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February 28, 2011

UPDATED 2/29/2012 AT 9:15 EST

Thursday, March 1, 2012


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Congress Criminalizes the Right to Free Assembly; Strips Basic Protections of First Amendment

BP Contracts with Defense Dept. Surge Since Gulf Oil Spill

Virginia Legislature Votes to Oppose Indefinite Detention of Americans without Trial

Romney Reclaims ‘Inevitable’ Mantle

White House, NSA weigh cybersecurity, personal privacy

Maryland governor to sign same-sex marriage bill

First vote looms on Obama birth control policy

Deadline looms for charges in Ohio school shooting

At least 12 killed as tornadoes strike U.S. Midwest

Fannie Mae Still Losing Billions

U.S. states try DIY banking

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Egypt lifts travel ban on US pro-democracy workers

Muslim Brotherhood member elected as speaker of Egypt's upper house


Most Libya war detainees held by rebels: UN

Al Qaeda leader says U.S. defence cuts signal weakness

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Britain eyeing share in Somalia's future energy industry

UN peacekeeper killed in Darfur ambush

South Africa’s ANC expels youth leader

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

India's most wanted terrorist Abu Hamza 'is still in Kashmir'

India-China talks focused on issues of troubled ties - Meeting of the BRICS

Myanmar leader urges Kachin peace, rules out independence

Philippines builds anti-China muscle

China hits out at 'troublemaker' Manila in maritime row

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

China's top Tibet official orders tighter control of Internet

China Irked by Seoul's Efforts for N.Korean Defectors

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Eleven Colombian oil workers kidnapped by armed group

Bolivia’s Morales May Seize More Oil Companies

UK warns Argentina regarding the Falklands


Europe drags on global economy, few policy options

Europe to investigate new Google privacy policy

UK fuel poverty deaths ‘horrifying’

Russia & Eastern Europe

Russia on collision course as Putin plots return

In Russia, a graft-buster's mission impossible - Russia plagued by corruption

Putin's oligarch killer - run up to a power grab

Ukraine temporarily suspends milk, pork imports from Belarus

EU sanctions will not influence integration between Belarus and Russia, Putin says

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israel legalizes unsanctioned settler enclave

Little support in Israel for solo strike on Iran-poll

Israeli: Syrian rebels want peace with Israel - Comment: the Syrian rebels are not a unified movement

Iran fumes over flourishing Israel-Azerbaijan ties

Israel Unveils Sophisticated Shelters in Tel Aviv

NGO Monitor Denies Truth for Israel

Health News

FDA studies the newest Diet drug for psychiatric effects

FDA approves MedImmune four-strain flu vaccine

Novartis Cancer Drugs Fight Deadly Ebola Virus in Lab, Researchers Find

Norovirus Outbreak Doubles in SC

Farmers fears Schmallenberg virus is being under reported

Related: Virus may kill half of Sussex’s lambs

West Nile Virus found in Los Angeles County

2012 Election News


Romney Reclaims ‘Inevitable’ Mantle

Ron Paul threatens to disrupt Wash. GOP caucus

CNN projects a Romney victory in Wyoming caucuses

Despite Mitt wins, both sides keep eying Jeb

Poll: Christie on ticket would not push Romney to win in N.J.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Senior Qaeda militant arrested at Cairo airport - Update: mistaken identity

Ohio school shooting suspect "not well" - D.A. rules out drugs, bullying

Syrian troops advance on rebel-held area of Homs

9/11 Victims’ Remains Disposed Of in Landfill

Drone pilots: Why war is also hard for remote soldiers

Could take 5 years to get 6 percent unemployment: Fed's Pinalto

Hugo Chávez recovering from tumour surgery

Interpol says suspected Anonymous hackers arrested

Leaked document: Homeland Security's take on Occupy Wall Street

Michigan Primary

Romney repels strong challenge in Michigan by Santorum, coasts to victory in Arizona

Romney, Santorum to split Michigan's delegates - 11 each

Parsing of Results: Santorum strong among conservative and evangelical voters

Long, divisive White House fight is sapping Republicans

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Egypt abandons trial against NGO workers

Stratfor: Egyptian army planned Mubarak ouster before the revolution

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Danish navy frees hostages off Somalia, 2 killed

Senegal's Wade heads for tough vote run-off

South Sudan rebel group lays down arms

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

US drones circle over the Philippines

China may resort to Indian territory grab

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

Twenty dead in attack in China's restive west

Conflict looms in South China Sea oil rush

North Korea agrees to suspend nuclear activities

U.S. sees "more of the same" from new North Korea leader

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Guatemala extradites alleged drug kingpin to U.S.

Brazil judge blocks Chevron, Transocean injunction

Air Force scraps deal with Brazil's Embraer, Sierra Nevada


Irish vote, German court add euro zone uncertainty

Dutch parliament backs Greek bailout, reluctantly

NZ court rejects bid to rejail Megaupload boss, frees cash

Russia & Eastern Europe

Georgia to end visas for Russians

Belarus orders out EU, Polish envoys over sanctions

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israeli troops raid West Bank TV stations

Israel faces blackouts after energy source attack

IDF Missile Defense Chief: "Israel can defend itself against barrages from Iran"

Harvard promoting anti-Semitic event

Palestinians invite UN Security Council to visit

House of Lords Baroness: "Israel is not going to be there for ever in its present form"

Health News

FDA: New Warning Labels for Statins

Beware Selenium – too much is harmful scientists warn - Diabetes risk

Deadly drug resistant tuberculosis stalks Uganda

Iceman's genome reveals health problems - 5,000 year old mummy had Lyme disease

Stomach-virus cases increasing

Vaccination plea after measles outbreak in Liverpool (UK) region


Other Election News


Ron Paul poll shocker: He beats Obama head-to-head

Maine GOP Sen. Snowe won't seek re-election - one of the last of Northeast Moderate Republicans

Obama: GOP would have left auto industry 'out to dry'

Obama gains with women: Jobs, social issues help


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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


NBC: Romney wins in Michigan and Arizona

Fox News Exit Polls: Arizona Michigan

US top court to hear corporate human rights case

Classes canceled in Ohio community hit by school shooting

Update: 3rd victim in Ohio school shooting dies

Elite Syrian troops sent to embattled Homs

Syrian activists say 62 bodies recovered near Homs

Activist group: 144 dead across Syria

U.S. Getting a New Bomber - will replace B-52, B-1, and B-2, pilots optional


How Putin Plotted to Jail Ukraine's Yulia Tymoshenko

Federal Judge claimed to be victim of Halliburton conspiracy

Czech ‘ultimatum’ to US for cheap F-16s - Europeans still fear the Russian Bear

Russian Prosecutor General an Informant


The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Egypt's Islamists sweep Shura vote - Upper House of Paliament

Cairo Junta Planned Mubarak Ouster


Gunmen kill 18 Shiite bus passengers in Pakistan

Russia plans to invest $500mn in Pakistan Steel

Libya militia boss says not ready to lay down arms

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Five killed in attack on Ivorian voting station

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Russian nuclear submarine to reach Indian shores in mid-March

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

N. Korea's Kim III fires up rhetoric

Supernation #3 - Japan

Probe finds Japan withheld risks of nuke disaster

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Venezuela to Continue Supplying Oil to Syria as Sanctions Intensify

Argentina turns away two British cruise ships for visiting the Falklands Islands

Peru's Shining Path rebels: Old enemy, new threat

Correa Pardons Newspaper in Libel Case

Bus stranglers kill 2 radio journalists in Bolivia

Napolitano defends U.S. drug war in face of legalization debate

U.S. National News

GAO report: Billions spent on duplicate federal programs

Recreational marijuana measure makes Colorado ballot

Judge Sides With Monsanto: Ridicules Farmers’ Right to Grow Food

Homeland Security Manual Lists Government Key Words For Monitoring Social Media, News


