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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Thursday, February 10, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea Announces It Has Nuclear Weapons: Won't Return to Nuclear Disarmament Talks

North Korea deepens isolation with nuclear stance: US claims

US asks China to push for N. Korea talks

Roh, Bush Agree to Resume 6-Way Talks

South Korea ready to discuss North Korean aid request for 500,000 tons of fertilizer

U.S. 'Lobbying Allies to Oust UN Nuclear Chief' : ElBaradei has challenged US views – first over pre-war Iraq and then Iran

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Insurgent Video Shows Gunmen Killing Four Blindfolded Iraqi Policemen

4 U.S. soldiers, 6 Iraqis killed in attacks: TV reporter and his 3-year-old son among the dead

Car Bomb Blast Kills 2 in Central Baghdad

20 bodies of Iraqi drivers found south of Baghdad

Iraqi official assassinated in Baghdad: Plus three members of a Kurdish political party

Oil pipeline attacked in northern Iraq

Iraq vote result delayed as insurgency toll mounts

The real story of the Iraqi elections

Shape of Post-Election Iraq Being Hammered Out in Backroom Dealmaking

Months after assault, Fallujah called the 'safest city in Iraq'

Militant Group vows to free Italian journalist

Bush Seeks $400 Mln to Reward Iraq, Afghan Allies

US presses NATO to expand Iraq, Afghan forces

Saddam trial 'just weeks away'

Saddam team lawyer in hiding after death threats

NATO united over Iraq, Rice says

‘Is Iraq worth the American sacrifice?’ CNN pops the question

Iraq charges alleged 18 Hezbollah fighters with terrorism

Torture, Sexual Abuse Scandal

Pentagon denies medical complicity in abuses in American prisons in Cuba, Iraq and Afghanistan

Lawyers for Omar Khadr allege Canadian teen abused in U.S. prison camp: In Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Detainees accuse female interrogators: Pentagon inquiry confirms sexual tactics

Snubbing US, Europe Confirms Plan to Lift China Arms Embargo

Is it a bird? Is it a plant? Hang on, I'll check its barcode . . .

The Barcoding Of Life

Senate Nears Vote on Class Action Lawsuits

Ronald Reagan Stamp Celebrated in Ceremonies Across the Country

Russia and China announce strategic partnership: In bid to counter expanding Western military and fiscal influences

"British Open" to Allow Transsexual Golfers

Texas Minister Takes On Homosexual Hostility, Spiritual Confusion

Bush's Voodoo Budget Magic

'I'm Ready To Die': Read Carefully, for this is the attitude which will one day result in persecution of the genuinely saved

For the Worst of Us, the Diagnosis May Be 'Evil'

China executes two hundred people in last 2 weeks: In advance of the lunar new year

Students ordered to wear tracking tags: Parents protest school mandate on RFID badges


Israeli - Palestinian News

Sharon to Release Palestinian Prisoners Involved in Deadly Attacks - if Militants Hold Fire

US Urges Israel: Free Arabs That Attacked Israelis - Not Americans

The Day After The Summit Ceasefire: Bomb and Rocket Attacks

No euphoria in Palestinian Authority media over summit truce

Palestinian terror groups say they are not bound by "hudna" ceasefire declarations

For Gaza’s Jews, the summit ceasefire is over: Just 36 hours after "ceasefire" declared at summit

Israel Cancels Meeting With Palestinian Negotiators After Gaza Attacks

Terrorist ceasefire ‘exists only in the media

Israeli Official Admits: No Mechanism In Place for Dealing With Terror Attacks

Egypt and Jordan to return ambassadors to Israel

Sharon snubs referendum idea on Gaza pullout

PA fears Hizbullah to target Chairman Abbas: To thwart attempts to revive the peace process

Palestinians rush to join 'West Bank brigade'

Last Month, US Congress recognizes PLO as a terrorist entity

Bill to implement expulsion plan passes on vote-change by anti-Israel Arab MK: Communist Party MK Mohammed Barakeh

Official PA website continues to feature inciting caricature of "Sharon the Butcher"

FBI QUESTIONS PASTOR'S SERMON: Preacher Shocked By Agent's Questions About His Pulpit Statements On -- Sermon Was On Abortion, Homosexuality, Separation of Church and State, Gambling

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran to accelerate nuclear plan if attacked

Bush Insists: World Must Speak with One Voice on Iran Nukes

Rice Charges: Iran's energy projects can eventually be used for weapons programs

Rice warns Iran of looming UN action

Iran insists nuclear programme to stay

Pentagon regularly reviews war plans: Centcom says war plan for Iran is just routine contingency planning

Other Nations News

BBC journalist shot dead in Somalia: Outside her hotel in the Somali capital

Saudis vote in country's first nationwide elections

U.N. bans peacekeepers from sex with Congolese

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State: U.S. 'Can Adjust' to No Venezuelan Oil

Venezuela Rejects US Criticism of Arms Deal: Plans to buy 100,000 Russian rifles

Venezuela's President Chavez: Dispute With Colombia `Practically Over'

Floods Kill at Least 13 in Northern Venezuela

42 lightly wounded in Madrid bombing

US experts urge routine HIV tests for all: Virtually entire population

Tsunami News

Seabed Images Show Huge Ruptures Near Tsunami Epicenter

Russians confirm planetary angular momentum theory to warn of another major tsunami even more devastating

Humanitarian, Strategic Considerations as US Boosts Tsunami Aid

Tsunami Aid Slow To Reach Victims

Tamil Rebels Cancel Tsunami Aid Meeting: Sri Lanka

Terri Schiavo's Parents Lose Religious Liberties Argument at Appeals Court

Study Reveals Disabled Patients Like Terri Schiavo Show Awareness

The (dark) flip side of database snooping

San Francisco Bay Area: Mystery Illness Baffles Doctors; Frustrates Patients - Victims suffering unkown lesions and strange string-like fibers - most victims are in the medical profession and it may be contagious

Scientists to create modern Noah's Ark


Wednesday, February 9, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Israeli - Palestinian News

Israel's Sharon, Palestinian's Abbas Declare Cease-Fire at Summit

Handshake halts the Middle East bloodshed

Sharon, Abbas Promise: This time it's for real

Abbas to brief Palestinian factions on summit

Palestinians react to Sharm al-Shaikh: Mixture of scepticism, disappointment, and guarded optimism

Rice Optimistic Over Road Map

Bush Remains Cautious Even as Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Pledge Cease-Fire

PA Television: We Haven't Given Up on Netanya and Tel Aviv - Abbas' promises at summit already violated

Muslim Dilemma: Kill Jews or Convert Them?

Mohammed's Monsters - Book

Moslems' Satan: Bush, Blair and Sharon

Full text of Abbas's Sharm address

Israeli Foreign Minister to Lead Campaign for Referendum on Gaza Pullout Plan

Defense Secretary Mofaz Refuses to Accept Expulsion Refusers´ Signatures

Revised disengagement compensation bill passes Knesset Finance Committee

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran Diplomatic Pressure

US takes a new tack: Bush officials have suddenly toned down their rhetoric against Iran

Tehran Unfazed by US Threats

Russian Checkmate In Middle East?

