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March 16-31, 2010
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Obama To Let Offshore Oil Well Multiply Like Locusts

Prosecutor: Christian Militia Had to be Taken Down

Suicide Bombings in Southern Russia Kill 12

President Medvedev Calls for New Anti-Terrorism Laws as Russia Mourns

Bicycle Bomb Kills at Least 8 in Southern Afghanistan

Amnesty says China Executed Thousands in 2009

South Korea Puts Military on Alert: North Korea suspected in sinking of warship

Obama signs final piece of health care bill

Iranian nuclear scientist 'defects to US'

Palin's secret CSU speaking fee sparks outcry


Health Care News

N.Y. Times columnist: Death panels will save 'a lot of money'

President Obama's Health Care Law gives rebirth to the Nazi Biomedical Vision - the bloody Nazi Wolf is back!


Mitt Romney for Health Czar: Why the former Massachusetts governor should run health care reform

With health bill, Obama has sown the seeds of a budget crisis

Health care law may cost California billions

California should seek to block healthcare plan: GOP candidate for governor Whitman

FBI Investigates IRS Death Threats: Since the House passed the health care bill

Obama Signs Student Loan Overhaul Legislation

Sallie Mae Blames 2,500 Layoffs on Obama's Student Loan Overhaul: Government to begin directly lending to students, bypassing financial institutions like Sallie May

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Credit is Dead. Long Live Cash!

Dow Eyes 11,000 as Jobs Data Looms

Car sales growth expected for March: Indicators spur optimism

GM builds first Chevy Volt: Will begin regular production of the radical electric car in November

Toyota, Chrysler see better days: Top officials upbeat at dealers meeting

Ford to show off Lincoln MKZ hybrid today: Most fuel-efficient U.S. luxury hybrid

Activist shareholder targets Pasadena's Ameron, calls CEO's pay 'excessive'

Emirate sheik who oversaw one of the world's largest sovereign wealth funds found dead: Was ranked No. 27 on the Forbes list of the world's most powerful people last year

Irish banks rebound as government sets out capital levels

Large Hadron Collider smashes protons, record

Immigration activists denounce deportation quota memo

Spending and Strippers: RNC Spree Raises Questions

RNC says risque outing was unofficial, and news to party officials

Bicycle Bomb Kills at Least 8 in Southern Afghanistan

Canada adamant about Afghanistan pullout: But France declares support for Obama's strategy

Iranian nuclear scientist 'defects to US'

Obama: I'm Seeking Iran Sanctions "Within Weeks"

Russians have a sense of dread after subway bombings

Four killed in drive-by shooting in Washington, D.C.

President Obama: Drill, Baby, Drill

US offshore drilling plans could be a risky play for climate votes

Map of the areas in question

Obama proposes opening Alaska coastal areas to offshore drilling

Did Bush Knowingly Mislead the U.S. Into War With Iraq?

False Pretenses: Bush officials made at least 935 false statements in the two years following September 11, 2001, about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraq

Headline News Archived Articles - Posted in February 2004

Bush/Blair Justification of Iraq Invasion: Now Proven To Be Lies, Distortions, Exaggerations - Part 1 of 2 - "What luck for rulers that men do not think" - Adolf Hitler

Bush/Blair Justification of Iraq Invasion: Now Proven To Be Lies, Distortions, Exaggerations - Part 2of 2 - "The CIA said Saddam Hussein posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion" [George Tenet, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency]


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel hovers between war and peace

Israel recognizes Obama means business

Painting Israel as the problem undermines prospects for peace

Obama Is Fighting Friends

Obama Insists: Still Pro-Israel - "If our goal is peace, the Administration should be pressuring the Palestinians, not Israel"

Obama's Ire, Not U.S. Interests, Directs Israel Policy: Editorial

US pushes Israel to freeze settlement construction for four months

France's Nicolas Sarkozy joins Barack Obama in condemning Israel’s settlement policy

Israel Seals West Bank For Weeklong Passover Celebration

Fatah Strongman: Internal Hamas battle is derailing Shalit talks

UN Report: World's biggest cities merging into 'mega-regions'

I'm not the messiah, says food activist – but his many worshippers do not believe hi

India deploys world's hottest chilli to fight terrorism: Bhut jolokia, or 'ghost chilli', to be used for teargas-like grenades to immobilise suspects

NY Court Rules Attempted Firebombing of Jewish synagogue is a Hate Crime

G8 Focused on Nukes and Terrorists

Tea Parties Threaten the Republican Party: "Tea Party activists who wish to splinter conservatives will insure that the conservative revolution fails"

Did Boy Scouts Keep "Perversion Files?"

'Right-wing white brothers' may 'attempt to kill' Obama: Cornel West, speaking alongside Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan

Jerusalem Bus Posters: Destroy mosque, build 3rd Temple now!

March 30, 2010


Christian Militia accused of plotting war on US government

Health care reform bill has passed; now we know what’s in it

Obama set to sign health care 'fixes' bill

Obama to sign new student aid initiative

Obama tears up Israel’s carte blanche

GOP spent thousands on luxury jets, adult club

Palin kicks off Tea Party Express tour

Russia mourns 39 dead in Moscow subway blast


Health Care News

Pelosi basks in health care victory in S.F.

Health care reform bill has passed; now we know what’s in it

Glenn Beck: Is Mass-Care Bankrupting Bay State?

