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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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April 20, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Senator Robert Byrd: Give us back our democracy: Americans have been cheated and lied to on matters of the gravest constitutional importance

American Dissent Highly Valued

Easter - Babylonian Celebration To Ishtar

The Cross of Christ: Feared, banned, trivialized... yet triumphant

Pope warns against "unholy communion"

Occult Holidays and How America Has Copied Many of Them

Easter Celebrations In Christian Churches: Sure Sign of End Times Apostasy Deep and Wide

Church to celebrate Easter at cemetery chapel to celebrate resurrection from the dead

Pace of Holy Week keeps pontiff busy

U.K. Christian Leaders Eye Iraq on Easter


Australia: U.S. to declare victory: Coalition working on official proclamation

Australian Special Forces found 51 MiGs Iraq never possessed? Misinformation continues to abound

Saddam Tells People To Expect Long Disappearance

U.S. Marines pull out of Iraqi capital: Army soldiers plus new Iraqi police to patrol

Postwar Iraq to Face Big Water Problems

Behind the Scenes of the Iraq War: War increasingly seen as US killing Israel's enemies

Israel wants to extricate remaining 34 Iraqi Jews

Economies of Arab countries shaken by invasion

Blair to Meet Aznar for Post-War Talks: Blair may visit Middle East

Freed American POWs arrive back in Texas

U.S. wants long-term military bases in Iraq

Iraq Conflict Still A Mistake, Says Hughes

No Staff of Iraqi Embassy in China Seeking Asylum

Iraqi doctors say they took risks to care for POW Lynch

Arizona to rename peak after Native American Indian servicewoman

Bush Offers Prayers for Families in War: Does not mention precious name of Jesus in prayers

German spies aided Saddam? Documents seized in Baghdad point to ties with Iraq's intelligence service

Basra, Iraq Rail Line Formally Reopens

Jordan seizes alleged Iraqi paintings: 42 works of art believed looted from Baghdad museum

Germans protest US "preventive war" strategy during Easter war protest marches


Prime Minister Sharon is no Moses!

Israel Struggles During Passover Celebrations

Remembering God's Hand During Passover

IDF soldier, 5 Palestinians killed in Rafah Gaza Strip refugee camp battle

Stalemate persists in talks on Palestinian cabinet: Arafat opposes most proposed measures

Officials at odds over the release of Palestinians

Israel Ready to Pull Back If Palestinian Violence Ends

National Weather

Severe Weather Strikes the Plains Saturday

How Severe T-Storms/Tornadoes Form

The Chill Eases in the East

The West Dries Out

What is an Omega Block?

An Easter 'SUN'day for some

Trouble in Nigeria's Oil Delta Mars Presidential Elections

Heathrow target of terrorist plot? Al-Qaida planned to fire missile at airliner from theme park near airport

Oh, Nooo! What If GPS- Global Positioning Satellites --Fails?

What lies beneath: Strong, dense bones support the body - and need their own support





Dick Cheney: Master Mason! Called Co-President by some

Famous Masons: See how both parties are controlled

Syria - War Rhetoric Continues

Threats reveal US stand: Will ignite all 1.4 billion Muslims against the West

Has Russia Drawn Line in the Sand Against U.S.?

Egypt's Mubarak in Syria for talks on U.S. pressure

Attack Now: Average Americans voice support for war strategy

Iraq's neighbors call for withdrawal of invading forces

General Says Syria Sought State-of-the-Art Air Defense Missiles: Syria cannot oppose US air attack

Syria, Iran: has the US reshuffled priorities? Syria appears "Next" on US priorities

US threat still prominent against Iran: Ayatollah Kashani

North Korea

North Korea next: Pyongyang feels the grave digger's breath

Russian Fleet Operating Just North of Russian-North Korean Border

Pyongyang up to old tricks

Talks only first step towards elusive North Korea pact: Talking does not equal progress toward peace

North Korea nuclear standoff real potential for war says UN envoy: Illuminist Maurice Strong

'20 elite N. Korean scientists defect to the west'

Pyongyang upsets plan for N-crisis talks


China Urges People Not to Travel During One of the Nation's Biggest Holidays

SARS Panic Beginning To Hit Full Force: Virus is man-made!

