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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Friday April 30, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 24, 2004


Prime Minister facing tough decision on his political future

Polls Forecast Defeat of Gaza Referendum

PM adviser: We're worried about mustering enough 'Yes' votes

Analysis / What happens if...

Ehud Ya'ari: ‘Gated Community’

The Back Page: It Wasn't Theft. It Was Reparations


Alarm over rising anti-Semitism in Europe

Swiss view EU enlargement with mixed feelings

Gaddafi shows West his peaceful side

Miscellaneous News

Soyuz Spacecraft Makes Flawless Landing

Soyuz Carrying U.S.-Russian Team Returns to Earth From Space Station

World War II Memorial Opens to Public

Arab-American vote looms large

Chuck-A-Rama Apologizes for Cutting Low-Carb Couple off Beef at Buffet

New World Order Technology Here Now

The Back Page: Nanotechnology

Sending a sneaker via e-mail

Same Sex Marriages/Moral Decay

Romney sends letters to 49 other states about gay marriage

Man acquitted of murdering 14-year-old pregnant girl and fetus

Third Adult Performer in LA Tests Positive for HIV

Security Tightened at L.A. Malls After Anonymous Threat Names Day, General Target

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq


Ex-Iraqi generals aid U.S. in Fallujah

U.S., Iraq Generals Reach Tentative Deal

U.S. wants to create new force in Iraq

US troops pull back, bombing Falluja on bloody day

US marines close to withdrawing from Fallujah

Blair Defends U.S. Tactics in Fallujah

Horror and humiliation in Fallujah

Other News

US soldiers alleged to have tortured Iraqi prisoners

Excerpts From Writings of Accused Soldier Who Helped Run Baghdad Prison

Zapatero urges broader U.N. role in Iraq

Former Iraq envoy refutes diplomats' attack on Blair

Transitional Government

Iraq's future: Dreams and nightmares

High stakes for UN troubleshooter

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Chirac: Turkey Not Fit for Entry Into EU

Child Slayings Spread Terror in Pakistan

Terror attacks 'at 30-year low'

Suspected Taliban Kill Six Afghan Soldiers in Southern Afghanistan

Thailand makes its mark in blood

Thailand: Blood on the border

Policys In The Making

The Multipolar World Order-Black Gold Is King

Adios, cheap oil, bring on the big bucks

California City Removes Cross From Official Seal to Avoid Court Case

9/11 Investigation

Sept. 11 Commission Hears Bush, Cheney

Text of Bush's remarks on 9/11 testimony

Bush upbeat after 9/11 testimony

Bush and Cheney take Sept 11 questions in secret

Despite Bush pledge, 9/11 panel battled for access

Bush says he had no 9/11 warning




Wednesday April 28, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 24, 2004


100,000 Show up in Katif; Tens of Thousands Were Turned Back

The Disengagement Struggle Continues

Palestinians pin hopes on quartet

Dr. Ziad Asali: Forget the broken milestone, search for a new strategy

PA ready to take over Gaza: Qorei

Peace roadmap is dead: Israeli PM

Sharon Threatens 'Much Harsher' Reprisals

Sharon: Next year we'll be leaving Gaza

Sharon faces rebellion in own party over Gaza withdrawal plan

Israeli soldiers foil Gaza car bombing

Al Qaeda Terror Ring Draws Closer to Israel

Four Israelis hurt in car bomb attack in Gaza

About the Letter Pro and Con

Diplomats turn on Blair over Israel

Dear Prime Minister,

Blair calls for unity on Mid-East

Blair brushes off diplomats' warning

"The Passion"

"Passion" to be screened in Tel Aviv

Another view of Mel Gibson's "Passion"

Cutting Edge "Passion" Section: All our analytical articles

The Poison In The Passion - by Dr. Terry Watkins, Th.D. - $2.50 70-page booklet to pass out to undiscerning people


European Union grows to 25 countries and 450 million people

Chorus of Muslim radicalism rising in Europe

Gadhafi makes first trip to Europe since 1989

New World Order Technology Here Now

USDA Will Begin Animal ID System 'Later This Year'

Israeli Technology Powers World's Libraries

Carbon kitty's $50,000 price tag

EU set to approve Syngenta GM maize

Parishoners lambast Murphy, pastor



Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq


Marines, insurgents fighting shakes Fallujah

Falluja endures night of shelling

Fighting breaks out in Fallujah

Winning Fallujah risks losing Iraq

Transitional Government

UN envoy outlines transitional government

Iraq faces a choice.

