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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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March 9, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Has Arsenal of 100 Nuclear Warheads And The Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles To Deliver Them To New York City

Pyongyang: We'll put a torch to New York, Washington, DC, and Chicago: North Korea has supply of 100 nuclear warheads!

N. Korea: U.S. Plotting a Nuclear Attack

North Korea Rejects U.S. Offer of Multilateral Talks

Pentagon Says North Korea May Soon Test Missile

North Korean Fliers Said to Have Sought Hostages

US set for tactical withdrawal in Korea

US media: Telling it like it isn't

Anti-War Activities

Activists Plan Strong Anti-War Strategy

Anti-War Protests Actually Strengthen Bush's War Hand!

Anti-US, Israel Protests Gather Momentum

Thousands Turn Out to Protest, Support Possible War

Iraq War Support Not So Elusive in Congress

Carter Warns Against a U.S. War on Iraq

Corporate Icons Brace for War Backlash

Indonesians crank-up anti-war fervour

Terrorism In The News

Fallout shelters all the rage ... again

Net spreads in Pakistan to capture senior al Qaeda leaders

Khalid: A test for US credibility

Khalid capture: Truths and half truths

Five Suspects Arrested in Spain Accused of Terror Financing

CIA holding young sons of 9-11 mastermind: Boys flown to U.S. in effort to force Mohammed to talk

Feds watch 3 New York City sites on terror list

Denver Man Held in Plot to Attack Gov't Buildings

UN Diplomacy Gives Time To Military To Prepare

U.S., U.K. Appeal to U.N. Security Council

France to Push for Emergency Summit

Bush Prepares for Decisions on Iraq

Bush Gives Commanders Choice of 3/13 or 3/14 To Launch Attack

Iraq-drone bombshell buried in Blix report: Existence of undeclared craft not mentioned during presentation to U.N. Security Council

National Weather

Cold Air Returns to the East

Rain, Mountain Snow Falling Over Northwest

Arctic Air Penetrates the Midwest and Expands into the Northeast

Morbid Valentine Gets Catholic Theology Teacher in Trouble

Moose Won't Delay Release of Beltway Sniper Book

Chelsea Clinton Hits 100-Grand Slam

UK 'babyholic' gives birth to 15th child -- Planning a 16th

Merrill now expects Fed rate cut: Spurred by a surprisingly bad jobless report

Massachusett's red-hot real estate market could end up hurting economy badly


Middle East -- Iraq

Turkey Is Both Feet Back in Northern Front: Was all this delay a ploy to keep Iraq in doubt and confusion?

Out with the US, in with the Turks where major clash will occur between Kurds, Turks: US helpless to intervene

Dozen Iraqi Soldiers Cross Kuwaiti Border, Surrendering: Thought war had already started!

C.I.A. Warning of Terror Risk to G.I.'s in Iraq After Invasion

President Makes Use Of Familiar Phrases: Bush Echoes Father's Words of 1990

New Zealand's Clark and Australia's Howard Agree To Disagree On Iraq War

Israel Intelligence chief: UN veto would not prevent war

Quagmire in northern Iraq deepens as Iranian-backed Shi'ite Troops Arrive, Preparing For 5 times as many to arrive

Paratroopers preparing to seize Baghdad airport: Operation part of 'blitzkrieg' offensive planned by allied commanders

Saudi Arabia Opens Bases to U.S.

Fierce Winds Destroy 17 Army Tents in Kuwait

Pentagon pledges 'no global GPS blackout'

Army's Single Apple Shines in the Desert

Middle East -- Iran

Iran's Nuclear Threat: Said closer to operation of facility to enrich uranium -- This is propaganda, as Iran has bought Pakistani warheads!

Is Iran Ready To Oppose Turkish Troops As They Enter Iraq?

Middle East -- Israel

Israel kills Hamas top military strategist

Hamas vows to kill Israeli leaders in revenge

Enterprising Israelis carve markets out of war anxiety

More than 2,000 Palestinians in Israeli custody

Defense Minister: Israel will 'put its hands on' all terrorists

Israelis resigned to war in Iraq: Overwhelming majority in favour of U.S. attack But people feel a sense of unease and apprehension

Federal Court Throws Out Child Net Porn Law

Lawmakers warily eye gas tax: Cash needed to repair roads, but prices are already high

Anti-gun film wins top award: "Bowling For Columbine"

CNN Shutting Down 'Talk Back Live' To Focus On Hard News

Abortion Doctor Killer Wants To Make A Deal

Photo May Show Missing Shuttle Tiles

"Miss Shooting Range" Crowned In Russian Military: Prettiest Woman In Military

Two Hurt in Mosque Attack in E. Pakistan

Nephew of Pakistani president arrested: Visa expired

GI Joes replace Easter bunnies in retailer's Easter Baskets: Sale of combat toys up

Firms curb workers’ Web access: Some extend restrictions beyond porn, gambling sites

Changing the definition of marriage

Pluto may lose planet status


March 8, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Iraq War Preparations

Iraqi drone 'could drop chemicals on troops' -- Iraqi Drones May Also Target U.S. Cities

Iraq Continues Missile Destruction -- Military Deployment Center

Chief UN inspector says Baghdad may possess 10,000 liters of anthrax

Quagmire in northern Iraq deepens as Iranian-backed Shi'ite troops take up position, immediately prepare for 5 times their number

Kuwait Sandstorms Tough for U.S. Soldiers - Have we waited too long?

Rise of Babylon - Revised -- See Ancient Babylon rising from the ashes, restored to Nebuchadnezzar's glory

A 'third force' awaits US in Iraq: Militant Muslim Brotherhood

Defiant Iraqis prepare for battle . . . and martyrdom

Pentagon: Iraq to be split into 3 sectors

As the storm gathers, one General calls the shots

An Iraqi city buries its dead . . . and waits

Friendly-fire worries still plague military 12 years after Persian Gulf War

Iraq War Diplomacy

'Bribes' pushing UN waverers into support for war

U.S., U.K. Give Hussein Until March 17 to Disarm

Powell's Plea to U.N. Wins Little Support - Tokyo supports U.N. resolution for March 17 deadline

Bush: 'We Are in the Final Stages of Diplomacy'

Niger nuclear documents fake, says UN official: US trying to "frame" Iraq

Hillary given 'pink slip' for weak stance on Iraq war

Hit country song bucks entertainment anti-war trend

Bin Laden Capture To Boost Bush Just Prior To War?

