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March 30-31, 2019

Breaking News

40,000 Gazans riot on Israel's border

State Department will cut aid to Central American countries over migration

Jesse Jackson: Outrage over Jussie Smollett is 'fake news' - Justice/Mercy prevail

Macron’s France: Average of Three Church Attacks Per Day

Twitter Suspends, Then Quickly Unsuspends Account of Pro-Life Movie ‘Unplanned’ During Release Week

Israel/Palestinian War

Netanyahu visits Gaza border: ‘I’ve instructed forces to prepare for a broad campaign’

IDF Completes Preparations for Escalation

IDF fires at Hamas military post in northern Gaza

Hamas: Coming hours will decide if conflict continues

Iran threatens Israel, US over Golan recognition

Palestinians step up effort to lay claim to Jerusalem

Israel signs deal to get world’s most advanced cannon

US envoy hints at peace deal with Israeli security control in Judea and Samaria

Top Ranking Democrat Slams Ilhan Omar During AIPAC Speech: ‘I Stand With Israel, Proudly And Unapologetically’

Key News

Poll: 50% of Hispanic voters approve of Trump, GOP regains ballot lead

Poll: Donald Trump Approval Rating Jumps Five Points After Mueller Verdict

Trump's 'superpower' is unmasking people

Trump: Strip NYT And WaPo Of Pulitzers For Russia Reporting

The Death Of American Journalism – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Hannity: Journalism is dead and buried

Russia Hoaxsters Invent Another Stupid Hoax About Mueller Report Cover Up

Senior Omar aide censured for saying anti-Semitism only a ‘right-wing force’

Democrats Abandon ‘Green New Deal’

Limbaugh: If POTUS Trump shuts down the border, builds the wall, ‘no Dem can beat him in 2020’

US condemns Russia troop deployment to troubled Venezuela

Dozens Of Scientists, Orgs Rally Behind Trump’s Planned Climate Change Panel

Brexit Surprise…No Brexit!

150 years later, Pa. newspaper apologizes for originally criticizing Gettysburg Address


Judicial Watch: Mueller Report Exonerates President Trump!

Tom Fitton: Mueller was a ‘Tool of the Coup Plotters’ to Target President Trump

Full Story: How Obama, Hillary and Brennan Carried Out The Crime of the Century

Media’s ‘Without Evidence’ Trolling Is Yet More Evidence Of Their Bias

Supreme Court Backs Trump Power To Detain Migrants Who Commit Crimes

Wage Hikes via Less Immigration a ‘Massive’ Win for Trump, Working-Class Americans

Trump Threatens to Close Border as Record Number of Migrants Surge Through Loopholes

Kardashian, Jenner Family Thank ICE for Arresting Illegal Alien Who Broke into Their Home

ABC & CBS Appalled By Trump Rally: Fear ‘Vengeance in the Air’

VIDEO: The Liberal Media’s Most Embarrassing Mueller Failures

Obama Needs To Account for Russia Investigation

Sharpton: ‘We Need to Know’ If Trump Obstructed Justice Just Like Nixon

AG Bill Barr to Release Redacted Version of Mueller Report by Mid-April

China Hacked Hillary’s Server: Congress Knows, Comey Lied About It, But Still No Probe

Ukraine's Presidential Elections: Five things to know

"Free Kurdistan" Forming - Middle East Map of 2007

Kurdistan lawmakers submit bill to reactivate regional presidency

Time ripe for KDP-PUK to unite for sake of Kurdistan Regional Group

Rep. Eliot Engel: Don’t betray the Kurds, 'Our faithful allies'

British officials join London Kurdish community to celebrate Newroz (Kurdish New Year)

Obsolete narcotics law hampers fight against drugs in Kurdistan

The president announces Linda McMahon will be resigning to join the 2020 Trump re-election campaign

New calls for NAACP to rescind Jussie Smollett's Image Award nomination

Attorney General Barr says Mueller report will be released to Congress in 'mid-April, if not sooner'

Fed Judge: California’s ‘High-Capacity’ Magazine Ban Unconstitutional

Rashida Tlaib on Obama Meeting: He Told Me ‘I’m Proud of You’

ACCUSATION: Biden Kissed, Sniffed Latina Democrat

HUD Sues Facebook- Says Used Ad Platform For Housing Discrimination

White Reporters Excluded from Georgia Mayoral Event for Black Politicians


March 29, 2019

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF on high alert as Hamas calls for million man march on anniversary of riots on Friday

Netanyahu: Israel ready for Gaza campaign if necessary - "IDF braces for mass border riots Saturday"

Syria: IDF Hit Iranian Military Targets Near Aleppo

Disaster Drills, A Sign ‘Governments Know Something Big is Coming’

Israel makes generous offer to Hamas

Hamas: 'Marathon of talks' with Egypt continues

Arab Summit will roll over on Trump’s Golan move: Experts

Trump Backs American Ally Israel 100% In Land Disputes

Did Obama control timing of 2016 anti-Israel UN resolution?

Netanyahu zings Obama in campaign ad featuring him humiliating President in Oval Office in 2011

Right-wing bloc grows significantly: New poll shows right-religious bloc rising to 68 seats, leaving left with 52

Iran threatens Israel, US over Golan recognition

Palestinians step up effort to lay claim to Jerusalem

Palestinian Authority Names Village Square after Terrorist Who killed 2 Israelis

Key News

Do Left-Wing Billionaires ‘Own’ House Democrats?

Breaking: Devin Nunes (R-CA) Fires Starting Pistol -- Spygate Conspirators Are Going Down!

President Trump: Full Speed Ahead With FISA Release, 302’s and Hidden Email Chains

GOP Lawmakers Set Goal of Summer Vote for USMCA - North American Union

Mexico warns ‘mother of all caravans’ headed toward US

Trump threatens to shut border with Mexico next week

Trump: Illegal Immigrants Met by Democrat Lawyers at the Border

Mexico’s president responds to Trump’s threat to shut down the southern border

No Constitution for Divided Men

Wall Street Journal: Time For Obama Admin To Account For ‘Historic Abuse Of Government Surveillance Powers’

TINFOIL HAT: Ocasio-Cortez Is Convinced 'Far-Right' Conspiracy Is Ruining Her

The Media Scandal Is An Obama Scandal

James Dobson: Democrat's "Equality Bill" Targets Christians

These Are The Players Who Must Be Charged In Deep State Coup On The President

Lawsuit seeks documents potentially showing FBI ignored evidence that Chinese hacked Clinton’s server

Sen. Rand Paul: John Brennan Insisted Fake Dossier Be Included In Intel Report

Poll: Trump Approval Rating Jumps Five Points After Mueller Verdict

Robert Mueller III Rests His Case—But Dems NEVER Will

Brennan the Menace

Flashback: 50 Hollywood Stars Who Accused Trump Of Treason, Collusion With Russia

New York Times, Washington Post Lose Russian Roulette

‘Lie King’: Jussie Smollett Major Distraction For Mueller Investigation Release?


Jussie Smollett Nominated For NAACP Award

Michelle Obama's Ex-Chief Of Staff Admits She Did Try To Intervene In Smollett Investigation

Kim Foxx Spoke At Fundraiser Hosted By George Soros’ Son This Month

Illinois Prosecutors Bar Association Slams Kim Foxx for Jussie Smollett Decision

Jesse Jackson’s Group Defiant On Jussie: ‘There Was No Court-Ordered Community Service Here’

Here Are Some Petty Crimes That Could Land You A Harsher Sentence Than Jussie Smollet

Chicago Demands $130,000 From Smollet: Threatens New Charge If He Doesn't Pay

Islamic terrorists ramp up attacks on Nigerian Christians

Eric Holder goes on MAGA-rant that takes a dark turn: ‘Exactly when did you think America was great?’

ERIC HOLDER NET WORTH: $11.5 million

House Democrats Block Bill to Stop Infanticide For 24th Time: Refuse Care for Aborted Babies Born Alive

Obama HHS Abortion Mandate Loses in Court: Can’t Force James Dobson to Fund Abortions

Alec Baldwin, Amy Schumer, Rosie O’Donnell, Sean Penn and Others Will Boycott Georgia If It Bans Abortion


Chicago Archdiocese is quietly using cemetery cash to pay priest sex abuse costs


March 28, 2019

Breaking News

IDF on high alert as Hamas calls for million man march on anniversary of riots on Friday

Poll: Trump Approva l Rating Jumps Five Points After Mueller Verdict

Trump Mocks Old Media Ratings Plunge: ‘Fake News Never Wins!’

President Trump: Russia Would Much Rather Have Hillary Clinton In White House

Diehards, Holdouts, and Blind Fanaticism

More Democrat Corruption? Democrat Baltimore Mayor Faces Backlash Amid Controversy Surrounding “Healthy Holly” Books

House Intelligence Committee Republicans Ask Adam Schiff to Step Down as Chairman

Gun-free London? Teen Shot Dead, Raid Uncovers Multiple AK-47s, Grenades

Smollett Lawyer: Nigerian Brothers Could Have Attacked Jussie Wearing ‘Whiteface’

Hungary’s Illegal Immigration Plunges Over 99% After Building Border Fence

Israel/Palestinian War

Despite lull, 'fighting may resume at any moment'

Ready for a fight

Israel slams Iranian targets in Syria: Massive Strike

Majority of Israelis say Israeli response to Hamas not tough enough

UN Security Council criticizes US over Golan recognition

Trump rises above all US presidents in Support of Israel

Friedman Hints at Peace Deal With Israeli Control in Biblical Heartland

PA: Upsurge Of Tenskions Could Lead To 'Explosion' In West Bank

Orthodox party drops out of election, potentially helping right

How do 'war winds' affect the elections in Israel?

Netanyahu coalition expands lead, pulls ahead in election polling

Dershowitz: Jews must never be afraid to use their well-earned power

Rep. Omar lashes out against Netanyahu on Twitter

Rep. Rashida Tlaib continues to push Trump impeachment despite Mueller findings

Key News

Trump tells Russia to get its troops out of Venezuela

Trump: ‘I Have Plans’ to Release FISA Applications

Trump: ‘We Can’t Live with’ Obamacare ‘Disaster’

President Trump: GOP Will Have ‘Far Better’ Health Care Plan Than Obamacare

Devin Nunes (R-CA) Sending Criminal Referral to DOJ over Spygate: ‘Time to Go on Offense’

Brexit: Theresa May vows to stand down after deal is passed (Since it will not pass - scammer is playing games)

Biblical Admonition: "Build That Wall"

"When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace." (Luke 11:21, KJV)

"When the strong man, fully armed, from his courtyard, guards his own dwelling, his belongings are undisturbed, his property is at peace and is secure." (Luke 11:21, Amplified Commentary, Emphasis added)

"In that day I shall raise up and restore the fallen tabernacle (booth) of David, And wall up its breaches in the city walls; I will also raise up and restore its ruins And rebuild it as it was in the days of old..." (Amos 9:11)

“Heaven has a wall and strict immigration policies; hell has open borders.”

Migrants From Most Violent Cities In The World Are Headed For America

Rep. Andy Biggs Talks Trump Exoneration & Wall Construction On Ariz. Border

U.S. Projected to Add 1.5M Illegal Aliens to Population this Year

Top US border official: 'The breaking point has arrived,' with 100,000 encounters in March

‘Democrats Would Rather Put Communities in Danger’ than ‘Acknowledge’ Border Crisis

Democrats See Surging Illegal Immigration Numbers as 'Opportunity,' Not a Crisis

Furious Chicago police declare war on Smollett, release his file online for all the world to see

Chicago PD Commander: Jussie Smollett’s Dismissal Decision ‘Punch in the Gut’

Prosecutor Who Dropped Smollett Charges Was Given $400K By George Soros

President Trump: Dropped Jussie Smollett Charges ‘An Embarrassment to Our Nation’

Chicago Mayor Emanuel on Jussie Smollett: ‘Is There No Decency in This Man?’

