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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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May 2, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Iraq - Combat Operations Over

President Bush Lands On Aircraft Carrier Lincoln At Precisely 3:33pm, EDT, or 15:33 Military Time -- On Beltane! -- UTC Conversion is minus 4 hours

Bush said major Iraq combat has ended

Iraq War Declared Ended: Begun on pagan holiday, Ostara, ends on pagan holiday, Beltaine

Isaiah 13 prophecy likely fulfilled completely as US conquers Iraq: "Nuclear War" levied against Iraq

China: Our prediction about war 'way off' - Beijing analysts had forecast long conflict, fierce battle for Baghdad

Strong-arm tactics leave the world a weaker place: Effects of Iraq war found to be opposite of original declarations!

Found Iraqi Intelligence Documents Said To Be Bogus: Investigative Journalist discovers US is creating bogus "captured" Iraq documents

Top Figure in Saddam Regime Caught

Powell calls for lifting of US trade sanctions on Iraq

Iraqi, Coalition Relations in New Era

Bush Declaration Met by Caution in Asia

Iraq won but war on terror goes on: Bush

Florida Rescue Group Saved Most U.S. Troops

Marine faces war crime probe

Gunmen hit police station in southern Iraqi holy city

Group files war crimes charges against Bush, Blair

Gas station explosion hints of disarray in postwar Iraq

'Souvenir' from Iraq kills airport guard in Jordan

Combat over, but there's no peace in Afghanistan: Rumsfeld says most of country is secure, but citizens disagree

U.S. Special Forces may have captured Bin Laden

Iran Posing Another Nuclear Dilemma for U.S.: As US prepares for North Korea, Iran's nuke program said to be accelerating

Iran's "Bushehr" Nuclear facility: Photo

Bus Explodes into flames in N. Vietnam; 78 Injured

Earthquake In Turkey

Rescuers work against time searching for children trapped in Turkey -- More News

Quake toll in Turkey at 100 dead, 1,000 hurt

Shoddy construction blamed for death toll in Turkey quake

Scientists Propose Quake Alert System

Pope's Health Shows Mysterious Improvement

Pope John Paul II to Visit Spain: Pontiff turns 83 in 3 weeks

California Improves but Still Smoggiest State

North Carolina cities listed among the smoggiest

Texas fire-rescue 'hero' named as arson suspect

Disney Profit Dips 11 Percent Due to War

11 in fraternity face counts in man's death

Prosecutors: Organ theft ring behind Juarez killings: Bodies of 88 women discovered

Rocket-powered sled sets world land speed record of 6,400 mph: Takes only 6 seconds

Salt Lake Editor Resigns Amid Smart Controversy

S.C. struggles to monitor nursing homes

Colorado climber amputates his own pinned arm, hikes to safety

Dollar falls even lower versus euro

Muslim TV coming to America: Network challenges Islam's image as 'religion of our enemies'

Man Sentenced for N.Y. Synagogue Attack On Yom Kippur

Maine Church Poisoning Death Ruled a Homicide

Scientists can make human eggs from male embryos: Procedure might allow gay couples to have children

Mother suspected in killings: Woman shot her 7-month-old infant son, mother, husband and self - Crack cocaine and marijuana also found in house

N.J. Crime Family Kills "Boss" To Avoid Embarrassment Over His Secret Gay Lifestyle

Air Force Academy Probes Online Sex Site

Teacher Arrested In Student Sex Investigation: Teacher a Black Magick Sorcerer

High School Graduates Class of One

Infamous Cabin of Unabomber Saved at Last Minute

‘Bling-bling’ on track to be included in Dictionary!

KFC Announces Humane Chicken Raising and Slaughtering

Automakers Sales Weak Despite Incentives

IRS sees $100 million in unpaid taxes: 1,200 people claim using offshore accounts to avoid paying

Spam Invasion: Your Cell Phone

Korean Peninsula

North Korea's Kim inspects military on May Day: Says US sent war planes over N. Korea to check out war targets

North Korea Urges Workers to Be Combat-Ready In Coming War With US

North Korea nuclear arms claim being reviewed by U.S.

North Korea's Secret Weapon: Cold, Hard Reality That She Has The Nuclear Bomb, But Maybe Not Like You Think!

Army recruiting Korean linguists

North Korea accused over drugs haul

North Korea Expected To Berate U.S. For Inclusion On Terrorism List


US Trying To "Divide God's Land"

US Delivers Final "Road Map" For Palestinian State To Both Parties On Beltane, April 30: Document delivered to Sharon at 3:30pm on 4/30

The Road Map Plan: Israel´s Comments Not Incorporated

Arafat Sets Up National Security Body In Violation of "Road Map"

Yesha Council, ZOA Against Road Map: Plan will lead to bloodshed and terror, not peace

Minister Benny Elon on PM Sharon and Road Map: Create a "two-state" solution on both sides of Jordan, not 3-state disaster

Other News

Battle In Gaza: Three Terrorists Finally Killed

U.S. urges Israeli 'restraint' after Gaza raid leaves 13 dead

New Signs at Western Wall Stress Jewish Connection to Temple Mount

Ariel Sharon, 12 Years Later: Dismantling Sinai Communities Was a Mistake

Israel to bar pro-Palestinian activists from entering country

Tel Aviv homicide bombers posed as Gaza peace activists

Israel struggles to attract once-plentiful tourists

Operations continue in anticipation of U.S. pressure

PA video: Pour flames on Jewish settlements: Song on official Palestinian TV

Schools, banks to reopen as strike scaled down

Syria to push for more "balanced" U.S. stand on Mideast

Syria smuggling out Saddam aides: Sending cronies of deposed dictator to Belarus, Libya


Two new SARS cases emerge in Toronto

Beijing Sees SARS Peaking, Rural China a Worry

Beijing Builds New SARS Hospital; China's death toll is 159

Few Clues from SARS Gene Sequence

Face Masks Are Good Anti-SARS Protection - Doctors

Trip to Toronto lands girl on SARS list

Hong Kong:SARS virus Found in Bowel Waste of Discharged Patients

More SARS Cases Are Reported; Virus Found to Persist in Patients

India restores diplomatic ties with Pakistan

In reciprocal move Pakistan announces appointment of ambassador to India

Pro-Marxist Slant Pushed at ABC, Retired Correspondent Claims

Cuba's Castro Says U.S. Is Provoking War

NY Gov. Sees Legislature Plan Killing 100,000 Jobs -- Will single out income over $100,000 for special 7.5% tax surcharge

New evidence passengers using mobile phones endanger aircraft

Airlines Should Be Liable for 9/11 Attacks - Lawyer

Dixie Chicks fans cheer at first U.S. concert

National Weather

May is Notorious for Severe Weather!

Strong Storm Moving Into California

Heat Building Across Texas, Southern Plains

Farmers work field ahead of last year schedule

N.J. Judge Arrested on Child Porn Charge

Tongue-splitting ban slices its way through Legislature: People attempting to look like reptilians

Investors Pounce on Australian Brothel Shares

Fake letter tells parents of condoms for prom

Georgians Plan Whites-Only Prom Party

Fighting for his job: ISU coach holding a beer can while kissing and being kissed by young women on the cheek

Grocery shopper picks the absolute wrong line: Cashier recognizes her own stolen checks

Medical school at age 12: After facing the demands of college as 9-year-old, prodigy prepares to attend University of Chicago

What Price Beauty? Drug to reduce acne is now causing most birth defects in the nation

Home Affordability Hits 30-Year High in Quarter 1






May 1, 2003 -- 13th Day of "Blood Sacrifice To The Beast", And Final Day of Beltaine - Celebrated by Communists as "May Day"

Breaking News

President Bush Lands On Aircraft Carrier Lincoln At Precisely 3:33pm, EDT, or 15:33 Military Time -- On Beltane! -- UTC Conversion is minus 4 hours

May Day - Freedom for the Productive: Typical view of a Socialist, Communist, Occultist

Korean Peninsula -- Imminent War Signs?

U.S. Spying from Air: N.Korea has moved almost all men now near DMZ!

North Korea's Kim inspects military on May Day: Says US sent war planes over N. Korea to check out war targets

U.S. may impose naval blockade on N. Korea, eyes Japan help: Would be "Declaration of War", N. Korea warned

N Korea opts for 'deterrent' to counter US hostility: Had put need for physical deterrent "into effect"

US using dirty tricks during nuclear negotiations claimsPyongyang - Strongly implies it has already deployed her nuclear weapons

Nukes By A Different Process

North Korea's Secret Weapon: Cold, Hard Reality That She Has The Nuclear Bomb, But Maybe Not Like You Think!

North Korea Prompts U.S. to Investigate Nuclear Boast

CIA Told To Probe North Korea's Nuke Claims: Massive US Intelligence Failure?


"Road Map" To Palestinian State Released

Both sides out of step on long road to peace: Differences arise even as both sides initially receive "Road Map" to Palestinian State

US Envoy Delivered "Road Map" According To Occult Numbers and Days!

Powell to meet with Sharon, Abu Mazen next week

Betting on Abu Mazen - to Lose

Palestinian Response -- More Violence

Manhunt For Second Terrorist - Possesses British passport

Alert Civilians Prevent Massacre By Palestinian Gunmen

Guard dies averting suicide bombing at Kfar Sava station

Other Planned Attacks for Wednesday

Suicide bomber nabbed next to U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv

Battle in Gaza -- 8 Palestinians killed, 7 IDF soldiers hurt in Gaza

Terrorist Activist Convicted of 14 Counts of Murder

Militants Say They Will Not Disarm, but Hint They Are Ready to Cut a Deal With New Palestinian Prime Minister

Other Israel News

People storm malls during strike, fears empty ATMs: Bank Run?

