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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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March 31, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - "When you pass through the fire, you shall not be burned" - Isa 43:2b

Breaking News

U.S. Troops Kill Seven at Iraqi Checkpoint: Women, Children Killed When Van Refused to Stop as Ordered

Syria says it supports 'Iraqi people' against invaders

Iraq boasts "annihilation" of Coalition Forces, even as massive B-1, B-2, B-52 bombers drop huge amounts of armaments on Baghdad

Car Crashes Into British Embassy Gate In Tehran, Iran

Huge Explosions Rock Iraqi Capital Again Monday Night

U.S. Army Battles Its Way Into Hindiyah

UK soldiers sent home from Iraq 'for refusing to fight'

NBC Fires Arnett -- National Geographic fires him too

U.S. Forces Look to Night Operations to Avoid Heat

US military expels Geraldo Rivera from Iraq

Two more Israelis die in room sealed against chemical attack

Hong Kong Seals Off Apartment Building as Virus Spreads

Dow Drops More Than 150: Worries over long war and drop in manufacturing

U.S. Push Toward Baghdad Encounters Resistance: 2 soliders killed

Lieberman Says He Will Push Bill Extending Benefits to Gay Federal Employees

Iraq Military Campaign

Current Battlefield Map

DEBKAfile Intelligence Report Headlines - 3/30/03

Elite Sets the Stage for World War Three

Uday’s 800,000-Strong Guerrilla-Suicide Army: Ready to duplicate Palestinian suicide tactics on huge scale

U.S. military will start shoot on sight to prevent future suicide attacks in Iraq -- Vietnam all over again?

Data Gaps of Digital Warfare: Communications gear is in short supply in this Infantry Division unit -- and that could spell serious trouble in a crisis

British forces find western military equipment in Iraq

'Silver bullets' that kill, and kill again

Peter Arnett interview on Iraqi TV: "Iraqi war plan has failed"

Army's race to Baghdad exposes risks in battle plan --- Baghdad assault 'delayed for up to 40 days'

Next up for U.S.: 'Non-lethal' chemicals that kill

Analysis: How the U.S. underestimated Iraqi resistance

Marines storm town near Nasiriya, target 'Chemical Ali'

Three US Marines dead in Iraq helicopter crash: Pentagon

Dozens killed as US special forces overrun 'terrorist' camps

U.S. Army Battles In Streets - British Anger over "cowboy" U.S. pilot

ANALYSIS: Could Saddam still win?

Wave Of U.S. Bombers Strikes Baghdad - Allied Soldiers Inch Toward Baghdad

Kurdish Move Toward Key Oil City - Royal Marine killed as river launch is ambushed

In this deadly game of cat and mouse, the sniper rules

Palestinian Authority Honors Suicide Murderer of U.S. Troops

Bombers Strike Baghdad Command Centers

Iraq - Miscellaneous News

Mr Bush should heed the humble words he spoke in his election campaign

Bush, Saddam both turning to God for help in war

World faces worst crisis since Cold War - Russia's Putin

Rumsfeld denies blame over stalled US offensive

A Plan Under Attack: Iraqis bought over 1,000 Russian anti-tank missiles

Baghdad claims victory in a media offensive

Sticking To His Guns: Saddam showed movie, "Black Hawk Down" to troops as way to defeat U.S.

Pope Warns That War Could Bring 'Religious Catastrophe'

War coverage could alter U.S. media policy:

Refugees fired on by Iraqis

Belgian premier denounces US as "very dangerous"

In the eyes of the faithful, God is behind America

U.S.: Possible Al Qaeda Base Destroyed in Iraq

Saddam bunker 'almost impenetrable'

Invisibility Cloak an Illusion - Military studying applications

Affirmative Action Case Hits U.S. High Court Causing Wide Spread Interest

30 Schools Violate Civil Rights Law Suit Affirms

Stem Cell Finds Change Everything

China hit by earthquake aftershock

House votes to curtail Net porn

Iraq Weather

Iraq Warms Up Monday, Tuesday

Iraq Sand Storm Potential Increases This Week

3/31/03 Middle East Weather

Conflict Spreading?

Syria Threatens U.S. With Military Retaliation

Powell Warns Iran And Syria - Has Security Council Member Syria Officially Joined Iraqi Fight?

Iraq defiance stirs Arab pride

Iran feels the squeeze

U.S. war heating up in Afghanistan - Muslims opening up a second front?

FBI warned to get out of Pakistan

Egypt's Mubarak will not shut Suez to US/British warships

Afghans urged to rise against US

Malaysia: War opposition bridges divisions

Iraqi crisis: Terror fallout in the Philippines

Peace protests erupt worldwide

Iraqis leave Jordan to fight US: 100,000 have already left

Jordanian antiwar protesters shake up kingdom

Taliban Leader Calls for New Holy War


Islamic Jihad: Netanya cafe bomb a `gift' to the Iraqis: 13 still in hospital after explosion injures dozens

Israel still faces Scud danger

Powell to Jews: Israeli settlements not part of two-state vision

Sabbath Coalition Crisis on Way to End

U.S. expels Israeli reporters from Iraq on espionage charges

The 'Palestinization' of Iraq?

1,200 women soldiers called up in Israel

Military Developments In China

Case of alleged Saudi evils brought to U.N.

Economic News

Wal-Mart increases lead atop Fortune 500: Need for affordable staples led way to increase

US Airways set to emerge from bankruptcy: But bookings down 40%

American Airlines Pilots Propose Concession Plan

National Weather

Clipper Tracks Across Great Lakes

Warm Weather Continues Over California

Cool Air Dominates the East

March goes out like a lamb wearing a winter coat

Interpol urged to probe French President Chirac: Illegal proliferation of nuclear technology and arms trafficking?

One Dead In Rochester Hills Church Shooting: Some Thought It Was Terrorist Attack

SARS Epidemic News

SARS: The global spread continues

No cure for deadly SARS epidemic

Two more flu deaths reported

Paranoia prevails in SARS' Ground Zero

Korean Peninsula

Seoul to calm nuclear rift

North Korea weak justification for Iraq

South Korea seeks gas deal to end North's nuclear crisis

China Appears to Be Trying to Rein in North Korea -- Disinformation?

Firewalls set to become illegal in many American states: Legislation by the ignorant

South Australian Police surrender to prostitution

ASEAN: War shakes fragile economies

Hackers Beat Up on Al-Jazeera

Hackers Condemn Arab Site Hack

Fears About DNA Testing Proposal



March 30, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? "The LORD reigns, let the people tremble" - Psalm 99:1

Iraq Military Campaign

Current Battlefield Map

Russian Intel -- Iraq War -- Stalemate

DEBKAfile Headlines and War News - 800,000-Strong Guerilla Army! -- U.S. Did Not Plan on Iraqi Forces' Use of Guerrilla Tactics

Brace for a Bare-Knuckle Fight - UK marines kill Iraqi colonel, capture general near Basra

Pentagon May Speed Up Reinforcements

Rumsfeld ignored Pentagon advice - Combat Proves that the Generals Were Right

Casualty aversion is Saddam's greatest weapon: "Yours is a society that can't take 1,000 casualties"

Pentagon Rule Change Threatens American Captives: Refusal to call US captives "Prisoners of War" may allow Iraq to brutally treat them

U.S. POWs held by Saddam's inner circle

Bush Cites Progress in Iraq War Despite Setbacks

British fear the use of chemicals in Basra - World government to come out of explosive incident in Basra

Why Do Marines Wear Green in the Desert? Camouflage and concealment exceedingly important in any battle

Gruesome toll in civilian deaths grows as army grinds to a halt -- Civilian Casualties in Baghdad From US Precision Bombing? Denial and Deception Used By Both Sides

Iraq says downs 2 U.S. helicopters, at least 2 crew killed

No pause in coalition drive for Baghdad? Air strikes soften Baghdad

U.S. Covert Operations Underway - Says Baghdad pause is in effect!

