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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Wednesday, March 31, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 27, 2004


Jewish Settlers Move to Crowded Jerusalem Building, Neighborhood: Sparking clashes between Palestinians, police

Israeli security wall isolates 405,000 and undermines environment

More Jews return to City of David

Policewoman and boy injured during outpost removal

Two Palestinians killed in Gaza

Islamic Jihad promises heaven with limitless virgins for eternity to teen suicide bomber recruit

Kibbutzim to adopt capitalism

Terrorizing the terrorists

'Gilad Sharon tapes will incriminate PM' Sharon

Israel refuses to renew visas for Christian clergy in Holy Land

Unilateral Withdrawal In Face of Terrorism

Progress made with US on unilateral disengagement plan

Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades militia threatens US delegation in Israel to discuss unilateral withdrawal plan

U-S delegation warned to stay out of West Bank and Gaza Strip

Sharon seeks vote on pullout from Gaza

More Evidence: PA Officials Direct & Fund Terrorism

Poll: Most Palestinians support attacks on Israeli civilians

New Egypt music video labels Israeli PM as gangster

2004 Presidential Campaign

Treasury chief -- Job exporting jobs overseas is vital to U.S.: Bush agrees outsourcing jobs is part of global trade

Kerry plan would end ‘corporate inversions’: Create incentives for US corporations to stop outsourcing jobs

Kerry's energy plan stresses conservation: Senator wants more fuel-efficient cars, fewer gasoline blends

Emotional Elder Bush Attacks Son's Critics -- Bonesman Elder Defending Bonesman Junior

Kerry Blames Bush for High Gas Prices

Senate votes more $6 billion money for child care in welfare bill

Vatican Not Pleased With Kerry's Profession of Catholicism

At last a book is kind to Dubya: "Ten Minutes from Normal" written by Bush family loyalist

Right to Refuse ID Rejected by Supreme Court

Gay Marriage News

Massachusetts rejects same-sex marriages: Vote is first step toward constitutional amendment legalizing gay civil unions

Nobody Happy: Mass. Amendment Backs BOTH Marriage and Gay Civil Unions

Massachusetts AG sees gay marriage limit: Says law bars most out-of-staters

Massachusetts AG Reilly says Romney lacks legal argument for a stay of high court's gay marriage ruling

California Moves To Block Gay Marriage Suits

Maryland House Passes 'Life Partners' Bill

Georgia Reopens Anti-Gay-Marriage Amendment

The Gay Life: Now completely "out of the closet", entering Mainstream

Commentary: Pledging Allegiance Without God

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

South Korean Foreign Minister Urges N. Korea to Commit to Nuclear Dismantlement

Separated families and relatives of two Koreas meet at Mt. Kumgang

North Korean News Agency Says Witness Lied: About alleged gas chamber experiments

Despite Reconciliation, South Korea Divided over How to Deal with North Korea

Taiwan's opposition asks to nullify election

China-EU economic and trade ties draw closer and closer

San Francisco 'Living Wage' May Kill Business

Explosion rocks Texas City B.P. refinery

Sun May Increase Chance of Certain STD: "Sunlight suppresses women's immune system defenses"

Hormonal contraceptive associated with increased risk of HIV infection

Amid 'Apprentice' success, Trump's casinos in trouble financially

"The Passion" News

Has Mel Gibson displayed too much of his own passion?

Cutting Edge "Passion" Articles Section

"Passion of the Christ" storms UK box office

Olympic flame: Lit in a pagan ceremony in ancient Greece and then will be run to every continent and every former host city

Archives: Winter Games 2002 - Worship of Earth Goddess, Mother Gaia, With Prominent Antichrist Symbolism



Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Bomb Kills Five U.S. Soldiers West of Baghdad: Four people, including one American and possibly other foreign nationals, were killed in a separate attack. Crowds burned and mutilated their bodies

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Attack

Newly-Arrived Marines Seek to Pacify Fallujah

U.N. Security Chief Fired Over Iraq Failures

Insurgents wage information war to undermine U.S.: Officials fear propaganda could lead to violence, set back peace efforts

Saddam keeps quiet, may even be having fun: Interrogation becomes 'patience project' as FBI joins CIA in questioning

Spanish Troops Break Up Iraq Protest

Three posts guard 900-mile Iraq border

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Marines Begin Deploying to Afghanistan: 2,000-man contingent

UN peacekeeping chief tells of major challenges ahead as missions expand

New evidence of Egyptian nuke program

Iran Approaches Danger Point on Uranium Enrichment for N-Bomb

Pakistan govt knew of nuke trade: US official

US Presses for Full Details on Rogue Pakistani Nuclear Network

Wave of terror hits Uzbekistan: 19 killed in 12 hours of mayhem

Uzbekistan air base vital to U.S. forces

Man Blows Himself Up in Bolivia Congress

Annan's adviser recommends long-term UN presence in post-conflict Haiti

Peace eludes troubled Uganda

Former Zambian president Frederick Chiluba facing corruption charges: "I have suffered like Jesus Christ"

Hungry Angola bans GM food aid

The British threat: International treaty which Libya honored is two-way street -- Now that Libya has disarmed, UK and US are obliged to also disarm

U.N. Becoming Global Government

World Court: U.S. Violated Mexicans' Rights

U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change - Video

Occult Theological Basis For Hating This Civilization: Sustainable Development Series = Destruction of this Civilization -- Part 1

UN war crimes tribunal jails Bosnian Serb for 10 years for burning down village

Security Council calls on UN war crimes courts to complete work on schedule

Global Terrorism

Spain Issues International Warrants for 5 Suspected Terrorists

Nichols Trial Focuses on Explosives

Poll: Privacy a Concern Among Americans

New structure for UN Security Council committee aims to help countries in anti-terror fight

British Muslims Urge Police: "Help Fight Terrorism"

2 'Madrid style' bombings foiled: Philippines officials nab Abu Sayyaf militants

Finnish Defence Forces to be authorised to use heavy weaponry against terrorists

U.S. official says Cuba still 'terrorist threat'

Threats Prompt Searches of U.S. Planes and Trains

9/11 Panel News

Bush reverses; terror panel gets to grill Rice

Panel prepares to question Rice

President's switch a relief to supporters: Allowing Rice to give public testimony eases a political liability

Archives: Willie Brown got low-key early warning about air travel on 9/11/2001

Did Condi Rice Warn Brown?

Trials Start On Partial Birth Abortions: Three cases supporting procedure are likely to reach Supreme Court

The Duplicity of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban

Pro-Lifers Applaud Senate's Passing 'Laci And Conner's Law': Dr. James Dobson issued a statement applauding the 61 senators that voted to defend society's most innocent victims

Moral Collapse

Britney Spears the porn star

Movie About Hollywood Madame Heidi Fleiss

Snapple Gets Sexy: Focus Shifts To Younger Consumers

Sex addiction – it’s no laughing matter

Teen faces charge in prostitution case

Speaker questions role of sex in U.S. society, current sexual stereotypes

Coming Out, Part Two: Second in a series of features examining Illinoi State University's gay community-their struggles and experiences

State's law on sex act challenged: A woman charged under the statute for crimes against nature says sex laws are unconstitutional

British Doctor wants school pupils to be told about homosexual sex

Johnny Depp seeks 300 naked people for his new film

New wave of NATO expansion: How will it affect partnership with Russia?

New members take NATO to Russian border


Tuesday, March 30, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

"Left Behind" In News Again

Christian novel sparks passion: Latest 'Left Behind' book due today amid praise, criticism

Warning About "Mark of the Beast": God Will Neither Forgive Nor Remove The Mark Once A Person Takes It, No Matter What "Left Behind's Armageddon" Depicts

God's Wrath On "Left Behind"

Archives: Tim LaHaye Is One of Evangelical Leaders Who Support Rev. Moon And Who Has Recievied Money From Him

Panel ponders 'Passion' positives: Bringing Jews and Christians together

Chirac in crisis talks after crushing defeat: Policy changes, full-scale cabinet reshuffle and new prime minister on the cards in France

Global Terrorism News

News Analysis: War on terror alters U.S. qualms about assassination

Major Anti-Terror Bust in U.K.

