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March 18-31, 2008

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Economic News

US prepares to give Fed sweeping new oversight powers

US plans biggest shakeup of Wall Street watchdogs in 80 years

Treasury regulatory overhaul plan 'timely' - Federal Reserve

Current News Story of 3/29: Hold off on economic hysteria

Stocks set for lower open

Major Hoax Going Around Internet: Saying Economy Is Going To Crash In September, 2008, and that Government Finances Are Going To Collapse In September, 2009 - Cutting Edge Refutes This Hoax

Presidential Politics

Bill Clinton urges superdelegates to be patient

Who decides - delegates or voters?

Ex-president defends wife's choice to fight on

Obama gains more ground in Texas conventions

Hillary Clinton recognizes defeat in caucuses

Obama was the first to play the race card

Contest pushes Dems to chaos

China Says It Has Evidence Dalai Lama Incited Riots

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Cleric orders halt in fighting: al-Sadr

Firsthand Look at Basra Shows Value of White Flag

Basra returning to normal after Sadr truce

Iranians help reach Iraq reach a cease-fire

Curfew Lifted in Baghdad after Sadr Fighters Were Called Back

On a Baghdad Street, Palpable Despair: Residents Embittered by Politicians' Choices

New attacks on Baghdad's Green Zone, a day after Shiite cleric calls off his fighters

Reading The Pictures: The Mighty U.S. Trained And Supported Iraqi Army

Remains of U.S. soldier missing since April, 2004, in Iraq identified

Al Gore's New Campaign: Tells '60 Minutes' That Doubting Global Warming Is Man-Made Is Akin To Believing Earth Is Flat

One Hour Could Improve Life on Earth: Earth Hour is a project started last year by the World Wildlife Federation - For one hour on 3/29 places around earth shut off lights for one hour

Ex-Terror Detainee Says U.S. Tortured Him: Innocent man found himself in a prison system that required no evidence and answered to no one

Nationalism at core of China's angry reaction to Tibetan protests

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel tells Rice it will ease some West Bank restrictions

Rice on last leg of Mid-East tour

Rice says deal possible before May

Rice convenes meeting with FM Livni, top PA negotiator Qureia

PM pledges to press on with building in Jewish Jerusalem

Peace Now Charges: Settlement freeze is dead

Jordan: Collapse of Israel-Palestinian talks 'threatens region'

Israel mulls PA troops in Hebron

Hamas offers to stop civilian attacks

Defense Minister Barak: New elections not far off

Rights group: Israel is driving out Jaffa Arabs

'Egypt launching tunnel-detection unit'

You can’t ‘tame’ Israeli Arabs: When inflammatory statements against Israeli Arabs abound, Land Day is more than relevant

Barak to bereaved families: Olmert should have resigned

Israel buying time in Gaza, threatening Assad

Russian skinheads kill 49 ‘foreigners’ since January: Neo-Nazis continue to run amok in Moscow

Credit market 'recovers its poise'

U.S. Fed to auction another $100 bln to banks in April - to deal with the effects of a credit crisis



March 30, 2008

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Shi'ite fighters seize centre of southern city, Nassiriya

Basra: Snapshot of post-surge? Video

Iraq PM offers money for arms

Showdown in Basra: Nascent Iraqi state faces major test

Showdown puts Iraqi, American officials in bind

Retired general from Novato hurt in Iraq roadside bomb blast

Battle for Basra jacks up global oil prices: As soon as word was received that a major oil pipeline had been ruptured

Bush's risky mission to aid Basra

Shiites march in Iraq to protest crackdown

Is Iraq Ready to Deal With Muqtada al Sadr?

Bush discusses pullout halt with military brass: Pentagon leaders voiced concern over how the Iraq war has stressed forces but agreed to the delay

Presidential Politics

Democratic race over? Hillary Clinton doesn't think so

Obama weathers Wright storm: Even as more potential trouble surfaced involving his church

Obama Defends Wright on ABC's 'The View': 3/28 Show

Obama Calls for Tougher Oversight in Financial Sector

Clinton, Obama focus on economy: Shifting their fire, each portrayed McCain as unprepared to handle a financial emergency

Obama Rewriting Rules for Raising Campaign Money Online

Obama suggests he would have left his Chicago church if Wright kept preaching

Commentary - Aaron Keith Harris: Obama loses credibility as ‘uniter’

McCain-Clinton A Tossup In Connecticut

Clinton, Obama Predict Eventual Unity

A Superdelegate Solution: 'Democrats’ nightmare scenario

McCain to embark on 'biography tour'

Hillary Clinton easily beats Obama... in Israel

McCain, Romney Campaign Together in Utah

McCain's tone on mortgages shifts: presumptive Republican nominee described himself as a "Roosevelt Republican"

Bipartisan Team Says McCain Natural Born: 1936 birth outside the continental United States does not disqualify him to be president

Rejecting dissent, China exposes its candor gap

Spy drones in demand by U.S. police departments, but approval pending

Mexico is magical to its warlocks and witches


Israeli - Palestinian War

Defense Secretary Barak fears Hamas W. Bank takeover

Hamas leader Mashaal says willing to consider truce

Hamas, Islamic Jihad: Truce with Israel must include West Bank

National Infrastructure Minister Ben-Eliezer: Israel trying to bring Syria to negotiating table

Syrian FM: Israel doesn't want peace

Barak to tell Rice Israel living up to its commitments

Hillary Clinton easily beats Obama... in Israel

Unclaimed property? What would you do if you were to find out your house used to belong to Arabs expelled in 1948?

