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January 16-31, 2015        

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Ukraine wants UN to label Russia as a sponsor of terrorism

No word on fate of Jordanian pilot after ISIS threatened to kill him

ISIS Executes Remaining Japanese Hostage

Texas GOP Chair to Join Rand Paul Campaign

Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Is ‘Yesterday’s News'

With Romney Out, Jeb Bush Gets a Boost

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Has President Obama Launched a Political Campaign Against Prime Minister Netanyahu?

Is Netanyahu Also Responsible for Global Warming?

Likud Press Conference to Expose Obama-Labor Link

CIA and Israel Coordinated Hezbollah Commander's Assassination

Israel has Cause for Concern About New Greek Government

Firebomb Terrorist Killed by IDF in Samaria

'The Settlement Floodgates Have Opened' In Judea-Samaria Region

Could cantonizing Israel bring peace?

Two seriously wounded in car explosion south of Tel Aviv

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia - "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down"

Saudi Arabia faces ISIS threats during transition of new king

Saudi Arabia Faces Challenges in the New Year

Saudi Arabia to build Maginot Line to protect itself from Islamic State in Iraq

Is it time to make Iran our friend and Saudi Arabia our enemy?

American injured in shooting in Saudi Arabia

Death of arms salesman in Saudi Arabia casts suspicions on Israeli company Elbit

Saudi authorities delay flogging for 3rd week for blogger who insulted Islam

Can Saudi Arabia Diversify Away From Oil?

New World for Saudi Stocks


Kurds retake oil facility in north Iraq

Islamic Militants Surprise Kurds in Iraq, Killing a Commander in a Day of Attacks

Hagel: U.S. may need ground troops in Iraq

Iraq's PM pledges hard line against alleged militia abuses

ISIS chemical weapons expert ‘killed’ in airstrike

Officials Say Bombings Kill 14 People Around Iraq's Capital


Pentagon: Islamic State pushed out of Kobani

ISIS finally admits defeat in Kobani

Next round of Syria talks in Moscow in a month

Monitor: Syria ‘adulteress’ survives militant stoning


Iran's influence grows after Yemen's political collapse

Houthis Reach Out as They Cement Power in Yemen

Al-Qaeda in Yemen declares France enemy number one

Russia’s economy, Ukraine put Putin in uncertain position

Ukraine peace talks collapse, Kiev and separatists trade blame

Pope Francis to offer haircuts to Rome's homeless

Vatican hits sour note with video on women


January 30, 2014


ISIS threatens to behead Obama, 'transform America into a Muslim province'

Gays should welcome this move by Mormons

Poll: Romney remains top of GOP field, Clinton leads Democrats

Cheap Oil Burns $390 Billion Hole in Investors' Pockets -- Oil Rises

Senate passes bill approving Keystone XL oil pipeline

TSA Disputes Claim That It Will Spy On Air Travelers’ Social Media, Credit Card Activities

Katy Perry's Halftime Costume Scanned in Super Bowl Safety Bid

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Saudi Arabia - "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down"

The accession of King Salman in Saudi Arabia: An unholy pact

King Salman unveils cabinet reshuffle

Will Saudi Arabia adopt a new foreign policy?

Saudi Arabia a poor fit with American values

Meet Saudi Arabia’s Special Security Forces: Don't pull any punches

Leaked documents in Saudi Arabia claim to reveal sensitive state surveillance secrets


What Are the Iranians Doing in Iraq?

Archives: Iranians have been in Iraq since 2006

ISIS launches major attack against oil-producing Iraqi city Kirkuk

Top Iraq Kurd officer among six killed in ISIS attack

Iraq adopts revised 2015 budget curbed by low oil prices

Iraq's war within a war


Turkey’s Erdogan says "no" to Syrian Kurdistan

Moscow-hosted Syria talks end, sides agree only to meet again

Turkey opens biggest camp for Kobane refugees

Turkey provides 1.5 million Syrian refugees with ID cards

Belgium arrests four in raids targeting Syria recruiters

Syrian rebels blow up tunnel under army post


Beheading of Japanese Citizen Leaves Tokyo With Agonizing Choice

Islamic State seeks legitimacy in prisoner swap


Egypt's Sisi cuts short Ethiopia visit after 30 killed in Sinai

Egypt Apache helicopters raid Sinai after deadly attacks

Egyptian Islamic State group affiliate claims deadly Sinai attacks

Beyond the Renaissance Dam: Egypt looks for a foothold in Africa


Three US contractors killed in Kabul ’insider attack’

Pakistanis fleeing offensive find new dangers in Afghanistan

US Military Classifies Information About Afghanistan's Troops

Russia Unexpectedly Cuts Key Rate as Economy Eclipses Ruble

Russia warns West support for Kiev could lead to 'catastrophe'

EU wins Greek backing to extend Russia sanctions

Greece will not default - New PM Tsipras

Will money help Republicans win in 2016?



January 29, 2014


Why we need a North American Passport: CNN

Scary world could give GOP foreign policy opening

Romney takes aim at Clinton in Mississippi speech: 2016 in view?

