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March 1-15, 2009


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Obama’s Gun Ban List Is Out

Psychiatric Drug Use of German Shooter Confirmed: Kretschmer Withdrawing from Depression Treatment

Police Trained Nationwide: Informed Americans Are "Domestic Terrorists"

U.S. Retires 'Enemy Combatant': Keeps Broad Right to Detain

Obama, Volcker stress upbeat confidence note on economy

Brussels details plan to bring dead banks back to life

China seizes crisis to boost its global influence

Ukrainians find out: Nobody skims off Putin

Israeli - Palestinian War

CIA Predicts: Israel Will Fall In 20 Years

Obama really means business in the Middle East

Hezbollah chief rejects U.S. condition to acknowledge Israel

Hamas leader vows to end inter-Palestinian rift soon

Palestinian unity talks in Cairo hit deadlock

Fatah-Hamas unity would pose major dilemma for Israel

Two Gaza rockets hit Israel: Military

Olmert, in His Final Days in Office, Faces Key Choice on Captive Israeli soldier

Hamas an obstacle to Gaza reconstruction

Japan threatens economic sanctions on Israel

Romance rumor leads to torching of Christian: Muslim charged with setting fire to man, murdering father


Fascist Global Economy Forming

G20 finance ministers, bankers meet in Britain for talks on financial crisis

G-20 Looks to Tackle Toxic Assets, Defuse Tension

U.S. tries to assure China of its assets safety in U.S.

Madoffs' assets totaled $823 million at end of '08

Obama's plan to cut mortgage interest deduction stirs opposition

Stocks inch higher as strong week closes

Japan warns North Korea to cancel satellite launch

Justice Ginsburg addresses rapt audience at New England Law Boston

Ginsburg: Possible Court Opening Soon

Court: No need for state to check prez' eligibility: Judge throws out complaint brought on behalf of Keyes

Eligibility bill hits Congress: Representative files law requiring candidates show birth certificate

Iran oil minister: Too much oil on the market



March 13, 2009


Germany First Country to admit Clandestine Chemtrails Operations

President Obama: Economic crisis not as dire as it seems

After attacks, Europe hurries to tighten gun laws

Germany gunman 'had depression': Had been treated at a psychiatric clinic

New Obama technology chief on leave after FBI office raid

Japan's threat to shoot down N. Korean satellite

President Obama orders staffers: Question all former President Bush's 'signing statements'

Obama racks up list of broken promises

World faces 'irreversible' climate change: Researchers

"Game of Life" for 6-year-olds pushes same-sex marriage

Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu aide says Obama agrees on Iran, at least

US and Israel differ on Iranian nuclear ambitions

Concern as ultra-right winger set to lead Israel's foreign policy

Seems like old times in Middle East

Israel agrees to free all 450 prisoners on Hamas list

Israel's 22-day offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip killed 1,434 people, including 960 civilians - Palestinian sources

Sderot opens 'safe-for-play' kids center: Reinforced to protect kids from rocket attacks

Ex Guantanamo detainee says MI5 aided US in torture

US plans to name envoy to oversee Guantanamo Prison closure

German teenage gunman spoke of intentions online before attack

Doubts arise over threat by German teenage gunman

U.S. killer left behind grudge list, letter

Troubling portrait of Alabama gunman emerges

Police clash with activists as 'long march' protests begin in Pakistan

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Madoff sent to jail as furious victims applaud

Swindler Madoff will get just two lousy days for each victim

Citi doesn't need more government capital: Chairman Parsons

45 percent of world's wealth destroyed: Blackstone CEO

Corporate oil booms in low-tax Switzerland

Obama tells states: Use stimulus cash well, or else

Obama to get update report on stimulus plan from Volcker

Key Democrat Prepares for Another Possible Stimulus Package

Democrats, White House: Time Needed for Stimulus to Work

Treasury Secretary Geithner Defends Obama Budget Before Congress

Obama not seeking specific G20 economic pact: W.House

Obama hasn't seen auto viability plans yet

World stocks power higher on better banking hope

Wall Street set to extend gains for 4th session

China Asks for Debt Assurance

Banks Rush Bond Sales as FDIC Says It May Raise Guarantee Fees

Goldman Change to Bonuses Helped Cut Compensation Costs in 2008 by $1 billion:

OPEC set to keep oil production quotas unchanged

Obama creates a panel for women's issues

Did Supreme Court clerk torpedo Obama eligibility cases?