Ministers mull EU candidacy for Serbia

German Stocks Climb as Merkel Wins Greek Aid Vote; Banks Rally

Russia & Eastern Europe

Six killed in apartments gas blast

Vladimir Putin unaffected by assassination plot

Putin assassination plot denounced as Russian election 'spectacle'

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israel chides UN over its silence on Palestinian rocket fire

Israel kills armed infiltrator from Sinai

Israel to increase pace of immigration from Ethiopia

Egypt will respond severely to military ops in Gaza

Palestinian Authority May Break Oslo Accords Again and stop Working with IDF

'Hezbollah's powerbase in W. Africa growing': Israeli Ambassador to the UN

Health News

Sleeping Pills Linked to Almost Fourfold Increase in Death Risk

Novel Swine Influenza Virus Has 'Pandemic Potential'

Bird flu, pig flu, now bat flu? Human risk unclear

More flu in Europe, polio in China, MRSA in hospitals, chikungunya virus

2012 Election News


Santorum admits using robocalls in Michigan primary campaign

5 keys to watch in the Romney-Santorum Michigan showdown

Romney accuses Santorum of 'dirty tricks' in bid to win Michigan

Watchdog calls for probe of Romney Super PAC ad

Gingrich holds Georgia lead, Santorum gaining fast

Ron Paul speaks in Dearborn, urges end to overseas military action - only candidate to reach out to Michigan's Muslims and Arab-Americans

Gingrich group gets 'substantial' funds

ADL Scolds Santorum for Issues of Church and State

If you have a lead or an idea for Daily News Updates, please contact us.

Monday, February 27, 2012



Debunking the Spurious Iranian Nuclear Threat

Iran’s right to civilian nuclear program should be recognized: Putin

FAA pressed to allow civilian drone flights in the US

Mystery virus kills thousands of lambs

Russia, Ukraine foiled plot to kill Putin

Nine killed in Afghan airport bomb, NATO base attacked

Crashed drone wreckage destroyed in missile strike


WikiLeaks/STRATFOR: 'Israel has destroyed Iran nuclear infrastructure'

Smoking Gun of Subversive Activity, "Shadow CIA"

Osama bin Laden 'was in routine contact with Pakistan's spy agency'

Iran contacted US over future of Assad regime, Turkey has its own plans for Syria

John McCain 'was urged to mount legal challenge to Barack Obama's presidential victory'

Stratfor spied on Bhophal Activists

Predicted Huge Oil Profits from Iran Crisis

Glossary of STRATFOR terms and acronyms


The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Egypt opens trial that has strained ties with US


Brutal Bahraini State Terror

Israeli Aerospace Industries will supply Azerbaijan with unmanned aerial vehicles, missile defense systems

Osama Bin Laden's Pakistan Home Is No More

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Suicide bomber attacks Nigerian church in Jos

France calls for talks to end Mali rebellion

Senegal's Wade in tight race for third term

Clashes break out in Sudan's South Kordofan

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

India, China in new border war of words

Myanmar inks peace pact with Mon rebels

Malaysians protest against rare earth refinery

US eyes indefinite stay in Philippines through mutual logistics deal

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

North Korea: Ready to go to war with U.S., South Korea

China sends man to labour camp for SARS rumour

Crack in China's firewall turns Obama page into freedom forum

China accuses US firm over child lead poisoning

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Colombia's FARC vows to release POWs, end kidnappings

China joins Venezuela in huge gold project

Venezuela top brass affirms loyalty to Chavez

Praying for rain in Paraguay

Brazil: Another offshore oil discrovery

Cruise line: 22 passengers robbed in Mexican seaside resort

U.S. National News

Suspect in custody after 1 student killed, 4 wounded in shooting at Ohio high school

White House helps pay for NYPD Muslim surveillance

Related: American in NYC pipe-bomb case will likely face charges

New fighter jet training stalls, grounding pilots

Protestors throw urine bombs at Denver police


German Parliament set to back Greek bailout amid tensions over way forward

France's Sarkozy rules out EU treaty referendum

EU causing very hostility it was meant to prevent

Russia & Eastern Europe

Putin: Status of non-citizens in Latvia and Estonia is "shameful"

Thousands form human chain in anti-Putin protest

Israeli - Palestinian War


Germans set to deliver advanced sub to Israel

West Bank Palestinians may turn to violence if peace talks freeze persists

Abbas calls on Arab world to visit Jerusalem

Turkey restricts use of airspace by Israeli cargo planes

Israel bombs tunnel, suspected arms factory in Gaza

Health News

Women have rare egg-producing stem cells

Group backs HPV shot recommendation for boys

A new purpose for tattoos: warning about important health conditions, end-of-life wishes

Nigeria: Lassa Fever - Ogun Gets Vaccines, Alerts Residents

Syphilis outbreak in New Brunswick


2012 Election News


Romney scrambles to nail down Michigan

Michigan may be Romney's last stand

Rick Santorum: JFK's promise to keep Pope out of politics 'makes me want to throw up'

Santorum gets Secret Service protection

Christie says contested GOP convention is possible

Only Ron Paul Warns Of Emerging Fascist State


Saturday / Sunday, February 25-26, 2012


U.S. Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb

Santorum the beneficiary of Evangelical and Catholic cooperation

Scramble Is On to Find Deal for 16 Americans in Egypt

Vladimir Putin fires off nuclear threat over West's 'regime change' plans for Iran

Two NATO soldiers killed inside Afghan interior ministry, officials say

Update: U.S. commander pulls back advisors from Afghan ministries

Outrage over Koran burning spreads to Libya: British WWII graves desecrated

London no safer for all its CCTV cameras - What's their real purpose?

In secret deal, Pakistani Intelligence allows U.S. drone war to resume

Update: US drone goes down in a ball of fire over North Waziristan

Related: Pakistan begins demolition of bin Laden's compound

Netanyahu's border proposal: Israel to annex settlement blocs, but not Jordan Valley

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


The suffering of Egypt's Christians

Egypt: bread basket into a basket case


Yemen's Hadi takes oath, replaces Saleh as president - Washington loses its man in Yemen

Car bomb in Yemen’s south kills at least 26 - attempted attack on presedential palace

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Al-Shabab: Moroccan militant killed by US drone - U.S. Gov't Confirms

Casamance conflict is unhealed sore for Senegal

Nigeria bombers attempt prison break, kill two police

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Indian PM: groups misused U.S. funds to oppose nuclear power plant - Russian-lead project competing with French & American projects

WHO removes India from list of countries plagued by polio

Suicides in India linked to microfinance debts

Myanmar's war on opium

Firebomb attacks hit East Timor election offices

Fiji: Smuggled papers show Bainimarama's lust for power

Supernation #10 - China and Korea

North Korea vows to launch 'sacred war' over US-South naval exercises

Uyghur Congress Denounces China’s ‘Patriotic Education’

Tibet Cut Off From The Rest Of The World: Press Freedom Watchdog

Supernation #3 - Japan

Japan grows uneasy about earthquake forecasts

Japan's nuclear crisis goes much further than Fukushima

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Chavez arrives in Cuba for urgent tumor removal

Object from space causes commotion in Brazil

U.S. National News

Forcing Defendant to Decrypt Hard Drive Is Unconstitutional, Appeals Court Rules

NASA: Clouds Getting Lower - Possibly mitigating global warming

Farmer Faces Possible 3-year Prison Term for Feeding Community - Raw Milk

Anonymous hits US prison contractor and FBI partner group; deface home pages with rap lyrics

Florida woman left brain dead after being Tasered - Officer cleared of wrongdoing

The Los Angeles Times to charge for online subscriptions


Germany holds state ceremony for Muslims murdered by neo-Nazis

Italy's Mafia troubles creep north

Russia & Eastern Europe

Russian opposition stage rally in Putin's hometown

Putin's ambitious military shopping list

Russia backs unpopular regime in Belarus

Israeli - Palestinian War


Is Israel losing Temple Mount war? - Is Jewish history on Mount being erased?