Obama floats offering first-ever oil drilling lease in Atlantic

PM Netanyahu Blasts Iran for Hezbollah Attack on Lebanon Border

Israel, Hezbollah signal their flare-up is over

Angelina Jolie: Iraq, Syria worse than ever before

Hold the celebrations — Greece is still doomed

Shock As John Boehner Opens House Session With Islamic Prayer To Allah

Romney News - 2016 Focus

Romney outlines economic, foreign policy vision
Goes casual as he tests new themes

Romney on minority outreach: 'Stop thinking so much about the primary'

Romney vs. Bush: The unexpected match-up


Sessions Sinks AG Nominee Loretta Lynch: No Patriotic Senator Can Vote For Her

Elite Plan To Reorganize World Into Ten Supernations - Fulfilling Daniel 2:40-41

Supernation #1 - North American Union

U.S. passports on verge of elimination? Soros-funded plan champions 'North American Union'

Just What We Need–CNN Shills for a “North American Passport”

The Renewed Push for Deeper North American Integration

Say "No" to the North American Union

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Japan’s beheaded illusions

Saudi Arabia - "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down"

ISIS Attack Saudi Border Post and Infiltrate Town

King Salman’s Shady History

Saudi Arabia bids for men-only Olympics

Michelle Obama forgoes head scarf in Saudi Arabia

White House defends Michelle Obama's uncovered hair in Saudi visit

Saudi stock market pulls back but property firms strong


Obama says America 'is stopping' Islamic State's progress in Iraq and Syria

Rights group blasts ISIS for atrocities, Iraq, Syria policies

US-led task force launches 19 airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, Iraq

Iraq and Shell initial $11-billion petrochemical deal

Angelina Jolie: Iraq, Syria worse than ever before

Iraq Wants to Fight the Islamic State: It Has to Fight Falling Oil Prices First

Iraq lowers oil price forecast in budget proposal to $55 a barrel


Israel Is the New Front in the Syrian War

ISIS Fighters Lose Kobani In Win For Obama's Iraq Strategy

Syrian Rebels Want To Fight Assad, But Now They'll Face ISIS

Iran's real interest in Lebanon and Syria is politics, not fire exchanges with Israel


Yemen Rebels Seize Military Base Outside Capital

Yemen Joins List of Collapsed Mideast States

Yemen, a U.S. partner against terrorism, on the brink of collapse

Why Washington may side with Yemen's new anti-American rulers

Does Obama face the prospect of boots on the ground in Yemen?

Why the End of Yemen Means a New Saudi Arabia: Iranian foothold in Yemen a political catastrophe to Saudi Arabia


Jordan still holding prisoner demanded by Islamic State

Rocket Man: Israel Whacking an Iranian General Won’t Spur War

Iran Doesn’t Need Nuclear Weapons

Ethiopia aims to soothe Egypt fears over the Nile Dam Project

Prophetic Significance of Nile Dam Project

No military solution to Libyan crisis: African Union

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Netanyahu: Iran Responsible for Har Dov Attack, Soldiers' Deaths

Never to be uprooted again

House Speaker Boehner: Obama Administration Has Deep Antipathy for Netanyahu

UN Envoy Furious over Palestinian Attempt to Storm Gaza HQ

Italian Jewish Leader Arrested Trying to Flee Auschwitz


Christians in Niger Ask for Prayer: 72 Churches Burned by Boko Haram, and It May Not be Over

Why Putin Is the Big Winner in Greece’s Elections

Abortion Cartel Imploding in America, Facing Total Collapse

Media black out 200,000 marching Americans: News outlets slammed for ignoring massive pro-life event

Congressman: 'Obama is the abortion president': This is the 'biggest and most massive funding' of it in America's history

Greek PM Tsipras freezes privatisations, markets tumble

Germans in shock as new Greek leader starts with a bang

My Big Fat Greek Divorce

Fed outlook and Greece worries hit stocks, Dollar up


January 28, 2014


How Iran Is Encircling the Gulf and Israel

Israel Shells Lebanon: Significant Escalation

Hezbollah claims responsibility for attack

Pope Francis Turning Into a Headache for Catholic Presidential Hopefuls

Air passengers' bank details to be handed to police under EU anti-terror plan

Shooting Down Statistical Violence Aimed at U.S. Gun Owners

Doctor’s Orders: Legalize Weed

Oil jumps on weaker dollar

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Hezbollah Fires Antitank Missile at IDF Vehicle Near Border

PM: Israel Ready to Act 'With Force' after Border Attack

Netanyahu Warns Hezbollah 'Look What Happened to Hamas'

Hamas Forms “Liberation Army” in Gaza

Obama Aide Sent to Israel to Overthrow Netanyahu in Upcoming Elections

UNRWA: Donors Aren't Paying, So We Can't Rebuild Gaza

Angry Gazans Try to Storm UN Headquarters

Israelis Forced to Travel Through Arab Village, Pelted by Rocks

10,000 Palestinian teens graduate Hamas terror camp

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia - "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down"