China admits 339 SARS cases, 18 deaths in Beijing

Sewage Puts a New Spin on SARS

Hong Kong posts record jump in SARS deaths

Chinese Official Explains Rise of SARS Cases in Beijing

Mothers' sickness may have carried through to babies

April 19 -- Somber Events In History

Waco Survivors Mark 10-Year Anniversary

Hundreds Mark 8th OKC Bombing Anniversary

Recap of Key Events Occurring On April 19: First Day of 13-Day Satanic Blood Sacrifice To The Beast

Heavy Conditioning Under Way To Take "Mark of the Beast"

President's Top Cybersecurity Adviser To Resign

Economic News

Wall Street grateful to dodge worst-case scenario: Earnings reports mixed despite gloomy forecasts

A bleak picture for jobs in Massachusetts

American Airlines Workers Rescind Concessions OK

Philip Morris looks to block damages: Cigarette firm asks Illinois judge to block $3B punitive award

Frequent Fliers Fear Privacy Loss If Airlines Go Out of Business

Paper ran fake story to indict murderer: Helped prosecutor bring charges but journalists question ethics

Police: Peterson Was Always a Suspect in disappearance of Laci

Taiwan and China urged to set aside differences

College pro-life display prompts violence: Woman offended by white crosses allegedly assaults co-ed

A legal tangle over Spider-Man

Study Finds Asthma in 25% of Children in Central Harlem

Aspirin: Miracle and mystery in one little pill


April 19, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

North Korea War Rhetoric

North Korea again insists upon direct talks with US, a position already rejected many times

Despair pushing North Korea to the brink

U.S. official: N. Korea move 'insulting': Upcoming talks in doubt

Russia left out in the cold: US leaves Russia out of planned North Korea talks, insulting Russia

Hot Rods Imperil Nuke Talks

North Korean scientists defect: Helped by 11 countries

Easter - Babylonian Celebration To Ishtar

Pope warns against "unholy communion"

Occult Holidays and How America Has Copied Many of Them

Easter Celebrations In Christian Churches: Sure Sign of End Times Apostasy Deep and Wide

Pope Recalls War Victims on Good Friday

April 20 is Adolf Hitler's Birthday and Russian Police Are On Alert Through Weekend

India develops 'silent' intercept radar

Indian PM offers friendship to Pakistan from behind bulletproof glass

California Woman's Body Identified to be Laci Petersen: Husband Arrested

Authorities Feared Scott Peterson Planned Escape to Mexico

Nuclear Reactor in Texas Leaking Cooling Water

Religious attack horrifies British Muslims

National Weather

Severe Weather Strikes the Plains Saturday

How Severe T-Storms/Tornadoes Form

Weekend Weather Picture

Next Week at a Glance

Harsh winter hits budgets hard

Farmers hope for more rain

1,000 houses hit by quake in China by 6.6 earthquake


Middle East


Israel Wants U.S. To Attack Syria

Israel wants strike on Syria while iron's hot: "Syrian disarmament" high on Israel's wish list

U.S. concentrating forces near Syrian border

Syria getting ready for talks: US threatens Syria with 2 aircraft carrier groups

At Least 7 Iraqi Leaders Believed to Be in Syria


World War III -- The Iran Trigger

Iranian troops enter Iraq


The Night After: Christian Fundamentalists and Jewish Neo-Conservatives Initiated Iraq War

Dangerous groundswell of resentment is building up on the streets of Baghdad

U.S. company with political connections bags Iraqi reconstruction contract: Bechtel awarded $700 million contract

Carving Up The New Iraq - Illuminist power brokers

Death By Slow Burn - How America Nukes Its Own Troops While Destroying Iraq

Half of Saddam's combat fighter force unearthed

Coalition Forces Must Leave Iraq: Arab neighbors

Prove Iraqi guilt, MPs tell Blair: Failure to find weapons of mass destruction leading to conclusion war was illegal

U.S.: Saddam's finance minister held in Baghdad

Aid agencies say security concerns are holding them back

U.S. Marines Guard $1B in Gold in Iraq

U.S. studying Saddam tape: Television footage purportedly shows Hussein being celebrated in Baghdad

