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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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March 22, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - "Wars and rumors of wars" - Matthew 24:6

Breaking News

Two Russian Aircraft Deliver over 40 Tons of Humanitarian Aid for Iraqi Refugees to Kermanshah -- But, Iran Says No Sign of Major Iraqi Refugee Movements

Question: Is this a cover for Russian protection for Iran? The two countries do have a Mutual Defense Treaty, and U.S. is coming after Iran next

U.N. Envoy: N. Korea Readying for War, Worried Washington May Target It Next -- Maurice Strong is top Illuminist says he was "conveying guidance and information". Marching orders?

Iraq Sets Oil-Filled Trenches Ablaze Around Baghdad - 10:25am Est

Protesters march on Skull & Bones tomb -- These people know Bush is a "Bonesman", a member of the International Brotherhood of Death Society!

IST14:30 US command: Nasiriya has fallen: Troops surge across bridges to Baghdad

Russian Defense Ministry Deploys Jets to Monitor U.S. Spy Plane Flying Near Russian Border

Pentagon Says Misguided Missiles May Have Hit Iran

Huge Plumes of Smokes Rising Along Baghdad's Southern Horizon

Iran Complains of Airspace Violations by Coalition Warplanes

Turkey Now Denies That 1,000 Troops Crossed Into Iraq

Pope says war 'threatens humanity'

Iraq Baghdad Military Action

Middle East War and Diplomatic Recap - 5:30am

U.S. Gen. Franks promises Iraq war 'unlike any other in history'

"Shock and Awe" Comes On 3/21, Bloody Day of Sacrifice In The Occult

Battling Towards Baghdad: 33rd Parallel Target

Map Showing Military Action -- Bush's Deal With The Devil?

Day Three of Iraq War - March 21, 2003

Events Continue To Unfold "By The Numbers" As The U.S. Launches Drive To Baghdad

Saddam May Flood Rivers To Defend Baghdad

Iraqi Environment Defenseless Before Warring Forces

U.S. Has 'Just Begun the Next Phase ' of Attacks on Iraq

In Baghdad, 'Chemical Ali' believed killed by U.S.

Pentagon: Soldiers of Iraq's Rag-Tag 51st division surrender to Allied forces

Weekend Weather in The Middle East

Middle East Turns Unsettled Early Next Week -- 50mph dust storms could limit troops

Putin Calls the Attack a Big Political Mistake

Korean Peninsula

U.N. Envoy: N. Korea Readying for War, Worried Washington May Target It Next -- Maurice Strong is top Illuminist says he was "conveying guidance and information". Marching orders?

N.Korea says Iraq war part of U.S. attack plan on her territory

Chinese press lambasts US-led war, warns it has set a dangerous precedent


Palestinian protesters call on Saddam to 'burn Tel Aviv'

Israel may lower alert after west Iraqi areas seized

Israel rejects reports that roadmap will be presented in three weeks

Israel still on alert: 'We don't know what's going on in Baghdad'

High-Tech Device: Arabic In, English Out

Blair puts brave face on EU differences

Iraqis Arrested in Colorado for Sending Funds to Iraq

Blasts Go off at Kosovo Police Station in Simultaneous Attacks


Iraqi Military Action Elsewhere

U.S., British Forces Stream Toward Basra --World War 3 To Come From Event In Basra, Iraq? 1933 Demonic Vision of H.G. Wells

Battle For Iraq May Not Be Pushover It Appears

Saddam waiting to engage allied troops on ground: Where he feels he would have upper hand

'Dead bodies are everywhere' ... Saddam's first martyrs lost

U.S. Marines Say Still Iraqi Resistance in Umm Qasr

US races against time and sandstorms

With war under way, Bush leaving details to advisers

A battle waged on Iraq's airwaves: Broadcasts, leaflets part of direct approach in psychological operations

US warplanes have started using Turkish airspace

Jordan opens up Iraq's western front

Thousands of troops request Bibles

British Helicopter Collision Kills One American, Six Britons

Experts: River crossings are doable

Terrorism - Code Red Alert Is Coming

Gary Hart: Code Red is coming

Some Schools Will Not Allow Parents To Pick Up Their Children -- Nationwide Plan? - Israeli parents choose to keep kids close to home - and out of school

Oregon readies for red alert: Expect searches and restrictions in public buildings

Terrorism alerts by color

S.C. Plans National Guard Patrols, Special Teams Patrolling Streets, Highways

FBI Issues Alert for Suspected Terrorist

Iraqi terrorists head to U.S. via Mexico?

Borders, nuclear plants, airports on alert; FBI searching for Iraqi 'sleeper cells'

Critics Blast Cuban Crackdown - Say arrests timed to attack in Iraq

Global Protests

Furious Arabs Protest Invasion of Iraq

Muslim world reforming - the wrong way - Toward radicalism

Anti-War Groups Throw Punches, Debris

Protesters Trash Grounds Around Rumsfeld's Home

Demonstrators around the world

Stocks Jump Amid Massive Air Assault on Iraq

Oil Prices Plunge as Key Iraq Oil Fields Secured

Northwest Airlines to Cut 4,900 Jobs, Idle 20 Planes -- Get ready for nationalization of airlines

CDC: 22 in U.S. now suspected of having mystery illness

Rhode Island to pursue new trial against lead paint industry

Laughs Key to Terror Survival Kit

New twist in Martha Stewart probe

Catholic Rev. Twomey apologizes for past sins

When a Gun Is More Than a Gun - Thermobaric blast being designed to be shot out of a rifle

Armoured limos for Oscars

National Weather

Thousands Still Trapped in Their Colorado Houses After Record Storm

Severe T-Storms Expected Along East Coast

Big Northwest Storm!

Updated Weekend Weather Outlook

Early Spring Floods - Why they so often occur


March 21, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Iraq -- Excellent Map

Massive Baghdad "Shock and Awe" Bombardment Under Way, Friday Night

Bloody Attack: Just as would be expected on Spring Equinox as explained in "Events Continue By Occult Numbers"

Air War -- "A-Day" Has Begun!

War Tracker -- Lastest Briefing -- Video

U.S. Used MOAB Air-Fuel Bomb

Saddam Survived: Video from Iraq

Iraqi Chemical Warhead Shells Might Be Ready To Be Used Against US troops

Vital Iraq port taken by allies

War News Roundup -- 11:00am 3/21/03

Breaking News

Korean Peninsula

KCNA Warns of Possible Nuclear War on Korean Peninsula -- More news

N.Korea says Iraq war part of attack plan on her

Iraqi Military Operation

Intense sand, dust storms due in Iraq next week 50-mph wind gusts could limit troops -- Facts About Sand Storms

What American Generals Fear in Iraq -- Sandstorm Envelops As Troops Wait To Advance

Russian Radio Intercepts Paint Different Picture

Big Sandstorm, 'Kuwaiti Crud,' Clogs the Lungs and Stops the Convoys

China May Have Supplied Iraq With Missile Capable of Evading Either Arrow or Patriot Anti-Missiles!

Temperatures Already Approaching 90F: If troops forced to fight with chemical suits on, many will die of heat

Helicopter crash kills 16; first coalition casualties in war on Iraq

U.S. Marines Prepare to Move on Basra, Opening Southern Front

U.S. offensive gets carefully chosen name: 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'

Oil well sabotage raises environmental fears

U.S. forces already 150 km inside Iraq

Pilots describe the first night of war: A night so clear they could see streetlights near their target

Land, sea and air assault: Rumsfeld promises "Force never seen before"

Tanks roll - Gussied Up Patriots Debut in Iraq

Analysis: Iraqi army no pushover

Was it the real Saddam? U.S. evasive -- Why would Saddam be stupid enough to be "sleeping" above ground, when he has a $150 million bunker designed against nuclear bomb?

STRATEGY: U.S. tries to avoid house-by-house battle for Baghdad

U.S. braces for 'massive' Turkish intervention in northern Iraq -- Turkey authorizes troops to move across border

Iraqi Kurds say Kirkuk will be strongly defended

Hundreds Surrender To Allied Forces

Iraqi State Radio Replaced with U.S. Psyop Broadcast

Secret "e-bomb" _ which can disrupt electronics _ appears ready for battlefield test in Iraq

American Administration Uses Saddam to Demonstrate its Force: Relations between the United States and Iraq used to be just fine

Americans Advance for Basra Oil: British officials say that a larger operation is about to start

30 oil wells ablaze -- US cavalry charges towards Baghdad

Targets in Baghdad left in flames: Saddam's palace goes dark -- Meet Air Force's 'Palace Buster'

Turkey In Disarray: Airspace Disagreement Delays U.S. Flights

GPS satellite network goes to war

Anti-War Protests

Russia: Pundits puzzle over Putin's anti-war stance

US Anti-War Protests Flare, More Than 1,000 Arrests

San Francisco protesters stage a 'vomit in'

Protesters jam Boson's city streets

Iraqis Kill Marine Near Iraq Oil Field

Madonna’s New Video Depicts Crying Iraqi Women: Pop star stated that she is pro-peace

Unease, resolve, outrage as U.S. begins first stages of Iraq war

Hate War, But Love Our Warriors

Anti-war protesters clash with ISF at British Embassy: Security forces struggle to contain demonstrations

Argentine Football Star, Maradona against the War: "Bush is a Criminal"

American flag flies upside down, ribbons for troops trampled at UC Berkeley Protest

Montreal hockey fans boo Star-Spangled Banner

Colonel Hackworth: Draft might have stopped Bush's march to unilateral war!

Vietnam Veteran Defends the Protesters - Dissenters are not Anti-American!