Obama reverses opposition to Mexican trucks: White House reacts to diplomatic pressure with vow to retain program

From 'global warming' to global holocaust

Turkey says attacks Kurd rebel targets in northern Iraq

Pakistan Taliban say 24 dead in U.S. missile strikes


March 12, 2009


U.S. Dollar defies recipe for currency collapse

Some Banks, Feeling Chained, Want to Return Bailout Money

North Korea Notifies World Agencies of Satellite Launch Plan

Pakistan protests set stage for confrontation with government

The World's Billionaires: How $1.4 trillion vanished

Gates: Iraq Intelligence Failure Makes More Preemptive Strikes Unlikely

North American Union - Premeditated Merger

‘Undeclared War’ on Mexican Border Greater Challenge than Afghanistan: Congressmen

Did North American Free Trade Deal Cause Mexico’s Drug War?

Congress halts Mexican trucks in U.S.: Funding bill includes measure killing controversial Bush project

NAFTA fix may bring new problems

Senator urges Obama not to alter NAFTA farm terms

Let's make Mexico No. 1 trade partner: Editorial

Is U.S. Trade Policy About to Change?

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President Obama In The News

Obama's plan for Iran

Obama, Congress consider “procedural tactic” to ram through climate change bill

Obama signs earmark-stuffed $410 billion spending bill

Obama Tackles Ambitious Agenda During First 100 Days

Obama Moves Toward Sweeping Ideological Change

Obama's choice for top security posts withdraws candidacy: Charles Freeman, Jr.

Obama Restores Endangered Species Policy

Obama and Europe are having their first spat, over money

'Sense of drift' ails NASA: Obama declares

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Murderous Rampage

German gunman singles out women as 15 die

German gunman took his own life, police say

Witness: German Teacher 'sacrificed herself for student'

Deputy chasing Alabama gunman loses wife, daughter

Alabama Gunman left bloody trail during rampage: Most of those targeted were relatives

Israeli - Palestinian War

PA gov't must take Quartet benchmarks: Clinton

Egypt urges Palestinian unity agreement

Egyptians, Saudis, try to move Syria out of Iran's orbit

Five projectiles fired from Gaza hit W. Negev

Israeli Air Force strikes Gaza tunnels

Pope to shun photo at Yad Vashem holocaust museum

Firebomb Attacker Shot, Killed



March 11, 2009


Iran has no weapons-grade uranium, Congress told

Bernanke Tells CFR: New Financial Authority Is Needed

Stocks Post Biggest Gains of the Year

Too big to fail? 5 biggest banks are ‘dead men walking’

Senate passes $410 billion spending bill

Obama to sign spending bill, push for new rules

Stem cell go-ahead puts Obama at odds with pope

Canadian Military Units To Undertake “Domestic Security”

Rampaging Murders

10 people are fatally shot in south Alabama: Gunman turns gun on himself

At least 10 killed in German school shooting: Gunman fled scene

Church shooting suspect had arsenal in bedroom

5 human heads discovered in ice chests in central Mexico

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Banks may pay dearly for government aid

U.S. May Use Capital Injections to Help Banks Sell ‘Bad’ Assets

Stocks set to continue gains

Japan ‘Pulling Out All Stops’ to Avert Bankruptcies

Japan Stocks Rally on Bank-Recovery Optimism; Toshiba Soars

Lawyer: Madoff will plead guilty to all 11 charges

Treasury Secretary Geithner: We'll fix the nation's 'deep mess'

Congress May Need to Fund Another Stimulus: Pelosi

'Dozens dead' in Baghdad bombing: At least 33, including police chief

One foreign civilian dies in rocket attack on Iraq base

Israeli - Palestinian War

U.S., Israel Disagree on Iran Arms Threat

Netanyahu's vow to Syria: Israel won't provoke war

Is dealing with Hamas in the cards?

