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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Sunday, March 21, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 20, 2004

Treasury Of Hymn Histories - "It Is Well With My Soul"

Church Jury Acquits Gay Methodist Pastor: Will be allowed to continue her ministry

Closing arguments pit church law against "inclusiveness" - Not a word about Biblical condemnation

First gay bishop takes over diocese: Episcopalian welcomed in N.H. after church rocked by consecration

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

Coalition HQ Attacked in Baghdad

Insurgents kill two U.S. soldiers, three Iraqis: Rare attack in daylight

U.S. Helicopter Is Shot Down in Iraq

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed West of Baghdad

1 dead, 4 injured in attack on Iraqi Kurdish party offices

Bush says Iraq is 'global responsibility'

6 U.S. soldiers charged with abusing Iraq prisoners

Night Patrol in Baghdad Brings Surprises

Other Headline News

Iraq: Blair and Bush seek new United Nations backing -- To be given a lead role in post-occupation Iraq

U.S. to keep 20 bases in Iraq through 2006

Anniversary of Iraq War Marked by Worldwide Protests

Worldwide protests demand Iraq pullout

Major Protests Mark Iraq War Anniversary

Iraq, unlike Afghanistan, has lots of good targets: Rumsfeld

Iraq pull-out all but inevitable - Spain's Zapatero

Report: al-Qaida Claims Iraq Hotel Attack

U.S. Deep in Iraq Issues a Year Later

Evangelicals Flock Into Iraq on a Mission of Faith

Global Terror War

When patriotism means never asking why: George Bush meant it when he said, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists''

The U.S. Re-Activates The Draft: Getting Ready For World War VII

Ex White House advisor says Bush considered bombing Iraq over 9/11

`Fortress Europe' is no response to al-Qaeda - NOTE: Propaganda

Choppy Stock Market Trading Ahead Amid Terror Fears

Images of Spain Hover over Regional Elections in France

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan risks enraging tribes in bin Laden hunt

Pakistan doubts al Zawahri -- Al Qaeda's #2 man -- among those surrounded

Pakistan army continues to rain fire on encircled militants

Syrian-Kurdish Clashes Present Syrian President with Political Crisis

Amnesty International Calls on Syria to Reveal Location of Detained Kurds

Big bomb factory discovered in Kabul

U.S. Forces Bomb Suspected Taliban Compound

Thousands displaced by Kosovo violence: UN

New PM seeks big win as Malaysians go to vote

Haitian rebels turn in arms

El Salvador to begin presidential vote

How will US handle Sri Lanka peace talks after Iraq war?

Expect soaring gas prices: Forecast

Messing with the Constitution: Using "Judicial Activism" as the excuse

FCC Now Considers 'F-Word' Both Indecent and Profane

Report Calls Howard Stern 'King of All Fines'

Australian Minister Triggers Debate by Calling Abortion 'National Tragedy'

Will Europe survive to year 2012?

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen gives $13.5 million to search for space aliens

EU Plan to Drop Ban on Arms Sales to China Raises Alarm


World Taking Note of "Mysterious 11"

Mysterious No. 11 continues to hound the world, mankind

SPAIN SUFFERS HER OWN "9/11" ATTACK ON 3/11, 2004: Events continue to occur "by the numbers" -- occult numbers, that is! Number "11" prevalent in Madrid bombing - Signature of the coming Antichrist

Israel - Fresh Round of "Wars and Rumors of Wars"

Nine Palestinians killed in IDF action in Gaza, West Bank

Israeli Cabinet meets to discuss Sharon-Abdullah meeting

Arab media doubts Sharon's Gaza disengagement plan

Defense Minister Mofaz: Defense establishment to launch war on Hamas

Fatah sorry for killing son of veteran Arab lawyer: Thought he was a Jew as they killed him while jogging

Last Week's Friday Sermon on Palestinian Authority Television: "Jews Had to be Destroyed"

No Meeting Between Sharon and Bush: Sharon wants to discuss his unilateral disengagement plan

Analysis / Sharon Returning Back to the Clinton plan

PM Sharon to Face Likud Ministers Today: To formally discuss unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and expulsion of its nearly 8,000 Jewish residents

Tel Aviv Professor: No Such Thing As "Occupation "

Israeli Offical: Sinai terror travel advisory based on concrete information

Terrorist Exploitation of Palestinian Children Continuing: Israel Charges

Taiwan Election News

Taiwan election controversy escalates: High Court orders election boxes sealed

China silent on Taiwan election results

Taiwan seriously split after vote

Taiwan President Wins Narrow Re-Election: Referendum said to have failed because voter turnout was insufficient

Taiwan disbelief at shooting

2004 Campaign News

Death of a patriot: "Another mysterious accident solves a Bush problem"

U.S. election is a global affair

Bush Declares Kerry a Serial Tax-Raiser

Skiing Kerry Fires Back at Bush

McCain should be on Kerry's mind: For V.P. candidate

Bush Mocks Kerry Claim of Foreign Backing

Muslim Candidate in Georgia: Leave Religion Out of Politics

Kerry seeks balance, Bush readies barrage

Bush-Cheney political chief testifies in funds probe

The anatomy of a smear campaign

"The Passion" News

'The Passion' and 'The Da Vinci Code' spur religious book sales

"The Passion" Section: Contains all Cutting Edge articles

The Next Great Awakening?

