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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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April 15, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List Of Our Military Personnel

Korean Peninsula

Russian Pacific Fleet Conducts War Games in Peter the Great Bay: Close to Japan and off coast of North Korea!

North Korea Ready For War, Russia Takes Extra Defense Steps To Protect Its Population Bordering Korea "Uncontrollable reaction possible"

Are tyrants shocked, awed or stocking up on nukes? US wants to intimidate 'axis of evil' countries, but the plan could backfire

Iraq News

Saddam The Superman:Occult Practitioner

War believed near end in Iraq, US threatens sanctions against Syria

U.S. secures Tikrit: City's fall marks final major fight, officials say - Only token resistance

Bush The War President Basks In Aftermath of Military Victory

U.S. administrator eager to begin Iraq transition - Marines storm Palestine Hotel where international journalists have been starying

Calm Restored - Threats Remain

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed

Small Iraqi Cities Remain Question Marks

Lab Uses DNA Library To ID Troops

Iraqi envoy vows to stay put at Arab League

Long way to go in Iraq, former Clinton aide says

US military hampers media

U.K.: Infrastructure Damage Won't Cripple Iraq

Iraq suicide vests believed missing

Secret deals alleged between US, Iraqi generals

Gulf widow told to return £400 paid to commando after death: Ministry then recants, apologizes

Russia Sees War as a Free Ad for Arms: Thanks US for reviving demands for Russian weaponry

Map of human genes now complete, scientists exult


SARS DNA Genome - A Very Strange Mix

SARS Nucleotide Sequencing Published

SARS spreading rapidly in China: 74 more cases

500 more Canadians placed in quarantine: Cases are linked to SARS funeral two weeks ago

SARS: Panic Starting To Hit With Full Force

SARS Gene Sequence Unveiled

Afghanistan Has Fewer Land Mine Deaths

Body found might be Laci Peterson: Pregnant woman discovered on shore of San Francisco Bay along with a baby boy with umbilical cord still attached

Miami baggage handlers sentenced for conspiring to steal: Broke into luggage to steal laptops, perfume, jewelry

Moussaoui won't face military tribunal: Prosecutors signal willingness to try Al Qaeda suspect in civilian court

Islamic Convert Ujaama Pleads Guilty To Providing Cash, Computers, Fighters To al Qaeda

Hail destroys 18 000 homes in Beijing, China: Revelation 8:7; 11:19; 16:21 are actually possible!

National Weather

Setup for Severe Weather Tuesday

Western storminess heads east

Much of the country is heating up

Warm Air Surges into the Northeast Tuesday

Northeast Warmup will be Brief!

Tornado Alley

From too little to too much

Greeks weep for 21 children killed in school bus tragedy

Texas Senate moves toward barring recognition of same-sex unions

Supermodels bear bigger babies

AOL-TW Execs Accused of Insider Trading: Ted Turner, Steven Case among those accused

Deadly toxin threatens multi-million dollar shellfish industry

HIPAA regulations go into effect today, but may inhibit treatment




Israel Battles Terror

IDF officer, 24, killed in Nablus clash

Two dead in attack at Gaza crossing

Clashes reported in West Bank city of Nablus

Three Palestinian Gunmen, Israeli Officer Killed

Standoff over new Palestinian Cabinet: Fight over replacing Arafat loyalists

Leaders Position for Mideast Peace Plan

'Human Shields' Face Dangers in Israel


Charges against Damascus: US building case for strike?

Road to Damascus next for Bush? Success breeds more war

Busy Baghdad Highway to Damascus

Intelligence Reports US attack on Syria may be close

Israeli Prime Minister urges U.S to keep heat on Syria, calls Assad 'dangerous'

Dozens of senior Iraqis flee to Syria

Syria denies it has chemical weapons

EU urges calm over US criticism of Syria

Syria's version of 'Baghdad Bob'? Damascus official put in same camp as Iraqi information minister

Is "Punishment" Syria's Fate?

Al Qaeda Poised for Festival Strike

Moral Collapse Continues

California Town to Legalize Adultery

"All My Children" Poised For Lesbian Romance: Will share a kiss and then end up in bed together!

Catholic Women's League of Canada Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions

Cannibal rap star's murder charge

Norwegian Partying students get mornings 'off'

Slovak President Signs NATO Agreement

Ruling party takes lead in Nigerian elections

Florida Governor Jeb Bush orders summer class for 3rd-graders who fail FCAT

Man's body found floating in Boston's Charles River

Ads target campus 'anti-Christian bigotry': Legal group seeks to 'end the intimidation by the political left'

'Most outrageous' ways feds spend money: Libertarian Party releases Washington's Top 10 expenditures

Moose Plans To Appeal Ethics Board Ruling: Police Chief Believes Book Deal Is OK

Angry villagers in southern Mexico stone to death alleged witch

US to tackle flaws in airline watch list: Too many passengers are delayed too often

Palm Beach doctor sues, says detained at airport because of skin color: Was of Indian descent

Treason pondered for Australian war protesters

President Mugabe loses support of Zimbabwe Catholic Church

Feds Say Changes Since Waco Have Helped

First Church of Christ Church Officer Pleads Guilty to Stealing

Farmers Put Live Chickens in Wood Chippers: Obtained permission from U.S. Department of Agriculture

Diet Doctor Atkins in Coma in Hospital

Gypsy Sterilization Alleged in Slovakia

Online Companies Evolve Into Disciplined Businesses

Landlord encourages timely rent with contests and prizes

Privacy Threat in Primary Colors: Homeland Security assailed

Defence checks out smart cards

LEDs vs. the Lightbulb: LED lights will save billion




April 14, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List Of Our Military Personnel

Attack On Syria

US Close to Military Action against Syria and other Iraqi Targets in Syria: "Israel will get hurt"- Syria

Syria warns: Israel will pay if US attacks Syria

Bush Urges Syria To Cooperate

Israel warns Syria not to 'play with fire'

Israeli Defence Minister Mofaz: Syria must lift Hezbollah threat to Israel

Israel to U.S.: Now deal with Syria and Iran

UK calls on Syria to cooperate

Washington turns its sights on Damascus


High alert ends: `Put away gas masks, unseal rooms'

'Road map' may be delayed because Arafat rejects cabinet list

US gives Israel 3 years to quit occupied Arab land

Men who aided last Passover's bombing get 29 life sentences

A 'new Sharon,' war over 'Palestine'

What Sharon says vs what he does: Undermining Road Map even as he speaks positively about it

Text of Bush's "Road Map" plan to establish a Palestinian State

Sharon: Israel may concede settlements

Kofi Annan Conceded UN Undergoing a Crisis

Russians Trying to Save Disabled US Trawler

Iranian's Rafsanjani's remarks misinterpreted by foreign news agencies: Iran not interested in resuming ties to US

Scuffle at sushi house sends Sharon Osbourne to hospital

U.S. Navy Commissions New Destroyer, the USS Mason

Economic News

Earnings blitz hits Wall Street: Economy, earnings likely to take attention away from war

War has cast a long shadow over our economy

4,000 Machinists at Lockheed Plant to Strike


Breakthrough hope as gene team cracks killer virus sequence

SARS Panic Is Starting To Hit With Full Force Worldwide: Is this "Managed Propaganda" or A Real Threat?

SARS Jump May Ground Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific: No plans to ground fleet

Tech Profits Hit by War, SARS

Florida anti-war protests dwindling

San Francisco's war protesters persevere despite rain

Anti-war vandals hit SUVs

War no boon for major networks

Christians Celebrate 'Uplifting' Palm Sunday


Iraq Military News

U.S. Forces Battle Into Saddam's Hometown

Marines free seven U.S. POWs in Iraq -- POWs Report Rough Treatment

Wanted: Iraq's missing leaders - Whole Pack is Mysteriously Missing, Vanished!

List of the Mysteriously Vanished Iraqi Military

US President George W. Bush On Rescued US POWs

U.S.: Patriot Involved in Downed Jet

Rescued POW Jessica Lynch Lands in U.S.

U.S. forces move into Tikrit, gunbattles in central Baghdad

US Forces Make New Foray Into Tikrit

Marines, Snipers Trade Fire

US troops may remain in Iraq for further year

Al-Qaida website bemoans fall of Baghdad: Says guerrilla warfare 'most powerful weapon Muslims have'

US says US forces engaged Syrians overnight in combat in Baghdad

U.S. captures Hizbullah combatants in Iraq

Iraqi POW's riot almost every day in camp

Cyanide-Shooting Guns Found in Baghdad

Iraq-Russia spy link uncovered SECRET FILES: Documents reveal Iraqi agents trained in Moscow

Iraq Domestic Concerns

U.S. Seeks to Turn on Baghdad Electricity

Coalition forces control all of Iraq's oilfields: Centcom

It is difficult being in Saddam family, wrote Uday

UK Says Will No Longer Tolerate Looting in Basra

Armed groups order Shi'ite leader to quit Iraq or suffer attack

Baghdad's Museums Robbed of Invaluable Historical and Archaeological Relics

Iraqis answer U.S. military call to fill jobs

Iraqi embassy ceases to function in Pakistan: Foreign Ministry

Iraqi Ambassador To Egypt Gets Asylum in Yemen

Korean Peninsula

South Korean president confident of peaceful solution to nuke crisis

After Fall of Baghdad, a New Approach from N. Korea

North Korea seen as backing down

South Korean Stock Market rebounds as fears of North Korea nukes fade and Iraq War ends

Suspicious Fire After 21st Birthday Party Kills 5 Ohio Students

Document fraud imperils homeland: More nations to follow Mexico's lead on alternative IDs for aliens

Moral Collapse

'South Park' Merchandise Making a Killing

Bouncer fatally stabbed in brawl over New York City smoking ban

Eight tales add heat to spring in the Naked City

Wacky Iraqi Minister a Web Star

Gas Goes Solid: Found the secret to exploiting the world’s untapped natural gas reserves.



April 13, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List Of Our Military Personnel


Northwestern Iraqi Secret Location Shown To Contain Nuclear Material and Possibly Missiles: "Sinister Tools of Death"?

