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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Thursday, April 8, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Pentagon source has said up to 130 US troops have been killed in fierce fighting in Iraq

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

Battles rage from north to south: Coalition lost control of several areas, Mahdi Army was in virtual control of Kufa and Kerbala, at Baquba, US helicopter was downed, Iraqi offensive cuts highway to Basra

· Dozens die in bomb and missile attack near mosque
· Militia leader warns: Iraq will be new Vietnam
· Blow to US as ayatollah fails to condemn uprising

'This is more like a real war': Resistance was more intense than in last year's invasion

Day Four of Iraqi Uprising -- Iraq War 2

Sadr Aide Says Iraqis Capture Coalition Soldiers

Doctor: Nearly 300 Iraqis Killed in Fallujah

Fallujah remains flashpoint in Iraq unrest

Colored Map Details Current War Action In Iraq

Coalition Troops Struggling With Masses of Civilians Pouring Into Battle Area

Shiite Radicals Join with Sunni Insurgents in Ramadi: Stunning development because Sunnis and Shiites have been bitter enemies for centuries

Italian troops, Mehdi Army exchange fire in Nassiriya

New Warfront Opens in Iraq Three Months before Handover

Rumsfeld: Some Troops May Stay Longer in Iraq

We have a serious problem in Iraq: Rumsfeld

From Iraq To Ezekiel: Iraq Leads to Russian Invasion of Israel! - Video

More troops for Iraq not on Australian Govt agenda

Iraq: SA victim 'in security work"

Other Iraq News

Bush and Blair have lit a fire which could consume them: "There were no weapons of mass destruction, Iraq wasn't a threat, there was no UN authorisation, and the invasion was manifestly illegal. Foreign troops in Iraq are not peacekeepers"

Kerry calls Iraq situation great failure of Bush policy

Democrats split on Iraq after rise in violence

Palestinians salute Iraqi 'intifada'

Iraq on verge of civil war: Blix

Coalition's actions condemned by Iraq's top Shiite cleric

Smaller allies may go wobbly

Bush Confers With Aides, Blair on Iraq At Crawford Ranch in Texas

Japan says explosions won't cause it to withdraw from Iraq

U.S. Seeks Global Military Force That Would Protect U.N. in Iraq

Iraq US administrator Bremer outlaws Muslim cleric

Journalists demand US to explain deaths of journalists in Iraq campaign

UN Oil-for-Food Program: Scams R Us

Saddam's U.N. Financiers: Only U.S. pressure can pry open the Oil for Food scandal

Global Terrorism

Zarqawi Tape 'Probably Authentic,' CIA Says

Spain warned of more terrorist attacks if it stays in Iraq

Spain Shopping Mall Was Terror Target

Canada's Border Security Found Lacking

Court frees only person found guilty in 9/11 attacks

Thai police warn over New Year holiday bomb threat

Veterinarians Try to Halt Livestock Terror

Homegrown Muslim Terrorists a Concern in Britain

China - Taiwan

China licks its wounds as Taiwan holds firm

China May Pose Greater Threat To Taiwan Than Most People Think

China Slams US for Selling Radar System to Taiwan

China, US to Discuss Taiwan Issue During Cheney's Visit

China stamps its authority on Hong Kong

China asks U.S. to stay clear of Taiwan

Over 300 Critically Rare Species Unprotected

"Sustainability" The Code Word For UN Taking Control - New Video

Private Investment Protects Environment Where Government Fails

Evangelism Catches Up With the Times

L. Ron Hubbard has better lobbyists than God

U.N. Becoming Government

"Peacekeeping" Code Word For "Shrinking the Gap"

UN "peacekeeping operation" in Burundi projected to cost $418 million for one year

Accidental deaths of six UN peacekeepers serving in DR of Congo mourned

Oakland Cops Under U.N.'s Watchful Eye

10 years after Rwanda genocide, Annan unveils plan to stop future massacres

Iraq, Middle East top agenda in Annan's talks with Russian leaders

Plans set for UN meeting on Israel's construction of security wall in occupied territory

Progress on reducing hunger has stopped, UN expert on right to food says

RELIGION - U.N. Faithful Eye Global Religion

New Info Indicates Corruption in Judicial Confirmation Process

Depleted Uranium News

Inside camp of troubles: Special Investigative Report by NY Daily News

New Article: President Bush's Nuclear War Against Afghanistan and Iraq Is Now Confirmed!

Poisoned? Shocking report reveals local troops may be victims of america's high-tech weapons: Depleted Uranium Dust

Army to test N.Y. Guard unit: Hillary demands that all veterans of Iraq get checked for Depleted Uranium

Soldiers demand to know health risks

British MoD ‘lied’ over depleted uranium: Handed note to returning soldiers "You have been deployed to a theatre where depleted uranium (DU) munitions have been used. DU is a weakly radioactive heavy metal which has the potential to cause ill-health. You may have been exposed to dust containing DU during your deployment. 'You are eligible for a urine test to measure uranium."


The ABC of Holy Week: With "Jesus and Paul," Peter Jennings gets it right -- Quote of the Year, revealing depth of current Evangelical church apostasy -- "What a silly God would it be that got himself crucified"?

Israel - Palestinian Wars and Rumors of Wars

Anti-terror adviser: Israelis too complacent about security

Arafat invites Hamas to bed - publicly - Israelis may soon have a real-life "Palestinian" terror state seething on their border

Analysis: God Threatens End Times Judgment Upon All Who Would Attempt to Divide The Land of Israel

Analysis / Resistant Hamas eyes joint leadership role in Gaza

Blair to Sharon: I will work to gain disengagement support

Unsettled Sharon woos Netanyahu

Palestinians tell US to stay out of internal affairs

Senior Jordanian officials warned Israel not to attempt targeted killings on its territory

A greater Exodus: Celebration of freedom confronts hopelessness with hope

Palestinian plan says no to attacks on civilians: Plan that emerges from the document is in effect a new hudna between the Palestinian groups in order to facilitate Israeli withdrawal, at which point the armed struggle will continue

Security around parks beefed up as thousands visit reserves

Israelis with licenses told to carry guns

73% of Palestinians welcome Gaza withdrawal

Lebanese farmers again suspected of diverting Jordan headwaters

Israel delays visas to 138 Catholic clergy

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Land Mine Kills at Least 26 Policemen in India: Communist insurgents suspected

Iran to start work on heavy water nuclear reactor in June

Gadhafi's son says Libyan Jews entitled to compensation: "Until recently we were in conflict with Israel, but things have changed"

Rwanda Marks 10th Anniversary of Genocide: More than 500,000 people died in just 10 days

Could UN's 'special adviser' prevent genocide?