Major Terror Attack Thwarted in Philippines

Police, Alleged Terrorists Clash in Uzbekistan

Two More Charged in Madrid Terror Bombings

2004 Campaign News

Whistle blows, and Bush jumps

Kerry: Bush White House Full of 'Broken Promises'

Virginia's Moran Targeted by Kerry Democrats

Dems Push For New Minimum Wage

Gay - Lesbian News

Massachusetts Gay Marriage Ban Gets 2004 Approval: Legalizes gay "civil unions"

AG Reilly gives governor a hurdle: Refuses Court order to delay implementation of its gay marriage ruling

Vote ties civil unions to gay-marriage ban

In crucial shift, governor sways 15 in GOP to support measure to establish Vermont-style gay "civil unions"

Massachusetts Chaos as wedding ban OK’d: "``I wanted to protect marriage, and I won that without question,'' said Rep. Phil Travis (D-Rehoboth). ``Civil unions are not gay marriage.'' (They morph into gay marriage)

Provincetown, Massachusetts, preparing for influx of gay marriage license applicants

NATIONAL DISASTER!! Congress Changes Language of Federal Marriage Amendment To Allow Gay "Civil Unions"!

Will 'Focus on Family' Push Pres. Bush and Massachusetts into Civil Unions, the Same as California ?- "Civil unions will always morph into homosexual marriage, the same as is happening now in California"

Sandy Rios of CWA Removed by James Dobson: because of her opposition to the federal marriage amendment he is promoting which allows gay civil unions

UN Commission on Human Rights to Debate Abortion, Homosexuality

Gay man interrupts Catholic Mass disturbed after anti-gay marriage video shown

British Gay couples win full rights to 'marriage'

Judge Quits N.M. Gay Marriage Case: Possibly clearing the way for more same-sex marriage permits to be granted

Life Of Aleister Crowley Comes To The Big Screen: "The wickedest man in the world", but one of "Top 50 Brits"

Fallen Angel: The Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin - Details tremendous Crowley influence on all Rock Music

They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll -- Video

Senators Push for Rice Testimony: Trying to force her to testify publicly and under oath before panel investing pre-Sept. 11, 2001, anti-terror efforts

Breaking News!! Rice to Testify Publicly Before 9/11 Commission

United Nations ponders Net's future: Wants control over Internet

RFID Chip-enabled tags to drive checkout line changes

An ID idea: Microchips under your skin

MIT to uncork futuristic bar code

Strong aftershocks rock Tibet following 6.3 earthquake

Swarms of Earthquakes In Gardiner, Montana, and in Yellowstone: 35 miles SSE of Gardiner places location in Yellowstone Park!

Vatican scientist joins effort to define new object in solar system

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 27, 2004

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran Approaches Danger Point on Uranium Enrichment for N-Bomb

Pakistan: Dead Man Not Al Qaeda Intel Chief

Syria's Assad: Yassin assassination a "serious escalation"

Britain to send more troops to Afghanistan

Ten held in Sudan coup attempt

States "Shrinking the Gap"

Arab gas consumption set to overtake oil demand in 2005

Dubai Autodrome and Business Park unveiled

Qatar economy powers ahead by 8.8pc last year

Gulf states urged to raise retirement age of nationals

Communications forum launched: Event brings together leaders from the government sector, the media, the business community and the communications industry

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

UN Security Council working on creating multinational force to bolster security for an elected government in Iraq

UN stung to action over Iraq loss

Arms hunter to tell congress no Iraqi WMD found

Iraq bioweapons claim came from "unreliable" source

Intelligence's limits: Problem with this concept is the assumption that intelligence normally succeeds

AWOL Soldier To Declare Iraq War "Morally Wrong" On '60 Minutes'

Anti-American fighters urged quit insurgency and join new Iraq

'Friendly fire' tragedy blamed on US marine

Spain's new PM resists US and Britain: Still plans to withdraw 1,300 troops unless UN takes control

U.S. admits deaths of Iraqi journalists

U.N. says better security vital for Iraq elections

Saddam not talking: US officials


Leaks in Sharon scandal affair continue

Gilad Sharon Must Turn Over All Documents

PM: I can form new coalition in a day - Peres might join Sharon in "Unity Coalition" government

Report: Sharon, Peres' Labor made secret unity government deal: To be implemented after Sharon returns from visit with Bush

Peres will topple government, Shalom warns Sharon

Analysis: Bush's dilemma over Sharon's possible indictment for bribery

Israel Terrorizing The Terrorists - Hamas comment threatens a shift in war on terror

US: Hamas is obstacle to Mideast peace

Prelude To The Next War?

IDF not sure about disengagement plan: But Gazans know it's coming

I fear that the Zionist dream is doomed

PM ready to give up four West Bank settlements

Settlement evacuation a 'moral crime': Petition declares

U.S. team on way to region to discuss Sharon's Gaza proposal

Anti-Aircraft Missiles Smuggled From Egypt To Gaza

Terror Will Continue After Unilateral Disengagement

Another Teen Terrorist Apprehended

Moral Collapse

Greed Is Good ... Grrr!

Janet Jackson Appears on Letterman: Bleeped for by censors while talking to David Letterman -- for saying "Jesus."

Vatican tribunal for clerical sex abuse now taking on cases that had been sent directly to pope

`Idol,' `Queer Eye' Do Have Charm

Straight AIDS Myth Shattered By Study

Romanian Villagers dig up, 'kill' vampire corpses

Strange Brew: Witchcraft rapidly growing in popularity

150 'dead zones' counted in oceans: U.N. report warns of nitrogen runoff killing fisheries

A Really Ugly Shade of Green

Global positioning technology could track criminals


Monday, March 29, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 27, 2004

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

New bloodshed in Iraq

Iraqi minister escapes attack, 2 in convoy killed: Two foreign security guards die in separate attack

Mosul Firefight After Iraqi Minister Escapes Attack

Raids target street sales of arms: U.S.-Iraqi crackdown on once-thriving market helps make capital safer

Spain Debates Withdrawal From Iraq

EU calls for new Iraq resolution from UN Security Council

Rise of Iraq Shiites sparks area interest

Lawyer: Bush can't judge Hussein

Israeli Report Faults Intelligence on Iraq: NOTE: "Intelligence Failure" gambit repeated globally

"The Passion" - Uniting World's Religions

The Passion of the Christ a hit in Beirut and Damascus

Israelis mostly ignore 'Passion'

"The Passion" Section: All Cutting Edge articles on the movie

Documentary to show lives changed by film: Viewers of Gibson's movie claim it has produced 'miracles'

'The Passion' and 'The Da Vinci Code' spur religious book sales

Ron Howard's 'Da Vinci Code' will spark another religious furor

Plans unveiled for construction of Catholic university: "The Passion" may help garner support for project

Global Terrorist News

Terror information needs to be integrated: Japan's Ishiba

U.N. to appoint counter-terrorism czar

Nuclear power worries move from meltdowns to terrorism: Safety has improved, security uncertain

More spy cameras are on the way in Washington, D.C.

Louisiana Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants

Serena Williams Concerned About Olympics Terror Threat

9/11 Panel News

Pressure building for Rice to testify

Rice: Nothing better than public testimony

Rice: Iraq eyed after 9/11

Republicans Want Clarke Testimony Declassified

Gay - Lesbian News

Both Marriage, same-sex unions to be defined in Massachusetts Bill

NATIONAL DISASTER!! Congress Changes Language of Federal Marriage Amendment To Allow Gay "Civil Unions"!

Legislation allows civil unions: Backers of ban on gay marriages change bill to allow state partnerships

Will 'Focus on Family' Push Pres. Bush and Massachusetts into Civil Unions, the Same as California ?

Sandy Rios of CWA Removed by James Dobson: because of her opposition to the federal marriage amendment he is promoting which allows gay civil unions

Gay and Lesbian Demographics: Same-sex couples live in 99% of all US counties

Gay marriage supporters go door-knocking in Boston

Kerry: People Born Gay But Shouldn't Be Married

Gay teens join forces in EvCC fundraiser: Students put on loud and proud "drag" performances

Massachusetts Governor Romney denies gay marriage training

Holy Hate Crime, From Blackface to Blacklegs: Phrase "under God" in the pledge is a hate crime

Gas Prices Hit New Record High

Lawmakers Propose Uncapping Petroleum Reserve

March brings stargazers' delight

EU hurts itself in hurting Microsoft

EU asylum law could cause great global havoc


Non-Integrating States News - Korean Peninsula

South Korean Finance Minister Says N. Korea No Longer Country Risk

Bullets start to fly in South Korea this week: Bullet Trains, that is!

