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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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February 11, 2003 -- 17 Months Since The 9/11 Attacks

Iraq - U.S. Going In Alone?

US-Europe Iraq Standoff Throws UN, NATO and EU into Fatal Crisis

Bush Scolds Dissenting NATO Allies, Dismisses Iraqi Overtures

British Seek To Persuade Arabs They're Not Anti-Islamic: Prince Charles particularly anxious to retain Muslim support

Voters Desert Blair Over Iraq: Women deserting in droves

C/Edge Postulated U.S. Losing Its Allies but Going To War Nevertheless

Iraqi Military Put In Civilian Areas

Iraq Suddenly Agrees to U-2 Surveillance Flights: But adds condition that U.S. stop attacking Iraq targets in "No Fly" Zone

ANALYSIS: The US-European Chasm And The Jews

Inspectors See Start of Iraqi 'Change of Heart': Bush says 'too little, too late"

Nato Crisis 'Will Not Delay War'

Catholic Theologian Says Iraq 'Just War': Pope has disagreed

Iraqi Intimidation of Key Scientists

Iraqi Women Brutalized by Saddam

U.N. Inspectors Visit Iraq Missile Plant

Some Troops 'Living Large' In Kuwait: Normal austerity at front lines missing as troops live it up

Media Mogul Turner Derides Attack On Iraq

Diplomats Start Leaving - Sure Imminent War Sign!

Asian Countries Pull Diplomats Out of Baghdad

China Concerned At Citizens' Safety In Iraq

U.S. Starts Sending Staff Out of Country

Military Build-up

US Forces Order of Battle - 17 February

Carrier Deployment -- Miscellaneous Deployments

US Forces Order of Battle - References

Turkey Will Be Protected By U.S. Umbrella

U.S. Arsenal Stronger Than '91

U.S. War Buildup In High Gear

Aboard The USS Constellation -- Couple's New Life Delayed

Dutch Ask US To Move Embassy Out of The Hague

Producer Spector Seemed To Hit A 'Wall of Gloom': Eccentric producer loses grip on shining, hopeful moment in life - Actress lost her life as a result

Total Information Awareness (T.I.A.) Update: Threat to U.S. citizens

Joe DiMaggio Died Convinced JFK Had Marilyn Monroe Killed

Lawsuit: FPL power plant caused boy's cancer

Republicans On Offensive Against Sens. Schumer and Clinton

'Cyberbegging' Sites Popping Up on Web: Warmer than standing on street begging

Movies With No Foul Language!

Protect Your Pre-Schoolers With "Wee-Mote": Kids love them!

British Air Unveils $198 U.S.-London Flights

Weather In The News

Midwest to Northeast Hit With Snow... Again

Drought Remains Thanks To Dry Winter

Survivors of Killer Storm Will Never Forget

US tells India, Pakistan To Cool The Rhetoric

Authors Say Earth's Hot Birth Foretells Its Death

Greenspan Expected to Lift Wall Street's Mood

Nixon Press Secretary Ron Ziegler Dead at 63

French Rothschild Is Set To Take Helm In London

Religious Leaders, Scientists Issue `Manifesto' on Cloning

Hatch-Feinstein Bill Gives Green Light to Human Embryo Farms
- Falsely labeled as bill to prevent human cloning!

Israel Shifts To War Mode

Israel Imposes Lockdown on Palestinian Cities and Territories! -- Lockdown will occur just before prophecy is fulfilled

Beepers To Keep The Deaf Informed In War Emergency

Families Distraught Over Two Israelis Missing In US West

Sharon Persists In Drive To Form Unity Coalition

Israeli Mailman Attacked In Ultra-Orthodox Neighborhood Over Photograph

President Bush -- Analyis

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - [Matt ???] - Part 1 - Doctrinal Disaster

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - [Matt ???] - Part 2 - Anti-Christian Politics

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - [Matt ???] - Part 3 - King Hezekiah Speaks To President Bush

Gay Republicans Chronicle Timeline Change From Gay Fears of Bush to All-Out Support! Read timeline carefully

President at the 2003 National Religious Broadcasters' Convention - "Jesus" not mentioned, but generic "God", "Lord Almighty" are, as are "compassionate" and generic "faith"

Global Terrorism

FBI, CIA Believe Mass-Casualty al Qaeda Strike More Likely

Hajj Figured Into bin Laden Plot: Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca behind U.S. terror-alert upgrade

The Challenge Of Protecting Borders

U.S. Ready For A Biochemical Attack? - NYPD Bulletin Warns Cops to Watch for 'Improvised Weapons'

British Army to Boost Heathrow Airport Security

Answer To Terror? Arm Yourselves, Says NEA

"Jihad" Valentine In Pittsburgh Sparks Concerns

FBI, CIA Chiefs Outline Terrorist Threat

U.S. Fears Iran Has 'Pretext' For Nukes

Exotic Newcastle Disease = Foot-Mouth Disaster In Britain?

U.S. Poultry Farms Hit From All Sides: Mass slaughter occurring

Recommendations On Preventing Spread

Newcastle Disease Spreads To Nevada: Las Vegas and adjacent county quarantined for END

Feds Take Poultry Kill Over From Nevada: Officials there not killing enough birds!

Moody's Downgrades California's Bond Rating: New ranking is one of the lowest in 50 states, tying N.Y., Louisiana

Oil, Gasoline Prices Soar With Threat of War, Cold

National Public Radio 'Regrets' Smear of Christian Group

Bali Blast Back In News

Key Bali Suspects Face Death: Can anyone spell "set-up"?

Was "Micro-Nuke" Used In Bali Blast? Similar nuke might be used in U.S. cities, so take note of the characteristics

From Kali To Bali: Two events might spark renewal of global war on terror at time U.S. launches war on Iraq

Diarrhoea Bug May Protect Against Cancer

Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug Causes Deadly Skin Boils:
Reports of mystery infection prompts S.F. watch on gay men

Body Cast Aids Toddler Hip Defect

Couple Getting Married Naked On Valentine's Day: Moral collapse continues as neo-paganism returns full force

Cupid: Pagan celebration of lovers and sex

Valentine's Day Created By Catholic Church! St. Valentine was Catholic priest

DA: New Priest Abuse Laws Needed

Boston Cardinal Law Planning Move to Maryland Convent

S.C. Sanford Might Close Governor's Mansion: Shutdown lasting 4 months

North Korea Unhappy With Australia's Policy



February 10, 2003

Middle East - Iraq

Al Qaeda’s Opening Shot in Iraq War - Babylon Revisited

President Khatami Says Iran Mines Uranium for Nuclear Plant: Will continue nuclear program

U.N. Aware of Iran's Uranium Plans

U.S. Demands Iraq Show Cooperation With UN by the Weekend: Timetable seen speeding up

News Industry Plans for War -- Will news be "created" as it was in Gulf War I?