Deal with Iraqi Commander Opened Baghdad to Marines: US forces are in Baghdad just as Saddam wanted them to be!

Wanted: Iraq's missing leaders - Whole Pack is Mysteriously Missing, Vanished!

List of the Mysteriously Vanished Iraqi Military

No Sign of Iraqi Defenders In Tikrit

Revealed: Russia spied on Blair for Saddam

Iraqi Civilians Shot in Tense Streets

Marines, Iraqi police joining in effort to tamp down looting

More US Forces Arrive in Baghdad to Work on Security -- Coalition command to impose curfew

Marines Turn Cops In Baghdad

Saddam's scientist surrenders to U.S.

Where's The Next War?

Civil disorder rages on in Iraq

It's not the Berlin Wall

Hunt for Syrians leads to Baghdad mosque

Barbarians at the gates

Mythical "Garden of Eden" now a wasteland

Pillagers Strip Iraqi Museum of Its Treasure: 'Our Heritage Is Finished'

Looters Swarm Into New Areas of Baghdad

Marines discover huge cache of suicide bomb vests in a school

Blowing Sand, Dust to Increase Across Iraq

Secret Iraqi Police Files Found

Muslims Rescue Baghdad’s Jewish Community Center

Gunman Who Shot Marine in Baghdad Was Syrian

US Troops Find Saddam's "Love Shack"

Korean Peninsula

US carrier watches N.Korea: Diplomacy so far failed

Talking Peace Just Before War?

N. Korea softens stance on demand for nuclear talks: Statement hints at new flexibility

"Petrified" North Korea Changes Its Nuke Tune

North Korea widens scope of talks on nuclear program

Singapore Issues Wrist Tags to Track SARS Patients; 9 More Die of Illness



Defense Minister Mofaz: Israel may lower alert within hours

Sharon to Haaretz: Iraq war has created chance with Palestinians

As far as Jerusalem is concerned, Bush and Sharon see eye to eye on everything

"The Road Map": The other Mideast moment of truth

Cabinet hawks blast road map on eve of 'red line' talks in U.S.

U.S. vows to cut off Syrian support for Hezbollah

Israel to U.S.: Now deal with Syria and Iran

Surprise and shock on the Palestinian street


SARS May Not Have Originated In China: WHO Official

SARS Panic Is Starting To Hit With Full Force Worldwide: Is this "Managed Propaganda" or A Real Threat?

No one breathing easy with outbreak of SARS

National Weather

Rain, Snow Falling Over California

More Mississippi River flooding on the way

Heavy rains cause landslide and flooding

Warm Air Pushing Toward the Northeast

T-Storms Possible Over Plains Mon, Tue

How Do Troughs, Ridges Affect Weather?

Syria could be next, warns Washington

Iran's former president offers to help restore Iran-U.S. ties

G7 Finance Chiefs Call for UN Action on Iraq

Bush Cabinet debates postwar plans

UNICEF sends supplies to north Iraq

In a surprise, Bush backs a ban on assault weapons

U.S. judge in Vegas extends temporary ban on no-income tax book

Gun inside a bag accidentally discharged at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport


April 12, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List Of Our Military Personnel

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Ready For War, Russia Takes Extra Defense Steps To Protect Its Population Bordering Korea "Uncontrollable reaction possible"

Are tyrants shocked, awed or stocking up on nukes? US wants to intimidate 'axis of evil' countries, but the plan could backfire

North Korea vows never to give up nuclear programmes

North Korea’s Death Wish?

Seoul warns of "disastrous consequences" of possible North Korea conflict

Korea: Complications of U.S. Force Restructuring

N. Korea Hints It May Agree to U.S. Talks: Just a tactic

Iraq Non-Military News

US has list of 55 wanted Iraqis it wants to kill or capture

Statue of Saddam Hussein was pulled down in most staged photo-opportunity since Iwo Jima

9/11 Pentagon Flag Used To Cover Saddam's Face In Baghdad: Demonstrates we are fighting in Iraq as punishment for 9/11

Rumsfeld: Situation in Iraq 'Still Dangerous'

Iraq War Turns Egypt's Elite Against U.S.

Bush Not Sure If Saddam Is Alive or Dead

U.S. Trying To Curb Lawlessness

War Diary: Turkey - US Relations Over Kurds -- Kurdish forces quit Kirkuk

Marines Find Cache Of Suicide Vests

Catholic leader wants Bush to be tried: Says international court should prosecute president as war criminal

Baghdad residents set up blockades to quell looting

U.S. wants to try Iraqi leaders for war crimes

Display of U.S. Flag Barred After Unfurling on Statue

Iraqi Ambassador: I Can't Work in U.S. While It Kills My Countrymen

U.S. Sending 26 Police Officials to Iraq -- Red Cross Warns of Anarchy in Baghdad

Rumsfeld on chaos in Iraq: `Stuff happens'

Putin stresses UN role to solve international conflicts based on Euro-Atlantic cooperation


Monthly Hamas kids' magazine: 'Destroy rapist Jews'
Periodical claims Iraqi children being 'torn to shreds' by U.S.

2 IDF soldiers killed by gunmen Friday at Jordan Valley Golani base

High alert unchanged

Sharon's bureau Chief Weisglass to fly to Washington

CIA sets up department to implement the road map for "peace" and a Palestinian state

Conflicting U.S. statements on road map worry Jerusalem

British peace activist shot by IDF troops in Gaza Strip: Declared to be "brain dead"

Bill Clinton Booed at Willie Nelson Concert

Emergency Limits Imposed on Trawl Fishing

Congress Wraps Up $2.2 Trillion Budget

US drops censure of China on human rights

Due Process Vanishes in Thin Air

Saving Private Lynch movie 'film plan': NBC plans war movie based on Lynch POW experience

Congressman Proposes Moving Tax Day to November: To make voters sensitive to how much taxes they pay while they are voting

Power to the Mobile People



SARS Panic Is Starting To Hit With Full Force Worldwide: Is this "Managed Propaganda" or A Real Threat?

Doctors Race to ID Killer Virus

SARS May Have Spread Through U.S. Workplace, CDC Says

WHO: 'Super Spreaders' Key to Containing SARS

Sars continues its spread across China

Iraq Military News

Fierce battle for town in Iraq, but near Syrian border

DEBKAfile - US Marines patrolling Baghdad 24/7

US 'Aggressively' Fighting Last Iraqi Forces

Iraqi Military Collapse A Puzzle

Bombs blast homes instead of Saddam

Marines kill children at checkpoint

Raid nets empty prison

Bush Gives Purple Hearts To 16

First Navy Ship Returns From Iraq

Illuminist Zoroasterianism In Your News!

French Foreign Minister Receives Gift From Pope

Pope Always Wears White, Visitors Always Wear Black or Dark Blue: Zoroasterian custom labels Pope as God!

Syria Next!

Top Iraqi arms scientists have fled country, most likely to Syria

Shooting from the hip at Syria

Syria, Saudi Arabia could be next

U.S. Tells Iran, Syria, N. Korea 'Learn from Iraq'

Bush: Syria Must Deny Refuge to Saddam Loyalists

Senator Seeks Ouster of Iran and Perhaps Saudi Arabia

US alarmed at India-Pakistan situation: Rhetoric becoming super heated

Indo-Pak disputes: US to remain engaged

Shooting at LA airport El Al counter ruled terrorist act

Florida Palestinian professor to appeal denial of bond

Expert: Government science failed at Waco: Says conclusion agents did not fire weapons possibly pre-determined

Feds on Waco: Shooting in the dark

Suspected Ricin Found in Paris Was Just Wheat Germ

Protests grab spotlight at Masters: Jesse Peterson rally to defend club under siege by feminists, Jackson

Moral Collapse Continues

Editorial Staff of College Newspaper Fired After Printing Very Offensive "April's Fool" Edition

Hold the Phone, It's a Sex Toy

District Superintendent Fired After Being Charged With Rape of 15-year-old boy

Teens Accused of Videotaping Illegal and Very Violent Fights

Gay Student's Lawsuit Moves Ahead

Gay marriage bill rejected in Connecticut

Cuba Executes Men Charged in Hijacking

Worldwide Executions Down in 2002

China Leads in Executions

Florida Police Chief Ordered to Apologize For Racist Remarks

Indians working for Libya's missile development: CIA

China Launches Yangtze River Harnessing Project


April 11, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List Of Our Military Personnel


Situation Is Weird, But Dangerous

BAGHDAD FALLS! IS ISAIAH 13 BEING FULFILLED IN YOUR DAILY NEWS? Has Saddam tactically retreated from Baghdad?

U.S. Military: What Happened to the Republican Guard? Afraid they might reappear to fight

Stage One of War Ends With Engimas: Riddles and Half-Truths Are Popping Up

General Custer 'Captures' Downtown Baghdad :
Will this be the Iraqi version of Little Bighorn?

Is Russia Planning To Intervene in Baghdad?

While Saddam goes underground (permanently?), his family finds safe haven in Syria

After Iraq: The Ongoing Crisis: Iraq Preserves 2 Command Centres

Russians Warn: War is Not Over for America with Baghdad's Takeover

Saddam Hussein's Yacht -- Blown Up!

US show of force galls Arab world: Radicalization of Arabs continues to threaten entire region

'Mother of all Bombs' -- MOAB -- prepared for Tikrit

Baghdad descends into chaos

20 Bodies litter streets of Baghdad suburb

Kurds control center of Mosul after Iraqis abandon city

UN Blix Doubts Iraq War Aims: Says invasion planned a long time ago

More G.I. wives get hoax casualty calls

Experts say U.S. `discovery' of nuclear materials in Iraq was breach of U.N.-monitored site

Mobile bio-weapons lab found by U.S. Marines?

Turning women into cannon fodder

Post-Iraq News

Financing to rebuild Iraq on the agenda at G7 meeting: What happened to "G8"? Did Russia pull out?

