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March 1-17, 2008

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Presidential Politics

New Headline News Article

"Racial Slurs Are Threatening To Devastate The Democrat Presidential Primary!'

Could this revelation prove to be the undoing of the Obama campaign? Barack's pastor is shown repeatedly saying "God d**n America"! You can see that his ravings are driving his black audience into a frenzy! Does Obama secretly hate America?

Current News

Obama denounces "appalling" remarks by his former pastor

Outspoken Minister Out Of Obama Campaign: Will no longer serve on the Democratic presidential contender's African-American Religious Leadership Committee- NOTE: Resigned from Obama campaign only after severe attention had become focused on his past statement

Obama denounces rhetoric but stands behind his pastor

Obama dogged by pastor's radicalism: Former pastor may pose a greater threat to his presidential hopes than his Democratic rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, or presumptive Republican nominee John McCain

Obama's blackness helps and hurts him

Clinton camp roots out a rogue element

Geraldine Ferraro Is So . . . Uh . . . Insightful

Ferraro's comments threw gas on the fire

Hillary Clinton Makes Campaign Stops In Pittsburgh

Democratic presidential candidates on economy

Clinton says Obama voted for oil firm tax breaks

A Military Earmark's Ties to Obama Money Man

'Preparedness' and the Democratic Nomination: Defining the Commander in Chief Threshold on the Road to the White House

The Conservative Case for McCain: WSJ Editorial by Republican Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford

McCain on World Stage On Mideast, Europe Trip: Fact-Finding Mission To Iraq Is Paired With Meeting Foreign Leaders

McCain: Congress 'disconnected' from Americans

McCain: From Blue To Red?

McCain adds Bay Area high-tech titan to team

McCain says al Qaeda might try to tip US election: NOTE: This is Establishment propaganda - McCain would be four more years of Bush

Staunch Iraq posture illuminates McCain's views

Consumer prices moderate in February

Tornado hits downtown Atlanta, at least 9 hurt

Atlanta Braces for Another Severe Storm

Venezuela dares U.S. to put it on terror list

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Pentagon admits no Saddam-Qaeda link: US administration tries to bury release of Pentagon study confirming that Saddam had no link to Bin Laden

Iraq to block oil contracts signed by Kurds

US military reports 2,688 sex assault claims last year

Three trillion reasons why Iraq has been a ruinous war

Iraqi police, Mehdi militia clash despite truce

Trauma and poverty shred young Iraqis' dreams

You break it, you pay for it

Telling sign of a failed Iraq strategy

Staunch Iraq posture illuminates McCain's views

After five years in Iraq, are we at the halfway point?

Ex-Fort Lewis chief predicts tough spring for U.S. troops in Iraq

Sleight of hand in Iraq: Promised troop cuts have only partly materialised

US soldiers urged to speak out against Iraq war

US military reports 2,688 sex assault claims last year

Weak dollar costs U.S. economy its No. 1 spot

Dollar climbs as Bank of Israel intervenes again

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: Al-Qaeda steps up its battle in Pakistan

Tibet: 10 dead in anti-China protests in Lhasa, Tibet's capital

Tibet: Ruthless campaign of cultural destruction

Iran: US says Iran election results 'cooked'

Iran: Low turnout reported in Iran elections

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka's Tigers in crisis

US House of Representatives has passed a surveillance bill that would allow lawsuits against phone companies: Bush has promised to veto the bill because it does not give immunity to companies that participated in a controversial wiretap programme

Nigeria plots US$20 billion energy raid: Would set aside as much as 30 percent of the country's gas production

Politics put Shell's multi-billion Dollar Iran deal up in air

Turkey offers oil pipe lifeline to India

Israeli - Palestinian War

'Israel threatened Syria with strike if Hizbullah attacks'

Hamas: We'll keep IAF in line of fire

Rice: Sides not showing commitment

Islamic states accuse IDF of war crimes

Barak busy planning incursions

Terrorists fire 7 Kassam rockets at W. Negev

'Jerusalem attacker targeted rightist rabbi': In seminary attack last week - when shooter failed to find the rabbi, he began shooting at random

Israel putting spoke in wheels of 'Abbas army' in Jordan: Plan to train 1,000 Palestinian security officers in Jordan mired in delays, shortage of resources

Egypt fence plans unveiled: New border fence characterized as 'national emergency project' aimed at hindering terror threats on Egyptian border

Peace conference in Berlin? Chancellor Merkel, peace envoy Blair to organize Mideast peace meeting in June

Russia throws a wrench in NATO's works

US enters 'checkbook war' with China: America is already being outspent


March 14, 2008



Presidential Politics

Young Voters Could Put Obama or Clinton in the White House:
If predictions hold true, the youngest demographic could help a Democrat win the presidency

Obama Cuts Into Clinton's Delegate Lead Among Elected Officials

Obama, Clinton make nice on the Senate floor

Pressure and the Prophet: Editorial

Pollsters see closer-than-expected November election

Florida Democrats offer plans to rerun primary - Effort appears doomed

Dems near deal on Michigan primary do-over

Clinton stacks the deck for re-vote

Contest asks aspiring filmmakers to create TV ad promoting Obama

Support For Iraq War Highest Since 2006: Americans' Feelings On War In Iraq Likely To Shape Presidential Race

Credit Fears Ease

World Markets: Market yo-yo heads up again as credit fears ease

US stocks end higher as S&P view eases credit fears

Dollar Rebounds From Record Versus Euro on Intervention Concern: "Securities firms speculated central banks will intervene for the first time in 13 years to shore up the U.S. currency"

Israel's Shekel Nearly at 11-Year High Against Dollar: Bank of Israel took an unusual proactive measure of purchasing dollars

CCC's Woes Seen as Small Blemish for US Carlyle Group: U.S. private equity firm Carlyle Group should emerge relatively unscathed by the cratering of affiliate Carlyle Capital Corp

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iranian artillery strikes Kurdish villages in Iraq

Iraqi Kurds timidly tiptoe toward independence

The Door To Iraq's Oil Opens

Robert Fisk Editorial: The cult of the suicide bomber - the shocking extent of the most widespread campaign of self-liquidation in human history