Nationwide strike enters second day


WHO: SARS death rate escalates - Meanwhile, number of new cases in China continues to climb

China Hunkers Down on Holiday for SARS Battle

Lung Scarring Found in Hong Kong SARS Victims

China's Economy to Grow Rapidly Despite SARS

SARS cancels Singapore trade show

China, ASEAN Join Hands in Fighting SARS

Should Muslim Quran be USA's top authority? Paper stands by story citing 'mainstream' leader pushing for Islamic America

National Amber Alert Bill Becomes Law: Bush signs bill

Man gets 15 years in prison for deer hunting on his own property!

Court Asked to Keep 'Under God' in Pledge

National Weather

Severe Storms Push Eastward Thursday

Stormy Weather Pattern Covers the East

Severe weather continues to leave its mark

Damaging Storms over the Southern Plains

Rain Pushing Toward California

NASA Helps Take "Whether" Out Of Weather Prediction

Types of Damaging Thunderstorms

Winds and rains needed for oil clean-up

Bush tries to weaken tobacco treaty

Traffic 'damages male fertility'

White House Trying To Keep 9/11 Documents Secret

Deal Reached in Debit Card Case Source: Visa Reaches Tentative $2 Billion Deal With Retailers Over Debit Cards

Martha Stewart Living Hurt by CEO's Troubles

Canadian Researchers Hold Out Promise For Optical Chip

Troubled Nuke Lab -- Los Alamos -- Up for Grabs

'New' rating confirms Google's crown

Nigeria pits navy against oil rig hostage takers



Powerful Earthquake!

Strong quake kills at least 30 in Turkey; children trapped in school dorm

Earthquake Hits Southeastern Turkey, At Least 46 Killed

Scores Trapped, Many Killed in 6.4 Richter Turkey Quake

Israel offers to help Turkey after deadly quake

Shoddy construction blamed for death toll in Turkey quake


Prayer List For Our Military

Bush to say combat is over in Iraq: Why is Aircraft Carrier Lincoln so far off shore?

Bush to co-pilot plane to carrier

Bush To Declare War Over On Thursday, May 1 - Beltaine

But, President Will NOT Formally Declare Victory: Just say that "Combat Phase" is over

Arabic Paper publishes letter it says is from Saddam - Urges Iraqis to rise up against Americans

Black Hawks fly to restore order in Iraq

Seven US troops hurt in Central Iraq grenade attack -- Mob fury as US soldiers shoot two protesters dead

Shootings raise tensions in Iraq: U.S. oil workers dodge gunman; troops fire on demonstrators for second time

Zoom on Doom: Easy-to-find Nuclear Weapons Map

Bush to Name Diplomat to Administer Iraq

Saddam's Spying Reached Everywhere

Iraqis face disease if water left untreated, warns UNICEF

US public rejects imperial role: poll

U.S. Shifting Location of Troops Globally

Rumsfeld indicates U.S. troops to be pulled out of Germany

India - Pakistan

Indo-Pak situation 'truly frightening': US Deputy Secretary of State Armitage

Local extremist religious groups a threat to Pak: Musharraf

National Conference activist killed in J&K

India test fires medium range Prithvi missile: Nuclear capable

Up to 80 feared dead as bus plunges into South Africa dam: On way to "May Day" celebration

Moral Collapse

Australian brothel trades on stock exchange

Nebraska Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Challenged

Hustler's Larry Flyint Hunting For Video Showing Bush's Daughter In The Nude

Oops! New Bedford ad campaign features child molester

ACLU Challenges Prayer At U.S. Naval Academy

Arsenic Served At Church Social: Elder, 78, dies

Banned on campus: Boys talking to girls

New Hampshire High Court Tackles Gay Adultery Question

Holding a Knife Too Long Gets 5th-Grader in Trouble

Former President of NOW Is Taking Helm at Y.W.C.A.

"Accidental Activists" Fight for Gay Rights

Global "Jihad"

US praises Pakistan for Al-Qaeda men arrests

U.S. says new al Qaeda attacks likely

FBI: Nuke plants should be on guard

Muslim groups dominate U.S. terror list

California Proposal Would Ban Hand Weeding for Farmworkers

Lawyer: New evidence to clear Scott of killing Laci: Original attorney blasts police for botched probe of Peterson

Boy 'pregnant' with dead twin brother

Dead Grandfather Attends Wedding Ceremony

Iowa Town Considers Ban on Lying: Why isn't Bible simply followed?

Justice alerted to false lab testimony in McVeigh case

Abortion News

Partial Birth Abortions: Michigan senate panel passes bill that legally defines moment of birth, trying to stop late-term abortions

Genetic test blunders risk needless abortions

Spam: Much Hated, Little Defined -- "Devil is in the details"

Up to 8 More Seen Charged in Enron Case

Moody's might downgrade Sony

Feds Crack Down on Internet Auction Fraud

The Grammar of Sound

Rumsfeld to Declare Afghan Combat Over


April 30, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? --- April 30 - May 1 Are Satanic Sabbat, Beltaine


Prayer List For Our Military

More M1A Abrams Tanks Heading For Northern Iraq! -- Why are we continuing to build up in the region?

Who Will Rule Iraq Now? The Riddle of Saddam’s Vanishing Army

Bush To Declare War Over On Thursday, May 1 - Beltaine

But, President Will NOT Formally Declare Victory: Just say that "Combat Phase" is over

Saddam to deliver message within three days: Just turned '66' on Monday; 3 days would be May 1

Rumsfeld Visits Iraq to Thank Troops

Rumsfeld Lands In Basra: Wanted Iraqi official #44 surrenders

Iraqi Prostitutes Back on the Streets After Saddam

Blair makes lightning visit to Moscow

'Shaming effect' on Arab world

Jazeera TV says US troops fire in Falluja, Iraq: Two dead

Gilgamesh tomb believed found under Iraqi desert

U.S. set to shift forces in Mideast

Britain's Forces chief questioned war legality

Iraqi school lessons take a new course: US set to impose upon Iraq our failed Public School system?

U.N. In Crisis Because of Iraq Attack

Putin: UN sanctions not to be lifted untill elimination of arms threat: Insists upon central UN role

Putin: Too Soon to Lift UN Sanctions:"Where is Saddam? Where are his arsenals"? asks Putin

College Students Question U.S. Role In U.N.: New video asks whether U.S. should withdraw!

Russia, France to intensify defense cooperation


Israel Blames Iran For Last Week's Deadly Blast

Spiritual Warfare & Islamic Devils: Yet, Bush continues to extoll Islam!

Three Dead in Tel Aviv Bombing: 3 dead, 55 wounded

Israel: A Country at a Standstill - Strike strangles services

Today's Oslo War Report - Yesha War Continues - And Hizbullah Too

No "Peace" In Palestinian Media

Resistance Fighters Honored On Israeli Holocaust Memorial Day

Palestinian State Forming?

God Threatens End Times Judgment Against Nations Who "Divide" Israel's Land: Just as Palestinian State does!

'Road map' to be presented to Israel, PA on Wednesday -- April 30, First Day of Beltaine

Sharon Receives Road Map: Just as way seems cleared for declaration of Palestinian State!

Urging peace, Abbas installed as Palestinians' first premier: Hours later, bomb kills 3, hurts dozens in Tel Aviv

Roadmap to peace in Israel stays on track despite bomb


Army intelligence: Abu Mazen unable -- unwilling -- to halt terror

Palestinian council approves Abu Mazen cabinet

Abu Mazen Financed OIympics Massacre in Munich: Responsible for massacred that killed 11 Israeli athletes

Casino commandment: Thou shalt not have Bibles- Billion dollar resort in Atlantic City refuses Scriptures from Gideons

'Old Europe' presses ahead with plans for an EU army: Real political country arising out of Economic Superstate

Border Patrol agents shot in Laredo: Suspect in custody allegedly wounded officers with semi-automatic rifle

Jehovah's Witnesses Scandal

Another Church Sex Scandal: Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses: Their Claims, Doctrinal Changes, and Prophetic Speculation

Cults and the Occult

Hate Crimes Bill Become Law in Hawaii: Protects transvestites and others whose gender identity might make them a target of abuse

National Weather

Split Flow Keep Plains Stormy

Cool Weather Remains Across So. California

What is a Downburst?

Rare Quake shakes the South

Dry conditions cause several grass fires

Severe storms likely

Denver-area teenagers abusing cough medicine 'Triple C'

Ukraine: Chornobyl Seen Affecting Reproductive Habits Of Worms

German Official: Killing ants is punishable by law


Korean Peninsula

Nukes From Different Source!

N Korea opts for 'deterrent' to counter US hostility: Had put need for physical deterrent "into effect"

N.Korea says forced by U.S. to "deploy deterrent"

North Korea's Secret Weapon: Cold, Hard Reality That She Has The Nuclear Bomb, But Maybe Not Like You Think!

N. Korea: Sanction Move Could Trigger War

More News

U.S. Says It Will Not Make Concessions to N. Korea: Both US & N. Korea "dig in" for protracted standoff!