U.S. Land Advance Could Pause for Weeks-Military

Warplanes Pound Republican Guard - U.S. Finds Buried Bodies of 4 G.I.'s

Marines Push North Along 'Ambush Alley'

Saddam Sacks Commander of Air Defenses

Mechanics Keep Transport Moving

Oil wells soon may reopen - Saddam's Bunker Stands Tough

Newsday Says Journalists May Be Held by Iraq

Commentary: Impotence of power

No 'Smoking Gun': Hit on Ansar al-Islam Camp Finds No Signs of Chemical Weapons

Some Tomahawks Fell on Saudi Arabia: U.S. Suspends Routes

Grenade attack suspect back in U.S.

6,000 Precision-Guided Bombs Dropped on Iraq Since War Began

US OKs E-Z-EM Decontamination Lotion for Military

Domestic Terror Alert

On the Home Front, Full Military Air Defense Alert

Bush ranch targeted by Iraqi terror team: Tried to get through via Mexico

Missile Threat To Passenger Planes Means New Rules at Airports

Firefighters Need 'Dirty Bomb' Detectors: Experts

2 U.S. servicemen killed in Afghanistan ambush

U.S. Considers Wide Afghan Offensive

Hijacker of Turkish Plane Charged in Athens

Cuba's crackdown amid war likely to not damage Castro: Regime knows how far to go and when, experts say

'They told me to keep on rolling over: it was a beating from hell': Zimbabwe descending further into chaos

Saudi ambassador to Ivory Coast is found dead

Italy and Germany agree on EU satellite system that will end dependence upon US GPS system

Fattening up baby may rebound in adulthood

Iraq Weather Reports

Iraq Warms Up Monday, Tuesday

Iraq Sand Storm Potential Increases This Week

Current Middle East Weather

Israel - Terrorism Strikes!

30 hurt, 4 moderate-to-serious, in blast near Netanya cafe

General Mofaz: Number of reservists to be cut, but alert remains high

MI Chief: Arafat trying to create obstacles for his new Prime Minister

Analysis: Palestinians compare their struggle to Iraq: Proud of Saddam's success thus far -- More information

Korean Peninsula

North Korea says "No" to nuclear concessions

Iraq invited 'miserable fate,' N. Korea says: Faults Baghdad for allowing inspections

South Korea renews diplomatic effort

South Korea Sends Envoy to Russia, China on Settling Atomic Crisis

Civilians practice evacuation in S. Korea

Iranian factor of Iraq war

SARS Mystery Illness

CDC: Mystery illness SARS spreads more easily than first thought

58 new cases in Hong Kong

No Treatment Identified for SARS; Travel Advisory Expanded

Doctor dies from mystery illness he identified

Hong Kong gripped by fear

Buffalo Sabres players possibly exposed to SARS

Killer bug may strand tourists

Anti-War Protests

Thousands Rally for and Against Iraq War

Over 100,000 Indonesians protest Iraq war

American Civilization: Women die while healthy men sit home

New Round of Antiwar Protests Held Worldwide

Calif. City Removes Yellow Ribbons from hundreds of trees

National Weather

Warm, Dry Weather Covers California

Cool Air Dominates the East Monday

Spring taking a break on Sunday as Cold Weather Moves In

Economic News

Corning to Settle Asbestos Claims, Take $200M Charge

US Airways Slashes Wages 5%

Is American Airlines on a bankruptcy flight path?

Stocks Slump on Iraq War Worries

New York City's smoking ban begins at midnight

TV Viewers Show War Fatigue, Study Says

Great White Return to Stage: Band's first show since fire to benefit late guitarist's child

Boys more likely to turn deaf ear to school

Brazil to Help Africa Beat AIDS


March 29, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Neither do they understand His (God's) plan" - Micah 4:12

Current Battlefield Map

Military Geography of Iraq

Iraq Military Campaign

Russian Intel -- One Week of War -- Lessons learned and applications toward war between US/Russia

DEBKAfile Intelligence - First Iraqi Suicide Car Bombing Kills 5 US Soldiers

Ground Units Delay March On Baghdad -- Iraq Sandstorms Possible Next Week

Major Battle Still Lies Ahead in Basra: Iraqis preparing counter-offensive

Five Soldiers Killed By Suicide Bomber: U.S. commanders order 4-6 day 'operational pause'

Why Is The Joyous Jewish Holiday, "Purim" So Significant In Both Gulf War I and Gulf War II?

Coalition Troops Have Committed Hitler’s Tactical Mistake -- Analysis: Iraq strategy rooted in Soviet doctrine

Analysis / 1,000 U.S. paratroopers is not a "northern front": More troops parachute in to the north

Aviators Fly Supplies Thru Missiles

Americans and Republican Guard face their first set-piece battle

Marines Batter Nasiriyah - Analysis: US ponders Iraq strategy

Ministry Building Hit In Baghdad

Seven US marines found killed south of Iraq

U.S. Announces Halt of Cruise Missile Launches That Cross Saudi Arabia After Complaints

Korean Peninsula

North Korea: No Concessions on Nuclear Standoff

Japan launches spy satellites -- Angers N. Korea

As Japan launches first spy satellites, N Korean rhetoric also rises

Plane hijacked in Turkey, enters Greek air space - All passengers of hijacked plane set free

Third Death Noted In Smallpox Vaccination

Smallpox Vaccination Program Should Be Slowed While Heart Problems Investigated, Advisers Say

Madonna Makes Video Showing A Grenade In Bush's Lap

Michael Moore plans Bush-bin Laden film - Will suggest financial link between Bush family and bin Laden

China Welcomes Pakistan Musharraf's Visit To Russia

SARS Virus Spreading

Fears spread in Hong Kong as disease infects more people

Doctor Dies From Illness He Identified

Hong Kong tightens health checks for travellers

Five in NYC may have contracted SARS mystery illness

National Weather

T-Storms Possible Across Middle Atlantic

Warm, Dry Weather Covers California

Cold Air Spills into Midwest, Miss. Valley

Wet and warm Northeast

Domestic Terror News

Baghdad-terror probe spreads to 11 nations: Agents in sleeper cells allegedly plotting widespread attacks against U.S. interests

FBI Searches For Boston Female Terrorist Operative

Three stooges bring city to a halt: Mayor Mike: 'How stupid can you be?'

Chief U.N. Inspector Blix to Leave Job

Teacher Suspended For Coyote Skinning Demonstration

Visa, drug money sting snares two educators

10-Year-Old Boy Charged With Sexual Assault, Murder of 3-Year-Old!

Revolutionary technology in which images displayed on table tops change in reaction to motion: Las Vegas jumping all over this technology

Serb police looking for Milosevic's wife

U.S. launches Operation "Desert Lion" in Afghanistan

Fighting Erupts Between Afghan Soldiers and Taliban Holdouts in Southern Afghanistan

Philippines to auction off Imelda Marcos' jewelry

Bias suit filed over cost of haircut: Salon tried to charge black woman extra

Judge Bans Leather Biker Clothes in Courtroom

NASA: Military Spy Satellites to Routinely Take Pictures of Shuttle Missions

Eat whale ... and save the planet

Changes to Clean Air Act Drifting Past the Public




Russian troops getting ready to move?