Spike in violence follows troop withdrawal

Rocket fire kills 3 US troops in Iraq: Victims accuse Americans in bus explosion

8 dead in Baghdad car bomb blast: Over 40 wounded after a parked car bomb exploded in a central Baghdad

Abducted archbishop's body is found in Mosul

Mourners gather for funeral of kidnapped Iraqi archbishop

Iraq archbishop kidnappers had wanted $1 million ransom

Iraq: British teachers told to rewrite history - MoD accused of sending propaganda to schools

Three trillion reasons why Iraq has been a ruinous war

Iran-Iraq ties show US the way

Support For Iraq War Highest Since 2006: Americans' Feelings On War In Iraq Likely To Shape Presidential Race

UK commitment to Iraq 'absolute' - Defence Secretary Des Browne

Fear and suspicion abound despite improved security

Shi'ite Iraq increasingly suspicious about role of awakening Suuni forces in fighting Al Qaida

Severed Fingers Reportedly Sent to US: Severed fingers of five Western contractors

Iraqi president participates in UAE delegation

House approves $3 trillion budget as both parties jockey for position

Congress's Votes on Taxes Set Stage for Election Battle

Budget Would Torpedo Bush's Tax Cuts

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

6 Signs the U.S. May Be Headed for War in Iran

Firing an admiral for speaking the truth

Henry Kissinger Says US Should Negotiate Directly With Iran - Video

Iranians vote in general election - Conservatives likely to tighten grip

Top US commander for Latin America questions Venezuelan military growth

Israeli - Palestinian War

US General William Fraser: Will not make public report on compliance with road map obligations he is expected to present Friday at trilateral meeting with Israeli and Palestinian officials

Fatah's armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, tell Abbas to fire Prime Minister Fayad

Western security agencies on high alert for possible Hizbullah terror strike next week to mark end of 40-day mourning period for Hizbullah's senior military commander Imad Mughniyeh

Netanyahu tells envoys he could stop rockets

'Israel ethnically cleansing E. Jerusalem': Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed

Barrage of Rockets Fired From Gaza, Galilee Arabs Target Jews

Gazan Uses Humanitarian Permit to Evade Police

Palestinian crisis tops OIC agenda

Foreign Grassroots Support for Israel

Is climate change turning into Gordon Brown's Iraq?

Eurostar boss says climate change concerns are driving rise in high-speed rail travel

Yemeni Man 'tortured in CIA custody' for three years

Real-life case of demon possession documented: Woman levitated, spoke other languages, showed paranormal powers





March 13, 2008




Presidential Politics

Geraldine Ferraro leaves Clinton camp over remarks on Obama: Comments shine spotlight on race and gender

Hillary Clinton Apologizes to Black Voters

Clinton's tepid response to Ferraro is shameful: Editorial

Ferraro is unapologetic - says she was taken out of context

Geraldine Ferraro's Ugly Words - Accidental, or Campaign Ploy?

Moral Collapse

N.Y. can 'move on' as former Governor Spitzer faces backwash

I'm no monster says New Jersey call girl who brought down Spitzer

David Paterson (and hope) movin' in to NY Governor's mansion - new gov has been legally blind since he was a child

Dollar's tumble rattles markets

Dollar Falls to 12-Year Low of 100 Yen on Carlyle Fund Failure

Gold rises to $980 as dollar sinks to new lows

Oil holds near record above $110 on dollar slump

Car bomb kills 6 near Kabul airport in attack on US forces


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel hits targets in Gaza after Islamic Jihad fires rockets

Dozen Rockets Fired From Gaza, Galilee Arabs Target Jews

Will return to Gaza if necessary: Israel

Islamic Jihad Charges: Israel foiling lull efforts

Security Minister: No Basis To Report of Seminary Revenge Plot

Bereaved Jewish Families to March on Terrorist's Jerusalem Home

IDF Says Terrorist Killed in IDF Raid Unconnected to Seminary Massacre

UN Complains: Israel isn't creating basis for peace

Sapir College rally relocated for fear of rocket fire

Palestinian President Abbas: IDF operation in Bethlehem a barbaric crime

Foreign Grassroots Support for Israel


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Three US troops killed in Iraq rocket attack

US soldiers accidentally kill Iraqi child

Opposition to Iraq war is divided after 5 years

Iran shifts focus fully on Iraq

Suicide Bombing in Iraqi Kurdistan Kills One, Injures Dozens

Fewer Know Number Of US Deaths In Iraq: As public attention to the conflict has gradually diminished

Iraqi Government Defends Budget Handling

Fixing Iraq; Armenia and Azerbaijan; Cheney the diplomat

Iraqi police raid Mehdi Army strongholds

White House Downplays Rift With Fallon: Admiral In Charge Of U.S. Mideast Command Resigned Amid Alleged Disagreements On Iran

Editorial - Let the Bush revisionism begin

Pakistan detains militants in relation to Lahore bombings

US firing kills four Pakistani villagers

Pakistan's military mistakenly attack residential area killing 11




March 12, 2008


Economic News

Federal Reserve Chief Bernanke Seeks to Avert Deeper Slump by Accepting Mortgage Debt - Amount is now $200 billion and may escalate above that number

Matus of Lehman Calls Fed action an "elegant move"

Goncalves Calls Lending Plan Helping Mortgage Market

U.S. Stocks Rally, Advancing Most in Five Years on Fed's Liquidity Plans - Dow surged 416 points

Fed offers relief, and Wall St. goes wild: Central bank pledges billions for investment

European and Asian share indexes rose after the world's biggest central banks promised to inject billions of dollars of cash into global financial markets

Presidential Politics

Obama wins Mississippi, sets sights on Pennsylvania

Obama Win Defined By Race
: Polls revealed once again an emerging racial divide that has opened in the Democratic party between whites who tend by healthy margins to favor Clinton and blacks who overwhelmingly favor Obama