Iraqi argues for 'complete sovereignty'

Burning with anger: Iraqis infuriated by new flag that was designed in London

Other News

US Troops May Have Been Lured to Blast

Italy grapples with kidnap ultimatum

Powell rips Al-Jazeera coverage at US-Qatar dialogue

Red Cross Visits Saddam in US Custody

Policys In The Making

Bush, Cheney to spend hours with 9/11 panel on Thursday

Bush administration defends secrecy of task force

Supreme Court Weighs Cheney Secrecy Case

Bush approves presidential directive on biodefense

N. Korea- China

Living with a nuclear North Korea

N Korea blast damage put at $350m

North Korea rejects offer from South

AIT calls on Taiwan to heed threats

China Closes US Visa Information Center

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

UN Chief Urges Security Council Not to Give Up on Western Sahara Peace Plan

AIDS pulls up at the crossroads of Asia

At least 70 killed in Thailand gunbattles

Former UN building attacked in Syrian capital

EU to reward Turkish Cypriots

Libyan leader embraces West

UN pursues atomic warhead trail

Campaign News

Bush, Kerry campaigns exchange attacks on security

China trade on Kerry's hitlist

Abortion-rights advocates stage Washington march

Kerry queries Bush on Vietnam

John Kerry Must Go




Tuesday, April 27, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 24, 2004


Rivlin dedicates Independence Day torch tosettlers amid criticism

Analysis / A slap in the face

Qureia says PA can control Gaza if PM carries out pullout plan

Israel Celebrates 56th Birthday

Israeli killed in Memorial Day attack

The Middle East: On the Edge of an Abyss

Israel vows to continue 'targeted killings'

Israel identifies new Hamas leader

Two Palestinians said killed by IDF fire in Gaza

Three alleged members of French Hill terror cell arrested

N. Korea- China

Second Sino-ROK Economic Seminar opens in Seoul

Winning Chinese checkers against US, N Korea

Aid streams into North Korean town flattened by train explosion

North Korea aftermath

N. Korea Won't Open Border for South Aid

China: No Direct Elections in Hong Kong

Beijing quarantines 600 after SARS death

"The Passion"

"Passion" to be screened in Tel Aviv

Another view of Mel Gibson's "Passion"

Cutting Edge "Passion" Section: All our analytical articles

The Poison In The Passion - by Dr. Terry Watkins, Th.D. - $2.50 70-page booklet to pass out to undiscerning people


Blair a profile in courage

Breaking down the EU borders

Russia’s Renewed Quest for Power

Austrian MEP predicts Swiss membership of EU

Hunt for Atlantis leads to Cyprus

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US threatens Falluja and Najaf

Fierce fighting erupts in Fallujah

Sadr threatens US troops with 'fires of hell'

One Marine, eight militants killed in Fallujah

Explosion levels suspected chemical weapons building

17 Iraqis, 3 US Soldiers Killed In Iraq

US troops enter Najaf: pressure militia

US holds off on Fallujah assault

Iraq Resumes Oil Exports Following Attack

Qaeda claims Iraq boat attack

US-picked Iraq leaders approve new flag

Policys In The Making

US lobbies allies over UN resolution on Iraq

Starting from square one

Urging spread of democracy

Bush Comes Out

OIC to US: Drop Israeli plan, bring UN into Iraq

Saudi Says US Criticism Undermines War

OIC warns against fallout of Bush Mideast policy

America-hatred among the Arabs

Gov: Just do it: Justices of peace ordered to perform gay weddings

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Powell no longer sees Libya terror links

Congolese-Rwandan Clashes Leave 61 Dead

3 US Marines Injured in Afghan Ambush

22 Die in Clashes in Indonesian Islands

Jordan airs al-Qaida suspects' confessions

2004 Campaign News

Bush campaign turns up heat on Kerry

ABC footage contradicts Kerry claim
By Andrew Miga

Gas pains for Bush: White House denies secret oil-price deal

Religious News

Scalia Rebukes Justices on Prayer Case

Expedition will seek to find Noah's Ark

Pope puts six people on path to sainthood



Monday, April 26, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 24, 2004


Israeli Ministers Say No Attack Planned on Arafat for Now

Israel plays down threat to Arafat

Ex-Defense Minister: Evacuation Will Increase Terrorism

Arafat defiant in face of Sharon death threats

Arafat refuses to give in

New Hamas leader vows same mission

US to Israel: Leave Arafat alone
By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff

Border policeman killed, 3 injured in W. Bank shooting

8 Palestinians killed in W. Bank clashes

A-Zahar replaces Rantisi as Hamas leader in Strip

Memorial Day ceremonies to begin

Yaniv Mashiach is Israel's 21,782nd war-fatality

Israel's population on Independence Day is 6.8 million

Kol Ha’ir Centerfold Alarms Religious Community

Immigrant groups against disengagement plan join forces

N. Korea- China

Sino-Saudi ties: Oil, gas, bauxite ... then arms?

Hong Kong Member of China's Congress Says Territory Won't Have Direct Election of Leader in 2007

Tech venture capital pouring into China

Apocalyptic scenes in North Korea

Toll climbs to 161 in N.Korea blast

N. Korea blames blast on human error

76 kids among dead in N. Korea

North Korea Vows It Won't Transfer Nukes

NORAD likely to face blame by 9/11 panel, officials say

"The Passion"

"Passion" to be screened in Tel Aviv

Another view of Mel Gibson's "Passion"

Cutting Edge "Passion" Section: All our analytical articles

The Poison In The Passion - by Dr. Terry Watkins, Th.D. - $2.50 70-page booklet to pass out to undiscerning people

Code Breakers: "The Da Vinci Code" and its discontents


UK forces may take over Iraq hotspots-report

Britain at Crossroads With EU Constitution Vote

Post-WW2 division of Europe ends with EU expansion

Spain Shifts Gears in Foreign Policy


Scots lead opposition to EU constitution

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US postpones plans for attack in Fallujah

US Marines bide time in Falluja quagmire

Bush Dips into Blair’s Advice and Sharon’s Tactics to Fight Iraq

Boat bombers attack oil terminal

Rocket fire kills 5 GIs

Testimony of contradiction

US says Najaf "potentially explosive

Developments in Iraq

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Karzai 'Grenade Attempt Foiled'

Rebels kill at least 8 in India, Kashmir

Crucial Third-Round of Voting Opens in India; Nation Braced for More Violence

Al Qaeda Goes Regional: Basra, Riyadh Bomb Blasts Coordinated with Thwarted Chemical Strike in Amman


Musharraf whipping Pakistan into (US) line

Pakistan as a 'key non-NATO ally'

5 suspected of aiding al-Qaida receive amnesty


Muslims, Christians Fight in Indonesia's Maluku Islands, 10 Killed, at Least 100 Wounded

Drug Traffickers in Colombia's Fear Paramilitary Groups Will Soon Gain Upper Hand

2004 Campaign News

John Kerry reveals his UN obsession

ABC footage contradicts Kerry claim

Polls: Public focusing on war, favoring Bush

Bush sets record for campaign spending

Bush stumps for money, Patriot Act

Hundreds of thousands protest Bush abortion policy

Bush defends record on environment

Bush vs. Kerry polarizes US

Kerry Condemns Firings Over Coffin Photos

Bonesman Kerry vs Bonesman Bush For President

Miscellaneous News

Minister's victims win millions

Lutherans, in Wake of Scandal, Maintain Faith

New atlas provides statistical portrait of America's same-sex couples

New Technology

Powell urges delay of biometric passports deadline





Sunday, April 25, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 25, 2004


UN sessions next week slated to deal with Israel's policies

Security forces on high alert due to fear of attacks

Mideast instability? Bring it on

The Palestinians' unmitigated disaster

Is the two-state solution in danger?