Arrogant State’s Attorney Kim Foxx: People Are Angry About Smollett Decision Because They “Don’t Understand Intricacies Of The Judicial System”

Obama's legacy IS the Smollett case

Jussie Smollett is Not Out of the Woods Yet

Pelosi: AG Barr ‘Arrogant’ to Think We Would Accept His ‘Interpretation’ of Mueller Report

Hillary Clinton Desperately Tries To Change The Subject After Mueller Report Collapses Her Big Lie

Green New Deal Fantasy-Nightmare: Dems Show True Colors in 0 Vote

‘Avengers’ Star Chris Evans: I’m Willing To Alienate Half My Audience To Trash Trump

Fierce outrage as U.S. Pennsylvania lawmaker prays 'every knee will bow' to Jesus

Missouri House votes to allow Bible courses in public school


Tax reform reaping benefits among lower-paid workers as wages rise



March 27, 2019

Breaking News

Trump tells Russia to get its troops out of Venezuela

Russia defends sending troops to Venezuela to back up Nicolas Maduro after warning from Pompeo

Top US border official: 'The breaking point has arrived,' with 100,000 encounters in March


Furious Chicago police declare war on Smollett, release his file online for all the world to see

Israel/Palestinian War

Trump rises above all presidents regarding Israel

Israel warns Hamas against more attacks

Netanyahu coalition expands lead, pulls ahead in election polling

Hamas will be buried in the tunnels of Gaza': UN Ambassador Danny Danon

Hamas Preaches: ‘Scatter the enemies’ body parts, make the skulls fly in the sky’

Israeli Prime Minister Holds Security Briefings Amid Tensions Along Gaza Border

Former IDF Chief ASHKENAZI: Must Kill Hamas, Not Strike At Empty Buildings

Mr. President, let's repeat Golan Heights sovereignty in Judea and Samaria

Rep. Omar (D-MN) lashes out against Netanyahu on Twitter

Pelosi Speaking At The AIPAC: Anti-Semitism is un-American

Netanyahu to AIPAC: ‘We Are Prepared to Do More’ in Gaza


Key News

GOP Lawmakers Set Goal of Summer Vote for USMCA - North American Union

Senator Graham Pushes Gun Confiscation Laws: ‘Every Right Has Limits’

Democrats Push On With Investigations, Impeachment Calls

Senate Votes Down Green New Deal Resolution 0-57

'People are Dying': Ocasio-Cortez defends Green New Deal from 'elitist' knock

House fails to override Trump’s veto of measure to terminate national emergency on border

Justice Department Tells Court Obamacare Unconstitutional: Could Strike Down Entire Law

This Isn’t the End of Brexit but the Beginning

As Russia collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Hillary Clinton emerges

McConnell Backs Push for Investigation of Russia Probe Missteps

A Coup Wrapped in a Hoax Inside a Vendetta

Brennan Was 'Quarterback of Trump-Russia Smear: Former CIA chief is seriously backpedaling after Mueller report

Why Did Former AG Sally Yates Lie About Michael Flynn Being

Compromised By Russia? Sally Face Jail Time For Lying To Congress?

Jussie Smollett perversion proves White Privilege is a myth: Black conservatives

Hillary Clinton IMPROPERLY PROTECTED by Obama DOJ/FBI over Email Scandal

Tom Fitton: Long National Nightmare Over

Epic Meltdown: Celebrities Lose Their Minds After Mueller Exonerates Trump

Video: Traditional Liberals Forced Further Left into the Socialist Madness by Young Marxist Militants

Jussie Smollett ‘Whitewash’ Is About Chicago Mayoral Election: Only 7 days away

Soros Spent $408,000 On Campaign For Radical Attorney Kim Foxx — Who Just Let Jussie Smollet Walk On Hate Hoax Charges

Chicago Police & Mayor Outraged Over Smollett

Jussie Smollett Lawyer: ‘We’re Weighing Our Options’ on Suing Chicago Police

Chicago Police Union Wants Federal Investigation Into Kim Foxx’s Handling Of Case After She Exchanged Texts With Smollett’s Relatives

Jussie Smollett charges dropped, actor won't be prosecuted on charges he faked attack

Chicago mayor lashes out after prosecutors drop Jussie Smollett charges

Michelle Obama's Former Aide Lobbied Smollett Prosecutor

Jussie Smollett Vows to Continue Fight for ‘Justice’ & ‘Equality’ After Charges Dropped

Deep State Slithers Onto Fox News Front Page

Biblical Admonition: "Build That Wall"

"When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace." (Luke 11:21, KJV)

"When the strong man, fully armed, from his courtyard, guards his own dwelling, his belongings are undisturbed, his property is at peace and is secure." (Luke 11:21, Amplified Commentary, Emphasis added)

"In that day I shall raise up and restore the fallen tabernacle (booth) of David, And wall up its breaches in the city walls; I will also raise up and restore its ruins And rebuild it as it was in the days of old..." (Amos 9:11)

“Heaven has a wall and strict immigration policies; hell has open borders.”

FROM THE BORDER: Illegal Family Immigration Increases in Rural Southwest Border

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: Border Crisis Is Not Manufactured – It’s Real

57 Miles of the Wall to be Constructed with $1 Billion from Pentagon

Missouri House votes to allow Bible courses in public school




March 26, 2019

Breaking News

Artillery battalion, infantry headquarters sent to Gaza border: PM Orders

White House Special Representative Jason Greenblatt: 'This is NOT a ceasefire'


Hamas Leader: Iran ordered rocket attack, aimed to hurt Netanyahu in election

IDF Confirms: Attack on Gaza Begins

Iran Broadcast Authority Head: 'Iranians replaced Jews as G-d's Chosen People'

Chicago mayor lashes out after prosecutors drop Jussie Smollett charges

Michelle Obama's Former Aide Lobbied Smollett Prosecutor

U.S. House fails to override Trump veto of resolution to end border wall emergency

Chief Justice Roberts refuses to block new ban on rifle bump stocks

Israel/Palestinian War

Trump formally recognizes Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

How Bibi’s Bestie at the White House Is Helping Him Win the Israeli Election

Putin To Discuss Golan Recognition With Lebanese President

Netanyahu: IDF delivered a ‘powerful blow’ against Hamas

Once Again! Hamas attacks, Israel responds by bombing empty buildings

IDF destroys Hamas leader’s office, secret terror headquarters

Justice Minister Shaked: Hamas isn't afraid of us

After firing 30 rockets at Israel, Hamas claims ceasefire reached

US 'outraged' by rocket attack on central Israel

Ilhan Omar (D-MN): What the House Anti-Hatred Resolution Did Not Say

ISIS 'caliphate' ends in small, dusty Syrian village

"Deep State Coup Attempt"

President Trump Says They Are Going After “Treasonous” Coup Leaders

Dirty Cops, Obama, HRC Campaign, Facing Criminals Referrals

Winners and Losers in the Debunked Russia Collusion Hoax

“Progressives” Failure to “Kill the King” by Deep State Coup

Deep State Slithers Onto Fox News Front Page

Furious Hannity in no mood to celebrate, calls for ‘day of reckoning’

Collusion or No, Russia’s Reaction to Mueller Report Echoes Trump’s

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders: Democrats should be embarrassed for Russia collusion claims - when it actually happened under Obama

Senator Rand Paul: Time to Investigate Obama Officials Who Spread Russia Hoax

Graham to turn post-Mueller focus to Christopher Steele, anti-Trump FBI employees

Bulk of Mueller cases against Trump associates based on false statements

Mueller Clears President Trump Over Russia, Democrats Keep Alleging ‘Obstruction

Wall Street Journal: Time for Obama Admin to Account for ‘Historic Abuse of Government Surveillance Powers’

One Potential Russian Collusion Scandal Has Not Yet Been Investigated: Hillary Clinton and Uranium One

Barr’s Summary Vindicates House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Caution Toward Impeachment

Defund & Defang Charitable Status Of The Deep State Attack Dogs

'Icing on the Cake': Trump's winning streak with Mueller probe capped by Avenatti charges

Senator Graham Makes Move On Loretta Lynch: Spells Doom For The Deep State


MAXINE MELTDOWN: ‘This is not the end of anything!’

DOJ Finds Obamacare Illegal and Unconstitutional

Opioid Crisis Killing Young White Men More than Any Other Americans

Biased Google Search Results Influenced 2018 Midterms

McConnell to put Green New Deal to vote, forcing Democrats to go on record

Congestion Taxes, Rain Taxes and Cow Fart Taxes: Democrat's Greed

Businesses, Residents Plan to Leave New York: "One-third N.Y. residents plan to move because it's too expensive"

Socialism is Rooted in Godlessness

China’s Scare Tactics Prompt U.S. Fears of a Clash Over Taiwan


March 25, 2019

War Signs

IDF Sends Reinforcements to Southern Israel

IDF Tells Gaza Area Residents: 'We'll attack soon'

PM: A criminal attack on Israel, we will respond with force'


Israel/Palestinian War

IDF sends reinforcements to southern Israel

Middle East Watching How Israel Handles Gaza

US Reinforcing Positions in Syria and Iraq: After Golan Heights Announcement

IDF Readies Forces: Pending Escalation

Netanyahu cancels AIPAC speech, cuts US trip short in wake of rocket attack: Will keep scheduled meeting with President Trump Monday

Gantz attacks PM after rocket strike: 'Israel is held hostage'

Pompeo: Trump may have been sent from G-d to help Israel

Jordanian king nixes Romania trip over Jerusalem embassy move

Romania, Honduras, Cabo Verde Moving Embassies to Jerusalem

Hamas Officials Insist: Rocket fire on central Israel was 'accidental'

Pres. Trump Backs Israeli Sovereignty In Golan Heights

Why didn’t Iron Dome defense system stop Gaza rocket?

Will Israeli Elections Bring Back the Real Passover Sacrifice?

Passover Temple Sacrifice Could Be Ready ‘Within One Hour’ if Necessary

Year of Hamas-Led Clashes On Gaza Border Continue as Hamas Brutally Crushes Civil Unrest

Minister Katz: 'Israel has no better ally in the world than the US'

Opinion: The anti-Semitism crisis in the Democratic party

Key News

Latest on Mueller Report: No Collusion, No Obstruction: Mueller report summary released, showing no proof Trump team conspired with Russia

Mueller delivers a win for Trump — Five Takeaways

Now That It’s Over, Patriots Tell Trump To “Lock Her Up” In Mar Lago Meeting

Americans Outraged and Want Justice! Mueller Witch Hunt Will Go Down as Second Democrat Coup of US Government

Top 10 Reasons the Mueller Investigation Is Unconstitutional

Judicial Watch Statement on Mueller Report

CNN’s Jeff Toobin on Mueller Report: ‘Total Vindication of the President and His Staff on the Issue of Collusion’

Trump on Mueller: This was an illegal takedown that failed

As Russia collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges

Robert Mueller: The Media Magic Trick of 2016-2019

Hollywood Digs In on Russia Conspiracies: ‘Fight for Our Democracy Is About to Intensify’

Rep. (D-NY) Jerry Nadler Calls on William Barr to Testify over Mueller Report

AP FACT CHECK: Mueller probe doesn’t totally exonerate Trump

Sheila Jackson Lee Declines to Accept Mueller Report Finding on No Collusion

New Texts Show Obama Was Briefed On Deep State Spying Operation On Opposition Candidate Donald Trump: #LockHimUp

Missouri State Senate Passes Bombshell Law Promising to Disobey ALL Federal Gun Control Laws

Bernie Sanders — We Must Take On NRA And Ban Sale Of Assault Weapons In USA

Hilarious ‘Gun Letter’ Goes VIRAL: Liberals Are TICKED

NZ Debates Free Speech Limits, Long Prison Terms for Downloading Christchurch Manifesto

Russian Military Lands in Venezuela: Cooperation has advanced to the level of military cooperation

San Antonio Bans Chick-fil-A from Airport for Lack of LGBTQ Support

Millions Of American Off Food Stamps Under Pres. Trump

Pres. Trump Condemns The Islamic State After The Group’s Defeat In Syria

As Russia collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges

Hillary Clinton Officially Under Investigation For Election Interference

No Indictments For Trump But…Over 700 New Hillary Emails That She Thought She’d Destroyed Are Uncovered! Lock Her Up?