Russians Hold 50-Year Edge Over U.S. In Most Powerful Weapons

Russia's Formidable Scalar Weaponry Capability

Prophetic Implications of U.S. Not Possessing This Weapons System

Weather In Iraq

Iraq Warms Up Early Next Week

Iraq Sand Storm Potential over the Next Week

Iraq - Miscellaneous

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak suggests all Iraqi WMD stored in Baghdad

More than 50 civilians feared dead after market hit in Baghdad

British commander says coalition underestimated Iraqi resistance

War with Iraq puts U.S. 'in a very dangerous situation': Expert says Iraq war may be "Vietnam in fast forward"!

Smarter Tactics Only Delay the Inevitable Ouster of Saddam

Iraqi missile shatters Kuwait City shopping mall; no casualties

A patriotic U.S. media covers the war in the Iraq

A week is a long time under fire on a bridge

Scientist hid nukes in Iraq 20 years ago

Bush: U.S. Will Fight as Long as It Takes

Beans, bullets and Band-aids in short supply -- Two Apache helicopters crash in first attack mission by 101st Airborne choppers

Columbia Professor Calls for Deaths of American Troops

Hospital Treats Americans, Iraqis

U.S. Did Not Plan on Iraqi Forces' Use of Guerrilla Tactics

Iraqi Oil Fires Threaten Migrating Birds

Ship 'Sir Galahad', loaded with aid, docks at key Iraqi port

China Sends Humanitarian Aid To Iraqi People

American Administration Won’t Let UN Control Iraq After War Ends

Three Al-Kuwait hotels warned about terrorist bombs laid

Iraqis fire on civilians fleeing Basra -- Two Israeli reporters held by US troops

GPS-jammer contractor plays both sides of war: Russian firm accused of helping Iraq also sold gear to U.S. Army - Jammers can be built for $50!

Ghost town echoes to Kurds' celebration gunfire

CIA Trying to Take Out Hussein, Key Leaders

Russian, Iraqi Agents Reportedly Meeting In Moscow

Signs of U.S. POWs found at hospital

U.N. Approves Restart of Iraq Oil-For-Food Program - Iraq rejects this plan

Bush's aides didn't warn of stiff Iraq resistance

Muslim Reaction Builds

War in Iraq sparks "jihadi" mood all over Pakistan -- We are in contact with Iraqi leadership: Pak Opposition

Demonstrations against war in Iraqi holy cities rock Kashmir

Furious Arabs Protest Invasion of Iraq - Tens of thousands of Palestinians march in support of Iraq

Baghdad sheik calls Muslim world to jihad: Army of 'the criminal Bush' will be 'defeated by the force of faith'

Saudi Clerics Denounce War in Sermons

"Death to Israel" chanted across Mideast anti-war protests

Iran - Syria

Rumsfeld raises stakes with warning to Syria over military sales to Iraq - Syria also facilitating Palestinians going to fight for Iraq

Syria's Assad: 'We will not wait' to be next U.S. target

Dozens of volunteers crossing Syrian border into Iraq to join fight against allied troops

Iranian factor of Iraq war

US turns sights on Syria and Iran

Pakistan - India

Pakistani President Musharraf condemns Kashmir massacre

Missile tests not to worsen ties with India: Pak

Suspected Islamic Rebels Cut Off Noses of Six Kashmiris -- Incident Demonstrates True Nature of Islam


Israeli coalition faces split over working on Sabbath

FM Shalom rejects linking Iraq war and Israel-Palestinian conflict

Health Ministry closes Tel Aviv-area beaches due to sewage flow into sea

US Army: Israel is a close ally, but is not involved in this war

Total Information Awareness will consign Google to the Stone Age

Occult Nature of Total Information Awareness and Its Superior, Homeland Security

Cops Sue NYC Over 9/11 Illness

Air Force Academy Sex Scandal

Air Force Academy ends 'Bring Me Men' era: Longtime sign falls in shake-up at academy

Feds warned for decades of trouble with sexual assault in military

Women to lead Air Force Academy

Rape Crisis Reports Rise To 38 At Center

Pirates Attack Indonesian Chemical Tanker, Escape With Equipment and Cash


March 28, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - "My people are destroyed by a lack of knowledge" - Hosea 4:6

Breaking News

More Cases of Mystery Illness Arise Even as Quarantines Expand

What If Iraqi Army Had Russian MiG-31 Jets?

Coalition Troops Have Committed Hitler’s Tactical Mistake

US forces can surround Baghdad in 5 to 10 days: Iraqi minister -- See photo of oil trenches burning around Baghdad

Russia Military Experts: U.S. and British Officials Play down Death Toll in Iraq

U.N. Official: Iraq Moving Weapons to Field

Russian Military Experts Believes Anti-Iraq Coalition Troops Will Not Begin Directly Storming Baghdad

US walks out of UN debate

Demonstrations against war in Iraqi holy cities rock Kashmir

Rumors of US or British paratroopers landing in Iran denied

Current Battlefield Map

Iraq Military Campaign

U.S. May Be About To Begin A "Scorched Earth" Policy In Iraq?

Indian defense expert comments on US war on Iraq -- Carpet bombing a distinct possibility, raising civilian casualties

Friendly Fire Disaster In Sandstorm Yesterday: Coalition forces destroys own supply column!

'Bush has already lost the war': Iraqi civilian deaths bring mounting pressure on US-led coalition

Basra: Media Confusion During War

War Diary 3/26: What Is Going On With This War?

100,000 More U.S. - U.K Troops To Be Committed To Iraq War! -- US to double troops as Iraq refuses to fold

Analysis: Rumsfeld presses Franks to attack

Indian defense expert comments on US war on Iraq -- Carpet bombing a distinct possibility, raising civilian casualties

Description of Possible Civilian Deaths Caused By B-52 Carpetbombing

Saddam executes 60 Iraqi officers

Mines in Waterway Delay Food Aid for Southern Iraq

Saddam hiding Scuds in trucks, rigging bridges to blow

U.S. warplanes drop massive 'bunker busters' on
Iraqi command centers
- Beginning use of massive ordinance just as predicted

'16 cruise missiles' to destroy bunker: Saddam "safe and secure" in his steel-concrete bunker, builder says

Asia shaken, anxious after first week of Iraq war

Kurdish deployment to Kirkuk could be cause for

Rumsfeld: We may encircle Baghdad and not invade it -- US faces Baghdad dilemma

Basra mars road to Baghdad -- World government to come out of explosive incident in Basra

Marines Fight To Secure Supply Lines

I refused to help Bush In Iraq: India's Prime Minister

Over 700 US, British troops killed in Iraq: Envoy

Officials: Syria Sending Equipment to Iraq

Iraqi Bus attack a suicidal new tactic

Powell crimps UN role in rebuilding

Gulf war syndrome research reveals present danger to troops

Killer Virus

Canadian province declares pneumonia emergency

Health Officials Urge Screening Air Travelers for Mystery Disease

Hong Kong considers quarantine as virus spreads

Korean Peninsula

U.S. Civilian Evacuation Practiced in S. Korea

Events in Iraq Give Pyongyang New Confidence

Japan launches first spy satellite

North Korea warns of Asian arms race - US preparing to attack N Korea: Pyongyang

We don't intend to acquire offensive weaponry: Japan

China readies for future U.S. fight: Iraq war has convinced China her future war with U.S. is closer than originally thought

U.S. - South Korea War Simulation Turns Really Ugly: US looks over its shoulder at North Korea

N. Korea's inactivity puzzles South, U.S. -- Sudden inactivity might be sign of impending attack

Anti-War Protests

Anti-war protest by Australian students turns ugly

Protesters Throw Stones at National Guardsman

French Anti-War Protests Lead to Anti-Jewish Violence

Belgium Scrambles To Change Law Before Potential Bush Indictment

Cronkite Calls Bush "Chimpanzee" But Supports Troops

Hollywood backs away from helping Bush with war in Iraq


New Detailed Iraq Map - Weather

Iraq - Miscellaneous

U.S. Forces Not Allowed To Fly "Old Stars and Stripes" As They Go Into Battle! Ramifications are huge!!