Economic News

United Airlines putting workers on leave

House OKs GOP Budget With Bush Tax Cut




C/Edge Analysis

Events Continue To Occur "By the Numbers" -- Occult Numbers As The US Rushes To Baghdad

US Led Forces Launch Military Dash To Northern 33rd Degree Parallel -- Baghdad

If -- Repeat IF -- This Is God's Timing, The Judgment Upon Iraq Will Occur According To The Prophecy: Isaiah 13:1, 4-22

Israel Waits

Many parents in Tel Aviv, Haifa keep kids at home

Israeli Weddings Go on, Gas Masks and All, Under Missile Fear

Palestinians stock up to prepare for war, or a curfew

Police posted as missile spotters in Tel Aviv

Israeli Forces Arrest Hamas Commander

Israel warns Web sites on war coverage

IDF believes threat to Israel remains low

Israel had 90-minute warning of U.S. attack

Iran's "Many Fires" Plan

Iran Preparing To "Light Many Fires" To Defeat The Americans

Iranian Special Envoy Arriving In India After Handing Over Message From Iranian President To Pakistan's President On Wednesday

The battle for northern Iraq: Iran, Turkey, Kurds all want piece of the Iraqi pie

Korean Peninsula

U.S. Marines Storm South Korean Beach

N. Korea likely to exploit war in Iraq, analysts warn

Asian nations jittery over North Korea

EU, S.Korea Warn of Economic Hit from War

U.N. Wobbles

Forget The U.N., Mr. President: Successful prosecution of this war will strengthen U.S., dramatically weaken globalization

Iraqi ambassador calls for U.N. intervention

Iran Leaders Call for Immediate Halt to Iraq War

Annan Seeks Bigger UN Aid Role in War-Time Iraq

Why spend $800 million on U.N. dues?

U.S. War On Iraq By Other Means

U.S. Seizing Iraq's US-Based Financial Assets

U.S. Wants Iraqi Embassies Around World Shut Down

Both sides say war laws are violated

War Worms Inch Across Internet

Feds Alert to Web Security Threat

Bush to Run War at Camp David on Weekend

Domestic News

Bush Summons Lawmakers to Oval Office Briefing

Poll Suggests Public Rallying Behind Bush After Iraq Invasion

House Passes War Resolution, Despite Democratic Charges of Partisanship

Pakistanis flee U.S. ahead of March 21 deadline

Domestic Terror Fears

Americans Face Check Points As War Begins

Officials brace for attacks on home front: Agents probe terror plots targeting nuke plant, refinery, dam

FBI Hunts al-Qaida Suspect in U.S. Planning Major Attack

Feds: Fired Palestinian Professor a Danger to U.S.

Chief Moose Who Led Sniper Probe Called To Active Duty

Judge Issues Ban on Tax Rebel's Book

First full day of spring!

Look Everybody -- It's My DNA

Gamma-Ray Burst, in Detail: Birth of a Black Hole In Space

Nanotechnology Technique: Congress Thinks Big About Small Tech

On the Backs of Ants: New electronic networks mimic the behavior of insects and bacteria

National Weather

West Emerging From Historic Blizzard

Severe T-Storms Expected Along East Coast

Weekend Weather Outlook

The waters are rising in the Southeast

Web Deluged After Iraq Attack



March 20, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? "He who calls upon the Lord shall be saved" [Acts 2:21]

C/Edge Analysis

Events Continue To Occur "By the Numbers" -- Occult Numbers As The US Rushes To Baghdad

US Led Forces Launch Military Dash To Northern 33rd Degree Parallel -- Baghdad

If -- Repeat IF -- This Is God's Timing, The Judgment Upon Iraq Will Occur According To The Prophecy: Isaiah 13:1, 4-22

The Kurds: a catastrophe waiting to happen -- Just as above C/Edge article discusses!

Israel Prepares For Worst

U.S. signals anti-Scud forces operating in Western Iraq to prevent attacks on Israel

Israelis Given Advance Warning of U.S. Attack

Palestinians hail Saddam, burn U.S. flags in Gaza protest

Defense sources: Syria, Lebanon maintaining quiet in North

As the war approaches, Palestinian fears rise

Bush nightmare: Could Israel lash out at Iraq?

Public told to carry gas masks at all times

Hezbollah deploys Katyushas as deterrence against Israel

Israeli driver shot dead in West Bank ambush


Sen. Robert Byrd: 'Today I Weep for My Country'

Democrat: Attack is 'extreme terrorism': California congressman rips Bush plan to bomb Baghdad

US announces global terror alert

War protesters decry 'day of shame'

Domestic Terror Concerns

U.S. Battens Down Under Heavy Security

Americans' Reactions Mixed As War Begins

Nation's biggest nuclear power plant a terrorist target

Bloomberg Appeals to White House for Terrorism Aid for New York City

DOJ plans to detain dozens of Iraqis - Iraqi cars targeted

Ralph Nader warns war in Iraq will boost terror threat

Chicago's Daley asks for no-fly zone over city

Terrorism and proliferation: The new threats

Dissidents arrested in Cuba, U.S. envoys targeted

Cuban airliner hijacked, lands in Florida

Ranch defenders arrested on accusation by illegals

Shuttle Columbia's flight data recorder found

Economic News

Dollar weakens as tomahawks fly

Oil price slides as war starts

Oil giants shut Nigeria plants

Markets Wobble on Worry About War Length

Wall Street Poised for Volatile Day

Korean Peninsula

Japan Stands by U.S. on Iraq, Wary of N.Korea

Japan Warns North Korea

Killer flu traced to HK hotel

US executes Gulf War veteran

Breaking News

Seventeen Oil Fields Ignited by Iraqi Soldiers

U.S. braces for 'massive' Turkish intervention in northern Iraq

War News Headlines -- 2:15pm Thursday, 3/20/2003

Israeli Civilian Preparations - Terrorist Attack

Both North and South Korea Increase Military Readiness: Tensions rise

Iraq - Military Campaign

Interactive Map

First Missiles Hit Baghdad at 05:50 Local Time, 3/20: Official Opening salvo

Saddam's missiles fly toward troops: U.S. firing Patriots to intercept weapons, citizens putting on gas masks, chem suits

'Conscripts Ready To Surrender' Without Fight: 2/3 of Army -- Iraq: Reports of Desertion among Iraqi Army is American Lie

Average Temperature, Rainfall for Baghdad - Look at heat our soldiers will be facing

Iraqi missiles hit Kuwait after U.S. assault targets Iraq leaders

Bush targets Saddam leadership as war begins - Technology gives US forces best chance to zero in on Iraqi leader

Iraq Has Dug Oil Trenches For Defense - What American Generals Fear in Iraq

Saddam opens spigots to oil wells: Activity seen in northern Iraq's huge field; Pentagon "sea of fire" in desert -- Picture of oil spiggots aflame

CIA Had Fix on Hussein: Intelligence Revealed 'Target of Opportunity'

Cruise Missiles, Stealth Jets Lead Attack

War is On, Peace is Off

Iraqis Prepare To Defend Baghdad

Saddam's secret $150 million bunker

Iraq recruits suicide army from neighboring states

Black Watch to spearhead assault

US military lists 300 suspected WMD sites in Iraq

U.S. May Use 'E-Bomb' in Iraq Invasion

War’s start finds Kurds in uproar: Fear chemical attack from Iraqis

British troops 'ready to go'

Diplomatic News

Bush's war big political mistake, Gorbachev says

Bush's speech in full - World split over U.S. attack

Looking for Saddam's cash

When democracies do battle with a despot, they must hold on to their moral superiority

U.S. Attack on Iraq Sets World on Edge

Arab League fears US attacks: Which nation is next?

China Calls for Immediate Halt to War on Iraq - China goes down with UN defeat: UN body weakened

Japan Supports, Asian Muslims Denounce Iraq Attack

A new war beyond the war

No-flags order causes a flap along the front line

U.S. begins new assault in Afghanistan

Christians in Pakistan Demand Protection

National Weather

Strong T-Storms Rumble Across Southeast

Spring Begins Thursday at 8:00 PM EST - Vernal Equinox

A powerful snow storm paralyzes cities: Worst storm in 20 years in Denver

What is a Cut Off Storm?

Tornado Kills One In Tennessee

Great Lakes ice may mean more fruit




March 19, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - "He will swallow up death in victory" - Isaiah 25:8

Breaking News

What American Generals Fear in Iraq

Invasion Has Begun! Wednesday afternoon without gigantic missile barrage

If -- Repeat IF -- This Is God's Timing, The Judgment Upon Iraq Will Occur According To The Prophecy: Isaiah 13:1, 4-22

Russian, US Scientists Unite to Fight against Cyber Terrorism

Iraq Shuts down Phone Network to Thwart CIA Eavesdropping

Iraq Warns US of Potential Terrorist Acts



Iraq - Military Operations

Defense officials: War to start Thursday morning - 3/20, possibly at 0300 hours Israel Time!

Stratfor Intelligence Agrees: Bush deadline is 8:15pm, EST, 3/19 for war to begin -- 0315 Israel Time, 3/20

C/Edge Noted 3/20/03 would be ideal occult time to begin ground assault!