President Obama Pays Respects

World leaders converge on oil-rich Saudi Arabia after death of King Abdullah

Stop Sticking Up For The Saudi Dictator

What Michelle Obama Didn't Wear

Saudi Arabia denies blurring Michelle Obama's uncovered head

Saudi Arabia and the West: How a cozy relationship turned toxic

How Saudi Arabia’s harsh legal punishments compare to the Islamic State’s

Saudi Arabia beheads three more people just days after new king assumes the throne

American academics, activists tell Saudi Arabia to stop flogging blogger — or flog us instead


Shell signs $11 billion deal to build petrochemicals plant in Iraq

Iraq lowers oil price forecast in budget proposal to $55 a barrel

ISIS momentum halted or reversed in Iraq - Sec/State Kerry

Senator McCain: Get Ready for U.S. Troops on the Ground in Iraq and Syria

Iraq's ISIS Fight Could Be a Second 'Awakening'

Kurds push Canada’s top soldier in Iraq for military aid to fight ISIS militants

Piece By Piece, Monks Scramble To Preserve Iraq's Christian History


Israeli jets strike back after Syria's Golan attack

Obama Cuts Off Syrian Rebels’ Cash

Battles continue outside Syria's Kobani after Kurds claim victory

Why Russia Will Be The Big Winner In The Next Round Of Syria Peace Talks


Libyan PM Reportedly Main Target of Deadly ISIS Hotel Attack

'Islamic State' Expands Into Afghanistan As Afghans Form Local Militia To Fight Taliban, ISIS

Pakistan welcomes India's positive role in Afghanistan

The 19 Ingredients in McDonald’s Fries – Including a Form of Silicone Found in Silly Putty

Apple iPhone sales trample expectations as profit sets global record


January 27, 2014


Nine Ukrainian soldiers killed in 'tense' eastern conflict

Oil slides despite OPEC talk of a floor

Shots hit UAE passenger plane landing in Baghdad

Obama Leading a High-Powered Delegation to Saudi Arabia

Obama Weighs NSA Options As Deadline Nears

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia - "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down"

Obama wraps up three-day India visit, departs for Saudi Arabia

The Politics of Obama’s Trip to Saudi Arabia

King Salman to meet Obama in Riyadh

Obama, new Saudi king to discuss Yemen, Islamic State

Saudi Arabia Trends Hard Line: Salman suffers dementia


Four Takeaways From White House’s Comments on Yemen

US drone strikes resume in Yemen despite political turmoil

Yemen rivals sign deal to form salvation government

US Yemen embassy closes to public over security fears


Senator McCain: More US Boots on Ground in Iraq, Syria

Iraq: Our Collaboration With Iran In War Against ISIS ‘Is Not a Secret’

Sunni officials in Iraq say Shi'ite militias kill 70 after ISIS rollback

Canadian forces again clash with ISIL on the ground in Iraq

Under Islamic State, life in Mosul, Iraq, turns grim

Iraqi Kurd force feels optimistic in battle with Islamic State

Iraq forces 'liberate' Diyala province from ISIS


Kurds 'Control 90% of Kobane': United States

Assad vows not to let Tehran manipulate Syria's affairs: 'Iran has no ambitions in Syria'


Libya gunmen attack Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli

516 'Brotherhood elements' arrested on Egypt anniversary

Mubarak's sons freed from Egyptian prison

Cairo: 15 Dead in Clashes

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Rockets Strike Golan Heights, IDF Returns Fire

IDF Digging Trenches Along the Syrian Border

No, Germany - We Can't Put it Behind Us

The Case Against the International Criminal Court Investigating Israel

Islamic State Deepens Grip in Future Palestine

Gaza bound donations evaporate as UN agency unable to repair war's damage

IDF unveils new drone unit in Artillery Corps

Nazi Holocaust Remembered

Dwindling group of survivors to visit Auschwitz 70 years later

Remembering Auschwitz: 70 Years After Liberation

Holocaust survivors worried on Auschwitz anniversary: Europe is forgetting about the whole thing

70 years on, Naftali Furst returns to Auschwitz

Supernation #9 - ASEAN


World backs India against ‘bully’ US

Obama ends India's 'Republic Day' with $4 billion pledge

Obama chews gum as parade marches on

Obama ends Republic Day with $4 billion pledge

Woman officer leads guard of honour for Obama

Russia announces anti-crisis plan after rating downgrade


January 26, 2014


Romney’s Consideration of Candidacy An Answer A Higher Calling From His Mormon Faith

Mormonism's Historic Obsession With the Presidency

Republican 2016 Hopefuls Appear at Billionaire Koch Retreat

Revealed: How British gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police

Education is Too Important Not to Leave to the Marketplace: Common Core Should Be Banned


Asia's Richest Man Has Seen the Future and It's in Europe

Obama reveals nuclear breakthrough agreement on landmark India trip

Privacy is Dead: Harvard professors tell Davos forum

Al Gore: Spend $90 Trillion To Ban Cars From Every Major City In The World To Fight Global Warming