Iran tells US N-sites cannot be destroyed

Australia mediating U.S.-Iran conflict

Blair: Iran a State Sponsor of Terrorism

News From Other Nations

Sudan Rejects Calls for International War Crimes Tribunal on Darfur

Alleged Ringleader of Kuwait Terror Group Dies of Heart Failure in Prison: Government Says

Pakistan stirs troubled waters with India

Nepal's Government Says 43 People Have Been Arrested

‘UN resolutions provide solution to Kashmir issue’

US Wants Qatar To Sell Al Jazeera News: Trying to get popular Arab news outlet off its back

Togo Succession an Affront to Africa's Democratic Aspirations

Global poverty can be halved in 10 years: UN report

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- February 5, 2005

Tsunami News

New findings super-size our tsunami threat: 80-foot waves blasted Indonesia, scientists now say - "run-ups" on inland slopes reaching well over 100 feet, traveling at 45 feet per second

Sumatra earthquake three times larger than originally thought: Now estimated at 9.3

Tsunami slowed time just a fraction as earth wobbled on its axis

Sri Lankan Tsunami Survivors Await for Help: Officials Are Accused of Plundering Aid

Sri Lanka tsunami survivors protest corrupt aid distribution

Toll in Asian tsunami disaster tops 295,000

Indonesia vows to rebuild Aceh with Islamic values

U.N.: More tsunami aid needed

U.S. Tsunami Efforts to Wrap Up Soon

Scientists Worry: Developing Countries Lack Infrastructure for Tsunami Warning Systems

'Baby 81' undergoes DNA tests in Sri Lanka: To determine real parents

Japan defies China over Taiwan visas

Mohawk-Wearing Idaho Teen Survives Scalping: Fellow Member of Punk Clique Suspected in Attack

Bush Faces Fight on Farm Payment Limits

Dolly Scientist Gets Human Cloning License: British Government

Pro-Lifers Outraged as Britain Grants Dolly's Doc License to Clone

Karl Rove, senior political strategist, has been promoted to deputy chief of staff

9/11 News

No Doubt About It: World Trade Centers Were Deliberately Collapsed On 9/11

Illuminati Card Game Demonstrates: Plan To Attack World Trade Center and Pentagon Was Known As Far Back As 1995

9/11: DIRECTOR'S CUT In Plane Site - Absolute Proof That 9/11 Was Inside Job and Is Now Being Massively Covered Up - DVD - VHS

9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Painful Deceptions - Preparing Us For The Next Terror Attack - DVD - VHS

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Pyongyang may agree to resume talks on its nuclear program until the end of February

Senior Chinese official to visit Pyongyang: To persuade North Korea to return to nuclear talks

Japan under pressure for sanctions on North Korea

North Korea condemns Bush State of the Union speech

North Korea Asks for 500,000 Tons of Fertilizer







Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

New Cutting Edge Article: Occupied Iraq Has Become A "Saturation Environment" of Electromagnetic Radiation - Civilians and US Soldiers Going Crazy!

Insurgents kill 15 in Iraq attacks

Bomb Kills 23 Near Baghdad Army Base

11 Iraqi policemen killed in Mosul blast

Militants Gun Down Iraqi Journalist From U.S.-Funded Television Station: Son also killed

Iraqi Official Seized: Interim oil ministry's representative, Colonel Riad Gatia Allawi

Iraqi militants claim kidnapped Italian journalist executed

Italian Newspaper: Indirect Communication Established With Kidnappers of Its Reporter in Iraq

Portuguese police to leave Iraq by weekend

Judge Clears British Soldier of One Count of Abusing Iraqi Prisoners

Blair hopeful of boost to Iraq training force

Dead G.I. tale may be 'fraud': Grand Junction, Colorado

Tanks, officers impose order in Fallujah

Election News

Iraqi Election Officials Acknowledge Election Irregularities in Mosul

Final Iraqi election results said delayed

Possible role of clergy likely to shape the future of Iraq

More call for troops to pull out now voting is over

Profiteering from the Iraq war

With America at war, Hollywood follows: TV, Movies planning numerous pro-war shows

Denying Terrorism: N.J. Cops More Concerned About Not Infuriating Muslims Than Bringing Justice

Islam: America's Trojan Horse - Book by Dr. Donald Boys

British Channel 4 to broadcast Guantánamo Bay-style reality show: Will examine effects of mild torture on seven male volunteers

Secretary of State Rice On Tour

Rice Says US, France Turning New Page in Relations

Rice builds bridges in Europe

Rice Gives Europe a New, Stylish, Intellectual Image of United States

Nearing End of European Tour, Rice Says NATO Won't Be World's Policeman

Oil-For-Food Scandal

Iraq Acknowledges: There Is Oil-for-Reconstruction Scandal Too - Republicans fall strangely silent

Annan suspends officials in Iraq oil-for-food case

Annan Aide to Respond to Critical Report

Car Bomb Explodes in Madrid: Basque Separatists Claims Responsibility

China trade costs US 1.5 million jobs

Rumsfeld to visit China, eyes telephone hot line for defense

Roman Catholicism

Priest's Conviction in Boston Does Not End the Crisis in the Catholic Church

Jury hints view shift regarding the clergy: No longer automatically deferring just because accused is a priest

Pope to Miss His First Ash Wednesday in 26-Plus Years as Pontiff

Same Sex Marriage In News

Opponents and Supporters of Same-Sex Marriage in New York Pin Their Hopes on State's Top Court

San Francisco Mayor Defends His Order to Issue Marriage Licenses to Gays

Truth About Same-Sex Marriage: The 6 Things You Need To Know About What's Really at Stake

Same-Sex Marriage Is Satan's Blasphemous Counterfeit To Jesus' Marriage Supper of the Lamb - Video

Phones, Car Engines Face Computer Virus Security Threats: IBM Report

Bush During Unscripted Moment: Person carrying three jobs at a time is 'uniquely American'

Actor Corey Feldman Making New Allegations Against Michael Jackson

17 killed in Siberian coal mine blast

The Fellowship: 'Christian' Mafia Conspiracy

Student Senses Anti-Christian Bias at NC State Univveristy

Bon Jovi Backs President Schwarzenegger

Exclusive: Contaminated Money With Virus - Possible Bioterrorism

A New Religious Consciousness: "Science Fiction" is a means of conditioning the masses to accept future visions that the elite wish to tangibly enact

Fiddling while the Earth melts: Steps can be taken to combat global warming

Chinese New Year: The Year of the Rooster

Big Brother Forever: Germany is forging ahead with a $A12 million Big Brother village for new reality TV show - Participants will be expected to spend decades in the village - working, marrying, breeding, divorcing and dying -- echoes of the film The Truman Show







Tuesday, February 8, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- February 5, 2005

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Most shootings aren't publicized: Unless embedded reporters write about event they witness

Insurgent Attacks on Iraqi Police Stations, Hospital Kill at Least 30

Rebels kill 22 in police station gunfight

Mortar barrage kills up to 14 in Iraq

Sunni killers target 'un-Islamic' traders -- Even killing barbers giving Western haircuts

Shia alliance heading for victory in Iraq polls: Kurdish group in 2nd place

Another such victory: For joy, for joy: Democracy has won in Iraq - Analysis - Election only "optical illusion of an achievement"

C/Edge Analysis: Close Look At Iraq's "Free" Elections Shows They Are Possibly Fake, Fraudulent: Designed to Keep American Power Secure

Arab Election Analysis: Iraqi patriots will triumph

Kurd sees Sunni role in drafting constitution: Party leader eyes Iraqi presidency

Iraqi Shiite cleric demands Islamic lawmaking in new government

US Secretly Pulls 25,000 Troops Out Of Iraq: Many of the extracted troops were said to be mentally and physically impaired

In Unconfirmed Statement, Militant Group Claims to Have Executed Italian Journalist in Iraq

Officers Fault US Command For 'Failure To Surprise' In Iraq

British Soldiers who died in C-130 transport plane returned to Britain

Iraq seeks India’s help in reconstruction

$150,000 Incentive To Stay In US Elite Forces

British PM Blair Faces Grilling over Iraq and Iran

Bush Budget News

US 2006 Budget: Defense spending to grow, shift focus

Despite Proposed Cuts: Era of Big Government is back

Budget Proposal Calls for Marine Corps Restructuring

Still Not Serious on Fighting the War: Analysis by Col. David Hackworth

UN suspends oil-for-food officials accused of misconduct

Fraud and corruption: Oil-for-Food scandal really an American scandal! US took $8.8 billion

Pope Watch

Vatican No. 2 Addresses Sensitive Question of Papal Resignation: Hints issue is being considered

Pope was 'minutes from death'

Pope to Stay in Hospital

U.N. Says Governments Have Provided Just Over Third of Tsunami Aid They Pledged

Fat Tuesday arrives in New Orleans' Mardi Gras

Security cameras patrol Big Easy's dangerous areas

Oil Prices Fall to a One-Month Low

President Bush whacks Jose's charge: Denies knowing of alleged steroid use

Dollar hits 3-month high against euro

FBI Pushes to Expand Domain Into CIA's Intelligence Gathering

Other Campuses: Bill proposed to outlaw nudist youth camps

Abortion Causing 'Black Genocide'

Spy-cam used in Australian classroom: By the Principal

Israeli - Palestinian War

Sharm el-Sheik Summit

Israel, Palestinians to declare cease-fire

A Look at the Issues on the Table in Sharm El-Sheik

Israel freezes its war on terror

EU to Seek Israeli Guarantees on Aid to Palestinians

Rice pressures Israel, pays Palestinians: Concludes 24-hour visit

Rice says ‘Palestine’ the only path to 'peace': Israel must agree to new Muslim state on ancient Biblical land

Israel Warns Washington: Hold your horses

US Appoints 'Security Coordinator' to Encourage Palestinians, Israelis: Lt. General William Ward

Will US General William Ward Succeed Better than the Coordinators and Mediators Before Him?