Two Brothers on Their Way to Jail for Protecting Jewish Town

Israel receives 4 new F-16I jets

IAF chief to consult experts on carcinogenic substance found in cockpits of the F-16l

Study Finds: Over 40% of Israeli Headlines are 'Pure Speculation'

Hebrew Garments and the Restoration of Biblical Blue

Arab League summit to discuss dire financial straits: Brought on because most of its 22 member states haven't paid all their annual contributions

French President Sarkozy pledges more troops to Afghanistan on UK visit



March 27, 2008



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Behind Pentagon's Closed Doors, Military Leaders Tell Bush of Troop Strains

Sadr followers resist crackdown in Basra: Explosions could be heard every 10 or 15 minutes

Rockets hit Baghdad Green Zone - Again

Iraqi Forces Clash With Sadr Militants in Basra for Third Day: PM gives militants 72 hours to surrender

US carries out air strike in Iraq in support of Iraqi forces fighting Shia militants in the town of Hilla

Positive spin on new Iraq violence

Iraq Gains at Risk on Three Fronts

Sadrists' grip on Iraqis' health care takes toll

British in back-up role in Basra


Presidential Politics

Clinton backers warn Pelosi on superdelegate rift

Dangers of a Democratic Catfight: Democrats Concerned About Collateral Damage; Bill Clinton Doesn't 'Give a Rip'

Obama criticizes McCain on mortgage crisis

Hillary Clinton and the Dreaded Herbert Hoover card

Chelsea Clinton, stumping for Mom, gets the Monica question

Obama warns of 'you're on your own' society

Democrats Are Tied in New Poll

Democrats' party divide runs deep

Small World After All: Obama-Clinton Battle Stirs Global Debate

Federal Judge Rules: Michigan's presidential primary law unconstitutional

Poll: McCain may peel off Obama, Clinton supporters

U.S. must give new Pakistani leaders time - to work out its strategy on terrorism

Bush eyes continued anti-terrorism work with Pakistan

Spy-in-the-sky drone sets sights on Miami: Surveillance society taking shape


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Defense Officials: Hizbullah has rockets that can reach Dimona nuclear reactor

Two wounded in Palestinian rocket attacks

Olmert hints at secret Syrian negotiation track

Strategic Affairs Ministry to be dismantled

IDF broke law by killing wanted Palestinians - Human Rights Group

Messianic Jews: We're subjected to harassment by religious Jews

Sign of Jewish weakness: Israelis who target Messianic Jews apparently unsure of Judaism's strength

Evangelicals hug Sderot

Knesset Law Committee Seeks to Outlaw Debt-Related Arrests


Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

Lights out for planet earth - Earth Hour initiative today, March 27m to raise awareness for the growing danger posed to planet earth by greenhouse gas emissions

Earth Hour initiative gaining momentum

Hilton Hotels back Earth Hour initiative

Sify joins Earth Hour campaign

Schools join Earth Hour initiative

Computer Users Urged to 'Click on, Then Click Off' During Earth Hour



March 26, 2008


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi Forces Fight Sadr's Militia in Basra: 50 Dead, 120 Wounded

Basra Showdown: Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki's ultimatum to militias

Unrest spreads around Iraq as crackdown on Shiite militias rages

US forces kill five, wound 11 in attack on Iraq's Tikrit - Located 180 miles north of Baghdad

Fighting leaves crucial truce with Iraq militia in shambles

Gains in Iraq undercut by recent violence


5 Years of War Editorials

President Bush: Is the "mission accomplished" yet?

5 long years: A new direction needed in Iraq before another year passes

US and Saudi Arabia agree to bring oil prices down to $85-90 per barrel : Determined to avoid the effect of harmful speculation - Now hovering close to $100 barrel

Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

Hillary Clinton goes on the offensive: "He would not have been my pastor"

Hillary Clinton backtracks over 'misleading' Bosnia sniper story

Hillary Clinton plots to win super-delegates as Barack Obama breaks

Despite ‘Fed Speak,’ Clinton Wants Greenspan

Obama's Foreign-Policy Ideas Fire Up Rivals: Believe Obama's ideas are "naive"

Dems to hammer McCain for '100 years' of war comment

Obama, Clinton tied among Jewish Democrat voters

Obama and the Jews: Jewish intellectuals blinded by Obama-mania, fail to see his flaws

Obama Advisor Blames US Jews for Lack of Mid-East Peace


Republican Party

Huckabee cites power of 'kingmakers' in the political election process

GOP sees Rev. Wright as path to victory

4,000 U.S. deaths in Iraq bring 100 protestors to McCain's office

McCain's golden opportunity

Bush-haters won't stop McCain

Nancy Reagan endorses McCain -- Sort of

More of same from McCain?

