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January 1 - 15, 2015        

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‘Palestine will not recognize Israel as Jewish state’ – Abbas after Israeli legal push

How the Islamic Republic Is Shaping Iraq & Syria

NATO sends rapid-reaction forces to Russia’s neighbors

Ohio man arrested; plotted to attack U.S. Capitol: FBI alleges

An uncomfortable time to be Muslim in France

House GOP blocks Obama immigration plan: But there's an asterisk

Obama’s approval rating crashes among troops, rises with public

U.S. Oil Output Will Grow Even When Rigs Are Idle: Chart

What, Us Worry? Economists Stay Upbeat, Even as Markets See Trouble

Only Seven percent name unemployment/jobs as most important problem - Six-year low

U.S. Economic Confidence Index Continues Upward Trek

Cardinal decries 'feminized' Catholic Church in backlash against pope's reforms

Islamic Terror Slaughter In Paris

France to protect all religions, vows Francois Hollande

Merkel vows to protect Germany's Jews and Muslims from extremism

France is Selling the Jews to buy Quiet from Islam

Threats Against Sweden's Jews Double After Paris Attacks

Denmark’s Jewish Community Asks for Guards at its Institutions

‘Act of war’: New Charlie Hebdo "foregiveness" edition triggers Muslims’ anger, threats

Post-attack Charlie Hebdo issue raises €10mn

John Kerry in France to Give Paris 'A Big Hug'

Paris Killings Aftermath: Symptoms of French Disease

Deliberate hit-and-run driver injures Paris policewoman outside President Hollande's palace

‘Pork or Nothing’: Mayor makes Muslim kids to go meatless at French school

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

‘Russia, Syria, Iran, China needed in global fight against ISIS’


Iran and Iraq Deepen Defense Ties, Sign Pact

Iraqi govt feels US, allies not doing enough to fight ISIS

US Troops Continue To See Fire in Iraq

US gives 250 MRAPs to Iraqi forces, Kurds for Islamic State fight

US weighs armor, anti-sniper upgrades for Iraq’s army tanks

Iraq authorities find 16 bodies in mass grave

Iraq to Double Exports of Kirkuk Crude Amid Oil Surplus

Oil prices retreat again as Iraq schedules record exports


‘One of deadliest attacks’: 50 ISIS militants reported dead in Kobani assault

Syrian Rebels, Government Reach Truce in Besieged Area of Homs

Islamic State Group Losing Ground in Symbolic Kobani Battle

Syria Refugees: UN warns of extreme poverty in Jordan


Indian jihadist ‘kills 55 for ISIS, quits because no pay’

Amnesty International slams UAE as ‘deeply repressive state beneath facade of glamour’

Iran will weather oil price slide, Saudi Arabia will suffer – President Rouhani

US Senators Plan to Push Ahead with Iran Sanctions

Kerry and Iranian Counterpart Hold 'Intensive' Talks in Geneva

Suicide bomber kills at least 37 at Yemen police academy

Egyptian Minister: We're 'Open' to Importing Gas from Israel

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Palestinians decry Paris attacks as assault on their best European friend

'US An Enemy': Palestinian official blasts Washington over UNSC statehood veto

New Law Would - Finally - Move US Embassy to Jerusalem

Nasrallah: Hezbollah prepared for war deep into Israel, beyond the Galilee

Hezbollah's firepower of 150,000 projectiles exceeds all European armies combined

Turkey's President Erdogan welcomes Palestinian President Abbas in Ottoman Empire style ceremony

Abbas visits Cairo after Sisi reportedly met with PA president's chief rival

‘Palestine will not recognize Israel as Jewish state’ – Abbas after Israeli legal push

Hamas Holds Independent Parliament Meeting in Gaza

Supernation #8 -- Central/Southern Africa


Satellite images reveal ‘horrific’ scale of Boko Haram attack in Nigeria

Why no international outcry over Boko Haram killings in Nigeria?