Following What Flag? US forces forbidden by commanders to fly American flage on battlescene

Wounded troops say Iraqis fought in civilian clothes disguise: Page out of the Vietnam War!

Al-Qaeda fighting with Iraqis, British claim -- Wave of Muslim Fury Sweeps Middle East

Saddam's support startles American pilot: People are not rising up against Saddam

Bush sees no swift victory

Police reinforce security at US bases in Okinawa, Japan

Bush's Wartime Style Echoes Best, Worst

Perish the thought of Pax Americana: Rumsfeld "scary"

Iraqi Dead Counted, Not Forgotten By New Web Site Dedicated To Reporting Count of Dead Iraqi Civilians


Russians Hold 50-Year Edge Over U.S. In Most Powerful Weapons

Russia's Formidable Scalar Weaponry Capability

Prophetic Implications of U.S. Not Possessing This Weapons System

From Russia with blood: Missile attack kills four Americans, destroying their tank


Syria: Shift Toward More Serious Anti-War Activity? -- Syrian Cleric Calls For Suicide Attacks Against US, British Troops

Dozens of volunteers crossing Syrian border into Iraq to join fight against allied troops

Bush Rebuffs Blair On Re-start of Palestinian State Issue: "Road Map" still dead

Tens of thousands of Palestinians march in support of Iraq

IDF troops kill Palestinian, wound another

Children chant: "Death to Israel" across Mideast anti-war protests

Economic News

American Airlines Considers Bankruptcy

Stocks Close Choppy Session on Negative War Note

ConAgra Profit Hurt by Falling Poultry Volumes

Second worker dies of heart attack after smallpox vaccination

Smallpox Shots: Proceed With Care

Key Rumsfeld Adviser Perle Resigns: Business conflict

Police told suspects were black from very 1st shot fired: Eyewitness to Michaels store window shooting also described getaway car

Applied Digital gets reprieve from creditor: CEO of implantable-chip firm retires with $10 million package

Muslim Rebels Kill Filipino Christians Ahead Of Peace Talks

Indian Christians Alarmed by Passage of Religious Conversion Law

California approaches Internet sales tax

National Weather

Severe Thunderstorm Break Out Friday

Cold Front Pushes Toward East Coast

National Weekend Weather Outlook

Colder Air Moves Into Texas

Wyoming highways are closed as storm intensifies

Colorado braces for even more snow

Tornado kills Miami man as storms rage across Florida; eight injured at golf course

Putting the Blinders Back on Big Brother: Often restricted in wartime, citizens' rights have always been restored with peace. This time, government snooping may be harder to stop

Bush Executive Order Covers Internet Secrets


March 27, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation" - Isaiah 2:4

Breaking News

Wave of Muslim Fury Sweeps Middle East

U.S. May Be About To Begin A "Scorched Earth" Policy In Iraq?

Russia successfully launches test ICBM

Indian defense expert comments on US war on Iraq -- Carpet bombing a distinct possibility, raising civilian casualties

Saddam executes 60 Iraqi officers

Mines in Waterway Delay Food Aid for Southern Iraq

Tokyo ready to examine offensive military system

V.P. Cheney Now Co-President? Architect of Gulf War I rises to new heights of power as one of most powerful CFR men ever

Russia Asks Rhetorical Question: Is U.S. about to declare war on her?

Saddam hiding Scuds in trucks, rigging bridges to blow

Korean Peninsula

China readies for future U.S. fight: Iraq war has convinced China her future war with U.S. is closer than originally thought

U.S. - South Korea War Simulation Turns Really Ugly: US looks over its shoulder at North Korea

North Korea warns Japan may face "self-destruction" over satellite launch

North Korea cuts off military contact with U.N. Command

U.S. fears China obtained classified Aegis technology for new destroyer - Could be used in Chinese attack on Taiwan

New Videos

Welcome To World War III and the Coming New World Order

The Day That Changed America Forever -- New Video Clips, New Revelations

Iraqi Campaign - Diplomatic News

Bush Lowers Expectations for Swift War

It's the UN, Stupid! How Iraq war will validate UN

Pentagon Debates How Many Casualties Public Will Accept

Unembedded Journalist's Report Provokes Military Ire: Reporters find it difficult to tell truth

Initial aid for Iraqis arrives in the south

Iraq Accuses U.S. of Targeting Civilians

U.N.'s Annan Worried About Civilian Death Toll

Allied troops bypass holy sites

U.N. council debates Iraq invasion -- Russia: Iraq campaign ‘doomed to fail’: Pope hears news of conflict with ‘heavy heart’

U.S. General Accuses Iraq of Killing POWs -- Red Cross in dialogue over access to POWs

Saddam Once Received Key to Detroit: Shows extent to which Saddam was set up as key U.S. ally

Baghdad TV station attack could be illegal

Why Arab intellectuals are now praying for Saddam

Tony Blair's plane hit by lightning

Iranian War News

US has bombed militia bases, says Iran

Iran rallies militia for border show of force

America may turn focus on Iran: expert

Another Stray Missile Lands Hits Iran

Anti-War / Anti-Americanism

Anti-Americanism rising in Yemen

Retaliation: British Consulate in Ecuador Attacked

Moral Collapse Accelerates

Massachusetts Supreme Court Planning New Type of ‘Relationship’ to Replace ‘Failed’ Institution of Marriage

Supreme Court Considers Challenge to Sodomy Law

Police arrest man suspected of killing Georgia nun

Pakistan - India

Outlawed Kashmiri militants resurface in Pakistan

NLFT militants kill eight in Tripura

US asks Pakistan to end J&K terrorism

Terrorist-underworld nexus behind Pandya killing: Deputy Foreign Minister Advani

India successfully test fires nuclear-capable missile, the Prithvi

Tripura insurgents get commando training in Pakistan

Thousands of Ontario residents face SARS virus quarantine

US may face higher gas prices whatever the outcome in Iraq

Experts: Northwest quake under way taking weeks, not seconds



Battle Map -- Weather - Getting Hot

Iraq Military Campaign

U.S. Forces Not Allowed To Fly "Old Stars and Stripes" As They Go Into Battle! Ramifications are huge!!

Following What Flag? US forces forbidden by commanders to fly American flage on battlescene

Lebanese TV Crew Says Their Crew Found 40 Dead US Soldiers

US calls up 30,000 new troops -- Confirmed Baghdad action map

Russian Intel -- Sand Is Literally Eating Up Equipment!