Three Gaza policemen hurt in Israel raid: Medics claim

Gaza war heightens tensions along Blue Line

Israel-Lebanon borders stable despite attacks

Israeli kids get rocket-proofed indoor playground

Israel bans Palestinian activist from travel

Pope to skip Holocaust museum on trip to Israel

Freeman Withdraws as Head of National Intelligence Council


March 10, 2009


America had a dictator for eight years: George W. Bush

Senators vote to preserve back-home pet projects

HSBC shares surge to lead Hong Kong rebound

Experts Predict Intense Battle Over Obama's Healthcare Reform

Those With No Religion Fastest-Growing Tradition

60% of Americans Say Embryonic Stem Cell Research Morally Acceptable

Faith-Based Guest List for White House Stem Cell Signing Ceremony

Israeli - Palestinian War

Poll: Hamas popularity goes up after Gaza offensive

Palestinians launch unity talks

Hamas rejects U.S. intervention in Palestinian unity talks

Hamas makes Islamic Jihad vow not to fire rockets into Israel

Gaza militants fire two rockets into Israel

Release Shalit campaign steps up a gear

Israel imposes West Bank closure during Purim festival

Gaza family files $200M suit against Israel

African Union supports Sudan's rejection of International Criminal Court decision

Several killed in Sri Lanka suicide bombing

Africa 'faces increased poverty'

Obama to address U.S. education woes in speech


Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. dollar replaced by ... digital gold? Electronic currency could be global money of future

FDIC's Bair: Bad assets plan can jump-start U.S. economy

BMW aims to put rocket science in your car

Cracks in auto supply chain spreading

Chrysler, GM play host to Presidential task force

Bankruptcy best aids GM, Chrylser: Orderly bankruptcy promises protection and power

Chrysler LLC Vice Chairman Press: Chrysler sales are enough

UAW, Ford agree on new pact: Union concessions expected to save billions, provide blueprint for deals with GM, Chrysler

Iran to open Bushehr nuclear reactor to public

Dalai Lama: Chinese rule in Tibet has created 'hell on Earth'

Obama's fear-mongering: "Never allow a crisis to go to waste"

What Obama's executive order on stem cells means

Obama moves to strengthen role of science in policy

Eligibility issue sparks 'edit war': Wikipedia blocks users from posting criticism of Obama


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March 9, 2009


Climate 'denial' is now a mental disorder

Prince Charles: 100 months to save the world from irreversible climate change

"Outlaw the Shadow Banking System!" PM Brown

President Obama to meet the Queen

Obama to lift Bush stem cell rules

Obama says US is losing war in Afghanistan

US: 12,000 American troops to leave Iraq by Sept.

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Global Economy to Shrink First Time Since WWII: World Bank

Developing world may need $700 billion -World Bank

China Eastern Airline's Parent Wins Further 2 Billion Yuan Government Bailout

AIG warned of global turmoil before rescue

Who got AIG's bailout billions?

GE’s Immelt Says ‘Armageddon’ Will Leave Company and Him Intact

U.S. Public Transportation Ridership Set 52-Year High in 2008

OPEC to slash 2009 demand forecast by 1 mln bpd

Trump venture folds, leaving buyers strapped

Darfur Rebels Warn: we will topple President al-Bashir if the UN doesn't

Obama Nominates Three for Assistant Treasury Secretary Posts


Israeli - Palestinian War

Pope confirms Israel visit May 8-15

Syria's Assad says peace with Israel possible

MK Shalom: Netanyahu won, the Likud lost

Netanyahu: Coalition talks far from over

New gov't to tackle economy, security

Hamas won't sit in Fayad-led unity gov't

Islamic Jihad Complains: Hamas arrested 10 of our terror rocket men

Palestinian Authority detained Hamas agents in West Bank

Palestinian ministers want Israel probed: Ministers say Palestine is legal state since 2002, can therefore ask for probe on 'war crimes'

