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February, 2013


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February 28, 2013

Exciting Prophetic Analysis

Is The Planned Moment Arriving For The Pope To Preside Over The Building of A Combination Worship Center For All Monotheistic Faiths In Jerusalem?

Israel has signed an historic agreement with the Vatican, giving the Pope a seat at King David's Tomb. Is Rome planning to soon move the throne of the Papacy to Jerusalem? Moving the Papal throne from Rome to Jerusalem would carry enormous End Times religious global implications. https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2493.cfm


Sequester debate distorted & exaggerated by the media: Column

Secretary Napolitano Warns: Sequester Will Make Us More Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack

The true history of gun control - Timeline

N. Korea Threatens Nuke Attack on Mainland USA

The Copyright Propaganda Machine Gets a New Agent: Your ISP

CDC bioterror labs cited for security flaws in audits

Obama Officials Refuse to Say if Assassination Power Extends to US Soil

US drugs prosecutors switch sides to defend accused Colombian traffickers

US immigration proposal would offer 'eight-year path to legal residency'

Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge to FISA Amendments Act

Chicago Proposes Sex Ed For Kindergartners

School Sends Home 'Fat Letters' with Students, Parents Furious

Medical Murder News

Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

98% of All Newborn Babies Are Genetically Screened

Study boosts link between flu vaccine, sleep disorder

Multinational drug companies hold Greece hostage by denying shipments of medicine; 90% supply reduction; citizens in near-panic

U.S. dairy industry petitions FDA to approve aspartame as hidden, unlabeled additive in milk, yogurt, eggnog and cream: Redefining "MILK"


Papal Succession News

Low-key departure as pope steps down

As Pope Resigns, Clergy Abuse Survivors Remember 2008 Meeting

Sex abuse and power scandals to loom over Vatican pre-vote talks

Cardinal’s sex abuse departure darkens mood as pope allows early conclave

As Pope Benedict XVI departs, still no timescale for 'very contentious' conclave

Benedict XVI vows obedience to successor as pope

Benedict XVI resignation: The two-pope problem

How the Pope's Retirement Package Compares to Yours

New pope must rebrand church

Gun Control

The true history of gun control - Timeline

Illinois Representative Compares Gun Control to Castration

Gov. Cuomo says Hollywood exempt from strict New York gun control law

Police Chief, sheriff trade barbs over gun control

Father of slain Sandy Hook child pleads for gun control

Israeli - Palestinian War

EXPOSÉ: Italy's New Leader: Here is What He Says on Israel - He is pro-Iran, an anti-Semite, and hater of America

Northern Israeli Hospital Fortified Against Future Attack

Video Shows IDF Deterrent at Low Point

Turkey's PM Erdogan says Zionism crime against humanity

Macabre use of death: Palestinian's strategy based on glorification of 'martyrs' rather than on helping the living

IDF: 26 attempted abductions foiled in 2012

Diplomats: EU must prevent East Jerusalem construction

Ethiopian olah crowned Miss Israel 2013: First Ethiopian-born woman to win Israeli beauty pageant

Jack Lew Confirmed as U.S. Treasury Secretary

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Iran says nuclear talks end on good note and will resume soon

West offers Iran deal, drops demand to close plant

Iran Jails 12 Journalists as ‘Collaborators’ With Foreign Media


Tragedy unfolds in opposition-held northern Syria: U.N. relief chief claims

Kerry: U.S. pledges $60M in new aid to Syria opposition

Islamists Gain Momentum in Syria

Good Economic News

Natural Gas Boom Projected To Grow For Decades

America The Next Japan? That’s Not Such A Bad Thing

Hot Stock Minute: Sears Soars, JC Penney Loses Big Bucks, Dow Hits Highs

Stock Rally Continues, Despite 'Weak Link' February

Mystery 'beast' washes up on Wales coast


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February 27, 2013

GM Denies Asking Government For $2.1 Million Pay Raise For CEO Dan Akerson

College of Cardinals should look for a Pope with a different background

Hagel Approved for Defense Secretary in 58-41 Vote

Firearms control is people control

Supreme Court Thwarts Challenge to Warrantless Surveillance

Corporations urge Supreme Court to embrace gay marriage

Once 'inconceivable,' Republican leaders sign pro-gay marriage brief

Israeli Scientists Create ‘Stealthy Fiber Optic Communications’

Freescale’s Insanely Tiny ARM Chip Will Put the Internet of Things Inside Your Body


Papal Succession News

For conservative Catholics, one pope too many

In emotional farewell pope says he resigned for good of Church

Sometimes 'The Lord Seemed To Sleep,' Pope Says In Farewell

Ghana's Cardinal Turkson is Irish bookmakers' favourite for new pope

Despite sex abuse criticism, Mahony should help select pope, says cardinal

Pope Makes Last Public Address Before Becoming ‘Emeritus’

Pope gives College of Cardinals power to change conclave date

College of Cardinals should look for a Pope with a different background

Infographic: Picking new Pope from 'Papabili'

Myths about picking a pope

Sequester News

Sen. Toomey offers bill to soften sequester: Obama to choose where to cut

Congresswoman Tells Obama: ‘Stop Scaring People’ - Budget cuts only 1.2%

The White House Court Jesters of Sequester

Rep. Goodlatte Blasts Obama for Releasing Illegal Alien Inmates to ‘Promote His Sequestration’ Political Agenda

Good Economic News

Toll Brothers CEO: ‘Housing Recovery Is the Real Deal This Time’

Builders Fuel Home Sale Rise

2 Million Homeowners No Longer Underwater on Mortgage

Bernanke says Fed stimulus benefits clear, downplays risks

Gun Control

Yes, Hitler & Stalin Did Take The Guns

History proves value of an armed citizenry

The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting

85 million gun owners killed nobody

Senate panel hearing from Newtown father, doctor

Feinstein on Gun Control: 'All The Police' Support My Gun Ban

Coastal Carolina U. student dies in shooting

2 police officers shot dead in California

'Several dead' in Swiss shooting

Israeli - Palestinian War

Two states' an empty slogan

Syrian tank shell lands in Golan Heights

‘Spontaneous’ Arab Riots a Message from PA to Obama

Palestinians don't need an excuse to riot and attack Jews

Israel only country in West to reduce debt and whose credit rating has increased since 2008

Palestinian President Abbas: Prisoner Jaradat died from Israeli torture

MK Strook: Bring Obama to Hevron

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Syrian Army Ballistic missile strikes on Aleppo signal chilling new escalation in Syria war

Saudis buying Balkan arms for Syrian rebels

US Congress: 'Fight Terrorism, Arm The Terrorists!'

Syria Crisis: US considers more support for rebels

Syria claims Turkey enabling al-Qaida

Six Syrian rebels hospitalized in Israel returned to Syria


World powers, Iran wrap up crunch nuclear talks

Researchers: Stuxnet computer virusused against Iran in 2007

Images show Iran's Arak plant is operational


Mali conflict not a short-term issue, UN aid official warns

France says it won't negotiate to free kidnapped family in Mali

Mali: 6 Killed in Bomb as Fighting Rages in North

France confirms tough fight in northern Mali


Divisions threaten Yemen integrity

Yemen's ousted leader urges 'forgiveness' amid calls for prosecution in deaths during uprising

Yemen: An Opportunity for the Arab League to Strengthen its Role?

Corruption costs Yemen billions


Backers of Syrian rebels endanger Iraq: Iraqi minister charges

Watch Tony Blair Defend the Iraq War to a Skeptical Journalist

Hans Blix reflects on Iraq war 10 years later

Shiite Militant Threatens Iranian Exiles in Iraq


New Regional Drone Base in Niger Builds U.S. Presence in Africa

Drone Drain: The U.S. doesn't need a spy base in Niger

US troops sent to Niger to bolster military presence in west Africa

The Wildly Ambitious Quest to Build a Thought-Controlled Exoskeleton for the Paralyzed

3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production

This Amazing 3-D Desktop Was Born at Microsoft





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February 26, 2013

The Drugs Don't Work: Why Humanity May Face New Black Death Plague

GOP Lawmaker: Obama using fake Twitter messages in fight over gun control

Federal court says concealed gun permits not protected by 2nd Amendment

NRA claims that Joe Biden’s gun advice is illegal

Drones over there, total surveillance over here

Arkansas lawmakers approve bill allowing guns on campus

Obama's Immigrants: The best, the brightest and the borders

Russian Nuclear Submarines Are Trolling the East Coast

Why the banking elite want riots in America

US exaggerating cyber threats

Hacking incidents and the rise of the new Chinese bogeyman

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Syria: Assad’s army has fled entire area bordering Israel

John Kerry urges Syrian opposition to attend Rome talks

Syrian Government: We're Ready for Talks with Rebels

Israel’s strike on Syria last month killed top Iranian general

Assad’s Big Ally: How Deeply Entrenched Is Iran in Syria?

UN adviser missing on Israel-Syria border is a Canadian

Dead French Photographer was State Department-Funded – Embedded With Al Qaeda


World powers to offer Iran sanctions relief

World powers restart nuclear talks with Iran after 8-month break

Iran, world powers see little chance of breakthrough in new nuclear talks


Afghanistan can be ‘second Kashmir’ after US forces pull out: Another proxy war between India and Pakistan

Can China be a winner in Afghanistan?