Brahimi's Israel comments draw Annan, Israeli ire

'Withdrawal will cause anti-Semitism'

Arafat Said Preparing for Possible Death

‘Israel’s assassination of Arafat only a matter of time’

Israel, in the end you would lose it all

West bank's great divide

Analysis: Trying out our 'madman theory'

N. Korea- China

North Korea news agency blames `carelessness' for train blast

Aid Worker: N. Korea Site 'Obliterated'

North Korea Vows It Won't Transfer Nukes

Hong Kong Fears Tightening Grip of China

EU-Russia deal on enlargement ‘very close’

"The Passion"

"Passion" to be screened in Tel Aviv

Another view of Mel Gibson's "Passion"

Cutting Edge "Passion" Section: All our analytical articles

The Poison In The Passion - by Dr. Terry Watkins, Th.D. - $2.50 70-page booklet to pass out to undiscerning people

Code Breakers: "The Da Vinci Code" and its discontents


Powell urges delay of biometric passports deadline

The Bible College That Leads to the White House

President Bush Declared De-Facto Leader of the Christian Coalition

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Bush's 'transfer of power' gambit

Rebuilding Iraq Countdown to Sovereignty

Saudis Aided in Iraq More Than Thought

Baathist ban is lifted

Tale of self-deception and deceit: Woodward's book exposes Bush's determination to go to war

Suicide boat bombers attack Basra offshore oil terminal: Renewed bloodshed claims 71 Iraqi, 7 US lives

A Daily Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths

Roadside Bomb Kills 13 Iraqis, Wounds 17

Iraq Rocket Attack Kills 4 U.S. Soldiers

2 U.S. Sailors Killed in Iraq Boat Attack

Oldest enlisted U.S. soldier in Iraq takes pride in his military service


U.S. begins building public case for renewing efforts to capture


Official: Bush Confers on Fallujah

U.S. attempts to find a way to avoid full-fledged fighting in Fallujah

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News


Pakistan a ‘major US ally’: Shaukat Aziz

US wants secure, moderate and prosperous Pakistan: Rocca

China-India-Pakistan ties will ensure peace in Asia: speakers


Caught between bullying US and soft EU

U.S. Eases Economic Sanctions on Libya

Plan to Reunify Cyprus Defeated in Vote

UN: Rwandan Troops Return to Congo and Ordered U.N. Military Observers Out of Region

2004 Campaign News

Kerry Takes Communion After Vatican Edict

Bush's believe it or not

Bonesman Kerry vs Bonesman Bush For President

Violence - Abortion

Death row decisions

1,000 Gather for Slain Student's Funeral

Huge Abortion Rights Rally Planned in D.C.

Mexican authorities try to connect gang with women's deaths






Saturday, April 24, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 24, 2004


Fewer come to Israel and many are leaving: Conflict, economic woes contribute to population decline

PLO 'foreign minister' unmasks Arafat

Sharon says he's free from vow not to harm Arafat

Arafat Says He Takes Sharon's Threats Seriously

Palestinian PM Qurei: Harming Arafat would open new chapter of violence

Arafat expels 21 Fatah fugitives from Mukata

Hamas leadership meeting in Gaza

Farouk Kaddoumi: PLO charter was never changed - Still rejects Israel's "right to exist"

Sharon hints at Israel nuclear deterrent

Israel, Ban the Bomb: Update on Vannau who revealed secrets of Israel's nuclear weapons program

Israel kills 6 Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank

Israel’s "New" European Friends: Czech Rally Sends Message To EU

U.N. envoy says calls for Gaza security: Wants international force to occupy Gaza once Israel is withdrawn

Illinois Plastics Plant Explosions Kill Two

North Korea says carelessness in handling chemical contributed to train blast

Aerial Photo 18 Hours After Explosion

China's U.N. envoy: N. Korea opening up

In Your Face: The Globalists' Language is Hidden in Plain View

Hot debate over chicken dung in cattle feed: FDA wrestles with whether to ban it and other waste from cattle feed

"The Passion"

Cutting Edge "Passion" Section: All our analytical articles

The Poison In The Passion - by Dr. Terry Watkins, Th.D. - $2.50 70-page booklet to pass out to undiscerning people

Code Breakers: "The Da Vinci Code" and its discontents

Abortion providers knocking at the church door: Beware: Planned Parenthood aggressively tries to win over Christian clergy and youths to its anti-life message

The Bible College That Leads to the White House

President Bush Declared De-Facto Leader of the Christian Coalition

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Rocket Attack Kills Four GIs: Car Bomb in Tikrit kills at least 3 Iraqis