Faith Under Fire: Pictorial Record of Current Christian Persecution Throughout The World

Annan: International Community must watch for future genocide

UAE banks can take on foreign players

Report: 13 million lose parents to AIDS: Number is expected to soar to 25 million by end of the decade

UN's Annan plea to end Sudan ethnic war

Nearly 20,000 Sudanese flood Darfur’s towns, reporting systematic rape and torture

Sudan: Muslim's Hidden Holocaust Against Christians - Video

UN appeals for financial aid for Zimbabwe

South Africa set for benchmark elections next week

Angola rejects GM food aid

9/11 Panel News

'Armageddon' Plan Was Put Into Action on 9/11: Clarke

9/11 - Odigo Instant Message Service says workers were warned of impending attack

September 11 Prior Knowledge: Waiting For The Next Shoe To Drop -- Dr. Dennis Cuddy

Some more questions for Condoleezza Rice: Bush's national security adviser sabotaged the road map to peace - her negligence and incompetence encompasses the entirety of the Bush foreign policy

Rice Reveals Pre-9-11 Bid to Fight Al Qaida

Oman's Oil Yield Long in Decline, Shell Data Show

Oil prices jump on surprise fall in US oil inventory levels

Saudi Arabia pledges to meet any global shortage of crude oil

Moral Collapse

33 Additional Charges Filed in Fresno Slayings

The latest fashion must-have: Eyeball Jewellery

Tarantino Makes 'Kill Bill Vol. 2' a Tour de Force

Janet Jackson Lands at No. 2 on Charts

Magnitude 4.0 Earthquake - WYOMING - Near Yellowstone Park

Recent Earthquake Activity in the USA

Mel Gibson in talks to make Left Behind's "The End of Days" movie confirmed

Ozzie and Sharon saw The Passion: Loved It

Putting 40,000 Readers, One by One, on a Magazine Cover: Privacy totally lost

No Child Left Unbrainwashed: American Education continues to teach nationalization as dictated by the UN Global Agenda

U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change - New Video

Progress in North Korea nuke talks unlikely this year

Would Canadian Law Outlaw Part Of Bible? It may soon be illegal to teach that gay sex is sinful


Wednesday, April 7, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

US marines bombed a mosque, killing up to 40 insurgents holed up inside

U.S. Seeks Global Military Force That Would Protect U.N. in Iraq

Iraq on verge of civil war: Blix

U.S. Marines Advance North in Fallujah

Two more US soldiers killed in Iraq

Soldier, two weeks away from coming home, killed in Iraq

Coalition Forces battling to maintain control in Iraq

Former Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser has compared the increasingly bloody occupation of Iraq with the Vietnam War


The ABC of Holy Week: With "Jesus and Paul," Peter Jennings gets it right -- Quote of the Year, revealing depth of current Evangelical church apostasy -- "What a silly God would it be that got himself crucified"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Analysis: A mini-Tet offensive now underway in Iraq?

12 Marines, 66 Iraqis Killed in Battles

U.S. Faces Tough Urban Battle in Fallujah

Baghdad erupts after U.S. raid: Frenzy shows strength of militias, depth of support for cleric al-Sadr

Fierce fighting rages in Shiite cities

Scores dead in Iraq as coalition troops battle Sunni, Shiite rebels

White House says resolve 'unshakable' in Iraq after 12 deaths

Former Special Forces Soldier Responds to Bush's Invitation for Iraqis to Attack US Troops: "Bring 'Em On?"

War worse than Saddam: UN's Blix

Private Guards Working For Blackwater Security Repel Attack on U.S. Headquarters - Confirms C/Edge analysis in Newsletter040204

Uprisings could plunge country into chaos

Bush swift to woo Blair on Iraq

Test of American patience

US general vows Shiite militia destruction

Former Iraqi enemies unite to fight U.S.

US newspaper ban plays into cleric's hands

Bush firm on power transfer: June deadline still the target, despite recent Iraqi revolt

Senators wary of self-rule date: In wake of broadening clashes, Lugar, Biden wonder if Iraq is ready to take power by June 30 deadline

British MI6 anger over war intelligence: Intelligence agency tells Butler inquiry it never again wants to be used by politicians to justify military action

Saddam being held in Qatar

Depleted Uranium Disaster

New Article: President Bush's Nuclear War Against Afghanistan and Iraq Is Now Confirmed!

Poisoned? Shocking report reveals local troops may be victims of america's high-tech weapons: Depleted Uranium Dust

Army to test N.Y. Guard unit: Hillary demands that all veterans of Iraq get checked for Depleted Uranium

Protect the health of U.S. troops: Army: Editorial

Soldiers demand to know health risks: Dutch refused to stay in Samawah, while Japanese tests confirmed uranium levels 300 times normal

Dr. James Dobson Moves on to Federal Marriage, Now that He’s Solved Problems in Massachusetts: Bill would allow gay "Civil Unions"

Global Terror News

ACLU Says No Go to No-Fly List: Filing lawsuit challenging the list of travelers that the government has barred from flying because they're considered a threat

US forces undergoing anti-terrorism training: At Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School (CIJWS) in the Mizoram-Assam border town of Vairengte

Terror Spree - Terrorists shift focus to Europe

Britain foils chemical bomb plot

Spanish Government appeals for calm amid flurry of false alarms

New Terror Threats Come From Small Groups

Al Qaeda's Qatari declared enemy combatant by US

Philippine 'Sea marshals' to secure ships against terrorists

Maine Marine Patrol adds coastal-security role: Working in conjunction with Homeland Security

Region to test preparedness in Homeland Security exercise

Russia won’t withdraw from anti-terrorist coalition

Former captive tells of terrorism training in Philippines

The only good terrorist

India attacks UN secretariat for downplaying Taliban threats

U.S. Embassy in Jordan on terror list

Beijing kills Hong Kong hopes of self-rule

U.S. arms sales fan Taiwan separatism, says China

Taiwan towers above China, but not for long

"The Passion" In The News

'Passion' tops $100 mil overseas

Gibson's 'The Passion' a Hit Among Arabs

Is "The Passion" Contributing To Global "Paradigm Shift" of Religious Values and Attitudes?