Chalabi Says No Role for Him or UN in Iraq Govt

Iraq Oil Production May Resume in 7 Weeks


Palestinian cameraman killed in Nablus clash

U.S. tells Abu Mazen to stand up to Arafat's pressure

Senators, Congressmen put pro-Israel stance in writing: Do not push Palestinian state on Israel, lawmakers tell Bush

Police Arrest Dog Owner Who Braved Fire To Rescue His Pet

Police defend decision

Cuba Says It Won't Cooperate with UN on Human Rights

Ending infiltration must for Jammu &Kashmir peace: Blair

Canadian Insurers Exclude SARS Virus From Coverage

FDA seeks to keep SARS out of blood supply





April 18, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Russia Flexing Muscles


Major Development: Russian Fleet Is Now Deployed In The Two Areas of the World They Need To Be If They Are To Participate In Next Stage of this War

No strike on other countries, Russia's Putin warns US

Russia accuses US of military build-up near its borders

Bush ready to fight war on two fronts: Fighting Domestically While Expanding Conflict Abroad


Only 3 in 10 Americans Believe War Is Over

US finally declares victory

US forces behind anarchy in Iraq: Pakistani analyst

Kurds hand over senior Ba'ath party official to U.S. forces

Saddam Hussein Is Dead: White House Chief of Staff

Lack of Basic Services Hurt Iraq Economy

‘US ignored Iraq museum plunder’

Americans seek weapons, fugitives, plunder and clues to mass grave in Iraq

Saddam golden gun found at Heathrow

Nothing Stops Baghdad Zoo Looters, Except Lions

Lost Viruses? Looters May Have Stolen Dangerous Strains From Baghdad Lab

Baghdad looting frightens Arab leaders: Saudis, other repressive regimes fear civil unrest contagious

Bechtel wins first contract to rebuild Iraq -- $680 million

Kurds oust Arabs from homes in Kirkuk

Looting at Iraq Oil Fields Hurts Recovery

SARS Expands

New tests will distinguish Sars from colds and flu: Should be available in about 10 days

Fearing SARS, Ontario Urges Wider Quarantines

Senior Chinese Leaders Meet to Discuss SARS Control

SARS Panic Begins To Hit Full Force

One More Dies of SARS in China, Death Toll up to 65

SARS: how one man infected 324 others

SARS Likely Spread Through Sewage Pipes

Madonna's epiphany: Making a documentary about the Occultic Kabbalah

Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ - Pharisees followers of Oral Tradition that later became Kabbalah!

CNN makes a deadly mistake: On its Internet site, lists dead celebrities who are not dead yet!

Russia: Up to 1.5 Million Locals Have HIV

CDC urges doctors to make HIV tests routine

Christians perplexed over Muslim Bible ban: Scriptures in native tongue considered 'detrimental to public peace'

PETA's 'peas' billboard peeves area's devout Christians for suggesting Jesus was vegetarian

Burial box 'held the bones of Jesus's brother'

FTC takes porn spammer to court: More than 46,000 complaints lodged about deceptive e-mails

Planning for the Next Net War

Military Faces Bandwidth Crunch

Pork Greases U.S. Weapons Program





Passover security tightened: Crushing restrictions for Palestinians

Arafat, Abu Mazen reach agreement on most cabinet posts

Israel lists confidence-building steps to follow Abu Mazen swearing-in

West Bank Remains Under Curfew: IDF arrests woman planning suicide attack

Has Sharon crossed the line?

U.S. believes it can indict Abul Abbas: Palestinian terrorist wanted for murder on the Achille Lauro

Syria - "You're Next" - U.S.

Old guard faces crisis as heat turns on Syria

Syria begins to fold as the U.S. demands Damascus behave appropriately

Mideast nations meet to discuss post-Saddam Iraq

Syria rules out inspections


Easter - Babylonian Celebration To Ishtar

Pope warns against "unholy communion"

Occult Holidays and How America Has Copied Many of Them

Easter Celebrations In Christian Churches: Sure Sign of End Times Apostasy Deep and Wide

Dual citizenship for Mexicans?