Car Windshield Is Turning Into a Computer Screen

Euro Rises After Greek Vote: Belief that the election of the anti-austerity Syriza party in Greece will be contained

‘5yrs of humiliation, suffering over’: Anti-austerity party to form govt in Greece

What Syriza's Sweep Means for Greece and Europe

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia - "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down"

Germany stops arms exports to Saudi Arabia: Citing national "instability"

Saudi Arabia: Threat from Isis will only grow

Secret Israeli-Saudi ties likely to continue despite Abdullah's death

Oil prices fall on market relief over Saudi policy

For Saudis, Falling Demand for Oil Is the Biggest Concern

King Abdullah’s Death Shows Saudi Arabia’s Declining Clout

World leaders fly to Saudi Arabia, offer condolences

7 shocking facts about Saudi Arabia under ‘modernizing’ reign of King Abdullah

Yemen crisis is first big test for Saudi Arabia's King Salman

Saudi Wahhabism Is the Fountainhead of Islamist Terrorism

Saudi Imam says Charlie Hebdo attack is only language Jews and Christians understand

Why Is Saudi Arabia Burying King Abdullah in an Unmarked Grave?


1,000 paratroopers from 82nd Airborne headed to Iraq this week

Iraqi official says 'sleeper cells' key in battle against Islamic State group in Mosul

Iraq Starts Offensive to Take Parts of Ramadi From Islamic State

Bombings Kill 15 in Iraq's Capital, Baghdad


Kurds drive ISIS out of Kobani after 4-month struggle

U.S.-led forces launch 34 air strikes in Syria, Iraq

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Israel president ‘declines Obama meeting’: White House cites ‘scheduling conflict’

Netanyahu ‘chickenshit’ & ‘coward’: US officials go tough on Israeli PM

Boehner denies 'blindsiding' White House with Netanyahu invite

Iran: Goal Remains Israel's Full Obliteration

Analysis: The victory of Syriza in Greece is bad news for Israel

Hamas operatives in Gaza test-fire several rockets into Mediterranean

'Hezbollah promised not to avenge Israeli attack from Lebanese soil'

70 Years Later and Jewish Blood Has Not Yet Dried: Europe would love to drown the State of Israel in the Mediterranean

Supernation #5 - Russia / Eastern Europe


Ukraine parliament to convene for emergency meeting Jan 27

30 killed, 102 injured in missile attack on Ukraine port city, Mariupol

Rebels press Ukraine offensive: Obama promises steps against Russian-backed 'aggression'

Russia Faces Mounting Pressure Over Rising Ukraine Violence

Understanding reached on talks on Geneva format involving U.S., EU, Ukraine and Russia - Ukrainian President

Army looking to store tanks, equipment in eastern Europe

Malaysia Airlines website ‘Hacked by Cyber Caliphate’

Drone Lands Inside White House Grounds

St. George Police Dept defends new Utah law to seize uninsured vehicles


January 24-25, 2014


New King in Saudi Arabia Unlikely to Alter Oil Policy

Obama to cut short India visit, fly to Saudi Arabia

With Obscure Treaties, Moscow Pulls Breakaway Regions Into Its Orbit

And They’re Off: Republicans descend on Iowa summit, with 2016 in the air

Republicans Abort Their Moral Authority

GloBama Goes Full Troll

Watch What Happens When This Intruder Brings a Machete to a Gun Fight

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia - "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down"

New Saudi king seeks to reassure on succession and policy

Obama, world leaders head to Saudi Arabia to offer condolences

Saudi Arabia’s Tyrant King Misremembered as Man of Peace

Who is Saudi Arabia's new King Salman?

Can Saudi Arabia’s New King Manage a Restive Middle East?


Why Yemen’s Implosion Matters

Some counter-terrorism efforts in Yemen frozen for now: Because Iran-backed Shi'ite rebels have seized power

Yemen Crisis: Thousands march against rebels in Sanaa

Krauthammer: US allies 'scared to death' of Iran in Yemen


U.S., Iraq readying assault to recapture Mosul

Kurdish forces cut key road in north Iraq drive: Between Mosul and Tal Afar

Iraqi Police: New ISIS commander in Anbar killed

Canada’s special forces clash with ISIS in Iraq

ISIS lost only one percent of Iraq territory

Free Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan: Fighting for the Dream of Independence

Iraqi Kurdistan: Members of the British Parliament Call for Closer Relationship

On the road in Iranian Kurdistan

London Mayor Boris Johnson joins fight against ISIS in Kurdistan

Sweden to send military trainers to Kurdistan

Germany to send troops to Kurdistan


Egypt court orders retrial for 37 Brotherhood members

The Beginning of the End for Bahrain's Tolerated Opposition

Bahrain: A Spy In The Machine

Will Egypt-Qatar reconciliation die with King Abdullah?