World Health Day - Australia to Fight Regional Health Threats By Giving More Money To UN's World Health Organization (WHO)

Israel - Palestinian Wars and Rumors of Wars

Arafat ready to embrace Hamas, Jihad

Sharon says withdrawal won't result in Palestinian state

US, Israel move toward deal on Gaza pullout

Israel closes industrial park

Anti-disengagement lobby picks up steam

Israeli Security: Face to face with bomber mastermind

Arafat: Not afraid of Sharon

Sharon says pullout in Israel's interest: In unilateral withdrawal 'there is no Palestinian state'

Israel imposes lockdown over attack fears

Israeli-Palestinian conflict delaying Qaida defeat

2004 Campaign News

Faking Democracy - Americans Don't Vote, Machines Do: Machine-free elections are not on the menu

Uprising in Iraq could derail Bush: As US forces suffer another bloody day, Republicans turn on president - 30 US soldiers have died in weekend war

Nader Calls for Bush to Be Impeached: For "deceiving the American people night after night after night" about U.S. involvement in Iraq.

Powell rebukes Kennedy in rare political foray

Kennedy Compares Bush to Richard Nixon: Says Iraq has now become another Vietnam!

Kerry Eyes Nader Vote: Meeting may be "in the works"

If elected, Kerry would face daunting problems

Bush blurs line between politics and job: Critics say GOP uses too much government machinery for campaign

"Steel magnolia" back at Bush's side for reelection

Patriot Act divides Bush loyalists

Rice prepares to testify before Sept 11 commission

Stakes are high for Rice: Bush aide must balance strength, sympathy in appearance before September 11 panel

Panel to reconsider Clarke statements

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

EU Ministers Support "Battle Group" Peacekeeping Plan: EU equally committed to "Shrinking the Gap"!

U.S. May Move Against Pakistan Terror Areas: If Pakistan's military cannot finish the job

Myanmar Nationals Attack Malaysia Embassy

Iran pledges to speed up nuclear cooperation with UN's IAEA

Suharto's former party widens lead in Indonesia vote

U.S. Hopes to Head Off Afghan Opium Poppy Crop

West all but ignores Rwanda genocide anniversary

Rwanda genocide masterminds still at large

Aristide ally, accused of planning killings, is arrested in Haiti

Bush asked by Democrat lawmakers to reverse non-Nato ally status to Pakistan

A Non-NATO Ally Is Exempt From Sanctions, Says Washington

Hindus to end human sacrifice practice

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea and nuclear terror

North Korea warns standoff with US may lead to war

Pyongyang can make 'unlimited' number of Nuclear arms

Tardy US lets North stockpile weapons

Korea Needs to Prepare for US Presidential Election

U.S. Aegis Warship To Be Dispatched to East Sea

South Korea data shows economy on faster track

Economic Merger of Koreas Would Cost $600 Billion: U.S. Expert

Bill to bar North Korean ships from Japanese ports goes to Diet

Australia Sends First Ambassador to NK in 30 Years

Many Firms Avoided Taxes in Boom: More than 60% of U.S. corporations didn't pay any federal taxes for 1996 through 2000

US National DEBT Clock: Deficit just keeps skyrocketing!

Moral Collapse

'Pro-Choice' Clergywoman Claims God Often Wills Abortion

Doctors Say Beware Of Baby Sex-Selection Kits

Girls have sex to pay for University education: Earning $2,000 weekly

School sex crimes on rise

Porn's new frontier is the cell phone

Legislation would close incest loophole


Tuesday, April 6, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Depleted Uranium Disaster

New Article: President Bush's Nuclear War Against Afghanistan and Iraq Is Now Confirmed!

Poisoned? Shocking report reveals local troops may be victims of america's high-tech weapons: Depleted Uranium Dust

Army to test N.Y. Guard unit: Hillary demands that all veterans of Iraq get checked for Depleted Uranium

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 2, 2004 -- Contains major section on D.U. poisoning, including a significant position paper posted recently by Indian Naval Chief of Staff, Admiral Vishnu Bhagwatt

Depleted Uranium In Gulf War I -- Hidden Wars of Desert Storm - Video

New Gulf War Diseases - Recent Radio Liberty Interview, Joyce Riley, Gulf War

New York Governor Pataki goes to bat for G.I.s' health

Ordeal by friendly fire: Columbia Marine relives the day he lost 10 of his comrades to misfire of A-10 Warthog Depleted Uranium ordinance

Former Special Forces Soldier Responds to Bush's Invitation for Iraqis to Attack US Troops: "Bring 'Em On?"

Articles Previously Reported In Daily News Updates

Another War Crime? Iraqi Cities ‘Hot’ With Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium Use in Iraq

Depleted Uranium: A Post-War Disaster For Environment and Health

Death By Slow Burn - How America Nukes Its Own Troops

U.S. Nuclear Policy and Depleted Uranium: Countries devastated for all future generations

The Heavy Stuff: Cobalt casings and more, below the decks - Depleted Uranium and deliberate contamination of the world


View the Army D.U. Training Video Discontinued In Mid-1990!

War News

Three US troops and 15 Iraqis killed: Country on verge of civil war

Eight GIs slain in Iraq

Battle Is Joined In Iraq: NOTE: Depleted Uranium munitions continue to be exploded!

Rioting Across Iraq Kills Nearly 60

Religious leaders raise specter of an 'intifadah'

Coalition forces fight a losing battle to win the peace: With each twist of the spiral, it becomes more difficult to be optimistic for the future

The battle the US wants to provoke: Bremer is deliberately pushing Iraq's Shia south into all-out chaos

Iran Declares War On U.S.: Iraq War Now A Regional War

New Warfront Opens in Iraq Three Months before Handover: Coalition Forces now fighting on two fronts

Archives: Iran Planned To Allow US To Get Stuck In Iraq "Swamp" And Then "Light Many Fires" Throughout The Region - Posted May, 2003

Coalition troops fire on Shiite protestors in Iraq holy city

Iraqi Cleric faces hurdles as he reaches for power

Blair to Visit Bush Next Week for Talks Dominated by Iraq: War worries grow

Corruption charges threaten valuable U.N. role in Iraq

Bank of America to cut 12,500 jobs: Cuts result from $48 billion purchase of FleetBoston - NOTE: Big fish swallowing little and medium fish

Terrorism Going Global

India, Israel agree to cooperate in airport security

The Saudi Fifth Column On Our Nation's Campuses

New face of terrorism?