Hunt for bin Laden narrows to caravan

Bin Laden gives Iraq an unlikely unity

U.S. Disputes Reported Capture of Bin Laden Sons

How the net is closing on al-Qaeda

Timing of Attack?

Britain, U.S. Propose 3/17 Iraq Deadline

Flashback: Troops 'told of March 17 invasion'

Plan To Torch Own Oilfields

Plan calls for Arabs to torch their own oilfields

Halliburton wins contract on Iraq oil firefighting

More state troopers headed to northern New York to beef up border patrol with Canada

Two women, not vaccinated for smallpox, develop eye infections from vaccine

Judge dismisses suit over gun-maker liability

Navy Suspends Tests Of Troubled Osprey Airplane

Legislators make peace with Muslim prayer: Cleric returns to worship before attentive Washington state House after snub

Nine years in prison decreed for jihad message of death

Aids panic at Botswana school

College to apologize to Bush for professor who gave extra class credit for students who wrote anti-war letters to Bush

Teen sniper suspect being a bad boy behind bars

Nigerian scam continues to thrive: Cashier’s checks, Iraqi plea add two new flavors to old story

National Weather

Finally, a Brief Taste of Spring Saturday!

Arctic Boundary Brings Snow Fri Night and Sat

Weather Outlook Early Next Week

Big Storm to Slam Northwest Sat Night and Sun

Fast-moving storm causes 100-car pile-up

Bad weather should help some farmers

Israel Strikes Back At Terrorists

Hamas second in command killed in IAF helicopter strike

Hamas claims responsibility for Wednesday bus suicide attack

Jerusalem: Decision to assassinate Hamas leader taken a long time ago

Husband and wife murdered by terrorists Friday night

Arafat accused of genocide

Top Islamic Jihad activist captured overnight in Tulkarm

Man stabs Arab youngster in revenge for Wednesday bombing

Hebron sells itself on terror tourism: Selling the "thrills" of terrorism

Korean Peninsula

Can catastrophic Korean war be avoided?

"Hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." -- Plan To Produce Antichrist

North Korea 'set to test missile'

U.S. Providing N. Korea With Nuke Info: Illuminati always creates and builds up both sides of a conflict!

North Korea 'spokesman' gives US ominous warning

South Korea, in Surprise, Demands U.S. Forces Stay in Place

CIA tracks Japanese 'military' exports to N. Korea

Economic News

New Iraq Deadline Helps Soften Employment Blow

Congressional Budgeters Project Higher Deficits

U.S. Economy Slashes 308,000 Jobs, Unemployment at 5.8 Percent

Jihad warriors back in business: Christians fear regrouping of Indonesian Islamists who slaughtered thousands

Catholic Sex Scandal

Boston area Priests who asked Law to quit are now attacked: Old divisions now reopening

Boston Bishop calls Lent a 'time for healing': But few attend Mass to foster reconciliation

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity''

3 Boston-area priests accused in recent suit are still in parishes

Catholic Jesuits History of Striving For World Domination

Stem Cells Heal a Broken Heart

Celtics game interrupted by ‘prank’: Apparent attack of pepper spray not believed to be serious

Women helping in search for Columbia debris questioned about dead baby found in toilet stall

More Air Force Cadets Speaking Out About Assaults

Pope turns to poetry and pens a best-seller

Duct Tape Wearers Arrested in D.C.: Police thought they looked like suicide bombers

$1.82 Trillion Deficit Predicted in Bush Budget

U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Mugabe and Aides

Terminally ill Mother drives children over cliff

Accused veterinarian horse thief caught red-hoofed

Granny and Grandpa Joins Barbie's World: Mattel creating soap opera type story within their line of Barbie

Four from NH family survive crash of small plane; three others die

Broadway Goes Dark As Actors, Stagehands Honor Strike -- Have Tickets To Refund? Here's How

New York Fire Officials put stop to band's pyrotechnics

Band's tour manager told investigators he had documents related to use of pyrotechnics


March 7, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Embassy advises Australians to leave Israel

Pyongyang: We'll put a torch to New York, Washington, DC, and Chicago: North Korea has supply of 100 nuclear warheads!

Startling Map Showing North Korea's Missile Capabilities

Bush Edges To War

Bush Gives Commanders Choice of 3/13 or 3/14 To Launch Attack

Will Actual Ground Attack Begin on Purim? -- March 17

Bush prepares US for war - Time running short -- Saddam may face 3-day ultimatum

Iraq's U.N. Ambassador: 'War Has Started'

War Estimated to Cost More Than $100 Billion, with No Cap in Sight

Bush: U.S. May Act on Iraq Without U.N. - Democrats Lambaste Bush on Iraq

Britain's Blair beats back MP revolt on Iraq

Bush ready but holding back for Blair's sake

Battle plan for Baghdad - Text of Bush News Conference

Some military reservists will risk jail to resist Iraq duty: Views conflict as being "immoral"

US military draws up list of targets for bombing raids -- US will target 50 top Iraqis for capture or elimination

UN reports US Marines caught cutting fence between Iraq and Kuwait: Would violate international law

Iraq Giving Own Forces Western Uniforms in Ploy

Turkish army presses parliament to accept deployment of US troops - Meanwhile, US truck convoys leave Turkish port for Iraqi border

Bush: Iraq is playing 'willful charade'

Iraq strengthens air force with French parts

UN Diplomatic Wrangling

Britain Floats Compromise Resolution - China says "No"!!

Powell in Diplomatic Push as U.N. Showdown Looms

Where Security Council Members Stand

Blix Disputes Iraq's Claims on Biological Weapons

US dirty tricks to win UN vote on Iraq war

Managed Terror News

Time to capture bin Laden to raise Bush's popularity before Iraq War?

Report: US intelligence may be close to capturing bin Laden

Hunt for Iraqi ‘sleeper cells’

Mohammed predicts terror strikes: U.S. forces in Persian Gulf are targeted

Blueprints for Future Attacks Recovered During Mohammed Arrest: NY Area Said To Be Targeted

Nuremberg-Type Trial Is Eyed for Al Qaeda: Some Half-Dozen Defendants Could End Up in the Same Dock

Iraq War Could Shutter U.S. Monuments

FBI agent says bureau muzzling him: Counter-terror investigator claims Muslim allowed to hinder probes

Thirty Five ‘Terror Groups’ Active In India

Economic Impact

Gov't Predicts Record Gas Prices in April

Nikkei Ends Down 2.7% At New 20-Yr Low

Stocks Pressured by Mixed Data, Political Worries - Falls to 7674

CFR Planned Stocks To Gradually Drop to 7100! - Where's The President?