Rosenstein/Mueller Control the DOJ- Business As Usual at Deep State

Deep State DOJ Has Zero Interest in Investigating Hillary Clinton

FLASHBACK: ‘Shattered’ Book: Clinton Campaign Hatched Russian Narrative 24 Hours After Hillary Loss to Trump

Former Secret Service Agent Bongino passionately exposes what people are totally MISSING about Mueller report findings

Ilhan Omar Voted In Favor Of Allowing Payments To Families of Terrorists: In The Form Of Life Insurance Beneficiaries

Connecticut Assisted Suicide Bill Would Allow Doctors to Kill Mentally Disabled Patients

White House Petition to Impeach Pelosi Tops 100K Signatures, Triggering Official Response

Actual Petition

Ocasio-Cortez still hasn’t paid delinquent business tax after staffer promised she would: Now a lawyer is involved

Ocasio-Cortez mad about upcoming ‘bluff’ vote on her Green New Deal: Who’s the one bluffing if she didn’t want a vote?

Do Most Americans REALLY Back the Green New Deal?

Ocasio-Cortez Reveals How She Plans To Implement Gun, Immigration Change Without Congress

After Trump Threatens Subsidies, GM Announces $300M Investment in Michigan, Adding 400 Jobs


March 25, 2019

Key News

Current Mass Media: The Ghost of Soviet KGB Disinformation in America

Media Disinformation: Trump has more women as top advisers than Obama, Bush, or Clinton

The 'Not So Soft' Bigotry of Liberal Media's Racism

Gun Control Campaign News

New Zealand Bans Guns: Vast Non-Compliance From Gun Owners

New Zealand Bans 'Assault Rifles' - Just As Terrorists Hope and Predicted

Maryland Gun Owners Tells Gun Grabbing Lawmakers: We Won't Comply

My Open Letter To Senators Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, President Trump On 'Red Flag Laws'

"The CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The Middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment." [Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 225, shown above)

Missouri Senate Passes Bombshell Law Promising To Disobey All Federal Gun Control Laws

Special Counsel Delivers Mueller Report to Attorney General Barr

CNN Reacts to Mueller News: ‘Huge Victory for the President,’ Trump ‘Vindicated’ - BIG NOTHING BURGER!

Mueller's Recommendation Of No Further Indictments: A Blow To Trump-Russia ‘Collusion’ Enthusiasts

Democrats vow to keep investigating Trump despite Mueller's conclusions, no new indictments

ADAM SCHIFF THREATENS To Subpoena Mueller After Announcement Of End Of Russia Probe

Political reaction pours in after Mueller report drop

Judge Issues Permanent Injunction Against Deerfield, Illinois, Gun Ban

ENTITLED: Ocasio-Cortez Whines She's Never Seen Prosperity 'In My Adult Life'

Middle Eastern Women’s Group Blasts Fox News Over Dumping Judge Jeanine

Center For Security Policy Blasts Fox News For Dumping Judge Jeanine

Fox News Doesn’t ‘CAIR’ — Islamic Terrorist Group Demands Fox Fire Jeanine Pirro

Israel/Palestinian War

US preparing official document on Golan recognition

Syria vows to 'liberate' the Golan

Can Trump’s move lead Netanyahu to win?

Jordan's King warns Israel

Pompeo wraps up Israel trip

WATCH: Pompeo visits the Western Wall

Erdogan Rips Trump: 'Golan recognition will plunge Middle East into new crisis'

‘Message that Trump has given the world is: America stands by Israel,’ Netanyahu says

Trump to Host Netanyahu in White House Next Week

Pompeo in Lebanon to step up pressure on Hezbollah

UN condemns Israel for war crimes at Gaza border, ‘ignoring reality’

Could a coup be building against Hamas in Gaza?

Beto O’Rourke, US presidential candidate, smears Netanyahu as ‘siding with racists’

Murdered Rabbi’s Daughter: ‘It’s gotten to where civilians defend soldiers’

Ilhan Omar Voted In Favor Of Allowing Payments To Families of Terrorists In The Form Of Life Insurance Beneficiaries

WATCH: ‘Seattle Is Dying’…Time to Vote Republican to Save It [Video]

Trump administration announces new Venezuela sanctions

March 22, 2019

Breaking News

Nigel Farage to Stand as Brexit Party Leader After May Brexit Betrayal

Political Cartoon Depicting Britain's "Brexit" Betrayal

In Victim Politics, the Game of Loser Takes All

McCain’s Key Role in Fueling Post-Election Trump-Russia Hysteria

Trump: 'Stone-Cold Crimes' Committed by Obama Officials

President Trump Blasts ‘Anti-Jewish’ Democrats for Skipping AIPAC Conference

PM Netanyahu Set To File Libel Suit Against Gantz, Lapid, and Ya'alon: For calling him a "traitor"

Ignoring Socialism’s Countless Corpses: "The road to socialism is littered with corpses"

Video: Victor Davis Hanson on a California-in-Collapse

Key News

Ukraine Probing U.S. Election Interference by Local Officials on Behalf of Hillary Clinton

POLITICO: “How Trump is on track for a 2020 landslide”… Business Insider: “The Democrats are about to hand a guaranteed 2020 election victory to Trump on a plate”

ABC: Mueller Unlikely to Condemn Trump in Report, No New Indictments Planned

Obama Intentionally Aided And Abetted The Death Of Middle America

Trump Signs Executive Order to Defend Free Speech on Campus

John Bolton: U.S. Has Duty to Protect 40-50K Americans in Venezuela

Bolton Warns Venezuela's Maduro: 'The Window Is Closing'

Despite What DC Claims, The US Provides Military Aid To 3 Out Of 4 Dictators In The World

Democrat 2020 Candidates Skip AIPAC Israel Policy Conference

The Democrats missed their moment to counter anti-Jewish sentiment - what now?

Republican-Democrat Rift Widens over Abortion

Judicial Watch Uncovers More Classified Emails in Hillary Clinton’s Unsecure Email System

Top Ukrainian Prosecutor Opens Probe Into Possible Pro-Clinton Bias In Government

Russians Are Getting Scared

Israel/Palestinian War

Trump: Time for US to recognize Israeli sovereignty in Golan Heights

‘Message that Trump has given the world is that America stands by Israel’: Netanyahu

Netanyahu Tells Trump: You performed a Purim micracle

US lawmakers praise Trump over Golan Heights move

'Golan recognition will plunge Middle East into new crisis': Turkey

The Israeli Spy Who Made Trump’s Golan Heights Announcement Possible

Turkey blasts Trump's announcement on Golan Heights

Arab League: Golan Heights 'occupied Syrian territory'

Poll: Gantz gains momentum, but Right has clear advantage

Palestinians: The Other Peace Deal

Israeli Public Bus Damaged in Roadside Terror Attack Near Kiryat Arba

ISIS caliphate has crumbled and last stronghold liberated

Deep State Propaganda Has Come To Live At Fox News

Hazardous Education: How DC Unconstitutionally Advances Climate Change In American Education With Your Money

Why Credit for the Decline in Black Unemployment Goes to Trump, Not Obama

Trump Campaign to Kick Off Rust Belt Re-election Run in Michigan

New Zealand Prime Minister: Gun Confiscation ‘Just The Beginning’ Of Things To Come

Ocasio-Cortez Calls For Radical Gun Ban: Champions Confiscation

Sad Socialist: New Presidential Polls Show Declining Support For Bernie Sanders

I Went To San Francisco: What Happened To One Of America’s Most Beautiful Cities?

Catholic Priest Arrested After Allegedly Groping Woman During Last Rites

Mississippi Heartbeat Bill Victory: Georgia and Tennessee are considering similar bills

Batman and Robin wade into the Swamp to out the Clinton Foundation

Most Dangerous Volcano In North America Just Erupted - Shot Ash Nearly A Mile Into The Sky: 25 million people live within a 60-mile radius of the crater

Canada Has Euthanized 7,949 Patients: Number of Patients Euthanized is Rising Significantly


March 21, 2019

Breaking News

Landslide election in the Netherlands, anti immigration, anti EU party rumbles into the senate

Bernie Sanders — We Must Take On NRA And Ban Sale Of Assault Weapons In USA

New Zealand to ban 'military-style' guns in wake of deadly mosque shooting

Christians living in a Muslim country ‘143 times more likely’ to be killed by a Muslim than vice versa

U.S. labor market solid: Jobless claims fall

Key News

The Ghost of Soviet KGB Disinformation Within American Politics

Top Ukrainian Prosecutor Opens Probe Into Possible Pro-Clinton Bias In Government

President Trump: Popular Vote Takes Away Power From Small States, Midwest

CNN, Eager To Please Democrats, Lies About James Madison And The Electoral College

Judicial Watch Founder Tom Fitton: “I Estimate At Least 900,000 Illegal Aliens Voted In Midterms”

Skateboarding Politician Who Brags About Eating Dirt: Beto O'Rourke

Muslim Doctor Praises Trump And GOP In Live Interview — CNN Quickly Whisks Her Away

Raging Pro-Abortion Activists Behind the Pulpits

Here’s Why Donald Trump Still Does Not Like John McCain

Horror! Angry Senegalese Driver Sets School Bus Full Of Italian Children On Fire: ‘To Avenge Deaths Of African Migrants At Sea’

Illegal Immigrant Arrested After Having Sex With Cow: Police -- Deputies then turned Nino over to U.S. Border Patrol

Kamala Harris Struggles To Name Policy Differences From Democrat Competitors

Source Claims Fox News Host Secretly Worked To Get Jeanine Pirro Suspended To Curry Favor With Democrats

Fox News Hires Donna Brazile After Suspending Judge Jeanine

Israel/Palestinian War

Jordan’s King Warns Israel: ‘Jerusalem is a red line’

US may recognize Israeli control over Golan next week

Trump to Host Netanyahu in White House Next Week

Iran against the world? The Jews will win

IDF Video Shows Hamas Tel Aviv Rocket Attack

New ‘Kushner Inc.’ book: Trump’s plan includes Saudi-Jordanian land swaps

Beto O'Rourke takes aim at Netanyahu

'Benny Gantz, what are you hiding from the Israeli public?' Netanyahu asks

Commando unit in hot water for losing laptop holding IDF secrets

Terrorists Get Paid More than Doctors and Judges by Palestinian Authority

Fatah Honors Terrorist Who Killed Father of 12 and IDF Soldier

Pompeo: US has 'moral obligation' to stand up to hostile forces

Netanyahu, Pompeo talk energy with Cypriot, Greek leaders

Purim held at the US Embassy in Jerusalem

Is Iran Delivering Weapons to Syria by Sea?

Public University Suspends Prof. for Advising Foreign Student to Learn English


March 20, 2019

Key News

Israel Is On Brink Of War With Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria And Iran - All At The Same Time

SCOTUS Gives Pres. Trump Major Victory On Immigration, Upholds Push To Detain Illegals

2020 Democrats eye dramatic increase in Supreme Court justices: 'All options are on the table'

Pro-Trump Latinos Stun CNN: We Want a ‘Longer and Taller’ Wall

Establishment Press ‘Out to Get’ Trump

“Progressives” Desire to “Kill the King” by Impeaching Trump

Trump: 'Let People See' Mueller's Russia Probe Report

Wolf Donna Brazile Arrives in the Fox House

Fraud: Green New Deal Plagiarized From 2009 UN Environment Programme Report

Gates Joins Bezos as the Only Two Members of the $100 Billion Club: Both are Liberal Democrats

Aide Who Allegedly Leaked Personal Information On GOP Senators Has Ties To Feinstein

Harris: ‘Open’ to Discussion on Eliminating Electoral College

Sen. Warren Calls For Abolishing Electoral College In Presidential Elections

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel Is On Brink Of War With Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria And Iran - All At The Same Time

Massive IDF Drill ‘Simulates Conditions of War with Hezbollah’

It’s Amazing, Just Another Day in Israel: "Our world is about to completely change"

The Ongoing Battle Against Two Types of Terror

Jordan wants Israeli envoy expelled over Temple Mount fracas

Iran's Rouhani urges Iranians to 'put all your curses' on Israel, US

Latest Poll Cuts Gantz Down to Size, Right-Wing Bloc Retakes Vote Lead

PM Netanyahu Warns: Gantz will expel 90,000 Jews from homes

Iran’s Massive Drone Exercise Was Code Named ‘Towards Jerusalem’

Israeli Bus Attacked by Roadside Terrorists Near Shiloh

Hungary opens diplomatic trade mission in Jerusalem

Argentinian Expert Who Said Jewish Bombing Investigator’s Death Not Suicide Is Found Dead

Does new US language on Golan, West Bank indicate a major shift?

