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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

February 1-15, 2009


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'Gays' crush Christian speech: TV stations cave to homosexual lobby, refuse to reveal LGBT agenda

Today's News

Congress sends $787 billion stimulus to Obama

Obama: 'Only Government' Can Break Cycle of Job Loss, Economic Downturn

Israeli warplanes strike on N Gaza

Will Obama Reverse 'Invasion of the Hague' Act?

Russia's Medvedev hopes for honest, productive talks with Obama

Obama Intel Chief: North Korea Unlikely to Use Nuclear Weapons

U.S. Muslim TV exec charged with brutally beheading wife

State lawmakers: Prove you're president, Mr. Obama: Case being assembled to demand eligibility documentation

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama's First 100 Days

Obama vows to act fast on economic stimulus

What’s in the stimulus package

Economic stimulus money will reach nearly all

Democrats show their muscle in stimulus

White House and major banks act on housing crisis

Pelosi cautions GM, Chrysler; suppliers seek own aid package

To sell stimulus plan, Obama stepped up to the presidential bully pulpit

Congressman Barney Frank: Happy ending possible despite economic mess\

Business the big winner in California budget plan

Bids for Sirius XM may be fueled by longtime rivalry

Republicans cry foul over $8 billion for high-speed rail

U.S. Federal obligations exceed world GDP

Secretary of State News

Secretary of State Clinton picks Asia for first State trip

Clinton's heading in the right direction -- To Asia

Clinton vows a foreign policy 'neither impulsive nor ideological'

Clinton Offers N. Korea Normal Ties, Peace Treaty, If It Disarms

Clinton tries to build China climate pact

Bill Clinton joins drumbeat for 'Fairness Doctrine': 'What I think we need to do is have more balance in the programs'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu hasn’t changed: Nation suffers from amnesia, Bibi’s expertise is making promises

IAF bombs arms manufacturing facilities: North and South Gaza

'Israel backtracked on demand to limit truce to 18 months'

Iranian ship to Gaza carried munitions supplies

Right-wing Habayit Hayehudi backs Bibi for PM

Israeli election muddies Obama's waters

Egyptian Sources: Release of IDF soldier Shalit part of ceasefire deal

Hamas Contradicts: Shalit not included in truce deal with Israel

Bereaved Father: Don't release murderers

Hamas murder campaign in Gaza exposed: Islamist regime has killed dozens and tortured others as 'collaborators' with Israel in war's aftermath

Pope Benedict says Holocaust denial 'intolerable'

State Department Prepares for Onslaught of Applications for Credit Card-Sized Passports

eBay pulls rape and abortion video game after WND report

26 killed in suspected U.S. drone attack in Pakistan

Feinstein's comment on U.S. drones likely to embarrass Pakistan

Iraq: The new Fallujah up close and ugly

Afghanistan-Pakistan: Taliban send a bloody warning

The ‘holy grail’ of biofuels now in sight


February 13, 2009

Russia may finally get its ME summit

Masonic Agency Which Developed Obama Logo

Hindu extremists' reward to kill Christians

'Here's the problem... people really hate you': US bankers told

G7 powers head to Rome as crisis rages

Congress Readies Final Vote on $790B Stimulus Bill

Army Suicides In January Surpass Combat Deaths

South Korea warns of dangers of North Korea's missile plan

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Stimulus Aims Two-Phase Jolt at U.S. With Tax Cuts, Spending

Obama eyes home loan subsidies in rescue plan

Wall Street Men May Flee New World According to TARP

GM Bondholders Should Recover 50 Cents on the Dollar: JPMorgan

Financial Crisis Called Top Security Threat to U.S.

China’s Economy Shows Signs of Recovery Because of Stimulus

Madoff has 'blood on his hands' over William Foxton suicide

British bank bosses defend bonus payments

Madoff could escape jury trial with guilty plea

Politics In The News

Third Obama cabinet nominee withdraws name: Senator Judd

Senator Gregg Says It Would Have Been Difficult to Serve in Cabinet

Senate confirms Leon Panetta as director of the CIA

George W Bush tastes life in the slow lane

Intel czar sees new threats as Afghan situation worsens

US envoy Holbrooke set for Afghanistan talks

Turkish air strike killed 13 PKK rebels in N Iraq

Iraq suicide bomb kills 30 pilgrims - Most of the dead were women and children

Bombing rocks Baghdad bus station - At least 16 killed

Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu Likely to Form New Israeli Coalition