U.S. Rejects North Korea Proposal on Nuclear Weapons

North Korea: Hand caught in heroin cookie jar

N. Korea warns of 'physical deterrent'

S Korea fails to persuade North

Diplomatic Diversity: America continues to stumble in its foreign policy

Nuclear Proliferation Treaty

North Korea, Iran and Others Not Abiding by Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, says US

Nuclear war risk grows as states race to acquire bomb: Bleakest prospects for peace in 33-year history of Non-Proliferation Pact

'Angry moon' kicks off Festival of Flight: May 15 complete eclipse of the Moon

U.S. to pull out of Saudi Arabia

Homeschoolers Not Laughing about Release of New TV Sitcom: Kids depicted as abnormal

Pro-Life Candidates Protest Arrests in Britain

E-Mail Spammers Could Go To Jail

Visiting Congressman Says US Wants Action, Not Talk, from Syria

SARS Updates

Quit referring to 'suspect' SARS cases: Top Doctor urges that the "game" of building up SARS to appear as an epidemic cease

Tough New Steps Introduced in Asia to Combat Killer Bug

SARS Seems More Of A "Managed Crisis" Phenomenon Than A Real Epidemic

World nations fight SARS

China reports 166 new SARS cases, 11 more deaths

SARS epidemic 'China's Chernobyl'

10,000 people quarantined in Beijing over SARS fears

SARS sparks civil unrest: Chinese villagers riot, Beijing hospitals run short on drugs

US firm pleads guilty to export of equipment to Pakistan: Can be used for making nuclear weapons

U.S. Enraged as Cuba Returned to U.N. Rights Body: "Like putting Al Capone in charge of bank security"

Bloody, Violent America

Tiny baby, three adults found shot to death in mobile home park

Killing blamed on coffee fight: Suspect, clerk had prior quarrel, prosecutors say

Man shoots neighbor with pellet gun because he mowed his lawn too often

Service set for Laci, son: Laci Petersen would have turned 28

Woman sues People Magazine over Peterson photo

Intimate Victims: CDC Study Finds Intimate Partner Violence Costs Society Billions

Robber tosses money, shot and killed by LAPD officer

Ft. Collins police seek missing CSU student

Warning Sent to File-Sharing Services: Recording Industry Association of America

Domestic Terror News

California woman held in terrorism hoax aboard cruise ship

Ariz. Post Office Evacuated Over Yellow Powder

Homeland Security's Ridge announces VISIT system

Suspected illegal aliens rounded up at bridge site: Federal team takes 35 men into custody in operation designed to assure port security

Women on the Pill still get pregnant

Math Teacher Goes Into Labor, Delievers Baby At School

Teen mothers 'are targets of eugenics' in government program to reduce pregnancies

Cabbie takes high road with $6,300 he discovered

Fasting can be good for health: New research with mice indicates several benefits

G8 Environment Heads Focus on Water, Energy, Africa



April 29, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula

Nukes From Different Source!

North Korea's Secret Weapon: Cold, Hard Reality That She Has The Nuclear Bomb, But Maybe Not Like You Think!

N.Korea Offers to Scrap Nuclear Program, U.S. Says: N. Korea can "give up" its regular nuke program if it has processed nuclear materials as above article states

More News

Nuclear war risk grows as states race to acquire bomb: Bleakest prospects for peace in 33-year history of Non-Proliferation Pact

It's poker time again: N. Korean insistence it has nukes changes all equations, daring US to take them out

N. Korea defies Seoul call to halt N-buildup

'North Korea will disarm if the US drops its hostile attitude': Pure Disinformation!

UK to host North Korea arms talks

North Korea wants U.S. concessions

N Korea: Future talks a waste unless U.S. changes

US Nuclear aircraft carrier to call at Yokosuka, Japan

Pakistan - India

Firefight in Kashmir Kills 17

13 terrorists, 6 Army killed in military encounter

Indian P.M. Vajpayee turns down Pakistan's invitation

Terrorist Bid to storm Army camp foiled in Jammu & Kashmir

Economic News

Oil prices slide further on doubts whether OPEC could really cut production

Wall St. firms hit by biggest fines ever: 10 must pay $1.4 billion for defrauding investors, ignoring traditional ethics

Economy shows signs of growth

Good 1st Quarter profits fire up Wall St.

MasterCard settles debit-card case with retailers: Avoids big trial, leaving Visa as sole defendant

3 Terrorists Sentenced to Death in Jordan


Get real on arms, Iran told: "Going down same path as Iraq and North Korea

Iran is watching North Korea

Iran asks it citizens not to visit Iraq

Prince Charles fears science could kill life on earth

Canada: Say no to missile defence

French atrocities in Africa

Islamists clench missing tourists: Reports confirm 31 Europeans believed held by Muslim militants in Algeria

Mark of the Beast

Miami journalist gets 'chipped': Implantable-ID company puts product into science writer: Applied lost $99.6 million

VeriChip Subdermal Personal Verification Microchip to Be Featured: "Smart Tagging" of Human Beings

Temperature-sensing Bio-Thermo(TM) microchip the latest rage

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections Video

Heavy Conditioning Under Way To Take "Mark of the Beast"

Putting power back in parental hands: Bill would bar teachers from forcing 'learning-disabled' kids to take drugs

Spoof French paper reports U.S. invasion of France to topple President Chirac

Inventor claims he can make things invisible

One More Palestinian Charged in Oregon Terrorism Probe

Coder Charged in Terror Probe

Breast-feeding pix kiddie porn? State takes away woman's children over 'sexual' photo, both parents in jail

Vitamins: More May Be Too Many

Australian Vitamin Recall: Lives in danger

Moral Collapse Accelerates

NY State Comptroller Alan Hevesi Expands Protection to Transgendered

Gay judges open eyes in judiciary

Baptizing gays might get Baptist church expelled from association

Smarts, tabloid settle: Enquirer falsehoods are linked to two Salt Lake Tribune reporters

Getting 'Huffy' Over Nude Biking In Seattle

Feminists criticize female court picks: Appointees called, "Scalia in a skirt"

Wolf-Hybrid Kills 13-Month Old Boy In Boise, Idaho

G8 meeting: France pushes for "World Environment Organisation"

Tony Blair has arrived in Moscow for talks with Vladimir Putin

Can Genetically Altered Mosquitos Halt Spread of Malaria?

'Virgin birth' method promises ethical stem cells

UK intros 'smart' passports



More M1A Abrams Tanks Heading For Iraq! -- Why are we continuing to build up in the region?

US Troops Shoot Dead at Least 13 Iraqis - Witnesses

Another huge explosion in Baghdad

Real Goal: New World Order -- Only question is whose version, Bush's or United Nations'?

Aziz says Saddam survived airstrikes mounted to kill him

Postwar force could be 125,000: Size will depend on Iraq's stability

M1A Abrams Tank Patrols Baghdad Street: More patrols

Bush To Declare War Over On Thursday, May 1 - Beltaine

Arab Volunteer Explains Conspiracy Theory of Iraq Defeat

Blair warns France of cold war with US

Iraqi regime's digger relates grave tales

US a 'steady friend' to Iraq

U.S. to cut forces in Persian Gulf, Rumsfeld says

Top Saddam Missile Adviser Surrenders

Blurred message raises the stakes: What if North found no evidence of Slavery in South? Comparisons to Iraq WMD

UK commandos who eluded Iraq capture said part of secret mission

SARS Update

Global Update: Latest Statistics By Country

India's Sars detection 'farcical'

Sars: Is global panic justified? Hard to catch

Asian leaders tackle Sars: 3,300 cases

Sars still spreading in China despite controls, says WHO

Experts close in on SARS cure

SARS fears close Ohio school district

Russia takes measures to prevent SARS

Afghan Poppy Production Rises Again: For this, we fought a war?


General strike slated to start tomorrow morning -- April 30

Public Transportation among services to be stopped by strike

Sirens wail, Israel comes to halt to mark Holocaust, Nazi resistance efforts

Alternatives to the Road Map

More Yesha Pioneers Stand To Lose Homes

New Palestinian Cabinet Up for Vote

Call For Probe of Abu Mazen's Role In 1972 Black September Olympic Massacre

Abu Mazen pledges to 'end armed chaos' and fight corruption

Yesha War Continues - And Hizbullah Too

Missile-firing IAF gunship kills PFLP-GC commander

Jenin's Jihad chief captured by cops

Arafat On The Agenda Once Again?

Shin Bet and police raid five separate Palestinian terror cells

Watchdog: Public could miss out on cheaper electricity

Researchers report sharp increase in anti-Semitic incidents: 311 incidents last year, including 56 weapons attacks


Syrian Spokeswoman: Hizbullah Is Not A Terrorist Organization

US not threatening Syria: Rumsfeld

Cop: Malvo Laughed About Sniper Victims

Like a Duck in a Noose: Audio Linking Sniper Attacks, Anthrax Mailings and the 9/11 Attacks

Aquarius Rising—Secret Iluminist Masonic/Illuminati Ritual Initiations of September 11, 2001

World Trade Center Memorial Competition Begins

Eye in the sky targets illegals: Civilian border group tests high-tech remote surveillance vehicle

Possible hijack attempt turns out to be fluke distress signal from pilot

War Protestors Go To Court: Most expect acquittal

Dungeon sex slave No. 5 comes forth: 67-year-old New York man suspected of torturing women in concrete bunker

Minnesota: Conceal-carry becomes law

ALL REALITY, ALL THE TIME: 'Reality Central' Cable Network Readies Launch

National Weather

Rare Earthquake Rattles the South: 4.5 magnitude

Gusty Thunderstorms in Texas Tuesday

Outlook for the Month of May

Persistent April Pattern

Why a Dryline Causes Thunderstorms

La Plata, Maryland, Tornado: One year later

Cities left with too much salt

13-Year-Old Teen Singer Forgets Words To National Anthem: Stage Fright Grips Girl On Nationally Televised Event

Study: Memory Can Be Changed, Manipulated






April 28, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula

North Korea faces naval blockade over nuclear arms: This would be de-facto declaration of war against N. Korea!

Korean shipping blockade likely

Tension over the N. Korea's nuclear program rose to a new high: S. Korea calls for cancellation of nuclear program

U.S. ENVOY INSULTS NORTH KOREA! N. Korea increases war readiness

N Korea nuclear claim 'hushed up': N. Korea has 100 Pakistani nukes!