Nigerian Troops Repel Boko Haram Attack On Northeastern Town

Boko Haram Increases Attacks As Nigeria Elections Loom

Boko Haram Uses School Girls in Nigeria Suicide Bombings

Cameroon Border Town Residents Flee Following Boko Haram Attack

Ogoni residents hope Shell oil spill settlement sets precedent: Nigeria depends on oil exports for 70 percent of government revenue


S. Sudan rebels have no right to demand Ugandan troop withdrawal

More Than 50 Killed in South Sudan Clashes

S. Sudan provides assurances for safety of Chinese oil workers

Prolonged South Sudan Conflict Seen Costing Economy $28 Billion


Tanzanian Leader: We're Ready to Fight Rebels in Eastern DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo): "suggesting a joint offensive with U.N.-backed, South African forces is imminent"

Mali: UN Mission condemns attack that wounded seven peacekeepers

Strife-torn Mali names new government

Russia Just Made A Bold Move To Keep Its Gas Leverage On Europe


January 14, 2014


Al Qaeda branch claims responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attack

Charlie Hebdo 'All is Forgiven' edition sells out in minutes

The Koran Does Not Forbid Images of the Prophet

Congressional proposal offers Internet rules of the road

Obama, lawmakers quietly work to give government more snooping power: CISPA

White House just endorsed CISPA measures, two years after he threatened veto

Oil at $40, and Below, Gaining Traction on Wall Street

Oil Drop of 1986 Shows Rebound Could Be Years Away

Commodity Traders Exploit Crude Crash to Make Oil Storage King

Iran President Says Oil Drop to Hurt Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

The plummeting Oil Price: Guide to the global shockwaves

Charlie Hebdo Fallout: Specter of fascist past haunts European nationalism

PM Netanyahu’s invitation to French Jews to move to Israel was awkward

Oil Kings: The House of Saud’s uncertain future

Sales of printed books fall by more than £150m in five years

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Israel Tells Europe: We Warned You

Israeli Leaders Defiant as Paris Victims Buried in Jerusalem

Seriously? Israel, Jews Said Behind Paris Attacks

France Envoy Tells JPost: Jewish crisis has 'nothing to do with Israel and the Palestinians'

Four disturbing aspects of the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ media narrative

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's brutal punishment of a dissident

Saudi Arabia’s ‘blasphemy’ is worse than Charlie Hebdo’s

Could ISIS Attack Saudi Oil?

Oil above $100? Never again, says Saudi Prince Alwaleed

Fearing ISIS, Saudi Arabia Turns Back to Washington

Saudi Arabia's 'Great Wall' to keep out ISIS/ISIL





January 13, 2014


You won’t believe what Chick-fil-A manager did for a homeless man

Charlie Hebdo puts Muhammad on new cover: Headline reads, "All Is Forgiven"

This Depiction of Mohammed on cover of latest Charlie Hebdo an 'act of war'

French TV star fired after call for Muslims' deportation to avoid ‘chaos & civil war’

Why Arabs Are so Easily Offended

Should Obama Have Attended Paris March? White House Apology Issued

Paris Attacks Expected to Influence Boston Trial

The bias against guns: What media isn't telling you

Artificial intelligence experts sign open letter to protect mankind from machines


Islamic Terror Slaughter In Paris

Paris: Mr. Obama, why can't you show radical Islamists we mean business?

Obama AWOL in Paris: Message to America, allies is we don't care

Our flag was not there: Obama and America shamefully skip Paris march against terror

ZOA: Obama's Paris No-Show is No Surprise

Jimmy Carter Blames Israel for Paris Attacks

France boosts domestic security by deploying 10,000 troops on the streets

Thousands attend Jerusalem funeral of Paris Kosher supermarket dead

Supermarket Manager 'Can No Longer Remain in Paris'

PM Netanyahu at Paris victims' funeral: Time for civilized world to uproot enemies in our midst

Paris terror victims to be buried in Jerusalem today

Fear on Rise, Jews in France Weigh an Exit

Rabbi Mazuz eulogizes Paris terror victims: 'There is no place of refuge for Jews except Israel'

Canadians told to prepare for lengthy battle against terrorism

'Bomb threat' against Intel plant in Ireland forces evacuation of workers, among them Israelis

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Israel To Deploy ‘Iron Beam’: World’s First Laser-Based Air Defense System

Hamas threatens to exit national unity government with Palestinain Authority

Obama Tells Netanyahu: The PA Isn't a State, Can't Join ICC

France Had Reservations About Netanyahu Coming to Paris

'Netanyahu Would Have Been an Easy Target': Security arrangements for prime minister in Paris were irresponsible and unprofessional

Germany is popular in Israel

France is now Israel’s biggest source of immigrants

After Paris attacks, Israel vows to welcome European Jews seeking to immigrate

Gay Israeli Diplomat to be Married by Philadelphia Mayor

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Iraq may need three years to restructure and rebuild military: PM al-Abadi