Democrats seek to strengthen grip on blue-collar workers

Obama says Clinton has wavered on torture

Clinton attacks on Obama may boost McCain

No consensus yet on Florida revote plan

Losses in big states worry Obama camp

Hillary Clinton banking on her experience

Jonathan Gurwitz Editorial: Illinois election an early warning for Republicans

Obama: Israel has right to self-defense

Ron Paul hints he's quitting race in new video

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Head of US Forces in Mideast Resigns: Navy Adm. William J. Fallon

Pentagon: Resignation of Mideast military chief does not mean war with Iran

Magazine Called Fallon 'Good Cop' on Iran

Admiral Fallon resigns under fire

Fallon Falls: Iran should worry

Iraq, Afghan situation helped Iran’s rise in regional power and influence

Moral Collapse

Poll: New Yorkers Want Governor Spitzer to Quit

Spitzer May Quit Today as Wife Urges Him to Stay

Why do political wives stand by their men? Silda Wall Spitzer is a Harvard Law School graduate and a former high-powered Wall Street attorney who earned more than her husband

Governor's callgirl scandal stuns US: View from Australia

January FBI stakeout of Spitzer reported

Analyze this: A sordid finish for the potential 'Jewish president'

House OKs an outside panel to investigate its ethics

House unable to override Bush's veto of waterboarding ban: The bill would have funded intelligence agencies and limited the CIA's use of interrogation techniques

How Much Torture Would You Like? …

True democracies should not practice torture

Bush uses veto for the wrong reasons again: Torture can never be justified

U.S. lists rights abuses in China, Russia, Iraq, others in annual report


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Suicide blast kills five U.S. soldiers in Iraq: Baghdad explosion wounds three other Americans and interpreter. Female assassin kills Sunni leader

After decline, Iraqi violence holds steady: U.S. statistics on insurgent attacks suggest that Iraqi war has drifted into stalemate

Pentagon Warns: Iraq's improvements threatened by corruption

At least 44 people were killed in violence across Iraq on Tuesday

Talks begin on future US-Iraq relations

UN expert says United States blocking him from visiting all Iraq prisons

Pentagon: Syria, Iran supporting Iraq terror


Israeli - Palestinian War

Australia marks Israel's 60th year

IDF kills Jihad operative in W. Bank

Israel impressed by Egypt's Gaza efforts

Elite Israeli police force kills Palestinian near Tulkarm

Annual Intelligence Report: Hizbullah is the Key

MK Slams Tacit Ceasefire Agreement With Hamas

Remembering the 8 Murdered Seminary Students in Jerusalem

Judge Releases Jewish Anti-Terrorist Protestors, Criticizes Police

Sderot Group Suing Olmert, Barak for Failure to Protect Region




March 11, 2008


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

8 U.S. troops among dead as blasts rock Iraq cities

Three additional killings bring yesterday's death toll for U.S. troops in Iraq to eight

Babylon and Beyond: IRAQ: Intelligence failures past, and present?

Two killed in Iraq car bombing

About 100 bodies found in Iraq mass grave: military

Chuck Norris the only WMD in Iraq, say U.S. troops

'Al-Qaeda planning big attack'

Iraq war will cost $3 trillion

Ominous Rise in Baghdad Bombings

Review finds no link between Saddam, al Qaeda: Over 23,000 documents studied

Iran shifts focus fully on Iraq

Iraq: yes, it was for oil - A new ICM poll commissioned by War on Want shows the British public has rejected the official reasons they were given for the Iraq war

Non-Integrating States News - Pakistan

20 killed in Pakistan after suicide bombers strike again

Security fears move Australian cricket team to postpone Pakistan tour

In Pictures: Bombs hit Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistan's major parties agree on coalition govt

Presidential Politics

The Clintons, a horror film that never ends

Obama dismisses joint ticket with Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton downplays notion of Obama as running mate

Fight for Texas delegates won't end anytime soon: Close count could shift either way before long

California State's undecided superdelegates bide time

Democrats Down the Ticket Worry About an Impasse

Super-Delegates in Smoke-Filled Rooms: What the Democratic process is really likely to look like

Despite Risks, Clinton Resorts to Attacking Obama

Obama's Fuzzy plans for Iraq

Mississippi Primary Unlikely to Boost Obama Significantly

Clinton, Obama prepare for long, hard slog in Pennsylvania

McCain declares he is cancer-free after exam

McCain begins nationwide fundraising drive

John McCain, Prisoner of War: A First-Person Account

Joint Chiefs Chairman: Military ready for new president's orders

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Selling immigrants into sex slavery

Economic News

Economy weak but not enough for recession: UCLA Anderson Forecast report

Stocks Soar After Fed Credit Plan: After the Federal Reserve and other central banks said they will pump $200 billion into the financial markets to help ease the strain from the credit crisis. The Dow Jones industrials surged nearly 250 points.

Spitzer caught in FBI prostitution bust: Governor was considered one of most promising of Jewish politicians

Scandal Puts Spitzer's Career in Danger: NY Governor admits involvement in prostitution ring

The Spitzer Scandal: Lust Plus Pride


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli FM Tells U.S. officials: Hamas will not choose when to fire and when to regroup

Israel wants month-long truce with Hamas

Will Gaza lull last? Everyone seems interested in truce, but preparations for major operation continue

Sderot Residents: Lull in Qassam attacks is calm before the storm

International community deplores Israeli plans to expand settlements in Jerusalem

Israel Beiteinu chairman MK Avigdor Lieberman threatens to expel Arab parties

Bush sends Cheney to meet PM Olmert, Abbas

Afghan Insurgent Violence Up in 2007

Venezuela reopening embassy in Colombia

Criminalizing California's Home Schoolers


March 10, 2008


Who leaked the details of a CIA-Mossad plot against Iran?

Israeli President Peres says Israel will not act alone to halt Iran nuke program


Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

Religious climate change U-turn: Ultra-conservative Southern Baptist leaders have performed a shock U-turn, saying their denomination had been "too timid" on environmental issues and had a biblical duty to stop global warming

Prince Charles: Global effort needed to counter climate change - Calls skeptical evidence "sheer madness"

Presidential Politics

Clintons push Obama as a running mate

Team Obama thinks ticket with Hillary could work with her as the No. 2

Super delegates' choice may hinge on electability: Obama says he's won more states, Hillary Clinton says she's won bigger states, and both say their primary-season performance makes them the more electable Democratic presidential nominee

Obama, Clinton set sights on upcoming contests in epic Democratic race

Little spoken on the campaign trail: McCain's bouts with melanoma

Obama Wins More Delegates in Wyoming Caucuses

Pennsylvania: Safe win for Clinton?