Dalai Lama's threat to resign as leader of government in exile shakes Buddhism

'Many surrender' over Tibet riots - China charges

Chinese Taking Aim at Media Over Tibet

Some basic facts about Tibet

Europe struggles to accommodate its growing Muslim minority

Explosives near Capitol go undetected in a truck for three weeks

Wall Street wobbles as Asia and Europe rally

Yousuf Raza Gilani sworn in as Pakistani prime minister, restores sacked judges


Israeli - Palestinian War

Syria masses three army divisions on Lebanese border

Defense Minister Barak Warns: Israel’s army and intelligence poised for instant response to Hizballah attack

Hizballah more than trebles rocket arsenal to 40,000

Hizbullah Chief Nasrallah, Still in Hiding: "We'll Get Israel"

'Russia set on Mideast parley, whether Israel likes it or not': Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

Israeli farmer wounded by Gaza gunmen

Secretary of State Rice snubs Netanyahu in upcoming visit

Hatred through the Holocaust: Palestinians portrays the Jewish state burning Palestinian children in ovens

FM Livni: Israel's military activity in Gaza aids peace talks

IDF deploys new anti-terror system around Gaza

Rockets hit Negev kibbutz

No protection from Qassam rockets in ‘transit camps’

Hizbullah’s indirect war: Hizbullah uses smugglers to flood Israel with drugs, acquire intelligence

UN Envoy Warns: Gaza bombs keep ticking - recent Gaza Strip lull is only on surface

Lebanon to boycott Arab summit in Syria

Egypt sends minor cabinet minister to Arab summit in latest snub to Syria

Russia's Putin, Egypt's Mubarak sign agreement on nuclear cooperation


March 25, 2008



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Fighting Breaks Out in Sadr City: Mahdi Army Takes Over Iraqi Army Checkpoints

Iraq cracks down in Basra: The Shiite city has been torn by fighting among parties and militias that are competing to control the south's oil reserves

Iraq imposes Basra curfew due to clashes

Iraqi Militias Stockpile Rockets in Baghdad Schools

Iraq cleric's Mahdi militia starts protest, shuts stores in Baghdad

Attacks on U.S. Green Zone hint at militia's discontent: Iran rearming the Mahdi Army

Sleepless in Baghdad

Bush expresses sorrow over U.S. deaths in Iraq

Civilian death toll in Iraq may have surpassed 1 million

FBI recovers remains of two U.S. contractors in Iraq

Iraq seen as more stable than Afghanistan

Putin: Russia Wants More Work in Iraq

McCain says U.S. succeeding in Iraq

Distorted Hindsight: Establishment officials try to justify their original positions of supporting the Iraq invasion

Pentagon rules out Fallon testimony

Detroit mayor and female aide charged with felonies: Sex scandal unfolds in public

Cargo ship for U.S. Navy fires on boats in Suez Canal

President Musharraf swears in Bhutto loyalist as Prime Minister of Pakistan: Old foe becomes PM

Pakistan's fired chief justice is freed

Fatima Bhutto: Breaking free of the dynasty

Economic News

Dimon `Pulled the Trigger Fast' to Win Bear Stearns Acquisition

Stocks in Europe, Asia Climb, Led by Banks: Confidence in banking system soars

Thornburg Mortgage Moves One-Third Of The Way Away From Bankruptcy

Hong Kong shares close higher on hopes of US credit market recovery

World Markets Rally on Easing US Worries

Oil hovers above $100: Crude prices continue decline as dollar strengthens

Chinese policeman killed as Tibetan unrest goes on

Presidential Politics

Obama supporter mentions Bill Clinton and Monica's 'blue dress'

Another Obama supporter has Farrakhan links

Clinton Calls for $30 Billion for Home Mortgage Crisis

Full Text of Clinton’s Speech on the Economy

Voting 'no' on Hillary, Obama and McCain: Is this the year for 3rd party candidate? Many conservatives are feeling left out of the 2008 presidential race

Both Obama And Clinton Embellish Their Records

Don’t discount Gore-led ticket

"Dr. Death" Kevorkian plans to run for Congress


NY gov says he tried coke and pot in his youth: A day after he was sworn in, Paterson said he had affairs while married

Israeli - Palestinian War

Defense Minister Barak to allow Palestinian police to deploy in Jenin

Joint IDF-Police Operation: 33 kg heroin seized on northern border

Silence shows tension between Hizbullah and Syria

Messianic Christians: Attack on boy one of many over a period of many years - Messianic Christians are growing in Israel

Iron Dome rocket defense system meeting canceled in Knesset

Hizbullah’s indirect war: Uses smugglers to flood Israel with drugs, acquire intelligence

IDF soldier suspected of disclosing information to Hizbullah

Maj.-Gen. Stern speaks out against use of religion to dodge draft

Foreign Ministry heading for collapse: Employees at Diplomatic Division furious over what they see as questionable appointments

Saudi king to organize interfaith conference with Jewish participants

Saudis lead boycott of Syrian summit

Lebanon delays presidential vote again

Turkish leaders tells Cheney no Afghan help for now




March 24, 2008



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Bloody day for Iraq

US military Iraq toll hits 4,000: Latest to die - four soldiers whose patrol vehicle was blown up by a bomb in southern Baghdad

Chaplains Salute Each of the Fallen

Rockets hit Green Zone HQ in Iraq

Iraqi Police Charge: US Air Strike Kills 6 U.S.-Backed Neighborhood Patrol Group At Checkpoint in Iraq

Kurds say Iran shells northern Iraq

Bush Thanks Troops at Easter

US Lawmakers Assess Iraq Violence

Why Did So Many People Support the War in Iraq?