U.S. plan for Iraq sparks oil glut fears

Oil prices drop as Kirkuk secured: Iraq’s northern oilfields pump 40 percent of the nation’s crude

Lawmakers Seek Answers on Iraqi Contracts

Aftermath, after Saddam and his Baath Party

Bush in gear to quickly shift from war to re-election mode

France, Russia and Germany meet over Iraq

War leaves Jews relieved, Arabs in denial

IRAQ Reconstruction: Rebuilding will be a multilateral effort

Pentagon steamed at Bush's choice for postwar Iraq

War dampens retail sales

Polish eBay seller offers soap from Auschwitz

House OKs oil drilling in Alaska refuge

Fall of Iraqi Regime Fails to Lift Asian Markets

Toyota producing four models in China

McDonald's Sales Down for 13th Straight Month

Voodoo recognised as official religion in Haiti

Dennis Miller rips U.N., France, Germany

Texas Senate approves moment of silence

Crackdown to protect socialism, Cuba says



Korean Peninsula

N Korea 'convinced it's next': Preparing for war!

North Korea Ready For War, Russia Takes Extra Defense Steps To Protect Its Population Bordering Korea "Uncontrollable reaction possible"

UN discussion of nuke issue 'a prelude to war': Pyongyang

North Korea pulls out of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Russia sees Iraq link to N.Korea crisis - N. Korea says it needs 'deterrent' forces against US

Japan Says North Korea Still Bound by Nuclear Treaty

South Korea launches stealth warship as North Korean leader visits air base

US to Continue Pressing For UN Condemnation of N. Korean Nuclear Program

N. Korea Warns Japan About Possible Military Strike

"Regime Change" News

Pakistani General Threatens To Nuke Tel Aviv

Syria, Saudi Arabia could be next - U.S. tries to seal Iraqi border with Syria

Arab League says US should not go after other M-East countries

Wolfowitz: France should pay for opposing Iraq war

Arab Radicalization

Baghdad suicide bombing kills at least one US soldier

Anti-Saddam Iraqi Shiite leader Majid al-Khoei was assassinated in Shiite holy town of Najaf Thursday

Witnesses: crowd hacks two Islamic clerics to death in holy city of Najaf


High alert unchanged

IDF steps up hunt for terror suspects; 5 held in Gaza, W. Bank

EU appeals to Israel on Gaza 'executions' - Israel steps up use of 'targeted killings'

Conflicting story blames school bomb on Jews: Arab site suggests Israel launching plan to 'transfer the Palestinians'

Palestinian police 'hand over weapons' to Israel

Soldiers, militants killed in Mideast

Palestinian resistance 'to be stepped up' now that Iraq has fallen


SARS Panic Is Starting To Hit With Full Force Worldwide: Is this "Managed Propaganda" or A Real Threat?

Cathay Pacific Airways issues first ever profit warning as SARS bites

Face mask maker MedTecs soars on SARS news

Scientists Identify Coronavirus Virus Behind Deadly SARS

SARS' long journey

Pakistan reforms could lose momentum: Report

Report: 2001 Anthrax Attacks Made Simply

House passes gun-suit immunity bill: 'We shouldn't use the judicial process to bankrupt an industry'

New York sues Wal-Mart over realistic toy guns

Supersonic Concorde grounded for good

House Approves Amber Alert Package

NYC unions rallies at Ground Zero for troops

Human cloning 'flawed': Human cloning may never be possible because of a quirk of biology



April 10, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List Of Our Military Personnel

Breaking News

Anti-Saddam Iraqi Shiite leader Majid al-Khoei was assassinated in Shiite holy town of Najaf Thursday

Bush, Blair Tell Iraqis Their 'Nightmare' Ending

Baghdad Is Hit by Arson and Looting; U.S. Troops Are Ordered to Stop the Plunder

U.S. Military: What Happened to the Republican Guard? Afraid they might reappear to fight

U.S. Marines Battle Holdouts in Baghdad

Iraqi Military Campaign

Interactive Map of Baghdad

BAGHDAD FALLS! IS ISAIAH 13 BEING FULFILLED IN YOUR DAILY NEWS? Has Saddam tactically retreated from Baghdad?

Stage One of War Ends With Engimas: Riddles and Half-Truths Are Popping Up

Is Baghdad Captured or Abandoned?

DEBKAfile Headlines - April 9, 2003: White House, War Not Over

War Diary: Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Nuclear Blast Near Baghdad

Some Iraqi troops continue to resist US invasion in central Baghdad -- U.S. Marines Battle Holdouts in Baghdad

Jane Fonda fears 'entire world' will unite against U.S. after Iraq war

U.S., British Pound Iraqi City of Tikrit

Saddam Hiding in the Russian Embassy? Very Dubious

Iraqis Cheer Collapse of Regime

Turkey, in the end, joins the ‘willing’ coalition - Marines in fierce mosque battle

Kirkuk seized: official

Kurdish-U.S. Forces Seize Hilltop

Saddam's Demise: Dictator's Collusion - Jordanians Stunned Following Events in Iraq

War In Gulf: War support still strong despite casualties

U.S. to Focus Military Action on N. Iraq

Opponents of war refuse to cheer 'imperialists'

Exclusive: Journalists Die and Networks Lie

Iraqi Opposition leader: Saddam is alive

Arab nations call for Iraqi rule

Iraqi Currency Hot on EBay from Currency Collectors

Iraq Weather

More Comfortable Weather in Store for Iraq

Middle East Forecast Map

Iraq Regional Night Forecast Map

Republicans Want Terror Law Made Permanent -- Real threat to our Liberty, Life, Pursuit of Happiness

Miami police officers convicted in evidence planting case!

Lawsuit accuses LAPD officer of selling celebrity inside information to tabloids

NYPD to Stop Collecting Protester Data

11 Afghans Killed In Bombing

African Leaders Discuss Congo Bloodshed

Subject: Microwave Heating Severe Warning!

Military falls for e-mail terror hoax: Cops, corporations also suckers for UPS uniforms myth

Coroner: 'Dr. Laura' mother's death not homicide

28 Die in Fire at Russian School for Deaf

Ex-President Clinton Urges Aid for Haiti

Boca Raton Muslims seek anti-terror training on same basis as Jewish synagogue and business leaders

Senator Kerry vows court picks to be abortion-rights supporters: Litmus test to be required for any nominees

Scientists Euthanize Cloned Baby Banteng - Rare species of Asian cattle

Baby doctor reveals cloned human embryo

Condoms are medical devices: Swiss



Israel Keeps War Preparedness High

Defense Minister Mofaz keeps alert high

U.S. can veto Israeli retaliation for Iraqi missile

Palestinians stunned by collapse of Saddam's regime

Two IDF soldiers killed in Jordan Valley shooting attack

Fatah terrorists kill 70-year-old Israeli man in Jordan Valley

Jewish Woman Killed in Jordan Valley Attack

Peretz-Netanyahu meeting postponed; Histadrut calls off strike

Police doubt claim Jews bombed Palestinian high school

Poll: Most Israelis against strike action

Korean Peninsula

N Korea 'convinced it's next': Preparing for war!

US warns its enemies to 'learn lessons from Iraq'

North Korea Intent on Strong Military

U.N. resists U.S. pressure to condemn N. Korea

UN discussion of nuke issue 'a prelude to war': Pyongyang

Ship burns, sinks in sea between Japan and South Korea

"Regime Change" News

Syria Might Be Next

U.S. success in Iraq emboldens Bush foreign policy team

U.S. Tells Iran, Syria, N. Korea 'Learn from Iraq'

Saddam Hussein's neighbours fear they may be next in the line of fire

"The Next Fight"

Rumsfeld: "Syria is helping the rats run"

Toppling of Saddam's Statute: Angers many Arabs, especially picture of US Flag on statute

Iran paper: Bush worse than Hitler, Stalin

SARS Epidemic

Could SARS Be Man-Made? Bits of Human, Cow, Mouse Viruses!

SARS Just Going To Get Worse

Global death toll form SARS reaches 106

SARS Forces Singapore Catholics to Halt Confessions

Hong Kong in hot flush over ad blunder - Advertises that city "will take your breath away"

Four more Sars deaths in Hongkong, 28 new cases

Singapore woman linked to 100 SARS cases: 'Super spreader,' one of three original cases

More from SGH down with bug: Still no news on how such a large group came to be infected

National Weather

Rain Soaks the Carolinas, Middle Atlantic -Mid-Atlantic washout

In for a long, dry summer

Wet Snow in the Central Appalachians Thursday

Wildfire areas brace for flooding

West Coast Turns Cooler This Weekend

Bush Administration Enforces Clean Air Act

The Saudis: A Missing Diplomat? Top diplomat at the Saudi Embassy in Berlin is linked to Al Qaeda

Judge: Transgender man can't have custody of boy

Nation's public education leader draws ire for article supporting Christian values

Clues Found to Cocaine's Hold on Addicts

Boeing set to start final talks on biggest commercial order of year with Japan's All Nippon Airways

65-year-old woman gives birth: World Record!

Indian Man killed by in-laws from hell

NY Cop forced women to strip to avoid speeding fines

Unlocking Alzheimer's Mysteries

Spotting Cancer Before It Sickens


April 9, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List Of Our Military Personnel

Breaking News

Marines Discover Huge Underground Iraqi Nuclear Facility In Deep Underground Scientific Complex: High radiation levels, but the bombs are n ot found!

Iraqis Celebrate As U.S. Takes Baghdad

Baghdad Divided

Baghdad falls to US forces

Could Saddam Hussein be striking a last-minute deal to escape?

Korean Peninsula

Russia, China Warn UN Against Inciting North Korea

Clinton's Bizarre Claim: Bush Plotting to Invade North Korea

North Korea hunkers down during Iraq war

North Korea threatens Japan

US to Move Military Facility in Seoul

UN Council Holds First Talks on North Korea Crisis

N. Korea, China tell U.N. to stay out of nuclear crisis

Lone U.S. Carrier Group Watches N. Korea

North Korea's sudden calm disquieting

Iraq Military Action

Cooler Weather for Iraq Thursday

DEBKAfile Headlines - April 9, 2003

Battle For Baghdad Not Yet Begun -- Is the War of Words over?

Battle for Saddam’s Underground Regime Centers

'We shoot them down like the morons they are': US General

Troops Push To Center Of Baghdad

U.S. Forces Investigate Tunnels

Battles in Baghdad Resume

Indian defense experts views' on war in Iraq: "Period of Reckoning" is coming for U.S.