Publish ‘Iraq war’ report before election: British MPs demand

Scourge of violence has deep roots in Iraq

Sweden may send troops to Iraq to counter ISIS threat

China offers military help to Iraq to defeat ISIS

A staggering civilian death toll worsens in Iraq and Syria

Depleted Uranium - Iraq

Depleted Uranium And The Iraq War’s Legacy Of Cancer

British MoD's nonsensical faith in depleted uranium

Veteran seeks answers on depleted uranium

This is What War Does

Saudi Arabia

Oil Kings: The House of Saud’s uncertain future

Analysis: Bringing Saudi Arabia Down

Saudi Arabia 'fatwa' against building of snowmen

OP ED: Time to lift veil on Saudi Arabia’s hijacking of Islam

The Mindset Within The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia


Terrorism exported to Middle East from Europe– President Assad

U.S., Coalition Continue Airstrikes in Syria, Iraq

Syria: Turkey is Allowing Terrorists to Freely Cross the Border


Syria, Iraq… and now Afghanistan: ISIS advance enters Helmand province for the first time, Afghan officials confirm

War in Afghanistan won't end for 174th Attack Wing drone pilots

Afghanistan’s $3.6 billion police problem: Broken systems and corruption

Facing Intolerance, Many Sikhs and Hindus Leave Afghanistan

No way to tell if US funds helped Afghan women

Nine days later, bodies still litter bushes from Boko Haram's 'deadliest' massacre

Boko Haram’s vicious tactics in Nigeria reach new low

Berlin embarrassed by Ukraine PM’s ‘whitewashing Nazi Germany’

West wants to end confrontation with Russia over Ukraine – EU foreign policy chief

Why Ukraine shouldn’t be offered NATO membership

Pennsylvania: Novel new law prompts towns to agree to rescind gun control measures

Colorado Republicans introduce background check, magazine ban repeal

Texas lawmaker seeks to remove concealed carry limits in public buildings

Americans Become More Positive About Jobs in January

U.S. Economic Confidence Index Continues Upward Trek


January 12, 2014


FM Liberman from Paris: I hope all the world's Jews will come to Israel

Iranian Official: West has abandoned the possibility of any military action against Iran

France mobilizes 10,000 troops at home after Paris shootings which killed 17

Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons were nothing compared to Abu Ghraib

Jeb Bush's New Campaign Adviser: "One of the Most Infamous Lobbyists in the World"

For Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, a history of ambition fuels a possible 2016 collision

Pressure mounts on Obama as Nebraska ruling eliminates Keystone obstacle

Islamic Slaughter In Paris

Terror cells activated in France

French, foreign leaders walk arm-in-arm as millions protest Paris attacks

Obama stays home from Paris memorials

'We are Charlie': Across France, nearly 4 million march to honor victims of terrorist attacks

'Europe is finished': Terror expert on Islamic 'no-go zones'

French PM says his country is at war with 'radical Islam'

Paris attacks boost support for Dutch anti-Islam populist Wilders

Afghanistan rally hails Charlie Hebdo attackers as 'heroes'

Attack on magazine office in Paris will cast a dark shadow on Europe

Islamic ideology driving terrorists to kill, Egypt’s president tells clerics

Turkey: Suspected female accomplice wasn't in France during attacks

Israeli PM PM Visits the Paris Kosher Supermarket that Was Attacked

Police probe motive in Idaho shooting spree that killed 3

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Israel, Hamas Slam Abbas' Participation in Paris March

Netanyahu rebuffs criticism, says presence of Israeli PM in march against terror is important

Analysis: Israel's diplomatic dilemma with France

Jews, Get the H*** Out of France

Obama Admin Deals Demoralizing Blow to Palestinian Cause

US Senate warns 'strong response' prepared to Palestinian ICC action

Gay Marriage Takes Center Stage in Israeli Election Campaign

Karl Rove: Common Core is Jeb's ‘biggest challenge’

We don’t need a third Bush presidency

Hillary Clinton now ready to embrace President Obama on economy

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Iran Has Never Been More Influential In Iraq

The Obama Administration Has Made A Striking Choice In Iraq

Iraq may need three years to restructure and rebuild military

Iraq Raises Basrah Crude Price for Asia, Follows Saudi Lead

Saudi named as Iraq border suicide bomber

Saudi Arabia

Saudi blogger flogged in public for ‘insulting Islam’

Saudi Arabia: Religious scholar issues fatwa banning snowmen

Saudi Arabia’s Cure for Shale Could Entail Shock Therapy

Oil above $100? Never again, says Saudi Prince Alwaleed


Afghanistan Announces New Cabinet After Long Delay

Afghanistan, Land of 157,000 National Police and 300,000 National Police ID Cards

Islamic State Adds to Terror In Afghanistan




January 10-11, 2014


Romney Tells GOP Donors: ‘I want to be president.’