Has "The Passion" Begun The Long Awaited Religious "Paradigm" Shift?

What a trend we have in Jesus: Is pop culture looking for religion - or entertainment?

Biblical 'Western' to follow Passion: Next movie to feature story of Chanukah

Movie about Christ starts violent domestic fight

Moral Collapse

Homosexual book for 1st-graders: Parents outraged over story where prince finds love with another prince

American Indian Mother Who Used Cocaine While Pregnant Gets Custody

Report: Jacko's First Accuser May Testify

The Real Impact Of Gay Marriage On Society

Smuggled South Koreans Turn to Sex Slavery In US: Payback to their human smugglers for sneaking them across the Canadian border into Washington state

Roman Catholic News

Pope John Paul II becomes third-longest serving pope Sunday

Area priest on leave in sex claim: Archdiocese reviews misconduct allegation filed against pastor in Canton Township

Report on sex abuse highlights failure by bishops, seminaries

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'': Clear explanation for over 800 years of priestly sex abuse

Church sex abuse play heads to Wellesley, Massachusetts in May

The Fifteen Promises of MARY to ChristiansWho Recite the Rosary

Massachusetts State senator cries foul in gay marriage debate: Accused of rigging the gay marriage debate in favor of gay rights activists

East Massachusetts Episcopalians endorse gay marriage



Saturday, March 20, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 20, 2004 Treasury Of Hymn Histories - "It Is Well With My Soul"

China - Taiwan

Counting underway in Taiwan's presidential election

China silent on shooting of President Chen

Assassination bid may help Chen in polls

Supporters flood Taiwan streets after attempted assassination

Overseas votes could tip tight Taiwan poll

Taiwan Poll: Who's the 'real' Taiwanese?

Native Taiwanese son doubtful of reunification

On Taiwan: China's silken glove - and mailed fist

Israeli - Palestinian "Wars and Rumors of Wars"

EXCLUSIVE: Sharon-Bush Meeting To Be Cancelled

Israel Can 'Just Say No' to US Pressure

Israel, Jordan leaders meet secretly in peace move

Jordan's King Abdullah tells PM Sharon: Gaza pullout must be start of broad retreat

King Abdullah calls for international alliance to push for end to conflict

Background / Suddenly, Jordan is an enemy

Sharon to Defense Officials: "Just Answer My Questions"

Haifa Police: Jewish terror suspect questioned in past

Man shot dead in Jerusalem's French Hill was Arab student

Foiled: Plans To Hijack A Bus

Major Tel Aviv Attack Thwarted

Britain steps up aid to Palestinians

70-Year-Old Brooklyn Jew suspected of links to arms-smuggling into Israel

2004 Campaign

In chess game of power, the US muscle man isn't king

Senator Kerry Calls Secret Service Agent Filthy Name During Slope Spill

Bush campaign gear made in Burma: His campaign store sells a pullover from nation whose products he has banned from being sold in the U.S

Bush, Kerry to Spend Almost Half-Billion Dollars On Presidential Campaign

Both camps agree on key states

Kerry win will have impact on Asia ties: Senator will take different tack on issues ranging from human rights to trade and conduct of the anti-terror fight

USA Today Says Reporter Faked Stories: Jack Kelley discovered

Jack Kelley: Report from Hell

Teen's right to wear anti-abortion sweatshirt is restored: Denbigh High responds to letter threatening lawsuit

China to resume export of cooked poultry meat to Japan

Urgent: Gas explosion kills at least three miners in NW China

Biological basis to racism says study - Prejudice may go back to Stone Age!

One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism

'Dress-Up Jesus' Refrigerator Magnets Creator Reacts To NBC 10 Story

Suing for the Right to Live: Futile Care Theory Comes to America

The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People: Holocaust survivor, Dr. Wolfensberger reveals hidden Holocaust in America!

Australian Hurricane May Grow To Category 5!

Brady Campaign Sues: 'New Gun Part Is Same As New Gun'

Death by Gun Control

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

First Anniversary Of Iraq Invasion

Two Marines Killed in Combat in Iraq

US may give UN command to keep Spanish support

One year later, attacks dog Iraq

One Year Later: Germany Anything But Smug Over Iraq War

Govt lauds war as Australians rally for peace

Insurgent terror greets Iraq milestone

US tried to plant WMDs, failed: Whistleblower claims

The widening Atlantic divide over Iraq

Poles: We're Staying in Iraq

Bush Urges Allies to Stand Firm on Iraq

Former White House Terrorism Adviser Breaks Silence: Bush Wanted To Bomb Iraq After 9/11

Kurds: Looking For More

Reservist Commits Suicide Over City Job

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Venezuelan president threatens to raise oil prices: Chavez warned that any attempt to overthrow him would raise the international oil prices to over 50 US dollars per barrel

Is A U.S. Invasion of Venezuela Possible?

U.S. Missionaries Killed in Uganda

Pakistani Forces Slam Mud Compounds: In offensive against Taliban, in search of Osama bin Ladan and his #2 man

Pakistani Troops Do Not Have Osama's #2 Man Cornered!