Iraqi Exiles Seeking Training By US

Iraq: Gave UN Additional Names of Scientists, Other Documents

British Defense Secretary Says Weapons Inspectors Likely To Report Lack of Iraqi Cooperation

Powell: France, Germany Should Re-read UN Resolution

Rumsfeld: Would Prefer Saddam To Flee Iraq Than War

Mubarak: "War Is Going To Harm Us All"

Iraqi Defends Germ Program - Germany, France, Belgium Block Iraq Plan

Pope To Send Envoy To Baghdad

Saudis Want US Out

President Bush

President Bush: Koran is God's Word

"YE SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR WORDS" -- [Matthew ????] -- Part 1 -- Doctinal Disaster

"YE SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR WORDS" -- [Matthew ????] -- Part 2 -- Anti-Christian Politics

Bush Urges GOP Lawmakers to Work on 'Compassion Agenda'

Catholic Sex Abuse News

Sins of the Fathers -- Predator Priests

"Response of priests in the Diocesan hierarchy to allegations of criminal sexual abuse was not pastoral .. It was a sham"

Experts Lament Unheeded Advice

Catholicism: 'White Sepulcher Christianity"

Patterns of Sexual Abuse Found Nationwide

Around The World, Clerical Sex Abuse Takes A Toll

Lawmakers Propose Anti-Missile Systems

120 Major US Cities In Danger of Terrorist Attacks Using Weapons of Mass Destruction

Bosnia Sex Trade Shames UN: True face of UN revealed

Waco Davidians Pursue Claims Against U.S.

Contest of the Century: Pepsi to give $1 billion prize - Ultimate sign of the corrupt nature of our culture

Some Lawmakers Say Prostitution Should Be Taxed

Huge Underground Lake Found In China Desert: Discovery of the massive water source offers hopes for the poor, arid north-west region

Scientists Gene-Engineer First Human Stem Cells

Stem Cells Can Mend Human Hearts

Mystery Lesbian In Clinton’s Past

Sumo Wrestlers To Begin Safety Patrol: Anybody thinking of committing a crime would run away

More War News

The U.S. Military Needs Its Speed

Bay State Reservists Called To Arms

Aging Reservists Get Called Up - 54-Year-Old called to duty! Some Vietnam War veterans getting call-up

Plan For European Peace Troops Riles US

War Split Puts Nato's Future In Jeopardy

Call To Arms Taking Toll On `Hometown Security'

Lawyers Group Ready to Denounce Enemy Combatants Detentions

Memory Overload: As hard drives get bigger and cheaper, we're storing way too much

Broadband Over Power Lines?

Korean Peninsula

Powell: China Should Step Up Its Role in North Korea Crisis

South Koreans Condemn North's Nuke Ambitions at Pro-U.S. Rally

S. Korea Leader Doubts North Has Nukes

Ritter: 'Won't be satisfied until Tokyo is reduced to a slab of radioactive waste'

Japan's Plan To Protect Herself: Will demand that N. Korea suspend any ballistic missile launches

US Will Eventually Talk With N.Korea: Powell

Is God's Prophetic Clock Near Midnight?

US May Use Nuclear Weapons In Mid-East: Fulfill Joel prophecy?

County Commission To Vote On Using Subskin Pet ID Chips

After Iraq, Pakistan May Be Asked To Disarm: Indian Expert

US To Attack Numerous Nations At Once!

Russia Refuses To Sell State-of-Art Anti-Ballistic Missiles to Pakistan: US also wants to buy this Russian system!

Middle East - Israel

Hezbollah To Attack Israel During Iraq War: Iranian-backed terrorist army prepares for major conflict

Three Would-Be Suicide Bombers Arrested In West Bank

Coalition Negotiations To Begin Today

Kinneret Water Level Continues To Rise

Israel - Jordan Talks Focus On 'Road Map' Peace Plan

Foiled Car Bomb Was Carrying 150kg of Explosives

Official Palestinian Authority Keeps Distance From Saddam: Average Palestinian, however, wildly cheers Saddam

Muslim Pilgrims Prepare for Hajj Climax

New Terror Alert Brings Increased Security

Shuttle News

Three More Pieces of Shuttle Debris Found

Shuttle Debris Crews Find Hatch Door

Incentives, Penalties Drive Space Contracts

Answers Elusive In Columbia Probe

Secret Shuttle Part Sought in Texas Search

Senator Kerry: Oil Dependence Leads To Entanglements With Dictators

Iraqi War NOT About Oil!

Laci Peterson Due to Give Birth Monday

Black City Councilman Defends Switch to GOP

Accountants Scrutinized -- Again -- as Tax Shelters Get a Closer Look

US May Send Elite Troops To Fight Philippine's Abu Sayyaf Rebels

Mexican ID Cards Undermining The War on Terrorism

Residents Were Correct On China Low-Flying Jet, Records Show

US Returns Cuban Coast Guard Boat After Defection

Colorado May OK First Pet Companionship Law: Proposal Would Recognize Pets As Companions Rather Than Property - Further progress toward recognizing animals as equal to humans

Hospitals Sold on Digital X-Rays

Male Biological Clock Is Ticking

Pope John Paul II Adds 5 "Mysteries of Light" To Rosary

Our Safety Lies In "Sola Scriptura"


February 9. 2003

Israel -- God's Protection

Sharon Offers Israelis Palestinian Tranquilizer against Nuclear Threat

Israel: God's Timepiece -- Will Arab, Israeli Conflict Begin WWIII

Israel Improves War Readiness

"I Will Bless Those Who Bless Thee"

At least 2 Soldiers Wounded, Three Terrorists Die In Car Bomb Attack

Car Bomb Explodes Near Gush Katif

Israel Proposes Gradual Withdrawal Plan - Contingent upon Palestinians halting terror attacks

Palestinians: Road Map To Peace Postponed

Visit Israel With CDROM and Table Top Book

Clock Starts For Israel Coalition

Losing Freedoms In Name of Protecting Them!

Justice Dept. Drafts Sweeping Expansion of Anti-Terrorism Act: Center Publishes Secret Draft of ‘Patriot II’ Legislation

Full Text of "Patriot II": Acrobat Reader Needed, file is 12mb

Breaking Out of the Mental Propganda Box: Learning how to discern truth by thinking in the opposite direction

Pentagon Sets Up Boards to Monitor Intelligence Program

No Place To Hide From Hi-Tech Spies In The Sky -- Those incredible Irridium Satellites!

President Bush: Koran is God's Word


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Unemployment Rate Falls, Companies Add 143,000 New Jobs in January

Drought Deepening

Drought Forcing Ranchers to Liquidate Herds, Move Cattle

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

The Need For Water Conservation Is Strong -- The Coming Great Thirst—That Astonishing Day

Officials Plan For Continued Drought

Terror In Columbia

Car Bomb Kills Dozens in Colombia; Officials Blame FARC Terrorists

Bush Calls Colombia Blast 'Barbaric Act of Terrorism'

U.S. Forces in Colombia Want to Participate in Missions

NYC Mayor Outwits Computer Hacker Blackmailer

Amazon.com Revealed As #1 Porn Distributor

Drug Factory Found In Retirement Home

Historic Columbus Bell Sails From 1492 To Auction

Chess Man vs Machine Stalemate

"Sustainability" Taking Hold

The Buffalo Roam Again - As humans give up land, Buffalo moves back on to plains

Rewilding Plan Taking Effect!

Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince

Stars Flocking To The Ancient Hebrew Teachings of Kabbalah - Kabbalah is cornerstone for Illuminati!


Iraq -- Babylon Revisited

Russia Presses Iraq To Clear Up Questions About Its Weapons

Prince Charles Against War In Iraq! C/Edge predicted this rift between Charles and Prime Minister Blair

Antichrist And A Cup of Tea - Christians told to "calculate" identity of Antichrist

Aging Reservists Get Called Up - 54-Year-Old called to duty! Some Vietnam War veterans getting call-up

Turkey to Accept 38,000 U.S. Troops: 100,000 Turkish troops said to be on N. Iraq border! [DEBKAfile]

Germany, France Working on Plan to Avoid Iraq War -- Rumsfeld annoyed over this secret plan on Iraq

US And Britain Give Saddam Just 48 Hours To Leave Iraq

Urban Warfare Is Likely U.S.'s Biggest Worry

Rumsfeld Rebukes U.N. and NATO on Approach to Baghdad

Massive Plan Ready To Evacuate Indians In Case of War On Iraq: Will be largest air evacuation in history!