ICC prosecutor considering 'Gaza war crimes' probe

MK Ayalon: I Am for and Against a Palestinian Authority State

Yes Iran Can: Nuke Program Passes Point of No Return - Israeli Defense Force Alleges

New Iran nuclear report reeks of stale ideas

Pentagon's nuclear weapons theory "bombs"

US, Iran seek to stop Afghan narco-traffic

Iran test-fires new missile

Catholics angry over proposed law in Connecticut: Would essentially strip Catholic churches of all control over finances

North Korea Threatens War Over Satellite Shootdown

North Korea Puts Army on Combat Alert Before Drills


March 7-8, 2009


Obama: Stimulus plan is already saving jobs

Obama says he will do all necessary to boost economy

Obama: Americans 'desperate' for health care overhaul

Obama's Focus-Group Approach More Style Than Substance

Obama: Crisis is time of 'great opportunity'

Obama's expected stem cell move would open federal funding

Obama Following Bush's Path: Iran

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New Hard-hitting DVD

"The Obama Deception: Savior, Messiah, or Illuminati?

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Now that the establishment has anointed and installed Barack Obama as president and the corporate media has heaped effusive praise upon this banker front man, it is time for a documentary to reveal the real agenda behind the man billed as our savior and messiah.

In this non-partisan, no-holds barred analysis, Alex Jones reveals how Obama is a politician bought and paid for by the New World Order: a puppet controlled by Wall Street, the secretive Bilderberg Group and the Federal Reserve. Jones exposes how Obama's policies are the continuation of the globalist policies carried out under the George Bush, Clinton, and Bush Senior administrations. -

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Related Current News Stories

Warning issued over 'spirit of adulation' of President Obama: Archbishop - 'In democracies, we elect public servants, not messiahs'

Obama Enemy No. 1: Rush Limbaugh

White House nightlife under investigation: 'This party atmosphere sends the wrong message'

Government stays open with stopgap bill


Fascist Global Economy Forming

February Job Losses: Have We Hit Bottom? Jobs lost in February was not as bad as some feared

Signs of Life from the Real Estate Market

GM Warns: We still could fail

GM hopes to sell Obama's auto advisers on its vision

Auto Dealers Plead for U.S. Help as Hundreds May Fail in 2009

Michigan schools set to win big in stimulus

Las Vegas Suffers a Recession Hangover

Recession Takes Its Emotional Toll on Cities

Recession Relocations: Where to trade-down and live for less

Madoff to Face New Charges, May Be Nearing Plea Deal

Lloyds Cedes Control to Government: State controls 75% of mortgage lender

Supreme Court bowed out of deciding whether President has power to imprison people in the United States indefinitely without a trial

Russia calls for nuclear-free Middle East

Israeli - Palestinian War

Olmert: No peace without dividing Jerusalem

Palestinian PM resigns, suggesting progress in reconciliation talks between Fatah and Hamas

Netanyahu associates: New government within 2 weeks

Barak: Israel needs broad unity gov't

Labor implores Barak not to join gov't

Avigdor Lieberman in line for Israel foreign minister job

Will Israel launch "Cast Lead II" attack on Gaza?

Israel pursuing annexation of East Jerusalem

Palestinian militant allegedly killed in IDF strike

Italy pulls out of UN racism conference

Israel, apartheid, anti-Semites

Mauritania severs diplomatic ties with Israel

Israel Seriously Considering Attack on Iran

White House mum on Jerusalem terrorist attack: Departs from practice of immediately condemning terrorism against Israelis

Tongue-tied Clinton gets warm EU welcome

Iran says open to Afghan meeting offer from U.S.