War Diary - 3/19 - Stalled By Sandstorm

Military buildup, by the numbers

Bush's Administration Ready to Lose 63 Thousand People in Iraq - General notes weather may take our high-tech edge away

Taking Aim at Military Technology: Increasing American dependence on technology leaves U.S. troops dangerously vulnerable to low-tech attacks

U.S. Prepares for Massive Aerial Assault on Iraq

US Troops Stationed In Kuwait Move Closer To Iraqi Border: 130,000 strong

First shots fired at sea as allied battle plan unfolds

Crews warned of collisions as air armada stands by

Early specialized teams to seek Iraqi hidden arms of chemicals - biologicals

Pentagon: 'High Risk' of Iraqi Chemical Weapons Use

France May Help U.S. in Case of Chemical Warfare

Blix: Iraq Won't Use Chem, Bio Weapons -- Troops prepare for chemical, biological attacks

Saddam likely to go underground -- Saudi Arabia offers him exile

Iraqis pledge to die for Saddam

Four million people shut down Baghdad and wait

Anti-War News

Three British Ministers Resigned from Blair’s Government: 63% of British people stand for peace

Human shields await bombs in Baghdad

Protests to Start When War Does

Singer Travis Tritt Says Celebs Should Support Troops

Anti-War Groups Threaten Disruptive Action

Pro-U.S. rallies expected in 100 cities

Anti-War Protests Have Big Price Tags, Hidden Sponsors

Dixie Chicks' chart wings get clipped

Ted Turner: I Volunteered To Cover War

Planet X News

Planet X Technology Communicating With Ancient Technology In Iraq

Planet X Video: Leading up to appearance of Antichrist, plus "Signs In The Heavens", destruction, war, more

Planet X Said To Be Real, Huge, and Heading Our Way: "Planet X will pass between Earth and Mercury on May 15-16, 2003

Economic News

Could Iraq war sink American economy?

Fed Funds Rate Unchanged

United Airlines: Going Out of Business a 'Distinct Possibility'

Stocks Rise Amid Fed Decision, Drop in Housing Starts

Tobacco Stocks Drop Amid Renewed Talk of Gov't Litigation -- Tobacco Farmer's Tractor Standoff Continues

Closeted Gays in Calif. Town Investigated: "Lords of Bakersfield" legend

Researchers may have cornered mystery virus

Smart Family Asks for Privacy for Elizabeth During Probe

Saddam Lookalike Prospers in California

National Weather

How Much Snow will Fall Across The Rockies? -- Measuring the snow in feet

Gusty Winds Tuesday Across the Southwest

Wet Weather Heads Northeast

Sandbagging underway as water rises

Potent Storm Churning Across the Central US

Blizzard Impacts Several States

Marian Apparitions' Plan to Unite All Religions
under the Catholic Church

Illuminati Decided In 1991 To Make Pope False Prophet

Virgin Mary: Mother Of All Myths

Rome: Salvation Apart From Jesus Christ



Iraq - Diplomatic Fallout

Sept. 11 attacks put U.S. on path to war: Bush methodically made case for pre-emptive strike on Iraq

WWIII Is Coming 'Whether They Like It Or Not' -Top Sharon Aide

How the war can get ugly quickly! "The Risks We Run"

Iraqi parliament rejects Bush's ultimatum

The Americas: A Whole Continent against the War

Administration Makes Case for War -- Russia Wants U.N. at Head of Iraq Crisis

Bush's Ultimatum of Arrogance To Saddam Hussein

45 nations join 'coalition of willing': France flip-flops on military force, Australia agrees to commit troops

Iraq denounces 'illegal, immoral' war -- US: Soldiers will enter Iraq even if Saddam accepts ultimatum

Vladimir Pozner: America Has Painted Itself into the Corner: Whole world knows that Iraq cannot threaten the USA

Former CBS anchor Cronkite voices disappointment in move to war

The Jordanian dilemma: Whom to support?

British, Swiss cut flights to Mideast due to war fears


PM: 1% chance of Iraq attack: Israel ready for 100% of the danger -- 0300 hours IST to start war also noted

Israel upgrades war readiness

Israel: God's Timepiece -- Will Arab, Israeli Conflict Begin WWIII?

Analysis / What to expect if war breaks out

Hezbollah said deploying Katyusha batteries in south Lebanon

Amid Scud fears, IDF advises Tel Aviv residents against fleeing

Israelis told to seal rooms; IAF on 24-hour high alert

Two leading Hamas members killed in West Bank: soldier shot dead in clash

Specter of Domestic Terrorism Looms

US Congress warns of millions of casualties if chemical plants attacked

Security Tightens Across Nation

Audit: Food Supply Vulnerable to Attack

Tough New Yorkers Feeling Threatened

Threat level raised to 'high'

Three held after 'bombs' found

War Threat Altering Travel Planning

'Islam is a religion of peace': Presidential Press Secretary Fleischer stands by characterization despite imam's death prayer

'Behind The Veil' Reveals Shocking Truth of Islam

Oscars Red Carpet To Be 'Truncated' In Light Of War

Alaska to Lobby for Oil Drilling

Venezuela Key Factor to Keep Oil Prices Stable

Oil Prices Skid on Prospect of Quick War

Korean Peninsula

Why the US won't attack North Korea

After Iraq, There's Still Iran and N. Korea: C/Edge predicted this in Jan 15 article

N. Korea Claims Right to Develop Missiles

Japan may scrap N.Korea pact

Moral Collapse Continues

Fake orgasms on radio show OK, council says

Sex, guns and bad business sense -- "Death By Entertainment"-- How Mass Media manipulates YOU!

Marriage Does Not Make You Happy

Some states may ax primaries

WiFi fever pervades annual wireless gathering

New Weapon for the Coming Biowar? New drug that can prevent anthrax infection

Defending against Walking Germ Bombs

Very Large Meteorite Fell Down in Siberia: Falling of the meteorite is still mysterious. Scientists say that it might weigh 60 tons


March 18, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? "Hide yourselves for a little while until the Lord's wrath is past." Isaiah 26:30

48 Hours! Ends 3/19/03

WAR NOTES -- 3/17/2003 -- Pieces of Puzzle Falling Into Place - Bush gives Saddam 48 more hours, ending 3/19

Saddam's Son Odai Rejects U.S. Ultimatum

WWIII Is Coming 'Whether They Like It Or Not' -Top Sharon Aide

Israeli sources say war imminent; Iran and Syria next

President Bush's Ultimatum and a Return to 'Fear Factor' -- Text of President's speech

Words said one thing, setting said another: Bush's tone did little to ignite a nation to war

Sense of Calm Gives Way to Panic on the Streets of Baghdad

An inevitable war in Iraq - Military Action Already Going Forward

Australian Foreign Minister commits troops to US-led strike on Iraq

Last Peaceful Moments: UN inspectors - Iraq has no WMD

Saddam Rejects Deal as U.N. Inspectors Leave Iraq

NBC, ABC Pull Reporters From Baghdad

Diplomatic Wrangling

War Against Iraq is Illegal, Against International Law and UN Resolution 1441: Bush will be tried before global court - View from Russia

Russian Parliament Delays U.S.-Russia Nuke Treaty Vote Because of Iraq War

Security Council May Meet Despite Bush Ultimatum

France Says World Against Bush Ultimatum on Iraq - French site to send Bush peace pretzels

Arabs Call For UN resolution to eject the United States from the United Nations

Germany's Schroeder says threat posed by Iraq does not justify war

President Fox says Mexico 'regrets' imminent war with Iraq

Washington lines up behind U.S. troops: Daschle disagrees, "Bush 'failed so miserably' at diplomacy that the United States now stands on the brink of war"

World Remains Deeply Divided on Iraq - Bush's stand is risky, lonely

War in Iraq a crime, says Vatican

Conyers backs away from impeachment

Reno: ''We will not solve the world's problems by might.''

Chuck and Hillary Stick Heads In Sand

Third British Minister Resigns To Protest Blair's Pro-Bush Policy

Military News

US to win a Pyrrhic victory: Might US forces plant evidence like police do?

Marines Confident In Troubling Harriers

Iraq Arming Troops With Chemical Weapons - DoD Understates Heat Danger in NBC Defensive Gear

Hopes of Quick Seizure of Southern Oil City, Basra, Within First 4 Days

Marines Believe Iraqi "No Problem" But Taking Baghdad May Be

Pentagon plans lightning-quick strike

Iraq and GPS: Frequently asked questions (Requires Acrobat Reader)

Desert Heat Rises, Fresh Kuwait Sandstorm Possible

Economic Impact

Saudis Stock Oil Reserve to Make Up for Iraq Loss

Stocks Soar as War Appears Imminent - Crude Oil Falls on Expectations of Quick U.S.-Led War in Iraq

Gasoline prices hit record high of 1.728 a gallon

U.S. Faces Summer Gasoline Crunch

War fears prompt Cruise Ship Carnival to cut prices

Airlines Shares Surge Despite Looming War - U.S. airlines making war plans

Networks Scramble Lineups as Nation Girds for War

Top Iraqi defector disappears

American Shot Dead in Yemen

Cameroon bans urine 'health drink'

New and Improved! A user's guide to your genetically modified future

Armed robbers target computer chips

Korean Peninsula

Bush Dramatically Shifts N. Korea Policy Toward War: "If America's efforts "don't work diplomatically, they'll have to work militarily."

S. Korea Fears Rising Tensions Amid War

UN Special Envoy Arrives in Pyongyang: View from China

N. Korea says sovereignty at stake in nuclear dispute


Middle East - Israel Prepares

War Preparations "Down To The Wire"

Home Front instructs public to seal rooms ahead
of Iraq war

IDF kills senior Hamas militant after reservist shot dead near Bethlehem

Two youths held for staging mock execution of PM Sharon

U.S. warns Iran, Syria not to escalate tension in north

13 Palestinians killed, including toddler, two teens

For asthmatics, the gas mask is a terrifying prospect

British Airways suspends flights to Israel

Mother and sons die in room sealed against chemical attack

Israeli Police Accidentally Break Ancient Tablet

Preparing For Terrorist Attacks

Terror Alert Raised To Orange

Ridge warns of "multiple attack" attempts

Anthrax 'could kill between 60,00 - 660,000 in London'

Militant Muslims Call To "Burn America's House Down"!