We'll Turn Spain into Inferno, Says Terror Group

Terror Danger Not Over in Manila, Warns Philippine Government

Message intercepted by the US National Security Agency led to arrests of terrorists in Canada

Geologists Claim Massive Gold Find in Altai, Russia


Israel - Palestinian Wars and Rumors of Wars

Sharon: Disengagement could put Palestinian state on hold

Sharon's Passover Legends: Hypocrisy and political deception are the order of the day

Building Blocs for the Political Big Bang

Sharon Says All Gaza Enclaves and 4 in West Bank to Be Dismantled : NOTE: Jewish populations are being physically removed!

Sharon sees withdrawal as 'blow' to Palestinians

Sharon blasts ministers who attack him overseas

Jews targeted for Passover murder

World defends Arafat following Sharon 'threat'

Sharon Drops Pledge Not to Harm Arafat

PM Sharon says his 'hands are clean' of allegations he took bribes

Arafat may include Hamas in new leadership body

US mediates compromise between Hamas and Israel: Hamas Demands Change in Charter

Committee decries lack of archaeological supervision on Temple Mount: Collapse of Dome of the Rock could begin World War III

Now You Can Play "New World Order" Game On Your P.C.!

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

EU Ministers Support "Battle Group" Peacekeeping Plan: EU equally committed to "Shrinking the Gap"!

Malaysia's Najib: No need for US to patrol strait

UN atomic watchdog wants more Iranian cooperation

Iran to stop building centrifuges this week: Nuclear Chief

UN Security Council has given Secretary-General Kofi Annan the go-ahead to plan a "peacekeeping" operation in Burundi, Africa

Eight Muslim militants get death in 2002 killing of U.S. official: In Jordan

Rwanda readies for anniversary of genocide

6.6 Earthquake rattles Northeast Afghanistan, 1 dead

2004 Campaign News

Bonesman Kerry vs Bonesman Bush For President: What's The Big Secret?

Kennedy Compares Bush to Richard Nixon: Says Iraq has now become another Vietnam!

Bush Defends Record on the War, Economy

Analysis: Bush responds to political heat

Kerry rips into Bush over economy: White House is financially reckless, senator says

9/11 Panel Plans Hard Questions for the F.B.I. and Justice Dept.

China says new oil find will reduce need for imports

Moral Collapse

Disney hopes 'W.i.t.c.h.' will enchant young readers: Launches Teen Witch program!

Focus on military sexual assault

Parents with young children walk out of racy Britney Spears show in Toronto

Vietnamese Girls Auctioned on eBay

In Cancun: Spring break revelry can be a recipe for disaster

Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ’ has provided a springboard for discussion leading up to Easter: Pastors

New Book Calls Europe 'Province of Islam'


Monday, April 5, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

President Bush Is Deadly Serious About "Shrinking The Gap" - U.S. Special Forces are being attached to U.S. Embassies throughout the "Non-Integrating Gap" region. Expect repeated coups and attempted coups in Third World countries

Crack US troops to flush out terrorists in key Southeast Asian waterway: Straits of Malacca straddling Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Poisoned? Shocking report reveals local troops may be victims of america's high-tech weapons: Depleted Uranium Dust

Army to test N.Y. Guard unit: Hillary demands that all veterans of Iraq get checked for Depleted Uranium

10 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraqi Violence

Violent upsurge across Iraq

Iran Declares War On U.S.: Iraq War Now A Regional War

Archives: Iran Planned To Allow US To Get Stuck In Iraq "Swamp" And Then "Light Many Fires" Throughout The Region - Posted May, 2003

More US troops may be needed in Iraq - Key Senator

Radical Shi'ites occupy Basra governor's house

U.S. helicopters strike Shi'ite area in Baghdad

Radical Shiite Cleric Declared an 'Outlaw'

Senator Lugar: Iraqis not ready to rule

US Official Death Toll In Iraq Tops 600

Church World Service Remains Engaged in Iraq

Powell admits intelligence on Iraq was flawed

Iraq war turned Islamic fighters against US

Global Jihad

Winds of Terror Blowing Anew

First Terrorist Bomb-Belts Reach Europe

France detains 15 over Casablanca bombs

Queen Elizabeth insists on stroll through Paris: Shrugs off security concerns

Yemen buys off tribal support to terror

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran Denies Hiding Nuclear Facilities: NOTE: Echos of Iraq Controversy Over WMD?

Pakistan offers to host nuclear talks with India next month

Rwanda: A decade after the genocide - United Nations has designated April 7 an international day of reflection on the genocide in Rwanda

Afghan and US forces to attack Al Qaida fighters

Powell to Meet With Haitian Leaders

Haiti's shoeshine brigade has dirty job in dirty time

Brazil blocks nuclear inspections

Indonesia elections today will be key test of Megawati's re-election bid

New hope in South Africa’s AIDS war

Charm Offensive: Washington is trying to mend fences with Europe. Colin Powell’s latest visit there shows that there’s still a way to go

Iraq and al-Qaeda loom large in Swiss-US dialogue

Moral Collapse

V.P. Cheney Halts Plan For Lesbian Book Release: Mrs. Cheney authored hot, sexy Lesbian love book years ago

Student Shot on N.J. University Campus: Three other people stabbed in a fight during a campus dance

America's sexual holocaust

Reverend Divines Lessons From 'The Simpsons': Preaches "The Gospel According to The Simpsons

Texan jury acquits killer mum on insanity grounds




"The Passion"

Gibson's 'The Passion' a Hit Among Arabs

Is "The Passion" Contributing To Global "Paradigm Shift" of Religious Values and Attitudes?