France Asks: how did spooks miss terror plot?

'Every single French Jew I know has left Paris'

New questions raised about U.S.-Saudi relationship

U.S. Drone Strikes Violate Laws of War

Albert Pike's Occult Vision As To How To Achieve New World Order

Record number of Americans claim to be independent

Preventing a ‘cyber Pearl Harbor’: FBI and Homeland Security

Reluctance to Recognize Islamic State Horrors for What They Are Risks a Rwanda Genocide Replay

Islamic Slaughter In Paris

France deploys troops as fears acute after dramatic siege finale - three-day Islamic murder spree

More than 200,000 rally in France after Islamist attacks

Police manhunt moves to rural France

Muslim targets attacked after magazine killings

Charlie Hebdo Attack: Common law wife hunted by French police

Why does Islam ban images of Muhammad?

Jyllands-Posten Won’t Print Charlie Hebdo’s Muhammad Cartoons

Pope Francis Prays For Gunmen Who Executed 12 at Charlie Hebdo

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Kurdish forces killed in ISIL attack

US coalition drops nearly 5,000 bombs on ISIL

ISIS forced to defend supply lines in Iraq

U.S. forces 'building pressure' on Islamic State: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Grand bargain in Iraq?

Iraqi Kurds Should Purge Those Who Fled


Drone Rules in Afghanistan Go Unchanged: And Other Reasons the War Isn't Really Over

John Oliver Explains Why US Drone Strikes Are Terrifying


U.S.-led airstrikes focus on Kobani, Syria

Islamic State attacked for third time in eastern Syria

New Rebuff to Russia's Plan for Syria Peace Talks in Moscow

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Hamas Condemns Charlie Hebdo Attack - But Not Murder of Jews

Four Jewish Victims of Paris Terrorist Attack Named: Kosher supermarket attacked

Israel Should be Prepared to Absorb French Jews

Kosher Supermarket Gunman Said He Belonged to ISIS

Huge: China Refused 887,000 Tonnes of US GMO Corn





January 9, 2014


Charlie Hebdo attackers say prepared to die as martyrs: Take woman hostage

GOP Senators: Paris Shooting Justifies NSA Powers

In Dallas, a Call for Calm After New Ebola Case

Newly Renamed High Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Toxic Mercury: Now simply called "fructose"

Senate sets up showdown with Obama over Keystone pipeline

Investor rush to artificial intelligence is the real deal

USAF to pull out of three British airbases

Obama Has Killed More People with Drones than Died On 9/11: Many civilians killed

Islamic Slaughter In Paris

'This is a terrorist, this is a Muslim': French envoy's Charlie Hebdo Twitter photo goes viral

French police seal off town as they close in on newspaper killing suspects

Several mosque attacks reported following Charlie Hebdo massacre

Danish newspaper says it won’t print Prophet cartoons

‘I warned Charlie Hebdo of danger’ – exiled Iran cartoonist

Thousands rally worldwide for second night to remember Charlie Hebdo victims

ISLAMIZATION IN THE OBAMANATION: For decades, the U.S. government has fueled radical Islam

Paris Attack: Middle East press condemns killings

Free Speech Expert Worries Paris Killings Could Have Chilling Effect on Expression

Boko Haram Crisis: Niger will not help Nigeria retake town of Baga


January 8, 2014


Poll: Majority of Palestinians believe Israel will destroy Al-Aqsa

How $50 / Barrel Oil Changes Almost Everything

Gas Price - A Christmas Gift

Paris Killers Got Wrong Door Before ‘Decapitating’ Magazine

GOP senators: Paris attack justifies NSA surveillance

Hackproof: The Password of the Future Is... You

Common Core, a Big Loser, Changes Should Be Made in 2015

Obama's India Visit: US Secret Service to deploy surveillance satellites

As GOP takes over Congress, Obama flees

Private Sector Added 240,000 Jobs In December

Fed looks past a world in turmoil, confident in U.S. recovery

Stocks boosted by hopes for new ECB stimulus as oil steadies

World Bank sees oil prices shifting economic dynamics

Islamic Slaughter In Paris

Paris attack shows Islamist threat

Paris attack could heighten Europe's anti-Muslim tension

Paris Attackers Identified

What Is Charlie Hebdo and Why Was It aTerrorist Target?