Kurdish-U.S. Forces Seize Hilltop Near Northern City of Mosul

U.S. forces take more of Baghdad - Urban Combat Takes Street Smarts

Tikrit: Saddam's Last Stand?

Al Faw, Umm Qasr Resistance May Be Thorn in Coalition's Side

Satellites look down on Baghdad -- Obelisk In Baghdad!

U.S. crew missing after F-15 goes down

Injured overwhelm hospitals

UK soldiers liberate "Garden of Eden"

US General Jay Garner - Iraq administrator in waiting

US ponders just when to declare victory: Rumsfeld - "Later rather than sooner"


IDF raids Gaza after Palestinian gunners hit Sderot, settlements

Israelis face West Bank charges

Peretz delays general strike until Thursday

Germany's Fischer meets Arafat in Ramallah, consults with P.M. Abu Mazen

Mystery blast hurts 15 at Palestinian high school

5 Palestinians killed when F-16 fires missile at car in Gaza


Russian diplomats come under fire leaving Baghdad

Trigger-happy US says it didn't do it

US demanded Russian diplomats leave Baghdad

Rice Reassures Putin Over U.S.-Russian Ties

Latvian official expresses his opinion about the military campaign in Iraq

Congress Votes to Freeze Postal Rates

Appellate Court Rules Media Can Legally Lie - American news media can legally lie to you?

U.S. Awards $100 Mln to 7 Cities to Boost Homeland Security Defenses

Police union probes Moose: Special panel to investigate why chief
withheld suspect, vehicle descriptions

Gas Prices Will Keep Falling, U.S. Says

Palo Alto May Outlaw Frowning!

$5m can't buy secret identity of Watergate's Deep Throat

Elephants 'free captive antelope'

Murdoch set to gain control of GM's DirecTV

Libraries learn how to protect patrons from Patriot Act: Seminar urges deleting Internet histories and shredding sign-up sheets



Other "Regime Changes"

Who is next on America's list? -Iran Warns: US Invading forces seeking to dominate whole region

Syria now top US target for 'regime change'

For Some, Syria Looms as Next Goal - First step is to always say that "peaceful change" is preferred

Background / Syria has been Iraq's arms supplier

Turkey, Syria, Iran to revive cooperation mechanism

Syria expects the worst

Third stray rocket hits southwestern Iran, kills teenager

Miscellaneous Iraq News

US Military Not Allowing Christian Religious Materials To Our Soldiers: No religious material offensive to Islam allowed!

Israel, Jordan to talk on Iraq pipeline

U.S. had veto power over possible Israeli retaliation

Bush and Blair's success

As if he's dead

Blix Missed the Iraqi Sarin

Are 100 Bin Ladens On The Way?

President Bush Designates a POW Day

UK troops appoint Basra 'mayor'

Boca Raton Man Wants To Donate Money To Iraqi Hero Who Helped US Troops Liberate POW Lynch -- Bloodstained uniforms found in hunt for PoWs

Storm over future of Iraq: France Insists UN Must Administer

Blair and Bush agree on vital role for UN

Partisan Opinions: Sharp Divisions in Intensity Lie Beneath Broad Support for War

National Weather

Wet Weather Pattern Covers East Coast From Florida to Canadian Border

Severe weather pounds areas for days

Severe Thunderstorms in Florida Wednesday

Hail damage costs reach $30 million

Cold Start to April in the Northeast

Why April is a Stormy Month

Pollen at highest amounts in years

White House Minister of InterNet Defense

Mexican Army Plane Crash Kills 3 Soldiers

Bomb attack on Beirut McDonald's

U.S. Foreign Policy Shaped by Energy Supply

Crashes of Two of Company's Planes On Same Day Kill

Veterans Remember UN Betrayals


Hysterical crowd prevents cremation of SARS victim in Thailand

SARS Is Here to Stay, Health Officials Say

Businesses unprepared for calamity? SARS, war, underscore need for companies to have emergency plans

Microchip Blames Lower Earnings on SARS

Canada Loses Track of 36,000 immigrants it had ordered deported

Police Chief Word defends police response in port melee

IRS ends homeless man’s taxing ordeal: gAency says his $6 million bill was a mistake

Convicted Killer Gets Life Sentence After Death Appeal

Minor earthquake shakes Adirondacks

Clinton memorabilia largest in U.S, history: 80 million pages of textual records, 77,000 artifacts, 2 million photographs

Debate to reopen on oil drilling in Alaska

Computers that watch while you work



April 8, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List Of Our Military Personnel

Iraq Military Campaign

Obelisk In Baghdad!

Appellate Court Rules Media Can Legally Lie - American news media can legally lie to you?

Venik Aviation intel update: War in Iraq, April 7 - Morning

Venik Aviation intel update: War in Iraq, April 7 - Evening

Analysis: Toppling symbols of power no substitute for warfare street to street, house to house

Saddam killed in aerial attack? Wary analysts point to too many different sources suddenly pinpointing his location, believe a ruse might have been carried out

Iraqis Launch Major Counterattack In Baghdad

Arabs Appalled by U.S. Troops in Baghdad - This is real danger of our attack on Iraq, causing entire region to go up in flames

Defeats dismay Arab media

Journalists Killed, Abducted By Missile Attack In Qatar

Iraqi Death Toll Still A Mystery - Red Cross horrified by number of dead Iraqi civilians: Truckload of dismembered women and children

Invasion of Iraq: Security of small states severely jolted

Whose Propaganda do you want to believe? Americans and British are very clever -- from a Jewish Christian in Israel

US missile hits Al-Jazeera office

Background / Syria/Iraq arms deal that angered America

Chemical Ali's body found, say British

Nerve agents detected in Iraq: Compound evacuated; troops show symptoms

Relief of Basra: Desert Rats finally storm siege city

Digital tank crews see red when enemy shows up

U.S. Finds Missiles with Chemical Weapons

"Smoking gun" WMD site in Iraq turns out to contain pesticide

Remains are old soldiers, not torture victims

Iraqi opposition wary of US governing plan

David Bloom: NBC journalist's death was possibly caused by the hours he spent reporting cramped in an Army vehicle

Troops take al-Rashid airport

American Internet Surfers Run Away from American Internet: Now they prefer European and Arab webpages

Rice visits to mend fences with Russia

SARS Epidemic News

British lab on brink of SARS virus breakthrough to create test for disease: "Days Away" : But still we have no test that can identify if a person actually has the disease!

CDC: SARS 'the beginning of a problem'

Another doctor dies of SARS

Singapore: SARS has spread to country's largest hospital

Deaths from virus reach 100 and Hong Kong fears thousands more

Disease may change to an even deadlier form: Sars resembles the fatal flu virus of 1918

Missed diagnosis raises questions on SARS screening

No SARS testing at U.S. airports: Inspectors told to admit even Asian passengers with virus symptoms

Death For Sale

Vietnam mulls border closure due to SARS

Scientists reveal why the male songbird's beak is so attractive

Mild earthquake rocks northern Philippines

Will Madison Offer Dixie Chicks Key To City? -- Chicks say their Bush slam was a "joke"

Drugs Strain to Resist Resistance

Safety gadgets galore for the war-worried

Mark of the Beast News

Veri-Chip Offering Discount To First 100,000 People To Get Implantable Chip!

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections Video

Privacy and the Surveillance State: How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy!

'Step Back' for Wireless ID Tech? Embedded clothing plan cancelled

Due Process Vanishes in Thin Air

Weather In Middle East

Another Hot Day in Southern Iraq Tuesday

Tuesday's Weather in Iraq -- Sandstorms in the south

Iraq Forecast For Night

Korean Peninsula

China steps up preparation for U.S. conflict: America's war in Iraq seen as precursor to Asia conquest

North Korea Says U.S. Wants to Commit 'Terrorism'

N Korean economy has already collapsed: former US envoy

UN Talks Over N. Korea Nuke Program Fails -- N Korea cranks up rhetoric on eve of UN talks

South Korea opens talks on future US troop deployment

North Korea sticks to 'military deterrent'

National Weather

Winter is back in full force -- Snowstorm History Through Monday Night

A Stormy Tuesday in the Southeast

Heavy Rain -- "Copious amounts of moisture"

Major East Coast Storm This Week - Will travel from Florida to Canadian border!

Snow Accumulation on Roads in Spring

Tobacco blamed for predicted 50 per cent rise in cancer cases


The Negev Desert Blooming

No Treasury talks planned, general strike likely - Sharon appeals against general strike

Bush says pleased with choice of Abu Mazen as new Palestinian Prime Minister -- But Palestinian premier viewed as extreme on 'right of return'

Is This War Prophetic? "Things are about to change on planet earth"

IDF razes home of terrorist who killed six

A Silver Star for the home front for preparing Israeli people for the war

Moral Collapse Continues

HIV-Positive Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Student

Secret Public School Plan To Teach Deviant Sex To Kids! Teaching "values-free" sex, but still part of "Abstinence First" program

Tehran British embassy attacked

Student shot dead in class in Natchitoches, Louisiana

Economic News

Oil prices tumble

Stocks Rise but Lose Steam Amid Encouraging War News

Gas Prices at Pump Drop for 1st Time in 4 Months

The Massacre of Withdrawing Soldiers on 'The Highway of Death': Report was made on May 11th, 1991, at a session of the New York committee for investigating war crimes

Another MiG crashes in India



April 7, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List Of Our Military Personnel

Iraq Military Campaign

Venick Aviation Intel update: War in Iraq, April 6 - Part 1

Venick Aviation Intel update: War In Iraq, April 6 - Part 2

Winds Of World War IV: Evidences of A Much Larger War Planned

Just In: Missile Attack On Coalition Tactical Command Kills 4, Wounds 6

Saddam Hussein divided Baghdad into 5 defended sectors

Russian convoy attacked, some wounded, in Iraq

Russia furious over convoy shooting incident

Are Coalition Forces Targeting Russian Diplomatic and Residential Sections?