Catholic teacher fired for 'Passion'

Cutting Edge "Passion" Section of All Articles

Mel Gibson says his wife, all Protestants, could be going to hell

J.C., 'Morning Star' and Mel Gibson: Says one of Mary's names is "Morning Star"


Sharon: Pledge not to harm Arafat no longer applies

Russia: Threats against Arafat 'inadmissible'

World defends Arafat following Sharon 'threat'

Blair: Israel is not a terrorist state

US reiterates objection to targeting Arafat

New IAF Commander: Assassinations to Continue

Sharon says all Gaza enclaves to go

U.S. to grant `diplomatic umbrella' to disengagement

Olmert campaigns for disengagement

Shouting disrupts Israeli Cabinet meeting: Severe disagreement over disengagement plans

Confusing security fence route

Sharon: Palestinian State May Take Years

Sharon vows to expel thousands of Palestinians, renews threats to assassinate Arafat, Nasrullah

Israel must facilitate, not hinder, relief for the occupied population: Amnesty International

High terror alert to continue over Passover holiday

Intifada drives Israelis to ancestors' homes

Terror Victim, Father Of Six, Buried Today

A miracle amid death at the hands of a terrorist

Health Minister Naveh blasts terrorist use of Bethlehem hospital

40 Palestinians hurt in Temple Mount riots

US Says It Can Now Deport Palestinians Through Israel

If you have eyes to see: Israel's return to her land in 1948 was clearly prophetic fulfillment

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Has the Ark of the Covenant been located?

2004 Campaign News

Vatican finds a problem with Kerry

Refreshed Kerry Returns To Campaign: Attends AME Church For Palm Sunday Services

The Doctors' Orders: Democratic spinmeisters offer Kerry a remedy

'Bush administration putting Nixon to shame'

'The Wizard of Oz Letter': Bush pulls back the curtain on who really runs the White House

Kerry: Bush Proposes $6T in Spending

Job data gives Bush campaign a boost

Analysis lowers Kerry's health plan cost

Ghost of 2000 Election Haunts Florida Watchers

9/11 Panel News

Her Turn to Talk: Condoleezza Rice faces the 9/11 commission

Did 1945 Photo After Pearl Harbor Attack Force Rice's Testimony?

Days After 9/11, Bush, Blair Talked Iraq

Clarke's charges gain acceptance by Americans

Bush responds to political heat

Japan denies early deployment of US anti-missile system


Sunday, April 4, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Israel - Palestinian State

World defends Arafat following Sharon 'threat'

Arafat is not immune if terror continues -- Sharon again plays agent provocateur

Arafat dismisses Israel's assassination threats

Israel threatens Arafat, invades West Bank

Palestinians debate Gaza's future after Israel's withdrawal

Security Service Shin Bet: Terrorist released last week from military prison

A legal cloud over Sharon

EU terror-funding report under attack

MK: Don't shoot rubber bullets at Jewish fence demonstrators

Eastern Temple Mount wall may collapse

Netanyahu expected to announce further tax cuts

"Rewilding Sustainability" Continues

Entire State of Tennessee Declared To Be National Heritage Site!

U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change - Video

Over 50% of America Planned To Be Set Aside As "Rewilding" Areas: Human activity will be banned!

2004 Campaign News

Thumbs up?

Kerry takes poll lead over Bush

Bush, Kerry Fight Over Economy

Non-Partisan Groups Accused of Partisanship: Republicans say newly formed voter registration groups are funded by Democratic-leaning groups such as the AFL-CIO

Bush is the 'most corrupt president': John Dean, Nixon aide jailed for Watergate perjury

America's respect for the dead likely to keep Bush at helm of the White House

Outrage, praise for 'Passion' worldwide

Cutting Edge Passion Section Contains All Our Articles

Moral Collapse

Laney Acquitted of All Charges: Woman claimed God ordered her to bash in the heads of her sons was acquitted of all charges by reason of insanity

A haunting crime: Woburn's police chief grieves slayings of woman, girl

Emergency Workers Shot Dead: Paramedic's husband, who was a suspect in the murders, apparently committed suicide later

Jackson's tax break for ranch disqualified: Pop singer developed Neverland too much, Calif. officials say

Celebrity Perks: Freebies for Those Who Can Pay

Kelly Osbourne Enters Drug Rehab: 19-year-old daughter of heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne

Adults Rock to Younger Musicians

Latest Bachelor Completes a 'Pass'

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Underestimation plunges Seoul into unprecedented leadership crisis

North Korea Willing to Abandon Civilian Nuclear Program

North Koreans fail to see funny side of official's joke

North Korean defectors arrive in South

Lawmaker Questions Independence of U.N. Investigative Panel: Can an independent panel created by U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan can get to the bottom of allegations of corruption in the oil-for-food program

British TV Channel 4 to screen graphic film of abortion: Programme to show banned images of dead babies

Gay - Lesbian News

In Calif., Catholics Protest Gay Marriage

Heteroflexible Is Just Gayish: God will not be mocked - "Whatsoever a man soweth, that is what he shall reap"

Massachusetts Agencies prepare for gay spouses

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Two U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq - Two Police Chiefs Killed in 24 Hours

Favored by Saddam, Fallujah seething since his fall

Collaborators' danger keeps growing in Iraq

Trouble Signs? Iraqi Islamists Seen Taking Ownership of the Armed Insurgenc

NATO allies say they can't help in Iraq

Several Iraqis Killed in Najaf Protest

Killings cloud Iraq reconstruction: Pressure on U.S. mounts as attackers target contractors

Divorce snags distress troops: Some states try to ease child-support procedures for National Guard, reserve personnel on active duty

NZ may find other ways of helping Iraq when troops return: PM

Three Killed in Iraq Trying to Plant Bomb

Mercenaries For Hire

Mercenaries 'R' U.S.: Private Pentagon contractors are paying soldiers of fortune from Chile and South Africa up to $4,000 per month for stints in Iraq

Four killed in Falluja were former highly trained US troops: Former US Special Operations troops

Battling back against the 'human jackals'

Horrific Iraq murders could mark turning point

Marines tense as confrontation looms: Fallujah cleric denounces mutilation of American bodies

Marines Release Little Detail on Attacks in Iraq

WMD Reports Were Bogus

Powell: Iraq WMD Evidence May Have Been Wrong

Powell admission exposes war lies

WMD warnings in pre-war Iraq were just 'speculation'

Arms inspection chief accused of stalling on Iraq's elusive WMDs: Hunt for alleged weapons of mass destruction has virtually ground to a halt

Global Terror

Three Madrid Terror Suspects Killed in Blast

Fear of New Bomb Attacks Grows in Spain

Police find videotape with terror threats to destroy Rome

Nations support extra U.S. travel securities: Governments largely understanding, but some travelers are angry

Officials warn of summer bus, train plots in U.S. cities

Al-Qaeda threatens to turn America into hell

Bush's real mistake came after 9/11, not before: Clarke charges that Bush was too obsessed with attacking Iraq

Ex-FBI woman says Rice lied: US officials knew months before September 11, 2001, that al-Qaeda planned to use aircraft to commit a terrorist attack

Plan To Attack On 9/11 Was Known At Least As Far Back As 1995!