Obama's Black Support Shows Its Limits: Some analysts think it's possible Obama's heavy black support is nudging some working-class white Democrats into Clinton's camp

The Clintons' Legacy of Love: For years, the Clintons have been a cancer on the body politic

McCain looks for ways to grab spotlight from Democrats

Presidential Horse Race Headed for a Photo Finish

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel places Lebanese, Syrian, Gaza borders, its cities and highways on high terror alert: On guard for stormy events in the second half of March

PM Olmert Says Seminary Shooting Was Attack on Zionism

IDF confirms it was instructed to scale back Gaza Strip operations

Hamas denies reaching truce with Israel

Police probe response to Jerusalem seminary attack

Fatah group hails 'heroic' Jerusalem seminary attack

Intel Assessment: War unlikely in '08

Britain makes camera that "sees" under clothes: It does not reveal physical body details and the screening is harmless

China says it thwarted terrorist plot: Against Beijing Olympics

Pakistan opposition unites to fight President Musharraf

Deal may spell bad news for Musharraf

Musharraf makes stability a priority

Venezuela reopening embassy in Colombia after speedy reconciliation


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Female suicide bomber murders Iraqi tribal leader SE of Baquba

Saddam-era spies at work in Iraq

Bombs Reported to Kill 4 in Mosul on Friday

US troops to continue Iraq withdrawal in aftermath of deadly Baghdad bombing

U.S. soon to lose Iraq ambassador: Top diplomat plans to retire in January shortly after Petraeus leaves

ANTI-US Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said overnight his feared Mehdi Army would defend itself against attack by the US military or secular opponents: Despite extending a ceasefire

Covering -- Or Covering-Up -- The Iraq War?

Iraq Costs US $12B Per Month

GAO asked to audit Iraqi oil revenue

Could the US do more to help troubled Jordan?

America's hottest export: Coal - Demand is now pulling huge amounts of exports out of the U.S. - weak dollar is also making U.S. coal cheaper for overseas buyers


Saturday-Sunday, March 8-9, 2008


South American leaders defuse border standoff: Another senior FARC rebel killed, his hand cut off

Bush to Veto Waterboarding Torture Bill

Economic News

Fed boosts auction size in surprise action: announced emergency measures to add $200 billion into the banking system in a bid to ease persistent liquidity strains that are leading to a global credit freeze

Bush Admits: Economy Has Slowed - But says long-term outlook is good

Saudi oil minister says speculation driving prices


Israeli - Palestinian War

Across divided Jerusalem, a day of grief

An assault on the heart of Zionism: "Rarely have terrorists chosen their target with so much malicious care

Anger Grows in Israel Over Terror Attack that Left Eight Dead

Images of horror in yeshiva seminary to be distributed worldwide: Israel will use pictures to launch attack on Hamas

Egyptian official: Syria may be behind Jerusalem seminary attack

Responsibility for Jerusalem attack still ambiguous- Hamas reneges on responsibility claim

Israel: Peace Talks to Continue Despite Religious School Shooting

Jordanian Authorities prevent family of Alaa Abu Dheim, terrorist who killed eight in Jerusalem attack Thursday, from erecting tent and receiving mourners

Amnesty International condemns Jerusalem terror attack

Israel Imposes West Bank Curfew After Seminary Attack

Hamas countdown has begun: Hamas will soon pay price for traditional Arab talent for misjudgment

Toll rising as Hamas faces military fury

Israeli Police chief: This isn't a 3rd intifada

US opens door to Hamas with Egypt mediation

Lebanon Complains: IAF planes flew over Beirut, violating airspace

MIDDLE EAST: Another cartoon controversy in the making: "Stupid Stone" satirizes Islam's most holy shrine, the Kaaba


Presidential Politics

Playing by Clinton Rules

Back on trail, Obama and Clinton trade digs

Democrats can win this fall

No room at the inn for some Democratic delegates?

Friday Talking Points [22] -- Hillary Sweeps The Awards! Her husband was probably speaking "off script"

Barack Obama Gets Bogged Down

Poll suggests Clinton, Obama in dead heat nationally

Jobs for Democrats, Israel for McCain

Countering Clinton, Obama Says He's Committed to Ending War

Clinton's Collateral Damage

Obama aide Samantha Power quits over Hillary 'monster' comment

McCain now has challenge of staying in public eye



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Death Toll in Baghdad Bombings Climbs as US Military Plans Withdrawal

Iraqi Cleric Al-Sadr Explains Absence to Followers

Iraqi President Visits Turkey to Ease Tensions: President Talabani is a Kurd

Ominous Rise in Baghdad Bombings

Iraq: Shiite stronghold is not safe - death toll rose Friday to 68 from twin bombings whose blow also reverberated beyond the body count: showing that insurgents can still bring bloodshed into the heart of Baghdad and rattle the fragile confidence

US troops to continue Iraq withdrawal in aftermath of Baghdad bomb

US, Iraq to begin talks Saturday on future relations

Five killed in suicide attacks in Iraq Friday as US blames bloodshed on Al-Qaeda



March 7, 2008


New York City Bombing

Small explosion hits New York's Times Square: Caused minor damage to a U.S. military recruiting center - no injuries

House Democrats Received Letters Claiming Responsibility for NYC Bombing

Times Square Bombing Letters May Not Have Been Delivered Via U.S. Mail

Audio CD

Israeli - Palestinian War

Terror Attack in Jerusalem Kills 8 in Rabbinical Seminary

'Terrorist was a driver for the Yeshiva'

Palestinian territories closed; Seminary shooter named - gunmen killed eight students

Israel tightens security after Jerusalem attack

Yeshiva head: The entire country is in need of mercy - Eulogizing slain students

Bush: Jerusalem seminary attack `barbaric, vicious'