Samaria terrorist who killed two is neutralized in shootout with IDF forces

'IDF must re-think mixed-gender battalions in wake of attack'

Mueller Prosecutor on Michael Flynn Case Leaves Russia Probe

Former CIA Contractor Nellie Ohr Provided Husband at DOJ With Russia Research

Half of Americans Believe Russia Probe is ‘Witch Hunt' Against Trump, Poll

Romney ‘Can’t Understand’ Why Trump Would ‘Disparage’ ‘Heroic,’ ‘Honorable’ McCain

Conservative Lawmaker Pushes Bill To Bring Down Drug Prices

Beto: Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Loss is Reason to Abolish Electoral College

U.S. Stock Rally Fizzles on China Trade Concerns

Top Trump Economist: Tax cuts powering economy despite global slowdown

Brazil's Bolsonaro: Extend the Brazilian Miracle and Stop Socialism Worldwide

Trump and Bolsonaro Pledge ‘Historic Remaking’ of US–Brazil Relations

Top US Trade Officials Head to China Next Week for New Trade Talks

Bernie Hires Adviser Who Glorified Chavez’s Venezuela “Economic Miracle”

New Dem Candidate Wants to Give Every American $1K a Month: "firm believer in the Communist Universal Basic Income (UBI)"

WOW! New Embarrassing Low for Journalism & CNN

Pope Refuses to Accept Resignation of Cardinal Convicted of Sex Abuse Cover-Up

West Virginia's Attorney General alleges Catholic Church allowed abusive priests to teach in schools

CNN’s Trump Hatred Results in Double Digit Rating Collapse

"Free Kurdistan" Forming - Middle East Map of 2007

Iran should back an independent Kurdistan: Political Scientist

Jewish people pray for independent Kurdistan

Turkey shells Kurdistan Region on eve of Newroz (Kurdish New Year)

Iraqi skirmishes with Kurdish YBS now ‘under control’ in Shingal

Iraq deploys 3 army brigades to Sinjar, new clashes with Yezidi fighters affiliated to PKK

Syrian Kurdish officials slam Damascus threats as ISIS military defeat nears

Italy to continue military support according to Kurdish Peshmerga needs



March 19, 2019

Breaking News

Trump Administration Contradicts Media Report Claiming 'ZERO New Walls' Built

Supreme Court Backs Trump Power To Detain Migrants Who Commit Crimes

The Definitive Takedown of the Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People’ Hoax

Denmark in a State of Unreported Collapse

Key News

As Venezuela crisis deepens, U.S. sharpens focus on Colombia rebel threat

Black Conservatives Ask NAACP: Why Is Jussie Smollett Still Being Considered for an Image Award?

President Donald Trump: Biggest Accomplishment Is Economy Booming Due to Deregulation

Tech consortium identifies more than 800 versions of New Zealand attack video

Multiple Democrat Presidential Candidates Say They’re Open To Expanding The Supreme Court

Roswell, New Mexico Declares Itself A ‘Sanctuary City For The Unborn’

J.K. Rowling Discusses 'Intense' Gay Relationship Between 'Harry Potter' Characters: But, movie does not depict such relationship

School Lets Transgender Advocate Address Kindergartners, Says It Informed Parents They Could Opt Out: District Lied

Kamala Harris: Mike Pence Refusing to Meet Women Alone Is ‘Outrageous’

Israel/Palestinian War

'Gantz is crawling to Netanyahu like he crawled to Hamas': New Right party warns

For Israeli Security Forces, the Ongoing Battle Against Two Types of Terror

Jordanian MP salutes terrorist who murdered 2 Israelis

Jordanian lawmakers: Expel the Israeli ambassador

March 18, 2019

Breaking News

Trump blasts media ‘working overtime’ to blame him for New Zealand massacre: ‘So Ridiculous’

GRAPHIC — Terrorist Cartel Boss near Texas Border Dismembers 16 in Six Months

Rep. Ilhan Omar's Constituents Are Unhappy With Her Rhetoric: And They're Not Being Quiet About It

Tired Of Mueller? Poll Says Americans Increasingly Believe Russia Investigation Is A 'Witch Hunt'

Key News

Former Aide To Ocasio-Cortez: “Democracy Should Mean Taking Wealth And Power From Those Who Hoard It…”

New Jersey's largest city plans to test Universal Basic Income program

Socialists Don’t Really Believe in Socialism

Trump Gives GM Ultimatum: Re-open Closed Lordstown, Ohio, Plant

120 Christians Slaughtered By Muslim Herders In Nigeria – Media Silent

Democrats and the Antisemitism Trap

Analysis: Should Jewish Democrats switch parties?

Jewish Activists Stage Sit-In At Nancy Pelosi’s Office

Judge Sides With Judicial Watch, Orders More Expansive Search Of FBI Records

John Bolton: North Korea Not Willing To Take Steps To Denuclearize

Beto O’Rourke: Ban AR-15 Sales in America

Oh Boy! Barack Obama’s Brother Asks If Michelle Is ‘Michael’

Biblical Admonition: "Build That Wall"

"When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace." (Luke 11:21, KJV)

"When the strong man, fully armed, from his courtyard, guards his own dwelling, his belongings are undisturbed, his property is at peace and is secure." (Luke 11:21, Amplified Commentary, Emphasis added)

"In that day I shall raise up and restore the fallen tabernacle (booth) of David, And wall up its breaches in the city walls; I will also raise up and restore its ruins And rebuild it as it was in the days of old..." (Amos 9:11)

“Heaven has a wall and strict immigration policies; hell has open borders.”

New York Post: Actually, we can’t afford not to build the wall

Trump Vetoes Congressional Effort to Kill The Border Emergency

The Constitution Isn’t In Crisis—But the Border Still Is

DHS Releases 84.5K Border Crossers, Illegal Aliens into U.S. in Two Months

Rashida Tlaib (D-MI): Supporters of Border Wall Are Following a ‘White Supremacy Agenda’

Sen. Susan Collins Explains Just Why 12 Republicans Voted Against Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Israel/Palestinian War

Egypt Warns Hamas: ‘Israel Will Destroy You, We Won’t Intervene’

Hamas Cracking Down on Gaza Protests

UN Mideast envoy condemns Hamas crackdown on protests

Prophecy News Talk: The Red Heifer Report

Rep. Omar: Israel is also historical homeland of Palestinians

PM Netanyahu and US Sen. Graham Tour Golan Heights

Jerusalem Court Orders Temporary Closure of Illegal Mosque on Temple Mount

MK Smotrich: Bring down the Palestinian Authority

Jason Greenblatt sets the record straight: Pay-to-slay is not welfare

Report: Brazil getting cold feet on Jerusalem embassy move

US now to leave as many as 1,000 troops in Syria

New Zealand prepares to bury mosque victims as toll hits 50

Jewish groups around globe express solidarity with Muslims after Christchurch attack

"Free Kurdistan" Forming - Middle East Map of 2007

Canadian MPP hopes Kurds get ‘respect they deserve’ after historic flag raising in Toronto

Development of unique identity essential component in success of both Taiwan, Kurdistan

Iranian guard killed in clashes near Kurdistan Region border

Never Again: Toronto City Councillor, Kurdish activists call for vigilance to end Kurdish genocide

Exhuming Kocho: ‘This is a site of killing, of mass graves’

Venezuela - "Shrinking The Gap" Campaign Now Underway

Venezuela's Maduro Asks Cabinet Ministers to Offer Resignations

Washington says Maduro is weaker than ever but can’t predict how long he’ll last

Venezuela’s Power Grid Afflicted by Brain Drain, Corruption

Venezuela's oil production plunged in February: OPEC

Venezuela may divert U.S.-bound oil to Russia, says Jose generator back online

Durable Goods Manufacturing Job Openings Up 17% Despite Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

Ocasio-Cortez Again Proves She’s Clueless on Economics

Job Openings Ripped Higher in January, Outnumbering the Unemployed by 1 Million

Ocasio-Cortez is the ‘villain’ in Amazon HQ2 pullout: poll


March 16-17, 2019

Key News

From Brexit to Trump, Elite Contempt Shines Through

Court Victory Against Deep State FBI

Trump vetoes bill blocking national emergency

Angel Families Celebrate with President as He Signs First Veto to Secure Border

OK, I'm Angry...I'm Tired of The Stupid Left! "Left is turning our country into another 1930s Germany"

Evidence Emerges Obama’s FBI, DOJ And CIA Spied On Trump In 2015

President Trump: ‘Jexodus’ Movement Asks Jewish People To Leave ‘Disrespectful’ Democrat Party

About Time: Pro-Israel Lawyers Question Jurisdiction Of International Criminal Court

Heartbeat Bill Victory in Kentucky

Opponents Sound Off On Calif. Gov. Newsom’s Executive Order On Death Penalty

Democrats Tells Legal Voters: Drop Dead

All Adults Automatically Organ Donors Unless They Opt Out in New English Law

Israel/Palestinian War

Trump's 'Deal of the Century' doesn’t stand a chance

Pompeo: Israel has the right to protect its citizens

Why so many Israelis still support Netanyahu

For the first time: Poll shows Likud, Blue and White, tying for first place

Israel, Hamas agree to Egyptian-brokered truce

Satellite images show likely Iran-backed military installation in Syria

Analysis: Jordan faces existential threat to royal family’s rule

Egypt now locked in to two decades of al-Sisi rule

WATCH: Trump not human, Omar says

Ocasio-Cortez Again Proves She’s Clueless on Economics

Poll Shows Glowing Media Coverage Backfired on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

New York Times Op-Ed: Trump, Breitbart News Have ‘Blood on Their Hands’ in Christchurch

New Zealand Shooter Hopes for U.S. Civil War: ‘Conservatism Is Dead, Thank God’

Christchurch Killer: Nation with Closest ‘Values to My Own Is the People’s Republic of China’

AOC, Cory Booker Quick To Politicize The Terror Attack At New Zealand Mosques

White House Rejects Any Link To New Zealand Mosque Gunman

Extremist groups do exist in New Zealand, after all: "Mixture of skinhead, neo-nazi and extreme nationalist groups"

Michelle Obama Ex-Chief Of Staff Pushed For Chicago PD To Turn Smollett Case Over To FBI

"Free Kurdistan" Forming - Middle East Map of 2007

‘Time to recognize Kurdistan as nation’: Toronto councillor

Halabja Chemical Attack: Kurds mark Saddam's tragedy on its 31st anniversary

US State Department says Turkey killed civilians during Afrin capture

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Israel, and the Kurds

Kurdistan needs more and better building codes

Illegal Aliens’ Health Care Costs U.S. Taxpayers Quarter of a Billion Dollars Annually

Coyotes Create Bus Network to Deliver Migrants into Blue-Collar U.S. Jobs

U.S. Warns Maduro That Arresting Opposition Leader Guaidó Would Be ‘Terrible Mistake’



March 15, 2019

Breaking News

Trump Vetoes Measure That Threatened His Border Wall Plans

Border Patrol: No, We Haven’t Built Any New Wall, But That’s About To Change

Trump Updates Barack Obama 2011 Emergency Powers Executive Order: To deal with cartels, criminal cartels

North Korea Threatens to Break Off Negotiations with ‘Gangster-Like’ U.S.