Iraqi-terror nightmare scenario: Saddam has had time to plant weapons of mass destruction

Testing of Anthrax Drug on Humans May Be Near

Texas sheriff warns of unidentified troops: Believes armed men in fatigues spotted within country are foreign

How Iran planned the Buenos Aires terrorist blast

Surveillance And Control Society

Does the End Justify the Means? More countries and libraries restricting access to websites with whom they disagree

Senate Wants Oversight of Airport Screening CAPPS II Program

Anger as CIA homes in on new target: library users

Surveillance Nation - Are we really prepared for complete loss of personal privacy?

We have already lost our privacy! - Mark of Beast Technology

Independent Panel to Examine Smart Investigation

Smart Family Fields Book, Movie Offers

Mystery Pneumonia Disease Infects 167 People Globally, WHO Says

Possible case of mystery illness in Los Angeles County

Mystery Pneumonia Stumps Global Health Experts

Air marshals disciplined for 'sexcapades'

Woods: Film biz 'almost lunatic liberal'

Martin Sheen says Hollywood activists deserve respect

National Weather

Severe Thunderstorm Outbreak Tuesday!

Ingredients For Severe Thunderstorms

Major Storm Developing Over Rockies, Plains -- Big Time Snowfall For The Rockies

Wet Weather Heads Northeast

Suffering begins for those with allergies

French railway is sued by son of death camp Jews

Drinking Problem Seen at Russian Nuke Sites

Clemson's Tommy Bowden tells local churchgoers the Bible is his "playbook for life"

Seven-year itch down to two: Couples no happier in the years after marriage than they were in the years before marriage

Study Further Damns Hormone Drugs

An invisible hand in Pakistani politics

Musharraf tightens his grip by reshuffling military command

New Age Horror In Education!

"The Spirituality of Becoming" Being Taught Down At Elementary Level

"Brave New Schools" by Berit Kjos provides Christian answers

State of New Mexico Rejects "Patriot Act"!


March 17, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? "God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." 2 Tim 1:7

Breaking News

WAR NOTES -- 3/17/2003 -- Pieces of Puzzle Falling Into Place - Bush gives Saddam 48 more hours, ending 3/19

Israeli sources say war imminent; Iran and Syria next

Iraq Arming Troops With Chemical Weapons

Israel Expects War In Matter of Hours!

WWIII Is Coming 'Whether They Like It Or Not' -Top Sharon Aide

U.S. airlines making war plans

Russia: War against Iraq illegal

Military Action Already Going Forward

Arabs Call For UN resolution to eject the United States from the United Nations

British Minister Resigns Over Iraq

U.S., Britain and Spain Withdraw U.N. Resolution on Iraq; Bush to Address Nation

Trading Suspended After Anti-War Protesters Enter London Oil Exchange

Health Dept. Prepares for War Agency set for national threats

Middle East - Iraq

War To Begin 24 Hours After Azores Summit -- Bush said to speak to American people tonight

Saddam Threatens World War If Iraq Is Attacked!

Bush's big gamble: Iraq invasion could change all the rules

U.S., Allies Await Big Decision From U.N. - Monday is 'decision time'

Messages all suggest start of war imminent

Elite Israeli, British, US forces on Jordan-Iraqi border

France Calls Emergency U.N. Meeting Tuesday on Iraq

Cheney outlines objectives of a US war against Iraq

Saddam, Iraqi Citizens Gear Up for War -- U.S. starts countdown to war

U.N. Observers Cease Operations on Iraq-Kuwait Border

Baghdad's exclusive anthrax suppliers are in America and France

Proof at any cost has made truth a casualty of the crisis: UN arms inspectors have been ignored in dash for war

Powell Orders Reporters Out of Baghdad

Germany cannot agree to war resolution -- Pakistan says Iraq is disarming

Another lesson in the danger of divided counsels

Global order may be shaken for years by UN row

Global Eye -- Last Orders: View from Moscow

Military News -- Regional Map

First Husband and Wife Battalion Commanders Fly Into War Together

Moon's ascension an indicator of attack times -- Maybe not this time, however

US Marines Outraged After Being Placed Under British Command

Young Marines getting jittery as desert countdown drags on

Marines In Kuwait Get Chem/Bio Suits

Beware of 'suicide prisoners', troops told

U.S. Troops Prepare Kurdistan Airfields for Strategic Edge

Americans in UAE warned to avoid nightclubs: Embassy in Abu Dhabi: Terrorist attack possible

Ukrainian Force Readies for Gulf: Anti-Chemical Weapons Unit

Australia Nears Decision On Whether To Commit Troops

Bible in hand, the marines wait for battle

Women Changing Face Of Gulf Troops

Families try to keep calm as troops prep for war

Americans on Both Sides Take to the Streets: Both supporters and protestors active

Teachers Support Peace, But Not Free Speech

War protesters rally at park

Texas sheriff warns of unidentified troops: Believes armed men in fatigues spotted within country are foreign

Germany - Police are allowed to monitor journalists' telephone calls

Bioterror spray could save lives: Can you trust it?

FBI Investigates Colleges for Terrorism

Conservative Jews reopen debate on gay clergy

FBI Has War Plans To Mobilize Agents Against Terrorists

U.S., Russia Quietly Testing Dirty Bombs To See Effects From Possible Terrorist Attack

Who's Winning Privacy Tug of War? -- The war on privacy, Act II

Ex-boxer charged with pummeling female cop

Seemingly poor man leaves millions to church

Middle East - Israel

Israeli Defense Forces Slam All Territories Shut During Purim -- Possible Prophetic Implications

Closure Tightened Still Further

U.S. orders diplomats out of Israel, Kuwait, Syria

Britain: Leave Israel due to risk of chemical terrorism, Iraq attack

9 Palestinians killed in IDF raids in Gaza Strip

Bush Makes It Clear: Crisis In Iraq and In Palestinian Area Are Linked, Must Be Dealt With Together!

Defense Minister: "If We’re Attacked, Israel is Obliged to Defend Itself"

U.S. Peace Protester Killed in Gaza; Arafat Proposes Changes to Prime Minister's Powers

Palestinian man killed in attempted infiltration of Jewish settlement (UPDATE)

Anti-Semitism report: Muslims carried out most
attacks in 2002

Korean Peninsula

Col Hackworth On Korean Threat: "If Bush goes for the military solution, the world could well be facing the biggest casualty count since the Vietnam War"

Korean Crisis: China Maneuvers Behind The Scenes: "Nuclear crisis that threatens mankind's survival"

N. Korea Says U.S. Pushing Nuclear Crisis: North Korea Says It Can't Remain Passive While the U.S. Conducts Military Exercises in Region

Mock war games in Korea played in cyberspace

Fellow Koreans, see the danger

N. Korea Demands Talks as U.S. Seeks Broad Diplomacy: 'Still time to find diplomatic solution"

Pakistan's cities hiding senior al-Qaeda

Moral Collapse Continues

Diana's Sex Tapes Causing Huge Panic - Prince Charles said to be engaged in relationship with his close male aide

Girls Go Wild - so do profits: "Ladies drink free" is key to women getting topless

Gay sex acts lead Greenville County to seek anti-loitering law

Pneumonia Panic

U.S. monitors deadly pneumonia outbreak

Flu-Like Illness That Kills Spurs Global Alert

Airline passengers spread mystery killer bug

Mail Boxes Etc. Fighting With UPS

Clinton's Nearly Fatal Leadership

Ex-Clinton aide reveals Bill lost the nuclear codes

Clinton's Scandals And The Danger Posed To All Of Us

Democrats seek another Clinton

Poor Christians Are Deluded By 'Grab It' Gospel: "Name It And Claim It Lie"

Economic News

Gold price jumps

War drums to decide market direction

Oil Prices Likely to Plunge if War in Iraq Ends Quickly

Dollar to Step Down Ahead of Saddam

Wall Street Increasingly Skeptical About Ford's Profit

Federal Execution Nears for Decorated Gulf War Vet

R.I. clergy seek ways to help heal community after nightclub fire

Media Watchdogs Caught Napping

Abbeville Dragoons' 1833 flag returned to South Carolina

Gorby Back to Russia Politics

More taxpayers discover benefits of e-filing tax returns

National Weather

Major Storm Developing Over Rockies, Plains

Setup For Severe Weather in the Plains

Southwest Cools Under a Trough

Cut Off Storm to Dominate Weather Pattern

Weather right now


March 16, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "May you be rooted deep in love and founded securely on love." [Eph 3:17]

Middle East -- Iraq

Iraq Attack Reportedly Began With Air Campaign 3/13/03

War Notes 3/15/03

Analysis / Signs mounting war against Iraq is imminent: With aerial campaign underway, ground invasion is imminent

Washington Conducts Secret Negotiations with Baghdad: Trying to agree on "regulation" of the war!

Giant US B-1 Bombers Pounding Targets To Clear Path For Ground Forces

US 'Roosevelt' sailors prep for catastrophe -- Baghdad: 5 U.N. Copters Have Left Iraq as diplomats evacuated

DATELINE: NORTHERN KUWAIT: The 'Iron Fist' from Fort Stewart 3rd Infantry

Rise of Ancient Babylon -- Revised

Defectors: Iraq has bioweapons -- Iraq Links Germs for Weapons to U.S. and France: We supplied Saddam with the very weapons we now go to war to remove!

