new drama entitled, "The L Word"

The Modern Lesbian: "L Word" Show Provides Positive Glimpse Into Real World of Lesbians -- Gay viewpoint

Britney Spears Believes in 'Sanctity of Marriage'

Mystikal Gets 6 Years for Sexual Battery: For forcing his hair stylist to perform sex acts

Explosive novel attracting women: 'Da Vinci Code' offers unusual take on early Christianity


Thursday, January 15, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Global Terror - New Phase?

FBI Chief Says Tribunals May Try 9/11 Suspects: Tried by military tribunals rather than by criminal courts to prevent defense from proving innocence of accused!

Tests Show D.C. Still Vulnerable From Air

Germany to Move Spy Agencies to Berlin In Anti-Terror Reorganization

Arizona: Intent To Dissolve Current Federal Government Along With 34 Other States

Homeland Security Technologies in the Pipeline

Thailand Concedes Militant Islamic Hand Behind Violence

Reviving the Draft: With roughly half of our Army committed to the Iraq occupation, and additional geopolitical challenges looming on the horizon, the return of conscription is a very real possibility

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Suicides of U.S. Troops Rising in Iraq - Pentagon

Iraq bomb kills five - US captures No 54 on Iraq most-wanted list

US troops kill eight insurgents

U.S. ammunition plant reaching its limit - Increased demand for ammunition for combat shooting and intensified training

Stubborn insurgency continues despite the capture of Hussein: Elements of uprising have no ties to ex-leader

War-weary Sean Penn reports on Iraq 'powder keg' that could explode at any time

Kennedy Says Iraq War a Political Product

China wary about Iraq deployment

O'Neill denies taking secret files - Getting rid of Saddam was U.S. policy long before Bush - C/Edge NOTE: Since 1954, to be exact - Newsletter 11/3/2003

Tuition fees, Iraq and Kelly row could end it all for Britain's Blair

Doomed soldiers kept diary of body armour worries

Oil-Rich City Will Be Major Test for Iraq

New Iraq Money Depicts Country's History

Over 60 Bulgarian Soldiers Quit Iraq-Bound Unit (13%)

Frigid Weather News

No loosening the arctic grip in New England: Concern mounts for elderly, poor

Al Gore To Warn of Global Warming In New York City On Days' Coldest Day In Nearly Half-Century

Consumers asked to conserve energy as region remains frozen

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Seven Wounded in Pakistan Bomb Attack: Attacked policemen guarding Christian Bible school

U.N. Agency Wants Asian Bird Flu Measures: Prompting affected nations to order huge slaughters at poultry farms

Bird flu 'worse than SARS'

Campaigners Hope Sudan Peace Deal Will Lead to End of Slavery

Sudan: Muslim's Hidden Holocaust Against Christians

“Silent Killer” Strikes Again: Family-owned Wetsel-Oviatt Lumber Company of El Dorado Hills, California, is a recent tragic victim of the regulatory monster

Teachers' Unions Spend Big Bucks to Infiltrate Charter Schools: To make them as incompetant as Public Schools?

OPEC mulls move to euro for pricing crude oil

Russia almost stops dollar imports: Import of US currency to Russia has almost ceased while the volume of cash rubles is growing

Catholic Cardinal Faces Lesbian's Personal Challenge

Homosexual Agenda Exposed!

Automatic Millionaire: How to Become One

Raw Rage At Bush: Latest Liberal Bush Bashing Ball

Man carrying bullets arrested at Heathrow airport

The big payday: Wall Street thinks tech will win big from Washington's tax breaks. But there are bigger winners

Japan invents the gadget of your dreams: Now you can create your own dreams

NASA Looks for an Emergency Exit

Bush: To the Moon and Beyond


Israel - Palestinian Conflict

Palestinian mother is suicide bomber in attack at border

From Mom to Martyr: For First Time, Palestinian Mother Turns Suicide Bomber for Hamas -- Was married, from well-to-do family, with 3-year-old son and 18-month-old daughter

Real Reason Women Now Are Being Suicide Bombers: Insiders explain the new lie of the clergy that is drawing women into ranks of suicide bombers

Jerry Golden Cries Out: "Enough is enough, is enough!"

Hamas leader: Jihad is an imperative for women too

Palestinians: Israel 'to blame for Gaza attack'

Gaza's Israelis call for 'real war' on terror: Palestinian Arabs gearing up to claim victory for "driving Israel out" - Encouraged by talk of unilateral concessions and uprooting Jewish settlement

Analysis / Irresistible temptation for Hamas

Jews In The Middle East: The other refugees

Gaza under closure: alerts for similar attacks

Four suicide bomb victims to be laid to rest today

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Qurei: It's not my duty to condemn the attack

US: Attack underscores the need for PA to rein in those responsible for violence - NOTE: Then remove Arafat and his entire leadership!

Analysis: Palestinians are worsening their own lot

Grenade thrown at IDF position

Hamas refuses ceasefire

Prime Minister Sharon's Legal Entanglements

Labor should launch anti-Sharon campaign

Likud to decide Sharon's successor: Scandals against him are heating up

The Sharon inquest: Sharon's legal entanglements don't seem to go away

International Court of Justice Hearing

Israel prepares for fence case before International Court of Justice

Arab MK volunteers to testify against Israeli "war crimes" before the International Court of Justice in The Hague

Syria - Israel

Syria Says No Hope of Peace with Sharon's Israel

US considering armed intervention in Syria

Syria's Assad Buries Hatchet with Arafat, Woos Washington via Ankara: Trying to stave off US strike, while cooperating with Arafat

Israeli FM: World must oust Syria from Lebanon

U.S. doubts Assad's ability to execute decisions

Syria's Assad still blames everybody but himself

No proof of mobile phone risks of cancer or other health problems

Volcanic - Earthquake Activity

Volcano in southern Japan erupts

Major volcano erupts in Russia's Far East

Nez Pierce Indians Are Leaving Cap Wilderness Area: Other Indian tribes also leaving Yellowstone Area

Worldwide Earthquake Activity in the Last Seven Days: Truly, "earthquakes in divers places"!

"Keep And Bear Arms" - Second Amendment News

Wisconsin Assembly May Override Veto of Concealed Carry Bill

Gun Group Defends Homeowner Who Stopped Burglar With Bullet

Dial 911 And Prepare To Die! Shocking Truth About Police Protection Myth

Death by Gun Control

Supreme Court Strips Second Amendment Gun Rights From American Citizens: 9th Circuit Court now, nation to follow

Historic Record of What Governments Do To Unarmed Citizens

Testimony of Eugene Volokh on the Second Amendment: People absolutely have right to own weapons!