South Korean Delegation Rushes Visit North for Talks on Nuclear Claims: S. Korea demands N. Korea stop nuke program

North Korea Refusing To Discuss Nuke Program With South Korea

Short History of 1950 Korean War: Great Maps

'North Korea a bigger threat than Iraq': Senator McCain -- Why do we have our best forces in Iraq then? Note McCain said we cannot fight two separate wars on two separate fronts

Rumsfeld says North Korea talks weren't helpful

Yen May Fall on Tension Over North Korea: Economic considerations also not favorable

Wolfowitz Rejects China's Claim He Blocked 1980 Attempt To Negotiate With North Korea

United States Restarts Nuclear Weapons Pit Production

USS Kitty Hawk to Return to Japan May 6: Only one carrier left in Gulf

SARS Outbreak

Canadian SARS death toll climbs to 21: Note prevalence of occult numbers in this article

SARS' origins may lie in China's exotic cuisine: snakes, chickens, cats, turtles, badgers, frogs, rats, on menu

Stopping SARS: A Search for Drugs

SARS migrates to political arena

SARS vaccine "a year away": Dollar cost rises to $46 billion

Beijing puts 8000 in quarantine: British Doctors may get new legal powers in war against Sars

Medical checks of Israeli travelers for SARS virus to begin Tuesday

School librarian, back from China, quarantines herself over SARS fears

SARS fears may halt entry of Chinese foreign workers

Canadian airport passenger screening 'probable'

Taiwan closes its borders to SARS

Another crackdown on homeschoolers? California legislation sparked concerns parents could face child-abuse charg

"Schooled" In Financial Excess: Millions wasted without proper oversight

Border officials warn of stranded motorist scheme

Murder, USA

Cops knew Laci's body location: Investigators used sonar to find watery grave, environmental factors helped unlodge corpses

Laci Peterson's remains located underwater weeks before retrieved

Tacoma police chief sought emotional support before suicide: Finally dies after killing wife, then turning gun on himself

Man killed in Houston home invasion

Hungary's nuclear fault vexes officials, industry

Russian False Nuclear Alarm Creates a Panic

Moral Collapse Continues

London Nude Department Store Opens: Up to 600 people stripped nude to shop

Norway's Annual Graduation Debauchery Looms

Another Democratic candidate urges state to fold up Confederate flag

Sierra avalanche kills Nevada snowmobiler

British family’s anger as ‘vegetarian’ dies of Mad Cow Disease

Refugee Groups Angry over Forced Afghan Deportations: Had sought asylum

Cheap AIDS Drugs For The Poor

Ivory Coast rebel chief killed in ambush

Military robots to get swarm intelligence to enable them to mimic organised behaviour of insects

National Weather

Southerly Winds Warm Entire East Coast

Polar Vortex Pushing Cool Air South

Cool Weather Pattern Continues Out West

T-Storms Possible Over Plains Mon, Tue

Stormy across the West


Iraq War

Saddam Said Alive - Republican Guard Lying In Wait

Iraq weapons chief becomes 13th official captured on US hit list

List of the 55 most wanted Iraqi leaders

On Saddam's 66th Birthday, Some Hope He Lives

Rumsfeld again warns Iraqi neighbours not to meddle

Gulf troops face tests for cancer: Will test for levels of Depleted Uranium as up to 2,000 tons were dropped during war, versus "only" 340 tons in Gulf War I

Americans arrest 'mayor' as Garner struggles for control of Baghdad

Weapons inspector identifies suspected Iraqi nuke factory

Australian Defence Minister Hill To Meet Rumsfeld In Qatar To Discuss Reconstruction of Iraq

Iraqi scientist says he lied during UN inspections

Deep Humiliation Sweeping Arab Circles, Beginning With The Intellectual: Arabs certain Saddam sold out to US

Bechtel pledges to share out Iraq contracts

Saddam trained for suicide, opposition leader says

Saudi Telethon Raises Cash for Iraqis - $9.2 million raised in first 7 hours

Rumsfeld, Franks say they want to keep U.S. presence in Gulf

Iraqi Delegates Gather for Gov't Talks

Looted Iraqi Art Displayed Online

Iraqis target Gen. Franks for war crimes trial

India - Pakistan

Indian Soldiers Kill Four Militant Muslims In Kashmir Violence

Six Pakistani terrorists shot dead in Jammu & Kashmir

Pakistani diplomat's daughter seeks asylum in Oslo, Norway

World leaders phone Pakistan's Musharraf

Prophetic Reason The Kashmir Area Is Important To India, China, Pakistan

French defence minister begins flurry of meetings in India


55-Year-Old Deja-Vu: Israel Asked For Gestures and Concessions

Palestinian P.M. Abu Mazen tells Europeans he'll declare end to armed struggle: When elephants will fly!

US takes lead role in implementation of "peace" plan: Arafat On The Agenda Once Again?

Israel plays safe with snowballing peace process

Terror Organizations Say They´ll Continue The Fight

Israeli pupils will learn German: Emphasis on Holocaust

Terror cells responsible for deaths of 9 Israelis arrested

Jerusalem is still the real issue

The "Big Strike" Scheduled for Wednesday: Could affect 700,000 workers

At Christ's Tomb, an Angry Mob

Five IDF Soldiers Wounded In Gunfire Exchange

Israel warplanes violate Lebanese airspace despite UN calls to desist


US Middle East Road Map Goes Well Beyond Palestinian Dispute: Syria threatened again

Two UK soldiers recently released in Syria

Sharon to U.S. Congressman: I'm willing to hold talks with Syria

Syrian Spokeswoman: Hizbullah Is Not A Terrorist Organization

Syria launches image-mending campaign in US: Defends Hizbullah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Russian Pickled Babies Drafted to Battle Alcoholism and Drug Use: Ultimate in "Scared Straight"?

Bush's judicial nominees quietly winning approval

Circus lions kill drunk Russian trainer

Clash of the Pop Divas: Madonna 'spineless' for cancelling anti-war video, says Shakira

Jesse Jackson's uncertain legacy: CFR member near end of career

NYC's smoky night life moves to the sidewalks after smoking ban takes effect

President's brother gives gun owners shot in the arm

Employers under the gun over email porn: May be liable for sexual harrassment

Greenpeace commemorates Chernobyl, calls to protect other contaminated areas

Earthquake shakes northwest Brazil

Moderate earthquake near New Caledonia in French Pacific




April 27, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Iraq War

Saddam Said Alive - Republican Guard Lying In Wait

Gulf troops face tests for cancer: Will test for levels of Depleted Uranium as up to 2,000 tons were dropped during war, versus "only" 340 tons in Gulf War I

Baghdad arms blast kills at least 6 civilians: Toll may be up to 40 -- Locals blame US forces for blast

Vexing questions remain in wake of Iraq war: Bush shows both candour and naïveté

Revealed: How the road to war was paved with lies

France briefed Iraq on war

Blair Holds Talks with Japanese PM: Focus on post-war Iraq

British Labour MP may be tried as traitor

GI tells story of shooting Iraqi in back of his head

Barrels of Chemicals Found in Western Iraq

U.S. Sends Iraqi Exile Teams to Baghdad

Zimbabwean soldier killed in Iraq fighting gets no respect from Mugabe

Views In Arab Press

Iraq-Israel Linkage continues in the Arab Press: Claims Jews own US foreign policy, American soldiers fighting Israel's battles

America is “Ugly, Demonic”

Americans Killed, Palestinian Authority Rejoices

“I Hate Israel” - the Movie!

Coming battle between Globalists and National Soverignty Advocates Coming In United Nations

SARS Worries

Scientists Still Do Not Even Have A Test To Even See If Someone Has SARS!

Singapore stocks crash on SARS worries

Overreaction to Sars: Not the "Black Death" it is being portrayed

SARS Panic Hitting With Full Force: Is this "Managed Propaganda" or a Real Threat?

Chinese Premier Pledges to Improve SARS Control

Chinese Mainland Reports 2,601 SARS Cases: 115 dead in population of 1.2 billion

Millions trapped as Beijing shuts gates against SARS: Officials deny Martial Law is imminent

Hunt narrows for SARS treatment: One anti-viral medicine abandoned; 30 drugs in testing phase explored

Flu cases in U.S. fall to record lows: Flu kills 36,000 Americans per year!

Taipei man commits suicide after thinking wife had SARS

Israeli woman hospitalized with suspected SARS not carring virus

One billion SARS cases feared within the year

Warnings over SARS rip-off artists

Farce mask: it's safe for only 20 minutes

Laws not up to SARS epidemic: Quarantining infected, exposed may trample civil liberties

SARS menace spreads in India; total cases at 7: In population of one billion

Dallas police officer has been indicted for his role in fabricating drug evidence against innocent people

Charlton Heston Leaves NRA with Challenge to Gun Control Lobby

NRA to open accurate U.S. anti-terror Web site

Anti-War Protests Spark Bio-Terrorism Fears in US and UK

German 'super minister' a champion beer drinker

Bush signs bill to curb "conflict" diamonds: Possible funding source for Osama bin Laden

Public School Disaster

Uh, "it's like" student writing is bad: High School graduates cannot write a paragraph correctly!

Student writing samples show lack of skill

Central English Teacher Failed Math Test 6 Times

"Brave New Schools" by Berit Kjos explains why public schools have been re-designed to not teach academics

Public School Conditioning Of Your Children! Audio Tape

Christian Parents Could Lose Custody of Their Children! Public schools watching kids of Christian parents

"Raging Spiritual Warfare in These Last Days": Seminar depicts current moral conditions in Public Schools

Religious materials given out at schools in Hawaii cause backlash

Pakistan to announce strategy for India talks

No let-up in infiltrations from Pakistan: Army



Korean Peninsula

U.S. ENVOY INSULTS NORTH KOREA! N. Korea increases war readiness

South Korean Delegation Rushes Visit North for Talks on Nuclear Claims

Koreas trade verbal volleys: North, South argue on eve of key talks on weapons, the US

S.Korea Set for North Talks, Pyongyang Slams U.S.