Presidential Politics

It will take more than one great speech for Obama to reassure some Democrats

Obama’s Talk Fuels Easter Sermons

The most talked about church in America: Parishioners defend embattled minister

Eloquent misstep by Obama: If Sen. Barack Obama loses the presidency, he can very likely trace the beginning of the end of his unprecedented run for the White House to last week's much-discussed speech on race

Obama seems inept at patriot games

Bill Clinton questions Obama's patriotism

Arab-American Activist Says Obama Hiding Anti-Israel Stance

Editorial: Haunting Obama’s Dreams

Hillary Clinton Secretly Using Rev. Wright Scandal To Woo Superdelegates

Some superdelegates feed off Clinton's campaign

Clinton Campaign Touts Value of Big-State Victories

Why Clinton's ‘3 a.m. Phone Call’ Ad Is Not That Bad

Republican Party

2 divergent McCain moments, rarely mentioned

McCain, Clinton passport files also breached

Passport File Controversy: Obama Advisor's Firm Spies on McCain, Clinton

McCain's past ethics breaches haunt him

McCain faces risky topics in California trip

McCain reaches out to U.S. allies, but Iraq stands out as a big obstacle

Many of McCain's ideas on Iraq have been wrong

McCain breaks spending limits

Economic News

JPMorgan May Raise Bid for Bear Stearns: May quintuple its takeover offer for Bear Stearns Cos. to more than $1 billion in an effort to win support from employees and shareholders opposed to the deal

Fed May Buy Mortgages Next, Treasury Investors Bet

Wall Street eases back to work: Stock futures head higher as traders return from holiday weekend

U.S. Stocks Rally: Fannie Mae, GE Advance on Analyst Upgrades

US Dollar jumps 3.66 percent to Israel's NIS 3.52

Mortgage rates fall, 1st time since February

U.S. Steelmakers' Surprising Strength: Producers are enjoying remarkable pricing power due to a supply shortfall that can't be easily met with imports

Oil News

Massive reserves at stake in Arctic oil claim: U.S. company projects 400 billion barrels

Why Exxon Won't Produce More

Crude oil prices fell, as the dollar strengthened and Saudi Arabia said it is working to expand production: At one point US light sweet crude fell to $100.02 per barrel, adding to last week's 8% loss

Iraq Invites Bids To Develop Akkaz Gas Field: Has estimated reserves of more than 2.15 trillion cubic feet

Russia's Lukoil head in Iraq to discuss reviving oil deal

Bhutan elections to end royal rule: In secluded Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan - Democracry introduced for first time

Key facts about Bhutan and its first democratic elections: landlocked country sandwiched between Asian giants India and China

Taiwan ruling party to retool after another defeat

Pope preaches Easter message of peace

Israeli - Palestinian War

al-Qaeda's second-in-command Zawahri urges anti-Israel attacks over Gaza: Also urges followers to kill Americans

Osama speaks out again: Al-Qaeda leader says holy war only way to end Palestinian suffering

V.P. Cheney Charges: Hamas, with help from Syria and Iran, torpedoes peace

Palestinian President Abbas Talks at Two Tables: Talking with US and Hamas

'A terror attack waiting to happen'

Jewish Anti-missionaries suspected in attack on Christian pastor's family

Israel's Commercial Planes to beFully Outfitted With Anti-Missile System

French official over for anti-Israel slur: She said, Israel is 'only state where snipers shoot down little girls outside their school gates'

Egypt's President Mubarak heads to Moscow for nuclear deal: Seeking to boost Egypt's nuclear program

Bhutto aide Gilani to be elected Pakistans PM today

100 Afghan drug police killed last year


March 23, 2008


Presidential Politics

Obama Firestorm

Obama Finds Pulpit in Center of Racial Divide

Obama struggles to limit damage in pastor row as white voters slip away

Wright speaks ‘truth': Defenders insist

Wright to deliver 3 sermons at Wheeler: Obama's retired pastor has often preached at local Baptist church

Obama utters racist remark: Media turns blind eye


CFR's Charles Krauthammer Editorial: The Speech: A Brilliant Fraud

Mark Steyn Editorial: So much for the 'post-racial' candidate

Editorial: Obama’s awakening comes too late, and it slights America

Editorial: Throwing Grandma Over the Side - Where is Obama's true inner heart? "Sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you've got it made."

Editorial: Rev. Jeremiah Wright - Just Another Angry Black Preacher

Other Political News

Secretary of Rice apologizes to candidates: Passport files of Clinton, McCain, and Obama were all improperly viewed by State Department Workers

Passport peeping - more than just curiosity?

Old dog John McCain is determined to out-run the Democrat pups


California: Next big quake could be worse than 1906

Economic News

Stocks look to strengthen gains after Bear Stearns drama: Bear Stearns bailout, dollar strength mark a key turn for markets

U.S. Stocks Rally: Fannie Mae, GE Advance on Analyst Upgrades

Mortgage rates fall, 1st time since February

Treasury Secretary Paulson Takes Lead Amid Crisis

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Such a debacle must never happen again: There were no parades in Baghdad this week to celebrate the 5th anniversary of "liberation"

Protests mark Iraq war's 5th anniversary

Iraq war: Five-year anniversary - Collection of original L.A. Times articles and editorials at the time of the invasion

Brutal war on Iraq enters sixth year

Vigil protests war’s ‘waste’

War Resisters Block IRS HQ, 31 Arrested

Iraq's Prime Minister has pledged that the country will play an active role on the world stage

Lack of investment dogs Iraqi recovery

Four US soldiers killed in Baghdad: British General reluctant on security transfer as US defense chief meets commanders over Iraq strategy