Sec/State Pompeo: Antisemitic Remarks by Congressional Dems Hurt the U.S.-Israeli Relationship

Hamas Is Firing On Its Own Citizens

'Wax My Ass, Scrub My Balls- - Beto O'Rouke Bestiality Poen From 1988 Is Beyond My Belief

REVEALED: Beto O'Rourke Wrote Fantasy About Murdering Children

AOC Gets Scorched Badly, Blames Major Oil Spill On Pipeline That Hasn’t Been Built

Ocasio-Cortez Says Illegal Aliens Are Her “Constituents”

Key News

Every Time Democrats Talk, I Want To Vote For Trump Twice

Major Democratic Donors Among Wealthy Elite Netted In Massive College Bribery Scandal

Every Democrat Who Supports Ocasio-Cortez’s Crazy “Green New Deal”

Ocasio-Cortez Has Ties To "Dark Money" Group

Democrats Advance to the Rear and Takes America to the Woodshed

Senate votes to reject Trump’s emergency declaration: President’s first veto

Twelve Senate Republicans Voted for Ending Trump’s National Emergency

Senator Ben Sasse Votes NO On Blocking Trump’s Declaration: His Reasoning Is Dead On

US Senate votes to end support for Saudi war in Yemen

The two-state-solution is a failure: India-Pakistan as living proof

At least 49 dead in two shootings in New Zealand mosques

Good Guy with Gun Chased, Shot at New Zealand Attackers

Ocasio-Cortez Responds To New Zealand Church Shooting By Attacking People Of Faith

Ocasio-Cortez hits NRA after New Zealand shooting: 'What good are your thoughts and prayers?'

Hollywood Blames Trump for New Zealand Shooting

Second Amendment Foundation: CT Gun Lawsuit like 'Prosecuting Car Makers for Crimes of Car Thieves'

Anti-Gun Rally With No Security Ends With Man Shot: "98 percent of mass shootings have occurred in gun-free zones"

U.S. To Start Missile Testing In August, Considers Terminating INF Treaty

Leaked Lisa Page Testimony Reveals FBI Was Considering Charging Crooked Hillary Under Espionage Act Until DOJ Told Them “No”

Judicial Watch: Key FBI Officials Were ‘Bending over Backwards’ to Protect Hillary Clinton

Judicial Watch Announces Depositions Of Obama-Era Officials And Former Hillary Clinton Aides

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel-Gaza Escalation as Rockets Fired at Tel Aviv

IDF Estimates: Terrorists didn't intend to target Tel Aviv

IDF attacks 100 Hamas targets in Gaza

IDF ‘Embarrasses’ Hezbollah: Exposes Terror Network on Northern Border

Syrian general threatens Israel with tunnel warfare

Why so many Israelis still support PM Netanyahu

The ideological Right must hold its fire against Netanyahu

PM Netanyahu Responds: Turkey's Erdogan a dictator who commits genocide

PA Tells Imams to Use Temple Mount Crisis to Incite Worshipers

Israeli group honors former US envoy Nikki Haley with coin

Israel to build second international airport in Galilee

Protest Irish Bill Criminalizing Travel to Jerusalem!


Must Read!

Journalism’s Longest War: The New York Times versus Zionism and Israel

Satellite Images Show Likely Iranian Military Installation in Syria

US aims to cut Iran oil exports by 20% starting in May

President Trump Talks Trade, Economic Relations, and BREXIT With Irish Prime Minister

Carbon Tax Pushed By New Mexico Dems Would Raise Gas Taxes and Fees by 238%

New Mexico Gubernatorial Candidate Congressman Steve Pearce Signs the Taxpayer Protection Pledge: Only Republican member of New Mexico’s congressional delegation

Beto's Spanish Language Campaign Site Removes 'America' From His Slogan

Jussie Smollets Lawyers Want To Make His Trial Like O.J. Simpsons: Turn trial into a circus

Job Openings Ripped Higher in January, Outnumbering the Unemployed by 1 Million

Consumer Sentiment Soars in March

Toyota to Add 600 American Manufacturing Jobs by 2021

Goldman Sachs: Trump Raises Voters’ Wages with Tight Labor Market

President Trump ‘Not in a Hurry’ on China Trade Deal

AOC vs. Wells Fargo Is What Socialism Looks Like


March 14, 2019

Breaking News

Senate votes to reject Trump’s emergency declaration: President’s first veto

Rocket attack on central Israel: Tel Aviv hit

Iran sets sights on Israel with massive drone drill

The Administrative State Poisons Everything It Touches

U.S. President orders FAA to ground Boeing 737 Max aircraft

Donald Trump said 'no collusion' six times in just 79 seconds

Judicial Watch Exposes Deep State Anti-Trump Collusion

AOC Democrats Want ‘Maoist’ Cultural Destruction, Not Just Socialist ‘Redistribution’

Pelosi and White House agree president should not be impeached

Unanimous House Vote Backs Making Mueller Report Public

Key News

Netanyahu-Erdogan fight escalates amid high tensions on Temple Mount

Trump makes last-minute Brexit intervention 'after being lobbied by Nigel Farage'

Obama officials grilled over Hillary's unauthorized emails

Court Rules Ohio Can Defund Planned Parenthood

Lisa Page: Obama DOJ Ordered FBI Not to Prosecute Hillary Clinton

Huge–> President Trump: Paul Ryan Blocked Subpoenas Of Democrats! — Ryan Was On The Other Side!

Analysis: They Are All Going To Prison Unless They Are Able To Get Trump Out In 2020

Pope Francis Approves Use Of Chemical Castration Drug

Biblical Admonition: "Build That Wall"

"When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace." (Luke 11:21, KJV)

"When the strong man, fully armed, from his courtyard, guards his own dwelling, his belongings are undisturbed, his property is at peace and is secure." (Luke 11:21, Amplified Commentary, Emphasis added)

"In that day I shall raise up and restore the fallen tabernacle (booth) of David, And wall up its breaches in the city walls; I will also raise up and restore its ruins And rebuild it as it was in the days of old..." (Amos 9:11)

“Heaven has a wall and strict immigration policies; hell has open borders.”

Dems Meltdown Over Trump’s Immigration Comment: “I Don’t Want People That Need Welfare”

Trump inches closer to showdown as GOP set to rebuke border emergency

Lou Dobbs: Every GOP Senator Who Votes Against Trump Emergency Declaration Needs To Be Removed From Office

US Expands Return of Asylum-Seekers to Mexico to New Ports of Entry

Prosecutors: MS-13 Member Killed Man for Wearing Peyton Manning Jersey

Human Smuggler Killed Two Innocent Victims During South Texas Car Chase: Police

Illegal Immigrant Stabs California Woman To Death: NINE Times Suspect Protected By ‘Sanctuary’ Laws Is Stunning

Study Reveals Migrants Commit Over 70% Of Violent Crimes In Oslo, Norway

Study: White People Responsible for Blacks’ and Latinos’ Higher Exposure to Pollution

Venezuela - "Shrinking The Gap" Campaign Now Underway

Inviting Self-Professed Socialist Democrats to Venezuela

Trump seeks to slash democracy funds for Venezuela, Cuba

Venezuela is still on the road to ‘Mad Max’

Venezuela seeks to restore power amid looting: China offers help

Lootings as desperation grows

US pulling last diplomats from Venezuela amid power crisis

Israel/Palestinian War

State Dept: Golan Heights is Israeli

Palestinian Authority: US language won't change fact that Golan is 'occupied'

US Lawmakers: Affirm Israeli sovereignty over the Golan

Abbas' condition for a peace agreement

IDF ‘Embarrasses’ Hezbollah, Exposes Terror Network on Border

Golan File: Israel lodges complaint with the UN about Hezbollah's activities

PA organizations in the US reject 'Deal of the Century'

Sanders aide apologizes for suggesting Jews have dual loyalty

Peace Can Only Be Achieved ‘Through Strength,’ Netanyahu Says

President Trump Is Correct: The Democratic party is anti-Jewish

Analysis: Britain’s ban of Hezbollah and its implications

Tucker Carlson won’t apologize, blames liberal 'mob' for outrage over misogynistic remarks

Mitt Romney Bucks Trump on National Emergency

International Energy Agency: U.S. Shale Revolution Transforming Global Oil Markets

House Oversight Committee Taking No Legal Action Against Michael Cohen

Cher Calls for Laws to Control Men’s Bodies: ‘Must Be Circumcised, & Show Papers or Penis’



March 13, 2019

Breaking News

Trump tweets support for Jexodus, group seeking to wean Jewish voters off Democratic party

90 Million Pay Money to CNN While Fewer than 1 Million Watch

Former NYPD Commissioner Calls for Obstruction Investigation into Clinton Email Probe

Pelosi’s Brick Wall: ‘This House will not’ take up GOP bill to overhaul national emergency power

Key News

Pushing Infanticide on America

Hey Jews. Are You Scared Yet?

President Trump: We’re Thinking ‘Very Seriously’ About Designating Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations - 42,000 people killed in Mexico last year

VP Pence: A Vote Against National Emergency Order Is A Vote Against Border Security

Analysis: Anti-Semitism unites extreme left with extreme right

As Trump admin loses another ‘sanctuary city’ case, the Left is setting the stage for a HUGE conservative backlash

The Devil’s Shell Game Transforming the USA Into ‘Amerika':

President Trump Accuses Tech Giants of Colluding with Democrats

Brexit: MPs overwhelmingly reject PM May's deal for a second time

Good Riddance to May’s Withdrawal Agreement – a Turd Rolled in Glitter

Was Obama in on Russian Collusion Smear?

‘Jexodus’ movement growing as Jews now fleeing insane anti-Semitic Democratic Party, joining blacks with ‘Blexit’

Trump tweets support for Jexodus, group seeking to wean Jewish voters off Democratic party

Former Vice Presidential Candidate: A Jewish Exodus From Democrat Party

President Trump Will Make Democrats’ Pay in 2020 for Supporting Infanticide, Abortions Up to Birth

Mississippi House Passes Bill to Ban Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins

House Democrats Block Bill to Stop Infanticide For 15th Time, Refuse Care for Aborted Babies Born Alive


Bernie Sanders' Campaign Press Secretary Asks if American Jews Hold ‘Dual Allegiance’ to Israel

Democrats and CNN Collude to Rig Elections

Democrats Target President Trump, Ignore Their Own Numerous Scandals

Trump flips Federal Appeals Court with 'Bridgegate' attorney

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Attacks Wells Fargo CEO for Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline

GOP Move Toward 'Nuclear Option' As Democrats Continue To Block Trump Nominees

Lisa Page: Obama’s DoJ blocked ‘gross negligence’ charges against Hillary

Fed agencies like the EPA and IRS continue to stockpile guns and ammo while Democrats push to disarm the American public

Israel/Palestinian War

Netanyahu reaffirms that Israel is the Jewish State

Turkey's Erdogan: 'Netanyahu is a tyrant who massacres children'

Education Minister tells Gantz: 'Hamas would love to have you as PM'

Hezbollah's Secret Exposed: From Syria

Police uncover terror cell near Jerusalem

British museum exhibit features postcard accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing

Peace Can Only Be Achieved ‘Through Strength,’ Netanyahu

US officials baiting Israel into painful concessions with promises of regional peace

Temple Mount reopening after Palestinian firebombing attack

Israel’s attorney general to withhold evidence from Netanyahu’s lawyers until after election

The Unbearable Suffering of Israeli Mothers Near the Gaza Border

Zero Dollars: Trump Requests No US Taxpayer Funds for Palestinians in New Budget

“Palestinian” TV teaches children that Israel will come to an end: ‘All of Palestine will return to us’

‘Tens of Thousands of Iran’s Missiles in Syria are Pointed at Israel,’ Threatens Iranian Official

Cardinal George Pell jailed for child sexual abuse in Australia: Former Vatican Treasurer

Governor Newsom to suspend California death penalty

Venezuela - "Shrinking The Gap" Campaign Now Underway

Venezuela’s rightful president Guaidó invites AOC and Ilhan Omar to Venezuela to see socialism in it’s true form

Venezuela has endured four days of blackouts: This is what it looks like there

Venezuela, blaming U.S. for six-day blackout, orders diplomats to leave

Venezuela investigates Juan Guaidó for sabotage of electrical system: Arrests prominent journalist

Venezuela Is Quickly Becoming 'Uninhabitable'

Venezuela’s Opposition Calls for Return of Foreign Drillers

Maduro Whipping A Dead (Bolshevik) Horse

Why did @AdamSchiff try to block Congress from learning that the Clinton campaign paid for the Dossier?