Church Apostasy News

Only Half of Pastors Have 'Biblical' Worldview: Christian Researcher Says That Explains Why So Few Believers Reflect Such an Outlook

Playing "Church By The Numbers": Rules of the New Paradigm Chburch Game

Outcome-Based, Purpose-Driven Churches: Opening The Prophetic Door To Antichrist

Unholy War: Prominent Christian leaders now denouncing Alliance For Marriage's queer partner

"Online Education": High technology makes it possible - Designed to leverage the Internet to reinforce what happens in brick-and-mortar classrooms

Internet unleashes US dogfight craze: Delight in cruelty knows no bounds

J.R. Tolkien wins internet rights from United Nations ruling!



Wednesday, January 14, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Terror Attacks In Israel

Female Suicide bomber kills four in Gaza - Hamas-Fatah Jointly Take Responsibility

Sharon says he hopes IDF troops can leave Gaza Strip

Could the left oppose a withdrawal from Gaza?

Father of five slain by terrorists in shooting attack

IDF kills Palestinian gunman

Palestinian father, brother killed in feud

Eleven Palestinians arrested overnight

Former aide's secret tapes 'tie Sharon to illegal election cash'

Analysis: Sharon's scandal just keeps getting bigger

Sharon's defenders: Corruption charges are groundless

Is this the year? Is this the time a Palestinian State is born, or will God's Word prevail against it?

Sharon: Plan for unilateral steps still not formulated

Knesset endorses Sharon's 'disengagement' plan

God is opening doors for the total re-gathering of Israel -- More

Virtual Israelis: Palestinian and Israeli Arabs will outnumber the Jewish population by 2020.

U.S. urges Sharon, Palestinian's Qureia to meet soon

Qurei has 'given up' running PA: Realizes Arafat still fully in charge

Road to Middle East peace disappearing: Arab viewpoint

Knesset Discussing Compensation Incentives for Jews Who Leave Yesha

Fearing gunfire, IAF cuts back chopper flights over Palestinian land

British peace activist shot by IDF dies in London hospital

Noteworthy statistics for 2003 - Rocket Attack in Southern Green Line Israel

Syria denies dropping conditions for peace talks with Israel

Global Terrorism

Israel readies first missile warning system for airliners

The Bubble of American Supremacy

US probes al Qaeda online terror talk

Al-Qaeda launders money in Africa

US opens new front in war on terror by beefing up border controls in West Africa's Sahara

Major volcano erupts in Russia's Far East

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

No extradition treaty with India: Pakistan

Libyan Success Exposes Problem Pakistan for Bush

Pakistan to remove diesel from list of banned products from India

UN chief won't renew campaign on Cyprus: To reunite the island nation

Iran MPs defy calls to end sit-in - Threatens mass resignations

Analysis: Iran power struggles intensify

UN Body Appeals for Urgent Aid for West Sudan Refugees

'Thousands flee' Ethiopia clashes - Ethiopia Searches for Missing Governor

Ethiopia police seek governor

Singing gunmen kill 12 in Burundi

Legal bid to arrest Zimbabwean president Mugabe fails

$4b in Angola's oil funds said missing

Moral Collapse

Killer gloats over crime on the Internet

Michael Jackson defense gets copy of warrant that allowed police to search his mansion

`Taboo,' the Boy George Musical, to Close: Rosie O'Donnell loses her entire $10 million investment

It's Not Only About Terri Schiavo: Barriers to Killing Come Down

"Playing God With Terri Schiavo": Adult Euthanasia just one of many Nazi parallels permeating our culture right now

Michael Crichton: Most important challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda

Priest left US after admission in sex case

Courts Establishing Dictatorship

Supreme Court Upholds Police Roadblocks

Supreme Court to Decide Enemy Combatant's Detention: Whether an American citizen arrested abroad can be declared an "Enemy Combatant"

The Last Days of the First Amendment

U.S. Supreme Court Severely Erodes First Amendment Right To "Free Speech" By Upholding Constitutionality of "Campaign-Finance Reform"

Supreme Court Strips Second Amendment -- "Keep and Bear Arms" -- From American citizens

Historical Lesson As To What Governments Do To Their People Once They Have Confiscated Guns


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. ammunition plant reaching its limit - Increased demand for ammunition for combat shooting and intensified training

Stubborn insurgency continues despite the capture of Hussein: Elements of uprising have no ties to ex-leader

Witnesses: U.S. Troops Kill Four in Iraqi Town

Seven Iraqis wounded in jobless protests, US helicopter down

Iraqis angry over protest killings

O'Neill book paints ugly portrait of Bush

O'Neill denies revealing secrets for book on Bush: Former treasury secretary says all data were cleared

Corroborating O’Neill’s Account: Official Confirms Claims That Saddam Was Bush’s Focus Before 9/11

Clark jeers timing of O'Neill inquiry

Army War College Study Blasts U.S. War on Terrorism: "Iraq invasion was "an unnecessary preventive war of choice"

Bremer: Iraq transfer plan to go ahead

Cleric's objections forcing new look at Iraq transition: Might not be able to transfer power at end of June

Mongolia forges new role in Iraq

World Social Forum: Anti-globalisation movement readies first post-Iraq war strategy session in Bombay, India

U.S. arrests four of most wanted's relatives

U.S. gesture lets Canada put bids on Iraq contracts

U.N. Considers Return to Iraq

An Army Stretched Thin: The limits of America's volunteer army are showing, revealing a need to rethink this country's troop levels

Summit of the Americas - News

U.S. economic policies under fire at summit

Leaders agree to back trade area for Americas: No deadline set

U.S. gives in at Americas summit

Greenspan says trade barriers hurt global economies

Ties to U.S. weakening Mexico as a Latin leader

Bird flu in Asia could be bigger problem than SARS: WHO

U.N. Team Returns to China in SARS Probe

Finalizing NAFTA

Increased Mexican illegal crossings strain Organ Pipe National Park to limit

llIegals the political 'untouchables'

Unpopular Proposals: Most Oppose Bush Immigration Plan; If Created, Two-Thirds Favor Limit

The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave

Rush Limbaugh News

Appeals court orders state to surrender Limbaugh records

Rush Limbaugh -- Mega-Dittos To The Master Communicator

Rush Limbaugh Displays Biblical Ignorance - Open Letter to Rush

Bush Plans $1.5 Billion Drive for Promotion of "Healthy" Marriage: Conservatives confused by Bush's "hedging and hesitation"


Tuesday, January 13, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Israel’s champion spin doctors: Mass Media manipulation an art form

Knesset endorses Sharon plan to from the Palestinians if the Road Map fails

Road Map To Peace Is Fatally Flawed - Based Upon The Five Great Deceptions of Islam

Sharon: “Unilateral Steps” are Good Slogan, Bad Policy

Analysis: The importance of omission in Sharon's speech

Olmert to 'Post': Unilateral moves in six months

Israel builds wall in Jerusalem: 25-foot West Bank barrier reportedly made to keep out suicide bombers

Israel's new wall signals permanent encirclement

PM handled foreign campaign finances: Sharon knew about financial corruption in his political campaign

Syria's Assad rejects President Katsav's invitation to come to Jerusalem to talk peace

Don't court Assad

Is Hamas Preparing to Inherit the Palestinian Authority?