Taliban talks in Doha drag on endlessly


Return of sectarian threats in Iraq raises Civil War alarm

Patriarch urges protection for Iraq's fleeing Christians

Walter Jones, GOP Congressman, Hits Dick Cheney Over Iraq War


Chinese firm takes over Pakistani port

Pakistan 'policeman killed' guarding anti-polio worker

U.S., Pakistan seek breakthrough to thwart bomb makers

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat's funeral held: Died while in Israeli custody

Gaza rocket lands near Ashkelon in southern Israel

Ashkelon Back to Routine After Rocket Attack

‘Iron Dome’ was Down in Northern Israel as Iran Threatened

Hamas Calls to Kidnap IDF Soldiers


Gun Control

Federal court says concealed gun permits not protected by 2nd Amendment

NRA claims that Joe Biden’s gun advice is illegal

Coburn: Any proposal that keeps a record of legit gun owners will 'kill' Senate bill

GOP Lawmaker: Obama using fake Twitter messages in fight over gun control

Nationwide Second Amendment rally attracts locals

Still Think Obama's Gun Proposals Sound Reasonable? NRA

Pastor Plans Toy Gun Buyback Program

Officer Claims Cops Sell LAPD Guns to Civilians and Dealers


The Sands of Time: Continent 'lost' 60 million years ago found by scientists

White House Pushing Courts to Force Contraception Issue


Papal Succession News

Sex Scandals Threaten To Mar Selection Of Next Pope

Vatican: Retired Pope Benedict XVI will be called 'emeritus pope,' will continue to wear white

Pope Moves Up Start Of Conclave

Results of ‘Vatileaks’ Probe For ‘Pope’s Eyes Only’

The Hermit Pope Who Set The Precedent For Benedict XVI

Kerry's maiden trip puts focus on Europe



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February 25, 2013

Business economists looking for moderate growth in 2013 with stronger growth in 2014

Bernanke's Stimulus Spurring U.S. Employment in Housing-Autos

Weighing the Gun Control Argument

This is how Obama really got elected: Ohio voter casts six votes, fraud widespread

DOJ Memo: Outlaw and Confiscate All Guns !

Activists launch campaign against ‘autonomous weapons’: Killer robots - drones - must be stopped

Monsanto drags over 400 U.S. farmers to court over GM seed patents

‘Vatileaks’ investigators to meet with resigning Pope Benedict XVI

Obama Administration Moves Forward on Climate Change Without Congress


Papal Succession News

‘Vatileaks’ investigators to meet with resigning Pope Benedict XVI

Vatican dismisses reports linking pope's resignation to gay conclave discovery

Top British Cardinal Resigns: Amid allegations of inappropriate behavior with priests

Should Sex-Abuse-Scandal Cardinals Be Allowed to Vote for New Pope?

Brazil cardinal suggests church look to Latin America for new pope

Pope Says God Told Him It Was Time To Go

Pope's last Sunday blessing draws crowd at Vatican

Next pope should consider marriage for priests: Cardinal

Gun Control

States with strong background check laws have fewer suicides

Senators near a deal on background checks for most private gun sales

Chicago gun control a farce

Weighing the Gun Control Argument

Utah lawmakers: Gun control a federal vs. state rights issue

N.J. state Sen. Michael Doherty: Not so fast on Assembly gun control measures

New NRA, Bloomberg PAC spending on Congress races hints gun debate far from over

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


In Syria, new influx of weapons to rebels tilts the battle against Assad

'Syria says ready to talk to armed opposition'

Will Iran, Hezbollah go all out to boost Assad?

French Photographer Dies After Syria Shelling

Syria Jihadists Claim Bus Bombing on Hama Factory


Pakistan transgender candidate to run for office

Pakistan hit by nationwide power blackout

Pakistan orders inquiry into nationwide power cut

Terror mastermind Fayyaz Kagzi shifts base from Saudi to Pakistan

Pakistan number 2 on countries hit by terror

Pakistan hands over list of 300 terrorists to US authorities


Afghanistan leader accuses U.S. special forces of torture: Orders them out of province

NATO may station up to 12,000 troops in post-2014 Afghanistan

Insurgents Launch 4 Attacks in Afghanistan

Allied troops in Afghanistan see fewer insider attacks


Abdullah Saleh: Yemen's Unsackable Leader

Consolidating uncertainty in Yemen

Yemen police officer killed in Al-Qaeda attack

10 million Yemenis in need food aid


Monsanto drags over 400 U.S. farmers to court over GM seed patents

Monsanto Likely to Score Supreme Court Win

Monsanto To Appeal Brazilian Ruling on Roundup Ready Patent Term Correction

The GMO Fight Rages On: Implications

Other Medical News

China admits to existence of 'cancer villages' sprouting up due to extreme pollution, chemical exposure

Organic' from China exposed: The shocking truth about 'organic' foods grown in the world's worst environmental cesspool

Indian plant compound gedunin kills cancer cells, new research finds

Thousands May Have Been Exposed To Deadly TB Epidemic Downtown L.A.

War zone killing leaves troops with ‘moral injury’: may rival PTSD cases -- "I’m a monster. God won't forgive me"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Arrow 3 Tested Successfully: Anti-missile system is intended to intercept high altitude ballistic missiles

Riots follow funeral of Palestinian who died in Israel jail

IDF: Despite Riots, No Third Intifada on the Way

Turkey's Erdogan Attacks Assad, Takes Shot at Israel

Israel sends message to Turkey: Let’s clear the air

Palestinian Officials Warn Obama Over Visiting Al-Aqsa

Outgoing Ground Forces Commanding Officer: We expect tough combat

Netanyahu backs down, invites Lapid to join gov't

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February 25, 2013

Newly-Released Memo by Donald Rumsfeld Proves Iraq War Started On False Pretenses



Atrocity Lessons: What U.S. Military Learned From Vietnam

Scorecard: How Many Rights Have Americans REALLY Lost?

DHS Contractor Apologizes For Selling Shooting Targets of Children, Pregnant Women

Communist Party USA backs Obama gun grab

NRA more popular than President Obama

Did a Cross-Dressing Priest Sex Ring Bring Down Benedict XVI?

War zone killing leaves troops with ‘moral injury,’ may rival PTSD cases

Gun Control

Sheriff warns of second American revolution if gun confiscation laws pass

Joe Biden’s Shotgun Approach to Politics Good for Obama Administration

New NRA Ad: Politicians 'don't rule' Americans or 'give us rights'

Arkansas governor signs law allowing concealed guns in churches

N.J. Assembly pulls trigger on gun laws

Gun control laws will simply disarm Americans over time: Obama wants to model the nation's gun control laws after Chicago which has the strictest in the country and is also the nation's murder capitol


What does a police state look like? Violence, arrests of Occupy protesters and stop-and-frisk. Plus: A worshipful media

Ease of phone tapping feeds fears of police state

Canadian Police Come Upon Surrendered Suspect Lying Down With Arms & Legs Spread, Proceed To Viciously Beat Him


Papal Succession News

Did a Cross-Dressing Priest Sex Ring Bring Down Benedict XVI?

Vatican condemns scandal ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation

Pope promises 'spiritual proximity' after resignation

President of Sri Lanka sends good wishes to Pope Benedict XVI

Zero Hour at the Vatican: Bitter Struggle for Control of the Catholic Church

Pope Benedict XVI: His life in photos

Israeli - Palestinian War

Jews, Hold on to Your Guns! Obama is Coming

Sen. James Inhofe Warns: Vote for Hagel and be Held Accountable

Arabs Riot, Clash with Israeli Security Forces

Iran Denies Sending Terrorists to Target Israelis in Nigeria

Pentagon suspends all F-35 flights: Costliest weapons program in US history, grounded due to malfunctions

Through the back door: With only six Knesset seats, Livni had no choice but to join Netanyahu-led coalition

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Hizbullah and the Syrian Civil War: Hizbullah’s role in the Syrian civil war is ominous

UN-Arab League special envoy Brahimi: Damascus bombing a war crime

Syria: At Least 12 Dead in Missile Attack in Aleppo

Syria rebels seize nuclear research center


Iran announces uranium deposit discovery days before nuclear talks

Iran may be advancing new way to produce nukes - Iran has possessed nukes since June, 2002!


Russia calls for international intervention in Mali

US troops in Niger to set up drone base

Terror Leader Arrested in Pakistan

US-Saudi Funded Terrorists Sowing Chaos in Pakistan

FBI agents caught sexting and dating drug dealers

Investors face another Washington deadline: Not generating the same level of fear as two months ago when the "fiscal cliff" loomed large

Dow Rallies to 14,000

U.S. companies plan to spend, a boost for the economy

Temporary tattoos could make electronic telepathy and telekinesis possible

Brain Researchers Uncover Secrets of Memory

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February 22, 2013

Poll: 99 Percent of Americans Believe Iran is Threat to U.S.

Archived Article: "Nuclear Armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed America - Whom Should The World Fear?"


Pope's resignation linked to probe into 'Vatican gay officials'

Massachusetts Liberals Lose Anti-Gun Battle

Stock index futures signal a rebound: Dow Jones fell only 47 points Thursday

Killing the Dollar: G20 & IMF Push for GLOBAL Fed, GLOBAL Currency

Toddler With Spinal Bifida Forced To Have Patdown By TSA

California pharmacy floods population with free antibiotics, promoting deadly superbugs

US senator says drones death toll is 4700

Death from a swarm of tiny drones

Hagel has enough support for Defense Secretary

Hagel's Nomination: Jewish establishment still frightened

Gun Control

Senator Dianne Feinstein Has 'Concealed Weapons License'!