"Mark of the Beast" News

VeriChip Subdermal Personal Verification Microchip to Be Featured: "Smart Tagging" of Human Beings

Temperature-sensing Bio-Thermo(TM) microchip the latest rage

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections Video

Bomb blast at Jakarta airport departures terminal: At least 11 people said to be injured


IDF gets orders to remove two illegal outposts in Hebron area

$9 billion loan guarantee deal to be signed this week

Rachel´s Tomb on the Line - Security Fence line, that is

IDF nabs Palestinian planning attack in settlement

Kishon River And Commando Cancer

Terror leaders in jail still incite attacks

Israeli Mortgage banks fear higher defaults

Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal says his work is completed

Mary's Well waters down to a trickle: Pilgrims still visit, pray in church grotto

"Dividing The Land of Israel"

Details of "Road Map" Designed To Produce Two-State System of Israel and Palestinian Authority

US Middle East Road Map Goes Well Beyond Palestinian Dispute: Syria still threatened

Vote on P.A. cabinet delayed due to opposition from Arafat loyalists

P.A. PM urges seige on Arafat be lifted

Bush Builds Up P.A. Prime Minister, Calling Him "Man Dedicated To Peace"

Shouldn´t We Try God´s Peace Plan? Conservative Jews quote Bible that says Israel is to safeguard her land

Hate Ads Featured on PLO TV: Real reason there can never be peace between Israel, Palestinians

Australian man gets married, kills wife, and then himself

Police: Tacoma police chief shoots wife, kills self

National Weather

Weather Improves Sunday in Mid-Atlantic

Trough Brings Wet Weather to West Coast

Warm Air Spreads Across Plains, Midwest

T-Storms Possible Over Plains Mon, Tue

Northeast Clearing but Northwest Stays Unsettled

Venetians look to "Moses" to save them from high water

Gay/Straight Controversy Over Senator Santorum

Religious Conservatives Rally behind Santorum

'Gay' Activists Target Santorum for Alleged Discrimination

Bush Praises Santorum As 'Inclusive Man': Bush just used favorite inside gay term: "Inclusive"

Gays, Lesbians Are "A-Glow" Over Bush Policies

Bush Policies Identical To Clinton's: Concerned Women of America

Is Haiti a staging point for terrorists trying to get into US?

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is now richer than the Queen

THE spiritual truth about Harry Potter

Toyota unveils environmentally friendly fuel system for Prius model

70-Year-Old Woman Provides Spark For Orlando Starz Football Team

Teeth from corpses being sold as new dentures in Paraguay

How jihad made its way to Chechnya: Secular separatists transformed by militant vanguard

Anti-War Dixie Chicks Pose Nude For 'Entertainment Weekly'

U.S. Not Prepared To Monitor Approved Biotech Crops


April 26, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula

U.S. ENVOY INSULTS NORTH KOREA! N. Korea increases war readiness

South Korea: Nuclear North a 'grave threat'

Sabre-rattling won't work, US warns N Korea

Administration moves ahead on nuclear `bunker busters': "Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator"

South Korean Delegation to Visit North for Talks on Nuclear Claims

North Korea's nuclear boast defies belief: Neighbors can hardly believe N. Korea really has nuclear weapons

Asia Times Reported In March That N. Korea Had 100 Nukes Obtained From Pakistan

Bush team said to be split on N. Korea: Disinformation

Nuclear talks end; North Korea may test nuclear weapons: US

Great Britain's Most Prominent Families Uniting Through Marriage: Rothschilds, the Goldsmiths and the Guinnesses

SARS Updates

Overreaction to Sars: Not the "Black Death" it is being portrayed

SARS Panic Hitting With Full Force: Is this "Managed Propaganda" or a Real Threat?

China Replaces Health Minister Accused of Mishandling SARS Outbreak

Sars death rate could be 'higher': Said to be 1 in 7

Deadly SARS virus spreads

India's fifth SARS case reported in Mumbai

Fearing SARS, El Al worker hospitalized after return from HK

SARS Outbreak In Maryland? - SARS leaves protective masks in short supply

India - Pakistan: Tensions Rising?

Car Bombing Kills 5 at Radio Kashmir Offices

Pakistani nukes will deter any pre-emptive strike: Musharraf

Powell speaks to Musharraf on violence in Jammu & Kashmir

Russia flays Pakistani attempts to play Afhan card against India

Democratic Congressman urges US to pressure on Pakistan over terrorism

Army copter crashes in Pakistan, at least 13 killed

India - Pakistan

The New Cold War: India and China are picking up where the US and Soviet Union left off

Prophetic Reason The Kashmir Area Is Important To India, China, Pakistan

Bush's Pro-Gay Policies

Bush Praises Santorum As 'Inclusive Man': Bush just used favorite inside gay term: "Inclusive"

Gays, Lesbians Are "A-Glow" Over Bush Policies

Bush Policies Identical To Clinton's: Concerned Women of America

Bush Helps Gay Republican Group Raise Campaign Money

Gay civil unions find support in Democratic field


While Abu Mazen Sleeps, IDF Roots Out Terrorism

Global Village Paradox: Cannot produce peace

Famous 'martyrdom' of Palestinian boy 'staged': Shooting of intifada's 12-year-old poster-child called 'street theater'

Powell calls for action on roadmap -- U.S. official: Road map could be released next week

Arafat "condemns" suicide attack - His Fatah Terrorist Group Implicated

New violence erupts in Israel: Killings dash hopes for new Palestinian boss

Soldier killed by stray bullet discharged from comrade's gun

Body of drowned soldier retrieved from Jordan River

Palestinian Leadership: Tenuous at the top

NYSE Will Nominate Madeleine Albright to Board

DA Will Seek Death Penalty for Scott Peterson

Russian rocket blasts off for International Space Station: Carries Russian and American

Bush: Harming a Fetus Should Be Federal Crime: Why doesn't he move to abolish all Abortion?

GPS satellites track grazing sheep in Ireland

Greenpeace commemorates Chernobyl, calls to protect other contaminated areas

German Bus hijacker praised September 11 terrorists

FBI Knew of Ties Between Alleged Chinese Spy, Agent Handler

New at Fenway, 'the best seats in baseball'

17-year-old Goldfish Is Placed in Sling

Zoo visitors thrill to first look at pandas on 10-year-old loan from China

Russian ecologists protest oil sector pollution

Internet Radio Makes Bigger Waves

Bid to halt swapping of songs voided

'Will & Grace' actress Morrison arrested at Los Angeles department store: Accused of shoplifting


"Mark of the Beast" News

VeriChip Subdermal Personal Verification Microchip to Be Featured: "Smart Tagging" of Human Beings

Temperature-sensing Bio-Thermo(TM) microchip the latest rage

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections Video

'Touched by an Angel' exits airwaves and leaves its mark

"Touched by an Angel" Introduces "God" to American TV, But he is not the God of the Bible: Gospel never presented

Happy birthday, dear Hubble: Astronomers mark 13th anniversary of telescope launch

Hubble captures 'perfect storm' in space

Criticizing Israel will be a taboo in United States: Proposed legislation will cut funding for any college allowing severe criticism of Israel

Iraq War

Saddam Said Alive - Republican Guard Lying In Wait

Russia, France to intensify defense cooperation

Explosions at U.S. Ammunition Dump in Baghdad; Civilians Killed and Injured

Bush Aims to Say Military Part of War Over Next Week

US has yet to find weapons of mass destruction at any of the locations that Secretary of State Colin Powell cited in UN speech

Iranian-trained army in Iraq: 40,000 ex-POW Shiites armed, prepared for Islamic revolution

Ted Turner calls rival media mogul Rupert Murdoch a 'warmonger'

Former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Aziz grilled on Saddam fate

U.S. Sailors Return to San Diego Port

USA worries less about terrorism: Believe Iraq war made country safer from terrorism

Basing Iraq on Islam

Iraqis want to emulate Malaysia in rebuilding nation: Want to establish state based on Islam

Clerics Call for Islamic State in Iraq

Iraqi Shi'ites Say Ruling Najaf, Ignore U.S. Troops

Arizona State U. professors say cheating is 'rampant'

Army secretary resigns his post; no reason given

National Rifle Association News

Gun supporters split over Rep. Paul: NRA threatens to pull endorsement due to vote on lawsuit protection bill

NRA's LaPierre Promises 1994 Gun Ban Will Be Defeated

Heston to Step down as NRA President

NRA Launches Online 'Neighborhood Watch' Program: Showing people how to respond to terrorist threats, accurate information

Swim at Your Own Risk: Government Regulations in Effect

Nepal and US sign five-year pact to fight terrorism

India to provide military assitance to Nepal

Map of Nepal: Strategic country, between China and India

Government charges American Airlines with racial discrimination

Bankruptcy Averted as Last Holdout Union Approves American Air Concession Deal

National Weather

Storm Keeps East Coast Soggy Saturday

Weather Improves Sunday in Mid-Atlantic

Rainy Northeast, Stormy Carolinas to Florida, Cool Northwest

Trough Brings Wet Weather to West Coast

A Look at Early Next Week

What Causes Bumpy Flights?