Handle with care: Words like 'conflict', 'terrorist'

Criticism of Israel Is Not the Same Thing as Hatred of Jews: Islamophobia is a bigger problem than anti-Semitism In Europe

Palestinians face untold hardships: Results of their terror war against Israel?

The Middle East region: A veritable army of lies

USS Liberty Attack

USS 'Liberty' hit was unintentional, says CIA

Operation Cyanide: How Israeli Bombing Of USS Liberty Nearly Caused Nuclear Conflict Between US and USSR - Hardback

U.S. blame for mad cow irks Canadian ranchers

Holy Cow? Why there is no such thing as Meshuga Cow Disease - Kosher techniques still the best

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea rattles saber, courts U.S.

Seoul briefed on visit to nuclear plant

North Korea offers to freeze nuclear reactors

U.S. Team Digesting N. Korea Nuclear Info

US Senate aides promise full public account of Yongbyon nuclear facility visit

Top US soldier heads to Australia: Aimed at signing Australia up to the US missile defence system which will be aimed at North Korea

Americans lukewarm to Bush's space plans

The Real Reason Bush Wants To Go To Mars?

It's easy: Just stop spending

Moral Collapse

Sex, comics and freedom lost

Cardinal backs use of condoms: Suggested role in preventing AIDS breaks Catholic taboo -- Cardinal is among the leading candidates to succeed Pope John Paul

Pink and the Dennises: S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom names African-American lesbian to Board of Education

Drawn to Darkness: The Lure of the Occult -- Harry Potter the main draw, but TV shows and movies depicting occult also to blame

Presidential Campaign - 2004

Presidential candidates weigh in on war powers

Presidential Politics: A Giant Mathematical Puzzle

The general is sweating his image

The Other Doctor in Dean's House Shuns Politics

Microsoft retail project taps into RFID

Parents spy on teens by phone: Can track their teenagers 24 hours a day using secret bounce-back SMS messages - Can also be used by employers to track workers

Climate Changes In The News

Sustainable Development = Destruction of this Civilization

Extreme heat on the rise: Climate model predicts more stifling summers

Record cold blast to sting Northeast: To fill homeless shelters and test the mettle of Patriot football fans

Northeast's cold blamed for 3 deaths

Climate change's tropical storms threaten future of Pacific isles

Who needs the U.N.? (The world does): Buffeted by change and its own timidity, the United Nations faces the future -- Building up prestige of United Nations

The U.N. and Babylon: Quartet of world powers has drafted a proposal to transfer the seat of the United Nations to Baghdad

Buddhists Making Major Push In USA

The Buddhization of America

Map of Planned Buddhist Temples In USA

What are the implications of the building of Buddhist mandalas (magic diagrams) across the country?

The Bush - Hitler Thing

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. ammunition plant reaching its limit - Increased demand for ammunition for combat shooting and intensified training

U.S. Helicopter Crashes in Iraq: Crew May Be Alive

US war in Iraq 'strategic error': Report published by the US Army War College

From Iraq To Ezekiel: Iraq Leads to Russian Invasion of Israel! - Video

The "why" of Iraq: Cast doubt on the credibility of the president and his reasons for taking the nation to war

Bush decided to remove Saddam 'on day one

Bush: Plan for Iraq was regime change, not war

Former Treasury Secretary O'Neill: There Was No Evidence of Iraq's WMD

'Topic A' and how the Iraq game was given away: O'Neill was right on big issues

Selling Iraq war on 9/11 cause: Bush could not have justified attack on Iraq before the 9/11 attacks!

Treasury Department is seeking an investigation into whether a classified document might have been shown during a TV show in which former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill spoke out against the Bush administration

O'Neill: Confessions of a White House insider

US military 'brutalised' journalists

Top cleric rebuffed on Iraq polls by American administrator Paul Bremer

U.S., Iraqi council leadership resist new call for election

Trying To Build A Secular Iraq In A Country of Religious People

Shiite Muslim riot reflects frustration with the U.S.

50,000 protest at popular BBC host's suspension for anti-Arab comments

Fight Against Terrorism =Dictatorship

Secret detentions pass muster: Fight to dismiss post-9/11 policy fails as High Court rejects appeal

Air Passenger Code Plan In Motion: Precautions in the name of air security are about to taken to a level unimaginable in the United States only a few years ago

Welcome To The "Land of the Free": Draconian Brave New World Bearing Down Upon Us

I'm With John Madden: No More Commercial Flying For Me

CAPPS II Stands Alone: airline security system designed to color-code domestic passengers based on their risk of committing acts of terrorism will not be merged with another program that fingerprints and photographs visitors to the United States

Mother's enquiry about buying Microsoft Flight Simulator for her ten-year-old son prompted a night-time visit to her home from a state trooper -- In Salem, Massachusetts

Dirty Bomber Hunt

Brazil stands firm on fingerprinting of US visitors

U.S. Sends Anti-Terror Team to W. Africa

Gold Brokers Will Be Forced To Register Gold Sales: Pretext to outlawing gold ownership

Summit of the Americas - Monterrey, Mexico

Mexico's President Fox lauds Bush plan on illegals during meeting at Summit of the Americas

Fox seeks to open U.S. borders

Mexico's Vicente Fox: 'We're Going for More' Than Bush Plan

Some Dare Call It Treason: Average Illegal Costs US $55,000 A Year

Summit puts Bush in hot seat: Latin American leaders seething over poverty, U.S. policies, neglect


Amid SARS revival, China seeks source of disease

Taiwan's Sars laboratories understaffed, warns WHO

WHO laments poor Sars info

Sars controls could bring curbs on travel: Suspect passengers may face being stopped at airports

Guns, Germs, and Software: A networked strategy can defeat epidemics - if the world will let it

Deadly bird flu outbreak hits Vietnam and Japan

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran Govt May Quit Over Election Row, Official Says

Ban on reformists puts Iran in crisis

Iran's Khatami calls for calm to avert violence

14 people killed in latest Aceh violence

Pakistan - India: Economics of a political thaw

Kashmir separatists get formal invite for talks from India

India's PM seeks early election as economy surges

48 militant camps in Bangladesh

Two charged with Philippines blast

'Authorities in no rush to execute Bali bomber'