Senator Dianne Feinstein introduces new assault weapons ban

Senator Orrin Hatch: Obama Would Repeal Second Amendment If He Could

Founding fathers protected right to defend oneself

Concealed weapon permits soaring in South Dakota

Criminals won't obey gun restrictions

Israeli - Palestinian War

US Senator Rubio discusses Syria during Israel visit

Hezbollah agent gathered information on Israeli flights

Palestinians, IDF clash in Jerusalem, West Bank

Israel ups security as protests take hold of W. Bank

Gazans seek elections as Hamas support declines

IDF Ready in ‘Volatile’ Golan As Situation in Syria Deteriorates

Livni Appointment Strategic Error, Political Folly

Netanyahu-Livni Agreement Unacceptable


Papal Succession News

Pope's resignation linked to probe into 'Vatican gay officials'

Pope contender blames Catholic Church sex abuse scandal on gay priests

LGBT Catholics hope for future papal dialogue after Benedict's resignation

Benedict XVI, the caretaker pope

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Plan ahead for Syria transition, U.S. Senator Rubio says

The death of a country: As Syria disintegrates, it threatens the entire Middle East

Death Toll Rises to 83 in Damascus Blasts

Syria sees bloodiest day yet after Damascus bombing

Russia accuses U.S. of double standards over Syria

How Islamists are gaining ground in Syria


Gunmen Kill 7 Pro-Government Militiamen in Iraq

Suicide bombers kill three police in Iraq's Mosul city

Turkish Jets Strike Kurd Rebels in Iraq

Iraq's Bitter Lessons: Having once been hoodwinked into war, the public won't be easily led astray anytime soon


Hyderabad blasts: BJP blames Pakistan

Pakistan arrests ex-head of banned Sunni group

Pakistan wants permanent peace in Afghanistan: Foreign Office


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February 21, 2013

Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act Approved by Committee

Obama Moves To Authorize Domestic Drone Strikes

IDF Warns: Expect Intifada, Not Talks, with Palestinian Authority

World Powers to Make 'Significant New Iran Offer'

Kim Jong-un orders North Korean army unit to step up battle preparations

Kansas Considers Putting Limits on TSA Pat-Downs

New cancer 'wonder' drugs trigger cancer spread to bones

Google Glass: Still Don’t Know What It Will Be Like To Use

Gun Control

Oklahoma guns exempted from federal rules in bill OK'd by House panel

Skiatook Fraternal Order of Police endorses Firearms Freedom Act

Push to keep feds out of state gun markets gains momentum

Does DHS have You in its Sights?

Durant girl, 12, talks about shooting home intruder

Philadelphia Survivalist Arrested in New Jersey on Weapons Chargess

Artificial sweeteners tied to obesity, Type 2 diabetes

Extra-caffeinated soda and chemical sweeteners for breakfast?

Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF Warns: Expect Intifada, Not Talks, with Palestinian Authority

Efrat Mayor Tells Obama: A Visit Here Would Do You Good

MK Feiglin: Stay Away from Obama Speech Unless Pollard is There

Fatah irate at reported indirect Israel-Hamas talks

Florida Senator Rubio Meets Netanyahu, Peres

'58% rise in anti-Semitic attacks in France in '12'

U.S. farmers may stop planting GMOs after horrific crop yields

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


World Powers to Make 'Significant New Iran Offer'

Nigeria Busts Iran-Backed Terror Group Targeting Israelis, Jews

Diplomats: Iran Installing High-Tech Nuclear Production Machines at Natanz


Syria Claims It Shot Down Israeli Drone

Syrian Rebels Down Warplane

Damascus car bomb kills at least 31


Cyprus bomb-plot suspect admits Hezbollah ties

Obama Blames Republicans for Stalemate in Budget Talks

N. Korean video shows Obama in flames

It Takes a B.A. to Find a Job as a File Clerk

Wal-Mart's 4Q profit up 8.6 pct

White House targets cybertheft as worries about China mount

China Says Army Is Not Behind Attacks

China the biggest, but not the only, country engaged in cyberespionage

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February 20, 2013

Group is fighting for gun-control — but dropping use of the term

Which gun control measures are gaining momentum in Congress?

North Korea threatens South with "final destruction"

Hagel Nomination: An Open Letter to Sen. Charles Schumer

US Security Expert: Iran nuke won't start Mideast arms race

Scientists create 'sixth sense' brain implant to detect infrared light

Guantánamo trials plunged into deeper discord as confidence in court wanes

Greedy Monsanto pushes for complete domination of agriculture industry, desperately taking 'seed rights' to Supreme Court

US drone surveillance program violates citizens' civil liberties: Experts

Pregnant Teen Wins Abortion Battle

Gun Control

Granny get your gun, and pizza discount in Va. Beach

Clarke lands on list of sheriffs against 'Obama gun control'

All gun shows halted in Maryland county

Group is fighting for gun-control — but dropping use of the term

Gun Control An Emotional Issue For Citizens, Lawmakers In Colorado

Don't even think of proposing new gun-control laws: Missouri legislator would send his fellow lawmakers to prison if they propose more gun-control legislation

Anti-gun zealots going ‘cuckoo’ from coast to coast

Immigration Reform: How Republicans may gain more than Democrats, after all

GMO / Medical News

Greedy Monsanto pushes for complete domination of agriculture industry, desperately taking 'seed rights' to Supreme Court

Shock findings in new GMO study: Rats fed lifetime of GM corn grow horrifying tumors, 70% of females die early

GMO A Go Go - Truth about GMOs explained in new animated cartoon

New cancer 'wonder' drugs trigger cancer spread to bones

FDA bad-mouths natural flu remedies, tries to trick consumers into getting flu vaccine instead

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hagel Nomination: An Open Letter to Sen. Charles Schumer - New information has made the Hagel nomination seem even more dangerous than before

Hagel 2010: Netanyahu "Radical", Israel to be Apartheid State

Coalition Deal: Livni to serve as justice minister; head peace talks

Livni: World congratulated us on coalition agreement - convenes her faction members to explain decision to join Netanyahu's government

New US Secretary of State Kerry to bypass Israel on 1st Mideast trip

Jordan, Israel, US Security Conference Held in Eilat

Zygier was not alone in Mossad recruitment

Zygier gave Mossad secrets to Australian agency

Purim at the Wall

Editorial: Zealotry threatens Western Wall

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Syrian Opposition Adds Hizbullah Terrorists to Target List

Russia, Arab League see chance for Syria dialogue

Mortars kill Syrian soccer player


China flexes its muscle, takes control of key Pakistani port

Top Member of Taliban in Pakistan Is Captured

Pakistani Shiites End Protest After Authorities Vow to Take On Extremists


Tunisia's PM Resigns After Failing to Form New Government

Tunisia seeks new prime minister to escape political crisis

Tunisian PM resigns sparking credit rating downgrade


Google Earth reveals Star of David on roof of Iran Air HQ: Building was constructed by Israeli engineers prior to Islamic Revolution; Iranian officials incensed, call for Jewish symbol's removal

Germany charges 2 with selling Iran drone motors

Extra-regional forces pose danger to Eurasia security: Iran deputy FM


Bahrain says Iran's Revolutionary Guard behind "terror" cell

More Than 24,000 Clean Up Meteor Mess in Russian Urals Region


Catholic Papacy News

Boston Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley’s name floated as possible Pope: Seen free of the sexual scandal

Vatican: Pope may change rules to allow replacement vote sooner

Dolan Says It’s ‘Highly Possible’ the Next Pope Could Be a Non-European

Online Rumor Claims Pope Resigned Over Arrest Warrant in Sex Abuse Scandal

Should Roger Mahony Vote for Next Pope? Relieved of his duties last month for mishandling and covering up pedophilia abuse


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February 19, 2013

Are you under the spell of media hypnosis?

Feds Buy Two Billion Rounds of Ammunition

Canada Warns: Gun Registration Means Confiscation

Daniel Ellsberg: Obama should be impeached over NDAA

Washington Dems Sponsor Bill Allowing Police to Search Gunowners' Homes

Iran can ease nuclear military fears if rights to operate nuclear power are recognized

Russia Meteor Was Largest in a Century

Feds execute another terror sting

Why Drones Should Make You Afraid. Very Afraid


Amish children are remarkably immune to allergies: Allergy expert

Teen dies from flu after receiving flu shot

U.S. ranks first in healthcare spending but last in life expectancy

Patient being treated in Britain for SARS-like coronavirus dies

White House: We're pushing Hagel through

Gun Control

Police in Washington Town Set to Roll Out Federally-funded Crime Prediction Program

Colorado House approves new gun-control measures despite strong resistance

A Deeper Divide: The Gun Control Debate After Newtown

How Does Talk From Liberals on Gun Control Compare to Action?

Canada Warns: Gun Registration Means Confiscation


Hadiya Pendleton mother featured in new gun control ad

Hadiya Pendleton: Gang Member Confesses to Slaying of Chicago Teen

SNL Depicts Jesus Slaughtering Romans in Tarantino-Style Clip ‘Djesus Uncrossed’

Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama's Appointments: Iran Views Them As Sign of Weakness

Egypt's President Morsi to Send Security Delegation to Israel

PM Netanyahu Thanks Pope Ahead of Retirement

Palestinians demanding prisoners' release riot in West Bank

Army Draft for Arab-Israeli Citizens? Prepare the Prisons

Bulgarian FM urges EU to stop Hezbollah

Prisoner X likely did more than leak Mossad info

Russia Evacuates Citizens from Syria, Sends Humanitarian Aid

Syrian President Assad: I'm not a wild animal

EU Agrees to Send 'Non-Lethal' Aid to Syrian Opposition

Iran dismisses West offer to ease sanctions

Tens of Thousands Demand Action Against Global Warming


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February 18, 2013

Breaking News

Ecuador's Socialist Candidate Correa claims re-election victory

Obama wants effort to map brain function

Every living American can be arrested right now for felony possession of drugs made in their own brains

Colorado House passes gun-control measures


Big Tax Cuts Could Lead to ‘Strong Prosperity’

Roman Church Admits Benedict's Guilt

Pope Benedict to seek immunity and protection from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on February 23

21 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Have Become Training Centers For Sexual Deviancy

Faith community sounds off on gun control: 73% of National Association of Evangelicals favor increased government gun regulations

U.S. Natural Gas Exports: Lift Restrictions and Empower the States

Killer Drones Are Circling the White House

Drones are taking to the skies in the U.S.