Insurance industry agrees to fix kids coverage gap

With Every Intervention, Concerns Build Over Size of Federal Government

With no big bounce from health care, Obama tries to create momentum

Indiana Joins Fight Against Health Care Changes

Physicians group sues over health-care law: Says it violates Constitution in several ways

Supreme Court may weigh coverage mandate: Health care reform now in court's hands

Distinguished Scholar to get Chance to Put Theory into Practice as Medicare Chief: Donald Berwick

Obama Medicare pick urges 'radical transfer of power': Donald Berwick

Tea party activists like Biden's 'big ... deal' comment too: It's all the rage on T-shirts calling for healthcare repeal

Does healthcare reform close a tax loopholes or destroy wealth?

Divers drill into hull of sunken South Korean combat ship

Two presidents visit U.S. troops: The styles of Barack Obama and George W. Bush in photos

Tears and prayers as Moscow returns to work: Mass murder left few traces on the Moscow Metro today

Burgers go way of booze as US general Stanley McChrystal bans junk food: commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan theater


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel gets cool reception from Obama: Netanyahu is now skating on very thin ice

Abbas wanted Hamas toppled in Gaza war: Israel

U.S. boosts Arab hardliners: Israeli minister

Israelis quit Gaza after worst clash in over a year

Israel Prevents Christian Pilgrims From Visiting Bethlehem

When AIPAC said 'no' to Israel

Scenarios: Global impact if Israel strikes Iran

Israel to focus on key Iran nuclear targets in any strike

Israel, Iran, and existential threats: "No, we don't think there is some crazy Iranian who is going to press the button." Nuclear weapons were a form of "insurance" against being attacked"

News Analysis: How bad is U.S.-Israeli flap?

Jewish leader doubts Carter apology on Israel

Summit fails to please factions seeking armed reaction to Israel

Iraqi PM steps up campaign to overturn election result

Row over Lesbian inclusion in German war memorial

German Chancellor Merkel attempts to soothe tensions during visit to Turkey

Next cramdown on taxpayers? It's amnesty and it's ba-a-ck!

Moscow mourns as metro bombing toll rises: Flowers lain, candles lit and flags across Russia’s capital flown at half-staff

Russians warned of terror attack: Lack of preparations raise concern over status of security

Feds Insist: Christian Militia members sought to spark uprising - Last of 9 arrested after search in Mich.; they allegedly plotted to kill police

March 29, 2010


Rothschild quartet helped China's Geely purchase Volvo Cars

NYC activates security plan after Moscow bombings

Female suicide bombers blamed in Moscow subway attacks

Obama Rallies Troops in Afghanistan

International Landmarks Darken Around World for 'Earth Hour'

Divers reach sunken South Korea warship, no sounds of life

FBI Raids Christian Militia Group In Three States

Fed raids in Michigan may be tied to Hutaree, a Christian-militia group

1 in 4 Americans censoring thoughts under Obama

Arab League Summit Concludes Amid More Criticism of Israel


Catholic Church - White Sepulcher Christianity

Saving face over saving children

Scandal casts pall on Pope: Faces resignation calls as he opens Holy Week

Swiss president calls for paedophile priest register

Catholic Church will not be intimidated by sex abuse claims: Pope

British Archbishop Nichols says sex abuse anger 'justifiable'

Vatican cardinal calls for sex abuse 'housecleaning'

Lawyer who found documents has long pursued Catholic church

The Catholic Church: Why Have Anything to Do With These People?

Tea Party Draws Thousands to Nevada Desert

Tea-party Woodstock in the desert: Editorial

Tea Party priorities split Ohio GOP: A split in Republican ranks

Who are the Tea Party activists? Virtually every vote the Tea Party candidate gets would be siphoned from the GOP candidate

US Lawmakers Report Increased Security Threats Linked to Health Care Vote

321 civilians killed in 2009 massacre in Congo

Sex, lies & tape: Kremlin "honey trap" for critics?


Health Care News

'Obamacare' Cops: $1 billion to force new tax compliance

Medicare Nominee Would Face Big Changes: Dr. Berwick, a Harvard University professor and specialist in patient safety

Health overhaul likely to strain doctor shortage

We 'the stupid' intend to fight this: Editorial

President Obama's Health Care Law gives rebirth to the Nazi Biomedical Vision - the bloody Nazi Wolf is back!

National Health Care Bill Contains the Skull & Bones Illuminati Signature of '322'!

This reality means that the National Health Care is simply part of the Illuminati Plan to finally bring America to dictatorial subjection President Obama is simply following the script written for him, "... a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any ... who oppose us by deed or word."

Iran's 'double game' in Afghanistan

Iran sanctions top concern at G-8 summit

Religious Parties Now Key to Iraq Rule

Fascist Global Economy Forming

For Volvo, a New Life Under Chinese: Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. agreed to buy Volvo cars from Ford Motor Co

Toyota February Production Jumps

World stocks, euro rise as debt worries ease

A bet on growth puts small-cap funds ahead in 1Q

Stocks, Commodities Rise on Signs of Economic Recovery

European Economic Confidence Rises More Than Forecast

Shoppers Sales Signal Retail Revival


Israeli - Palestinian War

U.S. Jewish group demands apology from Hillary

Netanyahu tries to play down tensions with US

PM not worried Labor will leave gov't

IDF imposes closure on West Bank: Army prepares for tense holiday after Gaza clashes that killed two