North Korea's Only Bank in Europe Faces Shutdown

South Korean minister in China for nuke talks

North Korea Denounces U.S. Mini-Nuclear Weapons Development

Successful missile defense of Japan requires close U.S. support

Reports on N.K. defectors may be exaggerated

AMD to supply chips for Chinese computer maker


"Left Behind" In News Again

Christian novel sparks passion: Latest 'Left Behind' book due Tuesday amid praise, criticism

Warning About "Mark of the Beast": God Will Neither Forgive Nor Remove The Mark Once A Person Takes It, No Matter What "Left Behind's Armageddon" Depicts

God's Wrath On "Left Behind"

Archives: Tim LaHaye Is One of Evangelical Leaders Who Support Rev. Moon And Who Has Recievied Money From Him

Israel - Palestinian "Wars and Rumors of Wars"

Corruption Scandal Widens

Sharon's troubles deepen in bribe case: Chief prosecutor recommended charging Ariel Sharon with corruption

Supreme Court rejects Gilad Sharon appeal: Gilad is Ariel's son, also charged in corruption case

Sharon: Not above the law

Analysis / PM Sharon will be always scarred

If indicted, PM Sharon must quit, ministers say

Terrorist News

Hamas Plots Knockout Blow with 800 Suicide Bombers: Striking nearly simultaneously would deliver anprecedented blow to Israel

Hamas declares : ``God declared war'' against Bush

Hamas - Coming to a neighborhood near you - Terrorist organization has invested in American real estate projects

Reporter's Notebook: Dead Man Talking

Hamas on the rise -- A million Yassins?

Civilian flights to Israel in terrorists' sights

Palestinian kids see suicide martyrs' as heroes

Troops kill wanted Fatah man

Sharon's Unilateral Withdrawal Plan

Sharon's Withdrawal Plan Includes Gaza, Judea, Samaria: Even worse than Oslo

Foreign Minister Shalom: Disengagement will deepen conflict

Sharon Ally: Gaza Withdrawal to Proceed

Lebanon pullout sets example: Palestinians want repeat of abrupt, total withdrawal; Israel fears chaos in leaving Gaza

Israel pushes US to accept its pullout plan

2004 Presidential Campaign News

Kerry Criticizes Leaders Who Have 'Faith' but 'No Deeds': Bush in direct line of fire

Biblical Fruit Inspection: Bush's Evil Fruits vs Good Fruit

Walker's World: All eyes on U.S. politics

Kerry: White House in 'Character Assassination Mode'

Republicans Get NYC Party-Planning Lessons

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Uzbek Market Blast Kills at Least Two: In TASHKENT, Uzbekistan

2,000 Marines to join search for al-Qaeda, Taliban fighters

Pakistan's Musharraf denies govt role in nuclear proliferation

US clears Musharraf of nuclear trafficking

Afghanistan to delay landmark elections until September: Afghan president

Spain to Double Afghanistan Contingent

Tehran Orders Stop to Centrifuge Production

Democracy faces new Mideast challenge

Arafat's voice to be heard in Tunis summit

Arab leaders scramble to save summit postponed by Tunisia

Cairo offers to hold scrapped Arab summit

Israeli Arabs to attend Arab League conference in Cairo

Chinese and Indian officials discuss border peace

Poor Nations May Soon Get AIDS Medicine

Patient care suffers under privacy law: Medical act adds red tape, diverts attention from sick, limits relatives' access to information

School Classroom Perfect for Sacred Vows: Jesuit viewpoint

The Secret History of the Jesuits

Black Pope Book On CDROM Plus 12 Other Investigative Books Written In The Latter 1800's: These are the books upon which Vatican Assassins was written

College educator to give tell-all sex talk: Western Michigan University

Japan: Security Beefed up Near Disputed Islands: Japan, China in dispute

China flexing muscles over territories

China - Taiwan

Chinese Mainland issues warning amid protests in Taiwan: China will not look on indifferently if the current situation in Taiwan worsens and spirals out of control

China slams US congratulation to Taiwan authority

US still abiding by one-China policy: Powell


Sunday, March 28, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 27, 2004

Abandoned To God - Life Story of World's Most Beloved Author, Oswald Chambers

My Utmost For His Highest Devotional - Oswald Chambers - Leatherette Cover - Price break, now only $4.97

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

"Shrinking the gap"

The Evangelical Roots of US Unilateralism: Bush's agenda is very much in keeping with the preferences of the Christian Right

Whose God Is 'Real' and 'Bigger'? View of Evangelical Christian Right As They Support Bush's Attack Policies

Cutting Edge Analysis: Evangelical Leader's "Hall of Shame"

Their Will Be Done: Creating a theocracy in America by Christian Crusader Bush

Who rules Iran?

Iran opens uranium site, UN inspectors arrive

'Coup attempt' in DR Congo capital

Al-Qaida leader seriously wounded: Yuldash is in hiding, Pakistani military spokesman

Al Qaida 'refuge destroyed': Pakistani Military

A Hamas blow against Pakistan: Yassin's killing infuriates Pakistani tribes

Pakistan to bar U.N. experts from nuclear sites

Anti-terror war will go on: Pakistan's Musharraf

India doubting its US 'strategic partnership' : India perplexed over Powell's declaration that Pakistan is now "major non-NATO ally", followed by Bush's action to life sanctions against Pakistan

Islamabad welcomes India's statement on Kashmir dispute

Two Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban raid

Japan to provide extra US$400 million in grant aid to Afghanistan

China to Write off Huge Afghan Debt

Afghan polls delayed until September

Haiti rich and poor are at war

Aristide's associates to stay on Haitian soil

Philippine President Arroyo raises alert after attack on power plant

Minister critically wounded in Sri Lanka shooting

Zimbabwe opposition says activist shot dead

Nigerian religious feud kills 20 more, total 220

Thailand tightens security in "restive" Muslim south after bombing

Turkey Sunday 5.3 Earthquake Injures at Least 12

"The Passion" - Uniting World's Religions

The Passion of the Christ a hit in Beirut and Damascus

"The Passion" Section: All Cutting Edge articles on the movie

Documentary to show lives changed by film: Viewers of Gibson's movie claim it has produced 'miracles'

Rare 7th-century Buddha goes on display in UK

Non-Integrating States News - Korean Peninsula

N. Korea won't accept U.S. disarmament plan: Rejects call to junk nuclear program and says Washington is planning a war

South Korean prosecution demands arrest of organizers of president impeachment rallies

South Korea's Oil Consumption Lowest in 5 Years

North Korean FM in Beijing for Talks on N.K. Nukes, Defectors

Spain chooses leaders who listen to the people

Nasa scores success in space travel 'holy grail'

Clarke - 9/11 Panel News

With her credibility at risk, Rice striking back at critics: Bush adviser leads charge against ex-aide Clarke

Bush insiders slam lack of discussion
: President pushes a predetermined agenda

Kerry Urges Rice to Testify Publicly to 9/11 Panel

Youth views about AIDS worry some

Fast Saliva Test for H.I.V. Gains Federal Approval

Football Coach Accused of Trafficking Drugs

Dutch Immigration minister Verdonk wants to deport tens of thousands of refugees

Israeli - Palestinian War News

Terrorist News

Hamas Plots Knockout Blow with 800 Suicide Bombers: Striking nearly simultaneously would deliver anprecedented blow to Israel

GSS: Hamas Cannot Escalate Attacks As They Have Reached Limit of Their Capabilities

Terrorist Infiltrations: By Sea & By Land

Road Map To Hell: Israel may have declared war on all Islam through its assassination of Yassin

Hezbollah's Nasrallah tells Hamas that Hezbollah is at its service

One more assassination, one more gimmick

Terrorists Targeting Leading Jewish Rabbis

Hamas Leader Angered at Postponed Arab League Summit

Hamas vs Palestinian Authority: Find and Explain The Differences

Palestinian's Mashaal: America is an enemy of the Islamic nation

Sharon, the arrogant: Not explaining to Israeli electorate what Israel will really gain from Yassin's assassination

Anti-Tank Rockets Found on Jewish School Grounds

"Sharon-gate" Bribery Scandal

Recommendation: Charge Prime Minister Sharon With Accepting Bribes

Reactions to Sharon indictment report

Scandal and redemption: "Sharon-gate" about to plunge Israel into deeper darkness than Arafat's Intifada

Other News

Sharon, Bush to discuss separation plan on April 14 - Will meet at Camp David

US Not Helping Sharon Unilaterally Withdraw

US officials return in attempt to bridge gaps in Sharon's unilateral disengagement plans

IDF troops shoot dead Tanzim man near Hebron

Firebomber killed by IDF troops

Louisiana Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Gunmen Kill 2 Foreign Civilians In Iraq Drive-By Shooting