Shin Beit Security Chief Warns Israel’s Negotiating Posture Is Fraught with Danger

Sharon's Visit to Egypt's 'city of Peace' Draws Protest

Other News

Israeli government, private Jewish groups working in concert: Building human cordon around Jerusalem's Old City and its disputed holy sites

Shots Fired at Israeli Army Convoy: Two Hamas Members Arrested in West Bank

Accuser of 'Confirmed Kill' IDF Captain Admits: We Lied

Two Important Arrests Made in War Against Terrorism: "Palestinian terrorism continues," Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz

Israel, PA Agree to Form Terrorist-Release Committee

Misellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pressure On Iran

Former WMD hunter sees 'eerie similarities' in Iran: David Kay warns - President Bush's inspector

Israeli FM Shalom praises France for role in Iran nuclear negotiations

Iran Wants to Resolve Problems With America: But Says Strike on Nuclear Facilities Would Fail

Iran and US in 'heated exchange' at Saudi anti-terror meeting

Iran vows retaliation if attacked

Russia, Iran May Sign Nuke Deal This Month: To start atomic fuel shipments for a Moscow-built nuclear reactor

Russian Checkmate In Middle East?

Other Nations In The News

Syria's Foreign Minister discussed developments in region with Egyptian counterpart

Sri Lanka president arrives in Pakistan: Four accords to be signed

Honduran Congress announces referendum on death penalty

Mandela exhorts G-7 to act against poverty

India Favors Joint Defense Production

Militiamen open fire on Somalia official

Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholic Priest Jury convicts Shanley of raping child: Victim praised for testimony on '80s abuse

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' - NEW - Expanded Edition Video - Making sense of heinous pedophilia and homosexuality in Catholic priesthood

Ancient Roman Catholic ritual making a comeback in Minnesota: Adoring the bread wafer as "God"

"What Saith Rome?" - Cutting Edge Section On Roman Catholicism

China stocks arsenal with Russia weapons

France Calls for Fresh Start in Relations with U.S.

Loophole in photography law vexes lawyers

U.S. Developing New Generation of Nuclear Weapons

US nuclear upgrade may violate test ban

RFID Family Tracking Systems Now At Theme Parks





Monday, February 7, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Jury finds defrocked priest guilty of repeatedly molesting parishioner: Started molesting boy when he was only 6

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- February 5, 2005

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

22 Iraqi officers killed, 4 Egyptians kidnapped

Iraq Suicide Bombings Kill 25 People: In Teaching Hospital

US soldier killed by roadside bomb in Baghdad

New non-lethal weapon lets troops microwave hostile crowds: US has developed a non-lethal microwave weapon for use in Iraq

Debate raging on withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq

Rumsfeld: Iraq needs time to build defenses: Defense secretary, Cheney agree Islam likely won't control new government

Living under the bombs: Civilians pay price for US airpower

Sunnis demand U.S. exit timetable as price for rejoining mainstream

Islamic Radicals Kill Barbers in Baghdad: Consider Western-style haircuts offensive symbol

Baghdad demonstrators protest balloting flaws

Election Complaints Emerge in Iraq

Rice smooths relations in Turkey over Iraq

Syria caught in Iraqi blame game: Editorial

More Abu Ghraib horrors

More Abu Ghraib prisoners freed

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. backs European effort on Iran but keeping options open: Cheney vows

Demonizing Iran: Another US salvo - Editorial

Rumsfeld: Iran 'Years Away' from Nuclear Weapon

Iran's patience running thin

Thailand's Thaksin readies for victory - absolutely

FBI to Investigate Death of Georgian Prime Minister

Terrorist Hoax in Mexico Exposes Little-Known Chinese Smuggling Route

Saudis call for anti-terror center: Crown Prince leads tough campaign

Right royal headache for India: Palace coup in Nepal

World Bank criticizes itself

Some in U.S. voting with their feet: American citizens leaving

Pope Watch

Pope was '10 minutes from death': When he was rushed to the hospital

Walk-ins Now Here, Ready To Move World Into New World Order: C/Edge Analysis Article

Pope's four-word window blessing - From his hospital window

Pope's blessing from his hospital window 'probably recorded'

Vatican Is Own Hard-To-Penetrate World

Female Guard Member Demoted for Mud Wrestling: Charged with indecent exposure

IBM, Sony, Toshiba to reveal ‘superbrain chip’

The Emperor's New Hump: The New York Times killed a story that could have changed the election

Author Now Suspects 'Deep Throat' Was -- Drumroll, Please -- George H.W. Bush





New Cutting Edge Article


Unidentified Assailants Seize Spanish Consulate in Swiss Capital

Israeli - Palestinian War

Rice the First Top U.S. Leader to See New Palestinian President

Rice unveil to Palestinian leaders proposal for American monitoring of budding Israeli-Palestinian truce: Rice to hold talks with PA leadership

Rice Tells Israel: Make Hard Decisions for Palestinian State

Israel fears Condi the peacemaker: Can no longer rely on unswerving US support

Rice seeks pension for ‘retired’ terrorists

Bush Invites Abbas, Sharon to Meetings

Israeli MK Ravitz: Out of the Coalition, In Favor of a Referendum

Dramatic Rise in Aliyah from North America and Western Europe

PA minister threatens return to terrorism if terrorists not released

PA still using terror as a bargaining chip

Fatah calls for ceasefire

State to tell Israeli High Court: Hague ruling on security fence is irrelevant

Peace Summit - Red Sea Resort of Sharm el-Sheikh

Palestinian Prisoner Dispute Deferred for Summit

Small favors by Sharon, Abbas may spur progress toward peace

Security officials fear attempt on Abbas' life: To undermine summit

Egypt seeks increased security presence along border

Egyptian army to secure Gaza's Philadelphi route

Mubarak could visit Israel after hosting Mideast summit

Satanism In Entertainment Industry

Singer Says Devil Made Him Gouge Out His Eye:
'Evil Runs Rampant In The Entertainment Industry'

Christian Answers

Hollywood Unmasked - Video

They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll -- 10-Hour Video

Child's Abduction and Death Strikes at the Heart of Small Indiana Town

President Sending Congress $2.5 Trillion Spending Plan

Bush budget plan calls for cuts to domestic services

Why is Bush reading and recommneding new Tom Wolfe novel? Don't ask --President loves racy new beer- and sex-soaked novel

My sister lost her mind, and Australia lost its heart

Evangelical Leadership Under Microscope

National Association of Evangelicals Now Corrupt and Should be Rejected!

C/Edge Archives: "Final Birth Pangs" to Produce Antichrist: The Mysterious Blind Spot of Evangelical Christian Leadership

C/Edge Archives: Has Rev. Sun Myung Moon Purchased Top Right Wing Evangelistic Leadership Lock-Stock-Barrel?