Shifting sands of war: Unprecedented sandstorm buoying Iraqi morale as they see it as the helping hand of God

Sand Storm allows Iraq to gamble on armour redeployment: Iraqis "masters of deception"

U.S. 4th Infantry Division Heading for Gulf

DEBKAfile War News - 3/26/03 -- Short 400-500 Tanks For Battle of Baghdad

Rumsfeld Under Fire: Wesley Clark criticizes plan that has not allowed U.S. troops victory

Expert: Iraqi resistance, an unexpected tactic: Hand-to-hand combat

Bodies of 500 US, UK soldiers lying in Jacobabad - Killed in Afghanistan war - Pakistani source

Campaign Thus Far: A showcase for Rumsfeld's vision of warfare

Air Filter Nightmare: Sandstorms Create Havoc

US will lose war, says former UN inspector

Seven Days of War, But No Progress Yet: Sandstorms made allied troops suspend battles

Iraq fights US air dominance with new mobility

America's Patriot missiles may be infected with deadly glitch

Marines wounded in fighting late Wednesday in Iraq in hand-to-hand combat: Children reported to be firing on U.S. troops

Drowned Marines in full gear -- Why Are U.S. Troops Wearing Dark-Green Camouflage?

U.S. Paratroopers Take North Iraq Airfield-Official

War Photos -- An Anecdote for Flying Blind

U.S. Officials Think War Could Last Months

Street fighting looms as biggest challenge of war

Iraqi Militia Seizes 2 Tanks, Grounds Warplane - Iraqi claim

US Troops Fired at Its Column by Error Near Nasiriya -- Iraqi claim

Iraqi Army Breaks through Basra Blockade -- Iraqi claim

Iraqi forces on their defensive against allied troops

Iraq's Only Port Cleared for Humanitarian Shipments: War shipments can now proceed also

The 'Palestinization' of Iraq: Nightmare scenario possible

POW pictures spark Internet censorship debate

Turkish-US Relations Decline Precipitously Over Iraq Conflict

We'll send in troops if we like, declares Turkey


Assad: Syria fears becoming next coalition target

Palestinians: 2 PA policemen killed in IDF strike in Gaza

Palestinians shout 'Strike, strike Tel Aviv with chemicals' in war demos

U.S. objects to Israel's sale of Phalcon systems to India

Intifada cost Israeli economy 3.8% of GDP in 2002

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas may discuss halt to Hamas attacks against Israel

Increased reserve duty extended for another year

Sudden revival for the road map to "peace"

Extra U.S. aid to Jordan will ease impact of Iraqi war

National Weather

Major Storm Heads Northeast

Strong Storms Across the Plains Thursday

More Snow Expected Across The Rockies

Where Is Tornado Alley?

Wind is the "crop" in plans for largest farm -- Iowa

Storm victims file millions in claims

Smallpox Vaccine Risky for Heart Patients

Face recognition gets lift, U.S. says

If Bush Intends to Be Headman of Global Village, Villagers Need a Say

Militants running the "anti-war" demonstrations: Following a plan to organize, mobilize, radicalize, militarize, and globalize

Former Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan dead at 76

FBI warns that terrorists could make simple, deadly chemical weapon

Importing Terrorism: Government has thrown open our borders to potential Iraqi terrorists disguised as refugees




March 26, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "For it is by free Grace you are saved." [Eph 2:8]

Breaking News

Lebanese TV Crew Says Found 40 Dead US Soldiers

Revolt In Basra Disputed -- Iranian source

International Federation of Journalists Condemns Attack on TV Station - TV stations are not a military target

US calls up 30,000 new troops

Korean Peninsula

China readies for future U.S. fight: Iraq war has convinced China her future war with U.S. is closer than originally thought

N. Korea Withdraws From Regular US Military Contacts: A war sign!

North Korea Calls Off U.N. Meeting

U.S. Sill Considering Whether To Strike North Korea

North Korea Still Dangerous for World: North Korean army is rather powerful, despite the international isolation

North Korea strengthens defences -- N. Korea declares a "second Iraqi crisis" underway

War Games On Korean Peninsula Upset North Korea

South Korea: 'US Forces Should Maintain Tripwire'

S. Korean Assembly Stalls on Iraq War Request

North Korea Nuclear Threat Worries US Investors

Iraq Attack - Diplomatic Considerations

Russia Asks Rhetorical Question: Is U.S. about to declare war on her?

Kremlin Fires Back At Bush -- Bush To Warn Of Long Conflict

Russia Lost Billions of Dollars in Iraq: A lot of very expensive projects have been swept away with the war

China, India weigh war costs

Rumsfeld's Strategy Under Fire as War Risks Become Increasingly Apparent

War and the 'deluge' of terror

Iraq - Miscellaneous News

Free press and the face of war

Second Officer Dies From Grenade "Fragging" Attack -- MSWA: Muslim soldiers with attitude - Arab infiltration of U.S. military

Iraq using terror tactics against coalition forces

War's Popularity Wanes but Resolve Strong

Arab Citizens "On Stand-by" - Most Arabs support Saddam, oppose U.S.

High-powered war technology: If we resort to our big guns, Saddam has no chance

Supreme Court Could Reverse Ban on Homosexual Sex

Peace Activists Planning to Disrupt Manhattan


Saddam put Scuds and launchers on trucks, hid them under bridges: Has he put fighter-bombers on trucks?

Palestinians Complain: U.S. Marines training in guerilla warfare in Jenin To Prepare For Battle of Baghdad

U.K.'s Straw says West hypocritical on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Palestinian Leadership Farce

Palestinian killed while trying to infiltrate Morag settlement in Gaza

School Bus Bomber Dahlan Still Playing Prominent Role In Palestinian Authority

PMO rejects peace initiative by former Mossad

Israel keeps alert levels high

Weather News

Wednesday in Iraq - Much Improved Weather in Iraq Thursday

Slight Chance of Severe Thunderstorms Wed

Large Outbreak of Severe Weather Thu and Fri

Big Storm Cranks Up!

Why the Daylight Period Grows Longer

WHO mulls global travel restrictions as SARS cases rise

People With Heart Problems Shouldn't Get Smallpox Vaccination, Officials Say

Pope Says Following Iraqi War With 'heavy Heart'


Iraq Military Campaign

Battle Map

Military puzzled and worried about Saddam's invisible air force -- Iraq's Air Force may be planning huge surprise! [Info at end of article]

Russian Intelligence: Is U.S. Starting To Resort To "Scorched Earth" Strategy?

DEBKAfile War Headlines -- U.S. uses "E-Bomb" for first time. Coalition forces slowed by stiff resistance

First Basra, Then Baghdad – a Reversal

Coalition Short of Troops For Battle of Baghdad

British Forces Battle Iraqis

Sandstorms Slow U.S. Forces Down - Storm said to be unprecedented: Is Russia using scalar weather modification?

Basra Resistance Still Strong: 51st division of the Iraqi army launched the counter-offensive

Troops March Closer To Baghdad - Marines line up on Iranian border

America's mood: Do military setbacks in Iraq shake resolve at home?