'Madness of George Dubya' A UK Hit: Theater farce showing Bush in pajamas while military rains down nuclear arms on Iraq

Potential Showdown with Iraq Continues to Dominate Market

UN Chief Warns United States Against Launching A Unilateral Attack On Iraq - C/Edge raised this possibility weeks ago

Top Sharon Aide Heads To Jordan: Iraq the agenda

Rumsfeld Family Tie Is First Victim of War

Saddam and Bush 'Sole Mates'

A Deadly Flaw in NBC Defenses

5 Die in N.J., N.Y. Nightclub Shootings

South Korea Fears U.S. Is Emotional Over North Korea

Up To Orange

New Terror Alert Brings Increased Security

"Israel, Islam: Biochemical and Nuclear Terrorism" - Video

FAA to Increase Restricted Airspace Over Washington

Terror Alert Raises Security Nationwide

What’s Behind Latest ‘Orange Alert’: Multiple, imminent attacks by Al Qaeda against Jewish groups and Jewish-owned businesses in the U.S.

Tons of Boric Acid Hijacked In Southern California

Taleban Call For Holy War

Texas Judge Orders Jordanian Student Deported: Was considering becoming a "suicide bomber" if Iraq was invaded

Online 'Cyber Jihad' Hoax Catches Computerworld

Possible New Columbia Clue -- One More Disaster On The 33rd Degree Parallel, Second In Dallas in 39 Years!

NASA Still Has More Questions Than Answers

Diplomatic Tensions Rise Between India - Pakistan: Ten diplomats, five Indian and five Pakistani expelled

The REAL Reason For India - Pakistan Struggle Over Kashmir: Fulfilled prophecy beckons

Expelled Indian Diplomats To Leave Pakistan by Road On Monday

Blacks Now Turning To Home-Schooling

Crisis In The Public School Classroom -- Video

Schools Risk Funding If They Bar Prayers

Smoking Weed on School Trip Not a Crime

Artificial Heart Patient Dies in Kentucky: Lasted 17 months

Italian Cloning Scientist On Hunger Strike

Shark Kills Man In Australian Lake

Moderate Quake Hits Russia's Far East



February 8, 2003

Losing Freedoms In Name of Protecting Them!

Justice Dept. Drafts Sweeping Expansion of Anti-Terrorism Act: Center Publishes Secret Draft of ‘Patriot II’ Legislation

Full Text of "Patriot II": Acrobat Reader Needed, file is 12mb

Breaking Out of the Mental Propganda Box: Learning how to discern truth by thinking in the opposite direction

Code Orange

Terror Threat Level Raised to Orange -- Al Qaeda poised to hit us twice: CIA

Homeland Security Alert Codes Explained

Colombian Club Bombing Kills More Than 20, Injures About 100: Called a "terrorist attack"

Authorities Release Co-founder of Egypt's Largest Militant Group

Bush Orders Cyber-War Rules

Al Qaeda Ally? Member of Qatari Royal Family Helped Senior Al Qaeda Official Get Away

More Than 2 Million Muslims Gather for Hajj: Annual pilgrimmage to Mecca

Top Saudi Cleric Advocates 'Martyrdom': Mecca's religious leader marks annual pilgrimage with call for victory or death

Pakistan Expels Acting Indian Ambassador

North Korea Warns US of "Horrible Nuclear Disasters"

Bush: All Options Open on North Korea

President Bush: Koran is God's Word


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FBI: Accused Spies Had Classified Data

Boy's Bombshell: Michael Jackson Had Sex With Me

Jackson Will Not Face New Child Abuse Investigation

More Shuttle News

NASA Says 'Significant' Wing Debris Found

Air Force Photos of Columbia Scrutinized For Wing Damage

NASA: Key Launch Pics Not In Focus: Imagine that! Routine pictures taken hundreds of shuttle flights before suddenly "not in focus"!

Talk of Shuttle Tile Problem Brief -- Tile Loss Very Routine On Shuttle Flights, Not A "Safety Issue" Says Air Force in 1999!

One More Disaster On The 33rd Degree Parallel, Second In Dallas in 39 Years!

Operation Northwoods Tells You All You Need To Know About Our Government's Capabilities

Photo Before Shuttle Breakup Yields Few Clues

World History Textbooks In U.S. Classrooms Sanitize The Problems of Islam

Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century

Behind The Veil: Truth is more shocking than fiction

Russia: Wild Card in Kyoto Pact

Iraq Drama Plays For Time

U.S. Citizens, Diplomats Urged to Leave Mideast

Draft Boards Are Rested And Ready - Rise of Babylon

Rumsfeld: Time to Act Against Iraq Almost Here

France, Russia and China Launch Counteroffensive Against US and British Rush To War

Rumsfeld Warns Hesitation Increases Risk of War, Threatens Credibility of NATO, UN

Hamas Spiritual Leader: Muslims should attack Western interests if US strikes Iraq

US Sends Aircraft Carrier "Kitty Hawk" To The Gulf

US State Department Allows Non-Essential Diplomatic Staff To Leave Mideast

Mubarak In Jordan On Iraq, Mideast Peacemaking

Britain's Ambassador In Israel: I'll stay even if the missiles come

Choice For Iraq's Rag-Tag Army: Be Killed By The US or By Saddam

Military Developing 'Loitering' And 'Sleeping' Weapons

Bush Tells U.N. to Act Quickly on Iraq

Iraqi Weapons Pose a Major Concern If War Erupts

Blix: Interview Suggests Effort by Iraq - Top U.N. Arms Inspectors Arrive In Baghdad

Britain, U.S. Prepare War Resolution


Israel Warns Palestinian Authority Not To Take Advantage of US Strike Against Iraq

Sharon's Bureau Chief: Arafat won't be around in the next few months

Sharon Met Arafat's Deputy On Thursday

Ceasefire Discussions With The Palestinians -- Before war, talk peace

Hizbullah Leader Warns Against Cooperating With US-Led War

Terrorists Hide Explosive Belt In Mosque

N. Korean Arrested In Lebanon, Charged With Anti-U.S. Plot

Inmate Who Sued To Get Abortion Is Transferred

Baby Parts For Sale

Pelosi Decries Coble Remarks on WWII Internments of Japanese-Americans

Clinton Published Article In 'Racist' Paper? Ex-president chastised for giving exclusive to 'anti-Semitic' daily

Christians Fear Muslim Takeover: French-brokered deal could lead to Islamic state in Ivory Coast

French Police Seize Mobile Phone Guns

Female Bus Driver, Who Blames Boy For Sex, Gets 10 Years

Texas Dentist Sought Implants to Save Marriage

Our Failing Public Schools

Public School District Eyes 'Parent Report Card': Parents be graded on how involved they are in their children's education.

Crisis In The Public School Classroom -- Video

Brave New Schools

Hero Crossing Guard Saves Kids, Struck by Drunk Driver

Market Grows For Bulletproof Cars

Making a Blood-Thirstier Bandage


February 7, 2003

President Bush: Koran is God's Word

Iraq Report - Embarrassment!

Powell/British Dossier On Iraq: Accused of Being Plagiarized From Report Last September in Middle East Review of International Affairs

Sample of Plagiarized Text: So much for "hot" U.S. intelligence capabilities?