Saudi Arabian banks begin freezing irregular accounts

Mysterious No. 11 Continues To Hound World, Mankind

Spain Suffers Her Own 9/11 on 3/11: Summary of critical events occuring by the occult "sacred number" 11

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US Trained Haitian Rebels In Dominican Republic: Rebels who overthrew President Aristide were trained by US in neighboring country

Japan's new army to the rescue of US forces? Could turn Japan into a global US ally, on call to support the US anywhere in the world -- NOTE: Is Japan about to become one of Bush's "sheriffs" to force "Non-Integrating States" in its region?

President Bush Is Deadly Serious About "Shrinking The Gap" - U.S. Special Forces are being attached to U.S. Embassies throughout the "Non-Integrating Gap" region. Expect repeated coups and attempted coups in Third World countries

'Unsinkable aircraft carrier' steams to Iraq: Japan to become the "Deputy Superpower" to the US

Iran denies report UN found more nuke material

Five policemen killed in Karachi, Pakistan shooting

Sri Lankan re-vote ruled out

Russian troops attacked in Chechnya

Democracy in Africa faces a testing time as polls near

Ulterior Motives Behind NATO Enlargement

Jordanian, Syrian ministers discuss Arab summit

Evolution Stupid Story of the Year: Revealed -- How the fish got its fingers

"Claiming to be wise, they became fools, professing to be smart, they made simpletons of themselves" [Romans 1:22; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplifed Bible Commentary]


Saturday, April 3, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Global Terror News

Al-Qaeda threatens to turn America into hell

Terrorists may hit top cities, FBI says

U.S. warns of threats to bus, rail

Gov't Warns of Summer Bomb Plots in U.S.

Terrorist Attack In Spain Foiled: 26-Pound Bomb Found on Madrid Rail Line

Spain train explosives match - Minister

Manila foils major Madrid-type attack

Government told truth - Spain's Aznar

U.S. to Fingerprint More Foreigners

Australia's Howard wants new study on terror

Need for more Arabic translators cited

Poland wary of terrorist attacks by air

Uzbekistan: Sifting for clues

Passport Safety, Privacy Face Off

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Japan's new army to the rescue of US forces? Could turn Japan into a global US ally, on call to support the US anywhere in the world -- NOTE: Is Japan about to become one of Bush's "sheriffs" to force "Non-Integrating States" in its region?

President Bush Is Deadly Serious About "Shrinking The Gap" - U.S. Special Forces are being attached to U.S. Embassies throughout the "Non-Integrating Gap" region. Expect repeated coups and attempted coups in Third World countries

'Unsinkable aircraft carrier' steams to Iraq: Japan to become the "Deputy Superpower" to the US

Bomb explodes in Lao capital: Official denied it could be the work of rebels trying to destabilise the communist regime

Al Qaeda-Hizballah Bomb Team In Amman, Jordan On A Revenge Mission for Hamas

Fears of ethnic cleansing in Sudan

Sudan: Muslim's Hidden Holocaust Against Christians

China arrests popular Tibetan musicians

Afghanistans' Karzai warns drug trade is threat to country's stability

Explosive device thrown at Australian mission in Malaysia

Former president FW de Klerk: Stands by 1993 announcement that South Africa had destroyed its nuclear weapons programme

US slaps curbs on 13 firms under Iran Act

Sri Lanka vote avoids violence of the past: Kumaratunga's ruling party holds lead in early results

US puts Yemen in a bind over 'terror' sheikh

Pakistan's Musharraf walks fine line in war

NATO- E.U. News

Amid NATO expansion, U.S. tries to reassure Russia

France's Chirac pays Russia's Putin a visit

Seven new Nato states welcomed by Bush

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

Afghan mission expansion

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Bremer has destroyed my country: Even the pro-US manager of Iraq's Pepsi plant feels betrayed by an occupation which has spawned fear, hatred and chaos

Marines limiting info about attacks on troops

Military response vowed in Fallujah: To avenge deaths of four American "civilians"

Fallujah cleric condemns mutilations but not killings

Grisly video could shake confidence

US Death Toll in Iraq Crosses 600 As Two More Soldiers Killed

Families Mourn 5 Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Allies Balk at Iraq NATO Peacekeeping Role

U.S. still facing big hurdles in 90 days to Iraq handover

Muslim leaders blame Blair's war on Iraq for growing alienation

Some fear larger uprising among Iraq's Sunni Arabs: Overwhelming anger stems from mistakes by military

Three more families now rage against the American occupation of their land

Iraq contracts give Halliburton headaches

Powell: Iraqi trailers might not have been weapons labs

Israel - Palestinian War and Rumors of War

US to Israel: Don't assassinate Arafat

EU to Israel: Don't kill terrorists, or else

Father killed, daughter wounded in Hamas attack: Community infiltration and house attack

US seeks UN support for Sharon's unilateral disengagement plan

Mixed feelings as West Bank Ganim residents learn they will be evacuated

Some Israelis ready to leave West Bank

A degree of separation: It remains nearly possible to live a normal life in Israel

Pace picking up for Gaza retreat

Palestinian PM Qureia orders terror curbed for US officials' visit

Likud hawks, doves plan PR campaigns

IDF operating in Nablus

Palestinian, 19, killed in IDF operation in Rafah

Thousands battle police at Jerusalem sacred site: Temple Mount

Arafat's Fatah targeted Israeli ambassadors

High terror alert will remain enforced over Passover Holidays

12 suspects caught in Bethlehem psychiatric hospital

Eastern Temple Mount wall may collapse

Natural gas, oil found in Dead Sea

Study: Untested DNA allows crime

2004 Campaign News

Hollywood comes out for Kerry

An army has a mission: Re-elect the president

Kerry, Bush net record sums for quarter

Bush Campaign Tops Goal of Record $170 Million

Florida's 'Bored Boy' Joins Letterman As 'Late Show' Guest

McCain criticizes account of speech in Boston paper

Liberals urge Nader to abandon '04 presidential race

Bush credits economic progress to his cutting of taxes

Kerry taps former Dukakis aide

White House to turn over Clinton papers: Administration officials had withheld documents from commission on 9/11