Chinese sold Iraq 'dual-use' chemical

Iran next in US target after Iraq, security chief warns: C/Edge warned of this fact in January

Moderate Quake Hits Turkish-Iraqi Border

Military buildup, by the numbers: Iraq's military shadow of former self, while US/UK buildup is huge

Iraqis launch campaign of sabotage and defiance to undermine Saddam

U.S. Names Iraqis Who Would Face War Crimes Trial

U.S. Takes Back Turkey Aid Package

Boston Globe Reporter Expelled From Iraq

Empty Diplomacy Continues

Iraq War: The Final Charade

US envoy tells Mubarak time is running out for Iraq

Summit to determine 'go-it-alone' plans on Iraq

Bush to meet allies for emergency Iraq summit

Rice: Palestinian PM designate may get White
House invitation

Iraq seeks new talks with UN inspectors

Spain links Iraq to 9-11 attacks: Madrid turns over documents to U.S., holds terrorist for trial

Bush summit signals Iraq 'end game': Last-minute meeting, Mideast 'road map' pave way for war

The lone superpower, America: Clinton, Albright, Carter say it is time US step down as superpower!

The Path To War: 9/11, The day the world changed forever

War Protests

Protests intensify throughout upstate New York

Brawl erupts after song played at rodeo

War protest draws tens of thousands

How Anti-War Protests Actually Help Bush

Air Force Base Authorizes 'deadly Force' Against Trespassing Protesters

Anti-War Protests Held Around the World

Texas Stations Stop Playing Dixie Chicks Songs After Bush Remarks

Pakistan arrests al Qaeda suspect: Just before war with Iraq breaks out

Did US Intelligence "Resurrect" Dead Terrorist So They Could Claim Victory In Terror War Just Before Iraq?

Second man with ties to "Islamic Assembly of North America" arrested in Idaho

National Weather

Rain Soaks the Middle Atlantic Sunday

Severe Weather Possible in the Plains

Strong Storm Possible Monday, Tuesday

Stormy Days Ahead

Assassinated Serbian Prime Minister Determined To Crack Down On Drug Lords

Middle East -- Israel

Thousands of police to be deployed for Purim: IDF puts curfew on W. Bank - Iraq Ground invasion to begin on Purim!

Will the "separation fence" protect Ariel, too? -- Prophetic significance of "physical barriers"

Israel: God's Timepiece -- Will Arab, Israeli Conflict Begin WWIII?

El Al plans to cancel flights as tourists stay home

Report: 12-year-old Palestinian boy's martyrdom 'staged': War of propaganda images in Israel

Israel removes all mention of 'independent' state in 'road map': Forget "road map" as Palestinians will never get their state

PLC members say Arafat attempting to reduce powers of new Palestinian PM

Analysis / How Bush Remained Vague and Pleased both sides on "Road Map" Issue

Hezbollah missile lands in main street of Kiryat Shmona

Russian warships ready to sail off within 10 days for Indian Ocean

Middle East -- Pakistan/India

Islamic rebels kill 11 in Kashmir raid

One killed in clash in Patna, police station attacked in Nawada

The Muslim problem in India

Korean Peninsula

US can attack any moment now that aircraft carrier is in place offshore: N Korea

U.S., S.Korea Simulate War with 'Opfor' North

Pyongyang wary as US flexes muscles

Word is made flesh as God reveals himself... as a fish

Killer Diseases

UN Warns of Worldwide Threat from Killer Pneumonia

U.S. Monitoring Deadly Pneumonia Outbreak in Asia

Severe pneumonia hits Canada

NYC hospitals on alert for mysterious pneumonia striking Asia

Under Bush's "Sweetheart Deal", AIDS Funds to Go to Abortion Groups

Propane truck explosion in New Jersey continues to burn

Ecstasy 'makes users depressed for life'

Kaptur: "I'm sorry" - Apology offered for comparing bin Laden to American Revolutionary War figures

D.C. Beltway Sniper News

Cops: Chief Moose withheld look-out on sniper suspects

Reminder of Spiritual Significance of Beltway Sniper

Surprising and Unexpected Occult Symbolism Formed By Shots On The Ground

New Age Holistic Adviser Confirms Our Analysis of First Six Shots!

Smart'Did What She Had To' to Survive

Many Missed Chances in Smart's Ordeal

Ashcroft urged to probe Planned Parenthood: Petitioners cite evidence of group's protection of sexual predators

Senator Kerry's Campaign Loses Laptop Computer Containing Sensitive Information

Alaskan Plan to Kill Wolves Approved

You Yawn, We All Yawn--And Empathy May Explain Why

Hot cross buns banned: Councils decree buns could be 'offensive' to non-Christians




March 15, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? Did The Iraqi War Start On 3/13/03?

Air - Special Forces War Is Under Way In Iraq!

Attack Reportedly Began Quietly on 3/13/03!

Giant US B-1 Bombers Lead Way for Ground Forces

Iraq Begins Scrapping More Samoud Missiles While B-1 Bombers Strike Iraqi Radar

Channel One: Iraq not moving missiles within range of Israel

Pentagon to put troops on 'hair-trigger' alert: Response from Iraq could set off war

Clinton Espouses NWO Plan For America After War: "We need to be creating a world that we would like to live in when we're not the biggest power on the block"

Marine Pigeon Force May Detect Attack

70,000 Kurds Will Fight Alongside U.S. Troops

Escaping Kurds say Iraq mining oil fields: Arab nations are supposed to blow up their own oilfields!

U.S. Presses Turkey For Airspace

10 U.S. ships leave Turkey for Gulf after appeal by Bush fails

U.S. Bombs Radar Sites in Western Iraq

Kurd PM: French, Russians to lose Iraq oil

Erdogan Assumes Post of Turkish PM

US troops ‘face suicide attacks’: Nasrallah sees no welcome for US soldiers in Iraq

Feds consider adding another terror risk level

Americans Living Abroad Expect Anti-US Backlash

Democracy in Iraq doubtful, State Dept. report says:
Social, economic obstacles work against transformation - NOTE: Absolutely true!

FBI "Nightstalker" Aircraft Flying Over US To Find Terrorists!

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Warns U.S. Presence Increases Danger of Nuclear War

U.S. Carrier Arrives at S.Korea; N.Korea Voices War

US and South Korea vow to seek solution to nuclear crisis

North Korea's nukes, missiles put region on tenterhooks - Reality is North Korea already has 100 nuke warheads!

Chinese turn to mobile death execution vans -- As China turns to Nazi technique of death vans, remember you are looking at the real Chinese leadership

Cargo pilots closer to carrying guns

Actor Robert Blake Out on $1.5M, Awaits Murder Trial

NASA Planning Space Shuttle Return by Fall

Sept. 11 Attacks Cause New Category in Death Data - So many people killed that day that national homicide rate went up 17%

Five Defendants Freed in New York Jogger Rape Seek Damages

U.S. Life Expectancy Tops 77 Years

Former priest jailed over alleged affair with girl that led to abortion in 1970s

Diplomacy Charade Continues

Bush, Blair, Aznar to Meet About Iraq In "Struggle" To Regain UN Support For New Resolution: NOTE: This is reported to be "War Council"

"Every Last Bit Of Diplomacy": Azores Summit Sunday

U.S.-Backed Resolution Appears Doomed: Talks on Iraq Will Continue Until Monday -- possibly the date ground invasion begins

Bush, Allies Set Summit on 'Options': Azores Meeting May Signal End Of Push in U.N.

Editorial: The end of diplomacy

Could U.N. use military force on U.S.? Anti-War Americans urge invoking obscure convention to halt 'aggression'

UN Council Appears to Give Up on Iraq Compromises

Middle East -- Israel

Bush Sets Goals for Road Map to Mideast Peace - Sets conditions Arafat will never allow - Palestinians skeptical

Hezbollah Opens Anti-Aircraft Fire Over Lebanese Border

Israeli Forces Kill 10 Islamic Militants

Explosive device goes off next to troops in Gaza Strip

Analysis / Aerial hunt for fleeing suspect cannot be justified

Father, son shot in Jerusalem

Nixing the ethnics: State perceives Russian immigrants a threat

Pro-U.S. rallies planned nationwide

'Good news' for Christian school clubs in L.A.: School district backs down after requiring fee only from religious groups

Kidnapped Girl Intended as First of 7 New Wives - Received "Revelation From God"

Man suspected of taking Elizabeth Smart may have also tried to abduct cousin

Lithuanian Catholic Church Accuses New President Of Making "Pact With Devil"

Spiked Baby Juice Grounds Flight Attendant

Casino Worker shoved thousands of dollars down his oversized sweatpants in "heist of decade"

New Jersey Law Makes Racial Profiling a Crime

Spell check not perfect solution: Pittsburgh researchers find computer program gives false sense of security

Man is in federal prison after failing to rob a bank for lack of a dictionary

Air Force Says 21 Cadets Punished

Network Guardians Face Thorny Job - Hackers and viruses get better, more crafty

National Weather

Warm-up Underway In Midwest, Northeast

Strong Thunderstorms Possible in West Texas

Showers, Thunderstorms Soak the Southeast

Strong Storm Possible Next Week

The Natural Climb Out of Winter



March 14, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? Did The Iraqi War Start On 3/13/03?

Breaking News

Bush, Britian's Blair, Spain's Aznar to Meet in Azores Sunday

Iraq Attack - Preparations Speed Up

U.S. War Campaign Began March 13!