Guerrilla rocket attack in Iraq kills 2, wounds 13

Still embedded in Iraq

French lawyer to defend Saddam

Aussie troops to stay in Iraq until job done: PM

US troops 'shoot three-year-old boy'

Falluja fury as marines move in to restore calm: Iraq's death toll climbs over weekend as US forces clash with guerrillas

Missionaries' war for souls raises Iraq tension

Rumsfeld pushed Iraq as 'good target'

Italy's left will recall Iraq troops

EU calls for new Iraq resolution by UN Security Council

China - Taiwan

Frustrated by Taiwan and Hong Kong, China lashes out

Huge Taiwan protest amid China fury

Taiwan, China in war of words over election dispute

China Says Won't Sit by if Taiwan Turmoil Worsens

Powerful Storm Hits Southern Brazil Coast: Debate raged between Brazilian and U.S. meteorologists over whether it was a hurricane

RFID goes to war: Come 2005, radio frequency identification will no longer be an option for the U.S. military. It will be the law

Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Said To Be Building Another Compound: In Texas this time

Gay - Lesbian News

GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network) Announces Plans for 2004 National Conference: Washington, D.c. July 16-18

Maryland House Committee Approves Same Sex Registry Bill

Gay rowing clubs propel interest throughout U.S.

"Converted to Judaism": Lesbian professor stages phoney hate crime at Claremont Colleges

How to spot an antisemitic hate crime hoax

Unitarian Minister Presides At Same-Sex Marriages In Albany: Minister: Marriages Are 'Act Of Civil Disobedience'


Saturday, March 27, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 27, 2004

2004 Election News

As the bad news mounts, a Bush win is no certainty

Bush Ties Policy to Record Home Ownership

Kerry Promises to Create, Keep Jobs in U.S.

Kerry: People Born Gay But Shouldn't Be Married

Open Seat Races May Determine Senate Control: "Democrat Dream Team" assembled

Kerry challenges Bush to prosecute Clarke if former anti-terrorism advisor lied

Bush touts high-speed access to Internet: Seeking votes

Dem leaders gather in D.C. to embrace Kerry

Bush - True Fruit On Display

President Bush Disastrous Speech: Makes fun of not finding WMD in Iraq, validates gay show "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy", pokes fun of membership in Skull & Bones

Kerry Responds: "How Out of Touch Can This President Be?"

Bush Pokes Some Fun During Media Dinner: VP Cheney, Bush in sexual inuendo

Flashback, May, 2002: Bush, Cheney in crude sexual inuendo during dinner in which Bush honored Satanic Rocker, Ozzy Osbourne -- "Bush's Headbanger's Ball"

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Roadside Bomb Explodes in Baghdad: Five Wounded

U.S. Troop Deaths in Iraq Again Rising

15 civilians, 1 Marine killed in day-long firefight

Violence looms for Iraq in power transfer: More instability predicted in U.S. handover of power

Insurgents blow up oil well near Kirkuk

U.S. scrambles for armored cars as troops make do with sandbags: Soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq need twice as many such vehicles

Two Iraqis Working in U.S. Media Killed

Japan's Koizumi unwavering on assistance for Iraq

Australia's Howard: Withdrawing from Iraq would be foolish

Report Details Low U.S. Army Morale, Suicide in Iraq

US troops to attend class for suicide prevention

Don't Iraqis count? Are their civilian deaths meaningless?

Troops will go to Iraq: Seoul

EU calls for greater UN role in Iraq

Military personnel who refuse vaccine await uncertain punishment

Nations agree to delay ban on pesticide

`Hurricane` Heading Toward Southern Brazil! Most unusual!!

National cemeteries may undergo largest expansion since Civil War

Phoenix Catholic bishop sentenced to probation for deadly hit-and-run

Nevada Executes Death Row Inmate

Al-Qaeda double agent duped MI5

666 appears on some 'Passion' tickets

Pope Says Heaven Open To Everyone

Emerging church rises: Congregations attract young people with focus on multimedia and authenticity

Israeli - Palestinian Battles

Hamas accuses US of involvement in Yassin hit

Palestinians: US veto a licence for Israel to kill

Hamas threatens 'earthshaking response' to Yassin's killing

Hamas leadership goes to ground in Gaza

Sharon sees Hamas as too weak now to threaten plan: Militants' failure to attack rapidly after death of sheikh is sign of reduced capacity

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinian fighters

Civilians should not be attacked: Arafat

Hamas vows revenge: Israel repels an attack

Israelis, Palestinians trade blame for raid death: 6-year-old boy killed

Taiwanese Referendum Fallout

How did Taiwan's opposition party lose 600,000 votes?

Massive Taipei rally seeks poll recount

Not in Taipei's interest to risk war for trappings of independence

US hails 'successful conclusion' of Taiwan polls

Taiwan radicals pushing for violent demonstrations

China hints it may step in if there is chaos in Taiwan

China is ready to invade Taiwan: Russian source

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Syria calls for tough stance against Israel at Arab summit

Ukraine says hundreds of missiles missing

Iran Hiding Its Nuclear Activities

U.N.'s El Baradei calls for WMD-free Mideast

Shell signs gas survey deal with Libya

Al-Qaeda tape calls Pakistani President Musharraf a traitor

Pakistani government denounced taped statement: Apparently made by a senior al-Qaida figure urging the country's army and populace to revolt

Islam's Sufi mystics whirl their way closer to God

Blair's greasy salute: For Libyan oil

Pro-democracy gestures in Arab states spur anti-American backlash

'Death warrant' for renegade Tiger leader

Security forces patrol mostly empty streets after deadly clashes in Ivory Coast

Non-Integrating States News - Korean Peninsula

No progress in North Korean nuclear talks before US elections

North Korea has rejected dismantling its nuclear programme

U.S to Deploy SM3 Missiles in East Asia by 2005: Pentagon Official

North Korea selling missiles to Myanmar: US

Cheney to visit Tokyo, Beijing and Seoul

Moral Collapse

Hollywood strikes back -- with a vengeance: April is "payback time" with gratuitous violence galore

Victim identified in suicide-murder: Successful chemist slays girlfriend, puts severed head on front seat as he leads police on chase through R.I. towns

A dark, brutal story sheds light on a cold-blooded and evil man


Gay - Lesbian News

Martin Luther King's widow gives her support to gay marriage, controversial among civil rights leaders

Minnesota House Votes To Let Public Decide On Gay Marriage

Census data show California same-sex couples are part of mainstream

Tennessee bill to prevent gay unions fails

Los Angeles County Health Officials Consider Regulations for Bathhouses, Sex Clubs


Friday, March 26, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Israeli - Palestinian War

US vetoes UN resolution condemning Yassin killing

Storm Erupts As US Blocks UN's Condemnation of Israel

Israel welcomes U.S. veto of UN resolution on Yassin killing

Text of proposed UN Security Council resolution

Israel's Foreign Minister Shalom explains Yassin's killing to U.N.'s Annan

Slam bam and we're out: "The whole world is in a state of alert" - Killing was a tactical mistake

Most Americans Say Israel Was Justified in Killing Hamas Leader

Jerusalem police on alert for disturbances on Temple Mount for this Friday's Muslim prayers

Arafat: Don't let them kill me too!

Shaken to the core: If Palestinian terror is uncontrollable and not affected by assassinations, what good will Yassin's killing accomplish?

Hamas founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin: What happens when Israel actually applies the Bush Doctrine?