Nancy Pelosi has given moderate Dems 'cover' on Trump impeachment talk: Byron York


Obama and Hillary In Panic As Senator Graham Opens Investigation Into FISA Abuse Against Trump Campaign


March 12, 2019

Key News

President Trump: ‘Seductive’ Socialism Would Send Country ‘Down the Tubes’ in a Decade or Less

“Socialism Takes and Capitalism Creates"

‘Intersectional’ (Divisive) Democrats Finally Reap What They Sow

Nancy Pelosi Rules Out Impeachment: Trump ‘Just Not Worth It’

Vacating the Facebook "Swamp"

Amid Surge in Knife Violence, British Supermarket Chain Pulls Kitchen Knives off Shelves

2A Supporters: Don't Be So Quick To Assume Gun Control Bills Will Die In The Senate

Sanctuary Cities aren't okay when conservatives do it

Biblical Admonition: "Build That Wall"

"When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace." (Luke 11:21, KJV)

"When the strong man, fully armed, from his courtyard, guards his own dwelling, his belongings are undisturbed, his property is at peace and is secure." (Luke 11:21, Amplified Commentary, Emphasis added)

"In that day I shall raise up and restore the fallen tabernacle (booth) of David, And wall up its breaches in the city walls; I will also raise up and restore its ruins And rebuild it as it was in the days of old..." (Amos 9:11)

“Heaven has a wall and strict immigration policies; hell has open borders.”

President Trump on Immigration: ‘I Don’t Want to Have Anyone Coming in That’s on Welfare’

Trump Wants $8.6B More For Mexico Border Wall, Democrats Refuse

As Trump renews demands for border wall, still no signs that Mexico will pay for it

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow foresees another budget fight over border wall

Venezuela - "Shrinking The Gap" Campaign Now Underway

Ilhan Omar Claims Trump Lying About Venezuela Crisis

Internet Collapses in Venezuela with 80% Offline; Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud Blocked

Venezuela congress declares 'state of alarm' over blackout

Venezuela is blaming a crippling 5-day blackout on US cyber warfare — but experts say it's probably the country's neglected power network

Venezuela's Maduro thanks military for defeating 'coup'

Venezuela blackout halts most oil exports, hits crude upgrading

Journalist Detained by Maduro Forces Talks Venezuela

Dark Money Org Gave $2 Million To Group Working With Fusion GPS, Steele

Is Ocasio-Cortez Starting To Get Nervous Over Her Dark Money Complaint?

Jews Dancing With Omar

Israel/Palestinian War

Firebomb hurled at police post on Temple Mount

'Firebomb attack is the result of Temple Mount lawlessness'

Islamic Waqf Refuses Order of Israeli Court to Withdraw from Temple Mount

Turkey: Israel a Jewish state? 'That's blatant racism'

A catastrophe threatens Diaspora Jewry: Stresses importance of Aliyah

PM Ayelet Shaked? Maybe after Bennett

Gaza-Israel Tensions Reignited with Balloons and Airstrikes

Shocking Terror Incitement and Nightly Riots on Gaza Border

Hebron: Palestinian attempting to stab IDF soldiers shot dead

Hamas readies as Arab media reports ‘unprecedented’ Israeli attack is in works

Jewish parents furious over map of ‘Palestine’ replacing Israel featured at Georgia middle school multicultural night


March 11, 2019

Key News

RINO Lindsey Graham: Democrats, GOP Can ‘Come Together’ for Gun Confiscation Law

(NOTE: Read emergency write-up in 3/7/2019 News Alert)

The new Democrat Party: Socialist, Anti-Semitic, Jew-hating baby killers


The Great American Second Amendment Uprising: Is it time for Sanctuary Cities in the name of constitutional rights?

A National Reckoning is Coming on Russia Collusion

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair ‘Secretly Advising’ Macron on How to Stop Brexit

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Capitalism ‘Irredeemable’

AOC’s Policies Are an Indictment of American Economic Education

Kobach: Outrageous Voter Fraud Bill Passed by House

Trump's 2020 budget calls for $2.7T in spending cuts, promises to erase deficit in 15 years

Experts: NYC Could Go Bankrupt for First Time in 40 Years

NY State Auditors Looking To Bill Those Fleeing State’s High Taxes: "Tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich,” Cuomo announced in February. “We did. Now, God forbid, the rich leave”

'Rapid & Catastrophic Turn': Marco Rubio Says Venezuela Is On A Collision Course

Guaido Calls for March on Caracas as Venezuela Blackout Drags On Three Nights

Pot-litics: 2020 Democrats line up behind legalization

Trump Warns Donors: Democrats hate the Jews

Survey: Large divide between US Muslims, Evangelicals

Ilhan Omar’s behavior is tearing Minnesota’s Jewish-Muslim communities apart

Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis Somali Community Has Largest Number Of Male Foreign Terror Recruits In U.S.

Israel/Palestinian War

US Military Buildup in Iraq: To Prepare for Confrontation With Pro-Iranian Forces Set to Conquer Golan

Hamas Willing to Risk War to Avoid Economic Collapse

What happened to Israel’s sovereignty at its borders?

Netanyahu: Israel is the state of 'Jewish people alone'

Netanyahu campaign draws accusations of incitement

'Gantz and Lapid will rotate as head of the opposition'

I'm a Muslim who's angry at Dems' failure to condemn anti-Semite Omar – They betrayed loyal Jewish supporters

'If they launched missiles at Tel Aviv it would not be allowed': Minister Bennett

“We may never leave EU”: Theresa May issues warning to Brexiteer MPs before crucial vote on her deal

California to put abortion promotions in every kid's pocket

Did Pakistan use its Chinese JF-17 jets to shoot down Indian planes?



March 9-10, 2019

Breaking News

RINO Lindsey Graham: Democrats, GOP Can ‘Come Together’ for Gun Confiscation Law

(NOTE: Read emergency write-up in 3/7/2019 News Alert)

Top Fatah Official Escapes Assassination Attempt In Gaza

King Abdullah of Jordan Travels To Washington Amid Temple Mount Crisis

Former CIA Director, Woolsey, Tells Newsmax TV: Trump Should Treat Venezuela Like Grenada

Two Leaders Under Leftist Attack

President Trump: 'The Witch Hunt Continues'

Trump: Democrats have become an anti-Jewish party

PM Netanyahu: Legal establishment persecuting me

Key News

"An Age of Universal Deceit": Where telling the TRUTH is a revoluionary act!

Democrats go fishing whilst their Trump hatred destroys them

Democrats’ Crisis: They’ve Run out of Cool Free Sh*t!

Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Policy Delivers Fastest Wage Growth Since 2009

Socialist Dems Pass "Hard-Left" House Bill for Massive Federal Takeover of Elections

Analysis: Rep. Nadler’s ‘high bar’ for impeachment could make ousting Trump impossible

Rep. Nadler’s Shady Ties To Russia Exposed

Trump threatens gridlock as House investigations heat up: Will go to a 'War-Like Posture"

Jussie Smollet Charged with 16 Felony Counts

Smollett indicted by grand jury on 16 felony counts

Christian Basilica in Paris No-Go Suburbs Heavily Vandalised

David Duke and Ilhan Omar Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Ilhan Omar sets her sights on Obama, trashes his ‘hope and change’: Also blasts him for ‘caging kids’

Ilhan Omar: Obama’s a ‘pretty face’ who got ‘away with murder’

Pelosi Folding on Antisemitism Proves Ocasio-Cortez Really Is ‘The Boss’

Rep. David Kustoff: Jewish Democrats in the House ‘Are All Upset About’ Failure to Condemn Omar

'Democrats cave to Omar’s strategy of anti-Semitism'

Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis Somali Community Has Largest Number of Male Foreign Terror Recruits in U.S.

“The hate-America Democrats have passed a resolution telling you that America sucks”

Special Prosecutor John Huber Has A Message For Americans: Bill Barr And I Will Hold Offenders Accountable And Advance The Rule Of Law

Venezuela in chaos after massive power outage: Maduro's regime blames Marco Rubio

Guaido, Maduro rallies set as Venezuela struggles with blackout

Democrats Urge U.S. Asylum for Venezuela’s Population

Senator Cruz Preps Measure To Singularly Condemn Antisemitism

House refuses to rebuke Omar, condemns ‘hate’ only generally

If there is silence, Jew and Israel hatred grows with amazing speed: 11 Jewish House Democrats who cannot remain silent

Radical left-wing Jewish group takes credit for derailing resolution against anti-Semitism

AOC’s Policies Are an Indictment of American Economic Education

‘Jexodus’ group helps Jewish millennials leave Democratic Party

Israel/Palestinian War

Hezbollah's Nasrallah: Israel Is Scared of War and Is Not Prepared For One

U.S. Peace Plan Will Divide Jerusalem: Saudi Reporter

PM: AG's decision could bring Left to power

Netanyahu: Iran Is Covertly Smuggling Oil at Sea

"Our Union Saved the Right Bloc"

PM Netanyahu makes surprise visit to army base

The Enemies Within: AOC Campaign Calls For End To US/Israel Special Relationship In Fundraising Appeal

Dems’ Tit For Tat: Gun Violence National Emergency - "Why a future Democratic president will never declare a national emergency over gun violence"

China Claims Credit for Helping Defuse India-Pakistan Tensions

U.S. Demands North Korea Give Up All Nuclear Weapons Before Sanctions Relief

North Korea reportedly restoring long-range rocket programmes

North Korea 'preparing rocket launch', images suggest

Biblical Admonition: "Build That Wall"

"When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace." (Luke 11:21, KJV)

"When the strong man, fully armed, from his courtyard, guards his own dwelling, his belongings are undisturbed, his property is at peace and is secure." (Luke 11:21, Amplified Commentary, Emphasis added)

"In that day I shall raise up and restore the fallen tabernacle (booth) of David, And wall up its breaches in the city walls; I will also raise up and restore its ruins And rebuild it as it was in the days of old..." (Amos 9:11)

“Heaven has a wall and strict immigration policies; hell has open borders.”

Mexican Border State Police Intelligence Commander Murdered in Front of Family While Off-duty

Mexico Deploys More Forces to Its Southern Border to Combat Crime amid Caravans

DHS Nielsen: ‘Open Borders Have Failed the American People’

Democrats Block Motion Condemning Illegal Aliens Voting in American Elections

Judge extends authority to more families separated at border

North Carolina Republicans want to give armed teachers a raise

As residents flee New York's high taxes, state uses intrusive audits to get cash from defectors: "This is the flip side. Tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich,” Cuomo said last month. “We did. Now, God forbid, the rich leave”


March 8, 2019


Key News

David Duke Declares: Omar is the 'most important' Congress member

Trump: Democrats are ‘anti-Israel,’ ‘anti-Jewish’

The Democrats’ Civil War Begins

Must We Really Be Careful What We Do Lest We Offend Extremists?

'Time for a Jewish Exodus from the Democratic party': JEXODUS

Ilhan Omar Takes Victory Lap: Antisemitism Resolution First Vote Against ‘Anti-Muslim Bigotry’

11 Pro-Israel Groups Call on Pelosi to Yank Rep. Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee

Evangelical leader Laurie Cardoza-Moore: Check Rep Omar's ties to Muslim Brotherhood

Some Democrats Searching for Primary Challenger to Ilhan Omar

Bring on the Mueller Report!

LEAKED AUDIO: Google Discusses ‘Steering’ the Conservative Movement

Rep. Nadler’s (D-NY) Campaign Consultant Is Also Working on Behalf of Russian Propagandist

U.S. Does Not Have a Labor Shortage: It Has a Wage Shortage

Chicago Democrat Party Swerves Hard Left

Winning The Hearts And Minds Of Middle America: Cory Booker Tells Meat Eaters Their Days Are Numbered

Battle Against Leftist Indoctrination in Public Schools Continues in Maine

Biblical Admonition: "Build That Wall"

"When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace." (Luke 11:21, KJV)

"When the strong man, fully armed, from his courtyard, guards his own dwelling, his belongings are undisturbed, his property is at peace and is secure." (Luke 11:21, Amplified Commentary, Emphasis added)

"In that day I shall raise up and restore the fallen tabernacle (booth) of David, And wall up its breaches in the city walls; I will also raise up and restore its ruins And rebuild it as it was in the days of old..." (Amos 9:11)

“Heaven has a wall and strict immigration policies; hell has open borders.”