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

‘There will be a price’: Obama team reportedly fuming over Netanyahu visit

Stop Bibi: "J Street" Gives Netanyahu the Sarah Palin Treatment

'Netanyahu damaging Israel's ties with US for one election campaign speech'

'We're Committed to Israel's Security', Reiterates White House

Vindication After 20 Years: PA Armed Hamas with Israeli Weapons

'Hezbollah Terror Tunnel' Video Shatters Ya'alon's Claims

ISIS Hints it Wants to Depose Hamas and PA

Fifteen killed by rebel shelling in east Ukraine's Mariupol

Krauthammer: Rubio Is Most Likely to Win GOP Nomination

Sarah Palin on 2016 Run: Interested ‘Of Course’

GOP’s Abortion Barbie causes a meltdown - of more than just the GOP

Pelosi asked twice if unborn baby at 20 weeks is ‘human’: Refuses to respond


January 23, 2014


King of Saudi Arabia Dies, Aged 90

Analysis: "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down"

ISIS Aims to Occupy Mecca

Kurdistan: The World’s Next Country

Analysis: "Free Kurdistan" Planned in 2006

Obama Won’t Meet With Israel’s Netanyahu During U.S. Visit

Iranians Don't Believe Obama's Threats

World closer to having a real weapon to fight Ebola

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia - "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down"

King Abdullah Dies: Disrupting Saudi Arabia at a Sensitive Time

On Arabian Peninsula: Two Deaths, One Big Problem

Thousands to say farewell to Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah

Saudi Arabia's Salman Named As New King

Saudi Arabia's new Yemen strategy: Get behind a fence

New Saudi king seen holding line on OPEC policy to keep oil output high -- Oil Prices Temporarily Rise After King's Death


Yemen president quits, throwing country deeper into chaos

U.S. Fears Chaos as Government of Yemen Falls

Navy Ships Patrol Waters off Yemen Coast as Rebels Takeover Country

How Iran's Shi'ite Militants Took Over Yemen


West will ‘ramp up’ Iraq support in bid to beat ISIS

U.S., Iraq Prepare Offensive to Retake Mosul From Islamic State

Kudish Peshmerga part of multipronged attack on Mosul

Iraqi leader says country's armed forces 'almost on our own' against ISIS

U.S. envoy to Iraq makes bold claim in ISIS fight

Kerry: 50% of ISIS Command is Dead


Satellite Images Confirm Iran in Possession of Missiles that can Reach “Far Beyond Europe”

Why bombing Iran would be a strategic mistake for Israel and America

Iran escalates threats, vows to shower Israel with 'Shahab' missiles

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

ISIS Hints it Wants to Overthrow Hamas and Palestinian Authority

US Democrats: We Weren't Consulted on PM Netanyahu Visit

White House Officials: Netanyahu “Spat in Our Face”

Defense Minister Ya'alon Warns Hezbollah: We Won't Tolerate Attacks

Frontlines Podcast: How Israel's police defend against lone wolves

Israel Launches Campaign to Discredit International Criminal Court Inquiry

EU Official: Without Jews, Europe has no future

Meet the “Jewish Indiana Jones” Searching for the Lost Ark of the Covenant

Construction of footbridge to Temple Mount exacerbated geopolitical tensions

January 22, 2014


ISIS Aims to Occupy Mecca - Dumping Saudi Arabia

Is the Middle East on the Verge of Exploding?

House Republicans drop controversial anti-abortion bill: Abandons their Conservative principles

Obama lawyers argue Hobby Lobby ruling on birth control doesn’t apply to religious groups

Obama urges middle-class help, but calls for ending vital college tax break

Obama meets with wife of pastor imprisoned in Iran

Ukraine Bloodshed Worsens While Progress Seen at Cease-Fire Talks

Why It’s a Big Deal That Obama Said ‘Transgender’

Feds will recommend no civil rights charges against Darren Wilson

Holder announces changes to asset forfeiture program

ECB poised to inject billions to shore up eurozone economies

OPEC, oil companies clash at Davos over price collapse

1,700 Private Jets Descend on Davos For World Economic Forum

Supernation #5 - Russia / Eastern Europe

Why the Situation in Eastern Ukraine Is Getting Worse

Russia's Crisis Was Big Fun in Belarus Until the Economic Strife Spread

Donetsk Militia to Move Front Line Away From City to Avoid Shelling by Kiev

Over 120 Kiev Soldiers Killed in Latest Clashes

President Poroshenko rejects federalization idea, official status of Russian language

PM Yatseniuk blames Russia for people killed at Donetsk bus stop

Obama Signed Charlie's Death Warrant in 2012

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia - "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down"