Likud, Jewish Home Merger Idea ‘Gathering Steam’

Kadima: Livni not ruling out leading the opposition

Right-wing gov't would worry both Hamas, PA

Hamas Says Long-Term Gaza Truce With Israel Agreed Upon

Israeli minister sees Hamas prisoner swap in weeks

Rival Palestinian factions meet for unity talks

Gaza militants fire three rockets at Israel

Palestinians Demand ICC Investigate Possible Gaza War Crimes

Gaza: Out of the Ruins

Cyprus unloads weapons from Gaza-bound Iranian ship

Hamas threw 'medicine grenades' at IDF

IDF to ease movement for Palestinians in W. Bank

Australian man arrested over deadly bushfires

Australians ponder deep causes behind devastation of worst-ever bushfires

Hundreds of same-sex couples attempt to marry in NYC

US intel chief: Iran nuclear arms bid unclear

Death threats send California octuplets mom into hiding


February 12, 2009


North Korea moving missile equipment to site

Agreement reached on stimulus: $790 billion

Federal regulator urges foreclosure halt: While Obama develops mortgage aid plans

Congress Tells Bank Chiefs to Lend, Ease Public Anger

Fearmongers Never Quit

Obama signals he isn't interested in 'truth commission' to investigate Bush abuses

Netanyahu will likely ascend as Israeli PM

NASA alert as Russian and US satellites crash in space

When Satellites Collide


Fascist Global Economy Forming

House and Senate negotiators agree to leaner stimulus bill

Here's who will benefit from stimulus accord

Stimulus fight gives Obama lessons early

Signs of a stimulus plan bolder than the New Deal

Rehirings at Caterpillar Inc. hinge on stimulus bill's passage

Social Security isn't broken; don't 'fix' it

Governor Schwarzenegger, legislative leaders settle on budget framework

California's Financial Pain Is Only Beginning

Madoff's wife withdrew $15m from account days before his arrest

China to stick with U.S. bonds

Oil slips below $36/barrel

Tesla shifts electric sedan site to win US government loan

Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF votes could create Likud-Kadima tie

Benjamin Netanyahu offers cabinet jobs to rivals

Netanyahu, Livni May Be Reunited Amid Israel Coalition Jostling

Netanyahu will likely ascend as PM

Consensus forming on Likud-led unity gov't with Kadima

Israel vote deals a setback to U.S. peace effort in Mideast

Far rightists coming to Knesset

Arab parties have no favorite for Israeli PM

After Israel's Election, Palestinians Weigh a New Intifadeh

Iran: Ship heading for Gaza was not carrying weapons

Hamas raising money to rebuild Gaza mosques

IDF on high alert for fear of Hizbullah revenge attack on Lebanon's border


Non-Integrating States: Iran (Ancient Persia)

U.S. now sees Iran as pursuing nuclear bomb

Like Obama, Iran's president talks of improving ties

Iran's foreign minister in Iraq for economic talks

Khatami says isolation hurting Iran

Iran says Rushdie "death fatwa" still valid

Former Roman Catholic priest, 78, gets 25 years on sexual abuse charges

Hurricane Strength Wind Gust Recorded In Pittsburgh: Thousands Without Power After Gusty Storm In Southwest Pennsylvania

Non-Integrating States: Afghanistan

Tight Security in Kabul for US Envoy Visit

Militants Storm Government Buildings in Kabul, Kill 26: Before Holbrooke's visit

Troops throng Afghan capital after Taliban attacks

Fresh suicide attacks kill two Afghan security personnel

'Brutal' Afghanistan attacks to renew US resolve: White House

Obama Could Order More Troops to Afghanistan This Week

Non-Integrating States: Pakistan

Pakistan Official Says Mumbai Attacks Partly Planned in Pakistan

Freed Pakistani Scientist Could Revive Nuclear Sales

Suspected Pakistani Taliban Militants Behead Polish Hostage

Suicide Bomber Kills 3 Police Officers at Pakistani Checkpoint





February 11, 2009


Israeli election result too close to call

American Stocks set to bounce up

Stimulus deal 'possible' by Wednesday: Lawmaker

Nigerian oil workers go on strike

New Interior Secretary Salazar puts expanded offshore drilling on hold

Mexican General who took on drug cartels murdered

Mexican Meltdown: America’s Most Imminent Threat

More than 49 million watched Obama news conference

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli rivals battle for power after tight vote: Overall lurch to the Right