Snow, War Worries Hurt Retailers

Powell Lists 6 Nations Who Abuse People For Religious Faith: Refuses to list Saudi Arabia!

Another R.I. nightclub fire victim dies, bringing death toll to 99 - Listing of victims

Scientists Claim No Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

Brooklyn School Fights Marine Recruiters On Campus

Dispute Divides Serbian Orthodox Parish: Pastor threatens to shoot incoming church council president

Hundreds of Yellowstone Bison Killed for Roaming

Common Cold Coughs up $40 Billion Annual Cost


Korean Peninsula Rhetoric Escalates

N. Korea Says Bush Remark Signals Strike

N Korea ready for ballistic test-firing: Can easily hit Japanese cities

"Hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

U.S. Considers Withdrawing Troops from South Korea

Bush Wants United Front to Face Down North Korea: Declares that "Direct Talks Have Failed"

Pentagon wants mini-nuke ban to be lifted

U.S. Bombers Reach Guam Amid Crisis - Would do not good unless they unleashed nuclear weapons

N. Korean Fighter Jets Were Nation's 'Flagship' Aircraft

Middle East - Israel

Dangers in Lebanon: Damascus To Be A Heap of Rubble? - Isaiah 17:1

Four more terror victims to be buried today

Sharon: The terror that hit Haifa is the same terror that hit the Twin Towers in NY

Israel to hold positions taken in Gaza to protect against missiles

Arafat names Mahmoud Abbas as Palestinian prime minister

IDF says Gaza casualties caused by Palestinian bomb blast, not tank fire

Air Algerie plane crashes in southern Algeria, at least 97 dead

Two women, not vaccinated for smallpox, develop eye infections from vaccine after touching vaccinated soldiers and then touching their own eyes

Beijing acquires more U.S. technology: Transfer of high-tech equipment result of long-range espionage

1986 statement contradicts Kerry's stand on Irish heritage

Bush Loses Senate Test Vote on Estrada for Federal Appeals Judge

Senate Ratifies U.S.-Russia Nuclear Pact: Missiles are obsolete now!

National Weather News

Boston Area Hit Hard

Multiple crashes close Massachusetts highway as fast-moving storm moves through area - Over 100-car crackup along 10 mile stretch of I-95, Interstate closed for hours

`Total chaos' reigns in storm: Cars pile up by dozens in Attleboro, Massachusetts

Map of Major highway accidents south of Boston: Unprecedented traffic accidents caused by snow and ice storm

Wyoming Whiteout causes accidents, closes interstate

Briton forced to abandon girlfriend to die in blizzard in Southern Utah

Winter Loses Ground Friday and Saturday

Weekend Weather: More Cold Enters Plains

Windy Weather Common in March

Rain reduces fire danger

Moral Collapse Continues

Air Force secretary reports 54 cases of rape, assault at Air Force Academy: Might be tip of iceberg

MSNBC Moving Ahead With Shock Jock Show

Pentagon’s Third Eye: US military has long utilized satanic techniques

Police: Child Porn Found On Principal's Computer

5th Graders Charged With Poison Plot

Girls won't 'go wild' here during Spring Break, Florida mayor says

USD Professor Trying To Erase Stigma Against Transcendental Meditation Experiences

God, Satan, and the Media

Death By Entertainment: How The Media Manipulates

Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink

Great Lakes are at record low depth levels

Drought Update: It's still going strong

India Avalanche kills 16 soldiers and a civilian in Kashmir area




March 6, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Israel Under Attack From Within

Military Buildup - Suicide Attacks Advancing Hand-in-Hand In Middle East

Homicide Bus Blast Kills at Least 16 in Israel -- 2 more victims identified

US teen among Haifa bomb victims - Eight Haifa victims are younger than 18

Bus horror shatters calm in Israel: Suicide blast in seaside town kills at least 15

Psychologists to help out in Haifa schools today to help children deal with loss of comrades in bus blast

Suicide Bomber's Note Praised Attackers of 9/11

Israeli Strike Kills 11 Palestinians in Gaza Camp

IDF seals off West Bank, Gaza

Israel braces for Iraqi war as missile threat recedes

Korean Peninsula - China

Hughes and Boeing Fined $32 Million For Illegally Providing China With Advanced Missile Technology

North Korea May Be Able To Hit US Cities With Ballistic Missiles

US Forces Order of Battle: Korea and Japan -- Table of Organization -- Unit Locations

Taiwan Suddenly Feels Threat From China: 3rd War of Coming World War III

USS Carrier, Carl Vinson: Ordered To Korea to replace Kitty Hawk

China: New Government, Old Policy

Hard Choices On N. Korea

US Forces Japan Order of Battle Table of Organization

Seoul Lives in Shadow of N. Korea's Guns

Knights of the Hell: Hitler's Love For Black Magick Demonstrated. Illuminati today has same vision, same practices, Nazism revived!

Superbug's new strain --MRSA-- thrives outside hospitals and is drug resistant

US dollar hit a new four-year low against the euro - CFR Plans For Dollar To Fall

Fed: Worries Taking Toll on Economy

Cops Reclassify Laci Peterson's Disappearance as Homicide

Teen with AIDS arrested after failing to inform partners of disease

Republicans push partial-birth abortion bill: Why has Bush waited for almost 3 years to push this legislation?

SF Bay area gas prices reach new record: $2.19 gallon

US Supreme Court upholds California's three strikes law

Supreme Court Upholds Internet Sex-Offender Registries

Shuttle Columbia News

First Public Shuttle Hearing Scheduled: Public emphasis will always be on incompetance, miscommunication, and oversight

Columbia Disaster Has Strong Occult "Signature"

Historic Disasters On the 33rd Parallel

NASA faces brain drain as retirements approach

9/11 Victim's Families Severely Critize New Guliani Movie For Being Too Graphic

Bomb Kills at Least Seven in Colombia

Colombia and Venezuela on the Verge of a Diplomatic Conflict

Smallpox compensation proposed: White House backs benefits for workers injured by vaccine

US court to rule on net porn

50 years later: Was Stalin poisoned to avert war with US?

Cuba's Screen Dreams: Hollywood's hits fill Havana's movie theaters. Just don't ask how they got there

Grim Future for World's Water: World water reserves are drying up fast

The Liver Chip : Another human implantable chip

Catholic Bishop calls Lent a 'time for healing': But few attend Mass to foster reconciliation

Boston Globe's Complete Coverage of Sex Scandal

Internet Tax Revolt


Iraq Attack Seems Close

Pentagon Ready to Strike Iraq Within Days if Bush Gives the Word

Troops 'told of March 17 invasion' with bombardment starting 3/13/03 -- Plan continues to come down "by the sacred occult numbers"

Plan is to "Bomb, Bomb, and Bomb" some more

"Where Are The Carriers"?