Obama: U.S. Will Assist France to Hunt Down Attackers

Obama: 'These Kind of Attacks Can Happen Anywhere in the World'

Why journalists face greater harm in an age of abundant and accessible media

Sen. Graham: Paris Shooting Is an 'Attack on Us' - US must reinstate NSA budget cut

France Seeks to Show Why Suspect’s History Didn’t Avert Attack

World’s cartoonists respond to the attack on ‘Charlie Hebdo’

Danish newspaper to print Charlie Hebdo cartoons on Islam

U.S. news media avoid Islam cartoons linked to deadly attack

Saudi Arabia condemns ‘cowardly terrorist’ shooting in Paris

China's Xi woos Latin America with $250 bln investments

China's Xi reaffirms commitment of assistance for Venezuela

Venezuela's Bailout — China's Beachhead?

Oil price impact on China mixed: Alternative energy sector may feel pinch

Left Goes Wild After Duggars Give Son a Gun for Christmas

Terror message on Mumbai airport wall: 'ISIS will attack on Jan 10'

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

Christianity facing extinction in the Middle East: Warns Open Doors

French aircraft carrier set to join ISIS fight from the Gulf

Bosnian Imam attacked seven times for calling ISIS a 'perverted version of Islam'

Saudi Arabia

Analysis: Dumping Saudi Arabia Without Damaging Global Economy

On the ISIS attack on Saudi Arabia’s borders

If terrorist groups are to be defeated, Saudi Arabia must stop funding those it favours

With Saudi King Ailing, Stakes & Anticipation Run High

Bank of America says Saudi Arabia may 'blink' on budget cuts

High Noon on the Gulf Coast: Canada, Saudi oil set for showdown

Iran Accuses Saudis of Oil Conspiracy


Erbil Would Have Fallen Without Iran’s Intervention

Pentagon says US strikes have blunted ISIS momentum in Iraq

Kurdish Peshmerga Aim to Control Main Road Between Iraq–Syria

Suicide Attacks Kill 23 in Iraq: Shi'ite worshippers targeted

2014 was deadliest year for Iraqi civilians since 2008: More than 35,000 Iraqi civilians were either killed or injured

Mass graves with 320 bodies discovered in Iraq

Iraq Could Be Oil Market Linchpin

Iraq's Kurdistan wants further Chinese investment


US airstrikes have devastated targets in Iraq and Syria

Gunmen kidnap IS 'police' in Syria

Extremists destroy 13th century Muslim tomb in Syria


Libya Seeks Arab Help as Terrorism Concerns Grow

GB Auto aims to invest $1.5 bln in vote of confidence for Egypt

Sisi becomes first Egyptian leader to attend mass at Coptic church

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

World Leaders Backing Off Two State Solution

U.S. says Palestinians do not qualify to be part of ICC

Most Persecution of Christians is at Hands of Muslims

CNN Anchor Drags Israel Into Debate Over Paris Shooting

Jewish Home Candidates Strongly Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

IDF Chief of Staff Gantz: No country can remain isolated from terrorism

FM Liberman: Paris attack shows Islamic Movement in Israel must be outlawed

West in a bind over Russian sanctions

Oil is the issue between Obama and Putin

Naval Ties, Economic Interests Drive India’s Outreach to Oman - Map of Oman

Pakistan targets border villages; 10,000 flee

New Snowden Documents Reveal That The NSA Can’t Hack Everyone



January 7, 2014


Eleven dead, 10 wounded in Paris shooting - Satirical paper poked fun at Prophet Mohammad

Republican Commerce Committee Chair Won’t Rule Out Gas-Tax Hike

API Chief: Obama's Claim on Keystone Pipeline 'Factually Incorrect'

France ready to reform, ditch high taxes, to be more competitive

EEOC Rules: Public School wrong to fire teacher who gave Bible to student

U.S. has more jails than colleges

PM Tony Abbott says carbon tax repeal his best move for Australian women

Flu Shots?: No, thanks -- better safe than sorry

Liberals' Hilarious Use of Black People: By Walter Williams

Pope - Future False Prophet

Pope Francis names 20 new cardinals

With new cardinal selections, Pope Francis further shakes up Vatican bureaucracy

Kiwi named among Pope's new cardinals

No more 'princes of the Church'-- the Pope's new model for the College of Cardinals