US may abstain from UN resolution on east Jerusalem

Poll: US Jews prefer Obama to Netanyahu

Palestinian Authority purges Hamas-linked educators

Jerusalem posters call for 3rd Temple

Arab leaders support peace plan: Arab League Summit

Modern-day voice offering 'heaven's bailout': Christian Activist carries biblical message to White House gates

Massive 'maelstrom' to blast incumbents: 2010 'will make 1994 election look like light summer breeze'

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval - Country split 46-46%

March 27-28, 2010


Secular challenger hails Iraq election victory: Anti-Iranian

Upset Vote Reshapes Iraq

Lights out in Sydney as world begins Earth Hour

Health-care overhaul begins now

Obama Hails Real and Major Reform

White House, Kremlin Seal Treaty on Nuclear-Weapons Cuts

Catholic Order Apologizes to Abuse Victims

U.S. to increase housing loans

Israeli soldiers leave Gaza after fierce clash

Resistance can develop fast with swine flu


Obama's 2nd pick for transportation security chief is out

War On Automobiles? "Today I want to announce a sea change ... This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of nonmotorized"

AT&T to Book $1 Billion Cost on Health-Care Reform

Cuban leader applauds US health-care reform bill: Dubious endorsement? Cuban leader endorses US health care reform, says it's about time

How is Pelosi faring in her own backyard? First poll on speaker since 'Obamacare' turned into U.S. law

Pentagon Monitoring South Korean Naval Ship Sinking

U.S. looks to export drone technology to allies

Tea Party protest goes to Reid's hometown in Nevada

Palin lends her star power to McCain in his Senate bid

Sarah Palin Now Steering the Tea Party In Support of McCain

Americans condemn Obama's rudeness, reach out to Israel: Thousands of flowers send message: 'Be encouraged, we stand with you'

Inside Obama's manufactured crises



March 26, 2010

Breaking News

South Korean Ship Sinks: North Korean torpedo suspected (March 26) - S. Korea may have fired first

New World Order Plan: "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223)

N. Korea Vows 'Nuclear Strikes' in Latest Threat (March 25)

Obama and Medvedev step closer to nuclear weapons-free world

Catholic Church Inundated with Sexual Abuse Allegations

Today's News

North Korea threatens 'nuclear strikes' on South Korea, United States

Israeli PM Netanyahu Humiliated After Obama Dumped Him For Dinner: "Prime Minister leaves America disgraced, isolated ... weaker"

Unemployed and 'underwater' to get mortgage relief

Democrats send Obama final health measure

Sen. Graham: Immigration reform 'dead' in health debate aftermath

Pope accused of ignoring pleas to stop priest in 1974 who sexually molested 200 deaf boys

Millions to go dark for 'Earth Hour' on Saturday

Cars, bombs, and climate change

Military Makes It Tougher to Oust Gays


Health Care News

Despite Federal Mandates, Obama Says Health Care Law Helps Small Businesses

Rep. Hoyer Suggests Mandate Requiring Every Person To Buy Health Insurance Is ‘Constitutional’

ObamaCare: Repeal, Replace or What? Dares GOP

Obamacare prescription: 'Emergency health army': "Establishing a Ready Reserve Corps"

Farrakhan Warns: Anti-Obama comments may lead to his assassination

Pelosi: GOP are not provoking threats against lawmakers

Emanuel: Health overhaul worth taking a political beating

President Obama's Health Care Law gives rebirth to the Nazi Biomedical Vision - the bloody Nazi Wolf is back!

National Health Care Bill Contains the Skull & Bones Illuminati Signature of '322'!

This reality means that the National Health Care is simply part of the Illuminati Plan to finally bring America to dictatorial subjection President Obama is simply following the script written for him, "... a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any ... who oppose us by deed or word."


Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu and Obama are at point of no return

Silence that speaks volumes: Media blackout as Israel’s leader leaves White House

Netanyahu tells US: I need cabinet's approval on understandings

Netanyahu convenes inner cabinet Friday afternoon

Response to US to wait until after Passover

Obama closing in on us: Israel now paying price for longtime efforts to get smart with America

Jerusalem Post Poll: Obama approval in Israel still in single digits - 48% believe President is pro- Palestinian

A healthy decision: American Jews rally to Barack Obama

Lack of ME peace affects US: Defense Secretary Robert Gates

Hillary adds fuel to fire: Establishment of Palestinian state would promote rather than curb terror

Iran says Muslims must act over Jerusalem

Syria trying to cancel Arab peace initiative

The Government Pay Boom: America's most privileged class are government union workers

"Bin Laden" threatens to kill Americans if Khalid Sheik Mohammed is executed

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Euro Rallies as Greece Wins Aid Agreement; Treasuries Rebound

Franco-German deal on a Greek rescue: who blinked?

China foreign minister warns against protectionism

China's Central Bank adviser says stronger currency won't solve U.S.'s problems

Emerging Currencies to Outperform

Fed's emergency loans decline further in past week as credit strains ease

JPMorgan, Lehman, UBS Named as Conspirators in Muni Bid-Rigging

New York Helicopter Commute for $200 a Day Signals Revival on Wall Street

Recalls Triple as Electronics Run Cars, Swamp U.S. Regulators

Wal-Mart Spurs Sustainable Toy Animals Into $1 Billion Market: Backing toys made from natural or recycled materials

GOP Pressured To End 'Tea Party Racism'

Tea Party Advocates Who Scorn Socialism Want a Government Job

CNN Poll: Obama tied in hypothetical 2012 matchup - Will Obama be a one-term President?