Microsoft to pay Sun Microsystems $2 billion in truce: Santa Clara firm to cut 3,300 jobs

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

South Korea's Roh Lawyers Call Impeachment Procedure Flawed as Court Opens Hearing

Cambodian King in North Korea visit

White House denies distorting science data

Taiwan polls: Off the streets, into the courts

Taiwan: Recounts, fights, shredded democracy

U.S. to Sell Long-Range Radar Gear to Taiwan

Antidepressant use by preschoolers rising

Martha Stewart Seeks New Trial

'Smart waste' chemicals fight pollution

Poll: More Now Believe Jews Killed Jesus

Hospitals stand pat on living wills

Pope declares feeding tubes a 'moral obligation'

UN's Annan Announces Cyprus Peace Plan for Referendums


Friday, April 2, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Scientists Predict Major Southern California Quake Within Five Months

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Attacks further test U.S. resolve: Grisly slayings raise pressure on Bush to stabilize Iraq

Three of Four Civilians Killed in Fallujah ID'd: Two Army veterans and a former Navy SEAL

Profitable security jobs in Iraq lure commandos

Iraqi Cleric Condemns Fallujah 'Mutilation'

Fallujah Residents Celebrate U.S. Deaths

Anti-American Voices Get Louder Across Iraq

Airline Announces Flights to Iraq

Assets of 3,000 former officials including Saddam frozen in Iraq

Baker Says Iraq's Debt Is Unsustainable

Global Jihad

State Dept.: Al Qaeda Down, but Not Out

FBI issues terrorist alert: Al-Qaida operatives may resort to using arts, sports visas to enter United States

Anti-terror sweep seizes 50-plus suspects in Europe

Tech Industry Begs for Oversight: Government might need to force U.S. technology industry to improve the security of America's computer networks

Jordan: Militant attacks aimed at destroying moderate Islam

Almost Human: What Makes Someone a Terrorist?

2004 Campaign News

How E-Voting Threatens Democracy

GOP Leads Money Race, but Dems Doing Swell

Bush Outspends Democrats 2-To-1 on Air

House Speaker Willing to Negotiate on Tax Cut Deal

High-tech outsourcing led to US job gains of 90,000 in 2003

Bush Goes to W.Va. With Eye on Jobs

Secret Lesbian Sisters: Cheney's Wife Writes Steamy Lesbian Novel

Priests Should Refuse Communion to Kerry, Leading Catholic Says

Taiwan Parties Fail to Reach Recount Deal

Taiwan Court Sets Five Days to Sort Out Recount

Police Release Sketch in Wis. Student Abduction Case

Ohio Shootings Suspect Charged With Murder

Free E-Mail With a Steep Price? Google's plan to offer free Web-based e-mail has raised worries among privacy advocates that the service could make it easier for law enforcement to conduct surveillance of its users

Saudi Arabia Reassures Bush on Oil Supply

OPEC Tightens Screw on Oil Restrictions: Crude prices near 13-year high

Explosions at BP refinery in Texas: 12th largest refinery in the world

Official: Norway won't cut oil production

Olympic Torch: Running With Fire - Interactive map shows planned journey

University of Pittsburgh study adds to debate about teens, unprotected sex and morning-after pill

President’s ‘gag rule’ restricts family planning funding

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 27, 2004

President Bush inks pro-baby legislation: Law makes it a crime to hurt unborn in some assaults on women

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US confers non-NATO ally status on Kuwait

Human Rights Watch report slams Sudan for support of “massive” atrocities in Darfur

Sudan: Muslim's Hidden Holocaust Against Christians - Video

Faith Under Fire: Pictorial Record of Current Christian Persecution Throughout The World

UK is blamed for bumper Afghan opium crop

Three months after deadly quake, Bam survivors turn on Iranian government

Bam earthquake killed 26,000, according to new lower official toll

Sri Lankans Vote in Showdown Election

Bomb in Uzbekistan kills 1

Powell to Visit Haiti Following Aristide Departure

Pakistan Sends Fresh Troops in Al Qaeda Push


Israeli Tanks Enter Gaza Refugee Camp: Heavy gunfire reported

Israeli Police Storm Disputed Holy Site: Al Aqsa Mosque compound

Sharon hopes disengagement will begin by spring 2005: Once fence is up, Palestinians illegally in Israel to be expelled

Palestinian PM Qurei: Gaza pullout is just first step, full West Bank withdrawal was next

Pace picking up for Gaza retreat: US has drafted a "letter of guarantees" - international community appears poised to see success

US envoys press PA to crack down on terror

NIS 2.7 billion approved for security fence

Hamas, Fatah reject Qurei's appeal to stop attacks

Sharon Says Arafat Could Be Targeted

Israelis truly want life of peace, safety

Broadcasters Consider Instituting a Code of Conduct

Presidential Bioethics Panel Nudges Lawmakers

Abortion Doctor Familiar to Court Scene: Fighting Partial Birth Abortion Ban

Flags of New E.Europe Members Raised at NATO

Japan, U.S. Agree on Treatment of Troops Accused of Crimes In Japan

Episcopal Priest Says Citizens Must Understand What Homosexuals Do to Each Other - WARNING: Some of this material is vivid, graphic

Vote on gay marriage leaves few satisfied

Gay marriage amendment: Valid? Panel questions whether it violates human, states' rights

Sept. 11 commission sets Rice hearing for April 8

Woman, four children found beaten to death in Detroit house: Suspect in custody

HHS announces program to implant RFID tags in homeless

Watch out for this school note: School officials are required to turn over to U.S. military recruiters the names, addresses and phone numbers of every child - male and female - enrolled in the ninth, 10th, 11th and 12 grades of your school system


Thursday, April 1, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- March 27, 2004

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

President Bush Is Deadly Serious About "Shrinking The Gap" - U.S. Special Forces are being attached to U.S. Embassies throughout the "Non-Integrating Gap" region. Expect repeated coups and attempted coups in Third World countries

The elimination of corrupted dictatorship regimes and the media promotion of it

Iran Approaches Danger Point on Uranium Enrichment for Bomb

Diplomats: New Data Suggests Secret Iran Atomic Plan

Yassin's death opens door to Iran control: Hamas leader's absence weakens group, likely stems Saudi funding