Flights to Israel in terrorists' sights: Palestinian terrorists being trained by Hizbullah to shoot down civilian airliners

A message for the Palestinians drawn in blood

Defense chiefs: No major change in Hamas tactics

Wanted militant killed by van blast in West Bank camp

Prominent rabbis targeted for attacks

Survivors face agony in suicide attacks: Anti-personnel bombs wreak havoc on human bodies

IDF unveils rear gun for tank, miniature airborne camera

Libya’s Nukes Were Meant For Israel

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Four US soldiers among 11 killed in Iraq: Main oil well set ablaze near Kirkuk

Soldiers in Iraq still buying their own body armor

War left Iraqis worse off: Former International Development Secretary Claire Short

Silent Genocide: Invisible death spread to population by Depleted Uranium weapons

Depleted Uranium In Gulf War I -- Hidden Wars of Desert Storm

New Gulf War Diseases - Radio Liberty Interview, Joyce Riley, Gulf War Veterans

China's President Hu Meets Iraqi Governing Council President

Rethink Iraq policy Aznar tells new premier: "Consider carefully the logistics of withdrawing 1,300 troops"

U.S. praises Ukraine's Iraq contributions

Army beefs up suicide prevention programs

Global Terrorism "Rumors of Wars"

Germany's Schroeder calls for tougher European anti-terror measures

Blunkett: UK can cope with Madrid-style attack

EU 'to cut aid to third world over terrorism'

Officials fear terror at Olympics

FBI denies link between terrorists, LNG tankers

Australian Terrorism exercise finds room for improvement

India, Israel to jointly fight terror

Working to Reduce Collateral Damage

Easter News

Has ‘The Passion’ caused miracles? Documentary is in the works to prove it

Churches' block-booking for new film, "The Passion"

"Passion" Section: All Cutting Edge Articles Revealing Truth About This Fundamental Roman Catholic Film

"The Passion" moves Texan to murder confession

"The Passion of the Christ": Losing my religion

Gibson's Passion will bring Russians closer to God - Russian Orthodox Church

FIRST-PERSON: ‘Thank God for Mel Gibson’

Pagan Traditions: America's Occult Holidays - Video

Pagan Traditions of Holidays - Book

Archives: Occult Holidays And How America Has Copied Many of Them!

Non-Integrating States News - Korean Peninsula

South Korea to block impeachment demonstrations

North Korea 'upbeat' on nuclear talks

Inter-Korean Tree Planting Event to Be Held on Arbor Day

U.S. Defense Commitment to South Korea Remains Unchanged: Rumsfeld

Report: N. Korea missile threat growing

Gay - Lesbian News

Massachusetts licensing for gay marriages planned

NATIONAL DISASTER!! Congress Changes Language of Federal Marriage Amendment To Allow Gay "Civil Unions"!

Legislation allows civil unions: Backers of ban on gay marriages change bill to allow state partnerships

Massachusetts Catholic Church sets voter drive to fight gay marriage

Fewer gays being dismissed from military

Episcopalian Bishops Offer New Plan to Gay Dissenters

Micro-Quakes Continue In Yellowstone Park Area


Magnitude 2.8 - WYOMING

Pacific Northwest Quakes

Swarm of quakes rumble under South Sister 'bulge'

Swarm of quakes detected in Central Oregon

President Bush - True Fruit On Display

President Bush Disastrous Speech: Makes fun of not finding WMD in Iraq, validates gay show "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy", pokes fun of membership in Skull & Bones

Kerry Responds: "How Out of Touch Can This President Be?"

Bush Pokes Some Fun During Media Dinner: VP Cheney, Bush in sexual inuendo

Flashback, May, 2002: Bush, Cheney in crude sexual inuendo during dinner in which Bush honored Satanic Rocker, Ozzy Osbourne -- "Bush's Headbanger's Ball"

Senate Passes Fetus Protection Bill

9/11 Whitewash Panel Deliberations

New York Firefighters Discuss Bombs in WTC Towers - Video Clip shows it all

White House Wants Second Meeting Between 9/11 Panel, Rice

Squabbling Turns Specific Over Intel Failures

Flashback: Details of 9/11 attack were known in occult circles in 1995!

Bush's brand new enemy is the truth: Clarke's claims have shaken the White House to its foundations

September 11 Prior Knowledge: Waiting For The Next Shoe To Drop

White House told of terrorist attack fear before 9/11

Clarke Sept. 11 Testimony a Danger to Bush Credibility

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Al-Qaeda urges Pakistanis to oust president in tape sent to al-Jazeera: Anger because Pakistan is cooperating with Americans

Development hindrances in Pakistan

Captured mercenaries were after former Liberian president Taylor

Inner Mongolia 5.9 Quake Injures 100

Nine dead as 5.1 earthquake rocks eastern Turkey

Haiti's Aristide to settle in South Africa

Indonesia's Islamic Parties Weigh Electoral Chances

Violence as Taiwan Election Result Is Ratified

Taiwan 'election' protesters keep vigil

2004 Campaign News

Former Presidents show unity for Kerry: Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter plus Al Gore join in unity meeting, raises $11 million

Bonesman Kerry Battling Bonesman Bush For Presidency: Illuminati controls another election!

Voters Still Evenly Divided Between Bush and Kerry

Internet Revolutionizes Politics

Computer Virus Era Hits 5-Year Milestone

At the Front in the Virus Wars

Archives: Computer Worm One of Illuminati Flash Cards - Each card represented a part of the global plan to produce New World Order

U.N. Operating Like Government

Global Warming: The Movie "The Day After Tomorrow" convincing us that our civilization is destroying the Earth

UN Implementing "Agenda 21" Designed To Force People Into "Designated Areas" Only - New Video Explains

Property Rights Form Foundation of Freedom: UN plans to abolish Property Rights for all

U.N. finds Net governance tempting

WTO strives for international farm deal before summer

Sandstorms, dead zones, brown clouds and dirty water: Issues at upcoming UN Environmental Programme conference in South Korea

Illegal uranium mining in Congo: UN wants answers

Oil-thirsty China sets sights on Gulf

China pins hopes on oil project with Russia

Tension in Middle East keeps oil prices high

Moral Collapse

Kobe's Accuser Urges Judge to Set Trial Date

Marge Simpson - Cartoon Sex symbol!

Carmen Electra thinks about sex every 20 seconds

'Peeping tom' ads OK

Media access again issue in Michael Jackson molestation case

Man faces 120 sex charges against young neighbor

Schools Under Fire for Sex Already Have Abstinence Program in Place

Vatican Split On AIDS, Condoms

Prostitution ring conspired with N.J. casinos to sell services to gamblers

Student sex columns provide service, raise eyebrows

Were Soviets Burned By CIA Hackers?

Hypersonic plane shoots for Mach 7 speed

The Man Who Defused the "Population Bomb": Made high-yield farming possible

New view of God 'damaging' to faith, Bible professpr says in radio interview: Open Theism latest example of apostasy

EU Constitution Will Not Undermine UK - Blair



Thursday, March 25, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

NATIONAL DISASTER!! Congress Changes Language of Federal Marriage Amendment To Allow Gay "Civil Unions"!

Legislation allows civil unions: Backers of ban on gay marriages change bill to allow state partnerships

Israeli - Palestinian Wars and Rumors of Wars

Unilateral Disengagement

Sharon: Disengagement deal will be settled between Bush and me

Netanyahu: "I Can´t Support Withdrawal Plan As It Stands"

Knesset rejects bill requiring 61 MK votes for evacuating settlements

US unlikely to consent to settlement annexation in West Bank in exchange for Israeli pullback in Gaza

Sharon Survives No-Confidence Motion

Sharon's Narrow Opening: Defending the unilateral withdrawal

Israeli Navy fires on Gaza terrorists

Aftermath of An Assassination

Countdown To Gaza Fiend's Destruction

Hamas 'may target Sharon to avenge Yassin'

Sharon goes to war

Hamas' new head calls for all-out war on Israel

Arabs seek moral victory at UN on Yassin killing: US veto intended to be embarrassment

CFR Expert: Was Yassin's Killing 'Self-Defense' by Israel, or 'Extrajudicial Execution'?

Generals: We're whipping terror

US Jewish leaders slam Yassin: Hamas media whitewash

Palestinian intellectuals urge restraint after killing of Hamas chief

The long sword of Jewish justice

A sheik departs, very, very quickly

Yemen to put own peace roadmap to Arab Tunis summit: Will Sharon accept new initiative?

