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January 21-31, 2014        

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How Kerry Put Netanyahu in a Bind

How Israel Is Losing the Propaganda War

Kerry reject claims U.S. is disengaging from world

Does America Have Any Naval Strategists Anymore?

Death penalty sought for alleged Boston bomber Tsarnaev

President Obama to focus on long-term unemployed

A short history of the Republicans’ 48 attempts to repeal Obamacare

House leaders sell immigration blueprint

Gun Control In New World Order

Cops Brag About Having A License To Kill

Connecticut Gun Control Law Upheld, Gun Rights Advocates Plan To Appeal

How Did ‘Millions’ of High Capacity Magazines Disappear in Connecticut?

GOP Foley Courts Gun Owners Without Promising Sandy Hook Repeal

US-China Rivalry More Dangerous Than Cold War?

Archives: Prophecy Forbids US-China To Go To War

Why The US Will Not Sell Advanced Fighters To Taiwan

Why Snowden’s Revelations Were A Win For China

James Clapper calls for Snowden and 'accomplices' to return NSA documents

NSA, UK spy agencies scour mobile phone apps for personal data

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7

Saudi Arabia

China Secretly Sold Saudi Arabia DF-21 Missiles With CIA Approval

Why Did Saudi Arabia Buy Chinese Missiles?

Beware Saudi Arabia! Iran, Iraq plan to join forces and crash the world's oil market


Syria dragging its feet on chemical weapons destruction, says US

Syria peace talks end first round in deadlock

Nearly 1,900 Killed in Syria During Peace Talks

Turkish forces 'strike ISIL convoy in Syria'

Iraq / Afghanistan

Poll: Both Iraq, Afghanistan Wars a Failure

Archives: Over One Million Troops Exposed To Dearly Depleted Uraniaum Poisoning During Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Archives: "Iraq War: Mad Dash On The 33rd Parallel"

6 gunmen killed as police retake Iraq ministry

Syria helping Iraq take Fallujah back from Al Qaeda

Israeli-Palestinian War

'US Plans Auschwitz Borders To Complete Holocaust': Attorney Yoram Sheftel Warns

Public Waking Up to Kerry Dangers

Ya'alon: 'We Will Hurt Those Who Hurt Us'

Arab Terrorist 'Wanted to Hurt Jews'

Israeli Court Recognizes Messianic Jewish Congregation


Amazon warns of possible first-quarter loss, stock falls


January 30, 2014


NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

How Kerry Put Netanyahu in a Bind

'170,000 Rockets Aimed at Israel'

2014 Davos meeting ends with cautious optimism over global economy

Obama's 'myRA' retirement accounts: Created for working class Americans

Ukraine still 'on the brink'

Homeland Security details Super Bowl safety plan: VIPR Teams will be in place - "behavioral detection officers"

Mecca for the Rich: Islam's holiest site 'turning into Vegas'

EU police want ‘remote kill switch’ on every car

State of the Union 2014 News

Will Obama's State of the Union minimum wage push help economy? Answer is "Yes"

Bush Speechwriter: Obama plagiarized Bush in 2014 State of the Union Address

Senators react to the State of the Union: 'We're moving ahead'

Poll: 67% do not want Obama to take unilateral action

School Sued for Refusing Tattooed Jesus

Economic News

German Unemployment Falls More Than Forecast on Growth

The economy is only going to get stronger: Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics

Wall Street Finally Realizes the Taper Is for Real

Emerging-Market Tremors Shake the World Economy: "likelihood of another full-blown emerging-markets crisis remains low"

What emerging threats mean for your money: Urges investors to be patient and wait for the opportunities which shall come

Consumer confidence tops forecasts in January

Facebook Shares Surge On First Ever $1 Billion Mobile Ad Revenue Quarter

Automaker News

Ford hourly workers to get $8,800 bonus checks

Ford plans 15% boost in production at F-Series Super Duty Kentucky plant

Ford's profit up 26% in 2013

Stanford, MIT to carpool with Ford on driverless technology

New GM CEO Barra seeks to maintain momentum, delight customers

Chrysler makes $1.8B in 2013

Traditional Big Three is an era long gone

Detroit News

Detroit Pensions Are Frozen, Then Thawed

Property values rise across Detroit region

Oakland County ranks 4th in nation in house flipping

DIA pledges to raise $100M for artwork as Detroit creditors get first look at debt plan

Foundation pledges for Detroit pensions, art rise to $370 mln

Michigan governor offers $350 million for Detroit pensions

Common GMO Tobacco Virus Potentially Linked to Bee Deaths

Obama's high school pot dealer who he thanked for the 'good times' was beaten to death with a hammer by his gay lover

US Marijuana Laws: Will records be wiped clean?