Muslims want Rushdie out of India: Still under death threat for his book, "Satanic Verses"

Top US Official Blasted for Anti-Saudi Remarks: Richard Perle back in news for his remarks

Saudi Envoy Calls Perle as Zionist Extremist

IMF increases Colombia's credit line

Panthers and Taxes: Tool of the Land-Grabbers

Draconian Plan To Grab The Land of America

Final Countdown To World Government -- 2 1/2 hour Video



Monday, January 12, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Bush decided to remove Saddam 'on day one'

'Highway of death' defines American war on terror

US soldier killed in Baghdad - Seven Iraqis shot stealing fuel

New WMD Report Puts Bush in Hot Water

Former Treasury Secretary O'Neill: There Was No Evidence of Iraq's WMD

Blair suggests Saddam's WMD may never be found

One hour in 'The Den' that may seal Blair's fate

Iraqi cleric calls for direct vote

U.S. turns to Iraqis to toughen vehicles against roadside bombs

'Blister gas' found in Iraq: 5 protestors shot dead

U.S. Seizes Weapons Cache in Iraq

Turkey allows U.S. military to use southern air base in massive Iraq troop rotation

Massive troop rotation will mean large challenges for replacements

Impatient Iraqis Throw Stones at British

Iraq Cleric Warns of More Violence if Poll Not Held

British MoD investigates nine more deaths of Iraqi civilians

Japan Military Making History in Iraq Mission

U.S. Mustn't Permit Kurds to Split Off from Iraq

Vaccine link to Gulf War syndrome: Medical doctor of foreign army says vaccine only one part of Gulf War syndrome

2004 Election News

Aides Say Bush Is Already Absorbed in 2004 Race

Federal Budget Grows Massively Under Bush

In final Iowa forum, Democrats scrap for edge: Racial issues spark spirited exchanges

Voter Triggers Dean's Much-Talked About Temper

Des Moines Register Endorses John Edwards As Democrat Presidential Candidate

Dems Debate Minority Issues as Race Tightens

Gephardt Admits Mistake on Race Issues in '70s: Iowa Senator Harkin Touts Gephardt As Best Choice for President

Clark Says He's Vindicated by O'Neill Book: About the U.S. invasion of Iraq

High-tech devices may track U.S. cows from birth to death: Mad cow scare prompts call for national ID system

Bush sees moon as jump-off point: Missions to Mars, beyond would launch from base without breaking budget

Israeli - Palestinian News

PA to journalists: All slain Palestinians are martyrs

Overnight, a Towering Divide Rises in Jerusalem

Right-wing rallies against Sharon's disengagement policies

"The People of Israel Will Not Surrender!" - Possibly 120,000 people

No Building Anywhere In Yesha: Total freeze on construction imposed by the Sharon government

Palestinian Prime Minister Qurei says security barrier cripples peace efforts

Pressure mounts on Israel to negotiate with Syria

Syria Not Serious About Peace, Continues Arming Hizbullah

Israeli-Syrian talks unlikely to make progress: Washington’s Deal-Brokers seen as risk averse in election year

Israel invites Syria's Assad for talks

Many Israelis Feel Sharon Has Changed

Soviet-style justice in the International Court at the Hague

Hamas' Political Wing: Terror by Other Means - Analysis

Rebuilding Jerusalem

Suicide Attack Foiled: Bomb exploded too soon

Israeli soldiers refusing to serve in the Palestinian territories plan demonstration at Gaza: "The Courage To Refuse" is name of their organization

Israeli raids take a toll on West Bank civilians: Casualties mount in hunt for Palestinian militants

Jewish Man Arrested For Transporting Suicide Terrorist to Deadly Highway Attack

Ethiopian sect struggles for Israeli citizenship: Group's Jewish heritage is called into question

Border Conflict

Border council calls Bush plan 'slap in the face'

Mexico's President Fox seeks to open U.S. borders

Bush, Fox seek to mend rifts at Mexico summit

Bush Amnesty Plan Raises Immigration Concerns

Roman Catholicism

Montreal seminary to test priest applicants for HIV starting this fall : "Homosexuals aren't automatically refused admittance to the [Catholic] institution"

Boston Archbishop O'Malley urges Catholic lawyers to oppose gay marriage

Catholicism: White Sepulcher "Christianity"

America And the International Criminal Court


Terrorism - The Planned Unifying Factor

U.S. to Push Airlines for Passenger Records: Vast Travel Database to Rate Security Risk Factors

Focus: Scared New World - "There are nasty people out there and there is no guarantee that because we are Great Britain none of them will ever, ever come to power."

Jonathan Raban: The Secret State of America - "Bush is using the 'war against terrorism' to justify frightening change"

Archives: CNN Producer Reveals America Just One Step Away From Secret Police and We Already Have A Secret Army

U.S. setting up military tribunals at Guantánamo base - New Report

Bush - Ashcroft Arguing To 9th Circuit Court That Their Government Can Torture and Summarily Execute Prisoners Without The Courts Having Any Jurisdiction Whatsoever!

NYC police powers an issue in upstate watershed

Government Defends Shipping Terror Concerns

The new (airplane terrorist) rule: If it scares, it airs


Playing Church By The Numbers: The Rules of the New Paradigm Church Game -- "Purpose Driven"

Tight High Tech Surveillance

Big Brother Britain, 2004: Four million CCTV cameras watch public. UK has the highest level of surveillance

How the average Briton is caught on camera 300 times a day

Ominous Parallels - Nazism Has Developed In America - Surveillance And Technology - Video

Boston's next exciting technology platform: Radio frequency identification is poised to revolutionize retail, starting with the lowly pallet

FBI casts a wide net in probe of Philadelphia mayor's office: Prosecutors have been dropping clues about the probe's scope in letters to people whose conversations were recorded

Sen. Clinton proposes electronic health records system

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

U.S. Team Meets With South Koreans After Touring North Korea's Nuclear Plant

‘North Korea showed reprocessed plutonium to US team’: Pyongyang to step up military preparations against ‘surprise war of aggression by Washington’

US promises not to attack North Korea

US delegation ends North Korea inspection tour

Nicholas D. Kristof: Don't count on a rebellion in North Korea

Pressure mounts on North Korea over atomic weapons programmes

From Ballistic to Holistic: A "Kinder, Gentler" Lawyer

Moral Collapse

Vegas, Baby: TV Bets on Gambling Popularity

Lust declared virtue, not vice: "Been wrongly condemned for centuries"

Cannibal victim had no death wish

Charles didn't do it: UK poll

Critics choose Rings finale

Jackson in new mansion: 'The Crown Jewel of Beverly Hills"

Georgia to Honor Child Abduction Tipsters

News From China

China's SARS Crisis Deepens: Third suspected case has emergedprompting fears of another outbreak

Chinese scientists develop superior underwater GPS system

US general travels to China at sensitive time

China suspends oil exports to Japan

US should stop interfering in HK affairs: Chinese FM spokesman

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Long Road Ahead for India-Pakistan Talks

A Glimmer of Hope: After decades of darkness, can the peace talks planned between India and Pakistan save Kashmir?