Palestinian dies after Temple Mount clashes

Israel nixes solar energy for Palestinians

Death for 3 Lebanese who spied for Israel

Hamas PM: Resistance against Israel to go on

Health News

Also Receiving Antibiotics on Factory Farms: Shrimp

Bird flu kills an Indonesian boy on Bali - Fourth death this year

Bird Flu: More Common, Less Deadly than We Thought?

One-third of world population infected with Tuberculosis



2012 Election News


Romney Aides Warn Backers of a Long Fight for Nomination

Romney's rugged Mormon ancestors sowed riches in Mexico

Another Mitt Romney clunker? 'Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs, actually....'

Romney failing to catch fire in Michigan

‘I Fell Short’: Santorum Sorry for Lack of Charitable Giving After Confronted

Fla. Sen. Marco Rubio, Mormon-Turned-Catholic

Friday, February 24, 2012


Iran orders hanging of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani - Please pray for this man today

'US does not believe Iran trying to build nuclear bomb'

Gay marriage close to legal in Maryland - Gov. O’Malley expected to sign bill in coming week

Evidence grows that 9/11 first-responders got cancer after working at Ground Zero

Gas prices soar amid Iran tension, sinking dollar

Payroll Tax Deal Would Allow Drug Testing, Reduce Unemployment Benefits To 73 Weeks

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Azerbaijan and Israel: The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

Saudi Shiites denounce violence against protesters

Protesters at Saudi Embassy Demand End to Christian Persecution

Damage control: US lawmakers reject Balochistan resolution

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Missile strike kills Islamist fighters in Somalia - Huge - Foreign militants - most likely U.S. drone strike

Somalia: A year of progress, as 300 al-Shabab flee to Yemen

Somali militants target addicts in UK's 'khat cafes'

Unrest in Senegal as opponents tell president to cancel looming election

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

U.S. Said to Offer India Help With Replacing Crude Oil Supplies From Iran

India call centers in debt collection fraud

China calls on Myanmar to ensure security along border, end ethnic conflicts

U.S. imposes sanctions on Indonesia militants

Philippine military blames retaliation by bandits for killing 6 villagers, wounding 9

Supernation #10 - China and Korea

U.S. envoys says North Korea talks make some progress

Red rage: China to strip Tibetans of minority status?

Chinese police station helps its single male officers find girlfriends - demographic time-bomb: too many men, not enough women


Supernation #6 - Latin America


FARC torture Colombian farmer over 'donkey bomb': Army

Is Venezuela’s Chavez sacrificing quality cancer care for privacy?

Judge in Ecuador libel case flees country

Long-buried landmines surface in Chile

Pro-government crowds shout at Cuban dissidents as they pay homage to dead hunger striker

U.S. National News

Bradley Manning charged in WikiLeaks case

Kennedy Space Center seeks rent out facilities - National shame

Officers use Taser on 79-year-old man

Behind the Google Goggles, Virtual Reality


Britain at risk from 'GoldenEye' electromagnetic pulse attack from space, MPs warn

Germany says it will back Serbia's EU candidacy

Russia & Eastern Europe

Polls Shows Putin to Win Presidential Vote in First Round

Bribes part of everyday life in Putin's Russia

Israeli - Palestinian War


IDF strikes targets in Gaza after rockets hit South

Israel PM 'freezes occupied E. Jerusalem building' ahead of U.S. trip

Palestinian negotiator: Israel presented no position or offer in Amman talks

Israel confirms wall on Lebanon border

Netanyah: "no Lebanon in the new world map”

Health News

Students At L.A. High SchoolTested For Tuberculosis After 3 Positive Cases

'Pig MRSA' came from humans, evolved via farm drugs

Montana: Mother protests HPV immunization clinic at Middle School

Two children get polio, as father blames vaccine

Mexican researchers patent heroin vaccine

2012 Election News


Romney focuses on economy in pursuit of 2-state triumph next week

Study: 3 of 4 GOP candidates would pile up debt - Read the study here

Santorum: Obama wants to 'indoctrinate' students by boosting college enrollment

Rivals Accuse Romney And Paul Of Collusion

Romney pounces on Santorum's Senate compromises

Mormonism: Anne Frank 'posthumously baptised as a Mormon'

Thursday, February 23, 2012



Chip moves wirelessly in bloodstream - VHF waves could be used to deliver power

Is Russia pushing Middle East into cold-war style conflict?

Russia: Israeli strike on Iran would be 'catastrophic'

Germ warfare: The creation of a lethal virus sparks a debate pitting science against security

U.S. pushed ahead with drone strikes despite Pakistani resistance

Canadian Online surveillance bill setup costs estimated at $80M - ISP's want to be compensated for cooperating

Newark mayor seeks probe of NYPD Muslim spying

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Assad forces renew barrage on Syria's Homs - 20th straight day of shelling

Top military officer defects with hundreds of soldiers

Republican candidates back arming Syria rebels


Iran protests to UN: Israel killing our scientists

Iran defiant as U.N. nuclear talks fail


Iraq attacks kill 60, raise sectarian fears


Afghan soldier kills two NATO troops at protests

Taliban urge Afghans to kill "invaders" amid violent protests


Tunisia, Egypt Islamists signal bigger religion role

Mubarak awaits verdict as trial draws to a close


Bomb kills 13 at Pakistani bus station

US praises big turnout in landmark Yemen presidential polls

Bahrain MP urges colleagues to reconsider Denmark deal - Fallout continues over 2005 Danish cartoon

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

UN council approves increase in AU Somalia force

Somali PM would welcome air strikes against militants

World security at stake in Somalia chaos, UK says

Some 120,000 forced from homes by Mali clashes -UN

Sudan closes third newspaper this year

New discoveries raise West Africa oil hopes

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Crisis in paradise in Maldives' new democracy

16 army men killed, 9 injured as avalanches strike Kashmir

Fire at Myanmar refugee camp, Thailand, leaves thousands homeless

China & Korea

US, North Korean envoys discuss disarmament, food aid in first nuclear talks since Kim’s death

Christians in China Inspired by Jeremy Lin's Faith

Chinese Navy Pacific Drills "not Aimed at Specific Target"

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Brazil At Risk Of Becoming One Big Petrobras - despite economic miracle, much of Brazil still lacks key infrastructure

Brazil Becomes Second-Most Christian Missionary Exporter in the World

Cristina Kirchner told to leave Falkland Islanders alone, by Argentina's intellectuals

Cause of Argentine train crash still unknown - lack of investment

Colombian Pipeline Halted by Bombings

Illegal armed groups expand across Colombia

U.S. National News

7 Marines killed after helicopters collide near Arizona-California border

North Carolina Man convicted in terror case accused of ordering three beheadings

U.S. judge strikes down birth control sale requirement

Virginia governor backs off requiring ultrasound before abortion

More U.S. kids living in high-poverty areas: study


British drone secrets stolen from Paris train station

London: 'Trapped' Illegal Immigrants Sleep On Streets - Drug-resistant TB threat

Euro zone economy to shrink in 2012, EU stagnates

Scientists did not break speed of light - it was a faulty wire

Russia & Eastern Europe

Thousands back Putin's presidential bid in Moscow - 100,000 Russians rally for Putin - Putin Warns of Foreign Threat at Campaign Rally