India outrage after woman politician blames women for rape

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia and Eastern Europe

US, EU meddling in Ukraine battle: Russian viewpoint

Ukraine lawmakers offer protester amnesty

Ukraine protesters defy terms of new amnesty law

Russia puts $15-billion Ukraine bailout on hold

Putin: Russia ready to support Ukraine, regardless of govt

US Reportedly Readies Financial Sanctions Against Ukraine

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7

Islamic extremism to blame as Christian deaths nearly double in a year


Iraq and Iran plot oil revolution, challenging Saudi Arabia

Turkey's Erdogan Visits Iran to Improve Ties After Syria Split

Israeli General Says Al-Qaida's Syria Fighters Set Up in Turkey

Nuke inspectors visit Iran uranium mine for 1st time in years

With Iran, Israel, Kerry is master of the interim deal

Senate Democrats Back Off Iran Sanctions Vote

Obama Has Made it Impossible for Israel to Strike Iran


Syria biological weapons scare another way to justify US ‘armed struggle policy’

Syrian Sides Still Talking

UN: No substantive results in Syria talks

Syrian government 'demolished thousands of homes'

US spy chiefs say number of foreign militants in Syria rises


Militant assault on Iraq ministry building kills 18

Iraqi Forces Reclaim Building After Militant Attack

18 killed, 46 wounded in attacks in Iraq's capital: 8,868 Iraqis, including 7,818 civilians and civilian police personnel killed in 2013

Iraq needs Kurdish oil income to avert budget collapse

Iraq says Syria war spillover hinders oilfields, pipelines


Saudi Arabia to give Egypt up to $4-billion more aid

Egypt to put 20 journalists on trial on terrorism-related charges

Egypt 'safe', Britons told


U.S., NATO forces plan for a fast exit from Afghanistan

U.S.: Afghanistan can't 'keep deferring' decision on security pact

Falling short on Afghanistan

Suicide car bomb kills two in Afghanistan

US-Funded Hospital in Afghanistan Has 3 Light Bulbs, Forces Staff to Wash Newborns in River Water: Hospital cost U.S. $600,000

Supernation #8

Obama Africa Policy Gaining Momentum

CAR and South Sudan dominate African summit

UN Approves European Troop Deployment to CAR

Russian diplomat, wife stabbed in Sudan

AU commended for helping restore peace in northern Mali

Israeli-Palestinian War

'170,000 Rockets Aimed at Israel'

Arab Man Shot Attempting to Attack Iron Dome Position

Kerry Considers Direct Appeal to Israelis

Jerusalem of Hamas?

Success for Obama: No New Iran Sanctions

Liberman: PM's words got twisted, Israel wouldn't leave settlers under Palestinian rule

Bennett: Jews living under PA rule would be killed

Kerry's Peace Plan: Divide Jerusalem, Recognize Jewish State

Palestinians Say 'NO' to Peace Talks

Scarlett Johansson is Israel's Unexpected Heroine

Supernation #1 Forming

North American Union

Kerry signals advance of 'North American Union' plan

Kerry Met With Counterpart Officials from Canada and Mexico

Mexico launches anti-kidnapping agency after abductions soar

Drone Farmer Arrest: Predator Provided Evidence in ND Farmer Standoff

For 2016, Hillary Clinton has commanding lead over Democrats

Republicans make overtures to middle class in effort to counter Obama, Democrats

Monsanto is 'like a mafia selling protection' to farmers


January 29, 2014

State of the Union Address

Good Speech, Modest Agenda, Diminished Leader: Americans may have already tuned out Obama

State of the Union Fact Check: Obama’s Rhetoric vs. Reality

Ted Cruz: The Imperial Presidency of Obama

Six Down, Two To Go: Analysis of State of the Union Address

NBC News Poll: State of the Union - Pessimistic

Tea Party response to State of the Union: Video

Rep. McMorris Rodgers in Response: GOP 'Dreams Big for Everyone'

FULL TRANSCRIPT: Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address

Obama Has Made it Impossible for Israel to Strike Iran

Aide to Egypt’s interior minister killed

Bumper Turkish rate hike sends lira surging, world stocks rally: Emerging Markets crisis may have been averted

Fed Tapers QE to $65 Billion Pace as Labor Market Improves

San Jose police could tap into volunteer residents' private security cameras under new proposal

DHS - Homeland Security - Drone Crashes Into Pacific off Calif Coast

Super Bowl Preparations to Include Air Defense Exercise

Pentagon investigations point to military system that promotes abusive leaders

Resistance to sales of post offices grows nationwide

Democrat Senator Feinstein and Husband Richard Blum: Might Make $1.1 Billion In Revenue From Sale of Post Office properties

Alec Baldwin blasts TSA over pat-down of his baby, then backtracks

Canada needs more oversight of spy agencies: Privacy watchdog

As Drought Continues, California Farmers Fear Feds Could Seize Water

UC Berkeley Professor: California Dry Spell May Be Worst Since 1500s

Bill decriminalizes less than 1 ounce of marijuana in Wyoming

Food Stamps: how House, Senate negotiators agreed to cut $800 million a year

19 Democratic Senators file amicus brief in Hobby Lobby ObamaCare birth control case

Pentagon Concerned by China’s New High-Speed Hypersonic Missile

Year 2000 Archives: Has Russian Technology Doomed US Navy In This Upcoming Third World War? China Has These Russian Weapons

Malaysia navy chief denies Chinese incursion: Says exercise occurred in International Waters and that Malaysia was properly notified

No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act Passes in House: Will not pass Senate

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7


Gunmen kill Egyptian general: Top Interior Ministry official

Influential cleric urges Saudis to stop backing Egypt's dominant military

Egypt's military rulers face heightened threat from shadowy militant group


Rebels claim control over Syria’s oil, gas resources

Syria army edges forward in Aleppo

Evidence points to secret Israeli strike on Syrian missile launchers


Iran and Iraq plan to join forces to become world's new oil superpower

U.S. to sell 24 Apache helicopters to Iraq

Militants ‘capture soldiers’ as Iraq unrest kills 12


Our Quagmire In Afghanistan Is Too Much Like Vietnam

The mammoth military task of leaving Afghanistan

US will leave a small force in Afghanistan post-2014: Obama


Al-Qaeda benefits from unsettled Yemen politics

65% of Brides in Muslim Yemen are Children

Kidnapped Egyptian diplomats in Libya freed

Islamic Blasphemy Law Used Against Minorities in Pakistan

Supernation #8

Central African Republic (CAR)

UN backs EU force in Central Africa amid troops push: At least 10,000 troops will eventually be needed to restore order

Central African Republic crisis getting even worse - UN

Central African Republic: Rebels lose their grip on country: ‘We are liberated!’