Letterman Bizarrely Likens Pope Naming Cardinals to Michael Sam 's Gay Kiss

Pope's New Cardinals: Message from God arrives via text

Syrian war and Israeli spies mean hard times for Hezbollah

Palestinians to join International War Crimes Court

Why the Palestinian Authority may never take Israel to court

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

Dual reports illustrate failures of U.S. occupation in Middle East

DOD: Killing Terrorists 'Not the Goal' in Fight Against ISIS/ISIL


What an Iranian Funeral Tells Us About the Wars in Iraq

Basij Commander: US Embassy in Baghdad Running ISIL Operations

U.S. troops under "regular" mortar fire in Iraq

Formal training mission in Iraq is underway

Clashes with ISIS in Iraq kill 23 troops, allied Sunni fighters

Will a Saudi embassy in Baghdad end tensions with Iraq?

Iraq Hasn't Exported This Much Oil Since 1980

Saudis Behind Attack Along Iraq Border

Saudi Arabia

Genie let out of the bottle: Not much Saudis can do to prevent possible unrest caused by budget deficit’ - "expect major discontent among the population"

Analysis; Dumping Saudi Arabia Without Damaging Global Economy

ISIS Claims Attack On Saudi Arabia Border: Signals Strategy Change In Militant Infiltration

Oil Volatile After Twitter Hoax About The Death Of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah

Saudi Arabia Pledges Stability for Nation as Oil Declines


Afghanistan Set Record for Growing Opium in 2014

The Worst Narco-State in History? After 13-Year War, Afghanistan’s Opium Trade Floods the Globe

Afghan soldiers at small outpost vow to hold firm as NATO formally exits conflict

Opinion: Afghan mission has changed Germany


Suicide bomber kills at least 33 at Yemen police enrollment


Gunman, 1 other person dead in shooting at veterans' clinic: West Texas - VA clinic came under scrutiny last year after a federal audit showed it had some of the nation's longest wait times for veterans' trying to see a doctor for the first time



January 6, 2014


Presidents Are Gods

It’s 'Official': 2014 Is Hottest Year on Record

Obama's tricky fight with GOP chairs

Obamas are in Royal Trouble for Dining at Elite Restaurant with $500,000 Membership Fee

Ron Paul: Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Congress

The Evil of Sanctions

Law enforcement trying to hide use of Stingray surveillance

State Forces Connecticut Teen With Cancer To Undergo Chemotherapy

65 Percent of America Children in Households Get Federal Aid

President of the United States Refutes Call by NFL Referee

OPEC’s Comedy Routine

THE reason oil could drop as low as $20 per barrel

Brent crude falls below $52: Five year low

Falling oil prices do not foreshadow a recession and a fall in stock prices

Russia oil output hits post-Soviet high: 10.58 million barrels daily

New Zealand's South Island hit by shallow 6.0 magnitude quake

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia

Blowback on the Saudi Border – Senior General Killed

Border Clash With Iraqis Kills Seven, Saudis Say

Analysis: Bringing Saudi Arabia Down Without Destroying Global Economy

Saudi Arabia bets its future on ‘Berlin or Bust’ oil strategy

Saudi Arabia Raises Price of Main Oil Grade for Asian Buyers

Saudi Arabia’s Succession Time Bomb: Everyone in line of succession is very old


Saudi Arabia to open consulate in Iraq’s Irbil - Saudi's bold political gambit

Iran and its top general saved Baghdad from falling to Islamic State: Iraq MP

Iraq's Future: It's the oil, stupid

Young Iraqis see Suicide as an Escape From ISIS

Clashes With ISIS in Iraq Kill 23 Troops, Allied Fighters

U.S. troops under mortar fire in Iraq

Special Forces Calling In Airstrikes In Iraq

Depleted Uranium News

US deploys DU aircraft to Middle East: A-10 Warhogs 'D.U. Ready"

Iraq Veterans and Human Rights Attorneys Seek Information on Toxic Depleted Uranium Weapons Used in Iraq

Iraqi Doctors Call Depleted Uranium Use “Genocide”

The Tragedy of the American Military


Islamic State 'police' official beheaded: Syria monitor

Kurdish fighters say they'd advanced in Kobani, Syria

US-led Warplanes Target Jihadist Oil Pipeline in Syria

Senator McCain & other top officials accused of illegally visiting Syria

Iran is a dangerous 'ally' in Syria and Iraq


Libyan warplane bombs Greek-operated oil tanker at port

Libya bans Palestinians, Sudanese and Syrians from entering country amid terror threat