Recession? Not at Abu Dhabi's arms show

Scripted Lines

President Hu: Crisis also means opportunity

Obama: Crisis is time of 'great opportunity'

Does America deserve a Christian burial? Joe Farah, World Net Daily Opinon

Illinois bans prayer at Christian institutions: Policy censoring faithful 'on their own private property' challenged


March 6, 2009


Putin denies new world currency rumor

The (very) scripted President

Palestinian Official: Time to impose 2-state solution

Americans 'desperate' for health care overhaul: Obama

Catholic hospitals threaten ‘civil disobedience’ over proposed abortion bill

Biden Tells AFL-CIO: 'It’s time we start dancing'

Anti-surveillance filmmaker plans eye-socket camera

Gay marriage backers grilled by California judges


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Toyota Shock May Spur Supplier Failures Without Government Aid

GM Europe 'could run out of cash'

Europe seeks specifics on GM's future assets in the region

Opel 'should consider insolvency'

Jaguar staff opts for shorter week

BMW urges UK scrapping old car incentive: Has sparked a 21% increase in car sales when tried in Germany

Zhou Pledges Fast, Forceful Policies for China Growth

Stocks in Europe fluctuate before key U.S. data

Swiss market defying global downturn

U.S. to invite wealthy to invest in bailout

Senate bogs down over $410 billion spending bill: Will have to pass a stopgap spending measure Friday in order to avoid a partial government shutdown

US Afghan conference likely to include Iran

Israeli - Palestinian War

Clinton reiterates need for two-state solution

Signs of a Palestinian State at Checkpoint?

Obama to Beef Up Palestinian Army

Rockets slam South Israel, IAF hits tunnels

Ashkelon wins long battle for rocket shelters

Israel vowed not to harm Hamas No. 2 leader

Coalition talks: Bibi, Lieberman optimistic

Likud cut deal with Shas Party last year to thwart Livni

Labor implores Barak not to join Netanyahu's gov't

Israeli Police increase Purim alert after J'lem attack

FM Livni, Turkish FM meet to repair ties

Can Jews live in Europe? For increasingly helpless European Jews Israel is the solution, not the problem

PM Netanyahu may Become Finance ‘Super-Minister’


March 5, 2009


Leuthold Says Stocks Will Surge, Depression Avoided

Wanted: 100,000 Financial Cops To Regulate New Fascist Economy!

Obama forecasts gloom as Brown calls for "Global New Deal"

Obama begins health reform drive with W.House forum

Obama names new chief for FEMA: Craig Fugate

Senator Martinez: Obama's eligibility is up to the voters

Opposition Leader Warns: Pakistan security has collapsed

Gay marriage battle back in California high court

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Asian Stocks Rise as China’s Wen Affirms Economic Growth Target - Using $585 Billon Stimulus Plan

Philippine Central Bank Cuts Interest Rate Less Than Expected

Japan’s Production May Bottom Out Next Quarter

Ford launches major debt restructuring

Car makers get serious on the environment

Obama's $74 Billion Housing plan 'should get ball rolling'

Key Democrats Oppose Obama's Tax Deduction Plan

Seize the moment, PM Brown urges US

British PM leaves US without clear boost

Norway increases state ownership in StatoilHydro: National oil company

EU: lower exports, investment behind 4Q slump

President Obama's policy czar system concerns some: May be consolidating power and bypassing Congress

Venezuela's Chavez seizes U.S. food giant unit

Obama to own U.S. if he can 'wipe out' Rush: Limbaugh challenges president to 1-on-1 debate


Israeli - Palestinian War

Islamic Jihad leader rules out Gaza ceasefire

Sec/State Clinton tests water in first Israel-Palestine peace mission

Clinton criticizes Israel plan to raze Palestinian homes

Abbas asks Iran not to intervene in Palestinians' internal affairs

Iran: Israel’s Nuclear Sites are within Range of our Missiles

Obama plans to boost security aid to Abbas' forces

Gaza militants fire back rockets at Israel after airstrikes

IAF Hits Senior Jihad Terrorist: One of top commanders of Islamic Jihad's rocket launching squads