US credit card hacker sentenced

March 25, 2010


Treaty to cut US-Russia nukes: Signing in 2 weeks

Is the US Eroding Israel's Qualitative Military Edge?

PM Netanyahu Says Progress Made with US in Reviving Peace Process

GOP succeeds in forcing another House vote on health care

Americans Saying ‘No’ to Toyota; Ford Most Popular

Tea Partiers reveal their true colors

A 2-state solution – for America

This time, we have a real immigration fix

Pentagon prepares to relax enforcement of 'don't ask, don't tell'

Measure to legalize marijuana will be on California's November ballot

FM says Pakistan Will Prevail in Struggle with Insurgents


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel pledges to launch 'peace' talks

Lengthy talks fail to resolve US-Israeli tensions

Before Obama talks, PM defends Jerusalem building

Minister Shalom: US pressure could boomerang - 'We are not an American satellite'

America’s most reliable ally: Israel more valuable to US as fully independent rather than satellite state

EU condemns construction in east Jerusalem

IDF crosses Israeli-Lebanese barrier fence

Israeli Warplanes Strike 'Weapons Cache' in Gaza After Rocket Hits Israel

US backs Israel at UN HRC: Despite strained relations, US ambassador slams "one sided" treatment of Israel

IDF tightens rules of engagement: Soldiers in West Bank not allowed to fire toward stone throwers

Turkey takes delivery of Israeli-made drones

IDF Reserves Colonel: 'We'll Have to Return to Gaza'

Syrian President Assad Warns: It's either peace or war

Britain Warns Citizens on Traveling to Israel: Traveling to the Jewish State may lead to their passports details being "captured" for “improper uses.”

Fascist Global Economy Forming

German Chancellor Merkel stands firm on IMF rescue for Greece

European Central Bank Offers Olive Branch to Greece

G20 not yet agreed on bank levy

Dubai commits $9.5 bln to revamp Dubai World debt

CEO's Defy Obama With More Cash Instead of Pay-for-Performance

Fannie and Freddie Resist Loans for Energy Efficiency

US panel to consider locale of Toyota lawsuits

322 - Secret Societies, Depopulation And The Health Care Plan

Praying in park puts man in jail for 9 days

Inside a global cybercrime ring: Creating some of the world's most pernicious, and profitable, computer viruses


Health Care News

Health Law Surprise Is Page 1,617 Demanding Which Drugs Work

Obama signs an executive order on abortion policy: In the presence of 13 anti-abortion Democrats --including Rep. Bark Stupak of Menominee, -- he put his signature to an executive order barring federal financing for abortion

U.N. health organization praises U.S. health reforms signed by Obama

Health-Care Changes to Start Taking Effect This Year

Retired couples may need $250k for health care

Rep. Stupak denies trading health care vote for airport grants

Both Sides Use 'Baby Killer' Outburst to Raise Funds

Obama's won his great fight but I've never seen America split by such frightening passions

Headline News Articles:

New Health Care Law Will, Indeed, Set Up Death Panels

President Obama's Health Care Law gives rebirth to the Nazi Biomedical Vision - the bloody Nazi Wolf is back!

National Health Care Bill Contains the Skull & Bones Illuminati Signature of '322'!

This reality means that the National Health Care is simply part of the Illuminati Plan to finally bring America to dictatorial subjection President Obama is simply following the script written for him, "... a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any ... who oppose us by deed or word."

Child Sex Abuse by Irish Priests Leaves Churches Scouring for Money

Obama Widens Approval Above All: Democrats, Republicans Lag

Resurrection Day

Is this the face of Jesus Christ? Figure of crucified man on Shroud of Turin comes to life

Jesus gets 'gay' just days before Passover, Easter

Catholics begin observance of the most sacred days of the Christian year

Jerusalem, focus of faith, conflict: Christians and Jews around the world turn next week toward Jerusalem as the focus of their Easter and Passover festivals

First Congregational Church offers Holy Humor Sunday: Resurrecting an old Easter custom started by the Greeks in the early centuries of Christianity

Dogs suffer cancer after ID chipping

Court told 'citizen' Obama actually may be alien: 'Under British Nationality Act … he was a British subject


March 24, 2010


Obama signs health care reform into law

Senate writing final chapter to health care bill

Elephant in the Room: Health reform's hidden cost

Foreign Secretary Miliband attacks 'intolerable' Israeli cloning of British passports

Jerusalem approves contentious new building plan

The real insult is to Israel

GM backs 'black boxes' bill

Outrage over porous borders too hot to handle

Meet President Obama's 'spiritual cabinet': Liberal Christians, Catholics, Jewish Rabbis

Health Care News

Obama Does Not Sign Promised Executive Order As Promised To Rep. Stupak: Agreement may well have saved Health Care

US Health Care: Joe Biden swears after Barack Obama signs historic reforms

New rally cry: Don't submit! 'We're not going to roll over and let Pelosi have her way'

49% Support State Lawsuits Against Health Care Plan

Are Legal Challenges To Health Reform Credible?