Poll: Steady Support for Action Against Iraq - 71% approval

Marines Prepare To Fight And To Die -- Battle Map Depiction

US Military Speeds Preparations for Iraq War

First Strike? U.S. Military Concerned Saddam Hussein May Launch First Attack

Interesting Times: Bush's missing blueprint for Iraq, rest of Middle East

'Human Shields' Booted After Criticizing Iraq's Instructions

Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up in Northern Iraq

Iraqi Troops Moving Toward Kuwait

Navy Abandons Turkey Option, Moves Ships to Red Sea: Map of Region show cruise missiles have to overfly Saudi Arabia

Protecting Naval Ships Moved From Carriers In Mediterranean

British forces 'ready' for attack on Iraq -- Coalition Forces Chain of Command

Climatologists in U.S. are helping troops in Iraq

Can Iraqis who live in U.S. be trusted?

FBI probes fake papers on Iraq: Investigation eyes possible role of foreign intelligence service

Pentagon Wants Exemptions From Environmental Laws

Bush Wobbles As He Tries To Make "Moral" Case For War Against Iraq

Troops' Cumbersome Chemical Suits Could Kill

Reporter Takes His Weblog to War

Innovations help commanders peer through 'fog of war'

Air Force tests Behemoth bomb in Florida: Sending message to Saddam?

Video Footage: Mother of All Bombs - M.O.A.B.

The Man-Made Earthquake: History of huge bombs

Elizabeth Smart In The News

Questions raised after teen’s ordeal: Was "married" to drifter

Joyful Reunion of Smart Family amidst many questions

Man Housed Elizabeth Smart and Drifters: Photo of bed Elizabeth slept in while there

Captors Brainwashed Kidnapped Girl, Police Say

Drifter Was Held In San Diego Jail On Burglary Charges During This Ordeal

`She heard our calls': Utah teen's bizarre life on the run

North Korea

North Korea Activates Her Nuclear Reactor: Photo shows smoke coming out of tower

North Korea Already Has Arsenal of 100 Nuclear Warheads! Nuclear reactor story just disinformation

Miscalculation the greatest Korea war risk

Death, terror in N. Korea gulag

Stealth fighters sent to South Korea

North Korea Steers Clear of Renewed U.S. Surveillance Flights

Eyes Turn to North Korea's Next Move

US designers seek burrowing bomb: "Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator

Economic News

Dow, Nasdaq score best daily gains in five months on hopes of quick outcome in Iraq

ConAgra: May Miss 2003 Forecast on Weak Chicken Demand

Hewlett-Packard Says Early Q2 Profits Up 3 Percent

House Passes Medical Malpractice Bill

Administration Issues Workplace Safety Guidelines

National Weather

March 1993 Snow Superstorm Anniversary

Weekend Weather: Southeast Rain, Plains Mild

Warmer weather brings snow... geese

Thunderstorms Possible Over the Southeast

Big Time Warmup in the Plains!

High Pressure Both Warms, Cools East

Sloppy DNA tests sow legal doubt

Sixteen in Hong Kong contract mystery illness

Will Airport Security Plan Fly? Hassle at airports major reason airlines are now in financial trouble

Diplomatic Wrangling

America, the Rome of the 21st century: Protest grows of policy of "Regime Change by War"

France's Chirac Accused Of Being "Blood Brother" To Saddam

Iraq Rejects British Compromise Proposal

Editorial: The end of diplomacy

U.S. Contemplates Abandoning U.N. Resolution

UK 'unlikely' to get second Iraq resolution

Security Council Members Won't Support Iraq War

Australia's Howard assails France for anti-war stance

Schröder stands by 'French friends' over Iraq -- American lawmaker wants to bring home Americans buried in French soil

Six swing nations present own ideas to Security Council that don't include trigger for war

Anti-War Protests

Dixie Chicks Explain Anti-Bush Comment

Pop Musicians Sing Out About War

Move underway to impeach Bush: Conyers, anti-war activists charge 'high crimes and misdemeanors'

Sheen's Visa Ads Pulled Because of His Anti-War Rhetoric: His protests continue

Loyalists Rally to Back Blair Over Iraq


Being 'pro-US' may be bad for Israel

Israeli Army Kills 11 Wanted Palestinians During Raid

Treasury Prepares Austerity Budget To Prepare Country For War

IDF probe: Operational errors led to tragic killing of two Israelis

Father, son shot in Jerusalem

Judge Advocate General: 'Pinpoint prevention' could end up in new International Court

Israeli reservist groups express outrage over latest service extension bill

Arafat bends but keeps key powers

GOP uses remarks to court Jews: Moran’s comments cited in new appeal

Osama nuclear bomb fear against U.S.: Bomb could come by ship

U.S. envoy says al-Qaida planning attacks on "unprecedented scale"

Al Qaeda planned to assassinate President Clinton

Ranchers decry U.S. 'occupying force': Forming group to press for Border Patrol reforms, protect property

Western Senators Seek Fire Fighting Funds

Ten injured on flight from Hawaii to San Francisco as plane suddenly dropped precipitously as it passed near a storm front

Libya: Settlement Reached on Lockerbie: Nation admits fault

German Chancellor Faces Economic Crisis

Cops Find 6 Bombs at New Delhi, India, Train Station

Appeals court upholds banning American flags over highways

Senate Bans 'Partial Birth' Abortions

Catholic Sex Scandal News

Cardinal Law: Probing priest dad was not my job

Former Priest Jailed Over Alleged Affair With Girl That Led to Abortion in 1970s

Priest scandal hurting numbers at Mass Services

The Disgusting Boston Files

Catholicism: "Whited Sepulcher Christianity"

Vatican Assassins: Historic struggle for World Domination

Diocese of Rockville Centre on Bishop Murphy's Role in Boston

Chinese turn to mobile death execution vans

Serb PM assassination: 56 arrested

Michael Jackson Loses $5.3 Million Jury Verdict

Painkillers may dissolve Alzheimer's plaque

Queen's Guards reconsider use of bearskin helmets: Anti-fur lobby pressure


March 13, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" - 2 Cor 3:17

Breaking News

U.S. Court Rejects Appeal to Block War

AP Protests Gov't Seizure of Package

Iraq Says U.N. Weapons Inspector Dies in Road Accident

Senate Backs 'Partial Birth' Abortion Ban


Iraq Attack Looms

Marine Body Bag Units Now Deployed

Rich flee from capital as panic grips city's poor

We dominate 'smart' warfare: US military brags

Massive firepower would outgun Iraq: But chemical weapons are an unknown factor

Turks enable -- activate -- encryption channels for war communications for troops on border -- Big War Sign!

Iraqi 'secret surrender' negotiations under way with some elements of Iraqi military

Win or Lose, War In Iraq Is Wrong -- US expert questions benefit to Israel of Saddam downfall

Deployment Troop Tracker -- Military Cameramen Head to Gulf

Troops sense war near - Israel's Barak: Saddam's arms programs broader than believed

Oil wells mined as Iraqis prepare - Plan calls for Arabs to set oil fields alight

Wartime Traditions Make Comeback at Home

Army hospital in Kuwait prepares for biological, chemical attack

Pentagon says testing lags on some weapons about to be used in Iraq

Pope to Bush: Go into Iraq and you go without God

Iraq rejects Arab peace mission

US prepares media for war

Returned Safely!

Elizabeth Smart Returns Home After Nine Months; Two Arrested

Drifter Wanted Elizabeth To Be His Second Wife

Timeline of Smart Case

Suspect in Smart abduction took religion to the extreme

Police Arrest Several Underworld Figures in Serbia's Prime Minister Assassination Case

Democrats' Amendments to Late Abortion Ban Bill Defeated

Moral Collapse

Walking, Talking and Lying - Cell phones spark new type of deception

High School teen's letter: 'Oh, I can't wait to see all that blood!'

Court could grant boy same-sex 3rd parent: Opponents warn judge on verge of redefining family

Couple seeks 'designer baby' to save terminally ill child

Texas Woman Charged in Killings of 3 Kids

Shuttle Team Sought Satellite Assessment of Liftoff Damage: Manage refused - More disinformation

Jailed author of Flight 800 book vindicated: Justice Department concedes wrongdoing in case against Sanders

Lawmakers weigh statewide ban on pyrotechnics, sprinklers at nightclubs

6 people in custody for detectives' slayings as officials call for death penalty

Economic News

Job figures don't match strong economy: Labor

Pension Assets of States Fall: Survey Finds A Rapid Decline

Last-Minute Rally Saves the Day On Wall Street

Wall Street keeps sinking and can't find a bottom.

Gov't: No Evidence of Gas Price Gouging in the U.S.

Mortgage Refinance Applications Hit Record

Senior Military Officials Planning Military Action When Wall Street Collapses

US Oil: Unexpected decline in U.S. inventories to near a 28-year-low

More Woe For Embattled AOL

Parents of dead child sue over liver transplant mistake

Artificial human liver created

Anti-Americanism versus Hollywood

World Trembling Between Two Prophecies

Diplomacy: 'War By Other Means'

No turning back for Britain or Blair: War looms as Prime Minister prepares to bypass United Nations

Britain's Blair: Grey and brittle, a martyr in the making

France Opposes New U.K. Proposal on Iraq

U.S. Says It Gains Votes for Iraq Deal: New Resolution Has Yet to Find Additional Public Support at U.N.

UK plan can prevent war: Clinton urges Bush to give more time

Iraq’s new rulers wait in the wings

US pushes for UN war vote by Friday - U.S. closer to majority in U.N. vote

Thais evacuate Baghdad embassy

Iraq's violent history justifies dismantling Hussein's regime

Bush All Quiet on Public Front

Korean Peninsula

North Korean defector says Japan aided nuclear program - N. Korea already has nuclear warheads for its missiles!

C/Edge Reported An Arsenal of 100 nuke warheads

Could Victory Over Saddam Actually Result In Acceleration of Nuclear Programs in N. Korea and Iran? -- Disinformation!