Attack will be seen in Messianic terms by Zionist Jews

Israel: Peace Talks to Continue Despite Religious School Shooting

Libya blocks U.N. condemnation of Jerusalem seminary attack

Rice Says Mideast Peace Negotiations Back on Track

Egypt builds new wall along its border with Gaza Strip to prevent further breaches by Hamas

American Editorial: Let's Help the Good Guys in the West Bank -- President Abbas

Hizbullah: 'We're prepared but won't start a war'

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

At Least 68 Killed in Double Bombings in Baghdad

Why Iraq Could Blow Up in John McCain's Face

Executions cause Iraq standoff : Prime minister wants two others sentenced to death with 'Chemical Ali'

Iran-Iraq ties show US the way: Prospect of cooperating with US still strong, especially on Iraqi security

Ahmadinejad's Iraq trip denotes Iran's rising influence

A wild Turkey chase? Bush has committed another blunder, this time in tacitly consenting to the ongoing Turkish incursions into northern Iraq in pursuit of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) fighters

As more vets survive war's wounds, questions surface about VA's ability to handle demand

Official: Iraq, China Nearing Oil Deal


Presidential Politics

Clinton, Obama Question Each Other's National Security Credentials

Clinton Again Asks: Who You Gonna Call? Ad attacking Obama's lack of experience

Bill Clinton Adopts New Campaign Role: What he doesn't do — anymore — is criticize Barack Obama

Democratic Party debates primary do-overs in Michigan and Florida

Clinton softens stance on re-running contests: Riding a wave of momentum, Hillary Rodham Clinton Thursday waxed cool on the looming prospect of rerunning contests in two states where she has already claimed unofficial victories

Bending primary rules for 2 states would be disastrous: Senator Harkin

Going, going ... but Clinton's not gone

Since triple win, Clinton campaign reports $4 million online boost

Clinton campaign denies NAFTA report

Canadian PM Harper widens NAFTA probe: Revelations eventually undermined presidential hopeful Barack Obama in a key race this week

Clinton Strengths Aren't Lost on The Obama Team

Obama vies to push back, stay positive: Hitting Clinton harder could imperil his message

Obama sets fundraising record with $55 million

Obama fund-raiser friend in fraud trial

Clinton camp shoots Ken Starr smear at Obama

Jewish Editorial: It's Barack Obama's advisers who concern me

Republican Party

Why Iraq Could Blow Up in John McCain's Face

McCain Balances Public Temper With Private Acts of Compassion

McCain Fights to Keep Place in Presidential Campaign Spotlight

Hunt to find young gun running mate for veteran McCain

McCain Could Turn Washington Red in 2008

Afghanistan: The hardest night of their lives

Pakistan: Musharraf vows to give support to new coalition government

Iran: Can't shake the sanctions shackle

Venezuela: Chavez to block imports and investments from Colombia

Ecuador: Government severs diplomatic ties with Colombia

Ecuador: 'Farc rebels' arrested in Ecuador

Blair says world is changing fast

Two students' killings hit Georgia hard: Grief mingles with fear at Auburn, UNC

Economic News

Dollar trims losses: Rebounds slightly vs. euro ahead of U.S. payrolls data

Asian Financials suffer big losses on Wall Street slide

Happy 8th anniversary: Monday marks eight years since the top of the Internet bubble

Pfizer, Exxon Find U.S. Justices as Shareholders May Cost Them





March 6, 2008


Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

Hillary Clinton's rebound sets stage for 7 more weeks of bitter struggle

Clinton sees new race in her favor: Obama talks tough

Barack says talk of a joint-ticket with Hillary Clinton still premature

Hillary Clinton keeping Bill out of sight was all right

Clinton, Obama court superdelegates for edge in tight race

Ohio Vote Shows Importance of Economy

Bottom line: It'll take the convention to determine Democratic nominee - Neither Clinton nor Obama can win enough delegates before the convention

Obama Moves to Sharpen His Critique of Clinton

Next Big Primary, Pennsylvania: Plays Up Clinton's Advantages

U.S. 'downright mean,' finds Michelle Obama: America 'guided by fear,' getting worse all the time,' she says in campaign speech

Editorial: Circular firing squad strategy afflicts Democrats - The Democratic Party is on the brink of all-out war

Presidential Politics

Republican Party

McCain Wins Bush's White House Embrace

McCain accepts nod from Bush, waves off potential side effects

Bush says McCain will stay the course in Iraq

Bush Endorsement May Be Risky for McCain

Bush and McCain Stress Their Unity, and So Do the Democrats

Democrat duel a boon for McCain: Republican can take high road as Obama, Clinton continue to bloody each other

Clinton's gain was an even bigger victory for McCain

Republican McCain trails Clinton and Obama: Poll reveals

Campaigner-In-Chief Ready To Help, If McCain Wants

Small explosion hits New York's Times Square: Caused minor damage to a U.S. military recruiting center - no injuries

California In The News


Pondering marriage and semantics for gay Californians

Parents of 166,000 students could face criminal charges: 'Breathtaking' decision on homeschooling now moving to California Supreme Court

Bush Shocker: US Must 'Get Off Oil'

OPEC blames 'mismanaged' U.S. economy for soaring oil prices

Recipe for disaster in South America

Bush Says US Stands by Colombia

Venezuelan troops patrol Colombia border, where trade slows but life straddles the line

Colombia crisis appears to be easing: The Organization of American States rebukes Bogota for violating Ecuadorean sovereignty in a raid that killed a top rebel

Wall Map

Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza conditions 'at 40-year low'

Rice tries to save Mid-East talks

Palestinians agree to resume peace talks: Abbas drops demand that Israel negotiate truce with Hamas militants

For Israel, hard options in Gaza

'Evacuate Gazans so IDF can attack': Defense Minister Ehud Barak is seeking legal approval

No need to kill them: Non-lethal agitating measures that would disrupt life in Gaza may be the solution

Jeep blown up on Israel-Gaza border

IDF soldier killed by explosive device near Kissufim: Shortly after gun battles were reported in the area