Arabs drop peace talk from summit: Israel's assassination of Sheikh Yassin turns agenda of embarrassed Arab leaders at Tunis summit

War News

Palestinian boy, 14, captured wearing explosives vest: Was going to blow himself up as homicide bomber

Jerry Golden Photographs Increasing Damage To Temple Walls: Collapse may be soon and would kick off "a war like the Middle East has never seen"

Rantissi rules out ceasefire

Rantisi says Hamas won't hit US

Hamas leader warns all Israelis face attack

Egypt - 25 years on and still teaching hate

Britain orders asset freeze against Hamas leaders

Skeptical Supreme Court weighs Pledge case: Justices debate whether saying 'under God' is reciting a prayer

Critics, backers of Pledge sound off

85% of Americans Oppose Taking God Out of Pledge

Moral Collapse

Photographer charged in death of porn model

.xxx: porn Internet domain proposed

Kobe Bryant, accuser face each other in courtroom: Judge to rule on details of alleged victim's sexual past

Teacher Under Fire For Killing Baby Rabbits As Class Watched: Beat rabbits to death with a shovel in front of class

'Idol' Judge Simon Cowell Denies Obscene Gesture - Fox "flips out"

More seniors crushed by HIV, AIDS: Number of victims over 50 doubles

Three-dimensional foaming glasses of beer could soon leap out of TV screens and on to bars: To try to tempt customers into buying drinks

Override of Michigan Governor's abortion veto fails

Bills would let pharmacists deny 'morning-after pill' sales: Michigan, other states debate refusal to dispense birth control medication

Pentagon plans to cut forces in Germany by half

Bomb found on French railroad line

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

South Korea, US conduct military exercises close to North Korea border

North Koreans 'protesting' in China

Dick Cheney to visit Japan, China and S Korea: To discuss North Korea's nuclear arms program

South Korea president rejects request to appear at impeachment hearing

South Korea's acting president vetoes amnesty bill

South Korea Confirms More Bird Flu Cases

China: A moratorium on the death penalty is urgently required - Amnesty International

Post office backs off e-commerce

Administration asks for extension on biometric passport deadline

China pins hopes on oil project with Russia

The overwhelming of America: Uncontrolled immigration seen as greatest threat to America

Europe's fight against terrorism impeded by different standards and resources

Britain's Growing Crime Problem

Billings, Montana, area stages 'disaster' emergency drills: Might not be terrorism, but might be Natural Disaster! Like Yellowstone!

Oklahoma City Officials Pleased With Initial Results Of Bioterrorism Tests

EBgames.com New Video Game "Xenosaga": Shows a hand with "666" on the palm! NOTE: 'Mark of the Beast' conditioning!

Outsourcing Report Blames Schools: America's jobs flowing overseas because Public Schools are not training kids in basic math and science education!

Christian Author Explains Why Public Schools Have Gotten So Bad: Brave New Schools

Athens declares main Olympic security exercise a success


HEAVENLY REWARD: Rewards Can Be Earned And Lost, But Salvation--Never!!!

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 20, 2004

Treasury Of Hymn Histories - "It Is Well With My Soul"

9/11 Attack Hearings

Bush's brand new enemy is the truth: Clarke's claims have shaken the White House to its foundations

September 11 Prior Knowledge: Waiting For The Next Shoe To Drop

Charges, countercharges on 9/11: Gripping testimony as panel ends hearings

Clarke hits terror effort, apologizes for Sept. 11

Some victims' kin grateful for Clarke's apology for 9/11

Former US terror chief slams Bush

Clarke talks of US "messianic" approach to Middle East: World's only remaining super power should try to transform Middle East

Carter blasts Bush, Blair for lying about Iraq

Cover-Up: Vice-President Cheney admitted the government knew "somthing big" was soon to happen

Rice Accuses Clarke of Conflicting Stories

US muddle aided Bin Laden: Commission investigating September 11 attacks hears how communication failure let al-Qaida leader escape death

Senator Bob Graham Agrees With Claim Of Flawed Terrorism Policy

Americans No More Fearful Despite Rash of Violence

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Two US soldiers killed in Iraq

Iraqi Guerrillas Attack US Convoy

Violence dents Bremer's confidence as countdown to Iraqi self rule starts

Bloody day in Iraq

Attack slays Iraqi employee of Bechtel

Iraqi hitman fails to take out UK sniffer dog

US warns against Australian troop pullout from Iraq

Spain's Zapatero refuses to reverse policy on Iraq

A single cry rang out: 'Mr Aznar, I hold you responsible for the death of my son!'

Top U.S. Officials Discuss Expanding ‘Terror War’ to Iran, Beyond: Does Global War Loom? "“The Iraq campaign is really just the start of the Third World War"

UN Becoming Global Government

International Court of Justice begins deliberations in Israeli wall case

UN considers measure banning arms to terrorists

US introduces UN resolution to tighten controls on WMDs

Draft legislation set for UN-backed meeting on rule of law in post-conflict States

Annan strongly condemns Israeli assassination of Hamas leader

UN holds consultations following assassination of Sheikh Yassin

Blair begins drive to keep Spain in Iraq: Wants the United Nations takes control of international security forces in Iraq by June 30

UN and partners launch plan to bring wireless Internet connections to developing world

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Blair, Gadhafi in historic talks

Libyan Oil deal likely soon as Shell leads British charge

Syria Brushes Aside U.S. Sanctions Threat

Iran mullahs: Palestine, most important issue of world of Islam

4.6 Quake shakes northeast Iran

OPEC on horns of dilemma: Cartel seems to have lost control of oil pricing

India Also Likely To Get Non-NATO Ally Status, Hints Washington

'Rwanda was of no value': Former UN General fears genocide could occur again

Grim tales of genocide in Rwanda unfold: 800,000 people died

Argentina remembers 'dirty war': President apologizes for atrocities, removes pictures of junta leaders

Pakistan offensive worries tribes: Resistance to push against al Qaeda costs many lives

UN warns of threat to the IQ of nations: Malnourishment taking its toll on 33% of world's population

Untested spy planes save lives in Afghanistan

Eleven protesters killed in Ivory Coast

Haiti's new Cabinet discusses need for disarming gunmen

Grenada recalls 1983 invasion

Egypt Jails 26 for Trying to Revive Banned Islamic Party

AIDS slows world population growth: Population was 6.2 billion in 2002

2004 Campaign News

Bush, Kerry make credibility a top issue: Each candidate wants skepticism to surround his rival for the remainder of the campaign

Kerry Returns to Campaign Trail

Kerry spoke of meeting Communist negotiators during Vietnam War

High-Profile Democrats meet to urge unity behind Kerry

Bush, Kerry milk the macho factor

Georgia Democrat stumps for Bush

Boston Visit by Bush to snarl roads, spur protests

Bush heads to New Hampshire

Candidates' kids soften voters: Presidential hopefuls' adult children lend voice, vigor to campaigns

Political Smears Thrive Online: Presidential campaign camps push video, other ads into your in-box.

US major attacks Guantánamo justice: Military lawyer chosen by Pentagon says detainees face unfair trial

Politicians play job-loss card

Gay - Lesbian News

Citing Massachusetts SJC ruling, judge dissolves gay civil union, allowing a divorce of gay couple

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Breaks From Kerry & Supports Gay Marriage

Oregon county bans ALL marriages: Homosexual and Heterosexual until state decides who can and who cannot wed

Court Strikes Down Ban On Gay Dad From 'Exposing' Son To Homosexuality

The OUT & ABOUT Guide to Gay Vacations

No Difference Between Gay & Straight Parents Court Told

FDA issues suicide caution for antidepressant use


Wednesday, March 24, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

HEAVENLY REWARD: Rewards Can Be Earned And Lost, But Salvation--Never!!!

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 20, 2004

Treasury Of Hymn Histories - "It Is Well With My Soul"

Important New Video: U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change -- Video

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

U.S. Army Adds 30,000 Soldiers in Iraq

Terror as a weapon of occupation in Iraq

11 cops among 15 killed in Iraq violence

Rocket hits Sheraton hotel in Baghdad

Insurgents Attack U.S Patrol in Fallujah

Finnish businessmen shot dead in Baghdad

Insurgents kill two US soldiers in rocket attack

Pull-out all from Iraq all but inevitable: Spain's Zapatero

Blair begins drive to keep Spain in Iraq: Wants the United Nations takes control of international security forces in Iraq by June 30

ETA wants dialogue with Spain's new PM

Iraqi cleric warns UN against endorsing US-written Constitution

Australian Prime Minister Attacks Plan to Bring Australian Troops Home By Christmas

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Top U.S. Officials Discuss Expanding ‘Terror War’ to Iran, Beyond: Does Global War Loom? "“The Iraq campaign is really just the start of the Third World War"

Middle East powderkeg

U.S. Special Forces Set Up Base in Afghan Mountains

Four Soldiers of New Afghan Army Killed

Terrorist Threat Shuts United Arab Emirates' U.S. offices

Protestors Denouce Syrian Treatment of Ethnic Kurds

El Salvador's winning leader reaches out to foes

FBI Concludes 2 Saudis Not Intel Agents

2004 Campaign

Bush rallies Florida supporters

Charges against Bush on Iraq mounting up to "critical mass" with voters

Congressional Candidates Avoid Presidential Contenders

Bush Defends Trade Record

Clarke Praised Bush in Resignation Letter

Gas Pump Prices Hit All-Time High- AAA

Moral Collapse

Parents still sought in drug case: Police find toddler who also disappeared on Monday after the couple's 4-year-old son brought crack cocaine to a Head Start program

Few students taught good touch, bad touch: Schools often silent on sex abuse prevention

55% of UK child abuse content traced to US Internet sites

Boy, 5, Brings Bag of Marijuana To Elementary School: Child Spotted Sprinkling Drug Over Friend's Lasagna

Kobe Accuser's Forced Testimony About Her Previous Sex Life Troubles Some Rape Experts

Soul Singer Brown to Face Jury in Domestic Violence Case

Mining the Past for Love: Hooking up with your ex through the Internet, can "threaten whole families"

Med student flunks for saying no to abortion

Pro-Choice Clergy Raising Moral, Religious Voice "Supporting a Woman's Right To Choose": Planned Parenthood article

Courtney Love Arrested -- Again

Sex switch church vicar says: "I'm Helen" - Woman trapped in man's body

Average Hollywood Movie Cost Tops $100 Million

San Francisco: Sex and the City - Annual heterosexual Exotic Erotic Ball gets underway with participants acting "sinful, perverse and very uninhibited"

Gay - Lesbian News

Sponsors Soften Federal Marriage Amendment: Approved by President Bush himself — has removed impediments to civil unions

Young people more supportive of same-sex marriage than older generations: NOTE: Public Schools have done their job!