Major storm hits the Southeast.. again

Dial trial pits clean vs. filthy: Soap plant sexual-harassment case is biggest in years

Age to buy tobacco would increase to 21 under proposed New Jersey legislation

Separated Guatemalan Twin in Critical Condition

Hollywood Pale Riders Who Wear Black Hats

San Francisco could be visited by big earthquake within 30 years

Moderate earthquake hits eastern Russia

Online Anonymity Comes Under Fire

Teamster Union Corruption

Teamsters Local 25 powerbroker Cashman 'fesses up

Long history of corruption clouds future of Local 25

Online Cigarette Sales Heat Up

Catholic Bishop: Talks are still `active' in clergy sexual abuse cases

Catholic Church launches fund-raising drive, with goal of $9m: Bishop Lennon stresses need to back 'good works'

Tanker and towboat collide, leaking chemical in Louisiana

Unusual behavior preceded Pennsylvania school shootings


April 25, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula - War Rehtoric Harsh

Breaking News

South Korea: Nuclear North a 'grave threat'

Sabre-rattling won't work, US warns N Korea

N. Korea/US Talks Break Off Early Amidst Harsh War Rhetoric: No resolution, just war words!

US envoy skips N Korea talks: US envoy does not show up, even though N.K. representative does

N. Korea 'admits' having nukes: C/Edge Reported N.K. having 100 nukes 2 months ago

We Might Use Nukes: North Korea

North Korea warns US of ‘deadly blow’

War Could Break Out Any Moment! N.K. says it might conduct "physical demonstration" that it has nukes

North Korea denounces Japan of attempt to revive militarism

N Korea trying blackmail: Bush

NKorea urges US to open its nuclear forces to inspections

North Korea nuclear revelations reduce U.S. options: World just became a more dangerous place

SARS Propaganda Escalates

Chinese situation turns grim as SARS toll goes up -- 4,000 Quarantined in Beijing

SARS temperature scans for all passengers leaving Changi Airport

World health experts treat SARS as if it's the Big One

US SARS Bid Boosts Biota Stocks After Company Agreed To Work With US Researchers To Find Drug

Spread of SARS could raise shoe prices in USA

Not Too Many In US Worried About SARS

Global Map Depicting SARS Cases: 261 deaths worldwide

SARS keeps some firms out of Toronto

Victoria may import SARS virus

China Quarantines Thousands on SARS Fears

SARS: First global epidemic of the 21st century

Rise in holidays at home as tourists shun air travel: Hong Kong "wiped off map" as tourist destination

Gag order for EMS crews on suspected SARS calls in Hawaii

Singapore moves to jail those who break SARS quarantine

Police State

Subterfuge Designed To Deceive Parents: Police State Goes To Public School

Trading Freedom for Security: "Managed Terror" Reaching Its Planned Goals

Actual Draft of Patriot Act II - More a threat to our liberties than terrorist themselves!

Ashcroft Rules on Immigrants' Detention: Can be held indefinitely if National Security threatened

Judge: Moussaoui Can See Top Secret Government Information From Al Qaeda Witness

Eugenics Through Genetic Engineering

Supertots And Frankenkids: Using genetics to "design" next generation of babies!

DNA hero: 'Get out and mingle': Why shouldn't you have better children?

Stunning creativity of DNA pioneers

Winnie Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Fraud, Theft; Freed on Bail Pending Appeal

Teen takes bullet for Christ: 19-year-old tries to tell strangers about Jesus, gets shot in arm

Economic News

N Korean nuke admission batters regional markets

Sony shares plunge as results fall short

Bank Run For 3rd Straight Day In NYC Chinatown

American Airlines CEO Donald Carty Steps Down

Tokyo Stocks Drop to New 20-Year Low

Bush Visits Tank Factory, Talks Tax Cuts in Ohio

Stocks Slip as Investors Cash In

Amazon Pledges More Price Cuts to Spur Int'l Growth

Oil Falls to 5-Month Lows Amid Supply Glut

'Horse-diaper' rule raises stink: City manure ordinance targets Amish residents

Mormon Polygamists Angry At Gay Link

Truckers to get more mandatory sleep

California Boy, 12, Charged In Rape Of 46-Year-Old Woman

Confederate Flag Causes Controversy Again in Georgia

Charlton Heston to Leave NRA Presidency

O.J. Passes On Reality Show, But May Become Commentator For Robert Blake Murder Trial

Mother's poor diet linked to premature births

High Score Education: Games, not public school, are teaching kids to think

Charleston councilman wants park sunbathers to cover up

Iranian War Rhetoric Skyrockets

Iran Declares Jihad (Holy War) Against USA

Iran Warns US Not To Cross Its Borders

Keep off Iraq, U.S. tells Iran

Iran Buckles on WMD: Can buy Pakistani nukes "off the shelf"

The Iranian Game: Final US Intelligence Failure


Out of Iraq and into Syria? Targeted For "Regime Change"

Syria still suspicious of U.S. intent

Pakistan - India

Pakistan still supporting terror groups in Jammu & Kashmir: CIA

Bomb Explodes in Kashmir Courthouse, Killing Three and Injuring 34


Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Aziz in US custody

13 regime leaders in U.S. custody

A Closer Look At Things To Come: Iraqis want Religious Islamic Law, not democracy

Dean: 'We Don't Know' If Iraqi People Are Better Off Without Saddam

Rumsfeld Rules Out Iranian-Style Government for Iraq

Blair's secret war meetings with Clinton in March, 2003

Bush: Why Saddam may be dead

U.S. sees some government ministries operating next week

BBC attacks American media networks for 'gung-ho' coverage of Gulf conflict

Military Forces Heading Home

San Diego-Based Sailors Await Homecoming After 10 Months at Sea

Fighter Pilots Return to Va. Air Base

Air National Guard security squadron returns to South Carolina

AIDS tightens grip on U.S. South: Region has 40% of U.S. cases, experts report

National Weather

Storm Takes Aim at the Northeast

100-mph Straight Line Winds Devastate Homes In Texas

Thunderstorms Rumbling Across the Southeast

Storm destroyed homes across Southern Plains

High Blocks Low Pressure System Over Northwest

What is the 11 A.M. Rule?

Hail, snow, and winds cause pileups

Stormy Southeast, Wet Ohio Valley to Mid Atlantic


Contrary to Headlines, It´s Arafat Who Beat Abu Mazen

PA Terrorists Welcome Their New Gov´t with Murderous Terrorist Attack -- Two Victims Still Hospitalized

Slain security guard to be buried in Israel, Not Ukraine

Temple Mount Prayer: Rabbi Agrees With Court

IDF soldier shot and wounded in Jenin gunbattle

Fatah Leader: Yesha Terrorism To Stop - After Israel Agrees To Get Out

Report: Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi sexually harassed 4 males

WHO warns of flu outbreak in Netherlands: Strain normally seen only in birds, but now spreading to humans

Man Hijacks City Bus in Germany

Bush Administration, Dems Battle Over Chemical Plant Security

New push to 'get U.S. out of U.N.' Congressmen ask for House floor vote during time of disdain for global body

Global 'gay' rights measure before U.N.

Chicago Doctor Donates Kidney to Patient

Former NFL player turned substitute teacher is accused of pummeling a student

California Supreme Court Orders Boy Taken Off Life Support

FBI Warns of Female al-Qaida Operatives

Potassium Iodide Pills Seen As Useless To Protect Against "Dirty Bombs"

U.S. Says al-Qaida Hurt but Not Broken

Prosecutors Win Point in Sniper Case

Earthquake Rattles Western Washington

Bruce W. Johnson, Chem-Nuclear founder, dead at 77

Are full-body scans the last word in preventive medicine?

Telemarketer reveals tricks of trade: Fast-talking turns phone crammer into Wall Street darling



April 24, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula - Rumors of War!

Russian official predicts 'catastrophic' events in Korean Peninsula: Perhaps tomorrow!

N.Korea flying long-distance training flights in Sea of Japan!

Japan Scrambling Jets To Counter North Korean Unusual Long-Range Aerial "Reconnaissance"

South Korea says North Korea has heightened its air defense

US vs Pyongyang: Watch Rumsfeld

No breakthrough expected in N. Korea talks

Walker's World: Talking to North Korea

North Korea: US Holds 'Master Key'

North Korea rejects 'threat' tag: Real threat said to be huge US nuclear stockpile in South Korea

NKorea urges US to open its nuclear forces to inspections

North Korea to process fuel rods

Stoking Tensions Prior To Talks

Rumsfeld calls for regime change in North Korea

Pentagon 'wanted to oust N. Korean leaders'

N. Korea pressures US for concessions: Attitude stiffens

N. Korea urges end to 'hostile' US policy in talks

Iraq - Quagmire?

The making of America's Iraqi quagmire

Iraqi Shiites Fast Filling Power Vacuum: Could lead to Iranian-style Islamic Militant Theocracy

UK to aid Iraq DU removal: U.S. refuses to remove any

The war has not ended for its many civilian victims

That bloody road to Baghdad

U.S. Tries to Curb Iranian Role in Iraq: US must rule using "divide and rule" tactics of old Imperialism says one expert

Iraqi National Congress distances itself from self-proclaimed mayor of Baghdad

Iranian Troops In Iraq Signal Iranian Attempt To Challenge US For Control: US Issues Strong Warning To Tehran

UN weapons inspectors should disarm Iraq: UN Secretary General Annan

General Garner meets Iraqi leaders, US holds more old guard

Iraq’s Army Intelligence Chief Surrenders

In a Rush To Kill: Sufi Muslims resisting Saddam regime slain in a final purge

Paris Will Face Consequences -- Powell: Resistance prompts U.S. review of ties to France

U.N.: Iraq Facing Pollution Problems

Moral Collapse Accelerating

Iowa Will Host Miss Nude World Pageant

O.J. Simpson Reality Show Planned

Archbishop of Canterbury Apologizes To Freemasons

Legal row over Beltway 'sniper confession'

Microsoft to release new server Operating Server

Sudanese jihadists given pass by Bush: After 2 million deaths, regime avoids sanctions despite ongoing attacks

Santorum defends comments on homosexuality: White House silent on controversy

National Weather

You Can Still Get Sunburn When It Is 40 degrees!