Photo Essay: Ashkelon Deals With Missile Threat

U.S. Congress holds up $150m. in aid to Palestinian Authority

Settlers, Israeli gov't close to 'mini-deal': On West Bank outposts

Poll: More Americans are pro-Israeli

James Cunningham named next US ambassador to Israel

New Tunnel Expands Jewish Quarter of Old City: will connect the Western Wall Tunnels with an ancient restored synagogue in the so-called Muslim Quarter, uniting the Old City

British Government accused of U-turn over ID cards rollout

Georgia bill pushes guns in churches: Christian Coalition supports expanded carry provision

Arizona Lawmaker's solution to U.S. campus shootings: More guns

Homeland Security says northern border at risk: 'Undisputed presence in Canada of known terrorists, extremists'


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turks launch air, artillery strikes on Kurds in Iraq on Wednesday

Shiites rejoice, Sunnis fume over dropped charges

PM Maliki seeks 2 more Saddam-era men executions

Senior State Department Official Tells Congress: US president can keep troops in Iraq even after UN mandate expires

Iraqis who fled war are still stalked by mental distress

Deadly enemies turn page: Iran and Iraq embrace

Iraqi Official: US-Iran Talks Postponed

Is Peace Even on the Agenda? Washington seeks confrontation not reconciliation with Iran

Iraq recruits tribes to combat oil smugglers: Oil the key to the economy

For 3 Americans, Haditha project a personal mission: The servicemen take on the task of fixing the infamous town's hospital

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan: US troops return to Uzbek bases - Uzbekistan is once again allowing the US to use a base in the south of the country for operations in Afghanistan

Pakistan: Bhutto party set to name Pakistan PM candidate

Iran: Ahmadinejad rules out new negotiations with Europe, will deal 'only with IAEA'

Iran: Are sanctions futile against the Persian Kingdom?

Iran: US Dumps Dubious Data on IAEA to Discredit Iran - Infamous "laptop documents"

US senior officer calls for new, modern nuclear weapons

British lawmakers vote to abolish blasphemy laws: House of Lords measure approved after fierce debate

March 5, 2008


Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

Clinton Scores 3 Wins; McCain Clinches - Hillary's wins denied Barack Obama a ripe opportunity

Hillary Clinton lands big states: Texas, Ohio victories give campaign vital boost to keep fighting - Her wins snap Obama's 11-straight victory string

Bam! Suddenly, Obama's momentum goes poof

Clinton wins by refusing to quit: Her dogged fighting to stay in the race pays off with victories as new problems surface for Obama

Clinton comeback wins key votes: "Super Tuesday II" in pictures

Rhode Island delivers big for Clinton: Smallest state ends her 11-state losing streak

White working class men prove key to Hillary's victory

Hillary Clinton does well again among female, white, older voters

Clinton's 'kitchen-sink' campaign pays off

Delegate Scorecard - Obama still leads delegate count by 86 delegates

Clinton, Obama Wrangle for Super Delegate Support

Clinton, Obama Camps Prepare for a Long Slog

Dream Team of Hillary and Barack would be a nightmare for the party

To Women, Hillary Is So Much More Than Just a Candidate

Swing in momentum may alter media's focus

Obama Facing Two-Front War: Hillary and McCain

Republican Party

John McCain seals GOP nomination: Huckabee steps aside as ex-rival targets Democrats

Bush White House defending NAFTA

Two Vermont towns vote to arrest Bush and Cheney: For "crimes against our Constitution"

McCain Sharpens Attacks Against Clinton, Obama

For McCain, the Walls Finally Tumble

Obama Calls McCain With Congratulations

Huckabee bows to 'inevitable,' ends GOP run

McCain's Incendiary Supporter: Pastor John Hagee

Catholics, others denounce McCain for courting Hagee

McCain: Every vote is in play, even in Liberal California

Pro and Condoleezza: McCain's VP Search - Rice would be most fatal to McCain as she would represent a continuation of Bush policies

Timeline: The steps in John McCain's rise and fall and rise again quest for the presidency


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel launches fresh Gaza raid

Israeli Cabinet decides to maintain Gaza operations until rockets stop

Ashdod Prepares to be Next Target of Gaza Missiles: Located several kilometers north of Ashkelon on the Mediterranean and home to over 200,000 residents

Rice to meet top Israeli officials: PM Olmert and Defense Minister Barak, plus Palestinian President Abbas and PM Fayyad

Palestinian leaders ignore Rice's peace talk efforts: Israelis suggest wave of violence may be coming

Qatar seen bankrolling Hamas

Vanity Fair Reports: Bush approved plot to oust Hamas

Israel To Reoccupy Gaza Strip If Necessary

Draining the Gaza Swamp: Catchy proverbs are nice but Gaza problem can only be resolved by action

JERUSALEM: Abbas urges end to rocket fire, but won’t talk peace just yet

Egyptian ambulances help Hamas smuggle fighters and weapons into Gaza

Israel evacuates West Bank outpost

'Gaza violence may spread to W. Bank'

IDF kills Gaza Islamic Jihad commander

President Peres slams gov't's failure to secure North Israel

Last call for unity government: Bibi Netanyahu must join coalition in face of growing existential threat

What happened to our army? When elite unit is equipped with tear gas, we know something’s wrong with IDF

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Venezuela: Chavez shuts border as accusations fly - Colombia says rebel's notes show Chavez aided them

Columbia: Rebel laptop reveals more than Chavez ties

Kenya: U.S. strike targeted bombing suspect - Navy went after Kenyan thought to be involved in 2 embassy attacks

Iran: Government calls new UN sanctions “worthless”, vows to continue uranium enrichment

Iran: UN must investigate Israel's nukes

Lebanon: USS Cole deployed off coast reminds Lebanese of 1983 military intervention

Sudan: French soldier missing in Sudan after border confrontation


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iranian President Ahmadinejad in Baghdad’s Green Zone - Visit may open door to final status negotiations with US - Bush said to be eager to hand over a relatively stable Iraq to 44th President

Iran moves to fill Iraq's power vacuum

Iraq's Medical Breakdown: Iraq's Health-Care System Is in Chaos, Despite Increased Funding