Pakistani raid rewards soft line by Bush on nuclear smuggling scandal

Pakistan Border Region Tough to Control

Pakistan may be cleared for return to Commonwealth

NATO-led forces begin restoring order in Kosovo

Foreign troops providing security in Haiti

Bush likely to bar Syrian flights in new sanctions

US warns Indonesia election terror attack possible

Global Terror News

Propganda Continues: Al-Qaida likely planning unprecedented attack by sea, analyst says

Study of Terror Headlines Since 9/11 Reveals Interesting Pattern of Repeats

Archived News 2/29/2003: Iraqi 'terror ships' at sea -- Never materialized, totally fabricated

Textbooks for Jihad: Are being printed in US Public School Curiccula!

Interesting Times: Run or fight

EU will name terrorism czar but not a 'CIA' type

5 jailed in Spain terror bombings

Muslim Guantanamo chaplain 'wins': All charges are dropped

FBI mulls anti-terrorism intelligence alliance with Europe

Zombie film 'will beat Passion': Remake of cult hit "Dawn of the Dead" is tipped to take The Passion of the Christ's top US box office spot in a cinematic battle of good versus evil

Actor Paul Reubens -- "Pee-wee Herman" -- Pleads Guilty in Obscenity Case - Must stay away from children

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

South Korea: Large Rallies Against Impeachment, Iraq War Expected This Weekend

N.K. Urges Seoul to Participate in Working-level Talks

South Korea Balks at Sending Troops to Iraq

Bill Clinton sees nuclear deal with North Korea in months

American Mexican Border security chief kills self in car on I-10



Friday, March 19, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

China - Taiwan Stuggle

Attempted Assassination!

Taiwanese President and his VP Shot: Final day of campaigning for a landmark election and referendum to determine whether Taiwan will be independent of China

Taiwan president shot, wound not critical: Sustained serious stomach wound, not fatal

Taiwan election won't alter China's missile deployment

DPP (Ruling Party) says it will `light up Taiwan' on election eve

Military places its special ops units on alert for referendum election

Ultimate high-stakes battle for Taiwan's destiny

China's `Patriot Games' Worry Markets

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US tried to plant WMDs, failed: Whistleblower

Like it or not, the West just can't leave the Middle East

Suicide bombers strike almost at will in Iraq: Killing at least 660 in two dozens strikes this past year

Just another Baghdad car bombing

Killings escalate on eve of invasion anniversary

Two U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq While On Patrol

What kind of 'freedom fighting' is this?

Decision to invade Iraq hurts Bush's image

Al-Qaeda suspected of deadly attack on Baghdad hotel

Security, self-rule top Iraq agenda: Threat of civil war still exists between the Shiites and Sunnis

Ex-WMD hunter says West misread Saddam's Iraq

Bush/Blair Justification of Iraq Invasion" Now Proven To Be Lies, Distortions, Exaggerations! Part 1 of 2

Bush/Blair Justification of Iraq Invasion: CIA said Saddam Hussein "posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion" - Part 2 of 2

US Soldier faces jail for refusing to rejoin his unit in Iraq

South Korea Balks at Northern Iraq Mission: Balks at sending troops to an increasingly violent peacekeeping effort

Colin Powell Makes Unannounced Visit to Iraq on Anniversary of U.S. Invasion


Jordan's king meets Israel's Sharon: Surprise visit to discuss unilateral withdrawal from Palestinians

Jordan: Security 'Wall' will push refugees into our land

Construction of 42km security fence in West Bank begins

Israel to Isolate West Bank and Gaza: Barring all Palestinians from crossing the borders

Pro-Secuirty Fence ads being shown on US TV -- Bombed-out Bus #19 heading for America

Arafat's reply to the Sharon Disengagement Plan

Campaign to save Gaza gaining steam

Palestinian Prime Minister Qurei urges Gaza pullout now

Analysis: The threat of a mega-attack against Israel

Hamas taunts Israel after minor, "nitpick" retaliation for Ashdod terror attack

Bomb flips IDF tank: 4 soldiers lightly wounded

Terrorists recruiting more children

US Spirit rover on Mars has seen a UFO streak across the Red Planet sky


Pakistan - Afghanistan

Pakistani Choppers Pound Al Qaeda Holdouts

Afghan offensive: Grand plans hit rugged reality

How the US set Pakistan aflame: Powell will return home with the news that the situation is getting ever more out of hand

Afghanistan: Dogs of war in full cry

2 American soldiers die in Afghanistan: 2 others hurt in fighting with 'anti-coalition' forces

Pakistani tribes await 'full force' offensive: Present operation has failed, however

"Semi-Senior" Terrorist Suspects Arrested Near Pakistan Border

Osama's Deputy, Zawahiri, slipped Pakistan net: Pakistani officials

Pakistan as a 'key non-NATO ally'

Global Terror News

For US Hawks: Madrid 2004 = Munich 1938 -- "It is clear that using force is not the answer to resolving the conflict with terrorists"

Bush could try UN resolution to save coalition: To persuade Spain not to abandon the coalition by withdrawing its troops from Iraq

Spain Releases Intelligence Reports: Trying to refute charges that it lied in the immediate aftermath of the Madrid bombings

Al Qaeda Claim of Responsibility For Madrid Bombing Seems To Have Been A Fake: Analysis