Likud officials reject rotating coalition power with Kadima

Parties dismiss PM rotation as coalition talks set to begin

'Kingmaker' Lieberman's complications

Kadima wins, but rightist bloc biggest

Livni pushes Bibi (Netanyahu) for unity government

Netanyahu declares: I will be next PM

Olmert May Remain Prime Minister until March

Barak tells Labor MKs: We'll sit in opposition

Region in limbo as Israel puts its house in order

Arab parties won't back Livni

Israeli Shekel, Bonds, Stocks Decline on Deadlock in Election

Israeli divisions will make peacemaking harder

Amnesty International: Hamas eliminating opponents

Huge Celebrated Israeli Gas Find Even More Massive Than Expected

Sirius XM Radio preparing possible bankruptcy filing

Car Bomb Kills 4 US Troops, Interpreter in Iraq

Iraq's Maliki says Biden criticism "out of date"

White House Weighs Iraq Withdrawal Options - Considering three different timelines

US military officials threatened to “ruin” the AP if it covered the war in Iraq in unflattering ways

French President Sarkozy Leads Charge in Europe to Rebuild Ties With Iraq

At Least 17 Killed in Kabul Suicide Attacks

Obama: Afghanistan Policies Under Review

Pentagon Says More Afghanistan Troops May Await Strategy Review

New US Envoy to Arrive in Pakistan - Richard Holbrooke


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama team too busy at home to spur G7?

China Needs U.S. Guarantees for Treasuries: Former adviser to China's central bank

Senate stimulus bill to cost $838 billion

More questions than answers in bank rescue plan

California Governor threatens to lay off 10,000 state workers: If no budget deal is reached by Friday

U.S. Stocks Gain as Citigroup, Bank of America Shares Rebound

Treasury Secretary Geithner Defends Lack of Details in Financial Plan

Hillary’s incredible, shrinking role

Bestselling author has called octuplets-mother Nadya Sulamen a 'murderer' and warns of overpopulation


February 10, 2009

Senate passes Obama's economic recovery plan

Treasury Secretary Geithner unveils new bank rescue plan

Bank Bailout: What's in the plan

Dollar and Yen Rise as Geithner’s Plan Spurs Demand for Haven

US Stocks Drop Amid New Bank-Rescue Plan

Exit polls predict Tzipi Livni win in Israeli election

Livni's slim lead may not translate into victory

Kadima and Likud both claim election victory

Obama, Congress, Treasury all moving on economy

US government hires advisers on auto restructuring: Has extensive bankruptcy experience and the investment bank Rothschild

Mapping a Global Plan for Car Charging Stations

U.S. judges seek massive California prisoner release: Tens of thousands to relieve overcrowding

Faith-Based and Unconstitutional

Israel votes in tight election

Under Obama, same stance on torture rendition suit


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama says GOVERNMENT must solve economic crisis

Geithner Said to Have Prevailed on the Bailout

Stimulus: Pelosi seeks to add jobs, state aid

Leader of the Communist Party USA: Obama working to nationalize American economy

Oil below $40 as investors eye US stimulus

Madoff agrees to permanent asset freeze: SEC

Obama Signals U.S. Is Open to Expanding Financial-Rescue Plan


Russia In The News

Turkish president due in Russia for historic first visit

Russia to stick to its decision to create new military bases in S.Ossetia, Abkhazia

Russia to complete military reform in 3-4 years

Russian-Belarusian network to be part of CIS air defenses

Bird flu virus - most lethal flu virus ever - still major concern: WHO warns


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israelis begin voting in general election

Voters turn out en masse despite forecast of apathy

Arabs Fear Rise of Israeli Right Bloc

Livni, Netanyahu in close race

Final borders, fears of Hamas key election issues

1 out of 8 voters is abroad

Election Day Security Closure on Palestinian Authority Areas

Election Day Thoughts: We have not had leaders who are bigger than life for a long time now