Bush convenes war Cabinet - U.S. gives Iraq a 'few days'

Turkish Military Head Backs U.S. Troops - Iraq To Face More Smart Bombs

U.S. Orders Two Iraqi Diplomats to Leave - Dawn of the Air-Borne Laser

Army Sends 1st Armored Division to Gulf - Officials Deny New 'E-Bomb'

Russia begins airlift of 700 nationals out of Baghdad

Would-Be Martyrs March Through Baghdad - Saudi Arabia: No Iraqi Refugees

Islamic Summit Rocked as Iraq Slams Kuwait

Bush Enjoys High Popularity Ratings

Stars raise anti-war rhetoric against Bush - U.S. Students Hold Anti-War Rallies

How Anti-War Protests Strengthen Bush

Christian Joy During These Most Difficult Days

Time's Up: Twelve years of propping up Saddam is long enough. Illuminati always creates the enemies it will then destroy

Thousands of Russians volunteer to defend Iraq

If Turkey doesn't relent, U.S. would shift strategy quickly

Woman Offers Bush Crucifixion-For-Peace Deal: Bush would have to personally hammer in the nails

U.N. Diplomacy Rages

Powell: U.S. Ready for War, With or Without U.N. -- U.N. Security Council Scorecard -- Counting the votes

Opposition to new UN Iraq resolution hardens

Statement by France, Russia and Germany on Iraq

China Says It Backs France, Russia Statement on Iraq

Internal Terror Threats

Government Intrusion

As FEMA Prepares To Take Reins of Government During Extreme Crisis, Where Is The President?

"Homeland Security and the Transformation of America" - by Berit Kjos

The Pentagon’s "Third Eye" - Our military has adopted Witchcraft. CIA also

Pentagon plans to build team of spies worldwide

Terror Threats

Congresswoman Compares Osama Bin Laden To US Founding Fathers

New FBI Terror Warning: Arrest of Mohammad could speed attacks as sleeper cells now awaken

Who was hiding al-Qaida sheikh? Found in home of leader of major Pakistani political party

Captured Al Qaida fundraiser sent tens of millions from U.S.

Grenade-Proof Cars in Demand as Insecurity Grows

Suspect: bin Laden Living in Border Area of Pakistan and Afghanistan

Afghan detainees' deaths ruled homicides at US hands

CBS Caught Manufacturing News - Again!

American Actor Faked Saddam's Voice During Dan Rather Interview! Saddam made to say whatever CBS wanted him to say?

Archives: CBS Caught Faking Iraqi Bombing Run in 1998

How The Mass Media Manipulates YOU!

Distracting lies muddy the ground before the missiles start flying: Government disinformation campaign expected to be fierce

Is Chat-Room Speech Protected?

Australian flogged for 'thief wife': Why would any Westerner live in Saudi Arabia?

National Weather

Winter Storm Bringing Snow to S. New England

Northeast Snowfall this Season: Enormous Compared To Last Year!

Stormy Weather Pattern Taking Hold of Northwest

Snow Tends to Melt on Pavement in March

Late-Winter Snowstorm hits the Midwest

U.S. Set for Mobile Game Invasion

Navigating your teen daughter through the gossip wars: Her reputation is easily destroyed

Secret Love Letters to Mussolini Disappear: Someone really loved Mussolini?

By Madonna: Kids' books she just might write




March 5, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

F.E.M.A. Is Poised To Take Dictatorial Powers During National Emergency: Where is the President? What has happened to the President?

Anti-War Sentiments

Pope calls upon Christians to fast today for peace - White House Rejects Pope's Iraq Argument

Pretenders Rocker Urges Followers To Commit Suicide and Shouts That She Hopes The US "Gets What It Deserves" If We Attack Iraq

Teacher's Anti-Bush Pin Stirs Controversy: "Not My President, Not My War"

Screen Actors Guild warns entertainment executives not to pick on anti-war actors

Pro-Military Rallies Get Scant Coverage

Korean Peninsula

U.S. Repositioning Bombers Near North Korea To Deter Aggression

`NK Missile Warhead Found in Alaska’

U.S. May Use Fighter Escorts For Reconaissance Planes Over Korean Peninsula

S. Korea: Roh's Aide Confirms Secret Meeting With N. Korean Official

China Quietly Builds Formidable Sub Fleet

Get ready for a new -- and nastier -- West Nile season - Map

Congo's Ebola outbreak passes 100 cases


Terrorist's Arrest A Serious Blow To al Qaida - Bush

Richard Coffman - A Crippling Blow to al Qaeda

Administration Touts Successes in War on Terror -- Pakistan: Mohammed at U.S. Air Base in Afghanistan

Hot on Osama's Trail -- Was Osama allowed to escape?

Bomb Kills 21, Including an American Missionary, at Philippines Airport

Second bomb shakes Philippines

Bin Laden condemns Saudi 'palace lackeys': Urges release of young warriors from 'treacherous' Arab nations

Saddam calls for holy war against Bush

Feds probe suspicious activity at Norris Dam: Middle Eastern men arrested for using fake IDs after picture-taking incident

Gambling on Private Data Search -- Pentagon taking notice of this new technology and methodology

Britain ready for war on two fronts

Bush: Prescription Plan Won't Privatize Medicare

Lawmakers snub imam's opening prayer: State rep cites Islam's tie to terrorism: 'My god is not Muhammad'

Massachusetts' highest court weighs case to legalize gay marriage

Insects Go Buggy Over Odors

You Can't Make a Monkey Out of Us - Humans, chimps much different after all, new study demonstrates

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution And Prove It Wrong

Jackson put 'curse' on Spielberg: Voodoo rituals, prosthetics and bleaching

Who's Minding the E-Store? FBI routinely seize property allegedly used in the commission of a crime

U.S. To Adopt Stricter Cancer Guidelines for Kids

Deep cuts loom in spending by Catholic Church: Scandal, economy cited in fund-raising shortfall

3 area priests accused in recent suit are still in parishes: Shows nothing of substance has really changed

Iraq Attack Draws Closer

Nuclear Nightmare Scenario: Saddam may provoke Israel into using her nuclear weapons

Distracting lies muddy the ground before the missiles start flying: Government disinformation campaign expected to be fierce

Top General Sees Plan to Shock Iraq Into Surrendering

U.S. plans to make short work of Iraq

U.S. Force Buildup in Gulf Nears 300,000; Force large enough to force several "changes of regimes" in Mid-East

Three More Ships Deploy From Norfolk

Army Limits Re-up Options -- Deployment Center

Roster of Reserve and National Guard Call-ups: Requires Acrobat

Inside Iraq - The Tragedy of a People Betrayed

Destroying missiles would be to 'sign death warrant', says Iraq

Blair: My Christian conscience is clear over war

Iraq Diplomacy

Russia warns allies against imposing democratic values -- Russia Seeks To Stymie UN Security Council Vote As She Increases Her Opposition to US Attack

Muslim leaders mull Iraq crisis

White House: Time to'Be Counted' on Iraq

75% of Britons back war

Iraq: A double veto?