U.S., Poland's presidents to discuss Poland's shift of tone on Iraq

Blix says Iraq war may have worsened terror threat

Islamic Group: U.S., partners targeted for terrorism

Addressing the Unthinkable, U.S. Revives Study of Nuclear Fallout

Bush rallies U.S. in terrorism fight

US, South Korea Are on the Same Side in the War on Terror

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. Marines expanding Haitian role: U.S. warns rebels to disband

'Liberating' Saudi's Shi'ites (and their oil)

Arab Journalists Stage Powell Walk-Out: To protest the shooting deaths of two Iraqi reporters, allegedly by U.S. troops

NATO, Germany Send More Troops to Kosovo: Clashes between ethnic Albanians and Serbs have left 31 people dead

NATO troops raid Albanian apartments

U.S. Sends Troops to Quell Kosovo Violence

San Francisco Perseveres on Gay Marriage

Methodist Lesbian Says She Was Called to Ministry

Gay Marriage: Real people in real relationships

Open season in Australia: More Australian couples are opting for open marriages. Is it innately destructive, or the way of the future? Richard Kerbaj reports

Hot off campaign trail, Kerry hits ski slopes in Idaho

Nebraska Teenager Found With 20 Homemade Bombs: Wanted to injure everyone at the school except for three friends.

Reward Up in the Air for Ohio Sniper Suspect

Camera Cell Phones Helping Catch Crooks

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea threatens to increase nuclear deterrent in 'quality and quantity'

N. Korea Demands S. Korea, U.S. Stop Joint Military Drills

North Korea says nuke inspections invite U.S. attack


Thursday, March 18, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Another Car Bomb Kills 4 Iraqis Outside Hotel -- In Basra This Time

Toshiba of Japan to Make Hybrid Motors for Cars: Motors have two parts -- gas engine and an electric motor -- and switch between the two to save gas and avoid pollution

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Powerful Bomb Destroys Baghdad Hotel, Killing 27 - Many still trapped under rubble

Rescuers End Search for Survivors of Hotel Blast

Deadly blast of Iraq 'soft target' thought to be work of Muslim militants

U.S., Iraqi Forces Raid Guerrilla Hideouts

Two US soldiers killed in mortar attack: At a logistics base north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad

Blast near Iraqi TV station office kills three

Two Iraqi Journalists Killed in Shooting

Spain, U.S. Politicians Spar Over Iraq

Vote in Spain may spell trouble for Italy's PM Berlusconi

'Iraq war maybe a mistake': Italian minister

US General sacked by Bush says he wanted early elections in Iraq

Blair urged to cut ministers' powers to commit British troops to war without parliament’s express consent

Government put troops at risk, says report

US casualties mount ahead of anniversary

Iraq resolution ignites row in House as first anniversary of Iraqi invasion draws near

Iraq Invites U.N. Team to Return to Iraq

Pentagon to Withhold Up to $300M From Halliburton: For overcharging for soldier's meals -- V.P. Cheney's former company

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Powell: Pakistan Designated as Major Non-NATO Ally

Pakistani Forces Launch Fresh Anti-Terror Assault

Tolerance of Iran's nukes spurs neighbors: Warning to Bush says Middle East nations now will follow suit

US, IAEA agree to 'change rules' of non-proliferation

Fourteen dead as ethnic violence sweeps Kosovo: UN peacekeepers struggle to contain gun battles

Haiti Installs New Government

Argentina, Brazil want IMF rules reformed

China flexes missile muscle on eve of Taiwan independence vote

2004 Campaign News

Cheney says Kerry holds US allies in 'contempt'

Bush to Salute Troops in Kentucky

Kerry Criticizes Bush on High Drug Costs

Bush Adviser Rove: Kerry Just Has The Beginning Taste of Bush Campaign

Senator Kerry says he forgot about St. Patrick's breakfast

Ohio Sniper Suspect Caught in Las Vegas: Tipster spotted him at a Las Vegas casino

Gay - Lesbian News

Bush Comments on Marriage Alarm Supporters and Detractors: Has hinted he will accept "Civil Unions"

Gay wedding bells rang far

Tennessee County Officials Seek to Ban Gays

Second Oregon County to Marry Gay Couples

Protesters Surround Lesbian Minister's Trial In United Methodist Church

Pressure Building for Prescription Drug Importation

"The Passion"

'Passion' rising toward box-office history: Could become the highest-grossing film in history

Jim Caviezel Tells of Meeting With Pope: Actor Who Plays Jesus in "The Passion" Thanked Holy Father for Letter to Artists

"The Passion," as Seen by a Woman Religious: "Through the Mother to the Son" -- Catholic Sister sees movie as uniquely, powerfully Roman Catholic

Evangelistic Leaders "Hall of Shame": For Promoting Such A Catholic Depiction of Jesus-Mary While Promising That Film Taught No "Unique" Catholic Doctrine!