Lieberman Leads Netanyahu, Livni in Wikipedia Website Visits

UN's Ban tells Security Council of Gaza inquiry

Hamas, Fatah Accused of Torture, Murder in Recent Deaths

Hamas Gives in, UN Aid Restored

Israel considers goodwill gesture to Abbas

PM Olmert adds NIS 2.4b. to resupply IDF

US military develops anti-aircraft laser: Mounted on Humvee

Iran's Ahmadinejad says talks with US possible


February 9, 2009


Obama seeks grass-roots support for stimulus

U.S. Treasury delays bank bailout announcement

Washington's Trillion-Dollar Week

Israel launches fresh Gaza air strikes

Rush Limbaugh has his grip on the GOP microphone

Leader of Afghanistan Finds Himself Hero No More

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama Has Upper Hand in Stimulus Fight

Public Support for Stimulus Package Unchanged at 52%

Revisions underway, stimulus plan takes shape

Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev Warns: Stimulus bill 'encourages more wasteful spending'

Senate readies $780 billion stimulus plan for vote: Compromise paves way for Congressional passage next week

Treasury delays bank rescue package release to Tuesday

Treasury Plans More Expansive Approach to Financial Rescue

Treasury plan relies on private investors

Obama's menu for U.S. financial stability

European shares move off early lows

President Obama’s Remarks on Executive Pay

Can We Push Some Of The Stimulus To Cover Economic Education?

Obama Attempts To Pull Off Greatest Rip-Offs, Con Jobs In History

Political News

Confidence in Obama Remains High Even After Cabinet Troubles

What the stimulus battle tells us about Obama

Ron Paul Warns: Republicans Caved On Bailout

At retreat, Obama reassures Democrats

Legislation Looks To Create Better Redress System For No-Fly List, But Doesn't Really Define Better


Israeli - Palestinian War

Truce deal within 2 days

Parties in last-ditch efforts to woo voters

Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Malki: Hamas trying to influence election with rocket attacks

Olmert endorses Tzipi Livni for PM

Sderot Voters Frustrated: Rocket-devastated town

Despite 'Compass,' many Israelis unlikely to vote

Polls: Likud to Win, but right-wing Beiteinu Party the Likely Victor

Palestinian Poll: Hamas support drops

Palestinian killed in IAF strike in Gaza


February 7-8, 2009



Competing stimulus bills divide Congress

Obama, Senate reach deal on economic stimulus package

A radical bid to get the money flowing

U.S. Stocks Rally

U.S. Plans New Bank-Capital Injections, Expanded Fed Program

Obama Hits the Road to Rally Public Support for Stimulus Plan

Stimulus Bill to ban religious worship: 'This isn't like a convenient oversight, this is intentional'

V.P. Biden calls for 2-state solution

Is US dropping Iran "Velvet Revolution" plans?

New Headline News Article

Hillary's Phoenix Pin

"New Republican U.S. Senator From New Hampshire Wears A 'Phoenix Bird Pin' To News Conference Introducing Her As Judd Gregg's Successor"

Wearing this Phoenix Bird Pin sends a signal to the most powerful elite that Bonnie Newman will continue to follow the prepared script as she fills Judd Gregg's Senate seat as he assumes the post of Commerce Secretary in the Obama Administration --


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Bailout Needs Some Strings Attached to Limit Pay

Barely Bipartisan But a Senate Stimulus Deal is Done

Obama names leading economists to advisory panel

Is Obama creating economic "team of rivals"?

General Motors Said to Plan Salaried-Job Cuts as It Presses UAW For More Concessions

Natural Gas in New York Advances on Speculation That Demand

Will Gain Once Stimulus Kicks In

Treasuries Decline as Traders Shift Focus to Record Government Debt Sales

Caterpillar $3 Billion in Bonds May Help Cover 2009 Maturities

Obama Political News

U.S. to set new foreign policy tone: Biden promises

Biden seeks allies help with Gitmo detainees

Obama's promised health care overhaul delayed

Israeli - Palestinian War

V.P. Biden calls for 2-state solution

Israel Tells Obama: hold Iran's feet to fire, or else

Top Hamas official in Egypt over cease-fire deal

Hamas strongman makes first post-war appearance

P.A. Ministry: Hamas turns hospitals to detention centers

U.N. Halts Aid to Gaza In Dispute With Hamas

Hamas Charges: UN aid went missing on Israeli side

Military says 4 Gaza tunnels targeted by Israel

Trucks carrying NIS 175m. cross to Gaza

Election News

Likud's Ya'alon warns voters against right-wing Lieberman

Labor MKs pressure Barak to rule out serving alongside Lieberman

Is he really that terrible? Why is Avigdor Lieberman being presented as a mad fanatic all of a sudden?