Israeli - Palestinian War


In a challenge to Israel, Hamas endorses Palestinian unity government

Palestinian prisoners to boycott Israeli courts

Israel approves construction of more West Bank homes

Qatar conference to defend Jerusalem status in Islam

Israel should annex 60% of Area C - 'Area C' is West Bank (Judea & Samaria) land not under Palestian Authority control - Another Map

Health News

Vietnam Health ministry rallies efforts to fight bird flu

Federal Panel: All adults should get whooping cough shots

Army sergeant was accused of 'exaggerating' the stress of war

Officials warn of HIV outbreak in Fairbanks, Alaska

EPA removes barrels near NY school, outbreak site - 15 girls afflicted with mysterious tics

Colorado cantaloupe listeria outbreak claims another victim - 30 dead

2012 Election News


Romney calls Arizona immigration law a model for the nation

Romney says Obama undermines religious freedom

Best Question From CNN Debate: Why Not Declare War on Iran?

Ron Paul calls Rick Santorm a fake

How, when, and why Mitt Romney changed his mind on abortion.

Obama urges corporate tax cut, closing loopholes - Winners, losers

Obama goes on offense over high gasoline prices - blame game

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



U.S. and Iraq agree to preserve Babel archeological site

Revealed: US Government Program Secretly Injected Citizens with Plutonium, Uranium

Monsanto's Bt GMO corn to be sold at Wal-Mart with no indication it is genetically modified

Maryland Senate committee approves gay marriage bill

Virginia governor to sign controversial adoption measure

Presbyterians uphold pastor's censure for gay weddings

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Syrian troops kill 27 in village raids - US may arm rebels

Russia boosts arms sales to Syria despite world pressure

Two Western journalists killed in Syria

Russia, China, and Iran declare their support for Syria - Axis of Oppression


Hans Blix: Attacking Iran "the road to hell"

UN watchdog says nuclear talks with Iran failed

U.S., Israel send mixed messages on Iran - "an elaborate campaign"


Five killed in Afghan protests over Koran burning

Afghan demonstrators torch foreign compound in Kabul

Afghan officials meeting Taliban in Pakistan


Muslim Brotherhood is headed to power

Egypt: Govt-U.S. Standoff Could Hit 40,000 NGOs

China's Geely to assemble cars in Egypt


Baroness Emma Nicholson escapes assassination attempt in South Yemen

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Gunshots, explosions heard in Nigeria's Kano

Ethiopian troops take Somali town from al Shabaab

Somalia: Al-Shabaab Wants Girls to Join Warfront Against Govt

Liberia: Oil Discoveries

South Sudan expels head of Chinese-Malaysian oil firm

Rebels free last peacekeepers held in Sudan's Darfur


Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Myanmar Karen Rebels Want Troops to Withdraw Before Talks

85,000 in Myanmar desperate for HIV treatment, 10,000 with drug-resistant TB

Thailand: First look at Iranian explosives

Shootout in Thailand's Muslim South

Malaysia court convicts 16 of 'illegal assembly'

China to cement ties with Indonesia - ASEAN trade

Supernation #10 - China and Korea

South Korea's President urged China not to return fugitives to North Korea

North Korea calls Seoul nuclear summit a "childish farce"

China frets as choice for Hong Kong leader strays off script

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Venezuela's Chavez needs another operation - Cancer has returned

Chinese loans put Venezuela over barrel

Ecuadorian leader criticizes Panama for asylum decision - Free speech under attack in Ecuador

Turmoil in Chilean Patagonia

Argentina Struggles to Rein in Police Corruption - Homless Murdered

Brazil sees growth in regional arms sales

Religious Carnival bands use samba to prostyletize

Wife of American citizen jailed in Cuba deplores husband’s ‘unjust’ incarceration

U.S. National News

Ash Wednesday not just for Catholics anymore - strange ashes from strange fire

Temblor rattles New Madrid earthquake zone in Missouri - 4.0 shakes 9 states

Army hospital head ousted - for looking at role of costs in PTSD diagnoses

Proposed rules threaten age-old role for kids on family farms


Germany urged to end forced castration - Czechs also castrate sex offenders

After Greece deal, Portugal and Ireland may be next

Recession has Portugal urging citizens to leave to find work

Russia & Eastern Europe

Putin woos police with wage promises ahead of poll

Europe's first Chinese auto plant opens in Bulgaria

Israeli - Palestinian War


U.S. universities spreading anti-Israel attitudes, report says

Jordan's King Blames Israel for Deadlocked Peace

Israel Builds Fence Along Sinai Border

Israel says Hezbollah using West Africa as powerbase

Israel top court scraps pious Jews' draft exemption


Health News

Childhood vaccine slightly increases seizure risk

Drug-Resistant Staph in Livestock May Spread to Humans - Linked to Animal Antibiotics

Shipments From Abroad to Help Ease Shortage of Two Cancer Drugs

States With Raw-Milk Sales Have More Outbreaks, Study Shows

Nasal spray may kill norovirus, the scourge of cruise ships

First vaccine against kala azar ready for trial

2012 Election News


Ron Paul Might Have Won Maine: Maine GOP says some vote counts reportedly ended up in the spam folder

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Says He Might Give $100M To Newt Gingrich Or Other Republican

Santorum says prenatal testing coverage encourages more women to have abortion

Romney: Obama has "fought against religion"

Romney sparks questions on Mormon economic views

Steven Chu's Europe gas quip haunts Obama

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Europe seals new Greek bailout to avert default

For boomers, it's a new era of 'work til you drop'

Micro-Drone 'Bees'

Mass Surveillance and No Privacy Bill is 'For the Children'

McCain, GOP Vow Alternative Cybersecurity Bill

NSA director warns Anonymous could soon cause limited power outages

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Syrian forces shell Homs as troops mass

Syrian opposition says 7 die in intense shelling

Iran Warns U.S. as Syria Intensifies Crackdown

Syria's Alawites to fight to death for power: Analysts


Iran says UN nuke inspectors will not visit sites

Iranian Ships Reported to Leave Syria

Iran says drill simulating enemy aerial attack successful


Iraq police academy targeted; 20 killed

Iraq Officials: Violence Down As Al-Qaida Group Moves to Syria

Saudi Arabia names first Iraq envoy since Gulf War


NATO Commander Apologizes for Koran Disposal in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's Karzai says speaks to Taliban every day

Bagram prisoner’s bid for freedom rebuffed in UK


Egypt to help with Gaza power shortages

McCain says Egypt working to resolve NGO crisis


Yemenis vote for post-Saleh era amid violence

Chinese Leader Visits Turkey, Uighurs Protest

Lebanese man convicted in NY train tunnels plot - released by Lebanese judge

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Senegal: Candidate has recruited militia

4 die in military crash near US base in Africa

Rebels release peacekeepers in Sudan's Darfur

No hurry to crush al Shabaab on Kenya's frontline


Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Philippine militant blamed for beheadings captured

Vietnam arrests political dissident


Supernation #6 - Latin America

Inmate massacre highlights Mexico jail corruption

Relatives storm Honduras morgue demanding remains

U.S. National News

Microsoft Says Google Circumvents IE Privacy Policies Too

Rhode Island Teen Atheist Gets $40K Scholarship

Southern Baptists weigh a new name


EU and Turkey: talks languish, trade booms - Hopes for EU membership fade to reality

China reiterates it is willing to help Europe

Dutch Outraged Over Santorum's Euthanasia Claim

Russia & Eastern Europe

U.S. taxpayers funding pro-Putin VOA programs - Fake Interview?