Gun Control

Gun Control: Future hangs on misunderstood majority of gun owners

Fear of stricter gun controls sends bullets flying off shelves

Gun dealers report shortages of ammunition

Colorado Firearms Accessories Company Threatens to Leave State if Gun Control Law Passes

The Second Amendment Is All for Gun Control: Controversial Editorial

Background checks part of gun-control talks: Senators from both parties tight-lipped on discussions

Faith community sounds off on gun control: 73% of National Association of Evangelicals favor increased government gun regulations

Idaho, Arizona Schools Go Into Full Prison Mode: After student brought folding shovel to school

Good Economic News

Big Tax Cuts Could Lead to ‘Strong Prosperity’

Did the G-20 Just Signal Further Global Easing?

S&P 500 Squeezes Out 7th-Weekly Win Streak

The ‘Relentless Rally’ of 2013 Tracks a Familiar Path

Pope Succession News

Roman Church Admits Benedict's Guilt

Pope Benedict to seek immunity and protection from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on February 23

Pope Benedict XVI's Resignation: A drama that beats any Dan Brown plot

Dershowitz: Contender for papacy is anti-Semite




Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu Defends Israeli Espionage Services Amid Spy Scandal

Rising Republican star Rubio set to visit Jerusalem: Will meet Peres, Netanyahu, Fayyad

Israel, PA lobbying US before Obama's visit

Iran warns Israel: We'll avenge Guards commander death

Pakistan to continue unwavering support to Palestinian brothers: President Zardari

Hamas Denies Holding Secret Talks with Israel

Israel delivers airborne reconnaissance systems to Turkey

With the utmost respect: The new Rothschild Hotel

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


The hawks were wrong: Iraq is worse off now

Al-Qaida in Iraq claims deadly Baghdad attack: Killed 37

Relatives of British soldiers killed fighting in Iraq start next phase of court battle for damages

After deadly rocket attack in Iraq, Iranian exile group hosts US House delegation in Paris

Iraq blasts kill senior intelligence official, four others

A decade after the invasion of Iraq, the Kurds emerge as surprise winners

Bombing hits fuel oil pipeline in Iraq: Oil Ministry

Sen. McCain’s Iraq war fairy tale


PM Netanyahu: Israel Keeping Close Tabs on Syrian Border

IDF chief of staff Gantz: Chances of Syrian chemical attack ‘very low’

Rebels: 1,000 Hezbollah fighters invaded Syria to attack rebels

UN war crimes list doesn't spare Syrian leadership


Iranian nuclear chief observed Korean nuke test

Tehran will never close Fordo facility – Iranian official

Iranian warships to dock at Chinese ports

Iran’s Navy establishing base near Pakistan border


Suicide bombs kill five at Pakistan political office

Tensions grow in Pakistan's Quetta after deadly attack

Time for Shias to leave Pakistan: Sunni extremists, aligned with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, are killing Shias by the dozens

Momentum Grows For Pakistan-Taliban Peace Talks


UN threatens Yemen with economic sanctions

Institutional upheaval in Yemen, micro Arab Springs

Yemen Revolutionaries to Head for Treatment Abroad after Weeks of Protest

Minister Warns ‘Yemen’s Economy on Edge of Collapse’


Police: 7 foreigners kidnapped in north Nigeria

Saudi Arabia, Sudan Navies Launch First Joint Military Exercises In Red Sea

Saudis shrug at revelation of secret U.S. drone base

Libyan-style "democracy": two years without Gaddafi

IMF deal not enough to save Egyptian economy

Beirut no longer the "Paris of the Middle East”

Scientists unveil new detectors in race to save Earth from next asteroid

Russian Meteorite 'could have devastated northern UK'

The Absurdity Of The War On Terror Is Becoming Clear

Why the War on Terror Endures

US: Terrorist wants out of solitary confinement



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February 17, 2013

Pope Benedict to seek immunity and protection from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on February 23

Iranian leader: Iran not seeking nuclear weapons

No accountability for CIA after 9/11: Former CIA officer reveals

German Homeschool Case May Impact U.S. Homeschool Freedom

Wouldn't a Minimum Wage Hike Lower the Welfare Rolls?

Half of US overseas diplomatic posts may not meet security rules

AZ Court: You Don't Have to Be High to Get a DUI

Intel To Bring Big Brother To Your Sitting Room: TV that sees everything you do in your own home - can be hacked by outsider with a laptop

Russian meteor hit atmosphere with force of 30 Hiroshima bombs

Asteroid 2012 DA14 brushes by Earth: as it happened

Gun Control

Gun Rights: Are There Any Peaceful Solutions Left?

MSNBC Anti-Gun Propaganda in Full Swing

Obama pushes gun control in personal speech in old Chicago neighborhood

VP lobbies as Colorado approves gun-control measures

Guns And Ammo Production Maxed Out: “This is a Society Preparing For War” - Obama greatest gun salesman ever!

Gun control measures approved by N.J. Assembly committee despite protests

VP lobbies as Colorado approves gun-control measures

Special Report: Medical Nurse Witnessed Troops on Psych “Suicide” Drugs

Bernanke Says Economy Far From Recovering Full Strength

S&P 500 Advances for Seventh Straight Week Amid Deals

After decent rally, perhaps time for a pause

G20 defuses talk of "currency war"

NK tells China of preparations for fresh nuclear test

Obama reaffirms commitments to defend Japan from North Korea

Russia to ally with UN to address North Korea nuke issue

NYC Marijuana Arrests Will No Longer Mean Night In Jail: Mayor Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s new pot arrest policy isn’t that great

Hagel delay gives opposition time to refine attack

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel, Hamas Holding Secret Talks Through Egypt

Security prisoners 'disappear' in Israeli jails

Do Palestinians deserve a state? PLO Charter

The Pink Peril: Feminism has become a powerful movement, but wants to be above criticism

France mulls labeling Hezbollah a 'terrorist group'

Analysis: Unlinking the linkage... again

Kerry: Budget cuts may force reduction in Israel aid

'Israel offered to lay pipeline through Turkey'

Framing Hezbollah for the Bulgaria bombing? Effort to incriminate Hezbollah in murderous activity against Israeli citizens abroad

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Iran vows to avenge Guard commander's killing

Six powers considering easing gold sanctions on Iran

Hagel cloture fails: Now what about Iran?

Yemen minister says weapons came from Iran

Call for Iran to end house arrest of opposition leaders


Islamists rally against violence in Egypt

Egypt seizes two tons of explosives bound for Sinai

Egyptian army foils an attempt to 'bomb Coptic church' in Sinai

Youth group says Brotherhood kidnapped, tortured member


Suicide blast kills Iraq intelligence officer: And three of his bodyguards

'Al-Qaeda making comeback' in Iraq's Kirkuk: Northern Iraqi province

Iraq budget opens new front in Kurdish feud



Pope Succession News

The best choice for pope? A nun - Editorial

Pope Benedict to seek immunity and protection from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on February 23

Archbishop Gomez's Reflection on Benedict's Resignation: "This is the act of a saint"

Italian Priest Uncovers 100 Pedophile Networks: Meter Association Gathered Evidence for US and Italy


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February 15, 2013

As nation watches in horror, LAPD commits premeditated arson, murder against homicide suspect Christopher Dorner

Dems introduce gun confiscation bill in Missouri: Goes beyond Feinstein ban

Right to be Tried by a Jury of Our Peers

The Dark Side of America: Editorial

Meet Stingray Surveillance: The “Unconstitutional, All-You-Can-Eat Data Buffet”

Government Can Search Your Bags AND Your Digital Files When You Cross The US Border

Kill anyone you want; law has been abandoned in America (satire)

800 more children permanently harmed by vaccines

Stranded Carnival 'Triumph' cruise ship transformed into floating prison: Company refuses to evacuate passengers barely surviving in filth and raw sewage

Cruise Passenger: People thought ship was "going to tip over"

Gun Control

Gun Control is Genocide - documentary by Mike Adams

Sheriffs speak out against gun control - compilation

John Lott: More Guns, Less Crime 2/2

Gun Control is Genocide - documentary by Mike Adams

NRA CEO: Obama gun control effort a "charade"

Wash. state bill would make almost all gun owners criminals

Hundreds rally at Connecticut Capitol for stricter gun control

Evolving on Gun Control in Chicago: Second thoughts on the Second Amendment in the race to replace Jesse Jackson Jr.

Democrats' gun-control bills move quickly through Colorado Legislature

Gun laws in the US, state by state – interactive

FAA Official: No armed drones permitted in U.S.

California County Inching Toward Drone Deployment?