Gap in health care law's protection for children

Health changes are now the law

Major health care changes won’t take place until 2014

Obama healthcare reforms may pay off for drug firms

Full text of President's Remarks: Obama welcomes healthcare vote

History in the making: Healthcare bill cements President Obama's legacy

GOP Storm on Health Care Begins to Subside

How C-SPAN summit aided final push

New Health Care Law Will, Indeed, Set Up Death Panels - New Headline News Article


Israeli - Palestinian War

PM, Obama meet twice at White House

‘Good atmosphere,’ no details, after Obama-Netanyahu summit

Jerusalem settlements threaten peace talks: Sec/State Clinton

Poll: Most Israelis support east Jerusalem construction

Jerusalem building committee meetings frozen: Since Biden furor

Give Bibi some credit: Obama got carried away, while Netanyahu managed crisis responsibly

Is Obama's problem that Netanyahu is a Republican at heart?

Israel, undeterred, to build in East Jerusalem

Congress welcomes Netanyahu warmly

Israel's security strengthens US'

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Greece woes push Euro to 10-month low

Stock futures fall after Portugal's rating cut

Asia stocks up after upbeat economic data, US markets rise

Japan's exports up 45 percent in February: Robust global demand drives Japan exports up

Pay Czar Eyes Wall Street's Fat Wallets: Ken Feinberg Cuts Wages and Debunks Myths

Barney Frank calls GM CEO Whitacre's pay 'excessive'

Barney Frank Is Wrong! Fannie and Freddie DO Have a Blank Check from Uncle Sam

Record low interest rates needed to rev up recovery

Big Three pressured as Toyota ups rebates 44%

New York Police: Driver error caused Toyota Prius crash

Shareholders sue Toyota over acceleration problems

Fiat 500 to be Chrysler's electric debut

Forget amnesty, look where Democrats now hunt for votes: Proposed law would grant Obama's party deluge of new supporters -- convicted felons

Supreme Court Battle Quietly Brews Over Possible Nomination of Berkeley Law Professor Goodwin Liu to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals


March 23, 2010


Planned Parenthood: Pro-Abortion Bill a Victory, Executive Order Meaningless

GOP regroups for Senate health showdown

Obama to sign health care reform into law Tuesday

The day the republic came to an end: March 21, 2010

Rush Limbaugh: Elections could end thanks to Obama

Taliban say not involved in Kabul peace talks

Netanyahu Takes Hard Line on Jerusalem Housing

Blundering toward disaster

Health Care News

Health overhaul promises pain, gain for businesses (Drug and the “Evil” Insurance companies are the winners)

Health Care Reform: What's going to change and when

Factbox: Details of final healthcare bill

Spread the Wealth Around’ as Bill Imposes New Taxes

Republicans Dealt Blow on Health Care by U.S. Senate Parliamentarian

Only shame is Ted Kennedy wasn't around to see health care reform dream fulfilled: Editorial

2012 Republicans line up in opposition to Obama health care bill

Florida says several states to file healthcare lawsuit

Health Care Bill Spurs Assassination Calls on Twitter

'Unconstitutional to require Americans to buy anything': GOP's Poe filing legislation to defund enforcement of government health mandate

GOP governors hold morning-after summit: "If Congress goes ahead with this financial and economic insanity, which is unconstitutional, then we'll sue"


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Pay czar to widen compensation review

Dollar Rises on Speculation Europe Won’t Agree on Greece Aid

U.K. Inflation Slows More Than Expected

China’s Wen Urges Ford, Rio Chiefs to Help Avoid Global Currency War

Sovereign funds wooed by world's Central Banks: More than 50 central banks, sovereign funds and asset managers represented

Have Money, Will Travel : The differing fortunes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are reflected in their sovereign wealth funds

IMF guidelines spur steps towards transparency

Waiting for the end of the world: Georgia Guidestone's 30-year stone mystery

Music can be banned if it even sounds religious: Supremes won't hear case where officials censored melody

U.S. Senate passes $34.5B aviation bill aimed at updating air-traffic-control system, safety rules: Replacing radar with GPS technology

Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama, Netanyahu to meet at White House

Netanyahu: Jerusalem not a settlement but our capital

Clinton meets Netanyahu, reassures on U.S.-Israel bond

Britain expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai passport battle

U.K. to Accuse Israel of Helping Clone Passports Used in Hamas Killing

The Impossible Dream And Media Reality

IDF wraps ‘counter-Goldstone Report’: 1,000-page document refuting war-crimes charges is undergoing legal review

‘Zaken routinely ordered us to eavesdrop on Olmert’s calls': Ex-secretary at Industry Ministry tells court of "prearranged signals" for listening in on conversations

IDF General Ashkenazi: Hamas doesn't want war flare up

IAF strikes arms shed in Gaza

Bombs injure at least six in Baghdad

Feds: Deport German homeschoolers who could face persecution - Agency seeks European precedent applied in Tennessee case

Rotarix rotavirus vaccine contaminated with material from a pig virus


March 22,2010

Breaking News

Republicans Fight Health Care Bill: Obama to Sign it Into Law Tuesday

GOP lawmaker apologizes to Rep. Stupak for 'baby killer' outburst

Five countries Limbaugh should consider: A world of possibilities awaits those fleeing Obamacare

Dollar pulls back after touching 10-month high vs. Euro

U.S. Property Index Rises for Third Straight Month: As the economy grew

House passes sweeping health care reform 219-212

Landmark Health Care overhaul bill heads to Obama's desk

One step remains in Senate; GOP set for battle to the end

Sec/State Clinton: US commitment to Israel 'rock solid'