Poland Leads Wave of Communist-Era Reckoning

China & Korea

North Korean envoy arrives in Beijing for US nuclear talks

North Korea kept China in the dark on death of leader


Israeli - Palestinian War


Terror thwarted: IDF finds powerful explosives in the South

In Israel, worries about Iran attack

Israelis flock to sages' tombs seeking miracles

FACT CHECK: US aid for Israel missile program

IAF looking for second stealth fighter squadron


Health News

Psychiatric 'bible' may classify the bereaved as mentally ill: Journal

Autism Brain Scan Signs Found At 6 Months Of Age

Experts fear diseases 'impossible to treat'

The upsides, and downsides, of anti-anxiety drugs

Hepatitis C Now Kills More Americans Than HIV

Bird Flu Claims Third Victim This Year in Jakarta


2012 Election News


In shift, Obama campaign targets Santorum on economy

As primary turnouts drop, GOP enthusiasm is questioned

Mitt Romney entering pivotal stretch of GOP nomination campaign

Rick Santorum aide gaffe: Obama’s ‘radical Islamic policies’


Monday, February 20, 2012


Report: U.S. officials say Israel will need at least 100 planes to strike Iran

Iranian ships reach Syria, China warns of civil war

Slate: Map of Mormons in America

Returning military members allege job discrimination — by federal government

Oil prices at nine month high after Iran dispute

Obama to law enforcement: Stop linging Muslims to terrorism

Santorum Says Obama's Policies Elevate 'the Earth Above Man'

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Syria intervention drive mirrors Bosnia's history

Jordanian Newspaper: Israeli commandos act in Syria, Jihadists on Jordan border

Iraqi gunmen afoot to join Syrian insurgency

US rejects arming Syrian dissidents


IAEA inspectors arrive in Tehran for two-day talks

Internet again disrupted in Iran ahead of election

China rebukes Iran for France, UK oil ban

Iran struggles to find new buyers for oil

US seeks bases in Balochistan to counter Iran

Balochistan resolution in US Congress drives Pakistan crazy


Iragi Gov't: Embassies financing terrorist groups in Iraq - Interior Undersecretary

4 Killed, 2 Injured in Iraq's Anbar Province

Gunmen kill chieftain, injure relative south of Falluja


Suicide car bomb hits Afghan police in Kandahar

Dozens of children freeze to death in Afghan winter


Senators in Egypt; to discuss NGO detainees

Egypt Eyed as Possible Source of Fake Avastin - Cancer Drug

Egyptians claim Israeli goods cause disease, infertility


Blast rocks Yemeni polling station ahead of vote

Yemenis prepare to vote Saleh out of office

U.S. sees signs of Iran activity in Yemen


Algeria seizes missiles smuggled from Libya-source - Could have been used to bring down an airliner

Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Output, Export: Industry Report

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Darfur rebels say holding 52 peacekeepers

Senegal Sees Another Day of Violent Protests, Death Toll Hits Six

Somalia: Tense of Fighting Rises in Southern Regions

In 'failed state' Somalia, instability is lucrative for some

Nigeria: Bomb Blast Rocks Church

Nigeria: Police Beef Up Security in Capital

Rwanda: 80 Year-Old 'Holy' Tree Felled in Kiziguro - Tree survived wars, felled for electrical lines

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Drone-makers target Asia for growth

Suu Kyi's party warns Myanmar polls may not be fair

Supernation #10 - China and Korea

North Korea raises alert for live-fire drill

Tibet Monk Self-Immolates in China's West

China braces for heightened tension in restive Tibet

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Chinese Loans to Latin America Top World Bank, IDB Combined

Latin America favoring Chinese cars

Brazilian Journalist Murdered Near Paraguayan Border

U.S. National News

U.S. Supreme Court examines lying about military exploits - Do we have a right to lie?

FBI ditches training materials criticized as anti-Muslim

Calif. shooting latest woe for immigration agency

Experts: Obama ‘sandbagging’ immigration policy, easing ‘amnesty,’ gaining votes

Paul Babeu, Immigration Hawk Sheriff, Outed by Alleged Mexican Gay Lover

Jobless disability claims soar to record $200B as of January


EU nations stopping, cutting Iranian oil imports: Commission

French far right uses halal accusation to woo voters - Candidate Le Pen accuses French Gov't of bowing to Muslim meat concerns

Spain, Greece protest against spending cuts

Russia & Eastern Europe

Putin says before poll: Russia needs stronger army

Putin Pledges 400 ICBMs for Russia in Ten Years

Motorists protest against Putin on Moscow's streets

Israeli - Palestinian War


Tel Aviv to get missile interceptor system: army

IDF factions push for offensive in Gaza

Terrorists fire RPG at IDF forces on Gaza border

Police arrest 18 Muslims in Temple Mount unrest

Vandals scrawl graffiti on Jerusalem Baptist church


Health News

How Health Regulators Are Killing American Smokers

Rice and rice-based foods such as baby formula and energy bars can have high levels of arsenic

Five-year-old boy lives as girl in youngest case of Gender Identity Disorder

Sex-changing treatment for kids: It's on the rise

Test tube hamburgers to be served this year


2012 Election News


Ron Paul: U.S. "slipping into a fascist system"

Paul: Santorum has an 'atrocious voting record'

Paul supporters try to amass delegates and maybe a role at the convention - in caucus states

Romney Closing Gap in Michigan

Top GOP Senator Says ‘If Romney Loses Michigan, We Need a New Candidate’

Latino Mormons, fastest growing group within the church, speaking out against Romney


Saturday / Sunday, February 18-19, 2012



Chairman of the Joint Chiefs: Israeli strike on Iran would not be prudent

2nd Israeli strike on Gaza targets weapons manufacturing site

Gay marriage advances in Maryland, vetoed in New Jersey

Dick Cheney Part Of Marriage Equality Lobbying Effort In Maryland: Report

US arrests suspect in Capitol suicide attack plot - Moroccan fooled by FBI sting operation

Capitol Bomb Plot Raises FBI Sting Questions - Did FBI "enable" suspect?

Names of new cardinals elevated by Pope Benedict

Messianic Jewish Leaders Respond to "Christ at the Checkpoint" - Deep concerns about anti-Israel, unbiblical nature of conference in Bethlehem

Report: U.S. drones flying over Syria to monitor crackdown

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Syrian Forces Fire on Funeral Procession

Chinese envoy in Syria urges end to violence

Arab states "want Syrian opposition to unite"

The price of regime change in Syria - the Flight of Millions of Christians

Iran cornered with key ally Syria on the brink? - Hezbollah and Hamas would be crippled if regime changes


Iranian Warships Sail Through Mediterranean - Headed to Syria

Iran says Stuxnet virus infected 16,000 computers - Virus probably a joint Israeli/U.S. operation

Wean from Iranian crude, US tells India, Pakistan


Iraq tightens security at Syria border to stop arms flow

Syria Chaos Pushes Iraqis Back Home


Afghan leader meets Taliban-linked cleric

U.S.-Taliban talks only 'exploratory' - Afghan envoy


Egypt trial on U.S. democracy activists set for February 26


Libya sends army to stop clashes in southeast

Suicide bomber kills 26 in NW Pakistan, ignites protest - Shi-ite community targeted

Islamist leader in Tunisia heralds new age, carefully

Sudan police raid campus, arrest hundreds-activists

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Missile strikes rebel stronghold near Somalia port

Car bomb hits police office in Somali capital

South Sudan tracks oil sold by Sudan, warns Chinese firms

Zimbabwe ruling party condemns EU sanction extension

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Commonwealth ministers in Maldives, amid peaceful rally

Pakistan, Indonesia join money-laundering blacklist

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Critics: Mexico losing drug war

Will Latin America legalize drugs to combat organized crime, cartels?