CAR Religious Cannibal: Why I ate man's leg


U.S. military carries out drone airstrike in Somalia

Sudan / South Sudan

South Sudan accuses rebel leader of treason

South Sudan Crisis: Will the peace last?

Escaping South Sudan violence


Supernation #5 Forming

Russia and Eastern Europe

Ex-president warns Ukraine 'on brink of civil war'

Kremlin Wades Into Ukrainian Turmoil

NATO criticizes Russian pressure on Ukraine

Putin tells Brussels to stay out of Ukraine's political crisis

Back from the brink in Ukraine?

Ukraine's president accepts resignation of PM after protest laws annulled

How protest and violence in Ukraine could give way to unity

Israeli-Palestinian War

Americans Support Israeli Positions Overwhelmingly

Bennett: Jews living under PA rule would be killed

Shooting Down of Egyptian Chopper Corroborates Bennett's Warning

The 'Kerry Plan': Palestinian capital in east Jerusalem, recognition of Jewish state

Senior PLO Official: Kerry plan includes series of Israeli withdrawals

Abbas ready to meet with PM: May also address Knessett

Abbas hints support for transition period for peace deal

IDF Chief of Staff: Every Israeli border more challenging -- vulnerable -- now than in past

Defense Minister Ya'alon: US 'detaching from the Middle East'

US Intentionally Refrained from Bombing Auschwitz 'To Avoid Jewish Influx'

Knesset airs pro-circumcision film at PACE

Will Russia's first anti-smartphone revolutionize the market?

Mettle test begins for the Sochi ring of steel


January 28, 2014


Obamacare Replacement Proposed by Republicans

Katy Perry: Illuminati Priestess Conducts Witchcraft Ceremony In Front Of The Entire World

'Where was the US During the Holocaust?'

State of the Union 2014: How far will Obama go?

Obama Threatens Veto of Bill to Bar Federal Funding of Abortions

The Next George Bush: Young George Prescott Bush

Mitt Romney clarifies Putin comments: Said Putin repeatedly 'outmaneuvered' Obama on world stage

‘Face the Nation’ Edits Out Senator Cruz Condemning Obama’s ‘Abuse of Power'

59% Say Less Government, Not More, Would Help Close Income Gap

Netanyahu: We need a UN of the Internet

New York teachers turn on "Common Core": Has "Failed"

State of the Union Address: Tonight, 9 PM EST

Did Obama keep last year's State of the Union promises?

The State of the Union Curse

The lie that hangs over the State of the Union

STATE OF THE UNION: What to expect tonight

What Constitution? Obama To Emphasize Intention To Use Unilateral Presidential Authority

Mitt Romney previews the State of the Union

Free Trade State of the Union

Poll: 63% Don't Have Confidence in Obama to Make Right Decisions

Boston Marathon bombing survivors to attend State of the Union

Obama Invites Gay Ex-NBA Player Jason Collins to State of the Union Address: "I couldn’t be prouder of him."

Memorable guests at the State of the Union

Can Mike Lee Save the Tea Party?

What if China, Syria, North Korea, Iran and Egypt had to give a State of the Union Address?

Obama to sign executive order raising minimum wage for federal contractors

Winter Olympics 2014: Should Americans go to Sochi?

Security level of daily life in Sochi totally in line with global standards - Official claims

Russian Ambassador Kislyak: Sochi Games will be 'joyful, peaceful'

VIP turnout at Sochi: Trouble, but not a tragedy

'Schindler's List' Producer: 'I Never Feared My Government Until Now'

Only CBS Covers Rand Paul Blasting Bill Clinton's 'Predatory' Behavior Toward Women

NBC Hypes 'Costco of Weed' in Colorado Planning Nationwide Franchise

Food in the sky? Highrise farming idea gains ground

Democratic Congressman Admits Obamacare Won't Work (After Announcing Retirement)

Russia seeks lead in BRICS for foreign investment

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia and Eastern Europe

Ukraine: Prime Minister Resigns

Ukraine's Justice Minister Issues State of Emergency Warning

Soros Activists Take Over Ukrainian Government Buildings

Dead man found hanging on Kiev's Independence Square

Israeli-Palestinian War

Netanyahu settlement stance draws fire

Netanyahu to Leave Jews in 'Palestine'? PA outraged, "not a single 'settler could be left behind inside the borders of a Palestinian state"

Yacimovich: Abbas agreed to Jewish settlers in future Palestinian state

Abbas: Three year maximum transitional period after agreement

Palestinian Authority: Netanyahu has 'Nazi Genes'

Clash looms between Israel and Gaza

Defense Minister Yaalon: Mideast's Artificial Colonial States are Collapsing - Iraq, Iran and Syria were artificially created

Poll: Most Americans Oppose Obama, Support Israel

Anti-Israel Terror Up Significantly in 2013

Georgian Prime Minister in Israel to Sign Trade Agreement

Minister Slams ‘Assisted Suicide’: Doctors Should Heal, Not Kill

POLL: Anti-Semitism Remains Problem in Europe - 63 percent of locals believe that there is a Jewish conspiracy to control the banking system and the world media

Why Europe blames Israel for the Holocaust: Post-1945 anti-Semitism: When will Jews be forgiven the Holocaust? Never - Israel has become the collective Jew

'Economist' magazine cartoon sparks anti-Semitism row

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7


Israel Suspected in Air Strike on Syria Saturday Night

Syria talks resume with new effort to get Assad regime, opposition to discuss plan for transitional gov't

Congress Approves 'Light Weapons' to 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels

Malnourished but defiant, Syrians under siege in Homs demand end to suffering

US ship departs to destroy Syrian chemical agents


Kurdish Independence from Iraq in Five Years: KRG Advisor

Archives 2006: Iraq Now Splitting Into Three Nations -- Bible Prophecy Is Being Fulfilled!