A Great Moment In the Life of an Artist: Talking with James Caviezel after his meeting with the pope - "(Mary) is the one I think who made the movie for her Son"

Gibson breaks Hollywood's "10 Commandments"


Precious Hymn Histories: "It Is Well With My Soul"

Recently Discovered Near-Earth Asteroid Makes Record-breaking Approach to Earth - Will come within 26,500 miles of earth

Day the sun nearly shut down earth: Solar flare last November was more than twice as big as the previous recorded explosion

Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu warned the United Nations that "Religious fundamentalism" is on the rise throughout the world

Israel - Palestinian Conflict

Palestinians and al Qaeda Bond through Ship Container: Asdod Port double suicide bombing team sneaked into port by hiding in shipping container

Al-Aksa Brigades vows strategic attacks against Israel

Israel: Gaza withdrawal will take months

Defense Minister Mofaz: Israel should retain control of Gaza's entry points

Ministry forms six panels to handle settlement evacuation

Israeli opposition leader lobbies against disengagement plan in US

Hamas Spiritual Leader Yassin: IDF will not conquer Gaza

IAF strike kills four Palestinians

5 attacks thwarted in Jerusalem in last 2 weeks

Child sacrifice: 11-year-old Palestinian boy was to be used for suicide bombing

Red-faced Arabs feel heat over boy bomber

"Continuing Story", to be continued: Israel continues to slap wrist of Palestinian terrorists after suicide attacks

Hamas-PA shoot-out leaves one dead, 21 wounded

Global Terror

Last rites for the Bush doctrine: Events in Spain have intensified the ideological war in America

George Bush's government is weak on terror: N.Y. Times

EU official: Madrid attack to alter Europe's view of Israel - Now Europe understands Israel's actions

Group Claiming Madrid Bombings Names Possible Next Targets: United States, Japan, Italy, Britain or Australia

UN's Kofi Annan calls Spain's defeated PM Aznar author of his own defeat -- Had paid for backing the Iraq war and blaming last week's terrorist attacks in Madrid on ETA

Spain's Aznar Brought Down by Big Lie, Not Bombs

4 More Suspects Arrested in Spain Bombings

Australia aims to keep Bashir in jail: Offering to help Indonesia to bring more charges against suspected terrorist

Greek Olympic Games Head Into Crisis

Hackers Embrace P2P Concept: Homeland Security Getting Involved

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea: Disarming Will Lead to US Invasion, As Invasion of Iraq Proves

North Korea says US forced impeachment of South Korean president

South Korea Warns the North of Unrealistic Demands

UN watchdog wants unfettered North Korea inspections

Fresno Cops Second-Guessed in Killings: Is it possible? Wesson fatally shot nine of his children while police waited outside his house

Moral Collapse

Dirty Moves Shut Down School Dance: "Like having sex with your clothes on" complains teacher

Pimps tell of a million brothel visits a year in Israel

Madonna’s husband has Passionate goals: Wants to produce film filled with references to the Satanic Kabbalah

A Really Big Spyglass: Scientists Bulid Continent-Sized 'Telescope' in the Antarctic



Wednesday, March 17, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- 3/12/2004 --- Precious Hymn Histories: "It Is Well With My Soul"

Breaking News!!

Powerful Bomb Destroys Baghdad Hotel: Kills Dozens

Global Terrorism

Spain Aftermath

Bin Laden Orchestrated Madrid attacks in Person: NOTE: Propaganda story

SPAIN SUFFERS HER OWN "9/11" ATTACK ON 3/11, 2004: Events continue to occur "by the numbers" -- occult numbers, that is! Number "11" prevalent in Madrid bombing - Signature of the coming Antichrist

Bush Unbowed by International Terror

Zapatero rejects Bush appeal for troops to stay in Iraq: Spanish PM-elect reiterates his troops will leave violence-torn Iraq, calls occupation a fiasco

NATO Umbrella Could Keep Spanish Troops in Iraq

What Spain's retreat means

Don't Hand Al Qaeda Victory, Australia Urges Spain

Europe and the US are now adrift: Spain confirms the huge impact the Iraq war has had on our world

EU chief criticises US unilateralism: "US can not solve the world's problems alone and should back away from unilateralism"

Spanish vote leaves Blair looking isolated on Iraq

Six Moroccans Suspected in Madrid Blast: Growing international investigation

Spain Probed Terror Suspect Prior to Madrid Attack

Other Global Terror News

Dirty bomb terror victims 'may be shot'

Paul Krugman Editorial: Why Bush hasn't captured bin Laden: Tough guy image is just a facade

Canada's first family of terrorism: "We are an al-Qaida family"

Rumsfeld: Bin Laden isn't only problem: "Capturing or killing al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden would not 'change the problem' of international terrorism"

France gets Islamist terrorist threat

'Attack on London is inevitable'

NATO allies expanding antiterror naval patrols

Terror attack on Australia 'likely inevitable': FBI expert

South Korea fears terror attack

US Terror Alert Code System Under Congressional Scrutiny

Archives: Airline Passengers to Be Color-Coded

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. Unloading WMD in Iraq: Accusation from Iran

U.S., Iraqi Forces Raid Guerrilla Hideouts: Operation "Iron Promise"

Four Baptist U.S. Missionaries Killed in Iraq

Four Iraqis killed in Baghdad: Amidst escalating violence

A vindicated Blix returns to U.S. after Iraq search turned up no weapons of mass destruction

U.S. sees world safer after Iraq but world unsure

Fresh-faced US troops in Iraq might have made first big mistake

Blast in Iraq kills Boston Hub man: Had joined Army to pay for sister's and his education

Iraqi insurgents adapt to US anti-bomb techniques: Seven deaths of US soldiers over weekend prove once more insurgents' ability to adapt to US tactics