Libya: President Hollande rules out French intervention

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

U.S. considers cutting aid to Palestinians over court move against Israel

Former US Negotiator: Stop Giving PA Free Rein

The Fundamental Breach of the Oslo Accords by the PA

Twenty Years of Oslo: A Summary

Israel's President Rivlin Hailed as 'Hero' by Foreign Media

Beheading the beheaders: Senior ISIS police official found decapitated

Qatar to banish Hamas' Mashaal, who will relocate to Turkey

Terror Mastermind behind Jewish Teens' Murders Given 3 Life Sentences

Hamas Terrorist Entered Israel for Medical Treatment and Stayed

Tricks Western ‘News’ Media Use to Deceive about Ukraine’s War

2016 Presidential Election Candidates Odds: Jeb Bush Quits Health Job, Benefitted from Obamacare, Leads GOP Nomination Poll

Jeb Bush hints at support for legal protections for gay couples

China Fast-Tracks $1 Trillion in Projects to Spur Growth



January 5, 2014


Site of Jesus’s trial may have been found in Jerusalem

Eurasian Union: the Birth of a new Giant

Indonesia suspends airport operator, controllers over AirAsia flight permit lapses

FBI chief Comey says at Liu's funeral that number of 2014 police deaths is 'shocking'

Republicans look to challenge Obama on energy, Cuba, immigration

Oil hits five and a half year low under $55 because of supply glut


Boston Marathan Bombing News

Summary of counts facing Boston Marathon bombing suspect

Tsarnaev trial starts: 13 things to keep in mind - CNN News

For those living it, being in court is key step

Supernation #5 - Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)

Eurasian Economic Union begins today - Jan 1

Kyrgyzstan, Armenia officially enter Eurasian Economic Union

Kazakh FM defends new Eurasian economic bloc

Eurasian Economic Union is open for new partners - Putin

Soviet Reunion: Putin's Answer to the EU Starts January 1 — But It's Already Being Challenged

India's PM thanks Putin for supporting India's relations with Eurasian Economic Union

Hedge fund founder shot dead in New York: Death has not been ruled a homicide

Hundreds of police turn backs on NYC mayor at slain officer's funeral

NYC mayor, commissioner saluted when entering slain officer's wake

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Expert: Be Realistic, Only Israel West of the River

Israel's Loyal Christians Gaining Media Attention Abroad

Synagogue Where Jesus Preached Is Uncovered

Israel Nabs ISIS Cell in Hebron

Whitewashing Islamic Terrorism

As 70th anniversary of Holocaust approaches, Jewish groups fret over hate

Japanese PM to visit Israel in mid-January

Will Israel follow US footsteps and renew diplomatic ties with Cuba?

Islamist militants kill seven Malian soldiers in dawn attack



January 3-4, 2014


Palestinian Authority submits documents to UN to join International Criminal Court

U.S. imposes sanctions on N. Korea following attack on Sony

Anti-Police Protesters Release List Of ‘Demands’: By the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement

Al-Qaeda terrorist suspect dies days before his trial in New York

New Study Finds GMO Soy Toxic to Kidneys, Liver, and Reproduction

1+ Million Europeans Sign Petition to Stop Bill That ‘Makes Monsanto Bulletproof’

Conservatives Calling For "Convention of States" - A "Con-Con" - To "Protect" Constitution

Will Islamabad crush Islamists?

Drone Video Exposes ‘Feces Lake’ Inside Mega US Factory Farm

Hybrid fixed wing drone goes at speeds of up to 100 kph (VIDEO)

Police arrest 'suicide bomber' after Atocha train station in Madrid evacuated

Pakistan amending constitution to set up anti-terror military courts


Iraq Hasn't Exported This Much Oil Since 1980

All nations should recognize Islamic State as terrorists - Russia

ISIS takes 170 men hostage in N. Iraq in search for flag-burners

Will U.S. advisors in Iraq become combat troops in 2015?