Britain's Iraq Dossier Was A Cut-and-Paste Job

Iraq -- Pressure Building

Bush: "Game Over" - Saddam has authorized use of chemical weapons during the war

Is This War Now Unstoppable? - U.S. Forces In Gulf Growing

Jesus A Pacifist? Decision For War Based Upon Secular Values, Not Religious!

Air Troops Join Biggest UK Force Since Gulf War - Draft Boards Are Rested And Ready -- Plan is to empty out US of native-born troops

Bush Weighs Second Iraq Resolution -- U.N. Security Council 'must not back down': Bush calls on body to uphold resolution meant to hold Iraqi regime accountable

101st Airborne Division Receives Deployment Orders -- How Heat Can Affect Fighting

40,000 British Troops And 100-Plus Aircraft Head To Gulf

Gulf-Bound Troops Head for Sperm Banks

US To Upgrade Turkish Military Bases As Turkish Parliament OK's Use of Bases During Iraq War

Raw Data: Text of Bush Speech

Powell: 'Endgame' Is a Matter of Weeks

Poll: Most Who Saw Powell Found Him Convincing

Egypt Refuses U.S. Bid To Meet Nuke Scientists Hired By Iraq

Iraq Withdraws Troops From Border: Saddam reportedly thinks soldiers would be unable to withstand attack

U.S. Set To Use Nuclear Weapons In Middle East!

Diplomat Says Britain Will Probably Introduce Resolution Authorizing Force

Discarded Computer Had Confidential Medical Information: Contained confidential files naming thousands of people with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases


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CIA Officer Killed, 2 Hurt in Afghanistan

US Troops Come Under Fire In Afghanistan

US Reports South Asian Arms Boom

Tax-Cut Backers Offer Critics 'Reality Check': Think tanks offer 'hard facts' to counter claim plan benefits only rich

National Park Service Now Reviewing Controversial Lincoln Video: Implies Lincoln would have supported homosexual and abortion rights agenda!

Parent Alleges Harassment for Exposing 'Fistgate' Teaching At Public School Teen Workshop

Group Wants God Left out of European Constitution

Evolution vs Ceationism Resources

Biblical Basis For Modern Science

Buried Alive

Creation CDROM Shattering Evolution

Fraudulent Dating Fossils and Rocks Video

Creationism Defender's Bible: KJV

Videos Eyed In Slaying On Commuter Rail In Boston: Tapes may ID shooters who caused baby's death

Youths Who Gather At Forest Hills Decry Latest MBTA Violence

Survey: Many States Losing Sex Offenders: Up To 77,000 Missing!

DA: Jackson's Admission of Sleepovers Not Enough To Investigate -- Super Rich Do Get Special Treatment!

U.S. Army Works On Robot Soldiers

Man's Heart Repaired With Muscle Taken From His Leg

High Noon for Kasparov vs Computer "Deep Jr."

Stalkers Use GPS to Track Victims -- Irridium Satellites

Terrorism Now A Larger Threat?

Going To Orange? Nuclear-Biological-Chemical: U.S. may raise threat assessment to 2nd-highest level

Much More To Saddam - Al Qaeda Linkage Than Meets The Eye

Intercepted Call Linked Saddam To al-Qa'ida Terror Cell

State Department Reminds Americans to Be Alert for Terror Attacks

Highest Alert Since 9-11: U.S. warns of imminent potential for terror using bio-chem weapons

Bush Orders Guidelines For Cyber-War: First set of rules for attacking enemy computers studied

Labs Unprepared For Chemical Attacks: Most state facilities rated at 4 or below on a scale of 1 to 10

Seven Terror Suspects Arrested in England, Scotland

Australia Urges Citizen Terror Kits

Middle East -- Israel

'We Salute You, Brave Soldier'

Nablus Attack Likely To Lead To Change In IDF Doctrine

IDF Nabs Would-Be Suicide Bombers

Hamas Is Ready to Take Rule From Arafat, Official Says

PETA Anger Over Donkey Bomb Attack: Didn't mind when humans are used, right?

Korean Peninsula

US Is Told: Turn On Us -- North Korea -- And You Get Total War

White House Dismisses North Korea Rhetoric

US 'Ready' After North Korean Threats

President Bush Declares War On North Korea! After Dispatching That Other "Axis of Evil" State, Iraq

Christian Minister Gate-Crasher Hands Bush 'Message From God'

More NASA Nonsense

NASA: Key Launch Pics Not In Focus: Imagine that! Routine pictures taken hundreds of shuttle flights before suddenly "not in focus"!

Talk of Shuttle Tile Problem Brief -- Tile Loss Very Routine On Shuttle Flights, Not A "Safety Issue" Says Air Force in 1999!

Structural Tug-of-War Too Strong

Top Secret Part Somewhere Among Shuttle Debris

One More Disaster On The 33rd Degree Parallel, Second In Dallas in 39 Years!

Operation Northwoods Tells You All You Need To Know About Our Government's Capabilities

Wall Street Seen Mixed; Payrolls Eyed

Australia's Cloned Sheep Death A Mystery

Flu Outbreak Forces Schools in Several States to Close

Bush Wants Energy Bill, Hydrogen Cars

Cincinnati Council Passes Hate Crimes Law

NYC May Ban Toy Gun Sales

Drought News

Drought Could Force Some Farmers Out

El Nino Expected To Linger Into Spring

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

The Need For Water Conservation Is Strong -- The Coming Great Thirst—That Astonishing Day

Officials Plan For Continued Drought

Nothing But Bad News At Drought Meeting

Catholic Church Board Routinely Dismissed Accusations by Females

Pope Pius IX Set Up Secret Society In 1866 To Eliminate Public Scandal Like This: Society Was Called "Priest's Substitution For Marriage"!

Drug Testing of State Troopers Was Cut Back

Anti-War Peaceniks Sue Over City Refusal To Let Them March Past U.N.

Gorbachev, Clinton Narrate Fairy Tale "Peter and the Wolf"

Europe's Biggest Volcano Is Building Toward Blow

Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix

New 'Potter' Book Already Sets Record: It'll Cost $30

Full Truth About Harry Potter -- The "Dark Side" Completely Revealed


February 6, 2003

Powell At U.N. - World Lurching To War!

Powell's Ace Performance May Be Bush's Trump Card

The Dove Who Sharpened His Claws To Lead Cry For War

Next 24 Hours Critical For US To Muster Support For Iraq Strike

U.N. Council Divided After Powell Report -- Powell Destroys the Last Illusion about Iraq

U.S. Finds Little Support for Early Iraq War -- The Only Question Now Is - When?

Iraq Denounces Powell Remarks Before Security Council

Powell Claims European Terror Network Is Run By al-Qa'ida team Based In Iraq

World Reacts To Powell Performance

Powell Works on Congress Support on Iraq

Australian PM: Case Against Iraq Compelling

France Rules Out New Iraq Resolution -- Ten eastern European states to join in war

Powell's Speech On Iraq Frays Wall Street Nerves

Excerpts of Security Council Speeches

Lawmakers React to Evidence Against Iraq

Military Buildup

U.S. Troop Buildup in Gulf Accelerating

Children's Book for 'Military Brats' Confronts War

US Forces Order of Battle - Great Map Showing Deployment!

Is U.S. Planning To Attack Other Nations?

Kuwait Closes Its Northern Half To Open U.S. Invasion Route

Gulf Troops Almost To 150,000

Dirty Bomb Threat Heightens

Facing A "Poisoned" Battlefield

The Poisoned Battlefield: Are U.S. Troops Ready For "N.B.C." Attacks?