Tropical Storm Ana less organized

Severe T-Storms Expected Across Mississippi Valley

Weather Improving Over Ohio, Mid-Atlantic

Wet Weather Pattern Dominates Northwest

Weekend Weather Outlook

Wakamaru Bot at Your Service - Robots aimed at elderly, infirm

Tiny Satellite To Try To Predict Earthquakes

Deadly storm slams northeast India

10 California Cities in 10 Days: 'The Wild Ride' Promotional Effort Begins!


SARS Panic

SARS Bug Said To Be Deadlier Than AIDS! No statistics given in article, however

China's Real Threat Is AIDS, Not SARS

SARS: Beijing's lesson may be too late

Chinese with suspected SARS hospitalized in Russia

US economy starts to feel effects of SARS

SARS mutating, becoming more virulent: New Warning

SARS Mutates, Now Affecting Intestines

Latest SARS toll by country: Only 251 people dead worldwide

Toronto is put into 'quarantine' over Sars outbreak

Israeli El Al cargo pilots demand SARS protection

Travel alert sparks fury

"Next" Regime Change News

Next stop: Syria or Iran?

Syria must act quickly to avert US pressure: Invasion seems inevitable

CIA: Hizbullah cells in U.S. could strike if Syria pressed

Has Iraq invasion whetted Washington’s appetite for devouring doves?

US Could Influence Regime Change in Zimbabwe


Suicide Bomb Hits Israeli Station Amid Peace Moves

Guard killed, 13 hurt in suicide bomb attack in Kfar Sava: Updated with map

Real Arafat- Abu Mazen Power Struggle Is Just Beginning – Terror Will Go on

Palestinians: Two people killed by IDF gunfire near Ramallah

Palestinian gunman opens fire in court

Palestinian cameraman under the streetlamp

Police plan to block Christian worshipers from Holy Sepulchre Church ceremony

Hamas man killed in 'work accident'; Qassam Rocket fired at Sderot

Arara resident accused of assisting suicide bomber

Arafat Agrees to Cabinet Abbas struggle ends, helping U.S. peace plan

Palestinian reforms eclipse Arafat: Peace process in Mideast will resume once the new Cabinet wins lawmakers' OK

Blast rocks central Jakarta, Indonesia

US back in nuclear bomb-making business

Officials: American May File Chapter 11 Today

Flu spurs mass chicken slaughter in Belgium

Winnie Mandela Found Guilty of Fraud

US Confirms It Is Holding Children Under 16 At Guantanamo Bay Terror Prison: Are labeled "enemy combatants"

Al Qaeda link suspects held in Jakarta

Nike case tests rights to free speech

Greenspan Will Accept New Term as Fed Chairman

Woman Suspended For Wearing Cross Necklace Will Fight In Court

U. of Illinois journalism sleuths reveal their Watergate "Deep Throat" pick

Now NYC Fining Businesses For Smells! Coffee bean maker, pizza restaurants, Krispy Kreem donut bakery also fined

Iranian Actress Given 74 Lashes for Kiss

Group Sues Shippensburg Univ. Over 'Speech Codes': Said to be most "Unconstitutionally Restrictive" in nation

Anything into Oil: Technological savvy could turn 600 million tons of turkey guts and other waste into 4 billion barrels of light Texas crude each year



April 23, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Breaking News!

Russian official predicts 'catastrophic' events in Korean Peninsula: Perhaps tomorrow!

N.Korea flying long-distance training flights in Sea of Japan!

Japan Scrambling Jets To Counter North Korean Unusual Long-Range Aerial "Reconnaissance"


Fake papers backed war: UN Insptector Blix

Iran Embeds Badr troops in Iraq’s Shiite centers, Races US for control of Iraq: Thousands of Iranian troops pour into Iraq Sunday

Saddam everywhere but nowhere to be seen: "If Americans stay more than 6 months we will destroy them"

Oh no, not again: Iraqi crowds threaten American lives and rule

An Iraqi Tragedy

Russia says Korean standoff a step from disaster

War in Iraq: Embedded journalists become spokesmen for US military

Suddenly, a war without a border -- Freedom unbound, and out of control

Bush says no plans for military action to follow Iraq war: Our military buildup on the ground says differently!

Saddam, Sons Are Regarded As Alive

Nasiriya: Not a drop that's safe to drink

US Must Expect Low-Intensity Warfare In Iraq

Gulf Council Force Leaves Kuwait

Electronic Shield Against Artillery? Researchers Test Lasers as Defense to Enemy Shells, Missiles

Saudi TV to Launch Telethon for Iraqis on Saturday

Show of Shia power unnerves the allies

In surprise move, France calls for suspension of sanctions

Musharraf calls for key UN role in post-Saddam Iraq

1 million Shiites march to Iraq shrine

Uday's torture device found in Iraqi soccer HQ

Rumours thrive on images of sex and short skirts: Muslim Iraq very sensitive

Time Magazine Tackles 'Radical' Christian Evangelists in Muslim Nations: Revelations will threaten evangelists living in Muslim nations with death!

Time magazine targets Christian missionaries: Risk of prison, torture, death motivates church workers to avoid mag's reporters


President Lahoud: Israel urging US to threaten Lebanon, Syria

CIA: Hizbullah cells in U.S. could strike if Syria pressed -- U.S. stopped al-Qaida plots against troops

Will USA Protect Islamic Terrorists? Iran wants the USA to hand over opposition terrorists

France's Villepin due in Iran for talks on Iraq

State Department accused of diplomatic failure in Middle East

Another Federal Cybersecurity Czar Abdicates

Labour to launch compulsory ID card - and it'll cost you £25

SARS Updates

China Closes Beijing Schools Due to SARS

Sars spreads racial tension as Toronto feels pariah status

People flee Beijing as SARS death toll rises: Death toll now above 100

Doubling of the SARS Death Rate Puzzles Health Officials

WHO issues travel warnings

Opec faces uncertain future

Domestic Terrorism - Keeping Scare Level High

'Soldiers test for bioterrorism at major New York buildings'

Bioterror scares at mail facilities in 2 states: Suspicious white powder probed in Florida, Washington

Houston police officer, wife indicted today in death of their 7-year-old daughter, who shot herself with a gun found in house

Topless woman to get $10,000 from city for Mermaid Parade arrest

Drinking while driving stays legal


Korean Peninsula

North Korea's War Plan Against the US: Most sobering reading

Rumsfeld calls for regime change in North Korea

US blueprint to bomb N Korea

S Korean press gloomy about talks

Documents’ prove Pakistan still helping North Korea: What does Pakistan have to offer? Nuclear weapons!

Cartoon Correctly Depicts Shape of U.N. As A Masonic Coffin!


Arafat rejects plan by Abu Mazen to disarm Fatah militia

One step back: Israel's economic situation is so grave drastic reductions in military spending may be necessary

Senior Islamic Jihad militant seriously hurt in Nablus

'Interfaith Zionist' summit set: Event to combat 'absurdity' of Bush roadmap to Mideast peace

Anglican military chaplain ignites row with Australian Jews

Soldier missing in Jordan River

China Vows to Rev Up Its Engagement in the Middle East: Setting up "Great Chinese War" In The Middle East?

Economic News

US pension plans fall into deficit

The bottom dollar: There is only one way to check American power and that is to support the euro

Viacom buys Comedy Central

110 bodies recovered in twin ferry accidents: Another "11" in the news

Airport forces girl to remove fake limb

Dixie Chicks Going On Record About Bush Backlash

Al-Qaeda plot targets Australia

Harry Potter star in doldrums

Disease resistance Staph skin infection spreading in LA County jail

Tempting faith: Is it wrong to eat a Jesus chocolate bar?

National Weather

Severe Storms Set to Break Out Wednesday

Cold Air Not a Friendly Sight in Northeast

Temperature Departures So Far This Spring

Relative Humidity and Dewpoint

Two Women Sue Over Secretive FBI 'No Fly' List

Why a 'No Fly List' Aimed At Terrorists Delays Others: Actually has captured few terrorists

International Criminal Court Gains Momentum With Prominent Prosecutor's Appointment

Hundreds of Chinatown residents rush neighborhood bank

Bill protects makers of guns

Assisted suicide suspect kills himself

Canadian Marriage based on man/woman, Ottowa argues, and cannot be extended to same-sex couples

Lewinsky Dating Show Scores Second in Popularity


April 22, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula - War Rhetoric Ratchets Up!

Rumsfeld calls for regime change in North Korea

US blueprint to bomb N Korea

Secret US file: oust regime in Pyongyang

N. Korean Suspicions May Cloud U.S. Talks

North Korea a big threat: US military chief on eve of talks

Beijing nuclear weapons talks to go ahead: Communists view talks as forum for airing grievances

But, N Korea "successfully reprocessing" fuel rods: US may cancel talks

North Korea in call to arms

Bust heightens suspicions of North Korea drug trafficking


'Saddam is still in Iraq' -- Iraqi opposition leader

Israel Dismantles Its Missile Defense Network Set Up To Protect Against Iraqi Missiles! Time to launch attack?

Iraq Prisoners Tried By Occupiers: Violation of Geneva Convention?

More Virginia Troops Deployed in Iraq

Switzerland Documents U.S.-British War Crimes In Iraq

Many faces of Donald Rumsfeld: Best in parsing words since Bill Clinton?