Iraqi troops clash with Shiite fighters

'Time is short' for Iraq to right itself - UN envoy warns

Why Iran's Ahmadinejad is worried

We have damaged ourselves — and it was avoidable: View from Great Britain

Saudi's King Abdullah Welcomes Cheney

Opposition Claims Victory in Taiwan Presidential Election

China's Actions Against Tibet Overshadow Taiwan Elections

Party of Late Benazir Bhutto Poised to Reveal Candidate for Pakistani Premier

Robert Fisk: It's not a straight road to dictatorship


Israeli - Palestinian War

Russia to deliver 25 armored vehicles to Palestinian Authority

Cheney headed for Israel after talking oil, security with Saudi king

Hamas leader looks to strengthen hold on Gaza

A lull instead of revenge: Balance of terror that would lead to ceasefire is the real solution to Qassam rocket attacks

Israel says Gaza cease-fire deal unlikely

Purim celebrated across country despite heightened terror alert

Kassam terror rockets shatter Negev Purim festivities

Hamas and Islamic Jihad discussing calm period: Meeting in Egypt

'The nature of the enemy is hydra-headed': John McCain interview with Jerusalem Post

Training flights of F-16I ceased after carcinogenic material found in cockpit

Canada orders ministry by Christians shut down: 'Nothing we could do would please them'

Pagans Celebrate Easter - News

Milwaukee newspaper promotes homo-sex play on Good Friday

Filipinos mark Good Friday with whips and nails

Pope Benedict kicks off Easter celebrations with Holy Thursday Mass

Tibet casts shadow over Vatican's China-themed Easter



March 21, 2008

2008 Politics

Retirement Dims Outlook For Republicans in House: Rep. Reynolds (R-NY) is retiring

Clinton overtakes Obama in new Gallup poll

Polls show Barack Obama damaged by link to Reverend Jeremiah Wright

How Wright Could Backfire

Obama church published Hamas terror manifesto

Superdelegates Await Impact Of Obama Race Speech

Rev. Wright is set to be featured speaker at revival in Tampa next week

Hillary Targets the Credit Crisis: She's stepping up with measures aimed at voters' pocketbook woes

Hillary Clinton’s Calendar and Vince Foster

Clinton unveils new economic stimulus package

New Mexico Governor Richardson to endorse Obama's White House bid

\Obama preacher met Bill Clinton at White House: Photo

Clinton, Obama are Wall Street darlings

Senator Kerry: Obama Could Help US Relations with Muslim Nations 'Because He's a Black Man'

Obama outrage as passport spied on by government employees: Two employees fired

Will Rush Limbaugh Be Indicted for Voter Fraud?

Economic News

The Fed Can Put Out These Fires: Don't worry. It has plenty of room to fight both the credit fiasco and a flagging economy without triggering a return to inflation

Money buys happiness -- if you spend on someone else - Study proves!

Wall St surges on hopes of easing credit crunch : Bolstered by the Federal Reserve's aggressive liquidity action

Anything that grows 'can convert into oil': Company finds natural solution that turns plants into gasoline

Shell exec says world not running out of oil! President of U.S. operations questions predictions of peak theorists

It's Still the Economy Stupid: What do Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain have to say about our current financial crisis?

Why Spitzer was Bushwhacked: Likely the target of a White House and Wall Street dirty tricks operation to silence one of the most dangerous and vocal critics of their handling of the current financial market crisis

Witnessing the turmoil in Tibet capital

Chinese troops pour into Tibet

Dalai Lama fears village massacres as Chinese troops retaliate for protests

What can the protests achieve? Analysts weigh factors involved in Tibetans' demands for change

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Visits Dalai Lama

Day-by-day record of Tibet protests


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Why the final bloodbath is still to come

Corporate Media's Virtual Blackout on Iraq Atrocity Hearings

Appalling Spread of False Information Requires Stronger Media Accountability: Mass Media exercised no restraint or objectivity in the run-up to Iraq War

Counting the human cost in Iraq: Studies suggests that the now-dismissed one million death estimate from the recent Opinion Research Business poll may be accepted

Five years on, Bush pleads for Iraq

Five Years Into War, Iraq Still Lives in Fear

Marchg 20, 2003: There must be a reckoning for this day of infamy

US military deaths in Iraq officially near 4,000

Time Running Out for Iraqi Leaders: UN warns

Sunni militia labor strike could derail US strategy against al-Qaida: Not being paid regularly

Building peace in Iraq harder than expected: British Foreign Secretary Miliband

Gates Meets Top US Commanders to Prepare Iraq Report: Planning for next phase

Bin-Laden: 'Free Palestine' Via Iraq

Former U.N. Secretary-General warns that military action against Iran would be 'a real disaster'


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Actions Weakening Palestinian Authority: Compromising its ability to rule in West Bank and Gaza Strip

Yemeni Bid to Reconcile Fatah and Hamas Fails

Syria: We're ready to negotiate

Israel to Disengage from Gaza Within Two Years

Pollution looms at Israel's key water sources

'Palestine to be freed only with force': "Osama bin Laden"

Poll Shows 85% of PA Arabs Support Terror

Egypt denies Gaza power agreement

Horrific Arab Twist on an Ancient Blood Libel: Palestinian Authority children in Gaza are being raised to believe that Jews don't make matzah from children's blood; they burn them alive

Son of Christian Ariel pastor seriously injured in blast: Bomb was apparently in a Purim gift basket

Messianic Jews: We're subjected to harassment - Could bomb have been sent by Jews? "Every Messianic Jew is a target for radical Jews"

Israeli Defense Officials: Forget lasers, we're sticking with Iron Dome missile defense

Rocket barrage launched from Gaza: Relative calm of Purim holiday weekend shattered