Human Performance of Military Tasks While Wearing Chemical Protective Clothing

Pentagon Eyes Mass Graves : Option would fight contamination after bioterror deaths

U.S. Now Officially Subject To World Court

World Court: U.S. Must Stay Execution of 3 Mexicans On Death Row

World Court Huge Step Toward World Government, and Its Antichrist

Rome Statute For International Criminal Court Became Effective July 1, 2002

Abortion News

High School Rescinds Punishment For Student's Pro-Life Sweatshirt Proclaiming "Abortion Is Homicide"

Baby Parts For Sale: Look at America's Most Shocking New Industry

Satellite Tracking Spurs Stalking Fears

Irridium Satellites: No Place To Hide!

You Have Already Lost Your Privacy! Dictatorship next

Mark of the Beast Technology In Place

Chavez Announces Currency Controls In Venezuela

India Plans Long-Range Missile Test: Missile would threaten China

Spector's Alleged Victim: The Smear Campaign Begins

Illegal Alien Threatened Water Supply? Trooper shot during arrest of Mexican after informant's tip

Witnesses Say Spy Suspect Used Codes

Illegal Migrants Enter HK In Suitcases: Still fleeing "Worker's Paradise"!

Mexican Rebels Threaten Eco-Ranch In Mexico: U.S. owners vow to stay unless they get fair price

Chinese Aliens Flock To O'Hare: Immigrants with bogus asylum claims flooding America's busiest airport

Exclusive: DOJ Has Enough Evidence To Arrest Martha Stewart: Official Says They Have 'Solid Criminal Case'

Smallpox Being Given

Two Soldiers Develop Bad Reactions To Smallpox Shot

States Have Authority To Quarantine Entire Cities To Fight Smallpox Attack

President Bush: Koran is God's Word

Shuttle News

Meteor 'May Have Hit Shuttle': NASA newest straw-grabbing

NASA Backs Away From Theory Foam Was 'Root Cause' of Crash

Space Shuttle Columbia's Accident Contains Strong "Occult Signature": Air Force document prove NASA lying about damaged tiles!

Another 33rd Degree Parallel Disaster!

How Mass Media Manipulates You!

Arab Media Rejoice Over Israeli Astronaut: Ramon's death 'enough to arouse joy in every heart that beats' Islam

Now The Nikkon Camera Is Said To Be Defective!

NASA Rejected Escape Devices

Searchers Snare Shuttle Nose Cone


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Israel Prepares

War Clock Ticking, Says Israel -- Expects Iraq war end of February or March

General Warns Israel Could Face 'Isolated' Iraqi Biological Attack

Four Dead After West Bank Base Attack: 2 Palestinians and 2 Israelis

Six Killed In Mid-East Violence

Palestinian Security Forces to Prevent the Firing of Missiles in Israel

Astronaut Ramon Burial Next Tuesday In Northern Israel

Arafat Furiously Foils Attempt To Recruit Financial Aid From Jordan

Korean Peninsula

U.S. Attack on N. Korea's Nuke Plants Would Trigger 'Total War': Might strike pre-emptively!

Koreas Open New Land Route: Making attack easier for North Korea?

Alleged North Korean Spy Held In L.A.

Prisoner Nation: Why North Koreans cheered Bush's "axis of evil" designation

Missile Technology Sent to China: Now they can build "Smart Bombs"

Satanic Rocker Ozzy Osbourne

Hip-Hop Group To Boycott Pepsi Over Ozzy Ad

Ozzy's White House: The night President Bush glorified the vulgar Satanic Rock Singer

Moral Collapse Accelerates

Not-So-Straight Shooter: Marvel Comics’ Gay Rawhide Kid "Comes Out"

Amazon.com Accelerates Moral Collapse!

Out-of-this-World Fantasies Eclipse Down-to-Earth Realities

Student's Aid Pulled Due To Theology Major: College junior sues to challenge law against 'religious education'

Seven Held In UK Anti-Terror Swoop

Saudis Helped Witness Flee U.S.: Wife of terror suspect had faced grand jury subpoena

Jews Portrayed As Inherently "Wicked" In Saudi Textbooks

Patients Got Cancer From Transplanted Organ: Kidney donor was considered cancer-free

Syrian Occupation Suffocates Lebanon, and the World Shrugs In Total Complacency

Altered-Gene Piglets Sold As Food

A Troubling Upsurge of American Anti-Semitism

Nuke Plants Aging Disgracefully

Teleportation Takes Another Step

CIA Concealed Noah’s Ark


February 5, 2003

Global Mega-Terror

Mega-Terror Menaces on Three Continents

Australia Confirms Worst On Iraq: Prime minister says U.S. given intelligence on al-Qaida link in planning terror

Palestinian Children 'Dream of Martyrdom': Arab psychologist says more than half want to strap on bombs

Wife of Terror Suspect Helped Out of U.S.

999 Services Given Chemical Attack Disorder Warning

Shuttle News

Damaged Tile Lie

NASA Was Warned Wings Vulnerable: Risk from debris identified in 1994

Engineer's '97 Report Warned of Damage to Tiles by Foam

But, U.S. Air Force Concluded In 1999: "Damage To Re-entry Tiles Is Not A Flight Safety Issue" NASA Is Lying!

General Shuttle News

NASA Probes 'Electric Zap' Mystery Photo: Purplish Electrical Bolt Hit Shuttle Causing It To Wobble and Begin Disintegrating

Israel's Astronaut Was On Secret Mission For Israel

NASA Searches for Debris in California, Arizona

Bush Pays Tribute, Recalls 'Great Purpose' of Shuttle Crew

Remains of Astronauts To Be Taken To Delaware

Kashmir - India/China/Pakistan

Indian Official Touts New Pakistan Talks

India Offers Talks Over Kashmir

Kashmir Struggle Carries Prophetic Implications: China will not allow India control of segment carrying that road

American Airlines Calls For Wage Cuts

Bush Hikes Budget For IRS Audits: Agency plans to pounce on high-income individuals, businesses avoiding taxes

Police Scrutinise Jackson Documentary - Amidst admission he had children sleep with him

Jackson Prepares For US Media Onslaught

Judge Warns Child Rapist 'A High Risk To Re-Offend': Offender to be freed as he reaches age 21

Jury Finds In Favor Of Ex-Manager In Helmsley Gay Bias Suit

Skirts Land Deptford Boys In Detention

Army Accused of Sexism For Using Word 'Manning' Rather Than 'Staffing'



Powell Readies for Big U.N. Presentation Today To Irrefutably Prove Iraq Has Weapons of Mass Destruction

Powell Will List Iraqi Arms Violations At U.N.

You Want Proof? Powell's Got Pics - Secretary plans to bring satellite photos of mobile, bio-weapons labs to U.N. today

Iraqi Super Weapons: They Got ‘Em From The U.S.

War 'Moving Closer,' Blix Warns Iraq - "5 Minutes to Midnight!"

Marines Extend Stay In Mideast: 3,300 troops scheduled to come home instead will stay put

Pentagon Adviser: France 'No Longer Ally'

Key Developments Concerning Iraq

Analysis: Will Saddam Blink? Will he suddenly flee into exile?

Green Groups Protest Oil, War -- This War Is Not About Oil!