ISIS Aims to Occupy Mecca

Flogging case in Saudi Arabia is just one sign of a new crackdown

Saudi Arabia's Nightmare Now Unfolding In Yemen

Saudi Arabia has history of intolerance

Leaked video gives glimpse into Saudi beheadings

Texas, Saudi Arabia, And The Collapse Of Oil

OPEC Will Blink First in Battle With Shale Drillers


Saudi Arabia's Nightmare Now Unfolding In Yemen

ISIS gaining ground in Yemen

As Yemen’s Government Falls, So May a U.S. Strategy for Fighting Terror

US Marines poised for crisis response mission in Yemen

Houthis welcome Yemeni president's concessions but gunmen remain

Yemeni tribesmen fight Shi'ite Houthi rebels in oil province

Yemen coup could spell trouble for local Jewish community


Iraq forces ‘not ready’ to fight ISIS

U.S.-led coalition needs 'two years' to expel Islamic State from Iraq, says UK

Canadians closer to combat in Iraq than U.S. troops

Iraq Says Oil Output Must Rise to Compensate for Price Drop

'American Sniper' Triggers Angry Debate About Iraq


Never mind Iraq, the real scandal is Britain's forgotten war in Afghanistan

Islamic State backers emerge in Afghanistan, ex-Guantanamo inmate reportedly recruiting

Disenchanted militants in Pakistan, Afghanistan eye Islamic State with envy

Aussies still in danger despite end of combat


Hostage Crisis Highlights Abe's Push for a Bolder Japan

South Korean Teenager Travels to Syria to Join ISIS

America’s Syria plan is bound to fail

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Israel Targeted Iranian General after Tapping Phone Call

UN to Hold First-Ever Conference against Rising Anti-Semitism

'EU Only Wakes Up When Non-Jews are Killed'

Mossad Warns US Lawmakers against Iranian Sanctions Bill

The West Bank Army of the “State of Palestine”: Thanks to the United States

Palestinians Celebrate Tel Aviv Bus Stabbing

Anti-Semitism Watchdog: Belgian public schools becoming ‘Jew-free’ zones

UK Poll: 24% of British youth expect another Holocaust in their lifetime

Argentina's President says death of prosecutor Nisman was not suicide


January 21, 2014


Palestinian Stabs Up to a Dozen Israelis in Rush-Hour Attack in Tel Aviv

Sandy Hook Commission to propose ban on any firearm with more than 10-round capacity

Obama strikes defiant tone with Republicans in big speech

Ukraine says its forces come under attack from Russian troops

Australia raises terror threat level against police to 'high'

Seth Rogen, Michael Moore ignite 'Sniper' debate

Oil inches above $48, outlook remains weak

State of the Union Address

Fact checking the 2015 State of the Union address

Obama sets record for veto threats in State of the Union address

Instead of fixing the tax system, Obama returns to campaign mode

Obama calls for civility, then immediately taunts Republicans over his two presidential wins

Obama celebrates improving U.S. economy with call for tax hikes

Obama’s Gallup approval rating is lowest yet in year 6

Keystone pipeline firm files for eminent domain against 90 Nebraska landowners

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia - "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down"

US Senators Demand Saudi King Halt Flogging of Blogger

Muslim Activist: Saudi Arabia Is Not Our Ally

How Saudi Arabia’s harsh legal punishments compare to the Islamic State’s

Iran says is ready for 'straight talks' with Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Yemen dilemma

Saudi Arabia’s hypocrisy in marching for free speech in France

Spying On ObamaCare Users

Snowden Says iPhones Are Loaded With Secret Spyware: Uses only simple phones

Police Across The U.S. Are Using Radar To See Through Walls And Into Homes Without Warrants

China central banker says monetary policy to stay stable

Gore, Pharrell announce global Live Earth climate concert in June



January 20, 2014


State of the Union Address Is January 20

January 20 is one of the most important date in the yearly occult calendar - Archives

Do we even need a State of the Union address anymore? All Lies Anyway

'Designer babies' debate should start: Scientists urge

Islamic State backers emerge in Afghanistan: Threaten gains

Islamic State threatens to kill two Japanese hostages

Generals conclude Obama backed al-Qaida: Finds U.S. 'switched sides' in terror war

From car lots to city budgets, cheap oil means change

Kid says he did not go to 'Heaven': Publisher to stop selling book

H&R Block: ‘No One Can Understand’ New Obamacare Tax Code

FBI's 'Suicide Letter' To Martin Luther King: "Most notorious and embarrassing example of Hoover’s F.B.I. run amok."

How did Obama fare on his 2014 State of the Union to-do list? CBS

Obama shows mixed results in delivering on State of the Union promises: Fox

Obama to propose new taxes in State of the Union

Obama to focus on middle class in State of Union address

Abstinence on rise as nearly half of Japanese report no sex: Demographic is threatening Japan's future world status

Americans shake off economic pessimism of last 6 years – NBC/WSJ poll - Attitudes Brightening

Shifting Politics of Net Neutrality Debate Ahead of FCC Vote

HHS Secretary Burwell uses MLK Day speech to shill Obamacare at Sharpton event

Democrat Harry Reid Named 2016's ‘Most Endangered Democrat’

Argentine prosecutor who accused President is found dead

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Canada special forces clash with ISIS in Iraq

ISIS takes 250 captive from Nineveh village in Kurdistan Iraq

Assyrian force training for anticipated Mosul assault on ISIS

ISIS preacher tells Mosul people to prepare for attack on the city

Islamic State slaughter 13 young football fans for watching Iraq vs Jordan soccor game

Iraq Pumps Crude at Record Level Amid Plummeting Prices

Turkey and Iraq agree on natural gas pipeline project

Iran Sees ‘No Threat’ From Oil at $25 as Prices Keep Falling

U.S. Won’t Intervene in Oil Market


ISIS poised at Lebanon border threatening an attack from Syria

Iran Confirms Israeli Airstrike in Southern Syria Killed One of Its Generals

Iron Dome deployed to northern Israel after alleged Syria strike

U.S. Signals Shift on How to End Syrian Civil War

Saudi Arabia

Saudi border guards get shoot on sight orders

Why Saudi Arabia still has public beheadings

Has Saudi Arabia bought world's silence on human rights abuses?