Poll finds most Iraqis oppose occupation

Breakdown of Coalition Forces in Iraq: 110,000 US troops, 22,000 others

Honduras Says It's Pulling Iraq Troops

2004 Presidential Campaign News

Sen. Joe Biden says he would support a Kerry-McCain ticket: Supports Kerry's claim that foreign leaders want a change in America

Kerry sews up Democratic nomination

French Going Wild For Senator Kerry In Election Fever: ‘A CERTAIN ELEGANCE’ IS SEEN

In 1972, Kerry implored Dartmouth students: "Be their own Ralph Nader" in opposing the Vietnam War

Kerry Wins Illinois Primary

Dean ties Madrid bombing to Iraq

Bush touts health-care plan, takes veiled shots at Kerry's

Gibson film violates 'hate crime' statutes? Group wants Ashcroft to investigate, claims movie caused attacks on Jews

Passion actor Caviezel meets Pope

No False Profits: 'Passion' Makes Mel $700 Million Richer

Israeli - Palestinian "Wars and Rumors of Wars"

The lessons of the Ashdod terrorist attack: Government allowed terrorists to operate freely and now is rewarding them with a retreat from Gaza!

Limited justice coming to Gaza: IDF strikes back

IAF hits Gaza: Incursion imminent

Sharon: We will retreat to avoid making concessions

Defense chiefs tell PM Sharon to withdraw almost entirely from Gaza

Arafat's Al-Aksa Brigades vows strategic attacks

Fatah terror group threatens Israel's airports: Knesset committee undertakes assessment of mega-attack risk

Who's to blame for Palestinian suffering?

Second bombing foiled near Nablus

Israel kills four in missile strikes

Court extends order halting barrier construction near Jerusalem

Top Fatah activists leaving the movement to join Hamas

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Syria arrests hundreds of Kurds as riots sweep the nation

US sanctions to target Syrian oil

US stalls for 10 months over offer of talks from Iran

Iranian President Khatami concedes defeat of his key reform plans

Egypt, Iran developing satellite plans

Dams show Africa sharing precious water supply

New US officials for Africa: New assistant secretary of state for African affairs on Tuesday and two ambassadors to African countries

Kenya adopts draft constitution

Georgian President To Discuss Situation Around Adzhara With Moscow Mayor

Democrat Congresswoman Questions Aristide Departure

New Haiti leader forms Cabinet, shuns Aristide backers

Pakistan's Musharraf urges tribal chiefs to hand over terror fugitives

Pakistan came out of N-crisis safely: No question of nuclear program rollback, National Assembly told

Powell Hails Indian, Pakistani `Bold' Peace Move During Visits

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea Must Be Happy With Roh Fall: David DeRosa

UNICEF: North Korean Children Remain at Risk

Despite Reforms, N.K. Replete with Animosity against Capitalism

`Mr. Stability' lives up to his name

South Korean diplomat arrives in Beijing for nuke talks

Passengers on Detroit Flight Exposed to Measles

Suspect Charged in Nine Fresno Slayings

Fresno Suspect Controlled Women in Household: Could have been part of a cult ritual, family had been raised as Seventh-day Adventists

Boy Survives Dad's Rampage by Playing Dead

California Gas Prices Reach the Hilt

2d Oregon county to issue licenses to gay couples: Commissioners cite last week's positive opinion by AG on marriages

Gay marriage big test for Methodist Church

Skull And Bones: Secrets that George W. Bush guards at least as carefully as any entrusted to a president

Bonesman Kerry vs Bonesman Bush

Bush Family Also Member of Occult Bohemian Grove

Ohio Sniper Suspect Caught in Las Vegas

Michael Jackson Wanted to Make Kiddie Flick

Growing anti-semitism in Europe



Tuesday, March 16, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- 3/12/2004 Precious Hymn Histories: "It Is Well With My Soul"

Global Terror = Global Dictatorship

Spain Terrorist Bombing

SPAIN SUFFERS HER OWN "9/11" ATTACK ON 3/11, 2004: Events continue to occur "by the numbers" -- occult numbers, that is! Number "11" prevalent in Madrid bombing - Signature of the coming Antichrist

Spanish police have identified 6 Moroccans in Madrid who carried out terror bombing

Spain's PM-elect pledges withdrawal from Iraq, slams Bush: Says "war in Iraq was a disaster, the occupation of Iraq is a disaster"

Don't flinch in fight against terror, warns White House: US delivers thinly-veiled warning to Spain

EU Calls Emergency Meetings on Terrorism

Who’s Next after Madrid?

PM Howard: No Australian link to Madrid bombings

Britain on alert following Madrid bombing

Blair Loses War Ally as Socialists Win Spanish Election

Spanish voters punish pro-war leaders - Spanish vote may embolden world terrorists

Power balance blown apart

Spanish elections deepen gloom on Wall Street

Greece seeks NATO's help for security at Olympic Games: Security services scrambling after Madrid massacre

General Terror News

Experts: War on terrorism could spawn new enemies

DARPA Goes Real Time: Gaining ability to watch over entire city

Officials: Saudi Shootout Kills Top Al Qaeda Leader

Suspicious parcels sent to embassies in London

US has released 26 more prisoners from its naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli army poised to deliver mighty retaliation for Ashdod terrorist bombings

Sharon: We will retreat to avoid making concessions

PM narrowly wins pullout plan vote

Diplomatic flurry around Sharon's disengagement plan

Egypt Urged to Take on New Role in Gaza After Israel Withdrawal

Jordan's Moasher warns against unilateral Israeli pullout from Gaza

Troops raid Gaza, raze home: IDF to step up targeted hits

Foreign Minister: Israel will not negotiate by night and bury its dead by day

Knesset's security cheif puts MKs on high alert
: Warned of a plan to harm a public figure via a letter bomb

MK: Israel plans to return Palestinian's 'terror' money

The Double Life of the Media Celeb: "Super Spy" to come in from the cold?