Indo-Pak breakthrough took two years of work by US: Powell

100 US Soldiers Now Killed in Afghan Military Campaign

Sri Lanka power struggle threatens peace, rebels say

South African President Mbeki Back at Work After Breathing Problems Checked

South Africa plans bill to confiscate white-owned farms: Patterned after disaster in Zimbabwe

Mugabe's backers preside over ruined farmland: Zimbabwe in crisis

Three Zimbabwean newsmen arrested over Mugabe report

Rwanda cleans up ahead of post-genocide elections: Tenth anniversary of the 1994 genocide coming up, when 800,000 people were killed

HIV/Aids Figures 'Overestimated'

Polio spreading in West Africa

World Health Report: Life expectancy falls in poorest countries




Sunday, January 11, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Playing Church By The Numbers: The Rules of the New Paradigm Church Game -- "Purpose Driven"

Focus: Scared New World - "There are nasty people out there and there is no guarantee that because we are Great Britain none of them will ever, ever come to power."

Jonathan Raban: The Secret State of America - "Bush is using the 'war against terrorism' to justify frightening change"

Archives: CNN Producer Reveals America Just One Step Away From Secret Police and We Already Have A Secret Army

Police State 3: Reveals How Far Down Road To Dictatorship US Has Already Come, Including Unique Explanation of Patriot Act III

Bush savaged by former Treasury chief

Politician would ban dirty words from TV: He's angry that FCC failed to act

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea shows off its 'nuclear deterrent'

U.S. group visits disputed N. Korean nuclear facility

Japanese public interest in North Korean problems increasing

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Venezuela to U.S.: Don't meddle here

'US should not make India scapegoat for job loss'

Nine killed in southern Afghanistan clashes

Cafe bomb kills four in Indonesia

Key reformists barred from Iran polls

Iran has `no plans' for talks with U.S.

Iran Rebuffs US Overtures to Start Talks

Young Iranians breaking taboos, altering traditions

Loss puts Guatemalan ex-dictator in lion's den

Muslims' fears pose barrier to fighting polio in Nigeria

Communist rebels seen as rising threat in Philippines

Modern malaise is no problem for up-market Indonesian witchdoctors

Israeli - Palestinian Conflict

"Ethnic Cleansing" and Security Fences

Israeli Official Proposes Palestinian 'Ethnic Cleansing': Calls For 'Final Solution' Of The Palestinians

Archives: Jewish Professor Accuses Sharon Government of Planning "Ethnic Cleansing" of Arabs In Israel

Possible Prophetic Nature of Security Fences

Palestinian's Prime Minister Qurei urges world leaders to halt W. Bank fence

U.S. shares Israel's concerns about Hague fence talks

The Security Fence: Israel's Line of Defense

Other News

PLO says Palestinians can make own plans

Suicide bomber explodes prematurely in Shomron: IDF shoots 18-year-old

Palestinian Authority threatens to declare state

Israel rejects PA threat to declare state

Arafat pushing for International Madrid-style peace conference

Dean slams Hamas

Hamas would weigh `temporary peace': In exchange for the establishment of a Palestinian state "on the basis of the 1967 borders

Fatah official arrested

Moral Collapse

God's Condemnation of Homosexuality Graphically Revealed: "The Gay Blade"

N.J. Senate OKs Domestic Partners Bill

Driver is arrested over car art: Police seize boyfriend's auto with nude dancer painted on it

Chile Politician shunned for linking colleagues to sex ring

Survey reveals real-life sex and the city

Mars: Meaningless step for man, giant waste for mankind

Scientists report pattern in earthquake occurrences

Buddhist prayer wheel to top new WTC?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Saddam Ouster Planned Early '01? Right after Bush's inauguration!

New WMD Report Puts Bush in Hot Water

Powell withdraws al-Qa'ida claim as hunt for Saddam's WMD falters

Six killed in bicycle bombing at mosque

Shootout deadly for Iraqi police: U.S. soldiers mistakenly kill 2 officers, arrest 1 in Kirkuk

Iraqis divided over POW status given to Saddam

Possible Iraqi chemical weapons found - Denmark - Probably left from Iran/Iraq war


US relaxes terror alert after three weeks of tension: 8 airports remain at Orange - Mexico accuses US of "unjustified paranoia"

Due Process for Terrorists? The case for a federal terrorism court

Bush - Ashcroft Arguing To 9th Circuit Court That Their Government Can Torture and Summarily Execute Prisoners Without The Courts Having Any Jurisdiction Whatsoever!

Australia preparing major counter-terror exercise

Human rights and the release of the Guantanamo detainees

Guantanamo families accuse Blair of blocking release

US setting up tribunals: Guantanamo Prison will eventually have 1,100 cells

Syria must end support for “terrorism” if it wants talks: Israeli minister

Shalom: Recent contacts with Syria broken off due to leaks

Suddenly, diplomacy is all about Syria

Iran and Syria used last month's earthquake in Iran to secretly renew arms shipments to Hezbollah guerrillas

US refuses entry to two S African Muslims


Beijing Waitress may have SARS: Eatery searched

Beijing Apartment block scoured for SARS clues

Japan moves swiftly to prevent SARS outbreak

Is SARS A Bio-Weapon Aimed Primarily At Orientals?

South Korea bans animals linked to SARS

China drafts in police and the army in battle to contain Sars

President's visa proposal 'nightmare' to administer

Beef Industry feels anxiety because of Mad Cow before top cattle show: "Super Bowl of cattle shows" will open in Denver Saturday

Mad-cow town rallies for beef industry

Landmark hotel-casino closed: Seized an estimated $500,000 to pay for unpaid employee benefits

Pentagon auditors altered files

Weather News

Bitter cold punishes Northeast

Shivering heights: N.E. Patriots play in the coldest game in franchise history (4 degrees, minus-10 windchill at kickoff

Temperatures Hit Record Lows in Northeast

Boston's Logan Airport Sets Record Cold: Breaks record of 1875

Murder she wrote: Death of the Princess and her Lover - Did Charles plan it?

Business as usual for an embattled Prince

Diana's death: Police to quiz Prince Charles

Tight Surveillance = Dictatorship

RFID systems to monitor employee hygiene?