Iraqi military transport helicopter crashes in Iraq, killing 8

Iraq PM Al Maliki orders action over kidnapped Chaldean Catholic archbishop

U.S. OKs leaving 9 inspectors in Iraq: To oversee reconstruction, health and other assistance programs

Sunnis make merry on US's dime - Insurgents have outmaneuvered US strategists

Economic News

Government official says speculation blamed for oil price surge: May have added as much as 10 percent to crude oil costs

Oil near $100 after sharp overnight fall: "In the short term what we have is an unbelievable orgy of speculation"

Investors: Don't blame us for high oil prices

Stocks set for gains: Futures point to higher open as investors await slew of economic reports


March 4, 2008



Israeli - Palestinian War

'Bush approved plot to oust Hamas': After 2006 Elections

Israel kills 2 militants in Gaza air strikes

Israeli ground forces pull out of Gaza strip

PM Olmert: We must continue Gaza operations

Olmert-Livni-Barak Government: Sound and fury signifying incompetence

Rice urges more Mideast talks, but won't mention a cease-fire

Hamas declares victory after Israel's Gaza withdrawal: Rocket launches against border towns continue, but some in the coastal strip suggest the attacks are a cynical ploy to provoke a better-armed foe

Secretary Rice: ME peace still possible in 2008

Israeli city readies itself for Hamas war - Ashkelon readies for war

Senior Intelligence Official: Iran behind rocket fire

Humanitarian Aid Flows into Gaza, Missiles and Mortars Fly Out

Kassam Destroys Sderot Home, IAF Destroys Kassam Terror Cells

'Egypt, Jordan may control Palestinians': Both Gaza Strip and West Bank!

Israeli Municipal inspectors narrowly escape lynching in east Jerusalem stoning as Arab protests worsen

Arab 'Third Intifada' Underway?

Young Iraqis are losing their faith in religion

How Do You Prove You’re a Jew?


Latin America scrambles to defuse crisis in the Andes: Venezuela, Ecuador, and Columbia all have their troops on the border in a face-off crisis

Colombia Charges: Chavez is funding FARC rebels

IMF chief says Euro is overvalued: European Central Bank should have a political counterweight to balance its ”ultra-powerful” role

Presidential Politics

Key States of Texas, Ohio Hold US Presidential Primaries

Clinton gains steam in tight Ohio and Texas races

Hillary Clinton Campaigns as if Momentum Is Hers

Billionaire Investor Buffett says Clinton, Obama could run a business

Clinton wins could trump Obama delegate edge

Clinton faces toughest test, vowing to go on - Clinton: Today Is Not My Last

R.I. voters head to the polls in primary election

Democrats expect no knockouts

Five-year-old Iraq war expected to affect Ohio, Texas voters

Adwatch: Clinton ad cites Ohio economy

Obama Defends His Christian Religion: Says he is a devout Christian who prays to Jesus every night

Indicted Donor's trial dogs Obama on the campaign stump

Weather Channel Founder Blasts Network; Claims It Is 'Telling Us What to Think': TWC founder and global warming skeptic advocates suing Al Gore to expose 'the fraud of global warming'

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran: UN votes to add sanctions against Iran

Iran: President Ahmadinejad snaps at Bush: Says he has no time to listen to Bush's warnings

Iran: Russia urges Iran to obey U.N. resolution

Iran: Government lambasts UN after nuclear sanctions

Pakistan: Six killed in prestigious Pakistani Naval College suicide blast

Lebanon: UN chief concerned about Hizbullah arms

Libya: President Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi says he will fire Cabinet over management of oil revenues

China's computer hacking worries Pentagon: A report says the country now has the ability to get into networks around the world

Medvedev Wins 70 Percent in Russian Vote

Russian Election Lacked 'Freedom,' Monitor Says

Moscow police release opposition protestors

California high court to hear arguments in gay marriage case today

Tanker pick backlash builds: Bypassing Boeing jet ill-advised, critics say

Seattle fires may be linked to radical eco-group


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Commentary: Iraq ripe for Iranian domination

As Iranian leader spends 2d day in Iraq, attacks kill at least 17

Iran tells foreign powers that it's time to leave Iraq

Iraq: The $2 Trillion Nightmare

Nobelist Stiglitz Tallies Iraq War's Outrageous Cost

Commander in Mideast to say violence in Iraq down: Admiral Mullen is optimistic

Report from the Triangle of Death

Charges dropped against two former Iraqi officials accused in death squad killings, kidnappings

Economic and political improvement necessary to reduce Iraq violence: Former Iraq commander, Lieutenant General Raymond Odierno




"War On Terror"

Experts say cost of "War On Terror" totals $3 trillion

This war on terrorism is bogus: The 9/11 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination

In September 2000, Bush team had drawn up a plan called "Rebuilding America's Defences" which envisioned using unresolved conflict with Iraq as the excuse to completely redraw the Middle East - and establish American hegemony

Federal 'homeless czar' makes 1st visit to New Orleans

Great Britain had enlisted an astrologer to fight Hitler

Google Earth showed protesters way to conquer British parliament


March 3, 2008



"War On Terror"

This war on terrorism is bogus: The 9/11 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination

In September 2000, Bush team had drawn up a plan called "Rebuilding America's Defences" which envisioned using unresolved conflict with Iraq as the excuse to completely redraw the Middle East - and establish American hegemony


Hugo Chavez moves his tanks to border as regional war looms between Venezuela and Columbia


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iran's President Ahmadinejad lands in Iraq on landmark visit

Ahmadinejad in Iraq / Baghdad's new strategic partner

Ahmadinejad pokes Uncle Sam in eye on Iraq visit

Ahmadinejad to ink deals as Iraq praises Iran role

On Iraq trip, Ahmadinejad cites common history

Iran says no to renegotiating border treaty with Iraq

Iraq bombs kill 16 despite tight security for Iran visit

U.S. forces find mass grave in Iraq's Samarra: Containing the bodies of 14 executed people

Clinton, Obama Recast Their Message on Iraq: As Voters Increasingly Focus on Economic Concerns, War Becomes a Proxy for Other Issue


Russia election not free or fair, say observers: Dmitry Medvedev's landslide victory in Russia's presidential election