Call for abortion lessons



Sunday, February 6, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Cutting Edge Article


The Emperor's New Hump: The New York Times killed a story that could have changed the election

Israeli - Palestinian War

Shin Beit Security Chief Warns Sharon: Israel’s Negotiating Posture Is Fraught with Danger

Israel offers concessions, Arabs ramp up terror

Israel, PA Agree to Form Terrorist-Release Committee

‘Age of Palestinian excuses has ended’: Israeli FM Silvan Shalom

Terrorists Busy: Mortar Shells, Rockets and Gunfire

Egypt To Patrol Philadelphi Smuggling Route

U.S. Secretary of State Rice to Israel Today

PA to declare cease-fire next week: During next week's summit in Sharm e-Sheikh

Sharon Wants Real Concessions From PA During Summit: PA must begin dismantling Hamas

Israel OK's phased pullouts from five West Bank cities

Bush to throw big bucks at Palestinians

Palestinians detain three militant chiefs in Gaza

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Tankers collide, spilling oil of Egypt's coast

Poppy eradication could devastate Afghanistan

Thai PM seen winning landslide election

Sudan agrees to stop flights over Darfur

Security cameras patrol Big Easy's dangerous areas

North Korea threatens U.S. bases 'sea of fire': South: 690,000 American troops, 2,000 planes to be dispatched to peninsula

George W. Bush: U.S. to "Illuminate" the Globe - Bush's vision is the Illuminati vision

C/Edge Analysis of Inauguration Speech: President Bush Points His Second Administration To The Masonic Beginnnings of America -- "New Order of the Ages" (New World Order)

Life Built to Order: Science creating brand-new creature that reproduces and evolves

Canada Geese Falling From Oregon Skies - Experts Baffled

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- February 5, 2005

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi insurgents launch new attacks: Killing 21 Iraqis and two U.S. soldiers

Two American soldiers were killed in south Baghdad, Musil

Iraqi contractor gunned down west of Baghdad

Beheadings slow Iraqi security force build-up: desertion rate for the Iraqi forces high

Iraq Army 'Severely Intimidated' By Resistance

Iraqi oil pipeline sabotaged

Secretary of State Rice Says U.S. Wants Unified Iraq

Shia 'poll landslide' set to put religion at heart of Iraqi power

Sadr, Sunni leaders call for end to US presence

Four Egyptian telecom engineers abducted in Baghdad

Islamic Militant Group Threatens to Kill Italian Journalist Abducted in Iraq: Unless Italy agrees to withdraw its troops

Rice, Blair talk Iraq, Mideast situation

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Charge dropped against Abu Ghraib soldier: Main charge against Sabrina Harman dropped

Six months for Abu Ghraib abuser

Foreign Forces Possibly Tortured Afghan Detainees

'I Was Cruelly Abused' Says Guantanamo Britain

Conditions at US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay base are putting detainees at risk of irreversible psychiatric damage: UN Warns

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Military strike on Iran would be a 'mistake': European Union's foreign policy chief Javier Solana

Rice: Iran attack not on agenda - Diplomat says diplomacy can stop foe from pursuing nukes

Iran says it will never scrap nuke program

Rice Warns: Iran's energy projects can eventually be used for weapons programs

Biden: Consider Iran's 'emotional needs': Senator wants Bush administration to abandon military option

Homeland Security’s Announcement: Foreign visitors passing through “simulated ports” in Arizona, New York and Washington would receive RFID tags

Motorists of future 'tracked from sky and charged per mile'

Cops Accused Of Using Steroids To Bulk Up To Get An Edge

Florida Couple Accused of Unbelievable Child Abuse Caught


Saturday, February 5, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- February 5, 2005

Israeli - Palestinian War

Weisglass to Cairo on Sunday to prepare Sharm summit

Hamas: Summit in Egypt will unmask Israel -- PA to declare cease-fire next week

Analysis: Why in Egypt?

PA Chairman Abbas may request release of Lebanese prisoners

Fatah's Revolutionary Council gives support to Sharm summit

Hamas takes over at Gaza councils

Israeli diplomat's expulsion linked to passport fraud -- Two suspected agents of Israel's Mossad spy service

Egypt offers to mediate also in Israeli-Syrian peace talks

Egyptian officers to arrive in Gaza to aid ceasefire

Two Palestinians killed by IDF fire in northern Gaza Strip: Were approaching security fence - PA releases arrested DFLP officials after five hours

Ceasefire Violence: 7 Soldiers Wounded in 3 Attacks

Gaza Jews Prepared To Stay as Refugees

Settlers in uproar over Nitzanim plan: Furor could split anti-disengagement forces

UN Scandal Deepens

Ex-chief linked to UN oil scandal: Inquiry into the oil-for-food programme drew links to the relatives of the former UN chief Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Annan reserves judgment on Boutros-Ghali

Facing the facts

Annan 'shocked' by initial oil-for-food report

Iraq demands justice in wake of oil-for-food report

MSNBC's "Hardball" Host Chris Matthews Reveals: White House Staged Slain Marine Mom's Hug During State of Union Address

Harry Potter battles the great Internet scam

UC Considers Using Barcodes for Cadavers: To prevent Black Market sale of body parts

Sir Paul McCartney Safe Bet for Super Bowl Halftime Entertainment

Democrats hit Bush on Iraq, social security

China remains unfazed by Bush's rhetoric: She is convinced she is now indespensable to US economy

Bush's State of the Union: Full Text

Analysis: Bush is getting bolder

Social Security Trust Fund Fraud May Become Bush's Watergate: Suggests Author of 'The Looting of Social Security'

The most important legal decision ever decided

Star Keanu trained with exorcist: Was relieved that no supernatural forces plagued the movie set


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Current Interim PM Allawi Scores in First 15% of Tabulated Iraqi Votes

Four US soldiers killed in Iraq

Beheadings slow Iraqi security force build-up

Iraq army 'intimidated by rebels'

Italian woman journalist kidnapped in Baghdad

Nine Iraqis killed in attacks north of Baghdad

US to maintain troop numbers in Iraq at 135,000

The long road ahead for Iraq

Sadr, Sunni leaders call for end to US presence

Six months for Abu Ghraib abuser

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Rice: Iran attack not on agenda

Bush says Iran "primary state sponsor of terror"

‘US spies still lacking on terror’ intelligence

Saudi Arabia hosts counter-terrorism conference

Saudi press deplores Bush's remarks on democracy

Troops find wreckage of missing Afghan jet

The Philippines will contribute whatever it can in the US-led global war on terrorism

Sudan issue could divide EU, US

Nine die in Japan suicide pacts

Rice tells press "Don't get lost"

Bush plan would increase defense, cut farm funds

Mandela tells rich nations to cancel African debt

"Confessions Of An Economic Hitman": Explains How US Global Companies Are Brutally Using Loan Contracts To Advance Cause of Global Government and Economy

As Questions Rise, Pope Sees Frailties as Affirming Life: Can a suffering, 84-year-old man continue to lead an institution representing a billion people?

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Bush, Roh agree on nuclear talks on North Korea

North Korea threatens to attack U.S. bases: Will turn them into a "sea of fire"

Opting for diplomacy over North Korean nuclear threat

North Korea trade can slip through any sanctions cracks

‘US spies still lacking on terror’ intelligence

Human Tatoo Scanner Patent Issued by US Patent Office

NC State Senator Tries To Remove Christian Items From N.C. Legislative Building

George W. Bush: U.S. to "Illuminate" the Globe - Bush's vision is the Illuminati vision

C/Edge Analysis of Inauguration Speech: President Bush Points His Second Administration To The Masonic Beginnnings of America -- "New Order of the Ages" (New World Order)





Friday, February 4, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

United States News

Transcript of President Bush's speech to the nation

Bush to Propose Tightest Budget of Presidency

Bush takes Social Security plan to states

Bush to Send Quick Aid to Palestinians

Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Says He Offered to Resign Twice


Bush: Close border, but let aliens work

President seeks Social Security fix, Palestinian state, end to terror

Message is clear: No quick end to Mideast troubles

Alberto Gonzales Confirmed as Attorney General

New Evidence: Enron Power Scams Began Years Before Energy Crunch

Freight Train Derails After Rear-Ending Second Train in Rural Kansas

Authorities Searching for Couple Who Allegedly Pulled Toenails From Children's Toes, Hit Them With Hammer: Investigators call crime one of the worst cases of child abuse they've ever seen


Putin Sees Reform Mistakes

Georgia's Premier Dies of Gas Poisoning

Father, Please Press “Reply”! Orthodox Progressives Go Online

World Bank President Wolfensohn Calls for Clarity By Guy Faulconbridge

A Brief History of Russian Federalism

Putin Sees Reform Mistakes


Tokyo Stocks Open Lower, Dollar Up Against Yen and Euro

Bogus 500 yen coins flood post office account

Japan plans to tighten screws on North Korea

Putin raises stakes in Asia

Rural N.D. Lawmakers Say Keeping Feedlot Information Secret Could Protect Against Terror

US government appeals Guantanamo ruling: Judge ruled that terror suspects have Constitutional rights

Annan to punish chief of Iraq relief program: U.N. committee uncovers a 'grave conflict of interest'

Volcker Report Rips Oil-For-Food Program

Earthquake - Tsunami News

Tsunami toll passes quarter million: 289,000 now presumed dead

US carrier leaves Indonesia: Departure marks major withdrawal from flood relief

Indonesia Welcomes UN Presence In Aceh For Tsunami

More tsunami survivors expected to need food aid:
Nearly 800,000 to require some help