The Coming RFID Revolution

IDC to RFID: Tags, you're it - On a steady path toward the mainstream of supply-chain technology

Ominous Parallels - Nazism Has Developed In America - Surveillance And Technology - Video

Anti-RFID campaigner claims she is under personal attack

RFID Spending Expected To Top $1 Billion By 2008



Saturday, January 10, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Articles

Bush - Ashcroft Arguing To 9th Circuit Court That Their Government Can Torture and Summarily Execute Prisoners Without The Courts Having Any Jurisdiction Whatsoever!

"Final Birth Pangs" To Produce Antichrist: The Mysterious Blind Spot of Evangelical Christian Leadership

Terror Alert Confirms That The Illuminati Plan To Destroy New York City With An Atomic Device Is Still Active!

Israeli - Palestinian Conflict

Official: Palestinian Prime Minister Qurei should negotiate, not threaten

Palestinian Authority leaders discuss unilateral establishment of state

Senior Israeli Official Dismisses Palestinian Threats to Seek Single Arab-Jewish State

Hamas is prepared to accept a temporary peace with Israel if a Palestinian state is established

Paratrooper in 'that' 1967 Temple Mount picture: Give Up Mount for peace

Syria negotiations' pressure mounting on Sharon

Israeli Defense Minister Mofaz to Syria: Remove Hizbullah from borders

Arab writer: Syria needs to make courageous decisions

Israelis stranded behind the fence

IDF moving sections of security separation fence westward

Israel Wavers on Allowing Entry of Ethiopian Immigrants Who Claim to Be Jewish

Palestinian Children: Pedagogy of hate - The real reason "peace" is not possible

The 'longest hatred' revisited: Antipathy towards Israel sometimes blends into anti-Semitism

Anti-Terror Successes - Counter-Terror Drag Nets Hezbollah 'Reporter'

Bomb Lab Discovered

Oil near 9-month high amid cold snap: Crude gains slightly despite OPEC overproduction as Northeast U.S. is hit with frigid temperatures

OPEC contains price rise with supply leak

Global Terror

Nation's terror-alert level lowered: From Orange to Yellow

Committee says New Yorkers `complacent' about terrorism

World either lauds or lambasts US for new security measures

Clark says he can keep U.S. safe from attacks: No more 9/11-type attacks if he is elected President

Swiss arrest al Qaeda suspects: 8 are believed linked to May's Saudi attacks that left 35 dead

Anti-terror cosmetics

Al Qaeda suspects elude Pakistani troops in anti-terror operation

Pakistan Army Issues Ultimatum for Tribesmen Suspected of Sheltering Al-Qaida Fighters

Thailand's Prime Minister Vows to Help Economy in South to Halt Islamic Rebels

Terrorism in Saudi Arabia: Causes and Solutions - Arab viewpoint

Blind search for terrorists

Did Israeli General Moshe Dayan Order the Attack on the USS Liberty?

Operation Cyanide: How Israeli Bombing Of USS Liberty Nearly Caused Nuclear Conflict Between US and USSR

Hard sell for Schwarzenegger budget

Diana ordeal gives Charles his own annus horribilis: Still haunted by his wife's ghost, Prince Charles soldiers on in the face of allegations that he plotted to kill her

'High Level Concerns' over Diana Driver's Blood Sample

Pope Urges a Just International Order Yesterday

Bush savaged by former Treasury chief: "Bush's performance at cabinet meetings resembled that of "a blind man in a room full of deaf people"

Cry for US as it heads down the Argentinian road: White House's feckless economic policies will carry a high price

Supreme Court to Decide Enemy Combatant's Detention: Whether an American citizen arrested abroad can be declared an "Enemy Combatant"

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi Civilians Claim U.S. Military Opened Fire on Taxi, Killing Four and Wounding One

Attack kills Ft. Carson GIs: Copter downed in Iraq; at least 4 of 9 dead were stationed in Colorado

Deadly blast at Iraq mosque: As worshippers streamed out

Saddam Is A POW, Says Pentagon : With legal rights under Geneva Convention

Iraqi Authorities' Surprise over Saddam's Pow Status

Hussein's family wants dictator tried by international court

British official: Saddam not talking, but documents are

Soft treatment fails to get Saddam to talk

Administration Getting Desperate In Iraq? Tactical Evolution, or Tactical Desperation? Tactics changes subtly betray the administration’s worst fears – that Iraq is becoming another Vietnam

U.S. to stay in Iraq for several years, top general says

Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and flawed policy-making in Washington

U.S. cuts back crew searching for Iraq weapons: Hint that Bush team may no longer hope to find banned arms

WMD threat exaggerated

We had no Saddam, al-Qaeda link: Powell

Military movement largest in decades: U.S. troops turn over in Afghanistan, Iraq

Syria And Turkey Defy The United States: Sending message to US about Iraq

Leaders in Iraq agree on Kurds’ autonomy

Turkey, Syria worried over Iraq's integrity

US set to back state control of Iraqi oil

Attacks Against Shiite Mosques Raise Sectarian Concerns

Japan orders dispatch of main air force to Iraq

Belfast Teenager Shot in Paramilitary-Style Attack

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Syria´s Weapon of Mass Destruction - Admits possessing biological and chemical weapons

Asia-Pacific's economic freedom falls

Philippine's President Arroyo pushes quick shift to parliamentary system

President Arroyo joins the devotees of the Feast of the Black Nazarene

Four Pakistani soldiers killed in rocket attack after army offensive

Libya agrees payout for French jet bombing

India, China to start new round of talks on border dispute on Monday

In Haiti, malnourishment adds to country's woes

The power balance moves: "America’s days as the pre-eminent economic powerhouse have passed .. China will head New World Economic Order"

Brazil: Look America in the eye

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

U.S. Delegation Visits N.Korean Nuclear Complex

North Korea to show nuclear complex to US group: To prove it is not bluffing about its progress toward making more atomic weapons

North Korea refuses to follow Libya over N-programme

China offers North Korea US$50m in exchange for nuke talks

Nuke talks stalled over two words N. Korea won't utter

Japan, Singapore to ink pact on WMDs: Will cooperate to tighten export controls to curb the spread of weapons of mass destruction

China reacts quickly, but shoots the messenger: Reporter who revealed the latest SARS case has been stood down

China imposes heavy fines in Sars battle

Malaysia extends Sars checks to HK visitors

God and Green Mountains: The taciturn spirituality of Howard Dean's home state of Vermont

How the Ford Foundation Created Multiculturalism: With no scrutiny or oversight


Friday, January 9, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

8 Soldiers Die When Helicopter Goes Down in Iraq

Big U.S. Cargo Jet, Hit by Groundfire, Lands Safely in Iraq

Administration Getting Desperate In Iraq? Tactical Evolution, or Tactical Desperation? Tactics changes subtly betray the administration’s worst fears – that Iraq is becoming another Vietnam