Pentagon taking bids on a contract for work in Iraq: Would apparently limit a lucrative no-bid contract awarded to company with ties to Master Mason Dick Cheney

Shiite Pilgrims Worship at Karbala Shrine

Iran concerned over growing violence, instability in Iraq

UN's Blix questions weapons intelligence justifying Iraq attack

U.S. Military Role in Iraq Changes

Iraqis developing a knack for protest

How CNN hid the truth about Saddam and betrayed the world

Uday's torture device found

US data to show damage of war on economy: Executives held off hiring, investment decisions

Oh! What a quotable war

Cross covered, but desert residents keep Easter: Park Service placed tarp on religious symbol because of constitutional fight

Tornado wreaks havoc in China: Destroys 800 homes

Muslims try to quash Bush nominee for US Institute For Peace: Daniel Pipes called an "Islamophobe"

The "Sword of the Islamic Prophet" Reveals Stark Truth About Islam

World's No. 5 Oil Firm Set to Debut: Russian firm becoming #5

Russian ecologists protest oil sector pollution

Cops arrest men they say were filming bridge: Had dynamite in car

Judicial Watch re-files lawsuit against U.S. government in Elian raid: Janet Reno named

Presbyterian Minister to Continue Same-Sex Weddings

Gay groups ask Senate GOP to reconsider Santorum post after 'insensitive' remarks

Death Threats Flood Anti-Hollywood Celebrity Websites: Hollywood supporters threatening death to website owners

Dixie Chicks Still Flying High On Concert Circuit

ABC Wins Ratings Race by Showing 1956 Charlton Heston's "10 Commandments" Movie

Poll: Music education is important

Real Seals Joining Russian Seals

Emerging biotech field uses genetics to predict drug reactions

Unexplained sickness affects dozens at Reno Hilton

Online ad outlook brightens

Primates hit by unknown disease in Tanzania

White House Considering Phased-In Tax Cuts

Scott Petersen Denies Killing Wife, Unborn Son: May get death penalty



Countries "Next"

Syria Must Be Next On US Attack List

Syria worse than Iraq? Kuwaiti paper: Assad's regime more criminal than Saddam's

Rumsfeld calls for regime change in North Korea

Iran Embeds Badr troops in Iraq’s Shiite centers, Races US for control: Thousands of Iranian troops pour into Iraq Sunday

Washington to Syria: Hand over Saddam’s WMD First, Demands Syria Might Not Be Able To Fulfill

Threats reveal US stand: Planning to "pick on one nation after another"


Iranian IRGC Deputy Commander: US to create security belt for Israel

Israel Seen As "Hitching A Ride" On US Success Against Its Perennial Enemies

Palestinian videos inspire kids to violence: Musical footage portrays Israeli soldiers murdering children, elderly

Arafat Fights Terror-Ace Dahlan’s Candidacy for Anti-Terror Slot

Arafat, Abbas at loggerheads over confronting militia groups : Arafat does not want to disarm them

IDF demolishes 2 militants' homes near Nablus

IDF Soldier missing in Jordan River

Rally Rails Against Patriot Act

Local Officials Rise Up to Defy The Patriot Act

Eminent-domain abuse widespread: Firm cites thousands of cases of government seizing land for private uses

Afghan Leader Seeks Guarantees on Pakistani Border

Observers Worry of Nigeria Election Fraud

Fierce rainstorm disrupts polling in Nigerian election

South African scientist offers to sell FBI deadly bacteria

Mobile phone can detect 'dirty bombs'


Epidemic will continue to spread across China, health officials predict: Cases up to 2,001, deaths up to 92 in China

China faces 'very big' SARS outbreak

Mutation discovery raises fears over Sars vaccine

Beijing fires its mayor as SARS soars

Virus pushes schools to go virtual: Threat of SARS forces teachers to conduct classes online

Bride in India Tests Positive for SARS

Liberal Gun-control senators cheer Bush: Feinstein, Schumer welcome president's stance on firearm ban

National Weather

Subtropical storm Ana moves east in Atlantic; no threat to land

Ana: Rare subtropical storm in April

Severe Thunderstorms Possible Tuesday

April Snow in the Northeast Wednesday?

When will the last frost Occur?

What time of the Day is the Sun Strongest?

Russia's Prime Minister Kasyanov: Papal Visit Possible

N.J. Schools Testing Eye Recognition Technology

Chronic Headaches Tied to Snoring

26 at egg hunt feel the sting of bees

Airlines News

American Airlines returns to financial danger zone

Southwest Airlines boosts profits, defying US crisis

United Airlines tests $7 breakfasts, $10 lunches

Sun's Role In Climate Change Continues To Spark Controversy

Evaluating The Threat From Earth's Radiation Belts

Beware Mystery Fees for Web Services: Web firms face investigations of 'cramming'--charging via telcos for unordered services

Vegas casino chief Wynn's base 2003 salary set at $1.25 million

Single Mother, 18, Told She Is Having Quadruplets: Quads without fertility treatments in one million to one against


April 21, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

North Korea War Threat

North Korea in call to arms

North Korea Angrily Urges Koreas to Unite to 'Smash' U.S. Moves

North Korea next: Pyongyang feels the grave digger's breath

Russian Fleet Operating Just North of Russian-North Korean Border

Lugar says N. Korea nukes beg for war option

Pyongyang up to old tricks - SKorea, NKorea Agree to Hold Nuke Talks

Senator Robert Byrd: Give us back our democracy: Americans have been cheated and lied to on matters of the gravest constitutional importance

American Dissent Highly Valued

Dick Cheney: Master Mason! Called Co-President by some

Famous Masons: See how both parties are controlled

Freakish Weather In The News

Freak weather wreaks havoc in China, destroying thousands of homes

Quake shakes central Japan

Defense Secretary Cohen admitted in 1997 that earthquakes and volcanoes "remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves"

Taiwan issues sea warning on Typhoon Kujira

Landslide in Kyrgyzstan kills 34: emergencies ministry

Three Indian soldiers die in storm in Kashmir

30 dead in week of unseasonal rains in Oman

No formal betrothal in Jesus' day


China Admits SARS Toll Much Higher Than Reported

Sars outbreak claims biggest one-day death toll: 12 died

Dollar gains on Wall St hopes; SARS hits shares

Sars: More than one cause?

What True Epidemic Looks Like

The Forgotten Killer of 1918-1919: Face of a true epidemic

USA Map of 1918 Influenza Epidemic

Influenza Pandemic of 1918 killed 600,000 people in the United States and more than 25 million people worldwide

4,500 Canadian soldiers train in Alberta for Bosnia and Afghanistan missions

Dutch vet's death may be due to bird flu virus: Health Ministry

Moral Values Collapsing

Exotic (Nude) Dance Club Recruits at Massachusetts High School

Lawyer says sex should be legal for 14-year-olds - "Irish Travelers" in US advocate sex as young as 10 years old!

Probe of 'Bizarre' Kidnappings Widens

N.O.W. opposing murder charges against Scott Petersen: If killing of "fetus" is deemed murder, then any killing of late-term "fetus" could be construed as murder, says N.O.W. -- Of course it is murder!

Scott Peterson Carrying $10,000 When Arrested: Cops pulled him over only 30 miles from Mexico

'Scott Peterson is Innocent': His parents

Case of another 'Laci' languishes in obscurity

States raising taxes, cutting services

Cash-strapped states increasingly look at Indian gambling revenue

80 at Nevada volleyball tournament report mystery illness

7 Indonesian Troops Convicted in Murder

National Weather

Subtropical Storm Ana has formed

Unsettled in the Northwest Early This Week

Tornadoes Strike Midwest

Wet weather slides east

Bad parents to lose kids


U.S. Said to Be Near to Declaring Iraq Victory

"Hands off Iraq's oil", warn Arabs - Iraqis wary of US windfall from their oil

Unfinished Business: America's war with Iraq won't be complete until U.S. forces can resolve three key questions

Iraqi scientist: Illicit arms kept till eve of war, were then destroyed - Disinformation to justify war?

Controversy over U.S. role in Iraq

Iraq aid moves pick up speed

U.S. administrative chief - Former US General Jay Garner - arrives in Baghdad

Pope puts pressure on US: Allow Iraqis to govern themselves through United Nations

U.S. Marines pull out of Baghdad

Outbreak of Black Fever hits Iraqi children

U.S. soldiers watchful as Army pushes into Saddam's heartland

Former POWs Spend Time With Family, Bush

Two UK soldiers found buried in Iraq

Iraqis angry over revelations of lavish lifestyles of Saddam's family

But, dangerous groundswell of resentment is building up on the streets of Baghdad against US presence

War speech 'moved' Prince Charles

Iraq Burial Ground Sees New Arrivals

First Newspaper to Hit Baghdad's Streets Is Red (Communist)

Bush Circle Debates Holding Iraq Victory Parade


How American power girds the globe with a ring of steel: Bush ringed Israel with "Nuclear Umbrella"

Exclusive: Roadmap seeks end of conflict by 2005: Will never happen

Palestinian sources: Abu Mazen refusing to meet Arafat

A guide for the perplexed: Prime Minister Sharon

Palestinian woman arrested for plotting suicide mission

Israel close to a deal on buying natural gas from Palestinians

IDF thwarts 10 Passover holiday suicide attacks

Syria Next

US Delivers New Ultimatum To Syria: Hand over Saddam’s WMD First

Mubarak In Syria on Sunday Unannounced To Discuss U.S. Threats

U.S. thinks 7 wanted Iraqis lurk inside Syria

Arab Radicalization Continues

Anti-war sentiment runs high in Pakistan - Pakistan gears up for Islamist backlash

Mubarak tries to shift focus on Israel's WMD: Angry that US is 100% behind Israel and is smashing Arab armies

Does the West understand how this hated war is altering the Arab world?

'Iraqi war is a crusade against Islam'

US strikes provoke global anti-war protests

31 missing tourists tied to al-Qaida ally: Europeans mysteriously disappeared while trekking across Sahara Desert

Flesh-eating disease kills Canadian woman, 50 years old

Christian Preachers fear Abu Sayyaf will go after families

Yemen Holds 25 in Hunt for Cole Escapees

Gunmen Kill 12 in Laos Rebel Region

FBI accused of scape-goating in Chinese spy case to cover up sexual misdeeds of 3 agents

U.S. retail gas prices fall for second time in a month

5,000 Demand Chernobyl Benefits

Anything into Oil: Technological savvy could turn 600 million tons of turkey guts and other waste into 4 billion barrels of light Texas crude each year

Woman behind the exhaust-free car



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