Hamas gunman killed in 'work accident': 30-year-old Wael Hammudeh died mishandling explosives in Gaza

US Complains: Israel must stop discriminating against Arab-Americans

Israel to gain access to Soviet archives: Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Russian counterpart, sign agreement allowing Israel access to sensitive information from Soviet archives dating back to 1953-1967

Lights out for planet earth - As part of 'Earth Hour' lights will be switched off for one hour


March 20, 2008

5th Anniversary of Iraq War Invasion



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

5th Anniversary of Invasion

Remembering: Iraq Invasion Occurred Exactly 555 Days After 9/11

Brutal war on Iraq enters sixth year: Baghdadis say US invasion brought Iraq types of killings, terrorism country never knew before

'We live in a nightmare. Death and carnage is everywhere': Ali, Baghdad resident

A war of utter folly: Responsibility for this spectacular tragedy must lie with those who ignored the facts five years ago - Author is Hans Blix, UN Weapons Investigator who repeatedly warned Bush that Saddam did not have WMD

5 Years Later: Is Iraq War Only Half-Over?

The Long War: National Review Editorial

Bush insists Iraq war was a success as "bin Laden" threatens Europe on 5th anniversary

Selective Memory On The Iraq War Debate

Cheney links war to 9/11 as bomb victims are buried in Baghdad

Presidential Candidates lay out Iraq policies

Iraq bomb attack toll rises to 52

Obama says he can end Iraq war: Fort Bragg speech seen as start of campaign in N.C.

Iraq War: Dems use anniversary to pitch withdrawal

Protests mark Iraq war's 5th anniversary: In Washington, New York, Los Angeles and other cities, thousands turn out to express their opposition

Iraq elections possible after law ratified

U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel: US May Need New Political Party

Presidential Politics

The Real Dangers in Clinton's White House Schedule

Hillary was home during Bill's trysts with Monica, new documents reveal

Clinton donors offer to fund Michigan do-over

Obama Slipping Against Both Clinton And McCain

Obama speech captivates Americans

Obama pastor's words ring familiar in Chicago: To some, they're outrageous; to others, they're truth

Obama's war position could be his weakness

Obama’s Opposition to Iraq War, Once Firm, Sometimes Has Wavered

Talking Points Memo Says McCain "Unfit for Duty"

McCain in Holy Land: Evangelicals wooed

In Tibetan areas, parallel worlds now collide

China acknowledges spread of Tibet protests

China increases troop numbers in, around Tibet

Dalai Lama ready to meet Chinese leaders

Economic News

Gold Leads Commodities Plunge on Outlook for Dollar, Economy: Oil declined for second day in a row - Dollar rallied

Oil falls $6 per barrel as dealers see weak US demand: Fell to $103/barrel

Bear Holder Lewis May Seek Alternative to JPMorgan

Dimon Offers Bear Stearns Bankers Stock, Cash to Stay

Fannie and Freddie Set Free: Federal regulators have eased the lenders' capital surplus requirements, to inject some much-needed money into the mortgage market - move could add $200 billion to the pool of money available for home loans

British Bank chiefs to meet King: To urge him to pump more liquidity into banking system - after a series of scaremongering spread by speculators swept through the stock market

Pakistan: Bhutto's son to announce premier at next session of parliament

Afghanistan: Cheney meets Afghan leader Karzai

Israeli - Palestinian War

Iranian-Swiss gas deal irks Israel

Exiled Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal denies talks are being held between Hamas and Israel

Hamas Charges: IAF kills two in Gaza air strike

'Kidnappings to be thwarted at any cost': IDF commanders

Top IDF officers oppose ceasefire deal

McCain Visits Sderot, Endorses Stronger Action Against Terror Rockets

Unmanned Drones Over Beaches, Israel Considers Short-Runway Jets

Day of Terrorism on Both Sides of 1967 Green Line

Water shortage looms in Israel after drought

Israeli archaeologists find Second Temple coin: Coin dating back to days of biblical Second Temple found in 2,000-year-old drainage ditch in Jerusalem

Fast of Esther Preceeds Three-Day Purim in Jerusalem

Jews Around the World to Rally With Israel Purim Night On Thursday






March 19, 2008



Creation of North American Union

Inside the hush-hush North American Union talks: State Department talks open borders, EU links

Economist longs for creation of AMERO

North American Army created without OK by Congress: U.S., Canada military ink deal to fight domestic emergencies

North-of-border link finishes NAFTA superhighway grid: Atlantic-Pacific route would allow cross-continental goods deliveries

Canada openly proclaims NAFTA Superhighway

Economic News

Monster rally lifts U.S. stock market: Dow Jones industrial average soared 420 points, its biggest one-day point gain in more than five years

Fed cuts key US interest rate to 2.25 per cent

Bernanke Confounds Rate-Cut Calls, Avoids Rattling Investors

Bush: More Help Possible for Economy - eager to ressure a rattled country

Fed cuts key US interest rate to 2.25 per cent: Markets steady before this cut was announced

Visa Inc Raises $17.9 Billion in Record Initial Public Offering

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac May Be Freed From Capital Requirements

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Bush to hail prospect of Iraq "strategic victory": As he marks 5 year anniversary mark

The war that started with lies

US cities to see wave of Iraq protests marking anniversary

On Iraq war anniversary, candidates stake out their differences

Failure suits George W. Bush

McCain stumbles on Iran-Iraq link

Why Iraq Could Blow Up in John McCain's Face

Iraq reconciliation talks hit by walkouts

Hillary Clinton attacks 'failed Iraq policy'