Kadima's Livni urges Likud's Netanyahu for public debate

UN chief arrives in Baghdad on surprise visit

Thorny global, regional security issues top Munich security conference


February 6, 2009


NATO says members may use Iran for Afghan supplies

Pakistan releases man who sold centrifuges, nuke secrets to Iran

Russia, Allies Offer to Assist U.S. in Afghanistan

Kyrgyzstan: Decision to Shut Key U.S. Base Is Final

Senators to try again today on stimulus bill

UN chief visits Iraq after peaceful local vote

U.S. Auto Suppliers’ Industry Aid Request May Reach $25 Billion


Hackers clone American passports in drive-by RFID heist

Use of RFID passports raise security fears

RFID maker gags security researcher

New distributor enters North American RFID market

RFID: Curbing Inventory Shrink in a Tight Economy


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Watchdogs: Wall Street got extra $78 billion in bailout

Geithner’s Bank Rescue May Emphasize Guarantees Over ‘Bad Bank’

Can Bank of America save itself?

Obama Officials Lining Up Board Of Outside Experts on Economy

White House Economic Recovery Advisory Board Members

Toyota losses mounting, U.S. parts firms seek aid

Madoff client list peppered with big names

Israeli - Palestinian War

Study: Israel did not violate war laws during Gaza operation

Turkey probes Israel on 'war crimes' in Gaza

PM Olmert approves transfer of $43 mln into Gaza

Secretary of State Clinton praises Olmert on decision to allow money into Gaza -- But --

Israeli High Court Orders Money Trucks Held Up at Crossing

Gaza militants fire rocket at Israel

Homeless Palestinians squeeze into tents in Gaza

UN to probe Hamas for use of children as human shields during Gaza battles

Analysis: The escalating war of the summits

PM Olmert questioned for 13th time by National Fraud Unit investigators

Israeli Election News

Israeli parties gear up for general election Feb 10

Poll: Likud slips, but on course for win: "Will win an unexpectedly close race"

Attorney-General Mazuz: Stop far-right activist Marzel from monitoring elections

Labor, Meretz fear green parties snagging their voters

Obama upholds Bush faith policy: Religious groups that discriminate in hiring may still receive federal funding, as Bush declared in 2002. Democrats and civil libertarians are dismayed

Obama's Big Porno deputy

Obama stuns pro-lifers with prayer breakfast speech: Says no God condones taking life of 'innocent human being'

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has surgery for pancreatic cancer

Ginsburg's illness could lead to Obama appointment to High Court

PM Maliki's coalition wins vote in Iraq's Shiite provinces

India Charges: Pakistani Spies Linked to Mumbai Attackers

Islamic Terrorists Rape to Recruit Suicide Bombers: Victims urged to become suicide terrorists as the only means of reclaiming their honor

Another senator lines up to support 'Fairness Doctrine'

United Nations' threat: No more parental rights - Expert: Pact would ban spankings, homeschooling if children object



January 5, 2009


Home-buyers tax cut raises cost of stimulus bill in Senate

Obama Stresses Urgency of "Now" for Stimulus Bill

US Economic Stimulus Bill Nears Final Vote

Iraq Awaits Poll Results

9/11 lung problems persist years later

Congress postpones digital TV transition to June

California farms, vineyards in peril from Global Warming: U.S. energy secretary warns

World Powers Discuss Iran Policy

Six nations hail new U.S. diplomatic offer for Iran


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama to restrict pay of bailout firms' executives

Executive pay cap could have unintended consequences

See What Top Executives Earned In 2007

Wall Street finds crafty ways around executive pay caps

CEO pay cuts: Not just for banks

\Toyota shuts down all but one assembly line

GOP blames Pelosi for snag in stimulus bill

Obama tries to woo moderates in Senate regarding stimulus

Australia warns of trade war over U.S. protectionism

Senate eases 'Buy American' clause in stimulus

Ford urges more buyer incentives: Automaker says sales tax deduction a good start, but government can go even further

GM halts political funding

Obama auto team taking shape: White House narrows list for auto czar

GM: Saturn could survive; Chrysler: We'll be viable by spring

Politics In The News

Obama admission of mistake rare for presidents

CIA nominee Leon Panetta faces questioning by senators

Former Illinois Governor Blagojevich says he wants Sen. Menendez to testify

NY gov. says his campaign aide leaked dirt on Caroline Kennedy: Was unproven allegations leaked after Caroline withdrew from consideration