Chavez cautions against opposition victory in elections - threatens civil war

U.S. National News

NYPD monitored Muslim students in Northeast

Hints of a plea deal for U.S.-raised Guantanamo captive

Google Violated Apple Users’ Privacy: Study

Supreme Court Blocks Montana Campaign Finance Ban

Anonymous Protests ACTA, Attacks FTC And Other U.S. Agencies' Sites

James Harper, Grand Junction High School Student, Quits Choir In Protest Over Plans To Sing Islamic Song 'Zikr'

Pat Buchanan, MSNBC cut ties - Buchanan, though intellectually honest, is politically incorrect

Europe and Russia

At least 24 killed in Russian Caucasus fighting

Latvians set to reject Russian in emotionally charged vote - Update: measure rejected, one third of Latvians identify as Russian

Eastern Europeans fuel fight for Internet freedoms

Israeli - Palestinian War


Turkey will not allow NATO to share intelligence with Israel - Tension over purpose of NATO radar installation

Israel seeks tighter sanctions against Iran

New York Times new Jerusalem bureau chief accused of bias against Likud

Sirens ring as Grad [Hamas rocket] explodes near Beersheba


Health News

U.S. flu activity low, but rising

Research on deadly flu to be published - Concerns that info could be used by terrorists

DNA Robots Programmed to Kill Cancer Cells, Harvard Study Shows

King-size candy is dead! Long live smaller bars?

Infants’ Tylenol Oral Suspension Recall


2012 Election News


Santorum says Obama agenda not "based on Bible"

Maine: Ron Paul wins Washington County GOP caucus - Romney still holds 156 votes lead statewide

Ohio official defects from Romney to Santorum

Obama's slogan: looking to replace Hope and Change

The GOP’s Chaotic Primary Calendar Makes Early Nomination Clinch Tough

Rick Santorum Declares Ohio 'Ground Zero' In GOP Race

Other News

East Asia students ranked superior


Friday, February 17, 2012


Deadly bird flu studies to stay secret for now -WHO

How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did - Hint: data-mining

‘Pharmacy on a chip’ passes test - wirelessly controlled implant, delivers drugs

Kill Switch: FBI Could Shut Off Internet for Thousands on March 8 to Eradicate Virus

China wants say in World Bank choice - another indication of American decline

Clinton in talks about possible move to World Bank

Insider Documents Detail a March 23 Greek Default Plan

Bill Gates Favors Death Panels and Vaccines To Decrease World's Population

Congress Tells Holder: Quit - " Fast and Furious" Backlash Continues

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Al-Qaeda likely behind Syria bombings: US spy chief

Syrian troops shell central city of Homs intensively - no change after U.N. resolution

China Sends Syria Envoy After UN Veto In Diplomacy Measure


U.S. intelligence chief sees limited benefit in an attack on Iran

US, Iran inching toward talks

Thai cops: Iranian bomb suspects partied with prostitutes

Thailand blasts: police search for two more suspects

Netanyahu: Iran sanctions not working


Sunni Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi charges with running death squads

Iraqi fighters, arms trickle into Syria as violence grows


US can't hold talks with Taliban on behalf of Afghan govt: Karzai

Afghan heroin production is up 61% since last year

US intelligence officials pessimistic on war in Afghanistan


US lacks a champion in the new Egypt

US losing old friends, can’t win new ones in Egypt to resolve dispute over trapped Americans


Tunisia to try 3 journalists in morality dispute - New Islamist leaders starting to crack down

Dozens killed in southeast Libya clashes: tribal warfare

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Islamic rebel group claims responsibility for Nigerian prison break

2 police officers killed by gunmen in Nigeria

Heavy fighting in north Mali, casualties reported


Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Maldives ex-president welcomes early polls - proof that coup was not a popular uprising

Maldives Stesses Ties with China


Supernation #6 - Latin America

Venezuela ships fuel to war-torn Syria

Brazil against U.S. taking World Bank job

U.S. National News

New Jersey Assembly passes gay marriage bill - Gov. Christie has promised to veto, wants referendum

Chrysler Pulls Energy Loan Application as Financials Improve - 58.5 percent owned by Italy's Fiat

At religious freedom hearing on contraception: ‘This is an issue worth dying for’ - Obama administration violating religious freedoms

Rhode Island public school agrees to remove prayer - Cash-strapped city unwilling to appeal ruling

Is the TSA Targeting Attractive Women?


European Parliament to debate Wilders party’s anti-immigrant website - will Europe only allow views that are politically correct?

U.S. officials urge Europe to deal with its crisis

Greeks rage at erosion of sovereignty while leaders haggle over deal

US to withdraw more than 11,000 troops from Europe - shifting troops to Asia

Hitler had son with French teen - Photographic comparison

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israel strikes Gaza targets

Mossad chief visited New Delhi days before attack on Israeli officials

'Anonymous' hacker group threatens 'reign of terror' against Israel

Israel-Egypt Border Barrier Risks Being Breached: Army Official

In Israel, economic concerns mount - Are economic issues now more important to Israelis than security?

Health News

Bird flu still a menace in Asia and beyond

Rio faces dengue epidemic: Brazil health minister

Missouri teen gets life for murder - had Prozac dosage increased two weeks before crime

Texas law expands requirement for meningitis vaccine for college students

Anti-Vaccine Family Claims Ambush by TV and School

Ron Paul, Introducing the Parental Consent Act - would protect families from mandatory "mental health screening"



2012 Election News

A GOP nightmare scenario: Santorum wins the votes but Romney wins the delegates

In Mormon files, researcher Helen Radkey seeks to cause a headache for Romney - opening look in his polygamist roots

Mitt Romney could be stripped of Maine win - caucus non-binding, still embarrassing

Candidates demur, CNN cancels GOP debate

Obama losing financial backing of big S.F. donor

Santorum Talks Terrorism In North Dakota


Thursday, February 16, 2012



Police union demands info on 9/11 toxic debris

American Decline: 'Losing' the world

Attack on Iran easier said than done

NYPD Stops And Questions Record-Breaking 1,900 People A Day

Ron Paul Responds to Obama Administration’s ‘Global Tax’

Elie Wiesel criticizes Romney for keeping mum on Mormon posthumous baptism of Jews

Santorum a threat to Romney in Michigan

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


US tells Israelis it won't join their war against Iran

U.S. Says Iran Nuclear Claim Is ‘Hype’ as Oil Extends Gains

Israeli defense minister says Iran’s claim of dramatic nuclear advancement is exaggerated

Iran threatens to cut off oil to 6 nations

E.U. undeterred by Iran threat on oil cut - trade chief


Syrian troops attack Deraa, day after referendum offer

US closely watching Syrian chemical weapons

Opposition urges Syrians to boycott charter vote


Afghanistan’s Karzai Says Taliban Have Met His Team in Talks

Afghanistan can't be stable without drugs crackdown: U.N.