Civil War politics & bloodshed: Iraq's security catastrophe - "Iraq is becoming a quasi-failed state'

Nineveh Governor Casts Doubts on Baghdad’s Reasons for New Provinces

Iraq to Get Apache Attack Helicopters, Missiles From U.S.

Officials: 2 Attacks Kill 7 People in Iraq


Egypt's General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi given go ahead to run for president

Ousted Egypt Leader Morsi Shouts Inside Cage at Trial

Egypt's deposed president Morsi appoints defence lawyer

Egypt's Minister of Interior aide shot dead in Giza


President Karzai reportedly suspects US hand in recent Afghanistan attacks

Afghanistan to free 37 Bagram inmates despite U.S. protests

In Afghanistan, a war that has lost its purpose

Afghanistan Instability Weighing on Pakistan

Supernation #8

100 Said Dead in Islamist Atrocity in Nigeria: Christian church also burned down

Sudan's president to announce government, constitution shake-up


Pope John Paul II's blood stolen from church in Italy

Nissan’s Crazy-Powerful New Engine Weighs Just 88 Pounds

First Cross-Country Tesla Trip Takes Less Than a Week, Costs $0



January 27, 2014


IRS to get 'license to kill' groups that oppose Obama agenda

White House warns Obama could go around Congress

Clintons kept a political 'hit-list' of friends and enemies after failed 2008 bid

In Pictures: Ukraine protests multiply

Maryland mall to reopen Monday after deadly shooting as investigators search suspect's journal

American Farmers Abandoning GMO Seeds: “Non-GMO Crops are more Productive and Profitable”

Russian teen charged with possessing weapon of mass destruction

Europe’s Economy is Almost Out of the Woods: WSJ

Obama set to announce 'practical' agenda focusing on immigration, income equality: State of the Union

Obama State of the Union address an opening salvo for 2014 elections

Cruz: Obama Should Apologize For Obamacare at State of the Union

12 Guaranteed Obama-isms You’ll Notice at the State of the Union

Leading Scientist On Fukushima Radiation On West Coast of North America: “No One Is Measuring So Therefore We Should Be Alarmed”

University of Alaska Scientists: Fukushima Radiation May Be Making Alaska Seals Sick

NSA also serves economic interests: Snowden interview

Snowden accuses NSA of conducting industrial espionage

Snowden Claims 'Significant Threats' to his Life

US Lawmaker: Safety at Sochi Olympics Not Guaranteed

US Emphasizes Close Cooperation With Russia on Olympic Security

Expert: Area around Sochi Olympics as dangerous as Iraq

Sochi 2014: No gay people in city, says mayor

At Super Bowl, detecting threats is like finding a needle in a haystack

Entire family of Kim Jong-un’s uncle executed in N. Korea

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia and Eastern Europe

Ukraine Protesters Seize Justice Ministry

Ukraine justice minister warns of state of emergency ifr protestors do not leave offices

Ukraine Opposition Cool to Power-sharing Offer

Protests Spread in Ukraine Despite Bitter Cold

Killed protester mourned in Ukraine amid crisis

Ukraine’s crackdown singling out Catholics, Canada’s religious-freedom envoy

Protesters throw flash grenades at building in Ukraine: Video

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #8

France to Increase Military Presence in Africa: Mali, Niger and Chad, Ivory Coast

Central African Republic (CAR)

EU Agrees to Send Troops to Central African Republic (CAR)

World Bank to raise $100m for CAR

CAR Interim Leader Vows to Restore Security in Bangui

CAR Humanitarian Crisis Deepens

Targeted' sanctions for CAR?


France to Expand Military Presence in Africa: “The Intervention in Mali is not Enough, We have to go Beyond”

Mali: Algeria, Mali Step Up Security Co-Operation

UN Urges More Peacekeepers in Mali

Mali Investigates Deaths of Soldiers: Found in mass grave

Sudan / South Sudan

S. Sudan Rebels Say Gov't Violating New Cease-Fire

South Sudan: Sudanese Civil Society Calls for Change to U.S. Digital Technology Sanctions

S.Sudan Speaker explains deployment of Uganda Peoples defense forces (UPDF)


Inside Nigeria's Ruthless Human Trafficking Mafia

Uganda's Identity card project will help fight crime - Museveni


Supernation #7

Syria Peace Talks: When the “International Community” Supports Terrorism

Syria Talks: 'Impasse' at Geneva on power transfer

Syria’s woes require a grown-up approach

The Influential Minister Behind Argentina’s Economic Shift: Argentina seeks to regain access to global financial markets

New Fiscal Showdown Builds Over Debt Limit

How New York’s Fire Department Uses Data Mining

“Need Room to Grow?” Marijuana-friendly real estate agents and other enterprising businesspeople looking to make a bundle from Colorado’s weed industry

D.C.’s mayoral candidates are racing to decriminalize pot

U.S. Government Owns Patent on Cannabis

Supreme Court says nuns can be exempt from ObamaCare mandate: If they complain in writing while case plays out in court



January 25-26, 2014


Inequality: Why poor Americans aren't up in arms

U.S. ready to 'extract' citizens from Sochi Olympics: Defense Secretary Hagel

Unaccountable Hillary Clinton

Egypt: Collapsing Colossus

Obamacare Repeal Is Our 'Fierce Urgency Now'

Dallas passes ordinance outlawing people, including protesters, who ‘distract motorists’ near freeways: Violation of First Amendment?