National Weather

Strong T-Storms Possible Across the Plains

Dryline Sparks Storms Across Texas

City limits lawn watering for 1.2 million: Putting businesses out of business

Warmer Weather Returns to the Great Lakes

Experts, Utah drought turning from bad to worse

Easterly Flow Means Trouble in the Spring

New Yorkers embraced summer-like temperatures

Blair Gets Bush Vote To Be E.U. President

Court spanks social workers: Judges - State agents violated Constitution in corporal-punishment probe

Airline Pilots Set to Finish Gun Course: Could be brandishing guns in days

Teacher suspended for views on 'gays': Statements not in class but attitude said to 'poison' environment

Christian Students Punished for Countering Pro-Homosexual Observance

Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal retires

HBO Pulls Castro Documentary as Havana Cracks Down

Foster Mother Arrested For Using Duct Tape On Kids

Liberal Russia's Lawmaker Shot Dead

Catholic Church Outs Tom Daschle

Orthodox Romanian Priests Suspended For Blessing Brothels

No Help for Callers in Trouble


April 17, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - 15 Nisan , Feast of Unleavened Bread - Prayer List For Our Military



U.S pressing Israel to ease crackdown in territories: Palestinian territories have been locked down for Passover

Passover security tightened: Crushing restrictions for Palestinians

Palestinian killed in Tul Karm; security forces on high alert for Passover

Three Israelis killed in territories; high alert for Passover

Blair opens door to Sharon in move to reassure Israelis

France told owes Jews millions for Vichy plundering of Jewish assets during World War II

Hundreds of Palestinian Minors in Israeli Custody

European Union -- Revived Roman Empire

Blair Running For President of European Union -- Antichrist and A Cup of Tea

Convention backs Blair's plan for EU presidency

Turkey's EU drive hit by human rights ruling

Newest EU members urged to improve life

Stop the EU, we want to get on

UK liberal on new EU citizens

Domestic Terrorism News

NYC To Stay At Orange Terror Alert

National Terror Alert Lowered To Yellow

U.S. off high threat status that cost $5B

Korean Peninsula

Major Development: Russian Fleet Is Now Deployed In The Two Areas of the World They Need To Be If They Are To Participate In Next Stage of this War

North Korea marks birthday of late founder with calls for ``army-first policy''

North Korea: The next target?

US presses North Korea into arms talks: Talking "peace" on verge of war?

6.6 In The News

6.6 Earthquake Jolts Northern China's Qinghai Province

6.6 Million Americans Get A Nip, Tuck, And Lift With Cosmetic Plastic Surgery In 2002

"Appearance of occult numbers in daily news is sign of God's impending judgment" - Pastor David Meyer, Last Trumpet Newsletter, April, 2003

Economic News

American flight attendants OK concessions in share of $1.8 billion in total concessions to avoid bankruptcy

Harry Potter - Summer Solstice Release

WIN! Harry Potter at midnight

Harry hoax fools Aussies

Potter DVD smashes fastest-selling record

Review ALL The Books and Movies From Christian Source

Countdown To Book 5 Release and Miscellaneous News

Harry Potter Facts

Moral Collapse Continues

Satellite Radio's Sirius Launches All-Gay Channel

Rolling Hills council repeals law banning immoral conduct - As California goes, so goes the nation

British Columbia Homosexuals Want To Force Gay Ideology On All Public Schools

Woman's sex with boy, 13, causes row

Boy, 9, Rapes Girl, 7, in Connecticut Shool Bathroom: Cops alledge

NASCAR Fan Faces Prison Time for E-mails

Upset gun owners set to dump Bush: Shooters angered with White House support for firearm ban

Children's Nursery Rhyme Triggers Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Actor Robbins Says US Now Viewed as 'Rogue State'

Jihadist hope turns to Pakistan: Terrorists view Pakistan as safe haven because of her nuclear arms

Saddam link to terror group: African Islamic Terror Group

Pope slams 'unacceptable' actions: Only priests can celebrate Mass and divorced Catholics who remarry cannot take communion

N.Y. County Nixes Coffee Breaks for Workers

National Weather

A Drastic Change for the Northeast!

Thunderstorms Erupt Over the Southeast

Weather conditions flame grass fires

Another Storm Moves into the Northwest

Lake water too high for boats

What is a Backdoor Cold Front?