Egypt Islamists question pillar of Israel security

Egypt to Provide Gaza with Fuel Soon

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood rejects US pressure


Yemen's Saleh is Off The Wall: Outgoing President ordered the removal of his photos from all government and private facilities

Libyan militias 'out of control': Amnesty International

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

S.Sudan oil row with Khartoum hurting China ties

UN move to boost AU Somalia force seen by next week

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

The uneasy birth of a ceasefire: Between Karen rebels and Myanmar army

Iranian bomb gang defused in Bangkok

India’s battle for its missing girls

New gender detection technique: gift or curse for girls in India?

Democracy under the gun in the Maldives

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Mexico police find 6 mutilated bodies dumped on road near central tourism city

Manx 'pirates' dock in Argentina

'Iran cultivating L. American ties beyond Venezuela'

U.S. National News

Anti-abortion "personhood" bill clears Oklahoma senate

Church watchdog group posts Delaware sex abuse papers

Serial killer's burial sites sparks missing-person inquiry

Purdue University Study: Grades Increase in Schools with Abstinence Programs


Euro zone ponders delay of 2nd Greek bailout program

North and south split as euro zone economy shrinks

EU to punish Spain for deficits, inaction

Israeli - Palestinian War


'Mossad thought India was safe days before attack'

U.S. Jews battle apartheid charges made against Israel

DM Barak Was Targeted for Terror Attack in Singapore

Zionist Organization of America: End Discrimination Against Jews On Temple Mount Now

Defense Minister Barak: Iran embellishing nuclear gains

U.S. Monitoring Hizbullah Activity in Wake of Terror Attacks

Israeli leader pays historic visit to Cyprus in reflection of shifting regional ties


Doctors Now ‘Firing’ Patients Who Reject Vaccination

Scientists teach computers to assess psychiatric risk

Psychiatric diagnoses: Why no one is satisfied – More of an art than a science?

How secure are labs handling world's deadliest pathogens?

Doctors scour drug supplies after fake Avastin found

Crow deaths in Bengal raise spectre of bird flu

2012 Election News

Ron Paul Is Secretly Taking Over The GOP — And It's Driving People Insane

Romney targets auto bailout in battle for Michigan

How much support would Romney have given to automakers?

Santorum paid double Romney's tax rate in 2010, records show

Obama promotes manufacturing at Wisconsin plant

Obama rises in polls with better economy

Romney: Obama going in "wrong direction" on China

Federal judges demand to know prosecutors' plans in immigration cases: Vastly overstepping Constitutional boundaries

New Evidence Reveals Half of Pilots Were Only Assigned to 9/11 Flights at the Last Minute

Celebrity Awards Ceremonies: Orgies of self-congratulation

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


U.S. carrier safely crosses Hormuz amid rising Gulf tensions

Iran's threats don't hold much water


Canada unveils new cyber monitoring rules

Decision time for researchers of deadly bird flu

Maryland advances gay marriage bill on Valentines's Day

Romney returns to familiar playbook to stop rival Santorum

One in 8 U.S. voter registrations faulty: survey


Iran Announces Nuclear Advances

‘Iran’s interests demand free passage of vessels through Strait of Hormuz’: Tehran’s Ambassador to France

US back to two carriers near Iran: USS John Stennis left in the past few days

Why Ahmadinejad is eager to show off new Iran nuclear facilities

Experts say Iran has "neutralized" Stuxnet virus

Iran to load own nuclear fuel rods in Tehran reactor

In Iran, a Stirring of Green Protesters Produces a Clampdown

Iran's cat-and-mouse game on sanctions


Syrian War Planes blow up oil pipeline in Homs, Hama 'under attack'

Syrian President Sets February 26 Constitutional Referendum

Syria vote set to end Baath rule

Russian foreign minister to hold Syria talks

Iraqi fighters, arms trickle into Syria as violence grows


Iran’s threat to Hormuz Strait: Iraq’s diplomatic opportunity

Iraq's Sectarian Tensions Create Opportunities for Attacks

3 killed in Iraq attack on policeman's house

Iraq blocks Exxon Mobil from oil exploration bids: Because of its decision to sign an exploration deal with Kurdistan's regional government


Egyptian Media Say Presidential Vote Before End of May

The Muslim Brotherhood prepares for Egypt's new government

Egyptian minister's remarks stoke tensions with US

Egypt state media accuses US of spreading anarchy

After revolution in Egypt, women's taste of equality fades


NATO forces in Afghanistan killed eight youths in air raid: Enraged the Afghan government

A grim future for Afghanistan

British Airman killed in Afghanistan was 'shining star'

Top American General in Afghanistan Condemns Use of Child Suicide Bombers


Tribal ties tangle post-Gaddafi Libya

Bahrain Authorities Block Anniversary Protests

Yemen troops kill 12 al-Qaida militants in south

Three Executed by Militants for Helping U.S. in Yemen

Jews of Yemen fears grow after outgoing president Saleh step down

Southern separatists set fire to Yemen protest camp

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Soldiers find, detonate car bomb in north Nigeria

Nigeria's sect Boko Haram says killed 12 soldiers

In Nigeria, US ex-President Clinton warns poverty fueling religious violence tearing at nation

Nigeria police torture, are corrupt - police chief

Sudan bombed disputed border town - S.Sudan military

AU forces capture rebel strongholds near Somali capital

China rail company inks $1.4 billion contracts in Africa

Ethiopia slaps prison terms on three journalists

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

India, Saudi Arabia to set up joint defence panel

Vandalism at Maldives Museum Stirs Fears of Extremism

Nepal's Ex-Rebel Fighters Begin Leaving Camps

As Myanmar opens, China alliance starts to fray

Thai police shows videos of bomb suspects

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Venezuela’s Chávez launches smear campaign against presidential rival Capriles – even disparaging his Jewish roots

MPs to visit Falklands amid UK tensions with Argentina

Argentina Unions Threaten To Boycott UK Vessels In Falklands Row


NYPD "Stop and Frisks" Hit All-Time High

Chicago Called Most Corrupt City In Nation

State Inspectors Searching Children’s Lunch Boxes

Supreme Court justice, wife robbed in Caribbean

Strong 6.0 earthquake strikes off Oregon coast

Mexican official: US travel warning 'ridiculous' – yet, nearly 50,000 Mexicans have been killed since 2006 in drug-related violence


Several eurozone countries no longer want Greece in single currency

Greek economy spirals down as EU forces final catharsis

Britain Seethes as Radical Islamic Cleric Released from Prison

UK government minister slams 'militant secularism'

German soldiers preserved in World War I shelter discovered after nearly 100 years


Russia faced major nuclear disaster in 2011: report

Moscow Talk Radio Station Shake-Up Stirs Censorship Fears

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israeli envoy: Blasts in India, Thailand were 'similar'

Use of sticky bombs in terror attacks a cause for concern: India Cops

Thai Officials Say Botched Bangkok Bombs Intended for Israelis

Bombing Attacks Unmask Iran: Netanyahu

US Defense Secretary Panetta denies he thinks Israel will attack Iran soon

Japan urges Israel against military strike on Iran

Netanyahu Visit to Cyprus May Stoke Mediterranean Gas Dispute

Cyprus FM: Turkey threatening both Israel, Cyprus

IDF Arrests 12 suspected terrorists in Ramallah and Hevron Overnight


Chinese blocked visit by U.S. religious freedom envoy, advocates say

Obama lectures China on duty

New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin dubbed the ‘Taiwanese Tebow’

In China, Lin is an Instant Star and an Emerging Symbol

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obama CFR Advisor Dreams of Global Minimum Tax