10 Americans Killed in an-Nasiriyya: Iraqi television reported that the Apache chopper was brought down near the city of Karbala

Analysis of Euphrates River Combat - U.S. military unprepared for fighting strength of Iraqi militias

Coalition Bombards Iraqi State TV -- Station now back on air

Republican Guardsmen heading south to scene of war's heaviest fighting: 1,000 truck convoy moving under cover of sandstorm

First Relief Convoy Leaves For Iraq

The Patriot Missile: Performance Thus Far

U.S. brass backpedal from early war goals

Pentagon Tuesday confirms nine KIA

North Carolina garrison town plunged into grief after deaths of 11 Camp Lejeune Marines

India - Pakistan

India and Pakistan exchange nuclear-capable missile tests

Gunmen kill Indian leader in Gujarat

Time bomb explodes in Kashmir oil depot

Massacre-shocked Hindus plan to flee India's troubled Kashmir

Terror Concerns

Calif. governor orders Guard to LAX to increase airport security

Ashcroft accelerates use of emergency spy warrants in anti-terror fight

Airline Traffic Declines 10% Since War in Iraq Began

Nuclear Plant Near NYC Draws Attention

Military Curbs Care Packages to Troops: Security concerns

Air Patrols Resume Over New York, Washington: "Police patrols in the skies"

Effort grows to close nuclear power station near New York City

Airport security becoming x-ray-ted as new X-ray glasses that can see through objects begins use: Women beware

Economic News

Iraq War Widens Trade Deficit

Stocks Rise as Iraq News Dominates

Boots & Coots Inks Deal to Fight Iraq Oil Well Fires

Bilderberger Meeting In May: Annihilation of Palestinian People? Financial Meltdown Coming?

The war back home: Disguise bad company news by announcing it when war front news is bad

Consumer confidence plummets to lowest level in nearly a decade

New Home Sales Plunge; Factory Orders Weakest in Three Months

Moral Collapse Continues

Former Connecticut mayor convicted in federal child molestation case

Teen found with ex-con in California returns to Michigan

Oklahoma rabbi pleads guilty to groping female employees and two girls


March 25, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "In war He shall redeem you from the power of the sword" [Job 5:20]

Breaking News

Military developments in Iraq on the sixth day of war -- 3/25, 6pm Bagdad time

U.S. Forces Take Casualties in Iraq, Move on Baghdad in Storms

10 Americans Killed in an-Nasiriyya -- 6:25 pm, Baghdad --Iraqi television reported that the Apache chopper was brought down near the city of Karbala

Basra Resistance Still Strong: 51st division of the Iraqi army launched the counter-offensive through the storm

Black Hawk, Apache helicopters missing in Iraqi sandstorm: US

Main Objective of War – New Weapon Tests -- U.S. Gen. Westmoreland said this of the Vietnam War

Iranian Military expert accuses US of weak war management

Iranian defense ministry warns of "very dangerous" war fallout

Iraq Military Campaign

Intelligence Reports

DEBKAfile Headlines: Iraqi forces counterattack!

U.S. Short of Troops For Baghdad Battle!

Russian Intelligence Reports

Will American Administration Declare War on Russia? US officials think that Russia is guilty of their unsuccessful war

Bush, Putin Trade Barbs In Growing Rift --

Russian weapons and foreign rogues -- Iraq said to have Russian weapon that jams GPS, rendering our missiles useless!

Bombing Campaign Begins To Soften Resistance On Drive To Baghdad

Allies Risk 3000 Casualties in Baghdad - Ex-General

American Initiative

UK Forces Fight Tank Battle South of Basra -- World government will come out of incident in Basra

War strategy comes under heavy fire

Navy divers sweeping for mines in Umm Qasr

US insists Russians helping Iraq

Evidence Of Weapons Remains Elusive

Coalition forces moving toward Baghdad through desert sand

The Baghdad "Goetterdaemmerung" scenario

Baghdad Carving Bigger Defensive Trenches

Urban Warfare Promises Peril
-- 5-Pound Eye in the sky

US tries to destroy downed chopper

Pentagon Complains About Fake Surrenders

U.S. Forces Close on Baghdad as Resistance Continues in the South

Bush Plan to Assassinate Saddam Illegal

British manufacturer's weapons linked to hidden cache of missiles

In Similar "Fragging" Incident in 1991, Muslim Perpetrator Not Punished: Later became Beltway shooter suspect!

TV Appearance Convinces U.S. Hussein Is Alive

Dust Storm In Iraq

Rain and Dust Tuesday in Iraq

Sandstorm Blows Over U.S. Troops South of Baghdad

Sandstorm Could Slow Ground Assault

Thunderstorms and Strong Winds Aim at Iraq Going Into Wednesday

India - Pakistan

Four killed in LoC shelling - Kashmir area

India blames Pak for Kashmiri Pandits' massacre -- Hindu residents want to leave area

Islamic gunmen blamed as 24 die in Kashmir raid

Pakistan could be next target, warns Main Islamic Alliance

One-eyed policy poses danger to India: Anti-Pakistan and Anti-China policy is obession of India's leaders


Defense officials note increased Iraqi references to Israel

Joy in Ramallah over capture of U.S. soldiers: 'Oh Saddam, we love you, why don't you annihilate all the Jews'

19 Palestinians said arrested in West Bank overnight

Donors Freeze Money to Palestinian Group

Heavy rain and storms across most of Israel, snow in north

Mofaz warns: Iraqi missile threat still exists

Pakistan Brags It Can Hit Israel With Nuclear Weapon

War danger not past for Israel

U.S. Lifts FBI Criminal Database Checks: No longer does FBI have to doublecheck to see if its information is accurate before it enters it into its database! Door to citizenry abuse swinging wide open

South America, Future US Target: Fears on an incoming Pentagon military intervention into the region worry Latin Americans

Key Arab news station knocked offline by hackers -- Had broadcast controversial footage of US soldiers captured by Iraqi forces

Iraq Military Campaign

US media treads Government line: Official censorship rampant

Iraqi Initiative

Iraq May Use Chemical Weapons on US in Baghdad

Iraqi Tribes - Saddam's Secret Weapon: Hundreds of thousands of lightly armed but determined soldiers

U.S.: Iraq could use chemical arms near Baghdad

Coalition troops in dilemma while facing guerrillas

Saddam Appears on TV, Tries to Rally Iraq

US, UK dream of easy war evaporate: Iraq

Iraqi TV Shows 2 Said to Be U.S. Airmen

Iraqi opposition: We don't want American rule

Iraq claims 62 civilians killed in bombing

Jihad in Mesopotamia aiding Saddam

Syrian Volunteers Reportedly Head for Iraq

P.O.W. Issue -- Reaping What We Have Sown?

U.S. also violating Geneva Conventions by keeping POWs: Prisoners held from war in Afghanistan breach standards

Army Post, Relatives Horrified About POWs -- Chechens: Islam justifies killing prisoners

Families of US POWs recognize them on TV --Russia to ask Iraq to honor POW treatment rules

"Please do something for my son" -- POW Mom urges Bush

Arab TV Shows Captured American Soldiers -- Red Cross: Showing POWs on TV Is Illegal

US 'is using torture techniques' to interrogate top al-Qa'ida prisoners

'Mickey Mouse' captives in US prison

Ex-Taliban says tortured in Cuba prison

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Vows 'Legitimate Defence' After US Hits Iraq

U.S. Sill Considering Whether To Strike North Korea

North Korea Still Dangerous for World: North Korean army is rather powerful, despite the international isolation

North Korea strengthens defences -- N. Korea declares a "second Iraqi crisis" underway

Iran Growing Concerned

View From Iran: Growing Risk to Her Nuclear Technology Program

Iran says it may fire on aircraft in its skies

Iran denies firing at allies

Bush Asking for $74.7B for War in Iraq

National Weather

Strong T-Storms Possible Over Arkansas

Big Storm Later This Week?