Farmers are at a standstill

Bayer Agrees to Biggest Medicaid Fraud Settlement

Three hurt in Philippine bus bombing



Russia Preparing To Enter Fray?

Major Development: Russian Fleet Is Now Deployed In The Two Areas of the World They Need To Be If They Are To Participate In Next Stage of this War

No strike on other countries, Russia's Putin warns US

Russia accuses US of military build-up near its borders

Russia now admits training Iraqi spies: But it says intent was to fight crime, terror

Easter - Celebration of Ishtar

Occult Holidays and How America Has Copied Many of Them

Easter Celebrations In Christian Churches: Sure Sign of End Times Apostasy Deep and Wide

Martial Easter baskets draw fire from critics: Toy soldiers, tanks and grenades are inappropriate in Easter baskets

Call for peace over Easter

Syria - Drumbeat Continues

U.S. concentrating forces near Syrian border

Iran and Syria's Sabotage Plans

Ultimatum for Assad as US Special Forces Land In Syria

Israel wants strike on Syria while iron's hot: "Syrian disarmament" high on Israel's wish list

America would enter Syria to snatch Saddam - U.S.: Ex-Iraqi intel chief in Syria

Egypt, Iran rush to defend Syria against U.S.

Hawks recycle arguments for Iraq war against Syria now

U.S. demands Syria give up Iraq's weapons of mass destruction: Rumsfeld, Rice urge quick action

Hezbollah seen moving into Iraq with Syria's approval

Powell plans Damascus trip

Iran attacks US and braces for nuclear dispute

Iraq News

17 people killed during civil disturbances in Mosul, north Iraq

U.S. Troops Accused of Killing Iraqis

Report: 3,000 unmarked graves in Kirkuk

Kurds Oust Arabs From Homes in Kirkuk

Iraqi Death Toll in War Still Unknown

Iraqi Opposition Leader Chalabi's forces enter Baghdad: Race to set up government increases amongst various rival groups

General Franks tours Baghdad, Bush ends sanctions

Blair and Chirac map out UN role in postwar Iraq

Howard: Australian troops home next month

Saddam's half-brother arrested

Comparing Discovered Bodies, Laci Peterson DNA


India confirms first case of Sars

Study pinpoints SARS virus: Scientists confirm their strong suspicions about the cause of the respiratory ailment

SARS Panic Hitting Full Force: Is this real or "Managed Propaganda"?

Beijing Takes Innovative Measures to Control SARS: WHO Expert

Canadian SARS Update -- Canada only nation outside Asia suffering SARS deaths

Foreign Students, Teachers in Beijing Unaffected by SARS

Three babies born with SARS

HK reports 4 Sars deaths as India confirms first case

Asean leaders to hold Sars summit in Bangkok

India-Pakistan summit planned

India, Pakistan Both Cited in CIA Weapons Report

Homeland Security

Homeland Security taps privacy official

KGB Russian Head-Hired by Homeland Security

Hideous Occult Face of Homeland Security Revealed!

Financial Police State Denounced by Representative RON PAUL

Key Republican Not Sure on Patriot Act: James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, the House Judiciary Committee chairman

'Medical privacy' rules not so private

$200,000 Fine if Your Cat Eats a Threatened Mouse

Shop owner free to hang his U.S. flag upside down to protest US war in Iraq

Some Peace Activists Won't Pay Fed Taxes

Gene discovery explains rare aging disease

Adult stem cells tackle multiple sclerosis

Augusta Golf Club: We'll Never Admit A Female Member

Wal-Mart takes on Web bar codes

Car Makers Go Green With Hybrids That Are More Fuel-Efficient

Microsoft shrugs off dial-up decline

Sparks over Power Grid Cybersecurity

Estranged wife to tell all about Bush family

Court mulls over protected speech: Is it "free speech" when no one knows what you mean?