Israel hits Gaza tunnel: Response to latest terror rocket attack

India to issue all 1.2 billion citizens with biometric ID cards

Big immigration march in Washington

A little secret about Obama's transparency

Bankers attack Chancellor Darling's plans for a global tax

Church bans homeschooler's picture of 'Jesus': 'The image, as graphic as it is, did not draw people closer to the risen Christ'

Health Care News


House passes sweeping health care reform 219-212

'Baby killer' shouted at Democrat after bill's passage

Bloody Sunday, 2010: House OKs health bill: GOP: 'This is not about uninsured; it is about socialized medicine'

$569 billion in new taxes and a whole lot of mandates': New health-care rules to spark largest expansion of IRS since WW II

Next Front: Selling what Congress did

After healthcare vote, Democrats turn to damage control

US healthcare bill would provide immediate benefits

What the Health Care Bill Might Mean

With the vote, a new stature for Obama

Health Care Debate Shows Ideological Split

Republicans rally Tea Party activists to oppose the health-care legislation

The GOP Health Care Debacle

Health-Care Bill Hits Euro Drugmakers

Obama achieves health law success that eluded past: Change is coming, but in steps, not overnight

The Alinsky plan for America: Editorial

Iraqi Panel Says Vote Recount Isn't Needed

U.N. Mum on Probes of Sex-Abuse Allegations by Peacekeepers

French Opposition Scores Victory in Regional Vote

U.S. missile strike kills 8 militants in Pakistan

Note next to bodies in Pakistan accuses dead of spying for U.S.

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight: Six billion dollars later, the Afghan National Police can't begin to do their jobs right—never mind relieve American forces

U.S. warns ships off Yemen of possible al Qaeda attack


Israeli - Palestinian War

Bibi’s Bluster: He is actually not serious about the Iranian threat

A Rotten Deal: Israel didn't just spit in Joe Biden's face last week

Unending demand for concessions from Israel

Experts wonder whether U.S. has a real Israel strategy or just 'talking points'

Quartet Host Russia: A new broker for Israel peace?

IDF kills four unarmed Palestinians in West Bank

Jews say hate crimes and anti-Israel rage are driving some of them out of their Swedish city

Nanotech robots deliver gene therapy through blood

How Tea Party can go bad: Editorial

Academic Paper in China Sets Off Alarms in U.S.: how to attack a small U.S. power grid sub-network in a way that would cause a cascading failure of the entire U.S.”

Iceland fears 2nd, even larger volcanic eruption

The CIA, Project X and the Patriot Movement


Temple Institute wants to Offer Biblical Passover Sacrifice

Jesus Celebrated Passover Not Easter!

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The Spring Feasts were Dress Rehearsals for His First Coming and were accurate to the very day!

The Fall Feasts are Dress Rehearsals for His Second Coming, also to the very day!

Your appreciation of the majesty and Omnipotent Glory of Jesus Christ will grow greatly as you see how He controls world events for the entire 6,000 years of world history, and how He has accurately predicted -- through the seven Feast Days of Israel -- His First and Second Comings, accurate to the exact day!

Good Example: Bible scholars have long taught that the 'Feasts of Trumpets" is a perfect illustration of the Rapture of the Church. Did you know that Ancient Jewish scholars have always called "The Feasts of Trumpets" the Feast which "no man can know the day or the hour" - the exact wording Jesus used in Matthew 25:13? Therefore, Jesus was telling His listeners in code that the "Feasts of Trumpets" is the Feast foretelling the Rapture of the Church!

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March 20-21, 2010

Obama’s Fabricated Crisis With Israel: Why Are We Surprised?

An Israeli tail wagging an American dog

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon starts Mid-East peace push

Obama to Capitol Hill Saturday on health care

Nation deeply split on health care bill

Obama; Dodd's Financial Overhaul 'Essential'

Obama Calls for Fast Action on Jobs

Latinos press Obama to deliver immigration reform

Pope apologises for Irish priests child sex abuse

Swine flu danger appears to be ebbing

Health-Bill Horse Trading: Democrats Broker Deals as Sunday Vote Looms; Republicans Push Back

Bachmann: Democrats are going to ‘profane the Sabbath’

Republicans put spotlight on 'backroom deals'

Impending Health Care Reform in US: Reason for Apprehension among States

Pelosi Calls on Catholic Saint to Pass Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill, Flubs Date

Obama's cousin to speak at Tea Party rally against health bill

Boehner wants 'call of the roll' on healthcare vote

Georgia Bill to Opt Out of Health Care Passes

U.S. Census Tracks Mail, Raising Fears Among Some

One more census question: Anyone want these jobs?

5 things you need to know about: the census

Thousands rally in Russia against economic policy

Thailand protesters stage rally through Bangkok

Thai protesters hurl blood at Thai PM Abhisit's home

Pope Offers Apology, Not Penalty, for Sex Abuse Scandal

Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu gives Clinton written commitment

Netanyahu to meet Obama in Washington

Biden's Embarrassment and Hillary's Rage: Part of a Staged Effort to Push Israel Away?

Peres Tells EU: Israel has every right to build in Jerusalem

In the fight over settlements, who are Israel's real friends?