GOP Senators Punk Trump, Lie To Voters – Up To 10 Republican Senators May Oppose Trump’s Border Emergency Declaration

Sen. Ted Cruz: No Doubt In My Mind President Trump Will Get Border Wall

Nancy Pelosi: New Immigrants Must Not Have Their Votes Suppressed

President Trump: We Are On Track To Apprehend More Than 1M People Across Southern Border

More Than 600 People Apprehended At Mexican Border

DHS Nielsen: ‘Open Borders Have Failed the American People’

Teen Girl May Have Been Dismembered By Nigerian Migrant Drug Dealer While Still Alive

Trump still hopes for North Korea deal after ominous report

Vets Praise President Trump Executive Order To Combat Veteran Suicide

Israel/Palestinian War

Two Arabs caught after crossing Gaza border

The Dinosaurs and the Palestinian state

20,000 worshippers gather at Western Wall

The Russian vote still counts in Israeli Elections

EU Court Rejects Hamas' Appeal: Reinforces Its Status As A Terror Group

Future Conflicts Will Bring ‘Widespread Missile Fire on Israel’: Warns Military Expert

IDF hammers Hamas naval commando base in Gaza

IDF Artillery Shells Hamas Posts in Southern Gaza Strip

Israel Alerts UN to New Terror Tunnel Activity from Lebanon

‘Without Terror Salaries, PA Won’t Cooperate with Israel’: Abbas

Palestinian leadership demands boycott of downgraded US mission

Israeli firm wins tender to supply robots to Italian military police

"Free Kurdistan" Forming - Middle East Map of 2007

Syrian Kurds Want Secure Border Strip, Reject Turkish "Safe Zone"

Trump: US will keep small, stabilizing level troops in Syria

Russia says Syrian Kurds should start dialogue with Assad

US warns Turkey Against S-400 purchase

Germany ‘highly appreciates’ role, efforts of Peshmerga forces: German official

Istanbul hosts first Kurdish film festival

Fleeing regime fire, Syrians desert northwestern town

Mike Pompeo Calls Out Obama’s Shame In Front Of The Entire World

World Is On Fire In "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Central/South America Target Now

Venezuela in chaos after massive power outage: Maduro's regime blames Marco Rubio

Colombia stops bid by exiled soldiers to forcefully deliver aid to Venezuela: Government could not continue subsidizing the people’s electricity bills

Venezuela's Guaido urges more sanctions after German envoy's expulsion

US Officials: No plan to use arms in Venezuela

Venezuela Crisis: Maduro vows to defeat 'crazed minority'

Special envoy Elliott Abrams says TPS for Venezuelans is ‘under review’: "Temporary Protected Status"

"There is no exiting the Gap, only shrinking the Gap"

U.S. Capitalism In Action

The Hot U.S. Job Market Is Coaxing People in from the Sidelines

IBD/TIPP Poll: Economic Optimism Rebounds With Dow Jones

Federal Reserve Survey Says Manufacturing Strengthened But Risks to Growth Also Rising

The Growing Trade Deficit Strengthens Trump’s Hand in Trade Talks With China

Whole Foods Adopts $15 Minimum Wage — Immediately Slashes Hours

Donald Trump Joins American Workforce Advisory Board Meeting

Stocks Sag Again, But Two Sectors Outperform

Two National Votes and 32 Months Later, Former PMs Call for Another One Year Brexit Delay


March 7, 2019

Key News

CEO Offers to Build 234 Miles of Border Wall for $1.4 Billion

Radical Islamic Terrorism Accounts for 91 Percent of European Terror Victims

Majority of Americans Sympathize With Israel, But Support Slips: Poll

3 Radical Democrats Tearing Their Own Party Apart

Tensions Rise As Democrat Party Revolts: 26 Dems Turn Their Backs On Pelosi during Gun Control legislation

Weekly Update: Another Clinton Cover-Up

Movement to Undermine Electoral College Gains Momentum

If we can keep it: A trilogy of warnings from three of America's founders

Socialist make-believe economics sink Amazon’s plan for Queens

Senate Democrats Don’t Have a Problem with Infanticide

Bulletproof Backpacks: Israeli firm’s answer to school shootings

Is This Legal? Official Copies Of The Mueller Report Are Being Sold Online, And The Release Date Listed Is “March 26”

Venezuela Releases American Journalist After Full Day in Custody

Biblical Admonition: "Build That Wall"

"When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace." (Luke 11:21, KJV)

"When the strong man, fully armed, from his courtyard, guards his own dwelling, his belongings are undisturbed, his property is at peace and is secure." (Luke 11:21, Amplified Commentary, Emphasis added)

"In that day I shall raise up and restore the fallen tabernacle (booth) of David, And wall up its breaches in the city walls; I will also raise up and restore its ruins And rebuild it as it was in the days of old..." (Amos 9:11)

“Heaven has a wall and strict immigration policies; hell has open borders.”

NYT Says Border at ‘Breaking Point’ One Month After ‘Fact Check’ Claimed No Emergency

Hispanic Caucus: DACA Not Enough, Need Amnesty for All

Trump Abandons ‘America First’ Reforms: ‘We Need’ More Immigration to Grow Business Profits

Hispanic Caucus: DACA Not Enough, We Need Amnesty for All

Ann Coulter: Media Magic — How a Democrat Pedophile Became a ‘Trump Scandal’

NY Times traced a children’s cancer cluster to Trump himself: Will there be no bottom?

Linda Sarsour: Pelosi Doing ‘Dirty Work of Powerful White Men’ with Antisemitism Condemnation

Israel/Palestinian War

Linda Sarsour Refuses to Acknowledge Israel’s Right to Exist

No safe entry for Jews - Even In Israel's capital

Benny Gantz: The Trojan Horse in Israel's elections

Blue and White bases platform on 'separation' from Palestinians

The Silent Intifada - Weekly terror report

PA Warns: 'Without terrorist salaries we will nix Paris Protocol

Palestinians arresting, torturing journalists'

IAF attacks Hamas targets in Gaza following repeated provocations

Palestinian indicted for rape, murder of Ori Ansbacher, 19 years old

American Leftists Rally for Ilhan Omar: Right to Speak Out About ‘Apartheid’ Israel, ‘Generational,’ ‘Political Shift’

Democrats to Condemn ‘All Hate,’ Not Anti-Semitism Specifically, in Resolution

How The Ilhan Omar Antisemitism Resolution Backfired -- Analysis

Trump criticizes Democrats over weak anti-Semitism condemnation

Democratic Party in chaos over anti-Semitism resolution

Britain’s ban of Hezbollah and its implications

Exposed: 8 RINO Congressmen Who Voted To Ban Private Gun Sales

U.S. Government Media Network Fires Journalists Over Report Critical of Soros

March 6, 2019

Key News

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Drops Vaccine Truth Bomb Live On TV

Syria, Russia Call On U.S. Forces To Withdraw As Refugees Return Home

Karl Rove on Trump Probes: At Some Point, Americans Are Going To Ask "Really, This Is All You Got?"

Trump: Democrats have gone 'stone cold CRAZY' with investigations

Calif. Republicans Urge Attorney General To Review Sanctuary Laws In Light of Cop’s Death

China takes a hammer and sickle to the Cross

Confronting Veteran suicide, President signs PREVENTS Executive Order

Michael Bloomberg will not run for president in 2020

Bernie Sanders Signs Pledge To Run And Govern As Democrat

Israel Boycott Exposes Serious Rifts in the Democratic Party

Democrats Oppose This Wording: “If an Abortion Results in the Life Birth of an Infant, That Infant is a Legal Person”

Reparations Time? Kamala Harris' Father Says Family Descended from a Jamaican Slave Owner Who Whipped and Tortured His Slaves

Top House Dem dismisses reparations as 2020 candidates endorse idea: James Clyburn (D-S.C.)

Biblical Admonition: "Build That Wall"

"When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace." (Luke 11:21, KJV)

"When the strong man, fully armed, from his courtyard, guards his own dwelling, his belongings are undisturbed, his property is at peace and is secure." (Luke 11:21, Amplified Commentary, Emphasis added)

"In that day I shall raise up and restore the fallen tabernacle (booth) of David, And wall up its breaches in the city walls; I will also raise up and restore its ruins And rebuild it as it was in the days of old..." (Amos 9:11)

Illegal Immigration Under Trump Projected to Surpass Obama Era Levels

Border Patrol Urges Wall Construction As Illegal Border Crossings Hit 12-Year High

McConnell Says National Emergency Will Be Blocked, Then Vetoed By President Trump

NY Times Acknowledges Problem in Reports on the Border

The Left's new arrogant heroes and their hypocritical views

Federal Election Commission Complaint: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Aide Hid $1M

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Smears Jerry Falwell Jr. with False ‘CPAC’ Video

Ocasio-Cortez Faces JAIL Time – She Was Just…

Trump blasts Omar’s latest remarks: A ‘dark day for Israel’

Ocasio-Cortez defends Omar in anti-Semitism controversy

A Sad Day for America – Anti-Semitism on the Loose in Congress

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair: We Are ‘Not Close’ to Removing Omar from Committee

In Age of Trump, Democrats Claim It’s Anti-Semitic to Expose Money in Politics

WATCH pro-Jihad Jew-hater Rep. Rahida Tlaib address a Hamas-tied CAIR event

Thomas Sowell warns U.S. may not resist siren song of socialism: 'I wouldn't bet on it'

Dem Campaign Chief: Medicare for All $33 TRILLION price tag 'a little scary'

Israel/Palestinian War

Election poll puts Netanyahu bloc ahead, despite his indictment

Netanyahu labels Hamas TV station Al-Aqsa a ‘terrorist organization’

Opinion: Who’s Breaking the Status Quo on the Temple Mount?

Israel strikes Gaza targets after fire-balloon terror attacks

First International Flight Lands at New Ramon Airport

Former Pakistani leader pushes for diplomatic ties with Israel: Pervez Musharraf

Annual Belgian Parade Turns Flagrantly Anti-Semitic

Palestinian Authority Will Keep Paying Terrorists, Using Money from Workers

Defeat of ISIS looms as hundreds leave last area in Syria

Syria, Russia Call On U.S. Forces To Withdraw As Refugees Return Home

The Navy just declared America's most expensive weapons system ready for war: F-35A Fighter Jet

Michael Cohen: 'I fear' Trump won't peacefully give up the White House if he loses the 2020 election (FAKE NEWS)

Feminism & Infanticide Forever Entwined: Radical Progressive Feminists Applaud Democrats Blocking 'Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act'

‘A Win for Freedom’: Colorado Drops Second Case Against Christian Baker

Anti-Maduro Protests Grow, Juan Guaido Returns to Venezuela

Maduro Says Visits by Foreign Military Aircraft to Continue Amid Russian Tu-160 Arrival

How Trump Could Turn Venezuelan-Americans Republican


March 5, 2019

Key News

Sen Rand Paul Predicts 10 GOP Senators Will Vote to End Trump National Emergency

Mitch McConnell Fails to Prevent Revolt Against Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

President Trump Accuses Democrats Of Presidential Harassment

NYC Mayor De Blasio and his ‘co-mayor’ wife have wasted $1.8B of taxpayer money

Triggered Virginia Dem calls conservative minorities ‘an embarrassment’…says ‘we can’t wait for them to exit’ the state

Illegal Aliens Arrested in Workplace Raid Sue Over ‘Rights’

Violent Migrant Caravans Heading For American Communities

Federal Election Commission Complaint: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Aide Hid $1Million

12 Pro-Israel Groups Call on Pelosi, Engel to Remove Omar from House Committee

Israel/Palestinian War

Fighting the Palestinians’ Weaponization of the ICC

Ex-Supreme Court Justice: 'Would have been better to announce suspicions after elections'

Palestinian Journalist: 'If someone drops nuclear bomb on Israel, I wouldn't care'

Gantz and Lapid: We won't give back the Golan

Jewish Home Leader: 'I told Gantz: We won't join your coalition'

Hamas again demands money from Israel

Intensifying Conflict Over Shechinah Gate May Lead to Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

Israel Air Force Delegation Returns From Two-Week Drill In The US.