ObamaCare (terminates) human life

Play a Media Game – and Help U.S. Catch Terrorists

Washington gov signs gay marriage bill into law

NJ Senate OKs gay marriage bill

Never before have gas prices risen so high so early in the year

Explosion strikes central Nigeria city


'Arrow' Anit-Missile System Going Operational This Year

US to cut funding for Israeli missile defense programs by $6.3M

India: 'Well-trained person' behind terror attack at Israeli embassy

Israel Says Iran Behind Attacks on Diplomats

Hamas HQ Moved to Qatar – Also home to USCENTCOM’s forward HQ

Hamas PM Haniyeh calls Israel ‘cancer'\

Egyptian Report: Mossad Operating Spy Network in Tunisia

Gulf State Arab Foreign Ministers open way for arming Syrians, civil war feared

Syria's Homs in heaviest shelling for days: Monitor

Lebanese Former Prime Minister Hariri: Assad’s downfall inevitable

Russia to hinder Arab League’s plan for Syria

China Deflects Criticism Over Syria

UN Official Says 'Crimes Against Humanity' Evident in Syria

Attacks Bring Syria's Chaos to New Front


Iranian Commander Scoffs At U.S. War Preparedness

Turkey Will Never Endorse An Attack On Iran

Bangkok: Iranian man throws bomb at police; 5 hurt

Japanese Refinery Continues To Buy 100,000 Barrels Per Day of Iranian Crude


Egypt’s Abul Naga Charges: US hijacked revolution

Christians’ eviction from Egyptian village re-ignites communal tensions



Pakistan’s assertive Supreme Court signals power shift in vital US ally

Pakistan releases U.S. man after "bullets found in baggage"

Afghan Taliban demand Pakistan explain ex-minister’s death in Pakistani jail

Pakistan Allows NATO To Ship Food To Afghanistan

Afghan President Karzai to push for access to Taliban in Pakistan


Saudi blogger's tweets could cost him his life

11 Killed In Clashes In Somalia

Why Bahrain is not Syria

Clashes in Bahrain on protests anniversary

Anti-Government Protestors In Morocco Clash With Security Forces

Prophetic Supernation #8

Nigerian Islamists threaten attack on telecom firms

Nigeria's sect Boko Haram says killed 12 soldiers

Insecurity and Nigerian economy

Maldives crisis: Mohamed Nasheed to take political fight to Parliament

Health News


CDC Warns Untreatable Gonorrhea is On the Way

International flu expert warns against complacency

Pandemic Disaster Response Exercise Wraps up in Ghana


China's One-Child Policy

Hong Kong jails Chinese 'birth agent'

Birth rights battle: China vs. Hong Kong

Pattern of Nazi Influence in U.S. Military

Combat outpost name sparks controversy – Combat Outpost ‘Aryan’

Iraq vet explains why he exposed Marines' use of Nazi SS flag

Presidential Election 2012


Religion's big role in the 2012 elections

Santorum edges ahead of Mitt Romney in race for GOP presidential nomination

Romney backer may hold Santorum's fate on Indiana ballot

Romney's Rebound

Maine GOP sticks with Romney win — for now

Michigan to Romney: Go away

Pro-Romney Group Buys Almost $500,000 in TV Ads in Michigan

The List OF 75 US Senators Who Voted To Let 30,000 Drones Patrol Americans In The Streets

Monday, February 13, 2012

How The Pentagon’s Top Killers Became (Unaccountable) Spies - the Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC

ORWELLIAN DRONES: "Eye in the Sky" Spying on Americans

'Maldives turning into another Pakistan' - says former Maldivian National Security Advisor

Des Moines church is site of gay rights protest - Pastor says homosexuality is sin, just like adultery is sin

Government definition of "domestic terrorist" now virtually identical to the definition of Nazi Germany!

'Athens is in flames'

Pentagon plans US-backed War against Syria

Neoconservatives Planned Regime Change Throughout the Middle East and North Africa 20 Years Ago

Is Senator Reid Slipping SOPA Into A New Cyber-Security Bill?


Afghan war is a disaster: Pentagon does not want you to know it!

Police arrest two Afghan boys for suicide bomb plan - 10-year olds arrested last year but pardoned by Afghan president

Gunmen assassinate provincial judge in Nangarhar


Threats to cut Egypt assistance could impact Israel, U.S. influence in Mideast

Copts Protest Eviction of Christians from Shabrat


US admiral says Navy forces are prepared to confront Iran

Obama switches play on war with Iran

Iran urges Hamas not to compromise with Israel

Iran says its nuclear facilities are immune to cyberattacks


Turkish army says bombed PKK bases in northern Iraq - 2,000 Kurdish Fighters Operating Freely in northern Iraq


Nigeria's army infilitrated by Muslim Extremists


Al-Shabaab fighters celebrate their new-found alliance with Al-Qaeda

U.S. Ponders Re-Arming African Union Force Amid Terror Groups Merger


Pentagon plans US-backed War against Syria

Syria, the new Libya

Syrian rebels repel government troops in key town

Hague calls for 'urgent' talks on new Syria mission - A Joint U.N. / Arab League Mission?

Syrian forces bombard Homs after Arab peace proposal

Syrian Rebels Deny They Possessed Israeli-Made Weapons

Al-Qaida leader backs Syrian revolt against Assad


Chávez Opponent Surges in Venezuela - Opposition Appears to be Unified

Russia to Increase Number of 5th-Generation Fighters in Test Flights - Russian Military is keeping up with U.S. technology

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israel says bombs target her embassies in India, Georgia - these follow similar incidents last month in Azerbaijan and Thailand - Israel blames Iran and Hezbollah

Israel boosts level of alert after embassy attacks

Iranian Payback? Hits on Israelis Mimic Attacks on Iran Scientists

Iran Accuses Israel of Attacking Its Own Targets Abroad?

Israel Can Harm Iran in Ways Prohibited in US’: New Mossad chief Tamir Pardo

Are Iran's nuke fears exaggerated?]

'Choice of Abbas as interim PM unacceptable'

Presidential Election 2012

Globalist Campaign Calls for Abolishment of Constitution

The "Mormon Plan for America": The "White Horse Prophecy"


Paul backers, campaign cry foul over GOP caucus tally - Charge that Maine Republican party used snowstorm as an excuse to close the caucus in Washington County - 184 vote margin

"Ron Paul will win the most delegates out of Maine tonight": Refuses to concede election

Polls: Santorum leads in Romney's native Michigan

'National Review' calls on Gingrich to quit race


Health News


Mystery disease kills thousands in Central America

Mystery disease kills 2 more in Pakistan, toll reaches 72 - Cause most likely free medicines given to needy patients

Flu vaccine could be mandatory for New Jersey health care workers - New Jersey legislature could vote on bill as early as next week

New bird flu strain poses serious threat - the view from Vietnam

Avian influenza in Himalayan border region - Thousands of chickens culled

Study of deadly flu sparks debate amidst fears of new pandemic

North Korea

Last Friday's Kim Jong-un assassination rumours - Synopsis of a Twitter Storm

North Korea appears to be developing a UAV - cruise missle based on the American MQM-107 reusable target drone

North Korean Dynasty's Authority Challenged - Power Struggle Ahead for Kim Jong-un?

Japan atomic power defenders: keep ability to build nuclear weapons - Japan's Nuclear Capabilities Rarely Highlighted

S&P 500 Hits 1350 Again, But Can It Hold This Time?

US stocks gain following latest Greek debt deal


"Medical Murder"

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4 Proofs The FDA Does Not Care About Your Health


"It Could Happen Tomorrow"

"Fervent Hope For The Believer Living In This Sin-Scarred World"


"Armageddon, The Hiding Place and the Mount of Olives Mystery"

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