Rumsfeld denies Iraq disarming -- US Embraced Saddam: Picture shows Rumsfeld warmly shaking hands with Hussein! Is that a Masonic handshake?

UN leaders draw up secret blueprint for postwar Iraq: US forces will hand over three months after Saddam is defeated


Bus explosion kills at least 10 in northern city of Haifa

One Dead in Israel Air Force Plane Crash

US Jewish Groups Refuse To Condemn Sharon For Including Groups Whbose Platform Openly advocates the "transfer" of the Palestinians

3 Palestinians killed; Israel denies targeting Hamas political leaders

12-year-old Palestinian boy's martyrdom 'staged'

US, Russia And China Expressed Concern Over Israeli Incursions Into Palestinian Territory

US condemns deadly Gaza raid -- Israeli Cabinet meets amid economic woes, US rebuke

World Bank criticises Israel for its forced closures of Palestinian cities and towns

Uprising deepens Israeli recession

Israeli Troops Demolish Home of Suicide Bomber's Family in W. Bank

Failure to revoke doctor's license draws fire: Senior surgeon was jailed for ordering the beating of woman carrying his child

Palestinians Look To South Africa As Constitutional Model As They Prepare Their Own Constitution: Will it include right to abortion?

Attorney General: No charges in 9-year-old Nicaraguan girl's abortion

Privacy Activist Takes on Delta Airlines Over Privacy Invasion of Background Checks of Passengers

National Weather

Eastern Storm Snowfall Tue Night and Wed

Northeast Storm Profile Wednesday

Strong Thunderstorms In Deep South Wednesday

Storm Sparks Showers Across the Southwest

Meteorological Winter is About to End

Emergency funds needed for storm cleanup

Aspirin hailed in battle to fight off risks of mouth and throat cancer

Reunited, Feels So Good: Twin sisters separated as infants, find each other at 20

Jews saved Saddam from abortion: 'We weren't talking about killing a dictator but a fetus'


March 4, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Middle East Escalates

Iraq War

Mid East-Gulf Region Braces for War and Terror: Armed forces of every nation in region go on "eve-of-war" high readiness

Iranian Brigades Deploy in Kurdish Iraq: Forces there to checkmate Turkish invasion - C/Edge Predicted This Weeks Ago!

War May Result In Turkey Sliding Into Camp of Muslim Militants: Prophecy demands Turkey must fall to militants!

US Orders 60,000 More Men to Gulf -- Severe Problems with a 'painless' war: Serious revelations

U.S. Aides Dismiss Moves by Baghdad: Newest deployment brings 250,000 men to Gulf, the "magic number"

US forces will go it alone to Baghdad

Iraqi missiles now within striking distance of U.S. forces - Allied warplanes start the 'unofficial war'

U.S. says war won't stop until Saddam goes -- Inside Saddam's military elite

Kuwait willing to take extra troops since Turkey has refused them

U.S. troops prepared for chem-bio weapons

US warplanes strike five targets in southern Iraq

Propaganda war: UK denies civilian death claims by Iraq

UK army to command some US troops in case of war

Senator Hillary Clinton Flip-flops, Now Supports Bush For War


"Christian Aid" argues US has not made case for Iraq attack!

White House says it will attack Iraq with or without Security Council authorization

Iran offers plan to end Iraq crisis that includes UN-supervised elections

Allies pour scorn on Canadian proposal

Pope's peace envoys leaves for Bush meeting

Saddam says US will be defeated if it attacks Iraq

Iraq Destroys Six More Missiles

Six of 10 in US back Bush plan to disarm Iraq

Waiting for all hell to break loose - Turkey risks losing $6 billion

Israel - Full Alert Within 24 Hours

IAF Deputy Commander Killed As Light Transport Plane Crashes: Multiple crashes last few days plaguing air force as Israel prepares for all-out war

Germans help protect Israelis from poison agent

Arafat considers Palestinian billionaire as prime minister

Harsh criticism from Washington over Israel's latest Gaza raid

Hamas co founder one of six nabbed in IDF operation in central Gaza

US to give IDF access to Pentagon communications network

Hezbollah's new computer game: Players take target practice on Sharon, Israeli leaders

Harry Potter A Symptom of Religious Fiasco

Harry Potter called "Christ-like": Minister compares boy wizard
to Jesus in new book

Harry Potter Video - Politically Correct Paganism

Harry Potter and the Bible

Why are Christians losing America? "Millions of undiscerning Christians"!

"Gospel Overrides The Bible": Key disastrous element in current church apostasy

Bush Gets Away With Claiming To Be Christian

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words": Part 1 - "Bitter Fruits as President"

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words": Part 2 - Anti-Christian Politics

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words": Part 3 - King Habbakuk Compared To President Bush, both combatting potential national disaster

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words": Part 4 -- Even Adolf Hitler claimed to be Christian! His testimony more believeable than Bush

Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) Radiation Map of Cosmos Is A Defineable Sphere -- Not limitless - Bible says God exists above the created universe

Klez Virus Won't Stop Making Net Rounds

Spirit of Baal Loosened Upon World!

Mardi Gras Revelers Fight Drenching Rain and Cold

Carnival goers revel in Rio

Spirit Behind Mardi Gras and Rio's Carnaval is Baal!!