Obama Getting Heat for Turning Up the Oval Office Thermostat: After he called on Americans to protect the environment and turn down their thermostats

China drought leaves 4 million without water: Government declares emergency as millions of acres of crops wither

China to count Abortions as Carbon off-set Credits. EU and UN Approve Applaud

Salazar cancels Bush-era energy leases in Utah: Interior secretary voids the December sale of 77 environmentally sensitive parcels to oil and gas companies

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hardliner Netanyahu Poised to Become Israel's New Prime Minister

No territorial concessions to Palestinians: Netanyahu

Obama Has 'Good Meeting' With Clinton and Middle East Envoy Mitchell

Hamas leaves Egypt without cease-fire

Israeli official to visit Egypt for more talks on Gaza truce

Hamas reply to Gaza truce proposal expected by Saturday

Elections 2009 / Israeli Arab election boycott gathers speed

Poll: Gaza war boosts Hamas support

International Criminal Court to consider Gaza investigation

Israeli army says shelling of house where girls died was 'reasonable'

Civilians Flee Sri Lanka War Zone

Sri Lanka rejects international call for ceasefire with Tamil Tigers


February 4, 2009


Google launches software to track mobile users

U.S. Stocks Surge: +142 points

World stocks rise amid hopes downturn is bottoming

Senate endorses tax break for new-car buyers

Obama sets executive pay limits with overhaul in mind

North Korea may test-fire longest-range missile toward Japan

Israel and Hamas Prepare for the Next Gaza War

Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama administration backs two-state solution

Egypt to close down Rafah crossing on Thursday

Hamas official: Talks with Egyptians over truce "positive"

Iran reiterates all-out support for Palestinian Hamas

Rights groups says laws of war violated in Gaza

Gaza militants fire rocket; Israel strikes back at tunnels

Carter blames Israel for Gaza bloodshed: Jewish people outraged he sides with Hamas

Israel fears Syria might aid Hizbullah in Lebanon

US envoy Mitchell to return to ME this month

February 10 Election News

National security again to dominate Israeli elections: Debate is over whether Gaza war went far enough

Olmert's peace efforts put Livni in tight spot

Netanyahu: I hope Obama will clock Iran

Israel's right-wing Likud leads opinion polls: Election is Feb 10


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama economic plan tops $900 billion

President Obama to Soften 'Buy American' Plan After EU Trade Threat

Obama Team 'Encouraged' Defiance of Pelosi on Stimulus

Wells Fargo defends, then cancels Vegas junket

House set to pass kids' health bill

Where Does Chrysler Go From Here?

Retail vehicle sales may have hit bottom, automakers

White House looks for car-czar ideas

Signs Of The Coming Recovery

Politics In The News

Obama's health secretary pick Daschle withdraws nomination

Obama Admits: "I screwed up" in nominating Tom Daschle

Obama moves to regain ground after 'self-induced injury'

Obama nominates Republican senator Gregg as Commerce Secretary

Sen. Judd Gregg - Lies, Half-truths and Contradictions

German pope becomes an embarrassment in homeland: Because of his rehabilitation of a bishop who denies the Holocaust

Prop. 8 campaign can't hide donors' names: Federal Judge

California Supreme Court to hear Prop. 8 arguments: The justices announce a March 5 hearing on the constitutionality of the ban on same-sex marriage

Kyrgyzstan starts moves to close U.S. airbase: Vital for supplying U.S.-led troops fighting in Afghanistan - traditional Russian sphere of interest

US to continue talks about keeping key Kyrgyz base

Obama Pursues Deal With Russia to Slash Nuclear Weapons

Tide Shifts Against the Death Penalty




February 3, 2009


Fascist Global Economy Forming

New Ownership Society: Federal Reserve Bank, U.S. Treasury, and the FDIC - FYI, We Already Own More Than you Think

Iceland to be fast-tracked into European Union to stop economic meltdown

Follow the Money: Are Taxpayers on the Hook for Hundreds of Billions of Dollars for a Credit Crisis that Was Overblown?