Partial-Birth Abortion Pioneer Ordered to Shut His Clinic

Supreme Court Extends Injunction for Catholic Nuns Against Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate

Supernation #1 Forming

"North American Union"

N. American Union of U.S. and neighbors? Why not?

Homeland Security Secretary: Illegals Have ‘Earned Right to be Citizens’

Foes of Obama Trade Pacts Mostly Fellow Democrats: Trying to muscle through the Free Trade Agreements which are the heart of Supernation development

Michigan Gov. Wants Visas for Immigrants Who'll 'Stay for 5 Years' in Detroit

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia and Eastern Europe

Ukraine Crisis: Peaceful negotiations 'futile'

Ukrainian president Yanukovch meets opposition in Kiev

Kiev protesters siege energy ministry building as Donetsk holds pro-govt rallies

Serbian scenario unfolding in Ukraine?

Ukraine unrest timeline

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7

The Threat of the "Salafi Crescent": Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon

More than 2,400 dead as Obama’s drone campaign marks five years

Drone strikes are illegal according to a prominent Pakistani lawyer


Syria’s Civil War: Can he manipulate the West?

Syria foes briefly meet in same room at Geneva II talks

Saudi royal calls for UN resolution to pull militias from Syria

Syrian opposition, the US attempt 'to scrap Geneva 2 talks and make them meaningless'


Afghan president says U.S. should start talks with Taliban or leave

Top general to ask Obama to keep more troops in Afghanistan

Congress quietly cuts U.S. military and development aid for Afghanistan

Remains of Malaysian killed in restaurant suicide in Afghanistan cremated


Do Syria and Iraq still exist? 20th century borders are breaking down in the Middle East

New provinces: a "plan" to divide Iraq, MP

Iraq hit by multiple fatal bombings: At least 12 killed

Iraq politician warns elections may further alienate Sunnis

Turkey Finds High-Grade Oil on Its Border With Iraq

Egypt - "Current Events Are Propelling Egypt Down The Abyss Into Her Final, End of Days, Prophetic Judgment"

Egypt: Collapsing Colossus

There is no going back for Egypt

Divided Egypt Marks 3rd Anniversary of Uprising

Egypt’s evolving governance is no ‘democratic transition’

US Citizen and Local Filmmaker Detained in Egypt

Libya says Egyptian diplomats snatched after Libyan militia chief's arrest


Regional wave of Sunni extremism reaches Lebanon

Yemeni official says diplomat's body found: Iranian report denies it

UN envoy calls for the recovery of Yemen’s lost funds

Supernation #8

Violence still reported in S. Sudan despite cease-fire

Nigeria’s Army: Heads off - losing a brutal fight in the country’s north against Islamic terrorists

UN: Thousands of Nigerians Flee Fighting in North

French forces kill 11 militants in Mali

Mali military says 2 rockets fall near northern town of Kidal

Mali: with terrorists regrouping, Security Council urges full deployment of ‘blue helmets’

Brutality against children in Central African Republic reaches unprecedented levels – UN

Central African Republic: despite insecurity, UN provides food for hundreds of thousands

Former minister killed as clashes escalate in Central African Republic

Central African Republic: Emergency evacuation from a crucible of violence

UNHCR resumes aid distribution for 100,000 at Bangui airport in Central African Republic

An influx of returnees raises humanitarian needs in Chad: Fleeing fighting in C.A.R.

Israeli-Palestinian War

"What Will Happen When Israel Refuses Integration Into Club of Rome Supernation #7?"

Kerry: Israel's Security Must be Ensured in Peace Deal

At Davos, Kerry says US remains engaged in Mideast, is committed to peace process, Syria, Iran

PM Netanyahu: I Will Not Evict Israelis from the Jordan Valley

Meet Netanyahu's Son's Norwegian Girlfriend: Being a terrorist target is a concern

‘Protecting the security fence is a daily fight': Tavor Battalion Cmdr

1 Palestinian dead in clash with IDF on Gaza border

Palestinians demand removal of West Bank barrier, compensation

Security Fence Separating Israeli from Palestinian - A Prophetic Must


Nobody says 'recovery' at Davos

Mexico draws over $7 billion in foreign investment at Davos

Davos executives see data theft as too costly, too hard to beat

Gmail goes down briefly and everybody flips out

Senate bill would require smartphone ‘kill switch’ in case of theft

Snowden has more US-Israel secrets to expose: Glenn Greenwald

Republicans vote to end NSA bulk phone metadata surveillance program

Senate staffer arrested on child pornography charges found dead

US Travel Alert Now Mentions the Black Widow: Warning American citizens about dangers of traveling to Sochi Olympics

Unbelievable! MSNBC cuts Congresswoman during NSA LIVE to report... Justin Bieber

January 24, 2014


Queen hands over the reigns to Prince Charles - historic step closer to a new king

Archives: Prince William Taking Two Huge Steps To Become The "Masonic Christ"!