Five U.S. Soldiers Killed in Attack on Iraq Base

Number of troops wounded in Iraq has skyrocketed this month

Half of Iraqi forces refused to fight during uprising

Shiite cleric threatens suicide attacks if U.S. troops attack Najaf

Iraqi Cops Arrest 5 Accused of Basra Bomb Blasts

Bush: Privacy of Families Outweighs Coffin Photos

U.S. Re-Employs Ex-Saddam Followers

Iraqi Envoy Faults U.S. Security Efforts

Tale of self-deception and deceit: Woodward's book exposes Bush's determination to go to war

Most Americans still believe in Iraq's WMDs, Al Qaeda ties: Perception slow to change

Corruption and mendacity won't rescue Iraq's occupiers: The puppet regime's latest accusations are just a diversionary tactic

UK forces 'involved' in Basra bomb blasts: Cleric -- Provocateur?

Two sisters who lost sibling not sure if they will return to Iraq

More troops could be sent to Iraq

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Former NFL linebacker Tillman killed in Afghanistan

Zimbabwe court allows 'mercenaries' extra food

Libya welcomes eased US sanctions

Scale of African slavery revealed

Indonesia landslide kills 44

Turkmani Receives a Chinese Military Delegation

How UN Humanitarian Aid Really Works

German soldiers who are in relationships with each other will be able to sleep together in barracks and on foreign missions

2004 Campaign News

In a First, Planned Parenthood Backs Kerry For President

Vatican: No Communion for Pro-Abortion Politicians

Bonesman Kerry vs Bonesman Bush For President

Congress carving out pork at record rates

Democratic Convention bad news for Boston's bus, train commuters

Military Medical Records: Kerry has shrapnel in left thigh

Bush spending nearly $10M on campaign ads

Kerry affirms support for abortion rights

Spate of Calif. shootings target police

Main points of the U.N. plan for Cyprus


Friday, April 23, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea Train Explosives Blast Kills 150, Injures Thousands

North Korea Stays Silent over Fuel Trains Disaster

For Kim and North Korea, a sign of mortality

North Korean Death Crash Train 'Carrying Explosives'

Pyongyang trains were 'running normally'

North Korea has accepted an offer of help from the United Nations

North Korea threatens to cut South out of six-nation nuclear talks

North Korea Rejects U.S. Nuke Demands

US warns defence of Taiwan not guaranteed: US might not come to Taiwan's aid if China attacks!

Israel - Palestinians // Wars and Rumors of Wars

Proofs of A Conspiracy: Oslo Accords Were Originally Designed In 1993 To Give Large Chunks of Israel Back To The Palestinians -- Exactly Where "Hardliner" Sharon Is Heading Now

Recent Poll: 3% gap between plan supporters, opponents of unilateral disengagement plan

Support dwindling for Gaza plan: Spector looms of Arabs converting Jewish synagogues into Islamic mosques

Sharon: Likud vote is not binding

'Sharon is expert who makes mistakes'

Israel, in the end you would lose it all
: Sharon's plan will eventually lead to demise of Jewish State

Analysis: Chinks in Sharon's armor

Farouk Kaddoumi: PLO charter was never changed, still denies Israel's right to exist

Palestinian youths on Gaza frontline keep hatred alive

Hamas accuses Israel of committing new 'massacre' in Gaza

Three Palestinians Fatah terrorist leaders killed in surge of violence

Arafat expels 20 militants wanted by Israel: Trying to prevent Israeli raid on his compound

Terror News

U.S. House Approves 9/11-Inspired Doomsday Bill: If more than 100 of the 435 House members were ever wiped out

Italy seizes 'US-bound' arms haul: Seized 7,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles

BIG BROTHER: The Wonderful -- and Frightening -- Potential of 'Smart Dust'

Appeals Court: Continue Moussaoui Case -- Justice Department can prosecute Zacarias Moussaoui in a civilian courtroom and seek to kill him

Bad Case of Mistaken Identity: Allen may share a Social Security number with terrorist Ramzi Binalshibh

No Privacy for the Poor, Homeless - Massive databases and computer algorithms are being used to track the homeless or discriminate against the poor who need insurance

Ridge, Powell back extensions of biometric passport deadline

China Emerging As Big Player In RFID

United Europe, divided intelligence: Terrorism targets all of Europe

9-11: The big question remains unasked: What was the real reason the attacks took place?