Obama is pushing gun control at home, but he's a killer abroad

Doctors Struggling to Fight 'Totally Drug-Resistant' Tuberculosis in South Africa

Study: Opinions on Climate Change Rise and Fall With the Temperature

World-renowned surgeon schools Obama at National Prayer Breakfast

Food Stamp Rolls in America Now Surpass the Population of Spain

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Security Delegation Arrives for Peace Talks in Cairo

Released Lebanese Terrorist: Kill Collaborators with Israel

Pro-Israel groups seek to stop Iran-Argentina deal on AMIA

Orthodox Rabbi Seeks Israeli Religious Revolution


The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Egypt must turn toward stable gov’t

Egypt's unfinished revolution

Egypt seizes 2 tons of explosives headed to Sinai

Islamists Plan Pro-Mursi Rallies in Egypt to Oppose Violence

Egypt’s Sexual Terrorism


Syria's Assad Will Certainly Fall, Says Son of Killed Lebanese PM

Kerry: Syria Death Toll May Have Reached 90,000

100 Soldiers, 30 Rebels Dead in Syrian Oil Province Battle

Syrian rebels shoot down military warplanes

Russia Sends More Arms to Prop Up Syria’s Assad

Jordan’s health system is beginning to crack under the strain of caring for 340,000 Syrian refugees


Iran’s Nuclear-Technology Gains Suggest Sanctions Are Backfiring

Officials: Iran and Hizbullah Building Militia Network in Syria

Nuclear inspectors fail to reach deal in Iran


Iraq on the Brink: A Decade After the Invasion

Iraq's Sunnis rally in major cities to protest against Shiite-led government

Tony Blair's Iraq war was a shameful abomination

Onus on Al Maliki to protect Iraq’s interests

U.S. Stock Futures Fall as G-20 Meets

Capex Recovery Will Fuel a Super Bull Market

Shopping Spree for Wall Street

Dying Dollar? Why US Currency Is in Danger

Pope Succession News

The final Pope in world history is about to step on to the world scene

New Pope, New Doctrine? Archaic Catholic Church Should Allow Priests To Marry

Pope Ushers In Lent, Making Its Message of Sacrifice Personal This Year

Malachy Prophecy: Next Pope Will Be Last

The Disappointing Reign of Pope Benedict

’Energy Independence’ Alone Won’t Boost U.S. Power

DARPA Wants Teeny-Tiny Fluids to Cool Down Next-Gen Microchips


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February 14, 2013

Breaking News

Democrats to unveil bill to replace budget cuts: Bill to replace automatic budget cuts, and avoid 'Fiscal Cliff'

Foreclosure filings fall to lowest level since 2007

Jobless claims drop more than expected, hinting at firming job market

NYPD Testing T-Ray Device to See Through Clothes


Dorner Is Officially A Drone Target: First On American Soil - Border Patrol later denies

Obama Focuses on Internal Matters in State of the Union

President Obama targets new gun control laws in State of the Union speech

NY Protesters Vow to Disobey New Gun Laws


Second Amendment Protects Both Keeping and Bearing Arms

Senate Minority Leader McConnell Describes SOTU: ‘Lip Service and Liberalism’

Why the GOP should retire its 'big government' attacks on Obama

Pope John Paul II’s Aide Rips Benedict's Resignation: Like Coming 'Down from Cross'

Caribbean Islands Selling Citizenship

Dorner Is Officially A Drone Target: First On American Soil

Driver's license of Christopher Dorner found with charred human remains in cabin

Christopher Dorner and the Chaos Inherent to Government

Gun Control

NRA rolls out new anti-gun control campaign

Gun Control, Yemen-Style

Obama State Of The Union Speech Demands Vote On Gun Control Bills

Obama's gun-control proposal resonates in Aurora, Colorado

Hundreds expected at Conn. gun control rally

Biden: Sense of urgency over gun control measures



SC Senate panel votes to allow concealed guns in SC restaurants, bars

American Airlines and US Airways agree to merge, create world's biggest airline

Israeli - Palestinian War

Is Palestinian-Israeli Peace the Key to Happiness in the Middle East?

Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor Tells EU: Declare Hezbollah 'terrorists'

Tehran Accuses Israel of Killing Top Iranian Official

Missile Attack Simulation in All Israeli Schools

Conference of Presidents: American-Israeli unity strong as ever

Israel confirms suicide of prisoner under fake name: Prisoner 'X'

Getting Married in Israel: Why It So Often Means Hiring a Detective

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Why the Iran threat assessment may be easing – for now

Tehran removing key intel material from Damascus

Iran, IAEA Agree on 'Some Points' in Latest Talks

UN watchdog and Iran fail to reach nuclear deal

Iran denies shipping arms to Islamist militants in Somalia


Egypt Approves New Controversial Protest Law: Swiftly slammed by rights groups as restrictive

Egypt floods Gaza tunnels to cut Palestinian lifeline

Egypt finishes revised economic plan needed for IMF loan

Egypt govt to facilitate return of 'fleeing' businessmen


Anger is growing among Iraq's Sunnis

Iraq at the brink: A decade after invasion

Iraq: Investigate Deadly Army Shootings in Fallujah

Nearly 450 British military drones lost in Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraq war plan based on 'primitive' grasp of Islam, admits Labour frontbencher

Shopkeeper says Iraq is safer than Birmingham after fighting off two armed robbers


Opium is currency

Obama announces 34,000 troop drawdown in Afghanistan

US seeks Pakistan's support in Afghanistan

North Korea

North Korea celebrates third nuclear test with huge rally

New South Korean Missile Aimed at North Korean Leadership?

North Korea nuclear test prompts stern warnings from neighbors

US should press China to isolate North Korea: Editorials

A soft response to North Korea nuclear test

Economic News

US/EU Broad Trade Deal on Table: "Reshaping global standards by uniting two international economic powers

GM reports it earned $4.86 billion in 2012

Now Is Not the Time to Raise the Minimum Wage

PepsiCo profit beats Street; 2013 in line with goals

Nestle makes $11.55 billion profit in 2012



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February 13, 2013

State of the Union

In State of Union, Obama focuses on middle class

State of the Union speech hit on gun, fell short on jobs

Obama Urges Action On Expansive Agenda

Obama’s incredibly ambitious second-term agenda

Text: President Obama's State of the Union speech

Other News

Hagel approved 14-11 as Pentagon chief by Senate Committee: Now faces full Senate

Episcopal church offers 'Ashes to Go' to its flock

Rogue ex-LAPD officer believed dead after standoff

Former German Parliamentarian: Exposes West's Alliance with al-Qaeda

No Agreement on $1.2 Trillion in Cuts: Deadline Nears - Neither party wants this scenario

Software that tracks people on social media created by defence firm

Why we should all worry about being tracked online

Does Coming Euro Banknote Betray Hand Of The Illuminati?

Pope Succession News

The final Pope in world history is about to step on to the world scene

Fr. Lombardi: 'Pope Benedict is Still Our Pope'

Anglicans seeking full communion with Rome: We Are In a Particular Way Spiritual Children of Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI's Role in Global Ecumenism

Who Will Vote for the Next Pope?

Papal Succession Process Differs For Resignation Vs. Death

First candidates surface in papal succession

Vatican plans big send off for Pope Benedict

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DOJ kill list memo forces many Dems out of the closet

Israeli - Palestinian War

Do Palestinians deserve a state?

Obama says US will stand 'steadfast' with Israel

Barak, Panetta Meet at the Pentagon

Israel abandoning diplomacy

Hezbollah's War Strategy: Rockets on Tel Aviv, raids on Galilee

Hezbollah moves into south Lebanon villages

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The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


The Iraqi 'Disintegration' Will Bring Iraqi Freedom

Obama announces 34,000 troop drawdown in Afghanistan

Afghan official laments: NATO airstrike kills 8 civilians

Face reality in Afghanistan


North Korea

North Korea nuclear-test drama rehashes old script

North Korea nuclear test prompts neighbors to mobilize militaries

UN Sec. Council to meet on N. Korea nuclear test

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February 12, 2013

Breaking News

State of the Union Will Stop the Bull Stampede: Speech will cause 5% to 7% short-term sell-off

US May Soon Be Energy Independent

G7 Takes Aim at Currency War Concerns


North Korea carries out biggest nuclear test

Obama: N. Korea's nuclear program threat to world security

Pope Benedict 'will not interfere in successor's affairs'

If Congress, W.H. wanted to ban assault weapons, could they?

Obama Disarmed Marines During Inauguration

Feds execute another terror sting

Same-sex military couples to get expanded access to benefits

Massive Cyber-Espionage Campaign Targeting US

Obama to issue executive order on cybersecurity

Homeland Security Approves Seizure of Cell Phones and Laptops within 100 Miles of Border

Border Patrol Arrests in Arizona Lowest in Nearly Two Decades

Bill Gates explains that escaping death is top on his bucket list

Is Christopher Dorner another psychiatric killer?

Twitter Explodes With Fears Of Armed Drone Strikes Targeting Chris Dorner

Pope Succession News

“The Pope was Not a Friend of the Jews”

How cardinals elect a Pope

Pope's hometown in disbelief over resignation

Historian Notes Precedents for Papal Resignation: Benedict XVI Not the First Pope to Step Down From See of Peter

Who Will Vote for the Next Pope? On Feb. 28, There Will Be 117 Cardinal-Electors

World Reacts to Pope Benedict XVI's Resignation: Cardinals, Heads of State Applaud Pontiff's 'Courageous Decision'

Related Catholic News

Los Angeles Archdiocese Gutted Cemetery Fund to Pay Sex Abuse Settlements

Sex abuse becomes Mahony’s legacy: LA cardinal could have been remembered as a champion of the downtrodden, poor

Mahony voting for a new pope rankles some Catholics

Catholic Priest Sex Abuse Victim Sees Need For Change At The Top

What went wrong in the Catholic Church? Why have its leaders been unable to deal with the priest sex abuse scandal in an honest and convincing way?