Palestinians: Netanyahu will build secretly

UN chief in West Bank to push for peace talks

UN chief in Ramallah: Hard to live under Israeli conditions

Fatah's armed wing wants to resume struggle against Israel

Girl Scouts hiding secret sex agenda? Accusations fly over U.N. meeting, Planned Parenthood 'hot' girl handout

March 19, 2010

Dems Sweeten Health Bill in Final Push

Obama's overthrow of the Constitution

Haaretz Poll: 27% of Israelis think Obama is anti-Semitic

U.S., Russian negotiators 'at the finish line' on new START nuclear pact

Quartet blasts Israel over East Jerusalem settlements

American says she didn’t plot to kill artist

Obama signs $38 billion jobs bill

Inside Obama's manufactured crises

Obama helped fund 'Alinsky Academy': Teaches tactics of direct action, confrontation and intimidation

Google, Intel, Sony to join forces on 'Google TV'

New Mexico's Hebrew Ten Commandments: Old engravings on 80-ton boulder suggest ancient Israelites in North America

Critics call Census pages 'involuntary colonoscopy'


Health Care Madness

Anger at Washington reaches full steam: Millions of Americans urged to 'drive stake through the heart' of Obamacare

Kill the bill, just kill the bill: House Minority Leader John Boehner on the Health-Care Vote

Obama's desperate demagoguery

GOP gears up for health bill lawsuits

'Obamacare will drive doctors out of business' - Policy analyst: 'It's not going to be worth the time or money to practice medicine'

Health care bill extends wage tax to investments

Neo-Nazi office bombed in Greece

Israeli - Palestinian War

Quartet calls for Palestinian state within two years

Netanyahu makes Clinton an offer

U.S. to send envoy back to Mideast as Israel moves to smooth relations

UN Chief: Jerusalem is the subject of final negotiations

Biden: Israel announcement designed to undermine peace process

47 MKs tell PM: Continue building in Jerusalem

It's too bad Netanyahu and Obama didn't stop and think first

Obama Schedule Change Could Also Change Schedule for Netanyahu

Rattling the Cage: President Obama, it's about time - Editorial

IAF strikes in Gaza after Kassam attack: Security sources report that Hamas is not behind attack


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Swiss franc rises anew amid confusion over currency policy

Upbeat Lloyds Bank gives world markets a boost

Stocks Rise as Corporate Profit Outlook Improves

China tells Washington to cool yuan pressure

Greek PM Papandreou Racing to Cut Greek Rates With Aid Pledge

China's one-child policy little enforced and set to end

Feds: Human error caused Prius crash - Not faulty brakes

Costs mounting in Toyota recall: Litigation, repairs add to expenses while earnings, demand expected to take hit

Big 3 aim to bridge 'perception gap' on quality

U.S., Russia split over Iran: Secretary of State Clinton criticizes the timing of nuclear plant's startup

Fargo, N.D., unites to stem Red River flood

March 18, 2010


Health bill picking up key votes

Health-care 'trickery' called overthrow of Constitution

Episcopal Church approves ordination of openly gay bishop in Los Angeles

Are America's leaders testing God? Jerusalem Post Editorial

Barack Obama does not hate Israel: PM Binyamin Netanyahu

Sec/State Clinton to Push Nuclear Pact, Mideast Peace in Moscow

The Tea-Party Manifesto

Would more women in Catholic Church reduce sex abuse?

Wholesale Prices Decline

Israeli - Palestinian War

US-Israel ties are 'unassailably solid'

Sec/State Clinton piles pressure on Israel over East Jerusalem settlements

Obama Says East Jerusalem Housing Plan 'Not Helpful'

Israel Lifts Restrictions on Palestinians as Violence Subsides

Palestinians struggle to impose settlements boycott of 'Made In Israel' products

Brazilian President Lula visits Arafat tomb: Officials fume

Man seriously wounded by Kassam terror rocket in western Negev

Gen. Petreaus Discusses Effect of Israeli-Arab Hostilities on ‘Moderate’ Mideast Governments

Why What General Patraeus Said Is Wrong About the Middle East

The Gaza Siege Myth: Enjoying more aid than quake-ravaged Haiti

US wants Osama bin Laden alive: US commander in Afghanistan

Purported al-Awlaki message calls for jihad against U.S.

'Jihad Jane' to Appear in Federal Court for Arraignment

Iraq's election adds to sectarian divide


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Greece May Seek IMF Help by Easter Weekend

Oil Declines as Dollar Strengthens

U.S. Gov't bank auditors got big bonuses

Nissan to make electric vehicle in UK

States’ Rights Is Rallying Cry for Lawmakers

Birther’ lawyer Taitz running for California secretary of state

Code Red! Americans fight to crush Obamacare: 11th-hour emergency operation targets wavering Democrats in push to kill health bill

Landmark Legal Foundation Warns: We will sue over health-care trick - Action prepared to be filed 'the moment the House acts'

Obamacare scheming smells of Jekyll Island

Where this is going: Single-payer nightmare

Limbaugh prompts healthcare calls, ties up House phone lines

Idaho first to sign law aimed against health care plan

Obama defends 'Louisiana purchase': A controversial healthcare provision today that opponents say is intended to buy the vote of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.)