Red Cross horrified by number of dead Iraqi civilians: Truckload of dismembered women and children

Iraqi Hospitals buckle as casualties escalate

CNN won't let the facts in Iraq get in the way

Marines discard chemical suits; Mofaz mulls lowering alert

U.S. Military Claims 7,000 Troops at Baghdad Airport?

'Too-slow' Marine Commander Relieved

Deaths bring reality of war home -- There Are Two Sides to This War

US forces seize palace after Baghdad raid

Street battle a taste of things to come -- Battle for Baghdad the ultimate urban nightmare - US tactics may be similar to those used by Israel

Tanks surge into Basra after long siege

Annan Seeks Security Council Iraq Meeting

Iraqi travel curfew imposed as Baghdad exodus creates gridlock of fear

Possible Iraqi chemical weapons site found

NBC's anchor dies of blood clot while covering war: David Bloom remembered

Third Aussie warship leaves for Persian Gulf

U.S. Forces Storm Into Heart of Baghdad: Seize Presidential Palace

Iran War Drumbeat Beginning

Iran's Kharrazi Shrugs Off U.S. Warnings on Iraq: Says Situation In Iraq Will Spiral Out Of Control

U.S.: After Iraq, we'll deal with other radical Mideast regimes

Just the Beginning: Is Iraq the opening salvo in a war to remake the world?

Iranians Jittery As War Rages Next Door

Tension Among Arab Nations Increasing As War In Iraq Unfolds

The war that may end the age of superpower

Australia would not follow Americans into Iran or Syria, says Foreign Minister Downer

U.S. troops exposed to nerve gas: Dozens of soldiers undergo testing as Army lab detects sarin biotoxin

Key Iraqi general 'Chemical' Ali apparently found dead in Basra

Military action can't promote democracy

More Evidences of Spreading War

Egypt's top Islamic cleric gave his blessing to volunteers to fight alongside Iraqis forces: "Raging anti-war mood among the Egyptian people

Saudis live in fear of being ‘next’ on America’s list: Aftermath of sept. 11 has changed everything

Conflict hits close to home in Gaza: Palestinians find it easy to identify with Iraqis' plight Many believe `this war is for the benefit of Israelis'

Critics may sneer, but anti-war song strikes a chord with hundreds of thousands of Egyptians

New Generation of al-Qaida Feared: Muslim discontent over the war in Iraq could spawn next generation of global terrorists

UK sold chemicals, night-vision equipment to Syria

Economic News

Wall St Week Ahead-Iraq war writes script for stocks

Retail gas prices fall for the first time in four months

U.S. prisons and jails now hold record 2 million inmates

Massachusetts jeweler investigated for selling fake diamonds

Middle Ages were warmer than today, say scientists

Congo massacre 'leaves 1,000 dead': Conflict has killed 50,000, displaced 500,000

Pope gets "lift" at altar from electric seat: Suffering from Parkinson's Disease

Russia's Big Gamble on American Football: Sport catching on


Middle East Weather

Hot weather starts afflicting coalition troops in Iraq

Monday Weather Cooler, Though

Tuesday Up To 92F: Seasonal hot weather sets in

Monday Night Weather Forecast Map

Korean Peninsula

War Between US - Korea Now Nearly Inevitable: Maurice Strong

What's next, Mr. President? Buchanan says we are too timid on N. Korea

Japan keen to revive militarism by launching spy satellite: North Korea charges

North-South Korea Talks Canceled

South Korea drops effort to open talks with North

North Korea wonders if it's next: War in Iraq creates unease over U.S. plans

SARS Epidemic

Japanese mask makers reap huge orders from Sars outbreak

SARS quandary: How much should the public know?

WHO chief slams China over Sars

Boston Chinatown fights fears: Restaurants slump on SARS worries

China forced to face bad news and admit SARS coverup

Hong Kong Braces for the Worst as SARS Spreads

SARS heightens concern for US tourists in Asia

North AMERICA: Public gripped by fear

British lab on brink of SARS virus breakthrough to create test for disease: "Days Away"

Big sacrifices...behind doctors' masks

Prime Minister cancels China trip on doctors' advice

Temperature checks for travellers from Sars-hit areas

National Weather

Expected Northeast Snowfall Monday

Boston: Expected wintry weather is more disappointing than unusual

Late Season Snowstorm in the South East

Texas gets pounded by Severe Weather

Deadliest Tornadoes in April

Snow Storm hits Midwest

NYC Islamic Sowing seeds of hatred : Islamic textbooks scapegoat Jews, Christians

Army declines to send reservist-congressman

Three Major Peace Issues Dominate Bush-Blair Summit In Ireland Today

N. Ireland protests may roil Bush trip

N. Ireland census shows Protestant majority lost


Court bars IDF emergency plan to take over TV broadcasts

Bush needs to show cards on Palestine

Palestinian killed in Gaza; five Islamic Jihad men arrested

A defiant opening in Fatah leader's trial

13 suspected drug dealers arrested

Palestinian pulled off of suicide-bomb mission because he failed Hebrew test

American Jews are in a quandary over revealing the nature of their links with the Iraqi opposition

Israelis probe shooting of activist

Missile intercept scenarios challenge defense planners

Palestinians boycott US, UK products

As many join burning boom, CD sales slide

Military Kids Ask: Is dad in danger?

Pakistani Prosecution asks for death penalty for the bombing of US Consulate

Anti-War Protests

Elected official refuses Pledge: Selectman: 'Every time I see the flag, I can picture George Bush wearing it as a toga'

Protesters plan to stop war shipments

N.H. Democrats accuse GOP of stifling war debate

Anti-war forces try to broaden base: "Queers for Palestine" march

15,000 Trumpet Effort At `Rally For America'

‘Vice City’ game sparks legislative reaction: Sex, violence, plus motion-picture quality give new video games real moral danger



April 6, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - "I will look to the Lord and be confident in Him" - Micah 7:7

Iraq Military Campaign -- BBC Military Map

Cooling Trend in Iraq Sunday and Monday

Bush's Ever Shifting Absolutes: Let Us Count the Lies on the Road to War

Iraq: Victory or Defeat? How do we tell truth from lies?

Bush: Fighting Will Continue Until Saddam is Ousted

Defiant Iraqis Say U.S. Advance Has Been Broken

Baghdad status still reported to be normal on 17th day of war

54 US troops killed by friendly fire - Up to 3000 Iraqis dead

At least 10 U.S. troops killed when American jet bombs convoy

Russian military intel update: War in Iraq, April 5 - Coalition forces awaiting reinforcements

One Of Saddam's Palaces Seized

Explosions rock Baghdad as Iraqi troops mass to protect capital

US forces mass near Baghdad

Coalition Forces Push Toward South

U.S. Discusses Rescue

Airlift: First Wave of Iraqi Opposition flown into Baghdad

US begins the process of 'regime change'

UK forces discover macabre 'mortuary': Warehouse of bodies

Iraqi TV shows new Saddam tape

Lynch family reaches base where ex-POW is recovering

Tehran-Ankara ties growing in all areas: Ambassador

Investigators pore over Leominster plane crash site

National Weather

Forecasters predict 2003 hurricane season will be twice as severe as last year --Including three intense hurricanes with winds of 111 mph or higher

Strong Storms Sunday Across the Deep South

Snowstorm Possible Across the Mid-Atlantic

April Storm Pushing Snow, Ice Eastward Monday

How Hail Forms Inside a Thunderstorm

Damaging thunderstorms and heavy snow as new storm roars to life!

Town protests mayor's ban on yellow ribbons

SARS Epidemic News

U.S. SARS Quarantine Policy in Effect

WHO: SARS cases over 2,400

Mask supplier claims U.S. firm is price-gouging, taking advantage of SARS scare

Malaysia declares SARS a national security matter

Arrests hint at Afghan drug exports

Mudslide victims to stay entombed

'Insidious' lookalike cigarettes marketed to children

Dog attacks shark

Zoroastrian Religion Establishing New American Temple: Illuminati is largely based upon Zoroastrianism!

Pope Wears White, Visitors Wear Black Just As Zoroastrian Tradition Dictates

New World Order makes its debut in America

VeriChip Corp. Completes Initial Implantable Product Shipments in First Quarter 2003

Planet-X Final Approach To Earth

Planet-X Explained - Texe Marrs Video


Defense Minister, General Mofaz to discuss lowering alert for Iraq attack

Netanyahu, Peretz get nowhere; general strikes likely to widen

High Court: Women's group can't read Torah at Wall

Belgium Guts Controversial Genocide Law: Prime Minister Sharon was major emphasis

Israelis at center of ecstasy drug trade

A junction in the road map -- Israel to Leave Peace Talks Unless "Road Map" Plan Is Amended

The Jerusalem paradox

Rash of illegals crashing through U.S. port-of-entry: 3 vehicles with aliens careen north from San Diego on southbound lanes

Positive test for terror toxins in Iraq: Evidence of ricin, botulinum at Islamic militants’ camp

Republicans Urges Firing of "Mogadishu" Anti-war Professor

Friends of Arab-American protest his detention: Software engineer held as 'material witness'

Economic News

War Cited in String of Profit Warnings: Shortfall in profits tied to Iraq war

Big role urged for oil firms after war

United Airlines Reaches Pacts with Two Unions

States consider raising beer taxes to help balance the budget

Korean Peninsula

North Korea to Ignore U.N. Resolutions on Nuclear Weapons: N. Korea has said UN sanctions would be tantamount to war

North Korea to beef up military might in face of UN/US action

North Korea: South Korea's Involvement in Iraq Is 'Criminal Act'

N.Korea Says US Iraq Attack Demonstrates That Only Huge Deterrent Can Avert War

Army doctors train on Miami's mean-street casualties

Vegetarian Parents Convicted of "Willful Neglect" In Child's Death

JonBenet evidence points to intruder, judge rules

High Court allows controversial execution: Judges split over Oklahoman who was 17 when he killed 2

Woman advertises in newspaper for kidney 'miracle': Fed up with wait

Nearly half the states are closing meetings, sealing records and restricting the flow of information to the public: In name of homeland security


April 5, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - "There is forgiveness with you ..." Psalm 130:4

Iraq Military Campaign -- BBC Military Map

New "Victory" Plan? Besiege Baghdad, Declare Victory, Saddam Gets To Stay In Power!