Australian Senate Passes No Confidence Vote on Iraq

Gold Rises to Six-Year High on Threat of U.S. Attack on Iraq

Washington Issues Grim Warning On N Korea


Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians During Terror Sweep

Palestinian Children 'Dream of Martyrdom': Arab psychologist says more than half want to strap on bombs

The Empire Strikes Back: Sharon and Settlers Destroy the Infrastructure of Palestinian Existence

Body of Israeli Astronaut Identified Among Remains

Attacks: Palestinian Authorities To Pay $10m to Israeli Firm For Suicide Attacks On Its Buses

Stocks Drop Amid Geopolitical Tensions

Phil Spector -- "Devils Inside Me"

Spector Case 'Victim' Speaks From the Grave

Lana Carlson - Actress Found Shot Dead Had Been On First Date With Spector

Spector And The Devils: "I have devils inside that fight me"

Phil Spector Web Site

Spector Hires OJ's Lawyer For Murder Case

Man Charged With Selling ID's To 9/11 Hijackers Released As Part Of Plea Deal

Amazon.com Revealed For The Anti-Christian Company It Is!


February 4, 2003

Columbia Shuttle

Blow To Wing Now Prime Focus -- NASA to Redo Columbia Tile Analysis

Bush to Lead Mourning at Memorial for Fallen Astronauts

Tabloid Paper Claims Photo Shows Wing Cracks: NASA calls photo "goofy"

Hollywood Yanking Shuttle-Movie Trailers: 'The Core' features scenes deemed too similar to Columbia disaster

Militant Cleric: God Destroyed Columbia because It Was Carrying American Christians, Indian-born Hindu and An Israeli Jew

'Folks Are Going To Be Finding Debris 10 Years From Now'

Nasa Rescue Options For Crew Were 'Desperate'

Nearly 2,000 Remember Israeli Astronaut

'I Have Seen Some Incredible Sights': Final E-mail

Internet Pools Shuttle Disaster Details To Aid Recovery

Searchers Find Shuttle Nose Cone in Texas

NASA In Line For Extra Money - Bush Meets With NASA Director O'Keefe

Terrorism Part of WW3 Plan

Arrests of al Qaeda Terrorists Disrupt Plans For Attack: Prominent Americans targeted for murder!

U.S. Takes Aim At al Qaida, Iraqi Agents

Bush Proposes Producing More Bioterror Vaccines -- Bioterror designed to allow Martial Law!

U.S. Soldier Is Shot in S. Germany

Transportation Safety Gear For Sale On Net: Availability of federal agency's badges, pins cause safety concerns

Palestinian Jailed Over al-Qaeda Links

Weapons of Mass Destruction Handbook

Top Democrat Says Al Qaeda Is Bigger Threat Than Iraq

Indonesia Arrests Alleged Leader of Singapore Jemaah Islamiah

Bush Team Promotes $2.23 Trillion Budget

Bush Budget Gets Spacey: Suggests existence of space aliens!

Lawmakers React to Bush Budget

Newly Sworn In Treasury Secretary Snow to Testify on Bush's Budget

Mormonism In Spotlight

Temple of the Godmakers: Takes you inside the secret Mormon ceremonies

Mormonism's Temple of Doom -- Hidden Language of the Mormon Temple

Mormon Dilemma - How to lead a Mormon to the true Jesus Christ

The God Makers

What's Wrong With Mormonism? Video from former Satanist, Freemason, Mormon

Pressure Mounts On Germany's Schroeder After Poll Defeat

Senator Kerry Discovers He Has Jewish Roots!

Michael Jackson In News

Michael Jackson Still Has Children In His Room For 'Sleep-Overs'

Jackson Documentary Dangles More Details About His Third Child He Dangled Over Balcony

Michael Jackson Confesses: I sleep with boys

Gasoline Price Posts Highest Jump in 10 Months

Are Spy Chips Set To Go Commercial?

Suicide 101: Lessons Before Dying

Media Manipulation

Sam Donaldson Debates Robert Novak on Media Bias

Death By Entertainment: How The Media Manipulates

Sublimals Revealed In Mass Media, Retailers

Middle East News -- Iraq

Is Iraq To Be Attacked Simply Because She Lies On 33rd Parallel? Battle of Armageddon also to be on 33rd Parallel!

Iraqi 'Ghost' Army Awaits US Fighters

3rd U.S. Carrier Moves Within Striking Distance: A 4th and Possibly 5th May Soon Be Under Way Soon

US Chooses Saddam's Successor

UK Troops 'Prepare For Iraq Occupation': Prophecy says "Seize and destroy the whole land"

U.S. Urges Citizens To Leave Persian Gulf

New Strategy Gives Iraq 6 More Weeks

Blair, Chirac To Meet On Iraq -- Powell Seeks to Sway U.N. on Iraq Action

I Will Risk All On Iraq, Says Blair: Admits risking his political life over Iraq

France 'Facing Both Ways On Iraq'

U.N. Inspectors Visit 10 Sites In Iraq

Troops Won't Fight Until All Peace Avenues Explored: Australian PM

Syria Lambasts US Stance On Iraq

Korean Peninsula

U.S. Bombers on Alert to Deploy as Warning to North Koreans

US Considers Korean Military Boost

North Says U.S. Pursues 'Policy of Evil' on Korea

Army General Franks Subject of Internal Probe: DOD Inspector General Looks at Claims Commander May Have Broken Rules


Germans Guilty In Iraq Supergun Case: No defense against these shells carrying Biological or Chemical warheads!

Settler Seriously Hurt in Gaza Shooting

Israeli Troops Kill 2 Palestinians In Gaza

Israeli, U.S. Troops Fire Patriots in Joint Exercise

Some Israelis Rely on European Passports

Israel's Labour Spurns Sharon Offer

Blood Bag Supplier: Specks Are 'Blood-Derived' - Red Cross wants nationwide inspection for white particles

Hollywood Actress Declares Herself 'Right Wing Christian Bigot'- Tired of Christians being labeled when they stand up for their beliefs!

Record Producer Phil Spector Charged With Murder

Bi For Now: Call them hasbians

Bush Wants To Open Arctic Refuge To Oil Drilling

Roman Catholicism

Vatican Attacks New Age Religions - Mother Teresa regularly featured speaker at major New Age conferences!

List of Attendees of Gorbachev's 1995 New Age Conference

True Nature of Catholicism Revealed

True Religious Nature Uniquely Examined

God's Story: From Creation To Eternity

Vatican Succumbs to Harry Potter's Spell

Animal-Rights Activists Dispute Federal Bear-Killing Program

World's Largest Divorce Settlement -- Oil Money

WorldCom to Cut 5,000 Jobs, Slash Costs

Conflicts Rage Across The Globe - "Wars, Rumors of Wars, Famine, Pestilence"

Treating Homosexuality: Catholic Speakers Anger Australian Activists

Israel Denies Plan to Train Indians Troops in Counter-Terrorism


February 3, 2003

Shuttle Columbia

Tile Loss Story Shown To Be Bogus! Air Force document calls loss of tiles during flight "not a flight safety issue"!

Astronomer's Photos Show Odd Images Near Shuttle: Discharges of Lightening Observed Just Before Columbia Began Breaking Up

Weather Service Radar Captures Explosion Over Dallas!

Heat Spike Recorded on Shuttle Before Disaster

Explosion Occurred Over Dallas, Another 33rd Parallel Disaster!

Could NASA Have Pulled An `Armageddon'-Style Space Rescue?

Death By Entertainment: How The Media Manipulates

Boeing, Northrop May Have to Speed Shuttle Replacement Design

Bush to Propose $470 Million Budget Increase for NASA

Stranded Russian Trio Face Long Wait For A Lift Home

Iraqis Call Shuttle Disaster God's Vengeance

Health Dangers Lurk in Shuttle Debris

Opinions Change Over Military Draft

Gay Baptist Church, Possibly The First, Finds A Home In Philadelphia

Abortion For Profit

Teacher Apologizes For Abortion Discussion

Baby Parts For Sale!