The Pentagon's urban war planning

Cutting Edge Archives: Marine Corps Urban Warfighting Logo Shows Green Dragon Arising Out of Sea and Devouring Twin Towers of World Trade Center

2004 Campaign News

Dems Hold the High Ground Online: Grass-roots groups like Driving Votes and the Committee to ReDefeat the President are coming out of the woodwork, Republicans not responding to effort

Why Kerry will win: NOTE: Is WND telling us the "fix" is in?

Diebold Machine May Get Boot: Diebold had installed uncertified software on the machines

Discrepancies noted in Kerry's Vietnam record: Ex-skipper says website wrong

Kerry faces battle for antiwar bloc's vote

Damaging Drug Study? Pharmaceutical Companies Bury It

China Says Suspected SARS Case Died Days Ago

Canadian Resolution Adopted at the UN: Women's Sexual and Reproductive Rights Reaffirmed


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Rebels turn in junk arms, anger Marines: Yield heavy weapons or Fallujah will be hit, insurgents told

Shi'ite Rebels Fight Foreign Troops in South Iraq

US wants British to move north into heart of Iraq fighting

Arabs Alledge War Crimes Committed in Fallujah: Says Marines deliberately targeting civilians

U.N. envoy likely to begin picking Iraq leaders soon for caretaker government

Bush administration is running scared, electorally, in Iraq

Iraq to siphon troops, tax dollars even after June 30

U.S. plans to limit sovereignty of Iraq's caretaker government beginning June 30

Bush's 'transfer of power' gambit on June 30

Legal Change Coming for U.S. Troops in Iraq After June 30 Sovereignty Handover

Pentagon Reacts to Mortuary Photos -- Ordered no more photos be released to press

U.S. Contractor Fired for Military Coffin Photo

U.S. plans elite Iraqi force for security

U.S. Troops in Najaf Set for Long Haul

Basra arrest bolsters revenge theory: Evidence suggests homegrown terrorists - not al-Qaida - carried out bombings in response to attack on Falluja

Rumsfeld: No plans to revive military draft

For Japanese Hostages, Release Only Adds to Stress

Thailand asks US to provide security for Thai troops in Iraq

Pledge to restore higher education in Iraq

U.S. Eases Ban on Ex-Saddam Party Members

UNICEF Condemns Killing of Children in Iraq

Russia revels in US's woes

Pagan Earth Day News

Bush Talks of 'Progress' on Earth Day: Highlights "progress" being made in "correcting" sustainability problems

Bush plans wetlands expansion over 5 years: Wetlands key element in "Sustainability" Plan

This Earth Day, Progress Worth Celebrating: Junk Science is force behind radical environmentalism, as all the "bad" news is wrong!

U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change - Video

Diaperless Babies Seen As "Earth-Friendly" Solution

Frogs are watched as environmental sign

China to raise grain output by popularizing 'super rice'

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran Running Amok With Terror In Middle East: Both in Iraq and in Gaza

Iran's nuclear hide and seek

Islamic cleric Bashir Says U.S. an Enemy of Muslims

Egypt's Mubarak: Arabs Hate U.S. More Than Ever

Musharraf whipping Pakistan into (US) line

Five Militants Die in Saudi Terror Battle

Two Suspected Saudi Militants Killed in Car Chase: Just hours after the 5 militants were killed

Top Saudi cleric wants bombers 'burned in hell': Radical group claims responsibility for blast that killed 5 in Riyadh

Some 16 million people to face food shortage in Africa

Haiti rebel leader surrenders

Pakistan to Give Amnesty to Tribesmen: In return for their promise not to work against Pakistan's interests

Are Poor Countries Better Off Without Banks?

Seeking Riches From the Poor: Entrepreneurs stepping forward to provide solutions for the needs of Africa

Moms March Again for U.S. Assault Weapons Ban

F-Word Fight Isn't Over 'Fee, Fi, Fo or Fum': Decency is dead. Now we're fighting over acceptable indecency

Gay Lovers Climb Tree, Then Have Sex In New York City

Drought Intensifies in Southeast, West of United States

The science of evil: The Holocaust Museum's exhibit on Nazi medical practices raises frightening issues



Thursday, April 22, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

South Korean Reports Claim as Many as 3,000 Killed or Injured in North Korean Train Explosions: Dictator of North Korea has just passed through the area nine hours earlier