Baghdad Museum Will Not Open: Was ruined in aftermath of invasion


Cheney again links Iraq invasion to 9/11 attacks

Pentagon admits no Saddam-Qaeda link: US administration tries to bury release of Pentagon study confirming that Saddam had no link to Bin Laden

U.S.-Russia meeting more pleasant than last time

Presidential Politics

A transcript of Barack Obama's speech

Obama delivers blunt, risky speech on race: Called slavery America's "original sin" and said mistrust between blacks and whites goes both ways

Will speech give Obama's campaign a boost? May not be enough to rescue his campaign from racial distrust created by horrific anti-American remarks from his pastor

Obama speaks out against hate but doesn't disavow fiery clergyman

Chicagoans: Obama 'right on target'

Local Boston clergy say pastor's devotion, deeds overlooked: Organizers chose one of the biggest names in their world: the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.

Editorial: It's still a question of Wright and wrong

Editorial: A Speech That Fell Short

Clinton tries to keep plan for two revotes alive: Candidate travelling to Michigan to plead for new Democratic primary

Michigan proposal for 'do-over' vote stuck

Forget Iowa. How About That Antarctica Vote?

Superdelegates urge accord

McCain: Israel's enemies are ours

GOP Crystal Ball: Congress Looks Dim, but McCain Can Win

Afghanistan: US-led force kills Afghan civilians

Tibet vs China: Media tell of Chinese police threats over Tibet

Iran: German Chancellor Merkel: A nuclear Iran would be disastrous

Saudia Arabia: Parliament rejects deal to forbid anti-religion offenses

US Supreme Court begins landmark guns case


Israeli - Palestinian War

Most Palestinians favor violence over talks, poll shows: Hatred toward Israel runs deep

McCain gets celebrity welcome in Jerusalem

'Terrorists threaten all we hold dear': John McCain

Abbas threatens to quit peace talks, revive Fatah terror

McCain shares FM Livni's concerns on Gaza

McCain says he believes Abbas

Jewish Settlements face heavy security cuts

Defense Minister Barak orders closure ahead of Purim

Defense Minister Barak considers deploying Palestinian Authority force at Gaza crossings

Sderot: Those who can afford it have already left - up to 25% of the population has left town

Abbas Goes on the Warpath, Tries to Steal the Show from Hamas: Has master plan to flood Israel's border with up to 3 million Palestinians


March 18, 2008


Economic News

Dow Jumps 200 in Opening Minutes

Goldman Sachs and Lehman Beat Earnings Expectations: Two prominent Wall Street firms reported better than expected profits today, helping push Wall Street sharply higher this morning as fear eased that other financial companies were facing the same severe pressures that pushed Bear Stearns to the brink of collapse over the weekend

Federal Reserve set for big rate cut amid market turmoil

Fed likely to stay on offensive: Agressive Rate cut expected amid controversy

European shares rebound ahead of Fed action

Bailout May Provide Fed A Chance to Turn Profit

Bear Stearns' stock boosted by hopes of new bidder

Dow finishes slightly up as market settles down: Fears of another Black Monday unfounded

Asian and European Stocks rebound from Monday fall

Oil slides as stock market weakness sparks commodity sell-off: Although oil has since come off lows, weakness in equities and a slide in other commodity prices has spooked investors, keeping downward pressure on the market

Bernanke to Get on Top of Credit Squeeze, Says Israel's Fischer


Gun Control = Dictatorship

Fighting for our right to bear arms

US Supreme Court is grasping the thorny issue of Americans' right to bear arms for the first time in almost 70 years

Court decision on gun-control is personal for 2 women

Gun control in the crosshairs: D.C. law at issue; justices could set weapon standard

Old Hand At Court Gears Up for Battle: Slick, wily veteran lawyer will explain to the Justices why the D.C. gun ban is consistent with the Second Amendment

Gun Case Causes Bush Administration Rift

Pennsylvania House begins debate on handgun bill


Presidential Politics

Senator Obama

Divinity school at TCU still plans to honor Obama pastor

Congregation Defends Obama's Ex-Pastor: Criticism Seen as Attempt to Silence Voice of Black Church

Philadelphia clergy respond to Obama's minister: Most defend him

Why Wright is wrong for Obama

The left's patriotism gap: If you can't even say the word, how can you claim to love your country?

Obama to speak on race and politics: Will deliver a "major address" on race and politics in Philadelphia today

Obama's Adherence to Iraq Retreat Indicates Foreign Policy Naivete

Current Headline News Article: "Racial Slurs Are Threatening To Devastate The Democrat Presidential Primary!'

Could this revelation prove to be the undoing of the Obama campaign? Barack's pastor is shown repeatedly saying "God d**n America"! You can see that his ravings are driving his black audience into a frenzy! Does Obama secretly hate America?

Hillary Clinton

Clinton slams Bush, McCain on Iraq war

Hillary Clinton warns of 100-year war as Iraq hits the hustings

Clinton outlines withdrawal plan as Iraq war anniversary draws near

Clinton issues challenge on economic crisis

Lincoln Chafee, Senate loser and Obama backer, has advice for Clinton

Clintons downplay delegate gap to Dems

Phony black friends ditch Clinton: Clinton should be leery of ever trusting the word of another black person, especially black preachers

Liberal conferees rip Clinton on Iraq

Florida re-election plan scrapped, all eyes turn to Michigan

John McCain

McCain representative tells Jews: Christian right a 'serious problem'

He's Got A Feaver. More Iraq Explanations!