Warning over N Korea nuclear programme: More advanced than previously thought

Japan Deploys Aegis Battleship to Sea of Japan

Air Force to Resume Reconnaissance Flights Off Korea

U.S. general: Japan's security comes first

Medical Malpractice Bill Could Cap Jury Awards

Report: U.S. Must Do More to Protect Nuclear Material From Terrorists


Two Israelis killed in accidental Hebron-area shooting

Hebron cauldron is at the boiling point

Saddam gives $260,000 to families of Palestinian 'martyrs'

Thousands of child gas masks are faulty

Soldier killed in West Bank clash

IDF and TV bosses squabble over emergency airtime

Cancer vaccines showing promise

Nuke Lab Lawyer Defends Actions

Hundreds of dead puffer fish washing ashore in southwest Florida

Desert storms from Central Asia are leaving a trail of global destruction: Beijing drawing a line in the sand

Boeing Resumes Development of Long-Haul Jet

Two Enron Officials Indicted On Broadband Fraud Charges

Al-Qaida set to unleash female suicide bombers: Group carries out bin Laden orders, poised for major attack in America

Seeking Bounty Hunters To Seize bin Laden

Bush creates 'terror war' medals

Scientists develop 'brain chip'

Supreme Court Grants Last-Minute Stay of Execution In Texas

OPEC maintains current oil production quotas

Tropical storm lashes India

China censors four Rolling Stones songs

Eternal light: Bulb burning after more than a century

Toddler tantrum grounds passenger jet

Woman Loses Control of Car, Hits 4 Relatives As She Tries To Parallel Park


March 12, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - "When you pass through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor will the flame kindle upon you." [Isaiah 43:2]

Iraq Attack Buildup

Will the US Have to Fight Alone? - C/Edge foresaw this scenario months ago

Promised: Autonomy for British Command, Post-War Assets in Iraq -- Bush offers carrot to Britain if they will support war

Rumsfeld Won't Count Out Solo Mission -- UK plays down US rift

Rumsfeld Backtracks on British War Role in Iraq

British Army Unprepared for War

Israeli official claims war starts March 18: Government monitor intercepts order to troops from U.S. Central Command

Air Force Tests 'Mother of All Bombs': Warning to both Iraq and North Korea?

Panel Says U.S. Needs to Show Long-Term Commitment to Iraq

U.S. Suspends U-2 Flights Over Iraq after Iraq's Fighters Threatened

Americans Urged to Leave Oman, UAE

India: Give more time to Iraq

Bush prepares Iraq ultimatum - Final U.S. deadline
for disarmament expected after U.N. vote

Secretive U.S. 'counter - disinformation' office back: Actual job is to spread disinformation - Certain sign of war

U.S. military restricts e-mail from soldiers and sailors, citing risk of leaks -- Another sure sign of imminent war

Iraq appeals to UN to stop 'imminent catastrophe': Goal is to "lay their hands on our soil"

Life -- and War -- in the Desert: Photos

EU won't help rebuild Iraq if UN doesn't back war

Saddam Hussein Isn’t the Scariest Dictator

Saddam ready to kill Iraqis - Hussein Opens Training Camp for Homicide Bombers


US pushes for UN war vote by Friday

U.S. Nixes 45-Day Extension

The UN veto and how to use it

U.N. Debate on Iraq Hits Six-Month Mark

British intelligence employee questioned on NSA memo leak: Message revealed rise in spying on members of U.N. Security Council

“Mother-Bomb” to UN's Misfortune

War Protests

Top man in Australia quits over war stance

'Stinky' Site Shut Down by E-Mail Attacks

Whose War? A neoconservative clique seeks to ensnare our country in a series of wars that are not in America’s interest -- NOTE: Some good information, but also disinformation

'Gestapo' tactics at anti-war rally? Tennessee governor calls cops' intimidation of protesters 'huge mistake'

Turkish troops fire at anti-war demonstrators

Police watch as 9-11 memorial trashed: War protesters' burning of U.S. flags, patriotic signs called 'free speech'

Is The Pope To Become Human Shield In Iraq?

Schools Ask Parents to Hide Kids From Military Recruiters

Slain NYC Officers Were on Risky Duty

AOL To Offer Software To Prevent `Pop-Up' Ads

School ban on tribal nicknames upheld: Nuts! Mascots chosen for bravery, heroism connotation

National Weather

Late-Week Warm-Up for the Northeast

The Magic of a Zonal Flow

Major Pattern Change This Weekend

A Look Back at the Blizzard of 1888 -- 3 feet of snow!

What is Seasonal Lag?

The wind could save you money

Hurricane forecasts will be different this year

"The ocean is coming!" still rings for one man: Wall of water 78 feet high

Stocks Fall Amid Iraq Watch

Aliens, UFO's, Antichrist

Scientists listen for signals from aliens

Aliens may gain New Mexico state honors

Globalism, Iron Mountain, and UFO's

Korean Peninsula

North Korea prepares new test of missile -- Long range missile

Bush persists with diplomacy on N. Korean crisis

North Korea acts up: True danger from N. Korea, not Iraq

Canberra and Jakarta express North Korea nuke worries

U.S. Stealth Fighters to Go to S. Korea

S. Korea Urges U.S. to Engage N. Korea in negotiations

Terror threat high for March 14: Muslim holy day possible date of planned attack

NYC Doomsday Plan Put In Operation

American Gulag Forming? Detainees have 'no rights in US courts'

Gulag: Concentration Camps In America

Barbed Wire Over America: God's final warning


2 soldiers wounded in exchanges of fire in village of Saida

Knesset passes first reading of bill allowing continued 43-day reserve duty

Israeli and Palestinian die in West Bank

Analysis / A belated, but lethal, response in Hebron

Police ask: No masks on kid's Purim costumes please

Palestinian gunmen kill Israeli soldier in Hebron

Gov't sells expired protective kits to foreign workers

Palestinians trim Arafat powers

Jewish extremists worry defense heads

UN Action call over dirty bomb threat

Family of Rhode Island Nightclub Victim Sues Anheuser-Busch, Clear Channel

McDonald's Adds Hour of Free Internet Access to Its Value Added Menu

US airlines warned of nationalisation: This might be the ultimate goal after 9/11 attacks

War fears add further blow to American Airlines

Ford Shares Fall to Lowest Since 1992 as Rivals Drop - Down 62%

Bush Close to Winning Arctic Drilling Measure

Report: No security for Social Security numbers

Pete Townshend Off the Hook? British authorities may give him "caution" and drop charges of child porn

Britain Plans to Widen Net Surveillance: Big Brother increasing powers

Ringleader Of Immigrant Smuggling-Prostitution Ring Sentenced

Mark of the Beast Surveillance

What Your Clothes Say About You: Frequency ID chips being sown into clothing

Privacy and the Surveillance State: How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy!

Nowhere To Hide: Iridium Satellites

Tom Ridge's 'Crazy' Plan to Watch the Sky for Spores

Military Probes Deadly Helicopter Crash

OPEC Seeks to Allay Fears of Oil Shortage

Air Force Considers Putting Female Cadets Together in Dorms

Professor takes bitterness out of cheese

Is This the New World Order?

War tribunal starts without U.S.

Prince Charles is embarking on what could be one of his most difficult weeks in recent years


March 11, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Fear not, nor be afraid in the coming violent upheavels" [Isaiah 44:8]

Middle East - Iraq

Will the US Have to Fight Alone? - C/Edge foresaw this scenario months ago

Al Qaeda plans oil field attacks -- Plan is for Arabs to set their oil fields alight!

Iraq situation at a glance -- al Qaida may sabotage Saudi oil

Storm in Babylon: Saddam Hussein’s efforts to obtain A-bombs with France and USSR’s help are all bluff

Polls Suggest Majority Supports Iraq War

Rep. Moran (D-Va) Said Jews Are Pushing War

Washington Furious at Israeli Leaks Over Iraq Attack

'Post' reporter aboard US carrier: Pilots gear up for Iraq strike: "Aircraft carrier is safest place in world"

Reserve Call-Ups Uneven Across Nation: Map of Call-ups

Saddam digging in for the siege of Baghdad: Stalingrad seige guiding light for Iraq - Are Russian advisers active with Iraq?

Report says Iraq has new weapon: N.Y. Times says bomblets could strew biological agents

Waiting for War, Some Journalists Enjoy Luxuries

Iraq: The war that will break the West?

Why war? The case hasn't been made -- DOWD: Bush and Company Still Unable to Make a Coherent Case for War


War On Terror

Pakistan: Net Closing on Bin Laden -- "Just hours behind him"

Did US "Resurrect" Dead Terrorist So They Could Claim Major Victory For Bush Just Before He Goes To War?

U.N. issues "dirty bomb" warning

Undermining war on terror: Muslim groups weakening fed laws under guise of protecting civil liberties

Islamic extremists jailed for bomb plot targeting Christian symbols

Al-Qaida newly suspected in 8 cities

Economic Impact of Impending War

Soaring Gasoline Costs Hurting Routines

Stocks Tank as Focus Stays on U.N.

Russia No Longer Backs up Dollar?