Former President Clinton To Appear At Rolling Stones Concert To Support "Global Warming"

'Many' Dead In Nigeria Blast

Convention Sees Mainstream Turning Right

Severe Drought

Drought Tightens Its Grip

Snowpack Too Low To Fight The Drought

Can We Blame The Ocean For The Drought?

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

Coming Great Thirst—That Astonishing Day

Farmers May Lose Water To Minnow

Drought Report Grim For Kansas

Bad Weather Means Fewer Apples And Peaches


Hizbullah Threatens Retaliation For IAF Lebanon Flights

Sharon Reports To Mitzna On Secret Talks With Palestinians

Egypt's Mubarak Invites Sharon To Meeting In Sinai

Security Alert Persists More Than 4 Hours In North

Likud Tells President: We Want Unity Government


US Military Will Reinforce Korea

North Korea: Military Ready for Attack

North Korea Denies Summit Bribery

North Korea Kicks Up Anti-U.S. Campaign

North Korea Rejects Multilateral Talks


Saddam's Bodyguard Warns of Secret Arsenal

Rise of Babylon Revised -- Saddam Rebuilding Anicent Babylon

We Will Not Shrink From War: Iraq has flouted the will of the world with its deceptions and empty claims

US War Plan Relies on Massive Precision Bombing: 3,000 missiles and bombs in first 48 hours!

"Unprecedented Warfare" Coming Upon Iraq, Just As Scripture Foretold!

Poll: Bush Rallying Support on Iraq War, Support Up To 66%

No New Concessions From Baghdad

U.S. May Debut Secret Microwave Weapon Versus Iraq

Today's Army Differs From 1991 Gulf Force

Pentagon Eyes Mass Graves Using Bulldozers

Iraq: U.S. Will Fabricate Arms Evidence

U.S. Troops Ponder Armed Iraqi Civilians

Troops In Gulf To Use Depleted Uranium Shells

U.S. Troops Train And Wait

Military Faces Bandwidth Crunch

Yemeni Who Insulted Islam To Lose His Head

Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century: Truth About Islam

Infertile Lioness Makes Ill-Fated Antelope Adoption

Snow Causes Major Chaos In London

Public School Disaster!

Harvard Educator: "Every Child Coming To School Is Mentally Ill"

Crisis In The Public School Classroom

Ken Starr Fears Free Speech Threatened

Is Antichrist Coming?

Preview of the Antichrist

Antichrist And A Cup of Tea

Prince Charles: The "Sustainable Prince"

Anti-Terror Kits Mailed Out To Australian Homes

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February 2, 2003 -- Candlemas, Groundhog Day

Shuttle Columbia - Suddenly Lost

Space Shuttle Columbia Is Down! Hurtles down in pieces over Dallas, Texas -- 33rd Parallel!

Dallas, Ft. Worth Residents Hear Huge Explosion

Shuttle Disaster Columbia Breaks Up Over Texas, Debris Falls To Earth, Emergency Declared

Profiles of Space Shuttle Columbia Crew

Space Shuttle Crashes On Re-entry: 22nd Year of Shuttle Program, 113th Mission

Planned Touch Down Was Runway #33

India Mourning Their Female Astronaut -- Dynamic Student

Italian Astronaut: Re-entry Angle Incorrect? Veteran of 2 flights says images indicate improper descent possible

Took Off From Launch Site 39A, Orbit Inclination of 39 Degrees, Launched at 9:39am

Columbia Named After Sailing Ship That Manuevered Dangerous Channel on May 11, 1792

'The Days of Miracle and Wonder': The Columbia's loss is a searing reminder of American heroism

Men Report Finding Possible Shuttle Victim's Remains

Shuttle Debris Rains Down On Texas: 100-miles of debris

Despite Improvements, Risks Remain Part of Space Equation

Nasa Chiefs 'Repeatedly Ignored' Safety Warnings

Debris Could Contain Poisonous Chemicals

Video Footage of Columbia Disaster

Columbia Losses Include Research Results

UK Forces Chief May Have Been Al Qaeda Terror Target

US Seeks Permission To Bomb Pakistani Areas: 10,000 Al Qaeda Terrorists Reportedly In Area

J.D.L. Member in Plea Accord on Bomb Plot

Pakistan Declines Indian Offer To Open Freight Services: Tensions between two nuclear powers remains high

Departing National Cybersecurity Chief Issues Warning

Police Board Ship To End Anti-War Protest

How Anti-War Protests Are Designed To Further The War Effort! "The wealthy have bought themselves a revolution"!

FBI Ends Search of Maryland Mountains For Clues To 2001 Anthrax Mailings

Court: Police Burglars' Victim Can't Sue: Woman hired rogue cops to watch home while she went on vacation

Giuliani Employs Barred Priest

Punxsutawney Phil Not Looking For Sunlight: He is looking for romance!

Ford Rolls Out A Brazilian SUV

Israel In Shock

Israel Prays and Mourns For Her Loss -- First Astronaut, Much Decorated Bomber Pilot

Multiple Investigations Will Seek Answers To Space Shuttle Columbia Tragedy

Flags Fly At Half-Staff -- Cabinet to hold ceremony at weekly meeting

Ramon Died With Mezuzah In Space -- Priceless Torah, drawing by boy killed in Auschwitz perish with Ramon

Israeli Astronaut Bombed Iraqi Reactor : Col. Ilan Ramon was air force fighter pilot in Osiraq (Osiris) raid

Prime Minister Sharon's Statement On Space Shuttle Columbia

World Leaders Express Condolences

Schools To Remember Ramon Today

Struggle Against Terror Continues

Hizbullah Launch Salvos Of Anti-Aircraft Fire Over Israel

IDF Destroys Weapons Tunnel

US Puts "Road Map" Off Until Sharon Forms Coalition

Secularist Party Shinui Appears On The Way To Joining Sharon's Coalition

PA Official: US To Gain Control Over Arab Oil and To Enforce A New World Order

Israel: A Nation Is Born, Prophecy Fulfilled - 5-Video Tape Set

Iraq - "Smoking Gun" Has Arrived

Saddam's Bodyguard Warns of Secret Arsenal

Poll Suggests Bush Has Rallied Support For Iraq Policy

"Rise of Babylon" - Documents Saddam's plans to resurrect glory of Babylon, fulfilling prophecy in the process!

US Bombers To Start War With Attacks On Saddam's Palaces And Other Symbols of His Power and Authority

Weapons Inspectors To Return To Iraq On Feb. 8

Saddam Counsels His Commanders To Keep Their Cool

Satire Rules! Secrets of the axis of evil revealed: chocolate, call centres and coffee

War Clouds Gather Over Wall Street

Final Countdown: Everything Is Falling Into Place!

Iraq Threatens Suicide Attacks As US, Britain Court New UN Vote

New Toxins Threat To Troops

We Can Still Stop This Blind March To Disaster

Six Skiers Dead, One Missing In B.C. Avalanche: Second avalanche in this area of east-central British Columbia in less than a month

Illness Hits Hundreds Aboard Cruise Ship

Middle Class Buys Into "Lap of Luxury"

White House Proposes Two More Tax-Free Accounts

Saudi Sees No Crude Supply Crunch


February 1, 2003 -- New Moon, Imbolg, First Satanic Sabbat

Breaking News!

Space Shuttle Columbia Is Down! Hurtles down in pieces over Dallas, Texas -- 33rd Parallel!