Korean Peninsula Escalates

North Korean Jets Intercept U.S. Spy Plane Over Sea of Japan: Radar locks on like fighter is going to shoot down spy plane

North Korean jets lock on U.S. aircraft

U.S. to Protest N. Korean Jets Intercepting U.S. Spy Plane

Interception of U.S. Spy Plane Raises Nuclear Tension

U.S., South Korea launch war game amid tension

North Korea: U.S. Attack Will Produce 'Nuclear Disasters'

Does North Korea have inside info for cyberwar? Linux fans cheer Microsoft deal with China

Congress Abdicates! Rep. Hyde's TREASONOUS RESPONSE to the Constitutionalist Rep. Ron Paul

Economic Impact

Economic Apocalypse is nigh, Buffett tells Berkshire faithful

Gas prices move ever higher: Prices at the pump are highest since May 2001

Terrorism In The News

European Fears of the Gathering Jihad

U.S. Questions Al Qaeda's Mohammed, Suspects Plots - Arrest of Comrade Led To Mohammed's Capture

Al-Qaeda interrogation 'yields results': Euphemism for torture?

Pakistanis angry over U.S. capture of al Qaeda suspect

Latest Capture Doesn't Change War on Terror Criticism

Arrest puts al-Qaeda network at risk

Bush: Al Qaeda Capture Shows War on Terror Is Succeeding

Feds Examine Evidence From Mohammed's Hideout

Martin Sheen: NBC Execs Don't Like Anti-War Stance

New Treasury Office Will Help Cut Terrorists Off From Their Funding

World's most elusive terrorists go on trial: Judge orders bullet-proof cages

Teen suspended over twin towers T-shirt

At least 16 dead in Philippines blast

Magazine Charges That Michael Jackson Casts Voodoo Hexes Against His Enemies

Ugly sentiments sting American tourists: "Yankee Stay Home"!

U.S. gives Saudi Christian persecution a pass: Kingdom conspicuously absent from State's list of worst violators

Saudis funded Bali bomb blast

Gaddafi angry at 'humiliation': Saudi prince threatens Gaddafi: 'You are a liar and your grave lies ahead of you'

Britain's Blair offers IRA amnesty

Stupidity should be cured, says DNA discoverer - One more reason to force an abortion once analysis reveals child in womb is going to have sub-par intelligence!

Famous faces jog amnesiac's lost memory

Time to throw out 'myth' of recycling -- Filling landfills where refuse will remain for a thousand years or more

Pentagon Chooses 'Light Benches' for 9/11 Memorial

National Weather

Weather Pattern This Week

Dec 2002-Feb 2003 Precipitation Departures

Storm Bringing Snow to Midwest, Great Lakes, New England

It's cold and pipes are breaking in Northeast

Great Lakes are at record low depth levels

Drought Update: It's still going strong

So Many Security Holes, Such Industrious Experts, So Few Hacks

Hysterical Review of France's Ineptness In Fighting Wars




March 3, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

"Let no one delude and deceive you with empty excuses and groundless arguments [for these sins], for through these things the wrath of God comes: [Ephesians 5:6]

World Prayer Call Built On Occult Numbers '333' -- Part 1 - May be a "Jacob's Ladder", "Stong Delusion" Event!

Spirit of Baal to pour forth?

The Urgent Call To Prayer On 03.03.03: More Charismatic Chaos -- Part 2

"Deception In The Church" Understands This Issue

Worldwide prayer urged on 03-03-03: Christians asked to petition God about Iraq war at 3:33 p.m - Jeremiah 33:3 quoted

Tied In With Charisma News Service: Christians asked to pray for 3 minutes

Israel Cracks Down

Sharon okays IDF ssault on Hizbullah rockets in event of Iraq war

Arafat: Israel started Iraq war to mask transfer, settlement expansion

Israel steps up deployment of Patriot missile interceptors: We continue to be lied to about anti-missile capabilities!

Sharon Sets Three Goals for Final Term: Balance of Power in region about to be forever changed!

On Iraq's border, Turkey's 'Marranos' Jews fear for their lives

Shin Bet thwarts Hamas plot to bomb Sharon convoy

Palestinians blast their 'treacherous' Arab leaders

BGU scientist develops method to detect, clean contaminated water

Syria discreetly pulls 4,000 troops from Lebanon: Tension-reducing moves may have link to an Iraq war

Bush Launches Homeland Security

California's anti-war stance doesn't reflect most of America

Toyota Says French Car Plants 20% More Efficient Because French Care More About Their Work Than Americans

Cannibalism In Medical Industry

Man Slain For His Organs! To satisfy Black Market Demand

New Cannibals Have Taken Control Of Our Medical Industry

Signs of the Times In America: Sex, Violence, Cannibalism -- Satan's Trinity Running Amok

The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People -- Book from former Holocaust survivor

Resistant-bacteria reports cause alarm: Boston joins Los Angeles and San Francisco

Nightclub Fire Death Toll Increases to 98

R.I. Nightclub Fire Claims May Total $1 Billion: Not much money to pay that kind of tally

"Non-Lethal" Tear Gas May Violate Treaties

Judge: US Airways can end pilot's pension plan to enable company to emerge from bankruptcy

National Weather

Arctic Air Brings Drastic Change to the East

Extreme weather on the rise

Clipper to Bring Snow to Midwest, Great Lakes, New England

Water supply getting a boost from winter

Soggy Weather Continues Along Gulf Coast

Arctic Blast Sparks Snow Over Rockies

Climate change boosting flood and drought: experts

Appellate Court Rules Media Can Legally Lie! No wonder we never get the truth on Mass Media!

Death By Entertainment: How The Media Manipulates

Scientists Get First Close Look At Stardust

Being fat makes you more stupid - but only if you're a man - Extreme obesity in men reduces blood circulation in brain

Military programs reinforce family ties

Iraq War Said Inevitable

War In 10 Days! Or Less! -- Animals Ready For War

Israel won't be involved in Iraq war: Right! Prophecy says Iraq to be destroyed by armies from afar off

North Korea's Kim Offers Asylum To Saddam: Shows link between Iraq and North Korea

Is Scalar Weaponry Defining The Prophetic Lineup of Nations?

140,000 US, UK Troops Deployed in Kuwait

Arab League Delegation Fans Out To World Capitols To Plead Peace

Iraq Threatens to Stop Missile Destruction If U.S. Plans War

Turkey's Rejection of US Troop Plan Forces Military To Move To "Plan B" In Plan To Invade Iraq

Turkish Lawmakers May Reconsider American Presence -- Again

Britain's Hospitals and churches put on war footing

US cashing in on money muscle, trying to force nations to vote for war in UN Security Council

Kuwait, Bahrain Join UAE Call for Hussein to Step Down

Saddam prepares for final siege: Iraq plans to withstand coming attack on Iraqi capital for days, weeks, months

US warplanes face down Iraqi jet in Saudi airspace

Saddam 'killed missile chief' to thwart UN team

Baghdad reveals location of nerve agent and anthrax

Mexico Seeks Peaceful Resolution in Iraq

The Cost of NOT Going To War

Korean Peninsula

N. Korea Warns of Disaster if Attacked

Missile development is a sovereign right: N Korea

Castro Offers to Mediate N. Korea Crisis

Terror News Continues

Terrorists aim at Pearl Harbor

Biggest Catch Yet: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, a.k.a. ‘The Brain,’ was planning horrific new attacks on the United States

UCF visiting professor has ties to terrorism suspect

Al Qaida leader assassinated in Lebanon; PLO blames Israel

New York Suspends Muslim Prison Chaplain For Sending Money To Iraq


Bush - Most Faith-Based President

Bush And God

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - Part 1 - Bush and His Faith

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - Part 2 - Anti-Christian Fruits

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - Part 3 - King Hezekiah versus President Bush

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - Part 4 - Adolf Hitler claimed to be Christian and his testimony is better than Bush!