Let banks fail: Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz

Wars And Economic Failure Have Been Marching Us Towards One World Government

Mexico’s Peso Stuns UBS With Biggest Drop Since 1995

British Pound Collapsing Under Weight of Bankrupt Banks Liabilities

Wall Street becomes the target of scorn

Central Bank Of Japan to Buy 1 Trillion Yen in Shares Owned by Lenders

Australia's Central Ban k Cuts Key Interest Rate to 45-Year-Low 3.25%

Asian Stocks Rise on Government Stimulus Plans

Obama's Stimulus Plan

Senate Stimulus Battle Tests Bipartisan Resolve

Americans Tell Congress: Pass Some Version of Stimulus

Obama's Plan Goes Beyond a Reasonable Stimulus

GOP senators draft stimulus alternative

Democrats promise boost for road building

Paris rejects 'Obama-style' stimulus program

Politics In The News

Obama To Appoint New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg As Commerce Secretary Tuesday

Gregg's departure could hurt GOP in 2010

Gregg Voted to Kill Commerce Before He Agreed to Lead It

Obama talks tough with Wall St., but what about his Cabinet

Ironies pile up as Clinton sworn in to new U.S. post

Hillary Clinton hosts British, German counterparts

Bucking tradition, Secretary of State Clinton to head for Asia

New A/G Holder expected to review, change Bush policies

Republicans Look Toward Palin for Future

Budget Crisis Looms At The Pentagon

Venezuelan President Chavez doubts U.S. can shake oil needs

Old-timers brace for possible eruption of Alaska's Mout Redoubt

Israeli - Palestinian War

Politically, Hamas May Have Won

Saudi Arabia offers Palestinian proposals

Gaza violence simmers as Egypt holds truce talks

Abbas to attend Gaza truce talks

Abbas: Hamas must accept my authority

Gaza rocket hits city of Ashkelon: No casualties or injuries

IDF warns Gazans of impending air strike

Abbas Complains: Israeli strikes endanger truce

Hamas Official: Cease-fire Deal likely this week

Iran urges U.N. to try Israeli leaders for war crimes

Netanyahu Gains as Lieberman Makes Him Appear ‘Less Hawkish’

Lieberman Rising in Polls, Likud Scared: Considered right-wing

Netanyahu promises to topple Hamas regime in Gaza if elected

Turkish snub changes Middle East game

Iran launches first homemade satellite: 'Omid' launch likely to stoke western fears of missile capabilities

Jewish Expert: Iranian launching capabilities cause for concern

Iran says first own satellite for peaceful purposes


Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

Gore's Global Warming a Farce: Czech Prez Václav Klaus

The day the snow came - and Britain stopped

Snow is consistent with global warming, say scientists

Is the globe really warming?

Is "Punxsutawney Phil" responding to global warming?

Here Comes Al Gore, Our Global Warming Groundhog

Obama not bowing to top brass, yet: Over rapid withdrawal from Iraq


February 2, 2009


US set for ‘big bang’ financial clean-up

China's Premier Wen sees light at end of global financial tunnel

North Korea says two Koreas on path toward war

Barak says Israel not planning new Gaza war

Obama and the Muslim world: So far so good

Millions hit by Google 'breakdown'

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Alaska Volcano Seen As Ticking Time Bomb, Will Erupt Soon!

Volcano erupts near Tokyo raining ash down on city

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's Key Election Issue: Did War End Too Soon?

Abbas: Hamas must accept my authority

Hamas says it accepts one-year truce with Israel

Two Palestinians killed as Israeli-Palestinian violence flares

Abbas' Fatah Claims Credit for Rocket Fire on W. Negev

Israel vows "disproportionate" response to rockets

IAF planes strike Hamas gunmen in Gaza following mortar attack

Hamas Leaders Meet Iranian Leaders as Rockets Explode in Israel

ICC to look into Israeli 'war crimes'

Netanyahu gives daily online address to nation: 'Livni panicking, running from one studio to another"

Israel may reject Turkish arms request: As Turkish-Israeli diplomatic relations continue to crumble

Gazans detail being used as human shields: Testimonies decry 'monstrous' use of women, children, ambulances


Fascist Global Economy Forming

First 100 Days: Manufacturing a dream and a recovery

Senate to demand big changes in $900 billion stimulus bill

House Republicans' Stand Against Stimulus Provides Fodder for Democratic Ads

Canada Takes Issue with Economic Stimulus Plan

STIMULUS: Obama right to support U.S. products

Don't rush stimulus plan; make it right: Focus has to be on jobs, infrastructure, tax cuts