Gay marriage issue moves to full Kansas State Senate

Religious beliefs at center of gay fight: Many faiths hold prohibitions vs. same-sex unions

Episcopalians upset with the recent confirmation of an openly gay bishop are considering forming their own church

EU: Microsoft Guilty of Abusing 'Near Monopoly' - Fines company $613 million

High Technology News

The God Particle and the Grid: Reinventing the Internet

Vibrating pedal says 'ease off gas'

The Science of Eternal Sunshine: You can't erase your boyfriend from your brain, but the movie gets the rest of it right

Korean Mobile Internet Tech to Be Global Standard

Brazilian Pastor Dies Watching Gibson's 'Passion'


Israeli - Palestinian War

US orders citizens to leave Gaza Strip for fear of attacks -- Israeli reporters also banned

Hamas names interim leader in Gaza: Abdel Aziz Rantisi, whom Israel tried to kill last June

New Hamas Head Rantisi: All Israeli Adults Are Not Civilians

Analysis: Israel Assassinates Clerical Founder of Hamas On 3/22 -- Exactly 11 Days After Madrid Bombing -- Proving Illuminati Still Following Their Schedule

Mysterious No. 11 continues to hound the world, mankind

Israel threatens to kill entire Hamas leadership: IDF on warpath

IDF Force Preparing to Enter Northern Gaza

High-profile Israeli MKs under guard

Why Israel killed Yassin - Fury over killing sweeps Arabs

Dangerous hypocrisy: "Christian West" taunts its God, but the God of Israel is protecting "the apple of His eye"

U.S. changes response after world slams Yassin assassination: Goes from nearly open-ended support to open criticism bordering on condemnation

UN Security Council fails to agree on statement on Yassin killing

"I'm Mad As Hell" -- After 2000 years of trying to achieve nation, Sharon gives away the heartland of the nation!

Hamas Leader: No Plans to Strike U.S. Targets

Israeli tanks roll into Gaza

Chief of Staff Ya'alon: Arafat, Nasrallah may be hit

World leaders warn Yassin killing may have buried Mideast peace

Israeli Arabs voice solidarity with Yassin

Levy and Netanyahu Bidding To Lead Anti-Disengagement Forces

Firebomb burns Jewish center in southern France

Global Terrorism

Terrorist Nuke Countdown Starts

Privacy Maven Critic Now Works for Feds: Move to placate congressional critics and privacy advocates

U.S. Issues Worldwide Advisory on Threats

World Leaders Join Spain at State Funeral

Fast Pass at Airport Security: Civil liberties groups have questioned the plan's merits

Mass. officials say they were not told of terrorist threat against Boston's natural gas tanks following 9/11

China - Taiwan

Incumbent Chen wins, Lien calls election invalid: Taiwan thrown into political chaos

China Puts Army On Combat Alert - 'Ready To Strike Taiwan'

Archives: In 1952, China Was Guaranteed That She Would Get Control of Taiwan Again

China is ready to invade Taiwan: Russian source

9/11 "Investigative" Panel

Panel rebukes Bush and Clinton, citing "intelligence failures" before 9-11

9/11 Was Planned - No "intelligence failure" as people in the occult knew details as early as 1995!

9/11 Attack Contained Powerful Illuminati "Numeric Signature"

Powell defends pre-9/11 action: Albright defends Clinton

U.S. OK’d plan to topple Taliban a day before 9/11: Panel report faults intelligence, lack of will

Aides: Terror plot too advanced to stop

Build-up For Higher Taxes

U.S. social security system not "financially-sustainable"

Report Says Medicare to Go Broke by 2019

Senator Biden Proposes Upgrades To Rail Security: To avoid a tragedy as disastrous as the Sept. 11 attacks

Non-Integrating States News - Korean Peninsula

South Korean president refuses to testify in impeachment trial: First public hearing scheduled for March 30

North Korean Leader Meets China Diplomats

U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Bill on N. Korea's Human Rights

N. Koreans Stage Rallies Against U.S.-South Korea Military Drills

North Korea accused of delaying additonal six-way talks

Testimony under way in Nichols trial: Oklahoma City bombing trial

Yellowstone Eruption Update

The Case Of The Missing Wyoming Earthquake Underground Hiroshima-Sized Blast: EM scalar waves can "tailor-make" the size of the eruption

Archives: Is The Next Eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano Already Underway?

Recent 1.0 Micro-quake -- Typical of pre-volcanic eruption quakes -- only 0.2 miles deep!

Gases Suspected in Yellowston Bison Deaths: NOTE: Gases likely came from sudden release from the super caldera - Norris Geyser Basin is where land deformation is almost 100 feet high, 2300 feet wide

NATO enlargement ceremony at White House March 29



Tuesday, March 23, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Israel - Palestinian Aftermath of An Assassination

Analysis: Israel Assassinates Clerical Founder of Hamas On 3/22 -- Exactly 11 Days After Madrid Bombing -- Proving Illuminati Still Following Their Schedule

Mysterious No. 11 continues to hound the world, mankind

Assassination may draw others to Palestinian fight: Hamas leader's death may backfire, hurt Israel long term - could draw militants worldwide into the conflict

Immediate Chain of Events after Yassin Killing

Israeli forces block roads

Israel Excited: "Got him!: - Israel kills Yassin

Defense Minister Mofaz: Israel to continue targeting terror leaders

Report: al-Qaida letter vows revenge on US

Rage and Retaliation: Hamas Vows Retaliation for Spiritual Leader's Assassination

US: Yassin was personally involved in terror

Israel uses Yassin's words against him

France, UK, EU condemn Yassin killing

Mubarak: Egypt suspending peace efforts

The Ten Worst Hamas Attacks: 186 Dead

Analysis: Assassination will increase anarchy

Palestinian Terrorism on the Rise Since Yassin Assassination

Netanyahu disappoints again: Refuses to lead campaign to oppose Sharon's unilateral withdrawal plan

For the Arabs, retreat will always be defeat

U.S. State Department: Slurring Israel

How to Destroy America: Former Colorado Governor Lamm demonstrates the true design of Bush's immigration policies

America Destroyed By Design Video

Global Terror Threat

Homeland Security liaison to keep Hollywood "in line" -- NOTE: Ensuring TV and movies will produce propaganda

TSA’s ‘Trusted Traveler Program’ Heralds Big Brother

Europe prepares for war on terror

Spain arrests four more suspects in Madrid bombings

Europe's Fight Against Terror Impeded: By Different Standards and Resources

U.S. split over Guantánamo cases reported

Guantanamo Chaplain Found Guilty of Adultery: More serious charges dropped

Official: UK would fail to cope with major terror attack

9/11 Panel Probes Bush, Clinton Response to Al Qaeda: NOTE: Whitewash underway

China - Taiwan

China Puts Army On Combat Alert - 'Ready To Strike Taiwan'

Archives: In 1952, China Was Guaranteed That She Would Get Control of Taiwan Again

Taiwan President Calls for a Vote Recount

Thousands condemn Taiwan assassination 'stunt'

China Urges U.S. to'Do More' on Taiwan

US to Target Chinese Rights Abuses Again

Latin Americans' passion propels "Christ": Controversial biblical narrative enjoyed record-breaking bows in nine territories last weekend