Shuttle Was Damaged On Original Takeoff

U.S.: No Indication of Shuttle Terrorism

Shuttle Disaster Columbia Breaks Up Over Texas, Debris Falls To Earth, Emergency Declared

Profiles of Space Shuttle Columbia Crew

Space Shuttle Crashes On Re-entry: 22nd Year of Shuttle Program, 113th Mission

Israel's Mourning For Their First Astronaut

India Mourning Their Female Astronaut -- Dynamic Student

Italian Astronaut: Re-entry Angle Incorrect? Veteran of 2 flights says images indicate improper descent possible

Took Off From Launch Site 39A, Orbit Inclination of 39 Degrees

Columbia Named After Sailing Ship That Manuevered Dangerous Channel on May 11, 1792

Iraq - Coalition Building

Saddam Gets Six More Weeks

Caught On Tape: Bush administration to release tapes that could incriminate Iraq. ‘Hold onto your hat,’ says one U.S. intelligence official, ‘we’ve got it.’

The Rise of Babylon: Startling New Satellite Photos show how Saddam Hussein is rebuilding the ancient city of Babylon!

Both Ancient Babylon and Baghdad Are On 33rd Parallel, As Is Battle of Armageddon

Bush Approves Nuclear Response -- Mushroom Clouds In Mid-East At End of the Age Foretold!

Sudden Expulsions Along Iraqi-Kurdish Border Prompt Speculation Saddam Creating Buffer for Attack

British Naval Flotilla And A US Submarine Enter Suez Canal Bound For Gulf

Iraq Has Deployed Scud Rocket Launchers In Its Western Territory

Bush, Blair Agree: Saddam's Time Is Running Out -- US to decides to seek fresh UN decision on Iraq

Saddam Vows To Kill "One Million" US Soldiers

Iraqi Dissident Back On Saddam's Turf To Battle Saddam

UN Likely To Back Iraq War: Australia's Downer

Jimmy Carter Says Bush Has Not Proven Case for Iraq War

Arab League Chief: Arabs Won't Join US War Against Iraq

US Army's 1st Infantry Division Deploys Ahead of Possible War With Iraq

Denmark Offers Troops For US - Led Iraq War

Concerns About Iraq's Oil

US Studying International Law To Determine Oil Field Rights In Event Of War With Iraq

Reviving the Oil Empire in Iraq a Major Priority for U.S. in Post-Saddam Period -- War Is Not About Oil!!

Breaking Out of the Propaganda Box: Learning to find the truth by thinking in the opposite direction!

Vatican Steps Up Defense of Pius XII Ahead of Release of Pre-war Archives

Vatican Denounces Transsexuals

Pope Pius IX Created "Priest's Substitute For Marriage" In 1866

Gay Catholic Activists Convicted, But Not Sentenced

"Rewilding" of America Hitting New Frenzy

Voters Go On 'Free Money' Bond Frenzy: Approval of government land buy-ups shows no sign of stopping

Worries About Increasing Public Debt Are Smallest of Our Worries: Real objective is to "rewild" America, restricting "Human Activity"

Birth of World Government Through Deception, Intrigue, War

Virginia Bill Banning 'Partial-Birth' Endorsed

INS: 7 Million Illegal Immigrants in U.S. -- Charge made that we have lost control of our borders

I.N.S. Shredder Ended Work Backlog, U.S. Says, As Over 90,000 Documents Said Shredded By One Manager!

Slim GOP Majority Makes a Big Difference In Getting Bush's Agenda Passed

GOP Senators Defy Bush On Arctic Oil: Six moderates don’t want drilling attached to budget bill

U.S. To Join Research Effort For Fusion Power

Americans Love or Hate SUVs

Day Care Debacle: Left 16 toddlers unsupervised for an hour

40 Lose Eyesight After Surgery in India Eye Camp

A Vigorous Voice from The Right — at Berkeley!

United Airlines Parent Posts Record Loss

McDonald's Rating Cut, Shares Tumble

Remembering The 3,700 Others That Died On September 11

Bush Promoting Plan to Combat HIV in Africa

Rebuilding The Temple!

"Let My 'Temple Artifacts" Go! The Temple Is About To Be Rebuilt!

The Coming Last Days Temple

Jerusalem in Prophecy

More Signs of the End of the Age

Wars and Rumors of Wars: Conflicts rage across the globe

Final Countdown Is Underway: Everything is now in place!

Terrorism - Muslim's Most Powerful Weapon!

World Health Organization Issues Alert On Food Terrorism

U.S.: al-Qaida Figure Moved Through Iraq

Israel: Iraq Aids Palestinian Terror, But No Links to Al Qaeda

Administration: Al Qaeda in Baghdad

Downing Street: Al-Qaida Developing 'Dirty Bomb' -- FDA Urges ‘Dirty Bomb’ Treatment-- Paint pigment Prussian blue may be radiation antidote

Italian Police Arrest 28 Pakistanis, Find Explosives, Marked Maps

Leader of Iraqi Kurd Fundamentalist Group Denies Links to Saddam Hussein

Man Charged In London With Conspiracy To Produce Chemical Weapons

Iran's Leader Slams Freedom Fighters: Says those preaching liberty, democracy 'are fighting Islam'

Blair Warns World: Hussein, Al Qaeda 'Will Come Together in Deadly Form'

Legal Victory for Moussaoui: Defense Can Have Access to Captured Terrorist, Judge Ruled

DIA Fears Cuban Mole Aided Russia, China: Intelligence disaster in the making?

Korean Peninsula

U.S. Warns N. Korea On Nuclear Processing

North Korea May Be Moving Nuclear Fuel Rods: Could be moving them to facility to quickly produce nuclear bombs

Blair: North Korea Is Next -- After Iraq -- "Regime Changes" Planned For Numerous Countries!

More U.S. Forces To Korea? Pacific Commander Seeks More Forces Now

South Korean Envoy to Visit U.S. Amid Reports of Troop Buildup Against North Korea


Palestinian Terrorist Killed Near Egyptian Border

Powell to Palestinians: Terror won't produce statehood

Sharon Retains Defence Minister Mofaz

Defense Minister Mofaz: War against Iraq unavoidable

IAF Warplanes Make Repeated Overflights Over Lebanon – Lebanese Officials

Two Palestinians Killed In Jenin Raid, Sharon Opens Talks To Form Government

Personal Belongings of Kidnapped Soldiers To Be Sealed And Commemorated

Israeli Markets Brace For Volatile Trading

Gallons of Sewage Spilling Into Sea As Repair Work On Pipe Continues

Yeshiva University Students To Commemorate Israeli Victims of Terror

Reality About Vaccinations

Soldier Has Serious Reaction to Smallpox Vaccine


Moral Collapse Continues

Public Pool In Hot Water For Nudist Parties

Anti-war Campaign Continues For Ritter: Eager Standing-Room-Only Crowd Willing To Overlook Sex Charges

Californians Again Debating Homosexual 'Rights'

Collier School Board Fires Gulf Coast "Sex Ed" Teacher After Condom Demonstration

'Bachelorette' Contestant Booked On Drug Charges

EPA Conducts Secret Air Pollution Testing In Texas

Armed Pilots: TSA 'Dragging its Feet' Implementing Law

Bags Targeted In Probe of Georgia Blood Supply

MTV Apologizes for Show's Gandhi Lampoon

Indians Outraged Over Gandhi-Bashing Episode


Computers Misread '97' Birthdate, Order 106-Year-Old Woman To Begin First Grade


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