Palestinian health system in crisis

Police Tighten Noose on PM Olmert, Urge Indictment in Third Scandal

Netanyahu promises to lower taxes in '09

Egypt says it is obligated to sell gas to Israel

'Intimidation forces' try to divide Jerusalem: Palestinian intel apparatus caught thwarting property sales to Jews

Israel to Invest 6 Million Shekels in Upcoming Visit by Pope

Great Britain weighing talks with Hizbullah: In light of "more positive developments within Lebanon"

Sen. Kerry: Syria's Assad leaning towards the West

Israel: Syria's demand to get munitions from seized ship 'insolent'

US may ignore Syrian interference in Hariri tribunal in return for regional concessions

Sri Lankan PM rules out ceasefire with rebels

Clearwater, Florida: American flag OK, but Constitution illegal

U.N. to make ban on criticizing Islam mandatory? Expected proposal would criminalize such comments in U.S.

Obama intel chief violating Iran sanctions? Board member of Chinese government-owned OIL company in deal with Tehran


March 4, 2009


Wanted: 100,000 Financial Cops To Regulate New Fascist Economy!

Obama: It's a Good Time to Buy Stocks

PM Brown To US Congress: Seize moment on economic crisis -- To solve global crisis

Thousands of Mexican soldiers pour into the country's most violent city

Clinton puts America on collision course with Israel

Sarkozy Says Switzerland ‘Could Be’ Placed on Uncooperative Tax-Haven List

North Korea remains on track to test missile

Obama's Iran Crisis: Coming sooner than later

Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei: Obama on same path as Bush

6 powers commit to 'direct diplomacy' with Iran

Russia Denies Obama Inducement to Help Stop Iran

Israel tells Clinton military option must remain on table

FEMA Encourages People With Special Needs To Prepare For Disaster

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama to outline plan to cut wasteful spending

China’s Wen May Announce New Stimulus Package to Revive Growth: Stocks surged

Stocks in Europe, Asia Advance: U.S. Futures Gain

No bottom seen for auto sales

Fiat CEO, GM team meet with Obama task force

Feds zero in on auto supplier aid: Those facing bankruptcy first in line

Ford cuts a painful deal: UAW members will be asked to give up benefits in order to preserve wages and health care

Australian economy contracts

Pakistan arrests suspects in Sri Lanka team attack

Afghanistan confirms August election

United States Opens Up Syrian Diplomatic Track

Israeli - Palestinian War

Clinton meets Palestinian Authority leaders

Clinton: First Step to Peace is for Hamas to Stop Rockets

Abbas to push Clinton on Israeli settlements

Clinton in Ramallah, Protected by Checkpoints

Abbas Increases Payments to Jailed Terrorists

Arab Viewpoint: Clinton, instead of promising us Palestine, create an Israeli state

Netanyahu gives Labor 1 week deadline to join coalition

IAF strikes tunnels in southern Gaza

Hizbullah now $1B richer: Donations from Tehran

Obama and Brown: Mutual respect but not much warmth

Politics In The News

Obama Gets Strong Support in Poll

Republicans are trying to find a voice and a direction

A 'Rush Is the Leader' TV Ad - Transcript of Limbaugh's CPAC Address

GOP Seeks Balance With Conservative Icon Limbaugh: Rush too hot to handle?