April 16, 2003 --- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - 14 Nisan, Passover Supper

Major Development: Russian Fleet Is Now Deployed In The Two Areas of the World They Need To Be If They Are To Participate In Next Stage of this War

Terror In Israel

Chief of Saddam’s Palestinian Terror Arm Caught

IDF imposes closure on territories due to terror warnings

Three Israelis killed in territories; high alert for Passover

IDF kills Hamas man in West Bank; two Israelis killed in Gaza

Israel seals off territories for Passover

94% of Jewish Israelis to go to seder for Passover

Road map talks fail to yield accord

Palestinian Authority Demands U.S. Free Abu Abbas : Wanted for Achille Lauro highjacking and murder

Checks stop coming for Palestinians on Saddam's payroll

Clinton blasts US approach to international affairs: Says US cannot kill, jail or occupy all of its adversaries

Russian Weapons Make All Countries Feel Safe: Might be record year for weapon's sales

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Invasion -- April 19-25, 1951 -- Chinese, North Korean Attack

Major Development: Russian Fleet Is Now Deployed In The Two Areas of the World They Need To Be If They Are To Participate In Next Stage of this War

Korean War Maps -- 1951

North Koreans and U.S. Plan Talks in Beijing Next Week

Poll boosts Gray Davis recall campaign: California governor's popularity plummets to record low

National Weather

Strong T-Storms Expected Across Midwest

Cold Front to Abrubtly End Northeast Warmth

Another West Coast Storm -- Spring storm brings sleet and snow to California

April Starts Wet in the Northwest

Blizzard causing problems a month later in Colorado

Google's Dangerous "Brave New World" - Seeks to manipulate Web searchers without their knowledge

Venezuela: Chavez Agrees With Opponents, As He Marks First Anniversary of Failed Coup

Michael Moore criticizes President Bush in Texas

Spike Lee criticizes war policy: "We have a lot of dictators in the world. Why is it we chose Iraq?"

Opponents of abortion seize the day

No Charges Will Be Filed in NYC 'Smoking Ban' Stabbing

130-mph Winds Hit New Mexico Causing 10-Car Crash, Two People Dead

Americans Embracing E-Gov Despite Privacy Concerns - "People who will accept loss of liberties in order to get safety deserve neither liberty or safey" - Benjamin Franklin

Road Race Pits Fast and Flirty



US Forces In Syria!

Ultimatum for Assad as US Special Forces Land in Syria: Precursor to actual invasion?

Annan warns of US, Syria flashpoint

Gulf states warn US over Syria: Stop threatening Syria!

US warns Damascus not to try in Iraq what it did in Lebanon

Is the US right to single out Syria?

Syria's 'illegal' oil pipeline shut off from Iraq

US Pushes Syria’s Back Against the Wall

Arab press worried about Syria

Former Iraqi general says Syria is giving aid to Saddam

Russian General Says Syria Sought Missiles, But Was Turned Down

Arabs Fear Threats Against Syria Signal Wider Targets


War over - now to win peace

Britain's Straw demands UN co-operation on post-war Iraq

US Troops Fire on Mosul Mob; Twelve Killed

US firms win $10m Iraq deals - Bush team's favoured few share the spoils of lucrative contracts

UK Says Will No Longer Tolerate Looting in Basra

Chirac to Bush: France Will Be Pragmatic on Iraq

Priceless Islamic Library Burned to the Ground

US begins shaping Iraq's future

Saddam's name rubbed out

‘No to Saddam, No to U.S.': Thousands of Iraqis demonstrate

Iraqi army's western Anbar command surrenders


Experiments on Monkeys Zero in on SARS Cause

SARS death toll reaches 150 globally

Scot feared to have SARS infection

SARS: Panic Starting To Hit With Full Force

Doctors Save Baby of Pregnant SARS Victim

SARS scare hits The Philippine's shipboard "fun girls"

Vital to contain the American drive for world domination

Will Genetic Engineering Kill Us?

Gay Man Can Sue As Spouse of Deceased

93% of Faculty in Ithaca College Are Democrat/Greens

US wants Mugabe out of Zimbabwe: Won't let him steal another election

Easter News

Easter bunny attacked, man jailed

Occult Holidays And How America Has Copied Many of Them

"Resurrection Eggs" -- Further Evidence of Christian Church Apostasy That Heralds End of the Age

Modern clergy 'lack knowledge of Christianity'

Light bulbs being replaced by microchips

Court blocks security conference talk




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