Wet Weather Covers the Northwest Tue, Wed

It's still dry out there

Training begins for tornado season

Kurds in Turkey `just want their rights'

Threat of "Jihad"

FBI: 5,000 Iraqis in U.S. Interviewed

Arab-Americans Urge Cooperation With FBI

Supreme Court Uphold U.S. Spy Powers

Life imprisonment for nurse who murdered babies

Battle of Musicians Over Iraq War: Note Madonna flashing devil's sign, Il Cornuto

Dow retreats 307 points as investors turn cautious

WAR IMPACT: Setbacks in Iraq send Dow reeling: Rose-colored glasses coming off

Four More Succumb to Killer Virus

How space could liberate us from Mideast oil

Anti-bacterial powder could disinfect food

Man admits 1957 killings of two police officers

Blair Tagged as Privacy Threat -- Given U.K. Big Brother Awards



March 24, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "The Lord Reigns" - Psalm 99:1

Breaking News

NATO Intelligence Report: Psyops, War Crimes, Civilian Targets

How OPEC Can Almost Instantly Collapse Our Economy -- UPDATED!!

American Alchemists at Work in Iraq: Transmuting Silkworms into Scuds -- NOTE: C/Edge does not agree with all conclusions of this article

Stocks Sharply Lower as War Hopes Fade -- Down more than 300 points at Noon, EST

Iraq says repelled US-led push on Basra

Troops Meet Setbacks on Road to Baghdad: Saddam Urges Iraqis to Fight

Dollar, Gold Down in Europe

Republican Guard division attacked by helicopters near Baghdad; Reports on battle near Karbala

Middle East Weather

Storm Moves Across Middle East Mon, Tue

Why We All Should Support Those in War Far Away

Iraq - Bloody Sunday

Russia Prepared Iraq With High-Tech Equipment, Weaponry: Is Russia confronting U.S. by proxy Iraq? More Information -- Still another article

Big Tank and Soldier Losses: Are we losing territory at Basra and An-Nasiriya?

Russian Intel Report -- March 23, 2003 -- Fierce Iraqi resistance stalls gains in south

Iraq fires five missiles at Kuwait Monday

US Troop Capture Huge Chemical Plant: Used To Produce Chemical Weapons?

As Troops Find Chemical Plant, Resistance Stiffens, Causing First Significant US Casualties

Views From A Former Marine - U.S. News Is Bogus & Dumb Tactics

In TV address, Saddam says U.S.-led forces suffer 'serious losses'

Iraq war growing protracted - expert

U.S. commanders reverse earlier report, now consider the Rumeila oil fields ''unsafe'': Cancel a press trip

Blair seeks to comfort chastened UK troops

Iraqis Use Guerrilla Tactics To Slow US: US Troops Not Being Welcomed As 'Liberators'

Russian military intel report: March 22 UPDATE

Pentagon totally unreliable as news source -- Guerrilla Tactics Snarl Coalition Forces

Fighting Near "Highway of Death" of 1991 Slaughter -- Most Forbidden Subject - The U.S. Military Highway of Death

US Forces Order of Battle - 23 March

Australian pilot refuses US bombing order

The Wahhabi Trojan Horse in the U.S. Military

Sick and wounded British soldiers moved to Cyprus

Swiss Bank, UBS, to hand over frozen Iraqi money

Iraqi TV shows downed US copter

Iraqi Special Ops Guerrillas Leading Resistance

Ground War on Baghdad Seen by Tuesday-UK Source

U.S. Confirms One Apache Helicopter Downed

'Allies will inject you with poison', Iraqis told

Helicopter Losses on the Modern Battlefield

P.O.W. Mistreatment!

Families of US POWs recognize them on TV --Russia to ask Iraq to honor POW treatment rules

"Please do something for my son" -- POW Mom urges Bush

Arab TV Shows Captured American Soldiers -- Red Cross: Showing POWs on TV Is Illegal

Graphic Pictures Show Dead American Soldiers and Gleeful Arabs -- Warning: Pictures ARE graphic

List of casualties in war in Iraq -- as of 3/24/03

Channels Struggle on Images of Captured and Slain Soldiers

`Ghosts of Mogadishu' still haunt troops

Bush Demands Prisoners' Humane Treatment

Nine Marines Killed in Fake Capture, 12 Soldiers Missing

‘I Was Sure I Was Dead’: What happens when a reporter gets too far ahead of a U.S. convoy

Navy Ships Seize Boats Carrying Mines

Turkey Throws Monkey Wrench

U.S. dismayed as Turkish troops pour into northern Iraq - Massive conflict with Kurds and Iranian soliders may occur

Flashback: Turkey plans to invade northern Iraq

US will ignore Turkey's gray wolves at its peril

Anti-War Protests

Oregon Bill Could Give LIFE In Prison To Peace Protestors

Protesters march against war in Switzerland -- War supporters rally in US

U.S. embassies closing throughout Arab world: Arab protestors turning violent

Iraq War Fuels Flames of Muslim Rage

As Oscars Near, Hollywood Blasts Iraq War -- Cartoon captures Hollywood's protests perfectly

Michael Moore booed trashing Bush at Oscars

Water falls under global summit spotlight

The New York Times makes its biggest foray into television

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine discussing integration

Israel - Staying On Alert

Iraq Claims One Missile That Hit Was Made In Israel

Saddam calls on Iraqis to fight US, UK forces "who are being helped by the Zionists"

5 Syrians killed, 10 injured in U.S. missile strike near Iraqi border -- Syria lodges official protest

IDF not expected to lower alert in next 24 hours: Missile attack threat not eliminated

Opposition Leader Mitzna attacks order to public to open gas mask kits

Meanwhile Back In Israel! Keep your prophetic eyes on Israel!

Very few gas masks seen on the streets

Premature cheering on the Israeli right

India - Pakistan

Gunmen slay 24 in Hindu village in India-controlled Kashmir

Chronology of Attacks In Jammu-Kasmir (J&K) Territory

Pakistan's mullahs thrive on anti-war fever -- Pakistanis rally to the religious right

Massacre rocks assembly; MLA tears his clothes

Prime Minister convenes CCS meeting on J&K massacre

Looking Toward Iran

Iraq: First Stop -- Note President Bush uses "F---" word!

Iran to be US next target: CIA Report -- Iranians take pot shots at US-British forces in Iraq

Our numbers of troops plus disposition of deployment told of our plan to attack multiple nations after Iraq - January article

Iran vows to react against airspace violations -- Iran's neutrality on the line

Iran says ready to thwart aggression, reiterates neutrality

Korean Peninsula

North Korea calls off talks -- Prelude to war?