US ambassador urges China cooperation on Iran

Obama Invited to Give a New Gettysburg Address



March 17, 2010


A Look at Democrats' Health Care Overhaul

Obama's New Partner: Al Sharpton

Israel opens Temple Mount, lifts closure on the West Bank

Analysts wonder whether Obama seeks Israel ‘regime change’

Now Virginia's Attorney General questions Obama's eligibility

Why Team Obama thrives on creating crises: Hegelian Conflict On Display

Treasuries Advance As Fed Keeps Rates Unchanged

FCC Delivers National Broadband Plan To Congress

ACLU pushes to save prom so lesbians can attend


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Fed Joins Chorus Singing 'Jobs, Jobs, Jobs'

Stocks See Solid Gains As Fed Keeps Interest Rates Steady

Obama Economists Call For Expanded Stimulus With Eye On Long-Term Deficits

Microchip Lifts Q4 Earnings Outlook On Strong Demand

Senate Approves Procedural Motion On Jobs Bill

Business Sours on China

Bank Of Japan Eases Policy Further

U.K. Unemployment Drops

EU, US to work on derivatives markets

North Korea Has 1, 000 Missiles: South Claims

GOP Blasts Suggestion Of Passing Health Care Bill Without Traditional Vote

If bill fails, Pelosi has strategic alternative

Democrats make final pitch to moderates on health bill

Pressure builds as health reform heads for do-or-die by weekend

Why we really need government health care: Editorial

First lady asks foodmakers to be on front line tackling childhood obesity

Memo: Testing didn't duplicate sticky gas pedal on man's Prius

Blood Thrown at Thai PM House

World On Fire In Non-Integrating Gap

Fresh Attack Kills 12 in Central Nigeria

3,000kg of explosives, arms, suicide vests seized in Lahore

British boy’s kidnapping drop in ocean of menace

Georgia TV Faulted for Fake Invasion: U.K. Ambassador Protests His Appearance in Fictionalized Newscast

Israeli - Palestinian War

Riots rock Jerusalem as Hamas calls for new ‘intifada’

‘Forget about a third intifada... this is war’

US wants Israel to cancel Jerusalem building plan

To sink the U.S. and Israel, Who blinks first?

Christians Stand with Israel as Obama Administration Steps up Criticism

Sarah Palin, Others Hit White House Over Israel Spat

Obama: hard on Israel, easy on China

Obama Spokesman Insists: Relations with Israel still strong

Clinton and Netanyahu Make up: We Really Are Friends

Allies everywhere feeling snubbed by President Obama

Israel's ambassador to Washington Oren denies saying ties at 35-year low

Congress stresses support for Israel

America’s shiny new Palestinian militia: Palestinian forces are more ideologically riven, weakening ability to damage Israel - Editorial by CFR's Daniel Pipes

Who is left to protect Israel? Editorial

Iraq PM and main rival in tight election battle

US military hands over prison to Iraqi government

Lebanon surrenders to Assad: Syria's President Assad riding high as Lebanon’s anti-Syrian camp falls apart

Census threat: $5,000 fines: U.S. congressman slams 'Big Brother' questions

Glenn Beck: Eligibility 'not winnable argument': Tells Denver radio host Peter Boyles 'I haven't looked into it at all'


Emphasis Of Tea Partiers Is On Constitution

Tea parties win key victory in ousting Congress: Court rules 'no precedent' stopping voters from recall of U.S. senator

Capitol knee-deep in Constitution: 'Now we just have to get them up to their heads'

Do You Remember?

President Clinton's FBI Defined Anyone Upholding Constitution As Domestic Terrorist

Bush's Attorney General Upheld Clinton's Definition

Bush Grabbed Dictatorial Powers That Repudiates Constitution


March 16, 2010


How Israel Could Start World War III

US Envoy Mitchell Delays Mideast Trip

Israel Tries to Defuse Crisis with US

Pelosi: Dems will have votes to OK health care

Slaughter House Rules: Constituion Being Gutted To Pass Health Care

5th state exempts guns. Is Washington noticing?

Central African Republic Gov't Warns of Coup Attempt


Fascist Global Economy Forming

6 key points of the financial regulation legislation

Fed weighs how and when to signal higher rates

Stocks advance, dollar steady ahead of Fed Interest Rate decision

Pay czar limits exec pay at still-struggling GMAC

Auto industry struggles to lure best, brightest

Ford survey shows employees optimistic about future

House may try to pass Senate health-care bill without voting on it

Obama calls for action on healthcare: 'We need courage'

The Health Care Letdown - Liberal Editorial

Healthcare reform: what's at stake

A third party on the left?

Tea parties stir evangelicals' fears

Fiji declares state of emergency as Cyclone Tomas hits

6.7 Aftershock hits off coast of Chile, no damage

Mixed-gender dorm rooms are gaining acceptance


Israeli - Palestinian War

How Israel Could Start World War III

Reports Indicate U.S. is Mobilizing for War in Iran

The case against threatening Iran

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu adds fuel to US feud

Obama's aides pummel Israel on East Jerusalem settlement 'affront'

US military targets Israeli 'intransigence': Crisis is escalating rapidly

'Hamas Used Kids as Human Shields'

Israeli FM reportedly boycotts Brazil's President Lula

Egypt arrests Israeli journalist trying to sneak across border

Israel approves plan to reverse brain drain

Israel Finds Controversial Way To Increase Organs Available For Transplant By Giving Donors Higher Priority

Not again! Meet Obama's new controversial pastor: Champion of communism, socialism called U.S. 'destroyer of human life'

Arizona City that banned Bible studies has Judgment Day

"The Occult Behind Our Government"

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"Lucifer's Children" - DVD

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"Earthquakes! Illuminati Signature of Haiti and Chile Earthquakes Are Astounding"

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