More than 50 nations vow Afghanistan funds

Karadzic eludes Nato peacekeepers raid, two wounded

Muslim dissidents real targets in Uzbekistan's drive against terrorism

Uzbekistan dictator a cruel rogue among rogues

Uzbek Official: Al Qaeda Behind Attacks

U.S. Marines Intensify Bin Laden Hunt: In Afghanistan

South African program falls short of needs: Government to give drugs, but painful decisions loom

Accused Ottawa man's father detained by Saudi authorities

Mogadishu: Top gun dies in 'friendly fire'

South Africa ready for elections - Independent Election Commission

LUKoil may implement gas exploration projects in Egypt

Ivory Coast Rebels won't talk to President Gbagbo

Sudan: Annan warns of 'devastating impact' of fighting in Darfur region

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian PM Qurei: Disengagement plan is first step towards peace

Sharon wastes no time, begins selling disengagement

Sharon commits to party vote on Gaza pullback

Ministers warned of opposing Gaza plan

Sharon: Israel must withdraw from areas it won't control

Bush to assure PM: Israel won't have to retreat to Green Line

Israel wants U.S. endorsement of security fence

Aqsa Martyrs Brigades to continue resistance till final liberation

Palestinian statement counters 'peaceful intifada' petition

BBC accused of bias against Israel: Report on would-be suicide bomber labelled anti-semitic

Hamas man planned to kill MK David Levy

Violence erupts as Jews enter Silwan

Fatah man gets 18 years for planning to kill Israeli envoys

Israel phases out trademark Uzi: 1950s-era submachine gun is no longer used by Israeli military forces

China angered by US-Taiwan radar deal

9/11 Panel News

Clarke wants all testimony, records declassified: Ex-counterterrorism aide: 'Not just a little line here and there'

The White House has the last laugh: Bush's latest abuse of power fails to rouse the Washington media

Condolleeza's aborted speech

Commissioners press for Rice's public testimony: Clarke ratchets up attack on Bush

2004 Presidential Campaign

GOP Accuses Kerry of Illegal Campaign Tactics

Kerry Shoulder Surgery Successful

Republican discord sidelines highway bill: Some lawmakers differ on $275 billion figure, while others raise state, regional issues

Analysis: Bush, Kerry camps launch tax war

Moral Collapse

Child Porn Epidemic Should Not Surprise Feds: Expert Says

Hornung stands by his comments that Notre Dame calls insensitive: "Should lower its academic standards to get the black athlete”

Abducted Wis. student found alive: Police hunt suspect who took her at knifepoint from home 4 days ago

The many effects of 'Hellboy'

Gay Festival In Australia Planned: Appeal for sponsorship

Gallup: Lotteries losing, casinos gaining interest

Students: Drunk and Naked in Cancun

Many Protestant ministers not willing to serve small churches

Gibson’s ‘Passion’ and its impact -- Jewish viewpoint

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Disastrous Day! Mogadishu Revisted

In Fallujah Al Qaeda Reminds Americans of Mogadishu: Bodies dragged through streets by infuriated mob

Horror in Iraq stirs grim memories: Bodies of four Americans desecrated

Four dead were from Moyock firm in North Carolina: Hired as security to protect food convoys

U.S. TV Avoids Graphic Iraq Images

Bush vows to persevere in Iraq despite 'horrific attacks'

Newsview: Iraq Atrocity Clouds Occupation

US military vehicle set on fire west of Baghdad - Breaking news

Nine US deaths in western Iraq

War News

Medical evacuations in Iraq war hit 18,000 -- Depleted Uranium the hidden culprit?

Radiation In Iraq Equals 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs: Depleted Uranium the culprit -- Follow-up article

US now focuses on Saddam's intentions: New leader of Iraq Survey Group shifts focus of Iraq's hidden WMD hunt to Saddam's intentions

Inquiry into missing Iraqi WMD calls first witnesses: Great Britian

White House seeking Bremer’s replacement

Closure of al-Sadr daily stirs protests

Italy FM vows troops will stay in Iraq

British soldiers beat back protestors in Iraq

Iraq War burns all ahead of Australian election

Jessica Lynch Ponders Survival, Celebrity: One Year After Rescue

Jobless Iraqis clash with police, Spanish troops

Oil/Gas Prices Headed Upward!

Explosions at BP refinery in Texas: 12th largest refinery in the world

OPEC move to cut production riles Bush


Global Jihad

Poll: Terrorism concern on decline - NOTE: Does Bush need another 9/11?

Biggest anti-terror sweep since 9/11: The background

Poll finds Americans don't think feds can be trusted with personal info

New Weaponry Fine-Tuned for Fighting Terrorists

US State Department: Europe deficient on counter-terror

Australia warns of terror attack on shipping

NI-I-CE TERRORIST - Step by step guide to understanding a warped world

EU Rules on Airline Passenger Data: Violates European privacy laws

Add Hizbullah to terror list: Shalom to EU

Investor Selling Gold As Investment Being Sold On Basis of Terrorist Fears

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

US Military Officials Concerned North Korea Could Transfer WMDs to Terrorists

North Korea Rejects US Demand for Dismantling Nuclear Weapons Program

US confident it can deter North Korean attack

North Korea Accuses U.S. of Conducting Aerial Espionage Against It

South Korea, U.S., Japan to Coordinate N.K. Policies Next Week

South Korea Joins High-Speed Train Elite

North Korea threatens to beef up nuclear deterrent force: Again

U.N. Acting Like Government

Annan says 'time has arrived' to unify Cyprus

World Court Orders U.S. to Review Mexican Cases

UN steps into Iraq sovereignty handover debate

Progress on reducing hunger has stopped: UN expert on "right to food" says

UN’s agriculture arm calls for funds to dissuade Afghan farmers from opium crop

Martha Stewart's Lawyers Seek New Trial

Left Behind Phenomenon: Glorious Appearing Hits Retail Shelves

On tour with the harbingers of doom: US readers flock to meet evangelists at helm of a publishing phenomenon -- "Americans don't just have to rely on the Bible anymore"

UFO blasts sky like 50,000 spotlights: 'I've seen a few satellites ... but I'd never seen anything as big as that one'

UFO fragments yield sensational results


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