American Disasters: Can we be taken seriously anymore?

Baghdad: Strategic Importance -- Cannot effect "Regime Change" without taking Baghdad

Russian Intel - April 4, 2003: Seige of Baghdad Next

Uranium Warheads May Leave Both Sides a Legacy of Death for Decades: 29% of Gulf War I veterans disabled

Key Marine commander is relieved: No explanation given for removal

Iraq says women killed troops in suicide mission

Tornadoes to drop 'concrete bombs'

Analysis: The battle for Baghdad - Planners furiously working on plan to take Baghdad

Exclusive: 3 Iraqi CIA "assets" killed in Baghdad by Iraqi counter-intelligence

US warship with armored tanks crosses Suez Canal bound for Iraq

Atlantic Monthly Editor Killed in Iraq: Michael Kelly Was a Columnist for The Washington Post

Gorbachev calls for end to "bloodbath" in Iraq

Saddam puts land mines around mosque

Soldiers Ambushed with Lynch in Convoy, 8 Said Dead

Doctors Say Lynch Suffered Gunshot Wounds

U.S. Super Cobra Helicopter Crash Kills 2

Truth First Casualty of War

Robert Fisk: Reports of airport assault premature -- Says US is lying about conquering airport

U.S Claims.: Forces Enter 'Heart of Baghdad' -- Declined to say what he meant by "middle of the city"

Witnesses Refute U.S. Forces' Claim To Have Entered Heart of Baghdad

Fog of war shrouds the facts: Claims and counter-claims as off-the-record briefings add to confusion - Is anyone telling the truth?

BBC News Complains About Pentagon Control of the News: Getting More Truth From Baghdad

Middle East Weather

Cooling Trend in Iraq Sunday and Monday

Map Showing Weather In Middle East

Night Map Showing Weather

Post War Wrangling

UN Official: U.S. To Be Restrained in Postwar Iraq By World Body

U.S. Sees Limited U.N. Role in Iraq

US can't fuel overseas ambitions with limp economy

Profit and Power in Postwar Iraq

Iraq's Bread Basket Stands to Be Ruined by War

U.S. farmers vie for aid contracts: Barred from Iraq, growers hope war will open a new market

Spreading War?

U.S.: After Iraq, we'll deal with other radical Mideast regimes

Just the Beginning: Is Iraq the opening salvo in a war to remake the world?

Iranians Jittery As War Rages Next Door

Tension Among Arab Nations Increasing As War In Iraq Unfolds

The war that may end the age of superpower

Akbar Charged in Grenade Attack on 101st


Thousands of Palestinians march in support of Iraq

Blair: Peace process as important as getting rid of Saddam

IDF ups readiness as coalition launches assault on Baghdad

Palestinian Muslim leaders: US trying to steal Iraq from its own people

Israel presses UN on small anti-aircraft missiles

Egypt's Mubarak: Israel exploiting Iraq war to step up aggression against Palestinians

Anglican Bishop Who Left His Wife For Male Lover Is In Line To Be Appointed Bishop!

Bush-Blair talks on big three peace issues

Islamic group opposes selection of Daniel Pipes man for U.S. Institute of Peace panel

Moussaoui Judge Skeptical Over Secrecy in Case

Airlines to meet deadline for reinforced cockpits




Korean Peninsula

Russian Intel -- April 3, 2003: Progress Of War Shows US Cannot Defeat North Korea Without Nuclear Weapons!

Pyongyang ready to fight: UN : Envoy warns that it is possible that the nuclear standoff between the US and North Korea could erupt into war

North Korea slams US trade sanctions

China washes hands of N. Korea's antics - China distances itself from North Korea

North Korea Has Arsenal of 100 Nuclear Warheads And The Ballistic Missiles To Deliver Them!

Japan 'has the right but not the might' to fight back

Russian ships headed for Gulf region

View From Moscow: Russian Naval Force Moves To Close Proximity To Persian Gulf War: May conduct "shooting exercises"!

Ex-CIA Chief Declares US In A World War Against: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, al Qaeda. Just as C/Edge predicted!

Taiwan goes on spy hunt

SARS Virus News

Mystery Virus Still Spreading, China Apologizes

Remembering The Dead Microbiologists Who Disappeared Mysteriously Late 2001 -- Warning by Patricia Doyle, PhD

From The Archives: Top Scientists, Expert In Fighting Infectious Diseases, Are Suddenly Dead or Missing!

Hotels emptied by disease

Bush OKs Quarantine Authority for SARS - Signs Executive Order

Fears about airliner cabin air grow - SARS being passed through the air! Sneezing and coughing passes it

Newfound Los Angeles Fault Threatens Major Quake: Downtown L.A. is sitting on top of this fault

Hawaii About To Become First State To Oppose Patriot Act

National Weather

Storm Bringing Snow, Ice to Northeast

Foot of Snow Falls on Parts of Northeast

Strong T-Storms Rumble Across Middle Atlantic

How Hail Forms Inside a Thunderstorm

Daylight Saving Time Begins Sunday

Economic News

Prolonged Iraq war would lead to global recession: Bankers

More Companies Suspend 401(k) Contributions

Businesses Cut 108,000 Jobs in March

Alcoa Profit Falls as Production Costs Rise

US writes off Pakistan's $1 billion debt

1993 World Trade Center Bombing Convictions Upheld

Wal-Mart Stops Gun Sales in California Stores

New Georgia Flag Won't Whistle Dixie

National Guard Troops On Look-out For NY Gang Members Stealing The M-16 Rifles As Part of Initiation Rite

Uganda poachers massacre elephants

Chinese scientists inch towards theory man descended from worms!

Global advertisers urged to shy away from Stars and Stripes

Terrorists blow up BSF vehicle in Jammu and Kashmir; six injured

Government developing huge child porn database to help detectives find victims

Fishermen charged in attack on sea lion with crossbow

Cuban hijackers nabbed in surprise raid; hostages safe

Vatican Holds Conference on Pedophilia


April 4, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Soldiers

Iraq Military Campaign

US Intensifies Psy-Ops Campaign Against Saddam: He really is not fleeing the country

Iraqi foreign minister says Saddam alive

Jane's Defense Weekly - Daily Iraq War Report

Baghdad: Strategic Importance -- Cannot effect "Regime Change" without taking Baghdad

U.S. troops in Baghdad airport -- 3 Troops Die By Car Bomb

U.S. Troops Have Choice: Enter Baghdad or Wait for Saddam's Downfall

Myers: No 'siege' planned for Baghdad

Stratfor Intelligence - April 3, 2003

U.S. Military Bans Use of Thuraya Satellite Phones

US officer: "Suspicious site" found near Baghdad: May be chemical weapons

Huge Iraqi arms cache found

Iraq-ometer: Tracking the Statistics

U.S. Puts Secretive Special Forces in Spotlight -- Special Forces To Continue In Iraq

Airport Could Be Used As 'Superbase'

Baghdadis Flee Airport Area After 'Night of Hell'

1,400 Iraqis killed in battles so far in war

CNN Medical Correspondent Operates on Iraqi Child

Marines report about 2,500 Republican Guards surrender

How 'Mohammad' helped save POW Jessica Lynch - Family of POW: She Wasn't Shot, Stabbed

Did We Go In Too Light?

Saddam trains kids to kill: 8,000-strong army of children ready to take on U.S. forces

Iraq's Top Cleric Asks Followers to Stay Out of Fight

Suicide bombers to come out of woodwork

Hovering spy plane helps rout Iraqis

Iraq - Domestic News

Bush Braces U.S. for Further Sacrifices

Pelosi: 'Thousands' of U.S. Soldiers Will Die in Iraq

Congress Approves Nearly $80B War Budget

Senator Kerry says US needs its own 'regime change'

CBS Producer Sees Bush as Another Hitler

No Credible U.S. Terror Threats Since War Began

Prankster Devastates Flagstaff Family With False News Of Death -- Soldier's Mom Gets Prank Call

Russia Moving Forces

Russian Naval Force Moves To Close Proximity To Persian Gulf War: May conduct "shooting exercises"!

Russia Calls up 175,000 Soldiers!


IDF ups readiness as coalition prepares to launch assault on Baghdad

U.S.: Prevent settlers moving into new E. Jerusalem neighborhood

IDF ends Tul Karm operation after key arrests

Israeli Troops Kill Seven; U.S. Vows Peace Moves

Surveillance Society - Mark of the Beast

Traveling? You Will Take Big Brother Along

Privacy Activist Takes on Delta

Coalition Letter on T.S.A. Passenger Profiling

KGB Russian Head-Hired by Homeland Security

Your Privacy Is Already Lost!

"Eye In The Sky" Wathing You: Irridium Satellites

This Technology Leading To "Mark of the Beast"

ACLU urges recall of religious AIDS pamphlet: Uses Biblical passages to urge compassion toward people with AIDS and the HIV virus

Terror Trial Witness Guilty on 10 Counts

Early-warning planes now patrol in Northeast

Police Malfeasance News

Judge reports jury tampering in Miami police deliberations: 11 officers accused of planting evidence!

Guards allegedly humiliate retarded inmate: Forced him to eat cake like a dog

Two guards plead guilty in beatings of inmates

Cuba Warns of Force to End Hijacking

Cairo, Egypt cracks down on the gay scene

Russian KGB Blackmailed Yassir Arafat Because of His Gay Lifestyle In Egypt, Forcing Him To Become Head of PLO



Regional Weather

Hot air Surges into Iraq Friday

Weather Today In Baghdad and Region

Scorching Hot in Iraq Saturday! Nearly 100 degrees!

Regional Night Weather Forecast

This War May Be Spreading!

Ex-CIA Chief Declares US In A World War Against: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, al Qaeda. Just as C/Edge predicted!

U.S.: Iran will infiltrate 5 Iraqi cities - US campaign against Iran has begun to justify an attack on her next

What's next? U.S. set sights on Iran, North Korea

Iran's Khatami Warns Iraq War Will Fuel Extremism

Last Trumpet Ministries Confirms Our Analysis: Events are occurring based on Occult timing and numerics!