DPRK fully ready to retaliate against any U.S. military action

Japan soothes North Korea

US helicopter crashes in Afghanistan, six dead

Al Qaeda Close To Biological Weapons

China coal mine blast kills more than 40

Another Home Invasion by Authorities: Holding Their Feet To The Fire

U.S. Steps Up Secret Surveillance: FBI, Justice Dept. Increase Use of Wiretaps, Records Searches

Economic News

Pre-Victory Euphoria May Wane Quickly

London share prices down at midday

Dollar up as market rethinks its original "quick war" scenario

Crude prices jump on fears of a longer Iraq war, unrest in Nigeria

Rhode Island Considers Fire Code Changes In Aftermath of Night Club Disaster

Hong Kong Hospital Chief Falls Ill

National Weather

Warm Weather Spreads Across the East

Strong Winds Whip Across Northern Plains

Heavy Rain, Rapid Thaws Means Spring Floods

Quiet start to the week

War renews smallpox vaccination drive

Mechanical help for liver sufferers

Fireys to cap burning Iraqi wells

Plan called for Arabs to set oil wells on fire! -- Article posted in mid-February

US Airways, pilots reach agreement on pension plan

FARM SCENE: Drought, poor grain prices slow farm equipment sales



March 23, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - "I will cut off your horses on which you depend and destroy your chariots" - (Micah 5:10)

Breaking News

Russia Prepared Iraq With High-Tech Equipment, Weaponry: Is Russia confronting U.S. by proxy Iraq?

Bombs hit Baghdad again

Iraqi forces hold up advance on Basra

U.S. battles on to secure Umm Qasr

Iraqi bodies litter plain as U.S. troops advance: Tanks vs Pickup Trucks

View of an Indian defense expert -- Losses probably in triple digits

Iraqis Take 11 Soldiers Captive

Iraqi does have prisoners: TV shows images of U.S. prisoners, including one woman

Avoiding Big Pitched Battles, Iraqis Slow Advance



Iraq Military Action

US Invading jet shot down by Iraqi anti-aircraft fire: NOTE: This report was personally confirmed to me by subscriber in Russia, having seen it on evening news

Battle Reports -- Note aircraft "missing" -- Search underway for coalition pilot possibly downed in Baghdad

Russian military intel report: View from Russia

DEBKAfile Military Analysis of First 72 Hours -- Saddam and Son NOT Killed by Decapitation Strike

Not Clear If Iraqi Regime Close To Collapse: Saddam not killed

Will 3/19 rival 9/11 for its folly?

Saddam shown on Iraqi TV


Iraqi units cut supply lines of US troops near Nasiriyah: Earlier reports of city's capture called "premature"

Iraqi soldiers carrying new gas masks: Possibly planning chemical or biological attack?

Russian dailies widely cover US war on Iraq

Iraq Claims to Have Prisoners of War

US continues to dispatch troops to Faw - Faw Peninsula battle was supposed to be over

4th Infantry Division Just Now Heads to Gulf: Most lethal armored division in Army now heading to Gulf -- Turkey held up 4th Division deployment

Iraq May Use Mobile Launchers to Take Aim at Troops Moving North

Convoy of Iraqi armored vehicles moving towards Umm-ul-Qasr

Saddam's first shot: Rattling the Marines

Stray Rockets Test Iran's Neutrality Over Iraq - How can we have rockets going "astray" when they are so precisely guided?

U.S. Dashes Toward Coveted 33rd Parallel: Baghdad

Overtaken by Events, the Battle Plans Are Tossed Aside

Iraq intercepts 3 US cruise missiles

Iraq Fires Missiles Toward Kuwait

Iraqi Capital Rocked by More Explosions

U.S. Forces Advance on Iraqi Battlefront

Allies step up Baghdad blitz, move on Basra -- Demonic vision of H.G. Wells in 1933: World government will come out of incident in Basra

Bush Meets War Council, Says War May Be Difficult

Al-Jazeera:American forces acknowledge stiff resistance

U.S. Arab-American Soldier Tossed Grenade Tossed Into Command HQ: Killed one, wounded 16 others

US -- 3 Media Casualties in South Iraq

No Sign of Scuds or Banned Arms in Iraq Yet -U.S.

U.S. B-52 Bombers Take Off from UK Airbase

Iraq - Other News

Bold Warning From Beyond The Grave: Julius Caesar -- Emperor, Roman Empire

Bold Warning From Senator Byrd: War Based Upon Falsified Documents

Legality of War Still Debated Worldwide: Despite Bush's Assessment, the Legality of War in Iraq Still Debated Worldwide

Middle East Weather Map

Russia Vows to Stop US Move to Legitimize Iraq War

War May Entail Ecological Disaster in the World

Progress Toward New World Order Continuing By Occult Numbers

11 Democrats vote 'no' on war resolution

Argentina, Brazil Condemn the US Bombing Over Iraq

Putin Calls the Attack a Big Political Mistake

Blazing Oil Wells Darken Southern Iraqi Sky: Environmental damage said slight

USA Steals Iraq’s Assets

Air Raids Destroy Civilian Homes In Baghdad -- The shock, the awe, the deaths

Trouble Awaits U.S. In Northern Iraq: Real reason Turkish soldiers did not move 80,000 troops into area?

Iraq's Foreign Minister Warns Turkey Against War Moves

Iraqi Shiite Opposition Will Not Fight Alongside US After All

More Breaking News

Captured pilot said to be Briton -- Five US soldiers captured

Avoiding Big Pitched Battles, Iraqis Slow Advance

US-led troops accused of using depleted uranium in Basra

Iraqi diplomat predicts application of weapons containing depleted uranium

Nigerian rebels seize, threaten to blow up oil sites

Turks hem Kurds in on three fronts in Northern Iraq

Explosion at coalition base in Qatar

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Expects the Worst - Already has arsenal of 100 nuke warheads

U.N. Envoy: N. Korea Readying for War, Worried Washington May Target It Next -- Maurice Strong is top Illuminist says he was "conveying guidance and information". Marching orders?

Japan denies any US war plans against North Korea

N. Korea postpones talks with Seoul: Pyongyang says South raises alert, boosts defenses

Nigeria: War Looms? Is The Delta About To Blow?


Special forces operating in W. Iraq, unclear if they control area

Most Israeli children in school, but without their gas masks

Israeli vehicle ambushed at entrance to Katzir in Wadi Ara area

Defense Ministry wants fence moved deeper into West Bank

Smart bombs, obtuse commentators


Fatah calls on Muslims to attack US, UK targets

Terror Finance Schemes Busted

Gary Hart: Code Red is coming

Some Schools Will Not Allow Parents To Pick Up Their Children -- Nationwide Plan? - Israeli parents choose to keep kids close to home - and out of school

Pet Burial At Sea Sparks False Terror Alert

Anti-War Protests Continue

Anti-war, pro-war rallies held across U.S.

Protest Against McDonald’s and Pretzels for Bush

Pope: War Threatens 'Fate of Humanity'

Protesters Rally Around the World

Furious Arabs Protest Invasion of Iraq

Three Afghan Soldiers Killed; U.S. Forces Find Weapons Cache

Scientists Find Mystery Illness Virus

Doctor from China ignited outbreak of mystery illness

Brewers prepare to seduce young drinkers with wave of 'Viagra pops'

Gun Shy: Movie Premiers and Concert Tours Casualties of War

28 baby girls found in suitcases on Chinese bus: Were going to be sold

National Weather

More Snow Falling Over Rocky Mountains

West tries to return to normal

Thunderstorms Soaking Florida

Heavy rains close to ending the drought

Heavy Rain, Rapid Thaws Means Spring Floods

Senate Haggles Over Bush Tax Cut Package

Iraq War Could Cost Airlines $10 Billion and May Force Mergers or Nationalization

Mexico announces plan to sell U.S. dollars -- Move will aid Mexico's economy


War means strategic shift for investors

Madonna Triumphs at Worst-Film Awards

Senate Poised To Vote Huge Land Grab: Using "faith based" program to launch attack on private property rights!

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