French Catholic Priest Plans To Marry Same-Sex Couples In New Job As Mayor

Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF: Hamas Makes a Million a Day in 'Taxes' on Smuggled Goods

New Samaria Road Sign Warns of Rock, Firebomb Attacks

Activists: Bring Obama Out to Samaria

Israeli Students to Practice Missile Attack Drill

First LGBT Jewish children's book published: "Purim Superhero'


Syrian Deputy PM: Israel taking advantage of war

Clashes Break Out Outside Presidential Palace in Cairo

Mali 'hesitant' over UN peacekeeping force

Iran 'disapproves' of NK's nuclear test: Longtime Pyongyang ally calls for 'world without nuclear weapons'; urges nations to disarm

Flags Flown Upside Down in West Palm Beach, Florida, in Gun Control Protests

Secret U.S. court for drone strikes? Lawmakers question ability to regulate drones after comments from CIA designee

US senators propose assassination court to screen drone targets

Sen. Feinstein’s Claim of Single-Digit Drone-Related Civilian Deaths Clashes with Reality

"War on Terror" Leaves 6,500 Americans with Severe Brain Injury and 1,700 with Amputations

Iowa Republicans Introduce Bill Criminalizing “Murder” of Zygotes

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February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI to resign this month

America Is Leading Western Powers In A Full-Scale Invasion of Africa!

LAPD: Christopher Dorner - Fugitive ex-cop - now declared a 'domestic terrorist'

Dorner Becomes ‘First’ Human Target For Drones on Domestic Soil

Gun control push causing mass awakening among conservatives about psychiatric drugs

CISPA’s Back: Hacking, online espionage resurrect cybersecurity bill

Obama to Tell PM Netanyahu: No Surprise Attack on Iran

Hagel to Withdraw? For Consideration As Defense Secretary

Physician-Assisted Suicide Measure Passes NJ Assembly

Peculiar 900-year-old Order of the Knights of Malta celebrates anniversary with Vatican mass


Asteroid To Miss Earth By 15 Minutes

Man carrying AR-15 arrested at gun rights rally near Capitol in Nashville

12-year-old in custody after threatening school shooting in Poway, California

Dorner Becomes ‘First’ Human Target For Drones on Domestic Soil

Former Defense Secretary Proposes Drone Court to Review Targeted Killings of Americans Abroad

'Eye in the sky' drones flying in San Diego County

AA Releases New Drone List—Is Your Town on the Map?

Republican Senator Graham defends Democrat Obama on use of drones

Sen. Inhofe Threatens Filibuster to Block Hagel

Israeli - Palestinian War

Leftists Urge Obama: Speak at Rabin Square

Op-Ed: Israelis Must Protest Obama's Visit

Obama to Tell PM Netanyahu: No Surprise Attack on Iran

President Peres: Iran to be major topic of discussion on Obama trip

'Iran will talk to enemies who stop pointing a gun'

Hagel in 2008: U.S. Shouldn't Even Think of Bombing Iran

Former Foreign Mnister Liberman says peace with Palestinians impossible

Arabs Target Jerusalem Home with Firebombs

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France to Expel Radical Islamist Imams 'In Coming Days': French government will be deporting several radical Muslim clerics in an effort to counter the rising tide of “global jihadism"

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Iran's nuclear advance may be no empty boast : expert

'Iran will talk to enemies who stop pointing a gun'

Iran building militias in Syria in case Assad falls'


Iran: Syria's Assad Regime Ready To Negotiate

Will Syria Become An Islamist State?

Syria crisis: jihadi rebels seize dam


Mali troops in house-to-house search for Gao militants

Mali’s Most Lethal Enemy Is Its Extreme, Unabating Poverty

Second suicide bomber strikes city in northern Mali

France bombs Islamist hideout as Mali insurgency deepens


U.N. monitors see arms reaching Somalia from Yemen, Iran

We expected food from Iran, not weapons: Yemen's Interior Ministry

Yemen boasts huge hidden natural gas potential

Pope Benedict XVI To Resign

Pope Benedict XVI to resign this month

Papal Resignation: Wikipedia

Pope Benedict's full statement


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February 9, 2013

Islamic Saudi preacher gets off light for brutally raping, killing daughter

Gun control push causing mass awakening among conservatives about psychiatric drugs

FDA approves first GMO flu vaccine containing reprogrammed insect virus: Deadly Side effects

No suspicion necessary: DHS can still seize belongings without reason

30 Year CIA Vet Admits West Runs Al-Qaeda

Why uranium would make a North Korean nuclear test especially scary

California State Lawmakers Introduce a Bevy of Gun Control Laws

Is this America's 'Top Secret' Saudi Arabia drone base?

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"PSALM 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed"

"How Israel Becomes the Next Mideast Superpower"

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Oakland Cops Say They Didn’t “Train” Their Guns on 19-month Sleeping Child

Oakland ‘Bomb Plot’ Raises Questions of Entrapment

Yosemite Glacier Appears to be Melting Because of Climate Change

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Iraqi PM: Assad could hold on for years in Syria

Did the CIA Betray Syria’s Rebels?

UN: Lebanon may need camps for Syrian refugees


Jebali vows to press on with plans for caretaker government in Tunisia

Tunisia: Clashes During Funeral of Murdered Opposition Leader

Tunisia's Islamists call for rally in capital


Mali instability poses domestic security problem for Niger

Mali Soldiers Arrest 2 Men With Explosives: Trying To Enter City of Gao

French-led forces seize Tessalit in northern Mali

Most Canadians against sending combat troops to Mali: poll


Sexual violence mars Egypt’s once idealistic revolution

Egyptian Salafi Cleric Calls to Kill Opposition Leaders

Thousands Demonstrate Against Morsi in Egypt

2013 the year of maturing technologies

High school student sends letter to Obama over drone assassinations

Huge victory against fluoride in Australia

Gun Control

Man attempts to rob gas station with knife: Owner brandishes pistol

House Democrats Poised to Introduce Gun Control Package

EDITORIAL: An Apology to the NRA, ‘I was Wrong About Obama’

Gun control push causing mass awakening among conservatives about psychiatric drugs

What’s Behind the Punishment for Fake Guns in Schools?

Targeted Killings: The White Paper Allows the Government to Kill a US Citizen who is not on the Battlefield”

FAA Releases New Drone List—Is Your Town on the Map?

Drones, cyber attacks & the new war on terror on "Face the Nation"

‘City Killer’ Asteroid Will Pass Close To Earth on February 15th: Closer than many satellites in orbit

Israeli - Palestinian War

Deputy FM Ayalon: Israel should recognize Palestine as a UN member: In exchange for...

Cyprus Gives 'Palestine' Full Diplomatic Status

Obama, Bring on the Elections - In "Palestine"

Israeli Pilots Practice Rescue Behind Enemy Lines

IDF Canine Unit hounding for new 'recruits'

Kerry determined to resolve conflict: Top US diplomat has not lost faith in stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process


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February 8, 2013


Anti-Government Sentiment: On the Rise?

Sheriff Targets Mental Illness Link to Gun Violence

Unprecedented Demand: Americans Purchase a Gun Every 1.5 Seconds

Networks Ignore Family Research Center Shooter’s Use of Left-Wing SPLC ‘Hate Map’

Should illegal immigrants be offered citizenship path? (North American Union news)

Panetta Admits: Obama Absent Night of Libya Attack

Predator Drone hit-list heading stateside?

North Korea Video Shows US City Under Attack

Gun Control

Sheriff Targets Mental Illness Link to Gun Violence

“Adam Lanza may have not acted Alone”. Other “Potential Suspects” in Sandy Hook Massacre?

Unprecedented Demand: Americans Purchase a Gun Every 1.5 Seconds

The Blame-Righty Mob Falls Silent

Media Bias 101: The SPLC Edition

House Democrats unveil gun control package; mirrors Obama's

Gun control debate creeps into ex-cop manhunt

Manhunt: FAA orders media copters to leave Big Bear search area

Facebook pages with anti-police sentiments support fugitive ex-cop

Deadly Drones In The News

UN Charges: US Air Raids, Drone Attacks Kill Hundreds of Afghan Children

Iran shows footage 'extracted from US drone' captured in 2011

Drones Are Focus as C.I.A. Nominee Goes Before Senators

Drone bill moves forward in Florida

Black pride in Obama shouldn’t silence dissent on drone policy

Texas "Anti Drone" Laws Would be Toughest in USA

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Iran's supreme leader shuts down possibility of direct nuclear talks with US

Iranian Conference Decries 'Zionist' Influence on Hollywood

Iran denies involvement in Bulgaria bus bomb attack

UN Investigating Iranian Links to Yemen Illegal Arms Seizure


Ahmadenijad trying to entice Egypt into forging alliance with Iran

Ahmadinejad Visits Egypt, Signaling Realignment

Fatwa death edicts prompt Egypt to boost security for opposition

Egypt Slams US Senator's 'Morsi Is Our Enemy' Comments


Islamic summit urges dialogue on Syria transition

Syria’s Druze minority is shifting its support to the opposition, away from President Assad

Can Social Media Disarm Syria’s Chemical Arsenal?

Syrian rebels fight close to heart of Damascus

UN: Syrian exodus worsening, 5,000 flee each day

Syria military factory blast kills 54


Tunisian government 'dissolved' after opposition leader killed

Angry crowds rally in Tunisia for funeral of shot opposition leader

New Uncertainty Grips Tunisia After Assassination

Tunisia killing turns spotlight on Arab spring - Was first casualty of "Arab Spring"


Sudan People’s Liberation Movement North (SPLM-N) Arman says Islamic movements threaten African diversity

What Constitution Do We Need In South Sudan?

South Sudan Prepares for National Reconciliation

Sizzling South Sudan: Why Oil Is Not the Whole Story (NOTE: this article is from the Council on Foreign Relations)


Suicide Bomber Attacks Mali Checkpoint

Sporadic Fighting in Mali as UN Weighs Peacekeeping Force

Paratroopers mutiny in Mali capital Bamako, gunfire heard

Looted Libyan Arms in Mali May Have Shifted Conflict’s Path


Gunmen kill nine in attacks on health workers in Nigeria

Nigeria Opposition Parties Form Coalition


Kenya Violence Threatens March Vote

Kenya tensions spark Somali refugee flight

Kenya police face 'summary killing' claims

Grenade attack in Kenya church kills officer: Fourteen others wounded in attack during prayer time at a church near the Somali border


Car bombs in Shi'ite areas of Iraq kill 31

America’s WMD Pretext to Wage War on Iraq – Ten Years after Colin Powell

Why Is Violence Ramping Up In Iraq?