Charity: Some cancer patients are being written off as too old for treatment

Warfare, Welfare, and Wonder Woman — How Congress Spends Over $1 Trillion

Snowden won't be pressured to end asylum: Russia

Poll: Fewer voters say reelection deserved

Quinnipiac Poll: Obama Incompetent, Dishonest, Untrustworthy

Nations Largest Cocaine Smuggler Revealed: The DEA

Google Chrome Bugs Allow Sites to Listen to Your Private Conversations

NSA Collects 200 Million Texts Per Day

Microsoft moves to thwart NSA prying as backlash grows

We need to fix Obamacare's young-person problem

Paul Ryan doesn’t want to be House Speaker

House Speaker John Boehner: Sometimes I'm 'Gestapo'

Supernation #5 Forming

'Foreign Pressure on Ukraine Will Only Make Matters Worse'

Ukrainian Opposition and the West ‘Playing with Fire Siding With Extreme Nationalists'

West targets Russia by Ukraine unrest

Ukraine at the crossroads

Ukraine protesters seize building, put up more barricades

Protests spread to new cities as crisis talks fail in Kiev

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7


West is the architect of terrorism in Syria

The Ugly American (and Friends) in Geneva

KSA seeks total destruction of Syria: Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Syrian Electronic Army hacks CNN accounts amid Geneva 2 talks

Iraq participates in Geneva-2 Conference


Iran role in ending Syria crisis crucial: Qatar

Iran ready to help int'l aid delivery to Syria: President Rouhani

Iran wants full nuclear deal and investment, Rouhani tells Davos


Iraqi Leader: Nation on course for Syria-style civil war

Sunnis fleeing Anbar find restive refuge in Shiite holy city

Iraq’s oil brinkmanship

US Assisting Iraq in Fight Against Al Qaeda 2 Years After Troops Withdraw

Editorial: Washington should keep away from Iraq


Egypt’s President Declares: Police state has ended

Suicide car bomber kills four in Cairo, two more blasts follow

Egypt police targeted in series of bomb attacks across Cairo

Egypt's Antiquities Minister: Car Bomb at Police HQ Caused Major Damage to Islamic Art Museum

Detention extended for journalist in Egypt


US reconstruction funds go unspent in Afghanistan

IG for Afghanistan paints grim picture of possible narco-criminal state

Women's rights in Afghanistan worsen in 2013


Yemen's national dialogue conference concludes with agreement for new constitution

Three suspected militants killed in U.S. drone strike in Yemen

Assassins in Yemen kill two leaders; third survives separate attack

South Sudan rivals sign ceasefire agreement

Israeli-Palestinian War

Netanyahu Advances China Alliance in Davos

Kerry, Netanyahu Discuss Peace Talks At Davos

President Peres Wins 'Global Leadership' Award at Davos

Ambassador Shapiro: Kerry heard things from Netanyahu, Abbas 'no one ever heard before'

Jewish Opinion: Think again: The demand for recognition as a Jewish state: Is it just? Is it wise?

Tiny Israel Among Ten Most Powerful Nations In World

IDF Trains Soldiers, Security Teams Again On Terrorist Infiltration

‘Protecting the security fence is a daily fight,’ says commander of Tavor Battalion

Hamas Minister: Israel has another eight years left

Abbas In Russia To Sign $1 Billion Energy Deal

Putting Jesus Back in the Synagogue


FBI warns retailers of more cyber attacks

Insider's view reveals dire conditions in Sochi ahead of the Winter Olympics

Emerging market sell-off spills over to Europe, U.S.

January 23, 2014


Tensions Run High in Kiev as Protestors’ Ultimatum Approaches

LAX officers reportedly went on breaks minutes before airport TSA shooting

US think tank calls Sochi Olympics 'holy grail' for Islamic radical terrorists

Major New Voice Slams NSA Spying

War In Afghanistan Has Been Lost: Lt. Col. Daniel Davis

US tries to redefine concept of war by using drone policy

Massive US airships to conduct 24/7 domestic aerial surveillance over East Coast

Obama should be hanged for war crimes: Florida House candidate

Why Facebook will be abandoned by 2017

Former NRC Commissioner: Trying To Solve Global Warming By Building Nuclear Power Plants Is Like Trying To Solve Global Hunger By Serving Everyone Caviar

Girl, 14, accused in death of 11-year-old stabbed more than 30 times

Supernation #5 Forming

Kiev under fire after police crackdown on protesters: Some police set on fire

Ukraine opposition gives president election ultimatum

Ukraine Protests: Crisis talks after day of bloodshed

US revokes Ukraine visas as protests turn deadly

U.S. moves closer to diplomatic intervention in Ukraine

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7


Syria Geneva II: UN to hold talks with rival groups

Iran's heavyweight absence hangs over Syria talks

Syria shows peril of Iran's growing power

On Syria, Obama administration is leading to failure

Syria: Photos charging mass torture by regime 'fake'

The Kidnapping Contagion in Syria

Footage shows Syria ‘FSA’ militants defecting ranks: Joining the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad


Editorial: New trouble in Iraq

Battles, bombs kill 16 in northern Iraq's Mosul

Time to end al Qaeda presence in Falluja: Iraq's PM Maliki

Iraq oil exports, revenues dip in 2013

Iraq says air strikes 'kill 50 militants' in Anbar


Amnesty says Egypt violence on 'unprecedented scale'

Five Egypt police killed at checkpoint

Egypt Says Not Invited to US Africa Summit

Give Egypt some credit

Egyptian Journalist: We Should Teach Hamas a Lesson

Dubai Retailer Majid Al Futtaim Plans To Invest $2.3bn In Egypt


West Explores Plan B for Forces in Afghanistan: Kabul Diplomats Conclude Karzai Won't Sign Security Deal With U.S.