11-year-old Palestinian boy used as human bomb

Solar system expands with discovery of distant planetoid: Icy, red "Sedna" orbits sun every 10,500 years -- Named after "Inuit" goddess of the ocean

Detailed Viewer's Guide: Five Planets Soon Visible For Only Time Until 2036

Biggest Ever Solar Flare Was Even Bigger Than Thought

China executes 10,000 people a year

15 Killed in Russian Building Explosion: Apparently natural gas explosion

'New' cave yields deep secrets: Inside 'La Tetera': geologic wonders, prehistoric bones- "Millions of years" being touted

China Has Halted Bird Flu Epidemic, Government Says

Thin air about to replace viewing screens: Science fiction staple close to becoming scientific fact

Passion of Christ In The Arab World: Unprecedented Interest!

Pope Meets With 'Passion' Star Jim Caviezel

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Four U.S. Baptist Missionaries Killed in Iraq

Retired General: U.S. Will Prevail in Iraq

Iraq war preparation was a 'shambles'

Six US soldiers killed in Iraqi roadside blasts

Survey: Iraqis Divided About Invasion

American Mothers grieve for sons lost during war

U.S. commander casts doubt on Spain pull-out plan: 1,300 Spanish soldiers now in Iraq

US Spy Network Still Under Fire: Human Cost of War Mounts

Home a Mix of Joy, Difficulty for Troops

Allies in Iraq refuse to waver: Capitulation would give the terrorists the upper hand

U.S. Unloading WMD in Iraq: Planning to stage a "discovery"?

Warrant Issued for Ohio Sniper Suspect - 28-year-old is considered armed and dangerous

Suspect's Neighbors Didn't Know His Name

2004 Campaign News

Sharpton endorses Kerry for president

Nation's Direction Prompts Voters' Concern: 54% of voters think that the nation is heading in the wrong direction is now 54 percent - Nadar poses potentially lethal threat to Kerry

U.S. Videos, for TV News, Come Under Scrutiny: Bush administration paid people to pose as journalists praising the benefits of the new Medicare law

Globe Reporter Claims Tape Recorded Kerry As Saying "More" Leaders, Not "Foreign" Leaders: Transcription Error

Mel Gibson says he now has 'doubts' about President Bush and re-election

Bush's feminine side

'Old Europe' Seen Quietly Rooting for Kerry

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Tensions rise in Haiti as Aristide arrives in Jamaica: Interim premier recalls ambassador from Jamaica and suspends relations

Haiti decries Aristide 'meddling'

US sends special forces into north Africa: Pentagon fears growth of terrorist haven

Rwandan President accuses France of 1994 genocide role

Sri Lankan gets life term for premeditated murder

News Analysis: What behind Powell's visit to South Asia? Chinese viewpoint

Powell Will Tell Pakistan to Step Up Hunt for al-Qaeda, Taliban

Powell says 'entire network' of Pakistani nuclear leaks must be rooted out

Libya paid Pakistani millions in nuke deals

Pakistan's Musharraf Says Libyan Behind Murder Attempts

EU Offers Armenia 100 Million Euros To Shut Down Nuclear Plant

Police Say All Fresno Victims Shot

N.Y. Ministers Charged for Marrying Gays

Lesbian minister faces a church trial: Proceeding could presage a split in Methodism

Internet child porn users may face 10 years' jail

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea says US using talks to prepare for war ahead of drills

Daily protests planned in South Korea impeachment crisis

South Korea warns against rallies

North Korea denounces Seoul impeachment

Inter-Korean talks scuttled over S. Korean impeachment

North Korean Government Denies Involvement in Drug Trafficking

UN nuclear agency hoping for return to North Korea



Monday, March 15, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Precious Hymn Histories: "It Is Well With My Soul" CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- 3/12/2004

Israel - Terror Strikes Again

Attempted "Mega-Attack"

10 killed in Ashdod Port 'suicide' attack: May have been attempting "Mega-Attack"

Ashdod Port Spared Mega-Terror Attack

Heavy tragedy for Ashdod port workers: How did Palestinian terrorists infiltrate one of most secure of all facilities in Israel?

Israeli-Palestinian summit off after twin suicide bombers kill 10

Fatah: Ashdod Port bombers used tunnels to cross Gaza

Buckingham Palace plays anthem, Pope and Sharon condemn suicide blasts

PA officially "condemns" Asdod Port attacks as populace celebrates

IDF raises alert, investigates Ashdod attack

PA releases suspects arrested in US-convoy attack probe

11 hurt in security fence protest

Gaza News

50% of Israelis for unilateral disengagement plan

PM Sharon to participate in Knesset hearing on disengagement plan

Report: PA has plan for after Gaza withdrawal

Anti-Tank Rocket fired at civilian bus in Gaza: No injuries

Three Palestinians killed by IDF in Gaza as they were trying to plant large bomb

Venezuela -- Next Non-Integrating State?