OPEC Unlikely to Cover Crude Shortfall in Case of War

GE Reports $5.25 Billion Loss on Pension Assets

Qualcomm Raises Chip Shipment Forecast

American Airlines' Stock Falls on Bankruptcy Comment

California Governor Davis' approval rating falls to 27 percent

Firing Woman for Lack of Attractiveness Violates Anti-Bias Law

Moral Collapse Continues

Hollywood babysitter charged after 3-year-old dies from water 'poisoning'

Woman Tries to Give Away Dad on Internet

Police Say Teen Shot at L.A. Deputies

A Little Skin From Clinton's Labor Secretary: Robert Reich poses nude

Mayhem fan hit by sheep-head: Black Metal band known for throwing animal parts into crowd

They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll Video

World Court - Ultimate Threat To Liberty

Judges to Be Sworn In at International War Crimes Court

Judicial Watch Gives Credibility To World Court

3-D Face Scan Distinguishes Twins: new technology to recognizing faces

Simulating Surgery: Software aims for safer bypass operations

Ivory Coast massacre harms peace process

Iraq Attack - Diplomacy

U.N. vote on Iraq delayed - Inspectors Find Banned Iraqi Bombs: "Smoking Gun"?

France and Russia vow to vote 'No' in Security Council

Why Does America Need Second UN Resolution That Much?

Blair Faces Rebellion Within His Party Over Iraq War

U.K. circulating compromise on Iraq

Blix left out data from U.N. testimony

Poll: Losing Patience With The U.N. - War illegal without UN authorization, Annan warns

Americans Advised to Leave Oman, United Arab Emirates

Top Nuke Inspector: Saddam Needs Attitude Adjustment

Pakistan Will Abstain From U.N. Vote

Spain's Aznar questions French "interests" in Iraq

U.S. 'best way' to have security - "If Portugal were attacked, "it would be unlikely France and Germany would come to our rescue."

U.N. Pushes for Asylum Seekers From Iraq

Iran's Nuclear Moves Add To 'Huge' Proliferation Challenge For US: NOTE - Iran already has Pakistani nukes!

Middle East -- Israel

Palestinian Gunmen Kill Israeli Soldier in Hebron

Arafat urges new drive for "peace": Talk peace while preparing for war

Analysis / Smiling, Arafat denies his end is nigh

Gun battle erupts in Hebron

The Middle Eastern war perpetual

IDF plans to deport relatives of Haifa bus bomber to Gaza

It's the motivation, stupid: "The Time has come for 'decisive war' "

Libraries post Patriot Act warnings: Santa Cruz branches tell patrons that FBI may spy on them

Nashville Woman Fired for Anti-War Letter

Airport Screeners Have Seized 4.8M Items - Airport hassles major reason airlines going broke

Roman Circus Hits New High

Reality TV Features Noah's Ark: "12 strangers together on the Ark with God Almighty at the helm"

New game show would pit disabled against able-bodied

Jehovah's Witness 'killed family out of shame'

Jehovah's Witnesses: Their Claims, Doctrinal Changes, and Prophetic Speculation

Libraries post Patriot Act warnings: Santa Cruz branches tell patrons that FBI may spy on them

What Is A "Broken Heart" Worth? Jury awards woman $7,000 judgment

National Weather

Soggy Weather to Continue over Northwest

Clipper Tracks Across Mid-Atlantic Thu-Fri

Major Changes Later This Week

Southwest Basks Under Sunshine, Warmth

Some still dealing with extreme drought - Snow not easing drought restrictions

Probes to Peer at Shuttles' Hulls

Chinese military blasts confusion at the top

Korean Peninsula

Time for Seoul, US to close the gap with North Korea

Talk to Pyongyang now, US told

US calm as Pyongyang increases tension by firing second cruise missile

North Korea keeps up war rhetoric


March 10, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Looking for that blessed hope, the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ." Titus 2:13

Middle East -- Iraq

Pope Brokers UN plan to give Saddam 72 hours to leave Baghdad: Deadline expires on 3/13/03 -- Bush Gives Commanders Choice of 3/13 or 3/14 To Launch Attack

U.S. Stocking Uranium-Rich Bombs? Iraq could be turned into radioactive country!

Iraqi Soldier's Chilling Warning: "Chemical attack guaranteed"

Blix 'hid smoking gun' from Britain and US

CFR's Rice Tells Us Why We Know Iraq Is Not Disarming

Blair Faces Home Front Revolt Over Iraq War

U.S., France Focus Intense Lobbying on UN Undecided Nations

Allies unlikely to help pay for second Iraq invasion -- Russia warns that it will vote against US-British deadline resolution for Iraq

Iraq Belittles U.S., U.K. Deadline -- Diplomats given five days to avert war

US will attack Iraq even if UN vetoes strikes, says Israel

Saddam digging trenches around Baghdad to be filled with oil and set on fire, to disrupt US precision bombs

Iraq's secret counterattack: Baghdad planned chemical warfare in '91 to combat nukes

New Iraqi rocket revealed with chemical warfare potential (UPDATE)

Kurds will fight back if Turkey enters Iraq

For the love of Laura: does murder plot explain why Bush wants Saddam eradicated?

German Official: U.S. Acting Like 'Dictator'

Jimmy Carter: Unilateral U.S. War on Iraq Unjust

France Enters Diplomatic End-Game Over Iraq

Chinese President Lobbies Blair Against War

Rice, Powell: Reports of Iranian Nuke Program Bolster Iraq Policy: Capability further along than previously thought

Soldiers cope with inaction as they wait

Iraq accuses Washington of 'bloodthirsty whims'

UN Withdrawing Observers From Iraq-Kuwait Border Zone: Preparing for war

Anti-War Protests

Anti-war protests could turn to riots: Activists plan to 'disrupt the normal flow of life' in America

10,000 take anti-war protest from Beirut to Damascus

Middle East - Turkey

Turkey Is Both Feet Back in Northern Front

Turkey Election Brings Optimism -- US Soliders Already Pouring Through Turkish Ports (DEBAfile)

Middle East - Israel

Arafat Names New Prime Minister, Will Continue Terror -- Palestinians criticise Arafat's choice of PM

No Hamas leader safe, Israel vows

Hamas vows revenge despite losses: Militant group refuses to back down in face of Israeli offensive

Israel plans to target more Hamas leaders

US Confirms Delay of Palestinian-Israeli Peace Settlement: Is the "road map" dead?

IDF pulls troops out of Gaza - Israeli vacation offers 'fear,' no extra charge for missiles

US ambassador denies Israel won't get early warning: "There's no way we would surprise an ally"

General urges Israelis to be prepared for Iraq conflict

Israeli Wild Card: Jewish state sat out the last gulf war. But if Saddam hits again, Ariel Sharon may well retaliate

Palestinian Propaganda

Report: 12-year-old Palestinian boy's martyrdom 'staged':
French media complicit in perpetuating 'myth' of Mohammed al-Dura

Israel and the War of Images - Video

Arabs Pursuing "Mission Impossible

Social Security policy blasted: Person trying to get card fraudulently can keep fake documents

Mel Gibson is building church for his Catholic movement: Will conduct masses entirely in Latin

A Step Closer for Anthrax Vaccine

Breast implants linked to suicide

Bush Doctrine Said To Come From "Dominion" Theology of Promise Keepers: Remember, Bush is Illuminist and needs no Dominion Theology, for the two are identical

Massachusetts' Campuses unify in battling governor over higher education budget

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Test-Fires Cruise Missile Into Sea of Japan

North Korea Has Arsenal of 100 Nuclear Warheads And The Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles To Deliver Them To New York City

Pyongyang: We'll put a torch to New York, Washington, DC, and Chicago

Can catastrophic Korean war be avoided? -- Why war in Iraq will be good for South Korea. if North Korea behaves

China brinksmanship behind North Korea? Beijing could pull plug on nuclear threats against U.S. by neighbor-ally at any time

U.S. Bombers Train in Guam as Korea Tensions Rise

N. Korea's Tattered Economy Gets Boost From Japan

US Rejects Direct Talks With North Korea

Mark of the Beast News

Applied Digital sues IBM over implantable human microchip: Is IBM about to seize control of microchip technology as Digital goes bankrupt?

Mark of the Beast Techology Explained: Video

Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. Files Lawsuit Against IBM Credit LLC and IBM Corporation

Winds Delay Launch of Military Satellite

Abortion Fiasco

Unborn babies may develop consciousness long before the legal age limit for abortions

Baby Parts For Sale -- Video

Senate Taking Up Partial Birth Abortion Bill Again

Tour bus crash on S.Cal freeway hurts 105

'Schoolchildren' shot in terror training tape: New York Post confirms WND's 2002 report on al-Qaida videos, golf course assassinations

Shuttle Columbia Spin Continues

New Analysis Sees Shuttle Breakup Beginning Earlier

Last-Ditch Effort? Data Suggests Crew Attempted to Save Columbia in Final Seconds

Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster Contains Incredibly Strong "Occult Signature"

Explosion of sex infections overwhelms British health service: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Gal 6:7

Economic News

Wall Street Plans: No Party Scheduled for Bubble Anniversary

Economic Apocalypse is nigh, Buffett tells Berkshire faithful

U.S. Steel Outlook Healthy Despite Cuts in Auto Industry

Buffett blasts the quality of America's executives

Maryland Town Uses Religious Act as 'Shield' in Court

Aggression 'fuelled by childhood TV violence': Starsky and Hutch, The Six Million Dollar Man and Roadrunner cartoons cited

Young Germans Ask: Thanks for What? Forgetting World War II totally -- Education failing in Germany also

Sixth Person Dies After Kentucky Plant Blast

Porn 'Filter' Uses Peer Pressure, Accountability, To Overcome Faulty Internet Filters

National Weather

Cold Weather Continues Across New England

Winds Warm Up the Western Plains

Jet Stream Splits the West Coast

National Flu Map

User fees not the same as taxes, Alaska governor: "If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it is a duck!"

British Prime Minister Blair to get gas-proof armoured car

High Tech to Help Drivers Brake Sooner

Silicon Graphics is using satellite images to make a 3-D map of Iraq

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