Somalis Survive Anarchy of War Only to Lose Everything in Tsunami

Tsunami Victims in Sri Lanka Wait for Aid

Travelers urged to return after tsunami

Ecological cost of the tsunami

In every country of the world: All of a sudden the weather forecasting computer models are failing – human or extra-terrestrial hand in weather manipulation

Weather Control Section: Analysis Articles, Bookstore Resources, Defense Secretary Cohen's Admission

Ecuador Quake Fears After Hundreds of Tremors Hit

Earthquakes Continue Off Ecuador

Australia pledges $300,000 for PNG volcano victims

Lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano dropping into Pacific Ocean at new locations

University of Colorado May Fire Professor for 9/11 Comment: Likened World Trade Center victims to a notorious Nazi

French far-right MP suspended from teaching duties over gas chamber remarks

Michael Jackson: 'I Won God's Smile of Approval'

Next Pope could, and maybe should, be a Third-Worlder

Wizards, witches and Christians: A Christian bookstore sells Harry Potter

Draft Coming? Open Letter - Bipartisan group urges the congressional leadership to substantively increase the size of the Army and the Marines

Private Jet Crashes Near Teterboro, NJ Airport: One person died, 11 injured

Freemasonry's Influence in Europe: Vatican says Masonry rules throughout the world


Israeli - Palestinian War

Four IDF soldiers wounded in shooting attack near Hebron

Analysis / Mazuz's strategic decision

Sharon is effecting regional change: Implementation of the "Road Map" next - Withdrawal from Gaza by July planned

Bush's Road Map To Nowhere - Book

Sharon, Abbas to declare security understandings at Sharm summit

Outposts built despite Israeli vow, report says

Palestinians reject Israeli offer to release 900 prisoners: Abbas called proposal "insulting"

Rice: US Could Help Train, Equip Palestinian Forces

Ceasefire Violence: 7 Soldiers Wounded in 3 Attacks

Bush pledges aid boost for Palestinians

Rice’s “Viable Palestinian State”: Would Shrink Israel out of Jordan Valley and Most of West Bank

Rice proposal: $100 monthly allowance to terrorists who agree to lay down their arms, retire or find another profession

Tel Aviv court charges Danish citizen with spying for Hezbollah

Gaza Jews Prepared To Stay as Refugees

Reserve Officers Ask: Keep IDF Out of Disengagement

Support for Referendum Grows, Even in conservative Hareidi Camp

No majority for evacuation bill in Knesset panel

Jordanian FM: Deploy Palestinian soldiers to West Bank

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Rice: Iran merits better than 'unelected mullahs'

Capitol Hill Mulls 'Regime Change' in Iran

Rice to woo Europe under Iran cloud

Afghan Plane Missing with 104 on Board

Diplomats: Iran Testing Some Centrifuge Parts, Violating Spirit of Freeze Agreement

Bush says Iran "primary state sponsor of terror"

Iran Condemns Bush Speech on Terrorism

U.N. Sec.General Kofi Annan Lays Out Plan for Enormous Sudan Peacekeeping Mission in New Report

Syria rejects Bush's terror accusations

Britain's Chancellor Brown Seeks G7 Support for Africa 'Marshall Plan'


Chinese President meets with young Panchen Lama

US knocked for trying to block EU arms ban end

US, EU must manage China differences

China, Russia to hold joint military exercise: FM spokesman

China, Italy underscore closer military ties

China's vice-president terms China-Caribbean trade forum as milestone

China tables five-point proposals for closer ties with Caribbean

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Election News

Iraqi soldiers replace US in Mosul

Wolfowitz says 15,000 U.S. troops leaving Iraq in wake of election

Iraq Elections: Democracy or Hypocrisy

Sistani-backed candidates leading in Iraqi polls

Kurds agree on candidate for Prime Minister In Future Government

Scientist terms Allawi govt Iraq's most corrupt -- Where the missing $9 billion went

Managing the vote in Mosul

US hails vote success in Mosul but Iraqi parties cry foul

U.S. Reviews Rebuilding, Gives More Power to Iraqis

War News

Car bomber strikes foreign convoy on Baghdad's dangerous airport road

Two U.S. Marines Killed in Action West of Baghdad

Violence Surges in Iraq After Postelection Lull

It's fun to shoot some people: US Marine Corps General

Seven British soldiers face murder charges: For murdering Iraqi civilian

Abu Ghraib Guard Pleads With Jurors for Mercy: Saying Abuse of Iraqi Detainees Was a Mistake

Marines Fall Short of Recruiting Goal, Cite Parents' War Worries

Rumsfeld may skip Germany because of war-crimes suit

Bird Flu Claims More Victims, Regional Outbreak Feared

Man Again Sent To Prison For Junk In His Yard

Utah State Troopers Learn to Draw Blood From Suspects

Sheriff Orders Fingerprinting When Traffic Citations Issued



Thursday, February 3, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

United States News

Bush urges: Close border
to drug dealers, terrorists
President also pushes guest-worker plan, looks to fix Social Security permanently

Canceled spelling bee reinstated
Administrators thought it violated 'No Child Left Behind'

Bush presses for Social Security overhaul

Social Security Makeover Tops Bush Agenda

Evans, four lawmakers kept from speech

Study: Vaccine Reduces Chickenpox Deaths

Study Finds Religious Polarization in U.S. Voters

Israeli - Palestinian War

Sec.of State C. Rice: No state, no peace

Assad in Jordan for talks

Yesha heads back Gaza to Nitzanim plan

Analysis: Why in Egypt?

Germany renews pledge to Israel

900 Palestinian Prisoners to Gain Freedom

Israel Approves W. Bank Pullback, Prisoner Release



Pope's Breathing Improves at Hospital

Pope's Health Improves Steadily

Pope Condition 'Evolving Positively' -- Vatican

Miscellaneous News

Nile restrictions anger Ethiopia

Venezuela and Colombia to end row

From Nepal with fear

India: 52 killed, 10 injured as train collides with tractor-trolley

Mandela calls for an end to 'unforgiveable' poverty

Paratroopers to be charged with murdering Iraqi civilian

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi Official: Zarqawi Barely Avoids Capture

Two U.S. Marines Killed in Action West of Baghdad

Militants Kill 12 Iraq Soldiers Near Kirkuk -- Army

Boy with Down syndrome turned into suicide bomber
Insurgents in Iraq strap explosives on youth with mind of 4-year-old

Stamford Connecticut (U.S.) woman killed in mortar attack in Iraq

Iraq 'can take over in 18 months'

Sunnis say Iraq poll illegitimate

Vengeful Insurgents Ramp Up Iraq Attacks

Probe on Iraq Program Sharply Raps UN Staff

UN oil-for-food process 'tainted'

Miscellaneous News

Georgian Prime Minister Found Dead

Georgia PM Found Dead; President Assumes Functions

Chechnya: Insurgent leaders call for cease-fire

Washington talks of talks with Iran

France offers Ivorian (Ivory Coast) withdrawal

New attack kills Colombia troops

Darfur:'Speedy trials could save lives'

Ho Chi Minh City Kills Ducks in Bird Flu Fight


Earthquake - Tsunami News

Incredible:9 survivors rescued 38 days after tsunami

Miscellaneous News

Irish Republican Army refuses to disarm, rejects crime accusations

In Jharkhand India, it's a clash of religious identity

Germany Vows to Battle Anti-Semitism

Responsibility for Holocaust integral part of German identity: president

China's vice-president terms China-Caribbean trade forum as milestone

Chinese vice president meets leaders of Caribbean countries

European Economies: German Jobless Rise to Record

Doctor Fakes Insanity to Avoid Military

Al Qaeda Still in Pakistan, Work Needed, U.S. Says



Wednesday, February 2, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- January 29, 2005

Bill Clinton - United Nations

Clinton Named as Tsunami Reconstruction "Supremo": Became the UN point man

C/Edge Analysis: Tsunami-Earthquake Update: President Bush Propels Clinton To Global Stage

Is UN Secretary General Position Next For Bill?