The Country Who Beheads Women

Saudi Arabia arrests man for filming public beheading

Saudis alarmed over number of unmarried women


Don't make the same mistake as Iraq': Fear over new Afghan terrorist base

Ex-Gitmo prisoner now leading ISIS fighters in Afghanistan

Britney Spears’ ex-boyfriend killed by Taliban in Afghanistan


Clashes in Yemen’s Capital Turn Deadly

U.S.: No Need to Evacuate American Embassy in Yemen Amid Clashes

Yemen rebels take "step toward a coup"


Russia and Iran sign deal to widen military cooperation

Nasrallah may talk tough, but Iran has reasons for caution

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Election fever may be driving Israel’s premature ICC fury

Prosecutor in Argentina Jewish center bombing found shot dead

Israel Attacks Forces Hezbollah Claims Weren't There

A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a strike on Hezbollah

Messianic Jews Declare: "We Are Israel"

American Muslim Mayor Harassed on Temple Mount

Gazans March Against Charlie Hebdo, in Support of ISIS

600 arrested in Pakistan as part of heightened security measures


Russian Central Bank Bans Western Ratings Agencies

Homeowner not charged after shooting Oklahoma police chief three times in raid: Since cops busted the wrong house

'Hanoi photos were a huge, huge mistake': Jane Fonda expresses regret for Vietnam pictures

January 19, 2014


Oil prices slip on record Iraq output

Charlie Hebdo Protest Goes Global

US Hacked North Korea’s Networks Years Ago

Pro-police rally, ‘Sea of Blue’ march, set for D.C.

Cruz says 'Democrats will win again' if GOP picks moderate candidate in 2016

No Plea Deal Likely in Boston Marathon Bombing Case: Could get death penalty

F-35 Fighter Jet: Pentagon's $1.5 Trillion Boondoggle

Obama to call for new tax increases in State of the Union address

Islamic Terror Slaughter In Paris

French flags torched at Charlie Hebdo protests worldwide

French President Hollande Vows to Protect All Faiths: Muslims Protest Hebdo Reprinting

Five killed in Niger anti-Charlie Hebdo protests

Charlie Hebdo: Let's have free speech, but keep safety valves

Charlie Hebdo: Defence of free speech brings out the two-faced hypocrite

'Je Suis Charlie' is Worth Fighting For

Delaware shooting occurs near unoccupied Biden home

Ukrainian troops retake most of Donetsk airport from rebels

Putin's defence fixation deepens Russian budget problems

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

IAF Golan Airstrike Kills 6 Hezbollah Terrorists: Terror Group Vows Retaliation

Iranian General Among Dead in IAF Golan Strike

'Hezbollah will find it hard to show restraint after Golan attack,' top Israeli ex-general says

Slain Hezbollah Commander Planned Attacks in Golan

ICC Launches “Preposterous” Probe Into Israeli “War Crimes”

Palestinians seeking ICC investigation of Arafat's death

Israel: International Criminal Court Promotes Terror

Israel Arrests 7 in ISIS Cell Bust

Palestinians Assault Visiting Canadian Foreign Minister

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia can last eight years on low oil prices

Ailing King Abdullah Raises Questions About Saudi Arabia's Future

Saudi Arabia building 'great wall' to thwart ISIS

Step-mother screams her innocence before being beheaded for murdering and sexually abusing six-year-old daughter: Leaked footage has outraged Saudi Arabia

Our Ally Saudi Arabia Beheaded 10 People This Month


Running battles in Yemeni capital described by official as 'attempted coup'

Shiite rebels abduct Yemeni President's chief of staff

Yemen clashes throw capital into chaos

Heavy clashes as Shiite rebels seize Yemen state media


Iraq back from the brink with record oil figures

UAE Offers Mirage Fighters to Iraq

Islamic State releases at least 200 Yazidi captives in Iraq

A Year Later, Islamic State Group Still Rules Iraq's Fallujah


January 17-18, 2014


"Minority Report" Technology: Microsoft Proposes Using Kinect To Recognize Shoppers In Stores

Archives: "Minority Report" Somber Look Into Our Future

Role of FBI informant in eco-terrorism case probed after documents hint at entrapment