GOP chairman Steele backs off Limbaugh criticism

Federal Union Boss Calls Limbaugh's Comments On Obama 'Unacceptable'


March 3, 2009


Clinton Meets Peres: Stresses need for two-state solution

Shell-shocked investors flee stocks

Obama says $155m in health funding means jobs, too

PM Brown to urge President Obama: Back global financial reform plans

Bush anti-terror secrets revealed

Painting Limbaugh as GOP's leader

Japan prepares to shoot down North Korean missile

Obama sought Russian deal on Iran

FBI spies 'chill free speech and faith'

Israeli Scientists Suggest ‘Peaceful’ Nuclear Fuel

Sri Lanka cricket team attacked in Pakistan

Gunmen remain at large after Pakistan attack on Sri Lankan cricket team

Taliban rivals unite to fight US troop surge in Afghanistan

US to go ahead with military drills in S Korea

Nancy-Ann DeParle, Head of White House Office of Health Reform

Sebelius pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services shows Obama personnel strategy

Common flu strain resists popular drug Tamiflu


Israeli - Palestinian War

Clinton reiterates need for two-state solution

No 'fireworks' expected at first Netanyahu-Clinton meeting

Clinton Stands by Israel, Regardless of Which Government

Clinton to Hear Israel's 'Red Lines' on Iran

Netanyahu desperate for Barak in his coalition gov't

No nonsense government: Netanyahu fully understands he must tackle key issues of our time

Livni ambushes Mofaz in Kadima faction meeting

Russia to deliver armored vehicles to Palestinian Authority

Hamas Vows: We will never recognize Israel - shuns Abbas' offer of unity gov't, which he says must agree to two-state solution with Israel

Iran-Hamas ties stronger than ever: Islamist group looking to remove Abbas from power

Israeli High Court Judges: Law Doesn't Govern Money Transfers to Gaza

Donors Exceed Expectations: $4.48 Billion for Gaza


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Autos help, carbon limits tied

Ford cuts sales forecast, but won't seek bailout aid

Obama chief of staff criticizes ailing automakers

Obama may throttle, not retool, family cars

General Motors unveils "Spark" minicar

Toyota asking for Japan government loan

Chrysler's Nardelli met with Obama auto team

Plunging traveler demand sends air fares into free fall

Putin's party overwhelmingly wins Russia's regional elections


March 2, 2009


Economic crisis threatens the idea of one Europe

British PM Brown woos Obama on global deal: Wants to establish an economic "global new deal”

Sec/State Clinton starts Mideast diplomacy with cash for Gaza

White House, GOP avoid direct confrontation

Ukraine teeters: Citizens blame banks and government

New President in U.S. raises hopes on climate treaty

Obama to tap Kan. Gov. Sebelius as health chief

Possible Threat To Obama's Security Discovered

President of Guinea reported killed by his own soldiers

Bangladesh army steps up mutineer hunt

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Related Current News Story

Warning issued over 'spirit of adulation' of President Obama: Archbishop - 'In democracies, we elect public servants, not messiahs'

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Lloyds Bank heading for 75% Britsh Government ownership

Harvard’s masters of the apocalypse: If his fellow Harvard MBAs are all so clever, how come so many are now in disgrace?

World markets slump on banking fears

Poll: NC supports stimulus, sin taxes

Oil Falls for a Second Day

Sin Taxes Now An Issue

States consier 'skin tax' on porn, strip clubs to help budgets, but free-speech impact questioned

Legalize marijuana, tax it, regulate and make money from it: Editorial

Rough Recession Tests Nevada's Brothel Boundaries: "Why not license everything we consider a vice?"

Prop. 8 challenge reaches Calif. court: Arguing why California's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage should stand or fall


Israeli - Palestinian War

Barak tells MKs: Labor Party must join Netanyahu's coalition

Israel may face war crimes trials over Gaza

Clinton calls for urgent action to break ME cycle of violence

'No money to Gaza until rockets stop': Prime Minister-designate Netanyahu

Ashkelon Elementary Schools Closed Due to Rocket Attacks

Mubarak: Priority is to reach truce - "this year will be the year of peaceful settlement between Israelis and Palestinians"

Quartet Middle East Envoy Tony Blair Visits Gaza

A/G Mazuz May Indict Olmert on Talansky Cash Payments Scandal

Helping Hillary while keeping Israel safe: Editorial

Candidly Speaking: Ill political winds blowing from Washington: Editorial

Radio chip coming soon to your driver's license? Homeland Security seeks next-generation REAL ID

North Korea, UN command hold urgent talks at demilitarized zone

Ex-assemblyman pushes plan to split California into two states


March 1, 2009


Today's News

CNBC Analyst: Global Bank, Global Currency Within 15 Years

Obama stakes presidency on bold economic plan

Radio chip coming soon to your driver's license?