Military movement largest in decades: U.S. troops turn over in Afghanistan, Iraq

Powell admits he saw no hard proof of Iraq terror link: Still defends justification for war

U.N. Chief to Meet With U.S. Ambassador to Discuss World Body's Role in Iraq

U.S. military deaths in Iraq approach 500

U.S. Forces Sweep Through Tikrit: Detains 30 Iraqis

Joy, chaos and tears as US frees prisoners

US Court Okays Pentagon To Resume Mandatory Anthrax Shots

Global Jihad

Not Such Strange Bedfellows: The issue that unites Arabs -- hatred and fear of American regional hegemony -- will likely more than make up for their "family differences"

Probe finds no terrorists on Air France flight

Interrogation, Torture, the Constitution, and the Courts: Bush - Ashcroft argue right to torture prisoners without Judicial review

Guantanamo prisoners told of capture of Saddam

U.S. Reportedly Will Release British Detainees Only if They Are Prevented From Terrorist Activity

Libya Signs Deal for $170 Million for 1989 French Passenger Jet Terrorist Bombing

South Korea warns of attack threats against its interests in Thailand

New Sars case in China fuels fears

Cat killings 'may spread SARS'

Name the unsafe airlines, demand passenger groups

Bush's Shocking Immigration Plan

Americans oppose increase in immigration

Mexico's President Fox Seeks More From Bush Immigration Plan

Immigration Amnesty Spells More Terror And A Thing Called 'Third World Momentum'

Bush Immigration Plan Borders On Treason

Bush's Free Ride For Illegals - Biggest Treachery In US History

Yellowstone Update

Scientists closely monitoring Yellowstone: Recent eruptions, 200 degree ground temperatures, bulging magma and 84 degree water temperatures prompt heightened srutiny of park's geothermal activity

Archives: Yellowstone Super Volcano May Be In Early Stages of Eruption

Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake - Yellowstone Park area - Very strong for "swarm" type of earthquake associated with thermal activity

Eight Earthquakes In Jackson Wyoming on 1/8/04: First one was the 5.0

Analyst says that US will accept Taiwan's defensive referendum

Transmitter signals suggest rocket of Japan's spy satellite sank off Philippines

Gay - Lesbian News

Homosexuals Pursuing Stealth Agenda

Homosexual Agenda Exposed! Great new book

Rosie O' Donnell plans gay cruise to Bahamas

Second Homosexual Event Scheduled at Disney World

CDC: The Flu Outbreak May Be Waning

Sustainable Development Series = Destruction of this Civilization

World consumption strains resources

Occult Theological Basis For Hating Our Industrial Civilization

Planned Destruction of Our High-Entropy Civilization and Unsustainable Economy

Toxins in Farm-Raised Salmon Pose Health Risk

DDT, Eggshells, and Me: Cracking open the facts on birds and banned pesticides

Using Jesus To Win Votes

Jesus is a Democrat, claims Dean as he woos Bush faithful

Dr. Dean and the Godhead: Dean Hits the Demagoguery Pedal...Hard

Dean says his religious views led to support for same-sex unions in Vermont

Howard Dean's Gay Army

Dean touts his Christianity: He says he is "a committed believer in Jesus Christ"

Adolf Hitler Claimed To Be Born Again! - "My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior" - Speech, 12 April 1921

Is President Bush Genuinely Born Again?

President Bush's "Good Fruits vs Bad Fruits" Comparison

Democrats move to claim Jesus as their own - The Jesus thing

Was Jesus Christ A Liberal?

President Bush - Man of Many Faces

Bush to Announce Missions to Mars, Moon

Bush goes from President of war to the peacemaker

America Should Not Lower The Nuclear Threshold: Bush Setting Forth US First-Strike Nuclear Option

Interrogation, Torture, The Constitution & The Courts: Bush Administration States To Federal Court: "Prisoners have no legal protection even if the plaintiffs were to claim that their captors were committing 'acts of torture' on Guantanamo or were 'summarily executing the detainees'

NYC 9-11 Truth Takes Back Ground Zero: "Bush Regime Engineered 9-11"

Illuminati Card Game Proves 9-11 Attack Plan Was Known To Occultists At Least As Far Back As 1995

Bush administration wants entire 9/11 case kept secret

The Silence of the CEOs: Stick up for Martha, for your own sakes -- What Ashcroft has done by approving Ms. Stewart's indictment is to threaten prison terms for officers of companies who dare to exercise their First Amendment rights


Government to move fast to uproot 400 Jews from the biblical heartland of the Jewish state: Bush administration is believed to be behind the divisive moves

Sharon Bends To US Demands

God Threatens End Times Judgment Against Those Who Would Attempt To "Divide The Land"

Ministers to sign loyalty oath against Sharon's disengagement plan

Palestinian leader warns of push for single nation

Powell rejects Palestinian Qurei's 'bi-national' threat

'Giving up outposts is a reward for terror'

Drop In Terrorism - Not Due To P.A. Pacifism

Giant Yesha Rally This Sunday Night: Pro-nationalist and Land of Israel organizations

Terrorist Group Hamas plays down Yassin peace offer' -- But will accept a ceasefire if a Palestinian State is created

Palestinian groups refuse US funds rather than sign pledge to renounce terrorism

Israeli Minster: 'Targeted killings work'

Syria negotiations' pressure mounting on Sharon

6 Palestinians arrested in Jenin

Libya: "Israel totally lacks diplomatic ethics"

Is Libya flirting with Israel?

Israeli soldiers refuse wearing American helmets resembling Nazi SS

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea to show nuclear complex to US group: To prove it is not bluffing about its progress toward making more atomic weapons

North Korean proposal may help nuke talks

North Korea Hints It Won't Follow Libya's Model of Renouncing Weapons of Mass Destruction

South Korean farmers force vote delay on free-trade pact

Frozen frontier where illicit trade with China offers lifeline for isolated North Koreans

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran and Syria used last month's earthquake in Iran to secretly renew arms shipments to Hezbollah guerrillas

Bam earthquake shows need for safer global housing standards, UN expert says

Iran's foreign minister welcomes resumption of ties with US

Comment: Earthquake aid unlikely to end chill in US-Iran ties

Iran`s al-Qaeda confusion

Rumsfeld weighs strikes in Lebanon, Somalia

Intel: U.S. OK'd Scud shipment to Libya: Administration 'looked the other way' so as not to impede Saddam exile plan

Does Libya's Qaddafi's About-Face Mean He Doesn't Pose Threat? Concerns over "Man-Made River," stupendous network of underground tunnels and caverns built with the help of Western firms to run the length and width of the country

Pakistani Army Says No Major Arrests in Operation Against Suspected Terrorists: Two Paramilitary Soldiers Killed

Family Members Prepare to Transport Body of Utah Man Killed in Guatemala Back to U.S.