Egyptians Defy Their Government to Fight in Iraq

Jordan's King Abdullah Caught Between War and Opposition

U.S.: After Iraq, we'll deal with other radical Mideast regimes

US: Syria still aiding Iraq

Russians Hold 50-Year Edge Over U.S. In Powerful New Weapons

Korean Peninsula

US-N Korea war 'entirely possible'

Will Russia Deliver Arms to North Korea? - North Korea plans to upgrade missiles with Russian technology

SARS Epidemic News

Remembering The Dead Microbiologists Who Disappeared Mysteriously Late 2001 -- Warning by Patricia Doyle, PhD

From The Archives: Top Scientists, Expert In Fighting Infectious Diseases, Are Suddenly Dead or Missing!

Masks 'no protection from SARS'

SARS begins to disrupt business around world - Flight Attendants Demand Protection From SARS

U.S. to Cut Diplomats in Virus-Hit China

WHO Tells Travelers to Avoid Hong Kong, China: U.N. Group Takes Unprecedented Step To Stem Epidemic

Breathing Uneasily In Toronto: City Scrambles To Contain Deadly Disease

An Early Warning System for Diseases in New York City

SARS around the world -Tourism takes a dive as fatal virus starts to hit

SARS fuels close of China consulates: U.S. advises nonessential workers to leave

New Indian intelligence chief Israel-trained

Dozens of Cuban Dissidents Face Trial for Subversion

16 German tourists missing in Algeria: Involvement of Islamic groups not ruled out

French President Chirac Apologizes To Queen For Cemetary Desecration

Twenty 'Taliban' killed in fresh Afghan offensive

Man Put to Death After High Court Ruling

Arizona ordered to review 27 death sentences

Oil up slightly as Baghdad push begins

Girls Shot in School Crossbow Attack

N.D. keeps law that makes it a crime for unmarried couples to live together

Couple Living Together 77 Years Marries

Rare colossal squid captured: 330 pounds, 16 feet long

Jobless Claims Highest Since April 2002

National Weather

Hail, Strong Winds Possible in Tenn. Valley

Snow Falling Over Great Lakes, Northeast

Anniversary of the Super Tornado Outbreak

Lack of Rain: Next 10 days critical -- Farmers are worried

National Roundup: Wintry North and West

Do Privacy Fears Allow Terrorism? Advocates want Big Government loosed upon the people

Child Porn Law Creates Catch-22

Daylight Saving Time Begins Sunday


April 3, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "He will gather the lambs in His arm." - Isaiah 40:11

Breaking News

U.S.: Iran will infiltrate 5 Iraqi cities - US campaign against Iran has begun to justify an attack on her next

Ex-CIA Chief Declares US In A World War Against: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, al Qaeda. Just as C/Edge predicted!

U.S. Troops Attacking Baghdad Airport

Pelosi: 'Thousands' of U.S. Soldiers Will Die in Iraq

Iran's Khatami Warns Iraq War Will Fuel Extremism

Senator Kerry says US needs its own 'regime change'

US troops advancing on centre of Najaf

U.S. Troops Have Choice: Enter Baghdad or Wait for Saddam's Downfall

Total of nine oil wells flaring near Basra

Bush Braces U.S. for Further Sacrifices

Is Final Push on Baghdad Under Way?

CBS Producer Sees Bush as Another Hitler

Iraq - Military Campaign

Is The Predicted Fire About To Be Ignited That Would Force War Beyond Iraq?

US Intensifies Psy-Ops Campaign Against Saddam: He really is not fleeing the country

Russian military intel update: War in Iraq, April 2

Latest Iraq Snapshot - April 2

Iraq Shoots Down U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet -- SAM missiles are now being used!

U.S. Army Black Hawk Shot Down

Iraqis ordered to turn in satellite telephones: Afraid vital positions might be given away during Battle for Baghdad

Col. Hackworth: Stuck In The Quicksand

BBC News Complains About Pentagon Control of the News: Getting More Truth From Baghdad

Iraq's ultra-light aircraft has evaded U.S. air defenses, poses bio-chem threat

Bush approves use of tear gas in battlefield: May violate international law

Suicide bombers camouflaged as 'desert nests’ to sabotage U.S. tanks

The 'mother of anthrax': One powerful woman gains access to Saddam's inner circle

U.S. angered as Iraq scores kills with advanced Russian-made anti-tank missile

Iraq kicks out al-Jazeera from Baghdad

War by the Numbers Never Works!

Jordan premier summons US ambassador to condemn killings in Iraq

Ballistic Saddam: Photo of his most advanced theater missile

Iraq - Baghdad Is The Goal

Analysis / Baghdad is the true test - Only capture of capitol city will spell success

Republican Guard Units May Still Pose Threat As Units Race Toward Baghdad

U.S. Troops Ponder Options on Baghdad

Analysis: Brits worry about Iraqi surprise

Analysis: 'Baghdad skyline in sight' - Almost To Baghdad, Guard Moving

Saddam's tactics could allow him to survive war

Coalition forces positioning themselves for fight over airport -- Just 10 kilometers from Baghdad

Battle for Euphrates bridge inspired awe

U.S. hospital ship aids Iraqi POWs: American nurses apprehensive, but fulfilling medical oath

Battlefield ER: In Combat, Blood-Clotting Technology May Be Key to Saving Lives

U.S. Forces Enter Presidential Palace

Allies admit humanitarian aid in Iraq is limited to area around Umm Qasr

Iraq War - Domestic News

Is the U.S. Waging a Virtual War? Security experts speculate on tactics, warn of dire consequences

Anti-Nerve Gas Given To U.S. Troops: Is it safe?

Friction at the Pentagon: Rumsfeld's ideals vs. Gen. Franks' realities

Senator: Arrest Arnett for treason

Tiny tech firm helps supply troops

New software helps track complex flow of supplies in Iraq

POW Reportedly Fought Captors With Gun

Bush Mourns With Dead Troops' Families

No shock, no awe: It never happened - Officials: Pentagon pulled super-punch promised, and doesn't plan to deliver it

Alaska Senator urges NYC firefighters to work overtime without pay as a "war sacrifice"

Iraq War Changes Web Habits

New York eatery offers menu for tobacco-deprived

New York City offers residents free nicotine patches






Regional Weather

Baghdad Normal High Temperature Chart

Baghdad To Be 95 degrees!

Iraq Weather At Night

America At The Point Of No Return! Last Trumpet Newsletter, by Pastor Meyer, former Witch, Now Born Again

Middle East News

Iran, Saudis to buy advanced Russian systems for Syria's military

Jordan's king says war is 'invasion' - Trying to curry favor with his pro-Iraq citizens

U.S. threatens to intercept WMD shipments to Iran, Libya

Iraq war fails to deter progress on Iran's Russian-built nuclear reactor

Russia is not interested in US defeat in Iraq - Putin

Straw distances UK from threats to Syria and Iran

Muslim cleric wants to see Americans orphaned: Palestinian sheik slams Arab leaders, gives pep talk to Saddam


3 Israeli Arabs suspected of planning to carry out terror attack

Palestinians by the thousands in Jenin march for Saddam; IDF kills six in territories

Analysis: Carrot-and-stick reigns supreme in the territories

Made in Israel, but you can't buy it in Israel!

Foundation cash funds antiwar movement

Columbia University professor fears for his life after saying he wanted US forces to suffer "a million Mogadishus"

Bush meets with Wall Street economists

SARS Virus Threat

El Al staff to wear masks on Asia flights due to SARS threat

Virus Cuts Off High-Tech Supply Routes

Possible case of deadly pneumonia virus in Israel

China Allows WHO to Probe Mystery Illness: Number of cases now up to 46

National Weather

Snow Accumulating Across Northern Plains

Warm Weather Dominates Southeast, Carolina

Why Split Flows Cause Trouble

Storms turn deadly overnight

It's payback time for those needing water

Terrorism In The News

Fed Agencies Asleep at the Wheel

FBI Warns of Ricin Threat

Anti-missile system developed for civilian passenger planes

Girl tries to donate money for bullet-proof dog vest but stopped by Homeland Security rules

Who's Watching the Watch Lists?

Brits jail bin Laden funders

Pakistani held in Denver suspected of terrorist links

Mosques attacked in Philippines

Cuba Ferry Hijackers Demand U.S. Asylum

World Cancer Report provides clear evidence: Action on smoking, diet and infections can prevent one third of cancers, another third can be cured

Is Your Television Watching You?

Artificial Heart Faces Crucial Tests

Californians swamp anti-telemarketer site

"From Desert Storm to Desert Swarm"

Microsoft Covets Google's Niche

Korean Peninsula

U.S. advance in Iraq bad news for Kim: He may be next

Soldiers in Koreas' DMZ Use Intimidation

UN to debate N Korea crisis

S. Korea Urges N. Korea to Stay in Talks -- No Inter-Korean ministerial meeting held as scheduled

North Korea says U.S. paying lip-service to talks

Seoul Did Not Ask Moscow To Swap Pipeline For North Korean Pledge

U.S. wants to relocate South Korea-based troops


April 2, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - "Shudder with fear, you complacent ones" - Isaiah 32:11

Iraq Military Campaign

Campaign Map - Flood Plain Shown

Scorned general's tactics proved right: Profile of the army chief sidelined by Rumsfeld for being proved right when he beat US forces in war games posing as Iraqi general

BBC News Complains About Pentagon Control of the News: Getting More Truth From Baghdad

Russia Calls up 175,000 Soldiers! - Analysis: Russia advises Iraq on U.S. plan, advises mid-April timeframe

Missing U.S. tanks were broken, stranded in desert

Non-Combat Losses Break Records

War Diary: After Two Weeks

Russian Intel -- April 1, 2003

US-led Forces Commandeer Iraqi Highways, Trisect Country

US Forces Cross Euphrates Near Baghdad

Saddam Eyes Endgame, Gathers in His Elite Forces - Special Map of Northern Iraq Campaign

Iraq Ceasefire Coming? -- New Saddam statement read on Iraqi TV news

Prepared to Pay Very High Price: U.S. may suffer 'a lot of casualties' in toppling Saddam