Is Chavez in America's crosshairs?

After Invading Haiti -- Again -- Is An Invasion of Venezuela Possible?

US revealed to be secretly funding opponents of Chavez

Venezuela leader vows war if U.S. invades

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Huge bomb defused at U.S. Pakistan consulate

US sends special forces into north Africa: Pentagon fears growth of terrorist haven

Zimbabwe - Bolt Cutters And An Orange Boat

The Merc Mystery Plane: Link of Zimbabwe Mercenary Plane to U.S. and South Africa

Indonesia 'vital' in terrorism fight: "Sheriff" in that region?

Suspected Afghan Taliban attacks leave five dead, hours after US announces new military operation

Haiti's Aristide quits African exile for Jamaica

Powell heads to South Asia after "hiccup" in India-Pakistan rapprochement

President of Ex-Soviet Republic of Georgia Holds Emergency Meeting on Restive Province

Putin Dismisses U.S. Concern Over Campaign: Landslide "Victory"

Conservative bishops defy Episcopal Church leaders in conflict over gay bishop

Massachusetts Lawmakers Bracing for Crucial Phase of Gay Marriage Debate

Nine Bodies Were Stacked -- Possibly "some ritual" involved

South Korea Urges North Not to Exploit Impeachment in Nuke Talks

China - Taiwan: War Possible

China-Taiwan: The cross-Strait tinderbox

US: China has credible Taiwan attack options

Taiwan independence poll should ask about US sovereignty and protection

China warns Taiwan with military exercises

The Next Worst Thing: Is the federal government's expansion of biodefense research paving the way for the bioweapons of the future

Mark of the Beast News

DARPA Goes Real Time: Gaining ability to watch over entire city


D.A.R.P.A. IS FUNDING AN IMPLANTABLE CHIP FAR MORE ADVANCED THAN"DIGITAL ANGEL"! M.M.E.A. - MULTIPLE MICRO ELECTRODE ARRAY - Part 2 of 5 -- Funding source always reveals true goal of the technology

Global Jihad

It's A World War

Privacy-Protecting Programs Quietly Killed Amid Anti-Terror Debate: Government given free hand

Madrid Terrorist Suspect Had Ties to 9/11 Figure

Spain's Ruling Party Swept From Power

New Spanish leader plans to pull troops from Iraq

Fight Against Terror Our Top Priority, Says Spain's New Leader

Tape find that casts doubt on west's spy network: Intelligence sources say their monitoring gave no reason to suspect an al-Qaida attack in Europe was imminent

Iraq Spy Said Linked To Madrid Terror Bombs

Madrid Bombing: Photo Gallery

France Calls for Emergency EU Meeting to deal with Madrid Bombing

Europe Falls Silent to Honour Madrid Dead

Britain's Straw: No-One Exempt from War Against Terror

Anti-terror police patrol London Underground

Top police officer ready to put troops on street: Transport police warn that they are short of staff

Mock Bomb Goes Off At New York's Shea Stadium In Terror Drill:
Exercise Is Largest Ever

Who Wants To Fly Anymore? Fines Against Passengers Draw Fire

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Seven US soldiers killed in weekend bomb attacks in Iraq

Roadside bombs in Iraq grow more dangerous

City Politician Killed in Northern Iraq: Iran Denies Border Clash With American Troops

Insurgents Using Strela Rockets Against Coalition Forces

Iraq: Washington spinning out of control - Bush Administration trying to "spin" its way to success

Bush tells it like it isn't

The more commercial television news you watch: The more wrong you are likely to be about key elements of the Iraq War and its aftermath

Security Situation in Northern Iraq Has Changed — for the Worse

New Spanish leader plans to pull troops from Iraq

Is this our Hola camp? British troops are said to have killed 23 innocent Iraqis, and yet the British people and government remain silent

Iraq 'Open for Business' with UK

Hardliners slam Iraq's interim constitution

U.S. Armed Forces DRAFT News

Agency initiates steps for selective draft: Congress shows little support for effort to draw skilled Americans

Domestic Terror

Torture: This creeping sickness - So now we know: Torture is routinely used by the US in Guantánamo Bay

British Prisoner Released From US Guantanamo Bay Prison Tells of Torture: Beaten, humiliated and interrogated for up to 12 hours at a time during two years' detention

U.S. remains vulnerable to terrorist attack

2004 Presidential Campaign News

Powell Challenges Kerry on Foreign Leaders Statement

Kerry Wraps Up Democrat Nomination

Once a bitter rival, Dean praises Kerry

Warning To The World About The New America

Evangelical Leader's Hall of Shame

"The Passion" -- Evangelical Leader's Hall of Shame -- Movie May Be Historic Dividing Line Revealing Spiritual Truth vs Deception

Mel Gibson's Lethal Religion: Enthusiasm for "The Passion of the Christ" among Protestant evangelicals suggests that they have forgotten more than they have learned

"The Passion of the Christ may turn out to be the cultural disaster of the decade"

Bush touts records on pro-life, marriage issues to evangelicals

U.S. Gasoline Prices Hit a Record High

NASA Schedules News Briefing About Unusual Solar Object

It's another world . . . but is it our 10th planet?

Deadly Shooting Puts Spotlight on Masons

Watchdog group reports church to IRS for political rally


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