Cutting Edge: "The Passion" Articles Section

U.S. Wins China's Support for UN Ban on Proliferation

US destroyer to upgrade missile defence of Japan

North Korea pushes back talks with Seoul

South Korea, US launch annual war games

American Travel Agents Indicted for Arranging 'Sex Tours'

Energy Dept. Sees Record Gasoline Demand in 2004

Shell Oil difficulties 'could spread'

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

New Congressional bill calls for G.I. Jane draft

U.S. Soldier Killed in Baghdad Explosion

Gunmen Kill Two Iraqi Police in Northern Iraq

Thirteen British soldiers hurt in Basra blasts

Car Bomb Blast Near U.S. Base Kills Two

Army Clears Soldier Who Killed Palestinian Cameraman

High-Tech Tools Pinpoint Gunfire in Iraq

U.N.'s Annan Promises Details on Iraq Probe of Corruption in United Nations Oil-For-Food Program

Top Shiite Cleric Warns U.N. on New Law

White House rebuffs terror expert's savaging of Bush over Iraq

Rumsfeld 'wanted to bomb Iraq' after 9/11

Spain demands 'radical change' in Iraq strategy: Wants a hand over to the United Nations including a modification in the command of occupation forces

Mel Gibson Joins Parade of Stars Criticizing Bush's Iraq Policy

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 20, 2004

Treasury Of Hymn Histories - "It Is Well With My Soul"

United Nations -- Building Global Government

U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change -- Video

Why Now? Why Lost? 'Law of the Seas' UN Treaty About To Be Forced Down Our Throats

Gay Marriage Debate

Federal Marriage Amendment Proponents Offer Compromise: Would leave state legislatures with the unambiguous right to recognize civil unions

Interactive Map: States who Allow Civil Unions

Black Pastors Rally Against Gay Marriage

Supreme Court to Decide Mandatory ID Case: Difference may be freedom or jail as police powers will be clarified

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistani Counter-Terrorism Army Convoy Ambushed, 12 Dead

Pakistani troops search siege area

Former US Ambassador To Qatar: It Was Real Stupidity To Resort To The Assistance of American Secret Services In Detaining Russian Citizens In The Emirate

Fighting Nigeria's Counter-Narcotics War

Ivory Coast army mobilised ahead of protest

Dozens killed in Congo train catastrophe

D-Day looms large for 15-year-old 'impressionable' hitman: NOTE - Good example of culture impeding progress to making nation a "Core Functioning State"

Malaysia's Polls May Ease Concern About Islam in Asia

2004 Campaign News

Documents reveal FBI surveillance of Kerry in early 1970s

Maverick Republican senator will give a boost to Kerry's campaign

Kerry could be favored over Bush abroad

Democrats watching GOP jabs at Kerry

Marching for Peace Is Good, Getting Rid of Bush Is Better

Nuclear ship 'could explode': Russian Navy

Nichols State Trial Gets Under Way: Oklahoma City bombing trial

How far is too far in the search for organ donors?

Putin Resorting to Cold War Threats

Students' Tale of Cult `Evil of Ritualistic Torture': At Christian Wheaton College!



Monday, March 22, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Israeli - Palestinian War and Rumors of Wars

Major Targeted Assassination: On 3/22

SHEIKH AHMED YASSIN KILLED IN AIRSTRIKE: Palestinian cleric was THE head of Hamas terrorist group!

Yassin Was Ideological Force Behind Hamas: Was quadriplegic preacher

Islamic Jihad: Israeli assassination of Yassin opens door to war

Analysis: Yassin’s Killing Opens New Chapter in Israeli-Palestinian War -- "Death is but the precursor to liquidating the violent movement he founded in 1987"

Extreme anger and grief in Gaza Streets

Hamas: Sharon has opened the gates of hell - Vows to cut off Sharon's head

Minister Olmert: Every Hamas Leader's Days Are Numbered

Israeli Foreign Office issues Yassin killing talking points

Yassin's Assassination Was Enormous Gamble for Sharon

Sharon Commanded Yassin Assassination Mission

Militant: 'Dozens Volunteering to Be Bombers'

Palestinian general strike declared after Yassin killed

Egypt's Mubarak takes stand: Pulling out of celebrations to mark its signing of peace deal with Israel following the killing of Hamas spiritual leader

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US directing operations in Pakistan border battle: Looking for Osama bin Laden

Fighting Between Pakistani Troops, Al Qaeda Ebbs

Muslim Militants raid Pakistani camp despite truce

Afghan Aviation Minister Shot Dead

Hundred dead in Afghan violence: Assassination of minister prompts factional fighting in Herat, while besieged al-Qaida told to surrender

Landslide Win for Malaysian Government

Massive Forced Transfer of Non-Muslims From Kosovo

Kosovo mourns violence victims

Bahrain rioters hit streets: Torch cars of Arab playboy boozers

Norway at the ready: In a strong position to contribute to Poland's changing gas supply needs

Saca wins El Salvador presidential race: Promising to continue direction of one of the most pro-U.S. governments in the hemisphere.

2004 Campaign News

Kerry and Bush urged to tone down election attacks frenzy

Bush, Kerry Trade Long-Distance Barbs

Republican Governor Mitt Romney Mocks Kerry's Face

Rove, Small Circle Lead Bush Campaign

Kerry Contemplates: How to Choose a Vice President

'Dawn of the Dead' Debuts With $27.3M to Dethrone 'Passion'

"The Passion" Section: All Cutting Edge articles written about this most important movie

And next...the anti-'Passion': Due in 2005, Ron Howard's 'Da Vinci Code' movie will spark another religious furor

March 21 - International Day of Toleration

Harmony Day 2004: A message from the Australian Minister

International Day For The Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Law firm takes action to get Christian Coalition to pay bills

When patriotism means never asking why: George Bush meant it when he said, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists''

The U.S. Re-Activates The Draft: Getting Ready For World War VII

Pope John Paul II becomes third-longest serving pope Sunday

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 20, 2004

Treasury Of Hymn Histories - "It Is Well With My Soul"

Global Terrorism

Bush has made us less safe: Counter-terrorism expert

Journalist says al-Qaeda has black market nuclear bombs

Al-Qaida No. 2: We Have Briefcase Nukes

Analysis: Nuclear terrorism is one of the repeating headline news stories noted since the 9/11 attacks

Europe needs better response to terrorism: Top Cop

The Bush doctrine has been turned on its head: Bush trying to "legitimise the Iraq campaign with a proper United Nations mandate"

Did Bush Press For Iraq-9/11 Link? Pressed for his experts to come up with a link even after being told there wasn't one

Decoding the Chatter: Each day, officials at TTIC examine 5,000 to 6,000 pieces of intelligence

Australia stages mock terror attack

Prime Minister Blair and Prince Charles to Attend Madrid Tribute

World Taking Note of "Mysterious 11" In World Events

Mysterious No. 11 continues to hound the world, mankind

SPAIN SUFFERS HER OWN "9/11" ATTACK ON 3/11, 2004: Events continue to occur "by the numbers" -- occult numbers, that is! Number "11" prevalent in Madrid bombing - Signature of the coming Antichrist

Spain wants "maximum power" in EU constitution: Prime Minister-elect Zapatero

Taiwan - China "Rumors of War"

Insults fly as poll ends in chaos

Chinese Viewpoint: Taiwan 'Referendum' vetoed by the people

Taiwan stock market plunges almost 7 per cent in reaction to disputed vote

Chen's timetable for 'Taiwan independence' provokes tension across Straits: Chinese Experts

Taiwan court appoints judges to rule on vote recount

China will never allow Taiwan separation: Chinese Premier

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq war wasn't justified: U.N. weapons experts Blix, ElBaradei

Former President Carter savages Blair and Bush: 'Their war was based on lies'

Photo Evidence of the Hunan Cost of Iraq War

Bush hails 'day of deliverance'

Bush a Prisoner of Events in Iraq

Deadly attack on Iraq Green Zone

Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier, Interpreter in Baghdad

Four killed as fears of big offensive prove unfounded

Peace Campaigner Benn Says Iraq War Was 'Armed Globalisation' for Oil

Cutting Edge Archives: Why current global strategy cannot be about "Big Oil"

South Korea, US launch annual war games

Security concerns prompt Seoul to reconsider force deployment in Iraq

Bird flu reappears in South Korea

Japan's Top Nuclear Negotiator Due in Seoul

Quebec Court Paves Way for Gay Marriages

Homosexual book for 1st-graders: Parents outraged over story where prince finds love with another prince

EU Plan to Drop Ban on Arms Sales to China Raises Alarm


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