'Islamic State seeking bases inside Lebanon'

'US-led coalition twice fails to rescue Jordanian pilot held by ISIS'

2014: The year Russia-bashing got ugly - and dangerous

Attempts to isolate Russia have been thwarted – Russian senator

Stones, cars on fire: Angry protests hit Mumbai over train disruption

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Palestinian Authority submits documents to UN to join International Criminal Court

Israel May File War Crimes Suits Against Palestinian Authority

Following ICC application, Israel freezes Palestinian tax funds

Fatah Official Vows 'Retaliation' Against USA after failed UN bid to be declared a "nation"

PM Netanyahu pulls out doomsday weapon -- again



January 2, 2014


Science Finds God

President Assad visits Syrian front-line troops in rare New Year's Eve appearance

U.S. advisers in Iraq stay out of combat: But see fighting edging closer

Smart electricity grid powers up privacy worries

Massachusetts cop runs over, kills white man on New Year's Day

Sony Hackers Threaten Unidentified U.S. News Media Organization: CNN later identified as target

With eye on 2016, Jeb Bush resigns from all boards

Senator McCain's big purge

Judge Considers Use of Radar Devices To Scan Homes For Police Searches

Media 2015 Predictions (Read with grain of salt)

Cybersecurity Hindsight And A Look Ahead At 2015

15 ways things will get worse in 2015

Trade to see big year in 2015: Political climate could be just right to move major bipartisan trade agreements

Israel heading into 2015: Strong on tactics, weak on strategy

Looking Back At 2014

2014 'a year of record-breaking aliya' for Israel

Summing Up 2014 in the Middle East

1959 to 2014

2014: The deadliest year for Afghan civilians on record

Iraq 2014: Civilian deaths almost doubling year on year, to over 17,000

Gun owners fear Maryland cops target them for traffic stops

The inside story of how an Idaho toddler shot his mom at Wal-Mart

Supernation #1 - North American Union

The Renewed Push For Deeper North American Integration

Made in North America: A new agenda to sharpen our competitive edge

CFR Report: North America - Time for a New Focus

1959 to 2014

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Iran insists it stands by Iraq in fight against ISIL

Iraq 2014: Civilian deaths almost doubling year on year, to over 17,000

Did America’s 2003 Invasion of Iraq Create ISIS?

Counteroffensive in Iraq to Push Back Islamic State Planned for 2015: Two-three months away, at least

Russia and Iraq Supply Most Oil In Decades Amid 2015 Glut

Canadian military spends New Year's Eve bombing in Iraq


Gunman arrested over failed attack near Turkey president's office

Yemen suicide bomber kills 33

2014: The deadliest year for Afghan civilians on record

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Textbook Publisher Apologizes for Erasing Israel

Obama's America: Israel Among Top Most "Unacceptable" Countries

Israel to Remember 850,000 Jews Driven From Arab Lands: As Israel was being rebirthed

Does Abbas signing Rome Statute doom IDF to ICC war crimes trials?

PM Netanyahu: The Palestinians have more to fear from the ICC than Israel does

2014 'a year of record-breaking aliya'

Israel heading into 2015: Strong on tactics, weak on strategy




December 31-January 1, 2014


US Off War Footing, But Wars Continue

Palestinian statehood resolution fails at U.N council: U.S. votes against

'North Korea – useful enemy for US to justify militarization of region’

After turbulent 2014, next year may be no calmer

NYC Mayor de Blasio Heckled at Police Graduation Ceremony

NYPD Punishes City by Not Citing, Arresting Citizens as Much: Virtual Work Stoppage

Tot accidentally shoots, kills mom in Idaho Walmart

More Proof That as Gun Ownership Increases, Violent Crime Decreases

Supernation #5 - Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)


‘CIA fingerprints’ all over Kiev massacre – Oliver Stone

U.S. to station 150 armored vehicles in Europe

Ukraine suspends trains to Crimea, citing security concerns

Russia says NATO turning Ukraine into 'frontline of confrontation'

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Behind the UN vote: How the Palestinian bid was defeated

PM Netanyahu thanks US, Australia for voting against Palestinians in UN

Palestinians mull next steps after failed UN bid

A trying year for Israel's defense establishment

‘First pure olive oil produced in 2000 years’: Temple Institute reports

Hamas drills cross-border attacks on IDF posts

Egypt to begin expanding Gaza buffer zone next week

Is there a way out of US-Israel crisis?

Suicide Bomber Kills 33 in Yemen

Rocket causes fire in oil port of Al Sidra, Libya

Bodies, wreckage from Flight 8501 drifting fast

Why We Still Can't Track an Airplane: 80% of the world is not covered by radar

Why Air Disasters Keep Happening in Southeast Asia

Flu outbreak reaches epidemic level

Play-Doh Enrages Parents With a Penis-Shaped Baking Toy

The Farm-to-Table Restaurant Chain





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