Our Leaders Must Admit that the War has Failed, Has Been Lost: Lt. Col. Daniel Davis

Pentagon eyes 10,000 troops for Afghanistan, or none

5 Minnesota Guard members wounded in suicide attack in Afghanistan

Militants kill five students in Afghanistan: Were playing volleyball


Al-Qaida wages assassination war against Yemen's spy services

Houthi delegate to Yemen unity talks killed

Iranian envoy killed in Yemen kidnap attempt

Iran to send investigating team to Yemen over diplomat killing

20 killed in clashes in northern Yemen

What really happened when a U.S. drone hit a Yemeni wedding convoy?

U.S. Drone crashes in Al-Mahra governorate

Korkie’s kidnappers send bomb-belt photo


US Officially Approves Waiver to Lift Sanctions on Iran

Clashes in Lebanon’s Tripoli kill 9 in five days

Saudi Arabia frets, threatens to torch region

US Troops in Jordan Will Train Iraqi Soldiers

Supernation #8

CAR (Central African Republic)

UN expert warns Central African Republic is at risk of genocide

Africa’s bad omen of world war: European Union to send troops to Central Africa

Central African Republic: Persistent violence causes great concern

Seven dead in tit-for-tat killings in Central African Republic

New mass grave found in Central African Republic

Sudan / South Sudan

South Sudan: Scrambling to meet urgent needs in Unity state

S. Sudan Conflict Delays Agreements with Sudan

‘S Sudan abuse as bad as Syria’

With International Focus On Neighbour's Conflict, Sudan Escalates Attacks

S. Sudan Accuses Opposition of Hospital Deaths


African Union Helping Mali to Finalize Peace Process

France launches anti-terror operations in Mali

Five injured as UN vehicle in Mali hits land mine

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israeli Leaders Dismiss Rouhani's Smooth-Talking at Davos

Likud Ministers: Peres 'Shooting His Mouth Off Again'

Dept. Foreign Minister Tells EU Envoy to End 'Double-Standards'

Netanyahu: Israel isn't what's wrong with Middle East; it's what's right with Middle East

Europe: Naturally, Israel Will Be Blamed for Failed Peace Talks

Israel Nabs Al Qaeda Cell That Planned to Bomb US Embassy

Al Jazeera: Why Can't Arab Armies Be More Like Israel?

'US perceives Israel as encouraging anti-Obama backlash among American Jews'

Israel advances plans for 642 new settler homes

Lapid: Press the world to recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel

US think tank calls Sochi Olympics 'holy grail' for Islamic radical terrorists

Winter Olympics 2014: Race to find Sochi 'bomber' casts chill over Sochi Games

Sochi 2014: IOC jeopardized safety of athletes and fans in awarding Games to Putin’s Russia

Sochi 2014: Cyber-surveillance network heightens privacy fears

Russia returns to Soviet spending habits for Sochi Olympics

One Student Dead in Purdue University Shooting

Wife of Slain Movie Theater Patron Says Her Life Is 'Shattered': Movie Theater Shooter May Attempt 'Stand Your Ground' Defense

Middle school warns snorting Smarties may lead to nasal maggots: Spiritual emptiness

U.S. to hit debt ceiling sooner than thought


January 22, 2014


Obama offers US security assistance to Putin as Olympic terror fears mount

Super Bowl security will be massive

Syrian Kurds declare autonomy on eve of Geneva 2

Pope issues appeal for Syria cease-fire, path to reconstruction at start of Syria peace talks

Pope to Davos Elite: ‘Humanity must be served by wealth, not ruled by it’

Thailand: Regime Cites Own Terror Campaign as Pretext for "Emergency Decree"

Disgusting example of corporate data mining.: OfficeMax Apologizes for "Daughter Killed in Car Crash" Letter

Bank of England - No need to raise rates if jobless rate falls to 7 percent soon

Nun Gives Birth To Baby Boy In Italy

NSA Propaganda Backfires … Public Trusts Government Less Than Ever

U.S. Lawmakers accuse Snowden of being Russian spy

Snowden Dismisses Claims He Was Spying for Russia

Snowden to ask Russian police for protection after US threats – lawyer

Star of Russian ‘Scrubs’ Asks Putin to Ban ‘Sodomy’

Supernation #5 Forming

Ukraine PM takes hard line on protests, three killed overnight

Russia says Ukraine may spin out of control

No EU country would tolerate Ukraine protest violence at home – Russian FM Lavrov

Ukraine: Police chase protesters from clashes site

‘Ukrainian protests don’t have much to do with Ukraine itself’

Ukrainian protesters set up catapult to fire at police

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7


Syria peace conference opens

Jordan border patrol nabs arms and drugs smugglers from Syria

Iran's Rouhani sees little hope for Syria talks, leaves for Davos Economic Forum

Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists impose Islamic rules, ban music, shisha in Syrian province

Al-Qaeda Syria branch executes dozens of rival Islamists: Activists


Iraq Says It Intends to Make 3 New Provinces

Pentagon: We Haven't Completely Ruled Out Redeploying U.S. Troops to Iraq

Al Qaeda-linked militants have enough weapons to blow up Baghdad

Violence In Iraq Goes From Bad To Worse

Will daily bombings bring Iraq to a new tipping point?