Video: Train Crash In North Korea


Proofs of A Conspiracy: Oslo Accords Were Originally Designed In 1993 To Give Large Chunks of Israel Back To The Palestinians -- Exactly Where "Hardliner" Sharon Is Heading Now

Israel - Palestinians // Wars and Rumors of Wars

Disengagement Goes Forward

Sharon: US assurances biggest achievement since '48

Israel concerned US backing down from assurances: Bush said to be "watering down" his commitments given last week to Sharon

Sharon losing public support for Gaza withdrawal plan

Palestinian Leader Asks Bush to Reconsider Tacit Recognition of Some Jewish West Bank Settlements

There go Likud's principles

Lebanese President Lahoud to Israel: Don't carry out targeted killings of Hamas leaders in Lebanon

Nasrallah Wants Gaza Settlements Overrun by One Million Hamas Marchers: To stampede IDF out of Gaza ahead of 2005 timetable - IDF withdrawal of Lebanon cited as example

Analysts: Israel's Targeting of Hamas Leaders Increases Public Support for Terrorist Group

Islamic states slam Gaza withdrawal plan: Urge UN presence in Mideast

Muslim Prime Minister: World community should act fast on Middle-East conflict

The Arab Lie Whose Time Has Come

Other News

Nuclear whistleblower freed: Vanunu -- Israeli technician -- jailed 18 years for revealing country's nuclear secrets

Vanunu: Israel's #1 traitor goes free

'I am proud and happy to do what I did': Vanunu released by Israel after 18 years but fears for his safety remain

IDF rolls on Gaza after rocket barrage

IDF forces complete Beit Lahiya operation

Arafat may ditch Prime Minister post

Israeli Fire chief warns of 'arson intifada'

Israeli Troops Kill 3 Wanted Palestinian Militants

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Indian PM says he will not quit midway

Pakistan's nuclear program non-negotiable: President Musharraf

An unholy alliance? Venezuela's ties to Cuba become a concern to U.S.

Last Burundi rebel group ceases fire

Aboriginal woman put curse on Australian PM

Racism Holds South Africa Back

Is Libya's Gadhafi Fooling Us?

Gaddafi to Visit EU Headquarters

'Reign of terror' in Sudan's Darfur: Situation is turning into one of the world's worst humanitarian disasters

Is Delhi headed for a big earthquake?

Complete Moral Collapse

Overseas Production Threatening U.S. Porn Industry

Short Back and Sides, Even Less on Top: Scotland's first planned topless barbershop

'The L Word' Has Tongues Wagging: Showtime will bring the lives and loves of a whole cast of lesbian characters to the small screen

It's a girl thing: Good time gay girls in "L Word"

Grand Jury Indicts Michael Jackson: Grand Jury probing allegations that he molested a 12-year-old boy

Defense Barred From Kobe Accuser's Medical Records: Denied access to the medical records of the 19-year-old woman accusing the NBA star of rape

The mouse that roared: Virgin Birth! Scientists' breakthrough raises prospect of fatherless babies

Autopsy confirms body is that of missing student Dru Sjodin: University of North Dakota student was a victim of homicide

BUS drivers in Edinburgh are to be issued with DNA kits in an effort to catch people who spit on them while they are working

Sign at Columbine High School Expresses Hope for Better Times

City Workers Call Sex Hot Lines From Work: Chicago Department Of Health Shown As Worst Offender

Gay - Lesbian News

Oregon judge orders halt to gay weddings, but gives legal recognition to same-sex marriages

Massachusetts law curbing out-of-state couples faces a challenge

Gay Marriage Advocate Named To Time Magazine's Most Influential People List

Welcoming and Yet Not Affirming Homosexuality

Draft of domestic-partner ordinance circulated: Oneonta, New York

Lessons From California

California Assembly Panel Says Yes to Gay Unions: Just four years after voters overwhelmingly approved a measure restricting marriage to a man and a woman

Will 'Focus on Family' Push Pres. Bush and Massachusetts into Civil Unions: The Same as Dobson did in California ?

Focus On The Family -- Little Known Facts -- Book

2004 Campaign

Navy records detail Kerry Vietnam duty: Show him as an outstanding and aggressive officer, credited with killing 20 enemy soldiers

Why Bush Needs a New Ear: Who Was More Right on Iraq?