Senate to announce investigation of torture under Bush

North Korea warns again of conflict on Korean peninsula

U.S. agency aims to undo Bush's anti-abortion rule

Trade deal signed at ASEAN summit

Global economic crisis hangs over ASEAN summit

Canada warns about dangers of traveling in Mexico


Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. Treasury reaches a deal to raise stake in Citigroup

U.S. economy shrinks faster than expected

Obama Says He Expects a Fight Over $3.55 Trillion Budget Plan

Obama plays Robin Hood with budget

Fed Officials Weighing Quick ‘Exit Strategy’ for End of Recession

China’s Wen Sees Some Sign of Recovery After 4 Trillion Yuan Stimulus

New UBS CEO sees changes to Swiss banking secrecy

Germany ready for five billion euro Opel bail out

US dollar rate increases risk for European carmakers

Oil's price momentum upward subsides after demand increase

After apologizing, Northern Trust says it will give TARP funds back

Feds will help with COBRA payments: Government will subsidize 65 percent of the cost of health insurance through COBRA for workers who lost their jobs between Sept. 1, 2008 and Dec. 31, 2009

Citizen's 'Tea parties' denounce spending trillions

Ukraine leader pledges action for IMF, World Bank

China's banking system stable amid global crisis: China's Banking Regulator

Wall St dumps film deals on Hollywood investors

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States

Sri Lanka: Fight to the end - another inter-ethnic conflict was raging

Dozens more bodies found at Bangladesh mutiny site

Sec/State Clinton hails Afghan-Pakistan talks

Pakistan closes in on militants in tribal regions


Non-Integrating States: Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

President's plan to end war in Iraq turns tables on his supporters

Obama moved toward field commanders in Iraq decision

Gates prefers small US force in Iraq after 2012

Obama briefs Bush, al-Maliki with his Iraq plans

'We Are Leaving Iraq': Obama

Broad Republican support for Obama's Iraq plan

Iraqi PM says his security forces ready

President Ahmadinejad: Iran looks to boost Iraq ties

Christopher Hill appointed US Iraq ambassador

Wanted Iraqi lawmaker returns, and quickly flees

Iraq appeals for foreign oil expertise

Israeli - Palestinian War

Clinton: Hamas must recognize Israel

Clinton says US remains committed to two-state solution

Netanyahu-Livni meeting unfruitful

Right-wing Lieberman supports Palestinian state

Hamas' Abu Marzouk entered Gaza for first time in 30 years

School damaged in Grad-type rocket attack on Ashkelon

Barak, Mitchell talk regional security in Tel Aviv

War crimes charges grow: Jerusalem silent

Nasrallah's Deputy Warns: Hizbullah prepared for another conflict with Israel

U.S. joins Canada in boycotting UN racism conference: Because it will be used as a forum to attack Israel

'We will defend our airspace': Canadian PM Harper warns Russia - Two Russian bombers were intercepted near Arctic

How HIV stays one step ahead of immune system


Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

After Obama appeal, Congress renews efforts on climate change

Commercial Ships Spew Half As Much Particulate Pollution As World's Cars: Global Warming Hysteria

Snowiest Winter Ever Recorded in North Dakota

Prehistoric Global Cooling Said To Have Been Caused By CO2

Polluters pay under Obama's 'green' budget

Honda says to open bio-ethanol research centre

China tells US to stop acting as human rights guardian

Jordan, Russia sign nuclear deal: To pave the way for producing nuclear power in the energy-poor kingdom

Physicians: Obama pro-abortion plan will 'shut down hospitals'


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