Despite shortcomings, stimulus called a must: Editorial

Indonesia's Stimulus Bill: Tax cuts the most sensible component of the stimulus package - Tax cut designed to encourage people to spend

California holds back payments amid budget crisis

Illegal immigrants are a factor in California's budget math

Obama pushes economic plan

Stimulus bill would boost NW grid, wind energy

Sweden's Atlas Copco to cut 3,000 jobs

Bomber in police uniform kills 21 Afghan officers, wounding 20

Obama and the Afghan narco-state

AU chief calls for Africa's physical integration through infrastructure development

Iraq still collecting ballots from around country


January 31-February 1, 2009


Humans 'will be implanted with microchips': Within 2 generations - Part of all-encompassing surveillance

Economic stimulus provisions reach far and wide: Big Government is back!

Obama preserves torture through renditions as counter-terrorism tool

Israeli FM Livni Slams Olmert Peace Plan: 'Won't Divide Jerusalem'

Jerusalem hailed as the capital of Arab culture

Hamas must be brought into peace process: Tony Blair

As Wall Street falters, Washington's regulatory star rises

Stimulus plan mixes short, long-term job goals

Senate poised to debate economic stimulus bill

North Korea hails 'invincible' army, warns of conflict

Obama unlikely to widen Afghan war

North Korea tears up agreements with South Korea

South Korea puts Finance exchange operator under state control

Politics In The News

GOP elects first African-American party chairman

Obama says he will reverse Bush labor policies

Tax issues shadow Obama health nominee Tom Daschle

Is Rahm Emanuel to Barack Obama what Dick Cheney was to George W. Bush?

Winning strategy? GOP stakes its future on opposing Obama

Unseen Sarah Palin e-mails still roiling Alaska politics

Obama’s Oval Office Hypocrisy

Congress sued to remove President Obama from White House

Obama, Dems continue Rush Limbaugh attacks

Fascist Economy Forming

Rescuing economy tops Obama's 100-day agenda

Democrats to Add Infrastructure Money to Stimulus, Schumer Says

Senate Democrats promise to change stimulus bill

Bank Bailout Plan Will Toughen Rules on Bonuses

Obama to Keep Bank Regulator Dugan as Rescue Takes Shape

Stimulus effort goes grass-roots

Obama Promises New Strategy to Revive Credit Markets ‘Soon’

Dems Optimistic Stimulus Bill Will Pass in Senate, but Warn Margin May Be Thin

GOP Opposition to Democrats' Stimulus: Brilliant or Suicidal?

Tragedy of the bank high-flyers who can't bear the stress of failure

Obama Calls China's Hu To Discuss Currency

Go government, down with business in Davos World Economic Summit

What critics missed about treasury chief: Geithner presided over Wall Street collapse as regional Fed president

Feds allege plot to destroy Fannie Mae data

CEOs say overhaul of bank bonuses will occur

Mandate could force California gas stations out of business


Israeli - Palestinian War

Is Hamas Planning Pre-Election Ceasefire?

Livni's Foes in Kadima Sharpen Knives as Election Loss Looms

US envoy Mitchell in Jordan in bid to bolster Gaza truce

Turkey's PM Erdogan: Palestine an open-air prison

Hamas praises Turkish PM

Erdogan-Peres clash will impact Mideast peace bid

Obama authorizes $20.3 mln in aid to Gaza

Palestinian National Authority rejects link between opening Gaza crossings with Shalit's release

Gaza rocket hits southern Israel

Egypt arrests 2 armed Palestinians at Gaza tunnel

Thousands of al-Qaeda supporters said to be active in Gaza



Non-Integrating Gap Nations: Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Iraqis Vote in Milestone Elections as Conflict Eases

Ready for vote, Iraq locks down

Huge participation from women and Sunni Arabs in Iraq elections

PM Maliki hails ' strong turnout' in vote

Voting Iraqis hope for peace

Mortar, bomb attacks near polling stations in north of Baghdad

Kurds protest in disputed city

Iraq police order removal of shoe sculpture: Built to honor Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at former US president George W. Bush

Pakistan completes initial probe of Mumbai attacks: FM declares

Former Roman Catholic priest gets 3 years in prison for molesting boy

UN nuclear chief supports US-Iran nuclear talks

Iran looks for fundamental change in US policies

US considering 'full range of options' against Iran


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