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hagel: US Needs to 'Reverse Optics' in Relationship With Israel

Egyptian Official: Sinai Will Not Be Used to Threaten Israel

Hizbullah: Israel Waging 'International Campaign' against us

Hezbollah aimed to blow up Israeli bus

'IDF Must Keep its Promises - or Hareidi Soldiers Will Leave'

Senate Committee Postpones Hagel Confirmation Vote


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February 7, 2013

Rev. Sharpton Omits 'Under God' in MSNBC Ad Invoking Pledge

Why Israeli Elections Were a Victory for the Right

Syrian opposition chief offers Assad peaceful exit

North Korea video shows US city under missile attack

Why a Permanent Democratic Majority Is Not a Demographic Inevitability

Bruce Willis Warns: Don’t infringe on Second Amendment

GOP opportunity awaits in the oil patch: Editorial

Welfare, food stamp recipients could soon be required to get microchipped with RFID tags

Florida Troopers Plan Random February Checkpoints: Revenue Enhancement - Conditioning Tool

DHS Head Napolitano: Running For President for 2016

Meet Marco Rubio, the new leader of the Republican party

Rubio to deliver GOP response to Obama's State of the Union Address

KFC hit by chicken chemical food scare: Drop in profits after animals excessively pumped with antibiotics

Texas Kids Design Imaginary Flags For Nonexistent Pretend Socialist Nation: A Communist nation -- Mind Control Exercise

Climate change researchers find new foe: Earthworms

Gun Control

How the post-Sandy Hook gun control push spectacularly backfired in Americ

The slippery slope of gun control

Last thing needed are gun laws

Gayle Trotter: The Woman Who Called Gun Control The 'Great Equalizer’ for Women

Gun control without waiting for Congress: Wield the buying power of police departments and the military

Even In Blue Minnesota, Gun Control Seems A Tough Sell

Deadly Drones In The News

Congress gets Obama data on use of drones to execute American citizens in the war on terrorism

NAPOLITANO: Obama demands unquestioning acceptance of his ability to kill using drones

Obama's drone program dangerous for Americans

Actually, Obama's Drone Warfare Is Just What We Asked For

How to hold the president accountable for lethal decisions

The One-Paragraph Law Behind Obama's Drone War - Embraced Bush Doctrine

Beware: A President who justifies secret drone killings of Americans can justify anything

Franciscan Friar accused of sex crimes at JFK High School commits suicide: Self-inflicted knife wound

Boy Scouts Delay Decision on Lifting Ban on Gays


Israeli - Palestinian War

Three-way Netanyahu, Obama, Abbas Meeting Likely

Obama Won't Present New Peace Initiative During Israel Trip

Kerry determined to resolve conflict: Sec/State has not lost faith in stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Obama Visit is 'a Warning to Iran'

PM Netanyahu: Iran, Hizbullah Waging Global Terror Campaign

Arabs Indicted for Shooting Attack on IDF Base

Netanyahu's office: No change in settlement policy


The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei rejects US offer for face to face talks

Ahmadinejad: Iran is already a nuclear power

Despite sanctions, Ahmadinejad offers loan to Egypt


Syrian opposition chief offers Assad peaceful exit

Islamic summit reveals sectarian split on Syria: Sunni-Shia divisions on ending crisis laid bare

Twin car bombs explode in Syria, killing 12

Ground War: Syria’s Rebels Prepare to Take a Province from Assad

Making a Political Transition in Syria Possible

Syria's Kurds Try to Balance Security and Alliances

In Syria, blood flows while money runs dry


Decade After Sec/State Colin Powell's Iraq WMD Speech at U.N.: Facts Are Now Clear -- Iraq Possessed NO Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Demonization of the Iraq War Ensures No Syria Intervention

Iraq's Constitutional Crisis

Iraqi Army Clashes With Protesters Spark Tribal Unrest

Iraq in Crisis Over Terror Death-Penalty Law

Mali - Map

French Troops Begin Withdrawal From Timbuktu

French troops attempting to secure Mali's Gao

Islamic summit backs Mali government, omits France

U.N. mulls peacekeeping mission to Mali

Mali war costs debt-laden France 70 million euros


Yemen calls for unified vision to promote joint Islamic action

Yemen demands Iran halts support for insurgents

Explosion at Yemen weapons depot kills 10

Two kids killed, 8 soldiers injured in blast of arms store in Hajjah


Point blank: Assassination of reason in Tunisia - There is a thin line between revolution and chaos

Tunisia: Murder most foul

Strike called over Tunisia killing



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February 6, 2013

Ahmadinejad: Iran has already achieved nuclear capability - Not interested in attacking Israel

White House defends guidelines for targeting Americans in deadly drone strikes

A full-scale invasion of Africa is under way

Two U.S. schools on lockdown after high school student commits suicide with firearm

Tsunami strikes Solomon Islands: Caused by massive 7.9 quake - No Australia tsunami threat from Solomon quake

French troops to begin pullout from Mali in March: FM

Obama to Visit Israel In March

China extremely concerned after latest N. Korea threat

Will Democrats Sell Your Political Opinions to Credit Card Companies?

Everything We Know (So Far) About Obama’s Big Data Tactics

Deadly Drones In The News

W.H. defends guidelines for targeting Americans in deadly drone strikes

11 States propose limiting police use of drones

Virginia city becomes first to pass anti-drone resolution

American drone deaths highlight controversy

Drone Strikes Test Legal Grounds for War on Terror

Germany aims to acquire armed drones

Pakistan Warns U.S. Drone Strikes Are 'Red Line'


Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama to Visit Israel In March

Israel Thirsts to Hear Obama Directly

US envoy tells Israel: No preconditions for Obama visit

Palestinian Authority Hoping Obama Visit means New Policy

New U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to visit Israel

Kerry urges int'l community to crack down on Hezbollah

Opposition to Hagel Vindicated by His Apalling Performance

Israel Deploys Third Iron Dome Battery in North

British Sunday Times: 'Unreserved Apology' for Cartoon

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Syria defence minister declares: Army will beat rebels

Arab League Backs Syrian Opposition's Call for Dialogue

Opposition: Suicide bomber hits Syrian intel compound

Diseases rife amid Syria drug shortages


Palestinian Authority leaders meet Ahmadinejad at Cairo Islamic summit


Leftist Politician Chokri Belaid Assassinated: Riots erupt

Tunisian Salafist leader Abu Iyadh: Tunisia needs its Jihadists more than Mali, Syria

State of Emergency Extended

Son-in-law of Tunisia ex-president picks Seychelles as asylum destination


Islamic nations begin summit in Cairo: Sharp differences to be laid bare

Dramatic drop in Egypt foreign reserves in January


Iraq wakes up to live third straight day of suicide bombs

Militants kill 4 policemen in attacks in Iraq

Was the Iraq War Worth It?

Author and Former Intelligence Contract Pilot Accused in Murder-Suicide

S. Korea, U.S. stage joint naval drill amid tension

Gun Control

US Marine Questions Narrative Behind Chris Kyle Murder

New Bill on Gun Control Marks First in Series of Proposals

Gun shop owners request fewer background checks in Oklahoma last month

Obama tries to undercut NRA in gun control debate: Appealing directly to their membership

House Republicans debate legal status for immigrants


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February 5, 2013

Chris Kyle, America's deadliest sniper, was outspoken opponent of gun control

Suspect in killing of retired SEAL had been in psychiatric hospital

Marines, sailors to ‘invade' South Carolina for training mission: “Realistic urban training”

How the Iraq War Was Sold

More Than 50 Countries Helped the CIA Outsource Torture

North Korea warns of ‘dark cloud of war’

Obama Admin Enacts Right for Preemptive Cyberattacks

Virginia Senate panel backs moratorium on drones by police and government agencies

Gun Control

Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle fatally shot at Texas shooting range

Ron Paul's controversial tweet about slain Navy SEAL

Obama tries to undercut NRA in gun control debate

Obama stands firm on gun control despite long odds

An asteroid is coming, and scientists are excited. Fear not, Earth is safe

Chinese navy aims missile at Japanese ship

Navy Plans to Build Fewer Ships, Right as It’s About to Get Busier

FBI storms Alabama bunker after seven days: Boy safe; kidnapper dead

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Palm-Sized Nano-Copter Is the Afghanistan War’s Latest Spy Drone


Push for peace talks in Syria

Ahmadinejad: Syria needs 'national understanding' - war is not solution

Syrian lawmaker rejects preconditions for dialogue

Syria's Floundering Rebel Alliance


Why Is Violence Ramping Up In Iraq?