Rape Scandal Jars Military Town: Colorado Springs

Texas lawmakers consider a number of bills affecting gay rights

Aborted baby pain bill fails on second vote in Montana legislature

'Frankenfish' may soon be on store shelves; Genetically altered fish

Beaming Video at Speed of Light - Visible Light Spectrum technology making debut

Nevada considers tax on hookers' income in state's legal brothels

Pentagon spy database funding revealed

Wooden Pencil: World's favorite writing tool refuses to be erased

Polls show U.S. prefers silent stars

What Does Our New American Empire Cost?


March 2, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

"Let no one delude and deceive you with empty excuses and groundless arguments [for these sins], for through these things the wrath of God comes: [Ephesians 5:6]

World Prayer Call Built On Occult Numbers '333' -- Part 1 - May be a "Jacob's Ladder", "Stong Delusion" Event!

Spirit of Baal to pour forth?

The Urgent Call To Prayer On 03.03.03: More Charismatic Chaos -- Part 2

"Deception In The Church" Understands This Issue

Worldwide prayer urged on 03-03-03: Christians asked to petition God about Iraq war at 3:33 p.m - Jeremiah 33:3 quoted

Tied In With Charisma News Service: Christians asked to pray for 3 minutes

Spirit of Baal Loosened

Related Article: New Orleans Braces for Slow Mardi Gras

Have a blast at Carnaval: In northeast Brazil, run-up to Lent is more than spectator sport

Violence casts shadow over Brazil's Carnival: Gangs throwing firebombs, shooting at people

"Spirit of '333' Loosened!

Promise Keepers: Men's National Day of Prayer

Prayer Transformation Ministries

Prayer and Praises Forum

Christian Iowa Coalition

Seventh Day Adventists: Lake Region Conference

Monday's Numbers Total Worldwide Prayer: All denominations responding positively to call for prayer!

Ruamrudee High School

Catholic's Call To Prayer ENDS on 3/3/03

Florida Prayer Network Watchmen: Calls for 3/3/03 Prayer!

Vine To Branch Issues Urgent Call To Prayer

Jesus And You: Urgent Call For 03-03-03 To Be A "Worldwide Day of Prayer? "the Lord will most gratefully receive every minute of prayer you give to Him" - Sounds Catholic

Israel Installs New Government

New Foreign Minister, Shalom, promises to work for peace

New Finance Minister, Netanyahu, rejects finance director's resignation

New Justice Minister, Lapid, vows to protect rule of law as he takes over Justice Ministry

"No" to a Palestinian state in Israel - Arafat: Israel inciting Iraqi war

Police arrest Palestinian who claims to be Arafat's adopted son

New Gaza gunbattle erupts

Were American diplomats murdered by Arafat? 30 years later, 'smoking gun' still hidden by U.S, says ex-NSA op

Palestinians move to create prime minister post but Arafat may resist

Economic News

Rising oil prices could sink economy running on empty

Iraq Specter Continues to Haunt Wall Street

Time To Get Out of Gold? Reality of US-led invasion could spark a sell-off, sending prices down quickly

Economy Grows at 1.4 Percent Pace in Final Quarter of 2002

Defense Stocks Get Little Lift From War Talk

Pessimism in bulk for BJ's Warehouse: With economy troubled, why isn't BJ's making more money?

"Global Jihad"

U.S. Takes Custody of Two Terror Suspects, Including Alleged Sept. 11 Mastermind

Profile: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

Bush Celebrates Capture of Mohammed

Status of Major Al Qaeda Members

U.S. Checking New Arrivals for Radiation

Man on New Orleans Flight Is Arrested

Ex-Agents: FBI Enlists Violent Informants

The Anti-Anti-Americans: Central Europeans may be wary of the Bush administration's war plans, but they're not at all wary of the United States

Massachusetts Authorities try to reassure homeless vets after Governor Romney cut funding

Weather In The News

Extreme Weather On The Rise

Cold Weather Pattern Continues Across the North

Clipper to Bring Snow to Midwest, Great Lakes, New England

Sun Angle Helps March Temperatures Rise

Study: Hollywood Gives USA a Bad Name

Scientists Plan Iraqi Wetland Project To Restore "Garden of Eden"

Royal Test-Tube Baby Imminent: Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex trying to start family


Iraq War News

U.S. Is Now Striking Iraqi Missiles Near Kuwait - Arab states paralysed by fear of their people and the US -- "War will open the gates of hell"

After Fractious Arab League Meeting, Leaders Say They Oppose War on Iraq

US Embraced Saddam: Picture shows Rumsfeld warmly shaking hands with Hussein!

U.N.: Iraq War Could Create 600,000 Refugees

Iraq destroys more Al Samoud 2 missiles - U.N. Confirms Al Samoud Destruction

UAE Appeal on Saddam's Fate Draws Mixed Reactions

Human shield Britons quit Baghdad - Iraqi troop deployment

Teens Conflicted over war: Young people sound off on pros, cons of the Iraq issue

Russian parliament speaker blasts U.S.

War A Boon For Gambling Addicts

Iraq's Assyrian Christians once again wary of their future

US "Dirty Tricks"?

Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war: Secret document details American plan to bug phones and emails of key Security Council members

US plan to bug Security Council: The Text

Turkey Drops Bombshell

Turkish Parliament Nullifies Vote on U.S. Deployment: Parliament says "NO" to allowing 62,000 US forces on their soil

Turkey 'still friends' with U.S., asserts Turkish Prime Minister

U.S. Looks at Alternative War Plans Without Turkey

Saddam's oil $$ flow faster and faster into Turkey

Turkish refusal hampers US war plans: But contingency plans had already been created in case Turkey balked

Korean Peninsula

Pakistan bartered N-technology to N Korea for missiles! - N. Korea got nuclear warhead technology from Pakistan, if not outright bombs

Steep price tag expected for victory in N. Korea: War would be 'military's nightmare,' expert says

North Korea: U.S. Attack Will Produce 'Nuclear Disasters'

Fears Grow As Koreans Increase Nuclear Activities

South Korea Warns of 'Calamity' From Nuclear Standoff

Is North Korea Involved In Drug Trade? Addicts In Japan Said To Be Target

Shuttle Columbia News

NASA Video Shows Happy Final Moments Aboard Columbia: Only one of 250 videos that survived

NASA Debated Shuttle Risks for Five Days

NASA chief denies request to reassign agency personnel from investigation board

Columbia Disaster Contains Strong "Occult Signature"

Are Terror Alerts Reason for Hysteria?

Israeli businessman held in US prison for smuggling missile parts to China

RI Nightclub Disaster News

R.I. Victims' Families Seek Compensation

Lawyer: Foam seller never warned of fire risk

Friends bid farewell to 22 victims

Bush - Most Faith-Based President

Bush And God

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - Part 1 - Bush and His Faith

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - Part 2 - Anti-Christian Fruits

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - Part 3 - King Hezekiah versus President Bush

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Words" - Part 4 - Adolf Hitler claimed to be Christian and his testimony is better than Bush!

Mel Gibson’s Passion for Jesus: Catholic actor creating movie about Jesus' last 12 hours of life

India, Pakistan Kashmir Dispute Flares Up Again

Ex-President Clinton Tapped for Jury Duty

Tourist train crash kills 17 in Taiwan

U.S Olympic Committee chief executive Lloyd Ward resigned

Airport bans toy gun comic

Episcopal Devotion To "The Jesus Prayer" Using A "Prayer Rope" That Surely Looks Like A Rosary

US May Send Global Tobacco Pact Up In Smoke



March 1, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

"Take Heed, That Ye Be Not Deceived"

World Prayer Call Built On Occult Numbers '333' -- May be an Antichrist Event!

Worldwide prayer urged on 03-03-03: Christians asked to petition God about Iraq war at 3:33 p.m - Jeremiah 33:3 quoted

Tied In With Charisma News Service: Christians asked to pray for 3 minutes

Gather The Women Also Participating March 3-8

Korean Peninsula - 2nd War

South Korea's Roh Warns of Possible 'Calamity' From Nuclear Standoff

North Korea Situation Keeps Getting More Ugly

South Koreans rally against North

B-52 Bombers Deployed As Warning To North Korea

Radioactive Material Stolen in Nigeria: Could be used to make dirty bomb

NASA to release video of astronauts' final minutes in cockpit; tape found weeks ago

Selling danger by the bottle

FDA Proposes Warnings for Ephedra; Ban Still in Question

"Global Jihad"

Report: Islamists planning 'large attack': Assault on American targets to coincide with Iraq action

Al-Qaida tied to Iran intelligence, military: Defector: Models of WTC, Pentagon at Tehran spy base

FBI acknowledges its plane is circling Indiana town

Pentagon Backs Away From Plan to Commit Troops to Combat in Philippines

NATO: Rejects Talk of Moving Troops

Pagan Viewpoint: Humans Just Animals

PETA Campaign Enrages Jewish Group: Compares livestock suffering to Holocaust victims!

Group blasts PETA 'Holocaust' project

Court refuses to reconsider Pledge ruling: Maintains decision that 'under God' an unconstitutional endorsement

Train Overturns in Taiwan, Killing 15

Judge says "sorry" after jailing rapist for too long

U.S. threatens to sue California for using gun database

Teen suspect "confesses" to shootings, prosecutors claim

Kentucky Bible College gets 666 prefix removed

UK Widow Wins New Battle Over Dead Husband's Sperm

‘Nobody Ever Followed Up’: Neighbors Say Police Ignored
Sightings of Laci Peterson

US Air Force Academy Will Not Re-open Assault Charges

Gunmen kill 2 near U.S. office in Pakistan

Mississippi Klansman Found Guilty of 1966 Murder

Execution clemency request based on Gulf War illness

Middle East - First War


For U.S. troops, baptism before fire: Many Marines finding religion before battle begins -- Christian Joy during these most difficult times

War Headlines In Middle East

Text of John Brady Kiesling's Letter of Resignation to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell -- MUST READ!!!

Ivanov: Russia ready to veto U.S.-British resolution on Iraq to protect `international stability'

Pakistan Seen Likely To Vote With Bush In UN

Iraqi Official Says Missiles Are Destroyed -- Blix Report: Disarmament 'Limited So Far'

Iraqi Scientist Interviewed Privately

Arab states paralysed by fear of their people and the US -- "War will open the gates of hell"

Iraq Warns Kurds: When US bombs fall, we will gas you!

Saddam's Chemical Belt Around Baghdad

British Begin Troop Buildup in Kuwait

This is the stuff of great powers, right?

Arab Leaders Hold Summit In Egypt; Discuss Iraq (UPDATE)

United Arab Emirates leader calls on Saddam to step down

US Tells Reporters: Run Out Of Iraq NOW!

Is war the best way to handle Iraq?

Pentagon lists war crimes for al Qaida and Iraqi officials

Col. Hackworth: War plans against Iraq began BEFORE 9/11

The Two Iraqs in the American Mind: The real Iraqi army about to be revealed

Bush Spreads Wings Over The World

Israel Prepares

Official: "IDF will work to remove the threat from Hizbullah on the northern border"

New Sharon government to start work next Tuesday

Bush may shift on Mideast policy: President apparently siding with Israel’s Sharon

Syria slams new Israeli government

Wiesel says Saddam must be confronted

High Profits of Terror

Billionaires: Kings, Queens & Despots -- Arafat worth $300 million while his people starve; Hussein worth $2 billion

PA finance minister denies secret Arafat accounts, says no money used for terrorism

Suspects acquitted of murdering Christians: Court in Egypt lets 92 connected to deadly violence off the hook

Anti-War Activities

Maine teachers warned: Watch anti-war talk in classroom

War Protestors: "Nudie no-go"

War Protesters Take Capitol by Phone

Bioterrorism Test Set for Rural Oklahoma

INS report shows few deportations

New York, Houston grilled about 'sanctuary' policies

171 nations reach smoking control treaty

Top San Francisco police indicted for 'Obstruction of Justice'

Cash-Strapped California Holds eBay Sale

RI burned nightclub's owners bought flammable soundproofing

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