Half dozen explosions kill 26 people, injure 67 in Baghdad on Monday

London barman attempts citizen’s arrest on ex-UK PM Blair over Iraq ‘war crimes’


EU, US suspend certain sanctions as Iran halts 20% uranium enrichment

Iranian diplomat dies after being shot in Yemen capital

Former Va. Gov. McDonnell, wife indicted on federal corruption charges

The Year of Bitcoin

World First: UK public university to accept bitcoin

'Deep cold storage’ bank vault created for virtual currency bitcoin

Las Vegas casinos to begin accepting bitcoin

Sacramento Kings become first pro sports team to accept bitcoin

Bitcoin banned on China’s biggest online marketplace

January 21, 2014


Islamic Peace Force Can Stop Syria Killings: Islamic Editorial

Israel economy minister rejects Palestinian state

US Allies Skeptical of Obama’s Surveillance Reforms

US pledges security support to Russia before Sochi Winter Olympics

GOP Poised to Retake Senate as Disillusioned Democrats Depart

Obama speaks out on marijuana. Why now?

Obama's Faltering Legacy

Sorry USA Today, Evolution Isn’t “Settled” Science

Teens arrested in NY for ‘waiting while black’ at bus stop

College student shot on Pennsylvania university campus

Davos Dilemma: how to help, not harm, world's fragile recovery

German Economic Index Suggests Upswing Continuing

Hawaii Bans GMO Biotech – Citizens Cheer in Excitement

Sochi Olympic Games News

Urgent Search for 'Black Widow' Suicide Bomber: May Be Already in Sochi

Will Russia's 'ring of steel' keep Sochi safe?

Second Deadly Blast in Russian City of Volgograd Kills at Least 14

Russian police kill senior Islamist militant leader before Olympics

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7

Syria - Peace Talks To Begin In Geneva January 22

Syria Warns: Al Qaeda Training Western Citizens for Terror Abroad

Iran invite to Syria talks withdrawn after boycott threat

Syria peace talks: Russia criticizes rescinding of Iran's invitation

Damascus residents pray for ‘miracle’ at Geneva

Gruesome Syria photos may prove torture by Assad regime

Syria Conflict: Refugees facing eviction

President al-Assad: Need for founding an international alliance to strike terrorism


Iran Sends Warships to Atlantic

Jewish Democrats' surrender on Iran

US eases sanctions after Iran begins to shut down nuclear development

Iran to soon have access to billions in frozen funds as sanctions eased

January 2014: Two People Executed Every Day in Iran


Jordan announces training Iraqi forces on its soil in anti-terrorism

Iraq Forces Assault Militants in Ramadi

Militants tighten grip on Fallujah as Iraq bombs kill 18

Iraq hangs 26 convicted on terror charges

Iraqi lawmaker says Sunni Saudi Arabia behind carnage in Iraq


Princess Diana land mine charity's workers kidnapped by Taliban in Afghanistan: Called 'de-miners'

How does political uncertainty affect Afghanistan's security?

West must remain a partner to Afghanistan: Gen McChrystal

Resurgent Afghanistan drug trade threatening US goals: Pentagon

The EU's duty to defend women's rights in Afghanistan


Gunmen kill peace talks envoy for Al Houthis in Sana’a, Yemen

North Yemen battles ‘kill 22 in 48 hours’

Yemen: Police chief assassinated

Pregnant woman and 7 others killed in Yemen army shelling


Egypt may take Nile dam dispute with Ethiopia to UN

Is New Nile Dam Part of Egypt's Final Judgment?

Mursi faces February 16 spy trial

Egypt’s Brotherhood appeals to International Criminal Court

Egyptians fear return of surveillance police state

Egypt Tells Hamas to Stop Attacks Against Israeli Citizens


Two car bombs rock Haret Hreik district of Beirut, Lebanon

‘Al Nusra Front in Lebanon’ claims Beirut attack

With eye on troubled region, UAE plans military service for men

Supernation #8

Woman mayor becomes new C.Africa president

South Sudan draft deal urges ceasefire and pardons

Nine Ugandan soldiers killed in South Sudan

Israeli-Palestinian War

Canada: We Stand Behind Israel Through Water and Fire

Netanyahu lauds Harper's 'moral leadership' upon arrival to Israel

Abbas Will Dismantle Kerry's Palestine Framework

Bennett: Palestinian state will destroy Israel's economy

Israel's economy can’t grow without peace: Business leaders realize they cannot let this chance for peace to slip away

IDF Forced to Dismantle 'Spy Device' on Lebanese Border

Bomb Explodes Near Gaza Fence

IDF observing Hamas strides to deter Gaza rocket fire

Netanyahu: Hamas will learn lesson from Israel 'very soon'

Nazareth Christians Warned Against 'Slandering' Allah

Harper announces $66 million aid program for Palestinian Authority

Israel plans 381 New Homes in Samaria town

Chile’s Palestine soccer team fined over map uniform

Kiev Jews alarmed at rising anti-Semitism

North Korea: a breakout moment for Kim Jong-un?

Navy’s 757-Sized Drone Will Provide Big-Time Surveillance

Chicago Archdiocese Set to Release Records of Sex Abuse Complaints

The Next Big Thing You Missed: Email’s About to Die, Argues Facebook Co-Founder


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