March 4, 2019

Key News

Getting the Party of Infanticide on the Record

"11 Christians Killed Every Day for Their Faith"

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) sets up Trump for his first presidential veto in fight over national emergency on the border

Reaction after Rand Paul vows to oppose Trump’s national emergency, tips votes in Dems’ favor: Says Supremes won’t back it

America's Youth Embraces A False Idea of Socialism

Trump puts socialism on trial for 2020 elections

Larry Kudlow: ‘We Have to Put Socialism on Trial’

Socialism vs. the American way of life will be on the 2020 ballot

Trump's rousing CPAC speech cements new direction in conservative movement

Bolton: North Korea should give ‘full accounting’ of Warmbier’s death

Kamala Harris Wants To ‘Decriminalize’ Prostitution

Going Global: China’s lawmakers are gearing up for a New World Order as ‘two sessions’ approach

California Democrat Pushes Gun Confiscation As The Ultimate Goal To Prevent All Gun Violence

Defiant U.S. sheriffs push gun sanctuaries, imitating liberals on immigration

Trump Vows To Veto Gun Control Bills In Congress, White House

NYT Admits Mass Rape of Latino Migrants: by cartel-affiliated coyotes who traffick them to jobs in Democratic-run cities - Human trafficking by other means

World Is On Fire In "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Central/South America Target Now

John Bolton: 'We're not afraid to use the word Monroe Doctrine'

Guaido Calls for Mass Protests Ahead of His Return to Venezuela Monday

Congress Should Prevent Any Military Intervention in Venezuela

Venezuela crisis threatens disease epidemic across continent

"There is no exiting the Gap, only shrinking the Gap" (Pentagon Doctrine)

Vatican To Open Secret WWII Archives of Wartme Pontiff, Pius XII

Keep Digging! Clinton Wants Congress To Pursue Russia Collusion, Even If Mueller Comes Up Empty

HRC Panics After Federal Judge Orders To Release Deposition Of Christopher Steele

Hillary Clinton: ‘Racist and White Supremacist Views Are Lifted Up’ in the White House

Jackson Would Disagree with Hillary

Black History Month Tells All: The Real Racists Are On The Left

Candace Owens: ‘I don’t want a Green New Deal, I want a Black New Deal’ and it will cost nothing

Greenpeace Co-Founder on AOC: ‘Pompous Little Twit’ — Green New Deal Would Cause ‘Mass Death’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Stop Having Kids to Fight Climate Change

Is AOC Channeling Her Inner Joe McCarthy With Dem Watch List?

Green New Deal Sponsor AOC Spent $29,000 on Rideshare Services

Colorado Counties Adopt ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuary’ Status Against Gun Control

Dem Rep. Dingell: ‘Don’t Want to Take Guns Away’ — BUT -- Some People ‘Shouldn’t Have Guns at Certain Times’

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin Vows to Sign Constitutional Carry

The Social Media Censorship Dumpster Fire

Israel/Palestinian War

How Close Are We (Israel) to All Out War?

'Blood Libel': Netanyahu condemns corruption indictment as bid to undermine election

To topple a country over cigars, champagne and media coverage?

Israeli Defense Officials Oppose US Bill on Golan Heights

US missile defense system deploys to Israel: EUCOM deploys THAAD system

Open Letter From Sanhedrin to Donald Trump Concerning Dividing the Land of Israel and Jerusalem

Rioters Return to Temple Mount Complex

Israeli Centrist Merger Intensifies Israeli Elections Race

Israel ranked among ten most powerful countries in world

Texas Stands With Israel: Blacklists Airbnb

Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Doubles Down on Antisemitic Slur: No ‘Allegiance’ to Israel

Evangelical Christian Leader Demands Ilhan Omar’s Resignation Over Antisemitism

IDF officer seriously injured in terror attack in Samaria

IDF Reports: Terror cell carried out two attacks in one night

Jewish Democrat Severely Criticizes Anti Semite Ilhan Omar: Long Overdue

The Trump Administration’s Bold New School-Choice Plan

Winds of Change are Coming in Higher Education

The Steele Dossier’s ‘Corroborated’ Claims Were Old News

Trump Campaign Has Perfect Response to Pelosi Telling Trump ‘Don’t Run’ in 2020

Vice President Mike Pence Slams Democrat Presidential Candidates for Supporting Infanticide


March 2-3, 2019

Key News

How Close Are We (Israel) to All Out War?

President Trump Hints At Peace Between India And Pakistan

Sec/State Pompeo: U.S. Will Defend Philippines Against China in South China Sea

Democrats Planning to Eliminate Red States

Annual economic growth hits 3 percent, defying predictions of Trump critics

Harvard/Harris Poll: 3-in-4 Voters Favor ‘America First’ Immigration, Trade, War Platform from Candidates

Trump Knows When to Fold ‘Em

Mike Pence: Freedom, Not Socialism, ‘Ended Slavery, Won Two World Wars’

13 Scary Things in Democrats’ ‘Medicare for All’

When the Press Does It, That Means It’s Legal

How low will they go in their hate of Trump Obsession?

THIS is the most disturbing thing we learned from the Cohen hearing

List: 5 Lies Cohen Told Under Oath During Congressional Testimony

Poll: Only 37% Found Michael Cohen’s Testimony Credible

GOP Rep. Meadows files criminal referral for Michael Cohen over foreign contracts

Lynne Patton: Michael Cohen Flipped On Trump Because Mueller Threatened To Jail His Wife For 30 Years

Twitter Tells Michelle Malkin To Lawyer Up For Breaking Sharia Law According to PAKISTANI Laws

Creator Of Calif.’s Sanctuary State Law Admits Family Is Here Illegally

Israel/Palestinian War

Some 8,000 Gazans riot along border

Hamas: Israeli 'occupation' committed clear war crimes

‘Dangerous Joke’: UN’s Biased Gaza Report Full of ‘Obsessive Hatred of Israel’

Hamas Vows Children Will ‘Liberate Palestine with Their Blood’

Ex-IDF Officer: ‘Hamas, Hezbollah Hide Missiles in Children’s Rooms’

Poll: Center-left bloc has majority for first time

"Deal of the century" or a plan doomed to failure?

Palestinians: Trump’s peace plan won’t give us ‘state’ or control of Jerusalem

Gantz campaign outraged after new sexual misconduct allegation

Netanyahu to go in the dock, decides Israeli Attorney General

Could Netanyahu lead nation while fighting bribery charges?

MSM Profile Of Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar Shows She Hated America Since Her Arrival

US offers US $1 million reward to find Osama bin Laden's son

Saudi Arabia revokes citizenship of Osama bin Laden's son

World Is On Fire In "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Central/South America Target Now

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Details New Sanctions Against Venezuelan Officials

U.S. and Russia go head-to-head at Security Council Over Venezuela

Venezuela's Guaido Plans to Go Home Despite Safety Concerns

US revokes visas of 49 Maduro-aligned officials in Venezuela

Pence meets Guaido, urges allies to freeze Venezuela oil assets as US announces more sanctions

World Health Organization Promoting Vaccines Amid Global Surge In Measles

Job Creators Network CEO Alfredo Ortiz Rocks CPAC — ‘We Want to Put Socialism On Trial and We’re Going to Make Sure They Lose’

Gun Control = New World Order

Kentucky House: The Second Amendment Is Your Concealed Carry Permit

West Virginia House Passes Campus Carry for Self-Defense

The Mental Health Myth & The Danger of 'Red Flag' Laws

Parkland Survivor Calls Out Deputy Who Refused to Confront Gunman



March 1, 2019

Breaking News

CIA Whistleblower: Deep State Is Doing To Trump What They Did To JFK

Rush Limbaugh: 'Breakup' of Dempcrat Party under way

Candace Owens at CPAC: The Democrats Are the ‘Party of Slavery, Jim Crow, KKK’

Video -- "The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party" by African-American Professor of Political Science and Law, by Carol Swain, Prager University

Gun Grabbers in the House Are Having a Party

Meghan Markle Plans to Raise Child with ‘Fluid Approach to Gender’

Bernie Sanders Hires Twice-Arrested Illegal Alien as Press Secretary

Socialist Venezuela’s Self-Destruction Forces People To Eat Out Of Garbage Trucks

Americans warned 'it's going to be a rough ride'

Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Policy Slows Outsourcing of U.S. Tech Jobs

State revenues in Trump economy so strong many are giving money BACK to taxpayers

Key News

Is a Second Civil War Coming?

'Kiss of Death' Supported by Democrats Across the US!

Clinton Collusion

Gov Northam’s family owned at least 84 slaves: Took millions from Planned Parenthood, founded by racist ‘Eugenics’ believer Margaret Sanger

The numbers are in: Trump’s economy grew most last year since 2005

Nancy Pelosi and Cuomo Sign Gun Confiscation Bill Into Law

Here Are The Eight Republicans Who Voted For House Democrats’ Gun Control Bill

Democrats Who Voted Against A Bill To Stop Infanticide Could Damage Their Image

Infanticidal Maniacs: The Nazis decided who lived and who died, just like today’s Democrats want to do

Britain’s ban of Hezbollah and its implications

Pakistan ready to hand over Indian pilot amid more shelling

Senate Introduces Resolution To Block President Trump’s National Emergency

Merkel: Hungary, Poland, Etc Must Surrender Control Over Borders to EU

Socialism = Communism = Absolute Dictatorship

Larry Kudlow rouses CPAC with call to ‘put socialism on trial’

Speakers at Biggest Conservative Gathering Warn of Rise of Socialism

As Venezuela is devastated by Maduro, Trump is forcefully confronting the evils of socialism

At CPAC, conservatives warn of ‘radical’ Dems embracing socialism, Trump impeachment

Infanticide Is Just the Beginning of Socialism

“Socialism Takes and Capitalism Creates"

In Venezuela, bows and arrows against tanks

Venezuela Removed 8 Tons of Central Bank Gold Last Week

‘We’ve Had 20 Years of Poverty’: Video That Upset Maduro Says He’s ‘Worthless President

Standing with the Venezuelan Revolution

Keep up the pressure, and Venezuelan socialism will fall

Two Left-Wing Activists Arrested in Nashville at State Capitol, One Charged with Assaulting Tennessee Speaker of the House

Democrats Hang Election Hats On Defending A Green House Lie

President Trump Surprises Troops In Alaska

Israel/Palestinian War

For Israelis, Right or Left, Netanyahu's Indictment Is Sad

Facing indictment, PM strikes back at left-wing 'blood libel'

Four Revelations From Netanyahu's Charge Sheet

Gantz demands Netanyahu step down following indictment bombshell

Labor unveils ‘separation plan’ from Palestinians: Speaks of Jewish population transfer

Netanyahu: We're turning Israel into a rising global power

Poll shows Gantz leading by 9 Knesset seats: But still unable to form coalition

"Deal of the century" or a plan doomed to failure?

Palestinians: Trump’s peace plan won’t give us a ‘state’ or control of Jerusalem

Hamas leader returns to Gaza from Cairo empty handed

Hamas Official: We'll cleanse 'Palestine' of Zionists

American Jews' hand-wringing over possibility that members of an extreme right-wing group may enter the Knesset could give ammunition to Israel’s enemies

No Holds Barred: Anti-Semitic Shock In U.S. Congress

Omar Invokes Apartheid: Calls pro-Israel stance ‘allegiance to a foreign country’

Liberal American Jewish outrage never extends to Israel’s left

How The 400th Anniversary Of Slavery In North America Relates To Israel

Cowboy Gets Call from Trump: Thanks the ‘People’s President’ for Putting America First

Rep. Tlaib: Trump Was Sending ‘Bribery’ Money From the Oval Office

U.S. Offers $1m Reward for Osama bin Laden’s Son

Rashida Tlaib Suggests Mark Meadows Is ‘Racist’ for Inviting ‘Prop’ Lynne Patton: Claims Patton is Trump's token blacks

Rob Smith: How President Trump Is Reaching Out To Black Voters

Republicans Upset Democrats in 2 Connecticut Special Elections: "Tonight was not the first warning sign for Democrats heading into 2020”

Tucker Carlson: How dumb, arrogant Ocasio-Cortez became the boss of the Democratic Party

Abortion Survivor: Senate Dems are 'willing to sacrifice lives like mine to keep abortion-on-demand'

Canadian PM Trjudeau Equates Procurement of Prostitutes To 'Supporting Canadian Workers"

Highway of Tears (The Murders in Indian Country)




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