Saudi Arabia spearheads violence, division in Iraq: Iranian Analyst

Bomber Kills at Least 22: Strikes north of Baghdad

Suicide Bombing Kills 4 in Iraq: second such attack in as many days in Taji

At Least 15 in Attack on Kirkuk Police HQ in Iraq


Iranian President Makes Landmark Visit to Egypt

Iran Denies Links to Shipload of Arms Seized By Yemen

Iran nuclear talks set for February 26

Iran Arrests Official Implicated in Prison Deaths

McCain tweet on Iran draws criticism: Republican senator compares Ahmadinejad to monkey Iran sent to space


When they were friends: Egypt and Iran

Iran-Egypt rapprochement impossible amid Shia-Sunni dichotomy

Iranian President Arrives in Egypt, Welcomed by Mursi

Egyptian Activist Dies in Police Custody, Triggering Protests


American Jewish Committee leaders meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah

Jordan’s King Abdullah leaves UAE: Held bilateral talks with Khalifa during two-day visit

Jordanians rally in Amman to demand parliament dissolution


Israeli - Palestinian War

Shin Bet: Number of Terror Attacks Down in January

Palestinian PM warns Palestinian Authority 'on the brink' of economic collapse

Iran's Ahmadinejad: Israeli strike on Syria driven by weakness

Don't ignite entire region: Op-ed

Missiles, RPGs found stashed at Arab village school

Outgoing settler council leader Dayan: Palestinian state further away than ever

Shi'ite Ahmadinejad to meet with top Sunni cleric in Cairo

Reeling from Losses, New Super PAC Ditches Tea Party Candidates: Newly formed 'Conservative Victory Project' is tasked with ensuring that Republican candidates are victorious in the next election

Novel imagining Hitler return is bestseller: Hitler wakes up in 2011 without the slightest idea about what has happened in the intervening 66 years

Euro zone economy shows signs of recovery

Stock futures indicate rebound from recent sell-off

Inside Social Security’s Obscure Incentive to Keep Americans Working



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February 4, 2013

Report: UN admitting solar activity may play significant role in global warming

The President's Glaring Omission: Obama Must Make Room for Climate Change

Iraq’s flood of ‘cheap oil’ could rock world markets


DHS Report: U.S. Muslim Terrorism Was Practically Nil in 2012

Israel to Declare 'Buffer Zone' on Syrian Border

Iran Endorses Hagel...Why?

Gun control Super Bowl ad: Watch video

Catholic Church leaders address clergy sex abuse scandal at Sunday services

"That's Unconstitutional Mr. President

The Liberal Media "Free Pass" Campaign


Gun Control News


Where each state stands on gun-control legislation

The Gun Ban List Revealed

Gun control debate: pro and anti campaigners dig in

N.Y. poll: 65 percent back stringent gun law

'American Sniper' author Chris Kyle fatally shot at Texas gun range: Was former Navy 'SEAL"

White House Warns: Don't Photoshop Obama Gun Pic

Chicago marchers urge Obama to come home to address gun violence

Mayor Bloomberg's anti-gun coalition pays for gun control Super Bowl ad

Rev. Jesse Jackson Says Gun Supporters are 'Fighting the Government With Confederate Ideology': "Chicago needs Homeland Security"

As gun-ban prospects fade, NRA takes aim elsewhere: Registration may be compromise

Al Gore: US democracy has been hacked


Israeli - Palestinian War

Iran Warns: Israel will Regret Syria Attack

Region's Armies All on High Alert

IAF Warplanes Seen Flying the Skies of Lebanon

After Peres, Kerry Also Phones Netanyahu

Israel to Declare 'Buffer Zone' on Syrian Border: To prevent terrorists from getting too close to its territory when the embattled Damascus regime topples

Calculated Risk - Analysis: Was purported attack on weapons convoy prelude to broad military conflict in north?

Don't ignite entire region: Israelis have become addicted to expectation that something terrible is about to happen

25 Palestinians, including 9 Hamas MPs, nabbed in West Bank sweep

Germany renews probe into WWII Nazi massacre in 1944

'I Burn Like a Jew' Is Mexico's 6th Most Popular Hashtag on Twitter

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Syria conflict: Assad warns Israel amid rare hopes for diplomacy

Syria’s neighbors worry fighting will spill over

Russia, Iran support idea of talks in Syria

Syria, Mali crises overshadow Islamic summit in Cairo


Egypt on the Edge: Destabilization Reaches New Levels

Egypt tensions rise as footage emerges of police beating protester

Egypt Opposition: Police Torture Activist to Death


Iran nuclear talks to resume after eight-month break

President Ahmadinejad says he wants to be Iran's first astronaut

Mali -- Mali profile

French jets target northern Mali

Royal Irish Regiment 'on standby' for Mali mission

Mali crisis: Ethnic tensions threaten region - Could destabilise parts of Mali

Allegations Of Human Rights Abuse Abound In Mali

Boy Scouts of America board set to consider ending ban on gays


The World’s Tweets Light Up the Globe in Stunning Live Visualization


Climate Change News

Obama’s climate team appears primed for action

Coal-burning utilities seek a role in EPA rule-making on greenhouse gas emissions

Climate seers as blind guides: Forecasters often use unscientific computer models

Report: UN admitting solar activity may play significant role in global warming

The President's Glaring Omission: Obama Must Make Room for Climate Change

The Cultural Impact of Super Bowl Commercials: From ’1984' to Mini Darth Vader



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February 2, 2013

Doctors kill 2,450% more Americans than all gun-related deaths combined

U.S. virologists intentionally engineer super-deadly pandemic flu virus

Bill would let N.C. teachers and volunteers carry guns in school

Israel raid stirs threat of Syrian revenge (Isaiah 17:1 prophecy soon?)

Kerry, Clinton, Paul remind Americans why 9/11 remains dominant political theme

Confirmation Quagmire: Chuck Hagel Under Fire

Fish caught near Fukushima shows more than 2,500 times legal radiation limit for human consumption

Is your television watching YOU? Smart TVs can spy on their owners

White House: Ankara Suicide Bombing a Terror Attack

Jobs, factory data point to steady economic growth


Gun Control News

Sylvester Stallone supports assault weapon ban

Vast Majority of Gun Owners Would Defy Ban: Poll

Over 1000 Green Berets Pen Letter Supporting Second Amendment: Went viral

256 Sheriffs and 6 State Sheriffs Associations Saying ‘NO’ to Obama Gun Control

Women and Guns at the Senate Hearings

Senator Schumer: Legalizing Illegal immigrants won’t be stopped by border security needs

Schwarzenegger calls for 'hip, sexy' environmentalism

Skull & Bones John Kerry News

Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Says Goodbye, For Now

Skull & Bones Kerry is sworn in as Secretary of State

GOP's Brown Won't Run for Kerry's Senate Seat

Kerry to visit Israel during 1st trip in new role'


Israeli - Palestinian War

More Israeli strikes in Syria overnight hit multiple sites: "US has given Israel a green light to carry out additional strikes"

Original IAF strike in Syria hit Iranian Guards

Is Turkey urging Syria to retaliate Israeli strike?

Israeli warplanes conducting 'mock raids' over south of Lebanon

PM Netanyahu Condemns Ankara Terror Attack

Window is closing for two-state negotiations

Hungarian Holocaust Denier Ordered to Visit Auschwitz

Obama Offers Faith Groups New Birth Control Rule

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Map: US bases encircle Iran

Ahmadinejad unveils Iran's newest fighter jet

Monkeying around: Iran's space launch a hoax?

US says Iran steps up Syria support


Syria opposition soft on Israel airstrike

Lebanese army soldiers lose their lives to Syria violence spillover

Syria Activists Claim: Rebel Advance Near Aleppo Airport

Syria envoy says UN Council 'last appeal'

Jordan staggers under fallout of Syria conflict

Mali - Map

President Hollande pledges French withdrawal from Mali - "in time"

French leader makes jubilant trip to Mali to thank his troops battling militants

Mali conflict: UN 'deeply disturbed' by army abuse claims

Sweet Assassin

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children's IQ



If you have a lead or an idea for Daily News Updates, please contact us.

February 1, 2013

A Seat for the Pope at King David's Tomb

Over 1000 Green Berets Pen Letter Supporting Second Amendment: Went viral

Army's special forces set to train in Galveston, Texas

Negotiators talking to Ala. captor through pipe: Described as 'anti-government' with weapons and a assault rifle, a survivalist

67 Percent of Texas Republicans Want Obama Impeached

Hagel Supports Nuclear Disarmament

A Blow to Obama’s Imperial Presidency

Explosion at US Embassy in Turkey: Likely suicide bomb


The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

US takes war on al-Qaeda to N. Africa

US plans drone base in NW Africa

Mali - Map

UN plans new peacekeeping force for Mali

Analysis: France, Africa face tough Sahara phase of Mali war

Options in Mali? What options!

The dangers of intervention in Mali

Malian president offers Tuareg rebels talks

French president to visit Mali this weekend


Syria Says It Has Right to Counterattack Israel

Iranian lawmaker: Syria has a right to retaliate

US warns Syria not to transfer weapons to Hezbollah

As she leaves, Clinton sounds warning over Syria


GOP Senators Introduce Legislation Banning Arms Sales to Egypt

Egypt anti-Morsi protesters rally for 'Friday of Deliverance'

Saving Egypt from anarchy


No excuses for deadly drones

What’s Happening to Yemen’s Forgotten Christians?

Yemen foils attempt to smuggle weapons from Iran to Huthis

Yemen army halts assault aimed at freeing Western hostages


How realistic should school shooting drills be?

HPD Canine Unit Helping with Bomb-Sniffing at the Super Bowl

TSA brings in extra support to handle Super Bowl XLVII crowds

Pot In KMart Store In Seattle Surprises Workers


Israeli - Palestinian War

F-16s 'Fired 8 Missiles, Bunker-Buster at Syria Chemical Site'

Tension in Towns along Northern Syrian Border

UN Demands: Israel Must Withdraw From Judea, Samaria

IAF strike in Syria hit Iranian Guards

UN Chief Concerned Over Alleged Israeli Airstrike

Syria's Chief of Staff Vows: We'll Respond to 'Zionist Aggression'

Hagel Under Fire Over Israel and Iran at Senate Hearing

Hagel says will ensure 'ally' Israel maintains military edge

President Peres set to ask Netanyahu to build next coalition

Yair Lapid tells 'TIME': Peace made with foes, not friends


If you have a lead or an idea for Daily News Updates, please contact us.

If you have a lead or an idea for Daily News Updates, please contact us.

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