Helms Invokes Bill Clinton, U.N. in Letter: Rebukes all efforts to raise former President to UN office

Pope Stricken

Pope hospitalized 'as a precaution': Flu is reportedly complicated by difficulty breathing

Pope's Situation 'Very Worrying' Says Doctor

Some of the Major Medical Problems the Pope Has Faced

Stricken Pope on the mend

With An Eye on his Legacy, Bush to Outline Home and Away Goals: State of the Union speech tonight

Gonzales Nomination Won't Be Voted on Before State of the Union: Senate will not confirm before President's speech tonight

Visa Takes Scare Out of Card Loss in Superbowl Ad

Israeli - Palestinian War

Sharon, Mubarak, Abbas to meet: Three-way summit

Egyptian delegation heading to Ramallah: Trying to arrange Palestinian ceasefire with Israel

Israel, Palestinians Agree to Form Panel to Take Some Fugitives of Israel's Hit List

US could help train, equip Palestinian forces

IDF Intelligence Head Warns: Any Cooperation From Palestinian Authority Merely a Ploy

Police "Restraint" in Jerusalem's Old City: Police arrest Jewish students who threw rocks back at Arabs, but refused to arrest the Arabs who originally threw the rocks!

Rice says ‘Palestine’ the only path to peace

Disengagement News

Disengagement bill decision on Monday: Final version to be submitted

Not in Sharon’s interest to defeat Gaza terror

Training to Expel Jews

38 more Jewish families to leave Gaza

Israel to slow planned West Bank pullout: After renewed terrorist attacks

Army Criticized for Naming Uprooting Plan "Brotherly Dwelling"

Old-Time Pioneers Against Sharon's Plan

Chairman of National Labor Party Hendel looking to buy inside Green Line: Even though opposed to disengagement, he is seeking legal counsel to help him move his family

Coalition does not have a majority in the Knesset Finance Committee this week for the evacuation-compensation bill

IDF: Settlers still building in outposts

Miscellaneous News

Israeli Doctors warn of collapsing health system

Israeli Interior Minister Pines-Paz blasts 'racist' citizenship legislation: Would make it easier for Palestinians to gain Israeli citizenship

AG halts East Jerusalem property expropriation

Arab Girl Killed By Muslim Celebratory Gunfire: IDF Blamed

Moral Collapse

Once-Conservative Adelphia Communications Adds Hard-Core Porn to Their Cable

Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe: To be star witness against singer during his child molestation trial

Michael Jackson judge calls jury pool sufficient

Baby-faced 14-year-old held in slaying of actress Nicole duFresne: Accused killer's girlfriend gives grisly details to cops -- Purse-snatching turned deadly

FBI: Local Plymouth Motor execs stole secrets for Chinese

Please Thank La Quinta Inns for Disassociating with Abortionist Tiller: Operation Rescue

Truth Truck at Presidential Inauguration to Kick Off "America's Party Tour": Operation Rescue

Biblical-giants book soars up charts: 'The Nephilim' explains ancient pyramids, future events - WorldNetDaily book

Biblical Explanations of Nephilim - Last Days

The Nephilim Walk Among us Again - End Time Deception - w/FREE Bonus Audio Tape - VHS - DVD

Alien Encounters - Book by Chuck Missler

Return of the Nephilim - Audio Cassette by Chuck Missler

Nephilim-Aliens Combination Package -- Book, Audio Cassettes by Chuck Missler

Return of the Nephilim - Video by Chuck Missler

Return of the Nephilim - Audio CD with MP3 - by Chuck Missler

Law Barring Junk E-Mail Allows a Flood Instead

Analysis: Learning To Find Truth By Thinking In the Opposite Direction

Saudi Venom in U.S. Mosques

Mohammed's Monsters - Book

Islam: America's Trojan Horse - Book by Dr. Donald Boys, Ph.D.

Welcome to the Cashless Society Control Grid

Digital Angel to Present at the Kaufman Bros. Internet & Security Conference

NGOs Urge U.N. to Fight Bias Against All Faiths

Lawmakers, CIA in Dispute Over Nazi Papers

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

CIA changes tune on Iraq WMD: "Concludes that
Saddam Hussein abandoned major chemical weapons programs after the first Gulf War in 1991"

Election News

Iraq's $200 billion election: Prime Minister Allawi referred to as "Saddam Lite" - Dictator friendly to US

After The Vote: A "courageous new order"

Second phase of vote count begins in Iraq

James Carroll Analysis: A train wreck of an election

Don't be fooled by occupation in democracy's clothing: "The outcome of the elections is more or less a done deal," he told me. "Allawi is set to continue." (Iraqi Diplomat)

US troops cutback 'by end of year

Bush pressing world to help advance democracy in Iraq

British Foreign Secretary Straw says Iran supportive of Iraq elections

Why insurgents may be the winners

US Will Now Leave Iraq In Shame - Iran declares elections a defeat for US

US military is the big threat now: BIGGEST threat to the new legitimately elected political leadership in Iraq is the very force that did so much to make it possible -- the American military

War News

Navy reservist from Irvine, California, among those killed in Baghdad embassy attack: Rocket attack last weekend

Three US marines killed south of Baghdad

Four die as troops fire on detainees

Insurgents say they are holding US soldier hostage- Threatening to kill him if Iraqi prisoners were not released within 72 hours

Claims of GI hostage in Iraq raises doubt

Mystery deepens over British Hercules crash: "Low-technological" insurgent missile could not have brought plane down

Death benefits to double for US soldiers killed in war zones

Long journey leads to Tikrit: Massachusetts Guardsmen report for duty in Iraq

Bush must detail a real Iraq exit strategy: Democrats insist

Why the US will not leave Iraq

Iraqi Interim leaders fight demands for US force withdrawal timetable

US plans to reassign thousands of troops in Iraq to training missions: To train Iraqi militia

“U.S. declares Iraqis can not save their own seeds”: Must buy "Terminator Seeds" from US Corporations

Iraq Shiite party may need deal with Kurds

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Col. David Hackworth - Fry the Big Fish Too

Two U.S. Soldiers Admit to Abu Ghraib Abuses

Torture still routine in Iraqi jails: Report

Videos Show Guantanamo Prisoner Abuse

Families of Columbia Astronauts Gather in Houston for Memorial Dedication

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News


Lawmaker Accuses Ukraine's Former Regime of Selling Cruise Missiles to Iran and China

Washington talks of talks with Iran

C/Edge Analysis: Russian Checkmate In Middle East?

Iran's shadow over Turkey, Saudi Arabia

Abbas Invited to Visit Iran -- Palestinians claim

Other Nations

India's US-Pakistan suspicions deepen

Nepal's King Names New Cabinet After Assuming Control: Cutting Nation off From World

US stands firm on Sudan genocide claims

UN Inquiry fails to satisfy anyone as Annan calls for Darfur killings to stop

UN brands Sudan killings war crimes

Syria's Assad to visit Jordan for talks with Abdullah

Vietnam reports one more case of bird flu

Sex Scandal - Catholic Priests

Testimony: Priest Shanley repeatedly pulled boy out of class to molest him in the bathroom, the rectory, the pews and the confessional

A diocese builds trust . . .

Parishioners in Quincy send plea to Rome: Last-ditch attempt to save the church

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' - NEW - Expanded Edition Video

Ancient Roman Catholic ritual making a comeback in Minnesota: Eucharist - Adoring the bread wafer as God!

Eucharist -- Demonstrated to have originated in Pagan Babylon! -- The Two Babylons by Rev. Alexander Hislop

Howard Dean Emerging as Likely Chief for Democrats

Drivers on Cell Phones Kill Thousands, Snarl Traffic

Extreme Environmentalism News

The mud puddle preservation plan: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has adopted the bogus poetry of the environmentalist left

The Smart Growth Fraud - Video

U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change - Video

C/Edge Weather Control Section: Articles, bookstore resources which prove extreme warnings of impending environmental disaster can be caused!