Turkey to help Syria set up stock exchange in Damascus

Haiti Government Opponents Launch Strike

World Food Program helped 110 million in 2003

Many Americans still wonder about the nature of Jesus

Catholicism In The News

Catholic Fatima Shrine Has Developed Into Centre Where All Religions of World Can Pay Homage To Their Various Gods!

Pope Urges the Faithful to Walk With Mary in 2004: Points to "Paths of Goodness"

Mel Gibson's Jesus movie is an intensely personal vision bound to cause more controversy

Pro-abortion politicians barred from communion: Catholic bishop issues decree addressing 'manifestly grave sin'

Christians inspect Toys R Us

The Last Days of the First Amendment

U.S. Supreme Court Severely Erodes First Amendment Right To "Free Speech" By Upholding Constitutionality of "Campaign-Finance Reform"

Racist and Anti-Semitic literature distributed in town

Village of Niue 'flattened' by tsunami-type waves


Thursday, January 8, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Big U.S. Jet, Hit by Groundfire, Lands Safely in Iraq

Military Begins Huge Rotation of Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan

Terrorism Throughout The World

Terror Alert Confirms That The Illuminati Plan To Destroy New York City With A Terrorist Device Is Still Active!

Serious Threat Alert: Threatened attacks equal to or greater than those that occurred on 11 September

Costs Mounting From Terrorism Alert

Israelis patient with US fingerprinting

Australia Passport security measures to be beefed up, copying US fingerprinting measures

US flight delayed for fourth day

Terrorist Threats close Norway's Cairo Embassy

Emergency plans broadly welcomed: New emergency powers to combat terror attacks and other emergencies have been broadly welcomed in Scotland

Terror Plot to Attack U.S. with British Airways Jets

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US Pentagon Presses For Operation In Lebanon

Egypt Muzzles Calls for Democracy: Reformers Say Billions in U.S. Aid Prop Up Authoritarian Rule

Kashmiri militants accuse Pakistan's Musharraf of selling out

Analysis: Radical Arab regimes doing the minimum

Iranian FM says Tehran ready to negotiate with U.S.

Iran Quake Victim Found Alive after 13 Days

New leader of NATO puts Afghanistan first

Syria's Assad’s visit to Turkey aids Lebanese ties with Ankara -- Security cooperation kicked off diplomacy

Africa's peace drive faces credibility test

Racism defence can't keep cloak over the 'neo-cons'

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. cuts back crew searching for Iraq weapons: Hint that Bush team may no longer hope to find banned arms

U.S. Copter Goes Down in Iraq, Killing 8: At least 4 were soldiers

Civilians die as US forces open fire on Iraqi fighters

35 US soldiers injured in Iraq mortar attack

Beware 'big bang' insurgent attacks

US to launch 'carrot-and-stick' approach to secure lasting peace

Scots soldier dies in Iraq: "Tragic incident" on a training range near Basra

Chechen rebels, Taleban and al-QaedaTerror groups share their successful tactics with Iraqis

Four former Iraqi soldiers shot by police in bank riot

US Troops laugh at $10,000 bonus offer for re-enlisting

UK committed to keeping 10,000-troop garrison in Iraq until 2007

Through war and crisis, Rice and Bush forge a partnership

Pepsi to flow again in Iraq

First Japan ground troops may be in Iraq on Jan 16

The evidence against Blair that Hutton cannot ignore: MPs must hold the prime minister to account over Dr. Kelly

Bechtel, partners get $1.8b Iraq deal

Gulf countries earn $33b more on strong oil prices

First Iraqi prisoners to be freed: First of 506 to be freed

New Jersey Governor Signs "Unethical" Stem Cell Research Bill

Cannibal reveals man-eater network

Entrepreneur's new software has 'no boundaries or rules'

Yellowstone Update

Scientists closely monitoring Yellowstone: Recent eruptions, 200 degree ground temperatures, bulging magma and 84 degree water temperatures prompt heightened srutiny of park's geothermal activity

Archives: Yellowstone Super Volcano May Be In Early Stages of Eruption

Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake - Yellowstone Park area - Very strong for "swarm" type of earthquake associated with thermal activity

Eight Earthquakes In Jackson Wyoming on 1/8/04: First one was the 5.0

Interrogation, Torture, The Constitution & The Courts: "Prisoners have no legal protection even if the plaintiffs were to claim that their captors were committing "acts of torture" on Guantanamo or were "summarily executing the detainees"

Military Tribunal Trial Of 660 Prisoners At Guantanamo Bay To Begin!


Ex-Mossad chief: The Palestinians want it all - "PLO remains dedicated to the total destruction of Israel"

Arafat's Fatah terrorist group 'ready with 5,000 suicide bombers'

Number of Israelis killed in terror attacks down 50% in 2003

Palestinian Authority seeks to buy illegal arms

Three Palestinians killed in West Bank clashes

U.S. human rights report from State Department prepared to severly criticize separation fence

Teaching student activists to defend the fence: "The idea is to prevent terrorists from reaching the free people, to prevent terrorists from killing us in the buses, clubs, and cafes"

Israel needs a fence - just not this present one

U.S. Pressed to Revive Mideast Peace Process

Palestinian document: Hamas, Islamic Jihad timed bombings to derail peace process

Sharon Afraid of His Own Party: "Will not bring his "unilateral disengagement" plan to the Likud"

Netanyahu: Syrian "peace" track ought to be explored

PM Sharon: Syria talks must start from scratch

Netanyahu, Shteinitz Against Concessions to Syria

Syrian arms in perspective: US turns blind eye toward Israel's nuclear arms

Israeli-Libyan Relations Warming Up

Libya denies diplomatic contact: Israel regrets leak

Christians Supporting Israel

Israeli Lawmaker Announces New Christian Caucus in Knesset

Bush-Sharon Cleverly Leading Evangelical Christians To Support Current Illuminist Israeli Government

Canadian Islamists host a neo-Nazi

French Ambassador Advocates 'Two Speed Europe'

Bill Gates Touts More 'Seamless Computing'

Bush is ready to let millions of illegal workers stay in United States

Bush says plan can lift immigrants: Critics see no greater chance for citizenship

Analysis: Bush’s Coming Amnesty Plan -- Big disaster ahead

Beef exports in limbo: Shipping and trading companies hurt in mad cow scare

Londoners split over Diana: Nearly half of Londoners believe there was a conspiracy to murder Diana, Princess of Wales

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