McCain visits Iraq on anniversary of Kurdish massacre

Bush turns focus on economy

Israeli - Palestinian War

Cutting Edge Subscriber Notes That Perry Stone - "Voice of Evangelism" - Is Reporting News That Is Most Consistent With Controversial Cutting Edge Teachings About Israel and the Palestinians

Rabbi stabbed in Jerusalem - Stabbed in the neck

Egypt's intelligence chief, Suleiman, postpones visit to Israel for third time

Seculars losing culture war: Israelis should learn from Turks how to counter fundamentalist religious coercion

MKs: Pardon Omri Sharon, for his father's sake

IDF coordinators meet with PA counterparts for first time in a decade

Palestinian Authority urges Palestinians to 'return' to Israel on 60th anniversary

PM Olmert defiant on settlements

Israelis can sue the Palestinian Authority for suicide blasts

Analyze This: What German Chancellor Merkel should say in German from the Knesset podium

U.S. criticizes Swiss-Iran gas deal


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Cheney says U.S. endeavor in Iraq successful

Five Years in Iraq: Worms in water; garbage piles up; no power

Destruction, death and fear on the streets of Baghdad

Cheney tells troops: Mideast needs freedom

Many dead in Monday's Iraq shrine city blast: Female suicide bomber has killled at least 49 people

US military deaths in Iraq officially at 3,990

Cheney wants Arab envoys to curb Iran's role in Iraq war

Brief power outage idled Iraq's largest oil refinery Sunday

Iraq begins national unity conference

Bombers seek recognition, fulfilment: Study’s findings

U.S. boosts deportation of illegals: Department of Homeland Security

Chinese PM denounces supporters of Dalai Lama

New Pakistan Lawmakers Pledge Allegiance to Old Constitution





March 17, 2008



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

U.S. Vice President Cheney makes unannounced Iraq visit

Iraq: Explosions rock Iraq's capital ahead of Cheney's visit

Presidential hopeful McCain visits Baghdad

Iraq's regional ambitions to take decades to recover

Iraqi judges set to return to duty

Cheney to Mideast with "rich agenda" on oil, peace

News Analysis: Cheney's Mideast trip not necessarily optimistic

Economic News

JPMorgan acquires troubled Bear: The deal values Bear Stearns at just $2 a share. Regulators hope purchase will stave off wider chaos in financial markets

Sunday surprise: Fed steps into credit crisis - Central bank, in rare weekend move, cuts lending rate for loans to financial institutions to 3.25% and creates new way for big banks to get short-term loans - to provide cash to financially squeezed Wall Street investment houses

Oman to Keep Dollar Peg, Use Fiscal Policy on Prices

Boeing Details Complaints Over U.S. Tanker Choice

International Paper Thinks Inside Box, Buys Package Rival: Deal worth $6 billion

G20 climate-change meeting concludes without concrete agreement

U.N.: Glaciers shrinking at record rate

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: Pakistan's new parliament begins, premiership undecided - election of the deputy speaker will be conducted by the newly-elected speaker

Pakistan: US plane attacks Wana house with precision bombs: Foreign militants among nine killed

Iran: Conservatives win parliament majority: state TV

Iran: Ahmadinejad's Nuclear Mandate Strengthened After Iran Election

Iran: Switzerland to sign huge Iran gas deal

Kosovo: Serbs clash with UN and NATO in north Kosovo

Conservatives set to lose in France


Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

Obama Targets Clinton Supporters Along Philadelphia `Main Line'

Obama's Chicago Pastor No Longer Serving on Campaign

Clinton, Obama Fight to Put Racial Controversies Behind Them

Clinton is Winning the Perception Battle

Bill Clinton: 'Chill Out,' Let Voters Decide - Former President Says Most Democrats Like Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Obama accuses Clinton of withholding vital data: Rival calls strategy attack on character

OBAMA EXTENDS LEAD: Latest delegate count puts him further in front of Clinton

With Race Likely to Continue After Pennsylvania, Democrats Court Other States

US Presidential Election Generates Interest Around the World

Clinton pitches plans to battle rising energy prices

Clinton says Obama voted for oil firm tax breaks

Many voting for Clinton to boost GOP

Republican Party

McCain seeks to build presence in Pennsylvania

Former Hewlett-Packard boss Carly Fiorina talks about running John McCain's campaign for President

John McCain can win with the ladies

McCain should bury the hatchet and pick Romney

McCain's mixed signals on foreign policy

How McCain Can Win the Base

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel to hold massive emergency drill

Hamas Proposes: Swap Ceasefire for Security-Free Gaza, Judea, Samaria

Egypt brokering package deal for Gaza

Netanyahu to search for 'conspirators'

Syrian FM: War with Israel possible

Islamic Jihad Boasts: We have 22-km range rockets

Attention Turns to Israel-Arab Fifth Column

Top Hareidi Rabbi Bans Arab Labor Following Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva Attack

13 Jews Arrested at Protest in Yeshiva Murderer's Village

IDF Negates Report on Danger of Renewed Attacks on Gilo

German Chancellor Merkel lays wreath at Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial

Israeli Police: We were surprised by intensity of rightists' riots

Olmert waiting for salvation: PM’s associates bemoan Olmert’s low approval rating despite his ‘amazing’ work

1st Temple remains uncovered in dig near Temple Mount

U.S. Court Takes Up Gun Rights After 217 Years of Saying Little


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