Great Britain And US Announce New Joint Anti-Terror Plans

Rabbi Predicts Jewish Exodus From France

A Fresh Perspective: First they came for the Jews

Scientists balk at ‘hottest year’ claims

US Supreme Court to rule on same-sex marriage

Romney Signals Interest in 2016 Run for President

Flu vaccine’s ineffectiveness has doctors using new weapon

Washington State Agency will confiscate infant if entire family doesn’t get flu shots

Muslim world reacts angrily to Charlie Hebdo's 'survivor' / 'All Is Forgiven' edition

Chuck Norris raises red flag over Monsanto: Frustrated over health risks from world's most popular weedkiller

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Nearly 60% of British Jews See No Long-Term Future in Europe

Islamist Terrorism in France Accompanied by Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theories

PM Netanyahu: Now is the Time to Move to Israel

The promise for Israel of the 11th Aliya

ICC opens inquiry into possible war crimes committed by Israel, Palestinians

Fearful Way Home

Israel Allows Gazans to Pray at Al-Aqsa

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's history of hypocrisy we choose to ignore: "Barbaric regime" with a brutal record

Never Mind U.S. Shale: Saudi Arabia’s oil power play targets Iran’s economy

'I did not kill,' woman cries as Saudi police publicly behead her


Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq

ISIS Executes Pigeon and Bird Breeders in Diyala, Iraq

Attacks in Iraq kill 17, including 8 in village retaken from ISIS

Canadian fighter jets strike Islamic State targets in Iraq

ISIS throws man off roof in Iraq for being gay


ISIS behead and shoot dead 17 people: Desperate bid to maintain control of Syrian 'caliphate' in the face of growing acts of rebellion

The truth behind Iran’s supposed nuclear ties with Syria

Belgium Deploys Troops Amid Threat From Syrian Jihadis

Two Italian women abducted in Syria arrive in Rome


Obama Reiterates: I Will Veto New Sanctions on Iran

Iran’s economy needs a speedy nuclear deal

France may now be tempted to invade Yemen: It should resist the urge

Yemen president's chief of staff abducted in Sanaa, the Capital

5 arrested over Pakistan school massacre, Afghan officials say


Charlie Hebdo: Niger protesters set churches on fire

January 16, 2014


The 11th Aliya - French Jewry’s accelerating exodus is painful, promising and irreversible

Europe’s Leading Rabbi: Jews Must Begin Carrying Guns

Did the Pope Justify the Charlie Hebdo Massacre?

Arab League backs Palestinian plan to resubmit UN bid to join international conventions

French Rein In Speech Backing Acts of Terror

Police in Belgium, France, and Germany make arrests in latest anti-terror raids

Chad Sends Troops to Cameroon to Widen War Against Islamists

A new bill could mark the beginning of the end of the Common Core

Requiring kindergartners to read — as Common Core does — may harm some

Islamic Terror Slaughter In Paris

Authorities search for clues after raid thwarts potential 'Belgian Charlie Hebdo' attack

Report: 20 sleeper cells operating in Europe

British Jewry and a feeling of insecurity

Muslims around the world condemn Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cover - "All is forgiven cover"

Pope Francis On Charlie Hebdo: 'You Cannot Insult Faith Of Others'

Plans for new French immigrant housing in West Bank settlements to be reviewed Monday

Paris Killings Leave France Troubled by 30 Years of Failures

France's Jews are under double attack

Five Charlie Hebdo victims buried in France

Kenya: Muslim Clerics Want Guns and Bodyguards

Kenya Media Agency May Ban Press After Charlie Hebdo Reprint

Chad Sends Troops to Cameroon to Widen War Against Islamists

Can Europe Save Itself by Weakening the Euro?

Senators could be forced to state their views on climate change

Ukraine Airport Battle Rages as Clash Lurches Toward War

Russia Abandons PetroDollar By Opening Reserve Fund

Ukraine Faces Default Risk as Russia Puts Neighbor on Notice

Putin: Battered, Bruised But Not Broken

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Israeli Media Takes a Positive Look at Messianic Jews

American State Department: Israel Among Top Most "Unacceptable" Countries

IDF Prepares for Hezbollah's 'Invasion'

Bipartisan Momentum Grows For Halt to U.S. Funding of Palestinian Authority

Muslims Protest on Temple Mount Over Charlie Hebdo Cartoon

Aliyah should be driven by Zionism, nothing else

Report details 2014 attacks on Jews in US Midwest

US Consulate Is Training, Arming Palestinians as Guards

African Christians Saved Israel at the UN

Presbyterian Church USA Voted on Erasing “Israel” from Prayers

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


ISIS Executes 17 Men in Syria

Belgium's marginalized Muslims fight in Syria 'out of despair'

US sending 400 troops to train Syria rebels this spring

About 1,600 Dead in Syria’s Kobani as Islamic State Loses Ground

Islamic State 'beheads guerrilla' in eastern Syria


Hundreds Of U.S. Military Trainers Headed For Iraq

Iraq wants anti-ISIS coalition’s bombing campaign stepped up as terror group goes back on offensive

Iraq will continue to need a strong central government

America Is Open for Business in Iraq



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