Iraq targets Umm Qasr oil reserve: Scores major hit

Blasts Shake Baghdad as Allies Approach

Iraqi tribesmen put up stiff resistance

IRNA Latest military developments in southern Iraq

U.S. forces said within 30 miles of Baghdad

US troops poised for the 'big push' on Baghdad

Surgical Teams Fight To Save Lives

Resources To Help You Understand

Welcome To World War III and the Coming New World Order - 2-Tape Set

The Day That Changed America Forever -- New Video Clips, New Revelations

Final Countdown: Everything Is Falling Into Place! Video 1, 2 and 3 Set

Study of Book of Revelation Audio Cassette Tape Set

Bush's Nuclear ''Ring of Fire'' Protection Around Israel

Powell in Turkey to heal rift

Belgium softens war crimes law

SARS Deadly Virus News

Hong Kong sends Sars victims to isolation camps

Beijing accused of SARS cover-up: Said to be hiding true numbers

False SARS alarm aboard U.S.-bound jet

Firms shuffle to cope with severe flu: Businesses quick to ban travel to Asia

Vice Admiral John Poindexter's Secret War Machine: DARPA -- Part of Homeland Security

Occult Face of DARPA and Homeland Security

Planned Alliance could transform airline industry

Key Congressional panels approve airline aid

Air Canada given bankruptcy protection

National Weather

Summer and Winter to Battle Wednesday

March Temperature Summary

April A Month of Weather Transition: Large-Scale Storms

The South: From drought to drenched

Tornado damage aid falls short

Peacenik Toils for the Pentagon In Biowarfare

Iowa town to outlaw lying

Playboy deploys Playmates to boost soldier's morale

Killings of Middle Eastern men said 'revenge for Sept 11'

Iraq Weather

High Pressure Pumps Heat into Middle East -- Nearly 100 degrees at week's end!

Warm and Dry Wednesday in Middle East

Weather For Entire Middle East

America At The Point Of No Return! Last Trumpet Newsletter, by Pastor Meyer, former Witch, Now Born Again


Iraq War Has Cost Israel Nearly $200M

Turkey: Water deal with Libya would preclude future exports to Israel

IDF General Gilad: No Israeli troops in western Iraq

Israel sets conditions for road to peace

IDF launches counter-terror raid in Tul Karm refugee camp - 2,000 Palestinians rounded up

Terrorist squads foiled in Jordan

The soldier is evil, the soldier is Israel

Court hears bid to quash law that allows newspapers to be shut down

Iraq - Miscellaneous News

Vatican: US victory against Iraq would be "near-fatal" to UN governance!

Strain of Iraq war showing on Bush

Troops Rescue Jessica Lynch - 19-year-old POW

11 Other Bodies Found With Rescued POW

Send a "Morale Package" to our Troops!

Iraq 'plots attack on its holy cities to discredit US'

Russia raps US over Iraq raids

Saddam's mutual friends

Red Cross reports "dozens" of corpses after US attack

Buster -- A Real Dog of War

Freedom of speech threatened, Gore says

Marine Reservist: A Conscientious Objector

Strains of war test the allies

Rev. Franklin Graham Plans Aid for Iraq - Plan sparks Muslim anger

Washington brings Ukraine into coalition against Iraq

Assryian Christian Discovers The "Living Nightmare" That Is Life In Iraq

Muslims Growing Bellicose

Syria: Israel will never be legitimate: President Assad claims U.S. just doing Jewish state's bidding in Iraq

Syria gives passports to suicide bombers

Family deaths at checkpoint fuel Muslim fury and mistrust

One in three French backs Saddam

French plea for tolerance as British war cemetery defaced

French soil being polluted by war graves, say signs

Anti-War News

Anti-war or anti-America? Violent, revolutionary leadership of 'peace' movement

Man calls yellow ribbons 'offensive'

Web Site brands Tuscon area activists as 'traitors'

War Sparks Boycott of US Products

N.M. Teachers on Leave Over War Protests

Professor suspended after anti-war comments

Moral Collapse Continues

On his 14th birthday, boy weds 42-year-old

Woman Accused Of Having Sex With Boy, 14: Now pregnant with his child

Pat Robertson Compared To Osama bin Laden! Anti-Christian campaign heats up

Bush Reverses View Of California Offshore Oil Ban

Vatican Discovery "Proves" to be Apostle Peter’s Burial Ground

Man with grenades hijacks plane: Havana, Cuba


April 1, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - "Keep and guard me as the pupil of Your eye." - Psalm 17:8

Iraq Military Campaign

Scorned general's tactics proved right: Profile of the army chief sidelined by Rumsfeld for being proved right when he beat US forces in war games posing as Iraqi general

Iraqi Information Minister Says Saddam Is Calling For Holy War

U.S. Troops Kill Seven at Iraqi Checkpoint: Women, Children Killed When Van Refused to Stop as Ordered

Brits defend killing women and children at Iraq checkpoint -- Another Iraqi shot dead at US checkpoint

US Forces Cross Euphrates Near Baghdad

DEBKAfile Intelligence - Iraq Opens Euphrates River Flood Gates!

Russian Intel - 30-31 March 2003: Coalition May Have Launched New Attack

Republican Guard Losses May Be Less Than Coalition Is Claiming - STRATFOR Intelligence

Saddam Eyes Endgame, Gathers in His Elite Forces - Map of Battle Positions Around Baghdad

BBC News Complains About Pentagon Control of the News: Getting More Truth From Baghdad

Iraqi diplomat puts enemy fatalities at 700

Russia Charges Civilian Bombing -- Iraq bombing goes on; civilians killed

British troops say attacked by U.S. 'cowboy' pilot

Britain won't send more troops: Hoon

UK soldiers sent home from Iraq 'for refusing to fight' in a war involving deaths of civilians

US "brilliant" war plan turns out to have been based on insufficient information: (Read last 2 paragraphs)

Navy seeks cash for more Tomahawks

Baghdad suffers relentless onslaught

Russian Intel - March 30, 2003

Kuwait Shoots Down Iraqi Missile

Hand-to-hand battle with Iraq elite

Dead US soldier hung on public display after being killed in firefight

Iraq - Other Considerations

Coalition divided over battle for hearts and minds: British military critical of US troops' heavy-handed style with civilians

Arabs enraged by SAS (Australian Special Forces) role

Arnett Attempts To Defend Himself! -- Peter Arnett: I report the truth: New Zealand-born reporter hired by anti-war tabloid after NBC firing

US Military Moves Reporter Geraldo Rivera from Iraq

Fox: Geraldo 'under investigation': Network confirms reporter in hot water with Pentagon

Robin Williams Blasts Bush

Bush Warns Of Iraqi Retaliation

Saddam's Son Odai's Office Bombed

Marines Short On Tobacco In Iraq

US assassins 'kill Iraqi chiefs' in Baghdad

Hungarian Iraqi training halted by US: 70% opposed to war

Jordan Foils Two Iraqi Terror Plots

War of words over sending pornography to troops

A Dozen Saddams in Dagestan: Citizens so supportive of Saddam they are naming their children after him

Marines, Army view war as recruitment aid

Iran: No Iraqi refugees in country

Madonna Pulls New Shock Video In USA: Scenes of transvestite soldiers. grenade thrown at Bush - Debuts in Germany

SARS Viral Epidemic

France issues China travel warning over SARS epidemic

Fears mount over deadly bug

Canada struggles to stem virus

Killer virus found in Australian hospital

Senator Specter Seeks Support From Religious Right

Lieberman Pressing Gay Domestic Partner Bill

Hew Hampshire Town insurance plans to cover domestic partners

Italian Gays Denounce Vatican Dictionary

Fake Lesbians At The Top of the Music Charts

Iraq Weather

Temperatures Set to Soar in Iraq This Week -- 15 degrees above normal!

Heatwave adds to challenge facing troops

Middle East Weather Pattern This Week

Current Middle East Weather

Signs of War Spreading!

Syria Supplies Iraq With Advanced Weapons Resupply Systems Amidst War!

Syria says it supports 'Iraqi people' against invaders - Mofaz: U.S., Israel view Assad's acts, words as 'very grave'

Military intelligence: Iraq may be hiding weapons in Syria

Iran-Syrian foreign ministers discuss attack on Iraq

Syria and U.S. Escalate War of Words Over Support to Iraq

Syria accuses US of crimes against humanity

North Korean News

US slaps sanctions on Pakistan, N Korea over alleged nuke links: Possible war provocation!

Diplomats: China Briefly Cut Off North Korea's Oil Supply --Might be disinformation

Britain and US in crisis talks over North Korea's nuclear weapons

Patriot II -- When Our Attention Is Distracted

Ground Laid for Historic Presidential Powers Push -- Bracing For Bush's War at Home

Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 (AKA PATRIOT II) -- Very troubling new powers for Executive Branch

Patriot II: The Sequel Why It's Even Scarier than the First Patriot Act

Democrats Seek Bigger U.S. Homeland Security Budget

PayPal charged with breaking Patriot Act

Some Cities Fighting Back

Local Efforts To Protect Their Citizens

Cities Urge Restraint in Fight Against Terror

Cities Say No to Federal Snooping

Rising Oil Prices Slow Flow to U.S. Refineries As Summer Driving Season Approaches


Iraq war may not be good for the Jews

Chief Rabbi Lau: America a 'disaster' for Jews

Hizbullah gunners fire anti-aircraft weapons - Proxy war on Israel's northern front?

Foreign Minister Shalom tells Bush: No halt to terror, no peace talks

'Bomb-making' factory found in Israel

Palestinian Authority official calls for Israel's 'elimination'

National Weather

More Snow for the Northeast!

Large Temperature Difference in Northeast

Upper-Level Energy

Power outages, school closings after spring snow

Springtime swings in weather

US lashes China, the "axis of evil" nations, plus Israel and Palestinians in human rights abuse report

Half of Top Clinton Aides Now Lobbyists

U.S. denies Pakistani report of casualties: 'No truth' to claim of 500 dead soldiers lying in morgue

College's War-Talk Memo Sparks Anger

House Rejects Smallpox Vaccine Injury Payments

Fears for hundreds after landslide in Bolivia

Flying blind -- Searching for missing Gulf War I flyer

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