Red Square concert crowd hails double act that will hold reins of power in Russia: President-elect Medvedev to continue Putin policies


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel pulls out of Gaza leaving 110 dead

Israel's Gaza Attacks Raise Arab Anger

PA President Abbas breaks off contact with Israel over Gaza attacks

Gaza carnage buries peace negotiations

Gaza Pitfalls in Every Path

Amnesty Calls On Israel To End Attacks On Palestinian Civilians

Hamas claims "victory", says Israelis pulled back


Presidential Politics

Court case makes life difficult for Barack Obama: Alleged kickbacks on a state contract which benefited Obama

Barnstorming Obama plans to pick Republicans for cabinet

Obama Is Disappointed Over Air Force Tanker Deal

Tuesday night might be Barack Obama's last chance to knock Hillary Clinton out

Clinton needs a big win: Otherwise, delegate split about even

Upping attacks, Barack Obama's all talk and no action says Hillary Clinton

Anything she can do... Hillary Clinton is 'down but not out'

Obama and Clinton neck and neck in Ohio, Texas

Clinton takes less direct tack in last days before vote

Hillary Clinton Campaigns as if Momentum Is Hers

Mrs. Clinton's "Alamo"

John McCain has big decision: Who to pick as VP

Gonzalez on Nader campaign: 'Get beyond 2000'

California State Supreme Court takes up same-sex marriage

Bomb rips through Pakistan tribal council killing at least 35

America weighs its options in Pakistan

UN council set to approve new Iran sanctions

Coming soon: remote control with a wink


March 1-2, 2008


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Time to get out of our blood debt in Iraq

"How can (Bush) tell American families that their sons and daughters died for a terrible, tragic mistake committed by his administration?"


Turkish troops return home from Iraq

In Pictures: Turkish troops leave Iraq

Turkey urges PKK to end struggle

Turkish PM moves to repair relations with Iraq

Iraq violence jumps in February

PM Al-Maliki Insists: Iraqis are reconciling

Gunmen have kidnapped the archbishop of the Chaldean Catholic Church in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and killed three of his aides

Iran president to show off influence on Iraq visit

Iran offers Iraq $1 billion loan

US forces have detained the suspected leader of a cell recruiting female suicide bombers in the restive province of Diyala northeast of Baghdad

Pilgrims celebrate one of holiest days in Shia Muslim calendar: Arbaeen

Baghdad adds 40,000 personnel to protect pilgrims in Karbala: Police chief expects 7 million people to attend arbaeen observances

Chemical Ali’ to Hang Within Days

Parliament Political deal-making cheers Baghdad watchers

US faces risk of losing loyalty of 'frustrated' Sunni fighters

Top General To Ask For Pause In Drawdown: Official Says Petraeus Wants "Period Of Assessment" To Study Effects Of Troop Cuts

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Warns of Approaching Gaza Invasion

Israeli Ground, Air Strikes on Gaza Strip Kill 31 Palestinians - Including several children: Total of 66 killed so far

Amid lull in Gaza violence, Palestinians protest: Israel threatens invasion

Palestinian negotiator calls on Gaza factions to stop rocket attacks into Israel

Hamas warns Israel against harming its leaders

Secretary Rice Expands Mideast Mission Amid Gaza Crisis

5 IDF soldiers lightly to moderately injured in Gaza

In pictures: Middle East violence

'No evidence' of Hizbullah buildup in South - UN Secretary General Ban

Hezbollah Rejects US Ship Deployment

Robert Fisk: The gardens of the devil, still sowing death - Israel rained more than a million bomblets into the orchards and fields of southern Lebanon in 2006 – after the ceasefire to the 34-day Israel-Hizbollah conflict had been announced


Economic News

Buffett Says U.S. Trade Imbalance Lures Sovereign Wealth Funds: These government-controlled funds are fueled by U.S. spending overseas, not political motives. "When we force-feed $2 billion daily to the rest of the world, they must invest in something here.''

U.S. Stocks Decline 2.7% on Economic Concern

Fed Officials Diverge on Economic Risks, Interest-Rate Response

US gold up in run to $1,000; silver at 28-yr peak

Nigeria oil hub targeted in night attack, one hurt

Liechtenstein: where the missing billions go

Presidential Politics

Clinton campaign sets new standard for nomination race - Hints that Obama needs to win all four primaries on March 4 to claim victory

Clinton hints Obama can't handle crisis: Ad suggests he's not ready to be president

Democrats amassing cash; GOP has reason to worry

Obama, Clinton deadlocked in Texas, Ohio

Can Clinton's Campaign Be Saved In Ohio? After a string of 11 straight losses, Clinton in a 'must-win' race

Can Clinton Overcome Obamania?

Whispering Campaign Against Obama Continues: Designed to stoke anti-Muslim sentiment

Obama, McCain integrity faces big money test

McCain Faces Fire Over Minister's Views: Support from John Hagee causing some problems for McCain - Hagee is one of Bush's main religious supporters

Guns, butter and the war: Soft-approach ad against McCain - Capt. Forrest attributes to Mr. McCain the statement that he would be comfortable if we had to stay in Iraq for 1,000 years

Analysts: Medvedev to continue Putin's policy

A timeline of Vladimir Putin's eight years as president

Putin is leaving presidency, but Putinism is now Russia's political orthodoxy

Judge orders homeschoolers into government education: Court rules that Family's religious beliefs 'no evidence' of 1st Amendment violation

Political Resistance Continues: Do you believe America always will be safe for homeschooling? Most people might be tempted to say yes, but the reality could be different

Police Finally Admit: Guns best crime deterrent after all - 'People who say bad guys will stop because of 1 more law are full of it'

Mukasey refuses to order grand jury investigation: Attorney general says Bush aides were following president's instructions

Toxin Mystery at Las Vegas Motel Deepens

Ricin in Vegas motel not tied to terrorism: Police

Islamic support jeopardizes Anglican archbishop

Feds admit vaccine 'aggravated' autism: Critics: Ruling major concession after years of government denials

Nuclear work to continue, says Iran ahead of UN sanctions vote

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