Dump Cheney: A winning strategy for Bush

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 17, 2004

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Al Qaeda Goes Regional: Basra, Riyadh Bomb Blasts Coordinated with Thwarted Chemical Strike in Amman

Iraq faults al-Qaida for bombings in Basra

Basra buries dead as Fallujah clashes continue

French Reporter Shot Dead in Baghdad

Marines Kill 20 Insurgents in Fallujah

Najaf Tribal Leaders Call for Cease-Fire

Iraqi forces 'turn on coalition': New coalition-trained Iraqi police force is being infiltrated by insurgents

Iraqi forces walk off job: Members either quit or worked against U.S. in latest uprising

Bush: Terrorists won't deter mission in Iraq

Islamic Leader: U.N. Iraq Role Must Grow

Hammers and anvils: Only if the UN breaks with US plans for a cosmetic handover can it win Iraqi confidence

Bush to UN: Help!

Bush Administration Considering More Cash for Iraq

Bush & Blair: The Duo of Doublethink

US Lawmakers Seek Details on Iraq Strategy

Permission Slips: Must return to traditional Checks and Balances

Global Terrorism News

Americans fear terrorist victory: Poll: Half in U.S. say attackers are winning; fear of strikes is high

Nightline Sells Martial Law: Will the US be under martial law by June, 2004?

New Terror Threat Targets 8 U.S. Allies By End of This Month

What if terrorists kill 100 congressmen? House to vote on 'Continuity in Representation Act' to assure survival

U.S. Warns of Attacks on Asia Shipping, Finance Hubs

Increased Tension: Recent Events Stoke Anti-U.S. Sentiments Among Arabs

Blast in Saudi capital kills 4: Suicide bomb attack at police post injures 148

Investigators Scour Saudi Bombing Site

U.S. Vulnerable to Vaccine Shortages

Vermont Nuke Plant Missing Fuel Rods

Second Islamic man faces terror charges in Australia

Federal Attorney General says Australia faces a high probability of a terror attack sometime in the future but says it is not inevitable

Bush, Cheney to Talk to 9/11 Commission April 29

Anger as U.S. TV shows chilling images of a dying Diana, Princess of Wales

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea Pledges 'Weapons-Free Goal' in Nuclear Talks

North Korea Tells South Korea to Stop Backing U.S. on Weapons

N. Korea Confirms Kim Jong-il's Visit to China

Chinese President May Now Visit North Korea

Los Angeles International Airport suffered its third power outage in 10 days

Global warming floods said to threaten 4m Britons

Eight bodies pulled from rubble of Illinois tornado

Fuel Cells Weigh Anchor

Diebold knew of legal risks: Attorneys warned firm that use of uncertified vote-counting software violated state law

Polio vaccine-AIDS theory dead: Study finds that Kisangani chimpanzees contain a virus unrelated to HIV-1

Greenspan: Rate Hikes May Be Warranted

Reactions in the Arab Media to 'The Passion of the Christ'

NEWS!! The Poison In The Passion - by Dr. Terry Watkins, Th.D.

Officials say travel to US down sharply because of post 9/11 entry requirements

US officials want passport changes delayed

Airborne droplets spread Sars in buildings, study finds

Why Are Gas Prices Climbing?

New revelations in Bob Woodward’s book, "Plan of Attack", provide further evidence to convict President George W. Bush of war crimes

EU Battle In Britain: 'Let the battle be joined' -- Blair admits to losing propaganda war as Tories pile on pressure

Vivid Abortion film raises outcry


Wednesday, April 21, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Most Important Supreme Court Hearing In History?

Bush terror policy has first test in High Court: Supreme Court appeared distinctly unreceptive Tuesday to the Bush administration's argument that courthouse doors must remain closed to the foreign detainees at the Guantanamo Bay naval base in Cuba

Court Hears Test of How Detainees Handled: "It's been plain for 215 years". The government, he said, cannot create a "lawless enclave" where no court, American or otherwise, can check up on things

Passion, curiosity unfold outside court

Gitmo Military Tribunals Pose Life, Death Question: First military tribunals since World War II

Israel - Palestinian War

Disengagement News

Nasrallah Wants Gaza Settlements Overrun by One Million Hamas Marchers: To stampede IDF out of Gaza ahead of 2005 timetable - IDF withdrawal of Lebanon cited as example

PM's plan will end in evacuation of northern West Bank

Israel, in the end you would lose