Terri Schiavo Hearing Focuses on Lack of Attorney for Her Interests

Terri Schiavo's Parents Continue Plea for Michael to Give Up Legal Fight

The Homeland Security State: Imposing police state under guise of protecting freedoms



Tuesday, February 1, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Election News

US military is the big threat now: BIGGEST threat to the new legitimately elected political leadership in Iraq is the very force that did so much to make it possible -- the American military

Don't be fooled by occupation in democracy's clothing: "The outcome of the elections is more or less a done deal," he told me. "Allawi is set to continue." (Iraqi Diplomat)

Analysis: Bush must demonstrate he has workable plan for Iraq

Iraq's vote still up in air, questions about Sunni turnout

Shiite clerics in Najaf voice strong approval of voting

Next steps for Iraq

Iraqi PM calls for dialogue after historic vote

Doubts cast on Allawi's vow to unite the country

'In a war zone, they chose to vote': Unexpectedly high turnout is welcomed, but concerns for the future remain

Iraq voter turnout lowered: Panel has backtracked on its claim that 72% of all registered voters cast their ballots

Iraq's Interim President Predicts Departure of Some Foreign Troops by End of the Year

Shiite ascent unsettles Iraq’s Sunni neighbors: Sunni Arabs concerned over a 'Shiite crescent' of power in Mideast

Bush promises continued aid to Iraq

Stocks higher on relief over Iraqi elections, lower oil, higher M&A activity

Iraq's Christians Disenfranchised at Home and in U.S.

War News

Three U.S. Marines Killed in Action South of Baghdad

Video claims strike on UK plane: Video showing a purported Iraqi group firing missiles at the British C-130 transport plane

THE BAD NEWS: C-130 Hercules crashed in Iraq, wreckage was spread out over a wide area - Insurgents have gained ability to shoot down our aircraft

US Troops Will Never Beat Insurgents - Sr. US Officer

Militants Say They Are Holding Four Members of the Iraqi Military

Turkey warns of 'action' against city of Kirkuk

Pentagon Would Give Extra $250,000 to Families of Troops Killed

US failed to keep track of $9bn given to ministries in Baghdad

US guards kill 4 Iraqi inmates in riot

Army scrounging for troops for Iraq -- Draft Looms

American Withdrawal?

Democrats offer Bush speech ideas: Challenged President George W. Bush to draft an "exit strategy" in Iraq

US mulls exit strategy from Iraq

Bush administration has for now ruled out creating a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops

British Foreign Secretary Straw says withdrawal of UK troops would be irresponsible

Michael Jackson Polite as Jury Selection Begins in His Child Molestation Case

U.S. Court of Appeals Rules IRS Cannot Apply Force Against A Tax Payer Without A Court Order: Tax Payers Free To Ignore An IRS Summon





CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- January 29, 2005

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel to Offer 300 Top-Flight Terrorists Immunity

U.S. Secretary of State Rice: Israel Must Withdraw from More than Gaza and Samaria To Create A Full-Fledged Palestinian State

Israeli A-G cancels gov't decision to expropriate lands in J'lem

Israel reopens Rafah crossing: Was closed to and from Egypt following a deadly attack on an IDF post

Israeli Interior Minister Mazuz to probe settler's use of Nazi imagery to oppose unilateral disengagement

Army Criticized for Naming Uprooting Plan "Brotherly Dwelling"

Palestinian Cairman Abbas meets with Russian officials

A thing or two maybe you havean't heard about Sharon's disegagement plans

Huge ´Democracy´ Rally Sunday Against Disengagement

Israel to Slow Its Planned Pullout From West Bank Towns After Renewed Violence

Palestinians to Take Control of Four Towns

Hamas, Hizbullah vow to fight on despite Israeli concessions

Maybe Bush should take a closer look at the decay of democracy in Israel

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran leaders call for anti-U.S. 'martyrs': We have attained nuclear capabilities

Venezuela-Colombia Crisis Threatens Regional Stability

Nepal's king dismisses government, assumes power

New UN report on Darfur triggers US-Europe division

Kuwait nabs suspected terror leader

Guantanamo detentions ruled unconstitutional: Judge rules indefinite confinement violates terror suspects' rights

Christians on PalTalk Chat Service Tracked by Radical Islamic Web Site: Features pictures and information about Christians who have been particularly active in debating Muslims on PalTalk

Pilot Animal ID Program Tracks Cattle on Trucks Using GPS, Cellular Technology

Snooping by satellite: Secret GPS bug can be implanted without a court order by state police

Bush Repackages Old Proposals for State of Union: Goes before Congress with lowest approval since Nixon

Those Nasty Noroviruses May Be Getting Nastier

Cambodian Woman Becomes First Confirmed Bird Flu Death Outside Vietnam in Recent Outbreak

Dwindling Freemasons hope to attract fresh recruits into their secret society: Featured in movie, "National Treasure"

'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits': Germany - Unexpected result of legalising prostitution

Overdue Supervolcanoes 'May Erupt Soon'

C/Edge Archives: Is The Yellowstone Super Volcano Already In The Early Stages of An Eruption?


Monday, January 31, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqis defy insurgents to vote

U.S. troops out of Iraq within next 18 months?

Bush Declares Iraq Election a Success


U.S. Hails Iraqi Vote; Rice Says Tough Days Ahead

Audit: $9 Billion Unaccounted for in Iraq

Inspector General Quarterly Report Cites Sharp Increase in U.S. Civilian Employee Deaths in Iraq

Iraq-The Cost-Multimedia


The Russians Are Coming
The FBI is concerned about Moscow's growing number of spies. What secrets are they looking for?

Getting to the US is getting easier-India

This WEEK in the European Union

U.S. Is Close to Eliminating AIDS in Infants, Officials Say

Time with the president:Boston Herald hears Bush plans at sitdown

Heaviest Snowfall Ever Hits Moscow

Gay Marriage for Fun and Convenience-Russia

Strong earthquake strikes off Western Greece, no casualties

Heavy snow causes havoc in Romania

Army mobilised to free snow-bound Italians as transport minister under fire

German farmers championing 'flower power' for cleaner energy

Global warming: Grim news expected from scientists' council of war

Fires prompt Spain to place 30-year ban on forestry cultivation


Sunday, January 30, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?



Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqis begin voting despite attacks

Iraq facing threat of bloodbath

U.S. Embassy Attacked on Eve of Iraq Vote

Suicide Bomber Kills Eight

Iraqi official sees big turnout

Terrified Iraqi Candidates Court Voters Via TVs

Voting Booths-Editorial Cartoon

Success in Iraq Election May Not Be Immediately Clear An AP News Analysis

Ballots, bombs in Iraq

Why insurgents may be the winners

Iraq 'will not be Shia-run state'

Scuffles Break Out at Australia Polling Station as Iraqis Abroad Line Up for a Second Day of Voting


Yushchenko to 'tackle corruption'

Chinese economy reaching out to rest of world: Huang Ju

It's time to bin (put away) the past

Freed Briton reveals horrors of life inside Guantanamo Bay

Women told, 'Work in brothel, or else'-German law forces out-of-work females to take sex jobs or lose nemployment

Bill Gates, World's Richest Man, Bets Against Dollar

Sickening Solar Flares Pose Threat to Astronauts

Man Sentenced for Releasing Computer Worm-USA

Scientists Work on Software to Scan Arabic

Putin Expresses His Shame for Russia

A Foreign Investor Pitches for Russia at Davos, Switzerland World Economic Forum

Dept.of Agriculture temporarily bans live cattle, beef from Canada

Southern California Train Crash Survivor ?s Family and Privacy: A note in blood breaks hearts and launches a search for the author. He has nothing more to say.


Global Warming Could Kill off Polar Bears, Seals Conservation Group Says

China promotes development of Sino-US armies' relationship

Spherical robot provides rolling security cover

New research shows Turin Shroud is no medieval fake

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hezbollah threatens to kidnap IDF troops

OPEC signals that $50-a-barrel oil prices are not excessive

Rocket, Mortar Shelling As Mofaz Meets Gaza 'Strongman'

Huge ´Democracy´ Rally Sunday Against Disengagement

FM Shalom: 'Referendum or Civil War'

Comic News From the Knesset

Abbas and Sharon to Hold First Summit

Israel, Palestinians Try to Bridge Widely Differing Expectations for Upcoming Summit

Hope that this time, it's different-Palestinians and Israelis weary of violence, now dare to be optimistic

Israeli and Palestinian tourism officials seek meeting with Pope


Earthquake - Tsunami News

Tsunami aftermath unites Indonesian foes

Thailand raises number of tsunami orphans to over 700

Post-tsunami progress fraught with pain

Indonesia Seismology Center Underfunded

Asian nations debate Tsunami warning system

French Artist Joins Relief Effort, Documenting Tragedy With His Sketch Pad XSP116

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bird flu claims 11th Vietnamese victim

No relief for Sudan's agony as UN quibbles over the case for genocide

Watchdog urges patience over Iran

AP Interview: Iranian Foreign Minister Suggests Turning to Europeans for Help in Repairing Ties

Riot by Tribesmen in Sudan Leaves 14 Dead

Activists Urge Free Open-Source Software-Brazil

Pakistan to go ahead with pipeline with or without India



Saturday, January 29, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Talk simmers in Congress of plans for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq-Edward Kennedy on Thursday became the first senator to say "we must begin" withdrawal -- but Republicans, too, expect the discussion to increase as an Iraqi government takes shape and Congress considers more billions of dollars for the war.

Bush willing to exit Iraq

Shias hold future in their hands

Iraqi Expatriates Begin Voting in U.S.

Iraq Sets Dusk-To-Dawn Curfew Before Vote

A Daily Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths

U.S. Army Helicopter Crashes in Baghdad-An Army helicopter crashed in southwest Baghdad on Friday night, and the fate of the crew was not immediately known.

Defense minister worried French insurgents in Iraq could strike terror at home

U.S. Senator Biden Hints at War in Warning to Iran

NSW-Australia police to help monitor Habib--Labor 'would never endorse torture'-NEW Opposition Leader Kim Beazley today weighed in on the scandal surrounding Mamdouh Habib with a thinly veiled slight at the Government.

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News


Mbeki, leaders urge rich states to help Africans

Nasdaq to encourage listings by SA companies

U.N. says almost 100 people were killed and wounded in Sudanese arial bombardment in Darfur

Rebel's capture in Venezuela divides South American neighbors


Israeli - Palestinian War

Mofaz, Dahlan to meet Saturday over redeployment

Hamas wins overwhelming victory in Gaza vote

Israel works to get Hezbollah on EU's list of terror groups

JNF, treasury seek formula for continued Jews-only land sales

Palestinian police complete Gaza deployment

Israel army chief: Halt operations where Palestinian troops are deployed

PA Cabinet secretary: Sharon- Abbas summit next month

Anti-tank missile fired at IDF troops in Gaza

Earthquake - Tsunami News

Thailand pushes proposal to host tsunami warning center

Sri Lanka's 'Baby 81' to go home

Tsunami relief inadequate in areas

Thailand moves tsunami corpses

An Aceh man's search for his family

In tsunami-hit Sri Lanka, pets get disaster relief too


Buffett profit no close shave. Billionaire investor sees longstanding bet on Gillette pay off; one-day gain tops $645M.-NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Legendary investor Warren Buffett had nothing but praise Friday for Procter & Gamble Co.'s $57 billion deal to buy Gillette, which helped him make about $645 million -- in one day.

Wanted Serbian General surrenders -Vladimir Lazarevichas surrendered and will go to the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague next week to face charges.

Europeans 'ignorant' of EU treaty

Nepal shuts down Tibetan offices

Pakistan arrests Taleban suspects

Smart cards for school buses-NSW, Australia

Rand seen weakening in medium term

Anglican archbishops say apology from U.S. Episcopals not enough.(Kenya)

Mandela backs global anti-poverty campaign

American economy slows as trade gap continues to widen

Soon to be Ex U.S. Home Land Security Security chief Tom Ridge says: 'Another attack on US inevitable'

Boost U.S. war survivor benefits-public criticism increases about the paltry $12,420 paid to the children and spouses of those who serve their country and make the ultimate sacrifice.


Friday, January 28, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

US Copter Downed By Surface-To-Air Missile - Witnesses

Iraq PM's secretary executed on video and 19 others killed

More dead in raging Iraq violence

Pre-poll attacks kill 19 Iraqis

Hawaiian Military Town Copes With News That 27 of Its Soldiers Won't Be Coming Home: Kaneohe servicemen were among the 31 killed when their helicopter went down

US Will Be Responsible for Unrest in Kirkuk: Turkish Prime Minister Erdogam warns

The devastation of Iraq: Almost too great to describe

More UK troops being sent to Iraq

Key Events Since the U.S.-Led Invasion of Iraq

Iraqi Official Says Two Zarqawi Associates Arrested

Election News

Bush's Stake Is Huge in Iraqi Elections

US teeters on explosive line in the sand: Will likely get a government it likes - Goal is a collection of pacific but independent Muslim states in the Middle East

Bush Says Iraqi Leaders Will Want U.S. Forces to Stay to Help: But he says he will withdraw if new government asks him to

Sem Ted Kennedy calls on US to begin troop pullout

Iraq: This election is a sham

Another Iraqi cul-de-sac: This Sunday's elections will likely be a cure worse than the disease

Insurgents Launch Attacks in at Least Seven Provinces, Killing a Dozen People: Attacking polling places

Even in Baghdad, election security is unsure

Voting for Iraqis Will Require Courage: US Official

Vote Tally May Take Awhile in Iraq

Nearly 26,000 Iraqis Expected to Vote at Five U.S. Sites

U.S., Iraqi Forces Securing Voting Sites

Pre-Election Gun Boom in Baghdad

Election wreckers up against Scots Guards: Troops are vowing to use overwhelming force to smash any attempts to disrupt Sunday’s elections in Iraq

Iraq violence may continue after polls: Rumsfeld warns

US accused of using sex to break Guantanamo prisoners

US Captors' 'Systematic Torture'

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Thousands march for peace: In Porto Alegre, Brazil, to mark the start of the fifth World Social Forum

Rebel's Capture in Venezuela Divides South American Neighbors: Aggravates Tensions Between Chavez and U.S.

Blair Pledges 'Quantum Leap' on African Poverty

World Social Forum gets under way: "Another world is possible."

Death penalty for Kenyan man who ate wife's heart

Bush Attends Ceremonial Swearing-in for His New Secretary of State: Rice is 66th Secretrary of State

Change in One Policy at Wal-Mart (Nation's Largest Employer) Expands to Include Workers' Same-Sex Partners

Towns not always spending homeland security money on security

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Sharon: Conditions ripe for historic breakthrough

Editorial: Stop Shooting

Israeli sources: Targeted killings to stop

DM Mofaz: Wanted terrorists not captured before withdrawal can join PA security force in city

Terrorist ceasefire is ticking bomb -- FM Shalom warns

Unilateral withdrawal is irresponsible: Will only encourage future terrorist attacks

Sharon Advisor Admits: No peace in our time

Landslide Election Win For Hamas in Gaza

Palestinian prime minister Qorei slams Israel’s resumption of barrier work

Palestinian Authority bans Palestinians from carrying "unlicensed" weapons

Palestinian Police Deploy in Central, Southern Gaza to Stop Militant Attacks

Israeli Attorney General Mazuz: Sell land to Israeli-Arabs

Settlers Plant Trees to Symbolize They Are 'Rooted' in Gaza Strip

Egypt's Mubarak phones Sharon, praises positive atmosphere

Sharon to Pardon PA Official Who Planned School Bus Bombing

US Secretary of State Rice to visit region next week

Israel works to get Hezbollah on EU's list of terror groups

`IDF doctor used body of Palestinian for lesson in anatomy' : IDF was unaware of incident and will investigate

Candles flicker in the falling snow at Auschwitz

Earthquake - Tsunami News

Another 5.6 Richter earthquake in Tsunami hit Nicobar Island – Something strange happening in the tectonic plates

Tsunami Survivor Was Only Man Left Alive on Tiny Island

Oxfam Aid Agency questions tsunami aid work

Indonesian Army Is Hampering Aceh Relief Effort: Aid Group Says

Sri Lanka denies using tsunami aid to buy weapons

Volcano spews ash again: TAVURVUR volcano in Papua New Guinea

'History Is Calling Us,' Rice Says

Russia's Putin to Jerusalem 'Post': Syrian Missile deal still possible

Russian bear makes Israel jittery

Bush's backpedal on marriage irks right

World Sends Its Leaders to World Economic Forum In Switzerland: Bush Sends Labor Secretary

Man who accused defrocked priest of sexual abuse breaks down: Priest Paul R. Shanley accused of raping witness when he was a boy

New Hampshire Bill would eliminate hate crime Laws: Claiming the state is punishing people for unpopular beliefs

Bush advisers OK Social Security plan: Would structure personal, private accounts

Explosive situation in Xinjiang: China deeply worried about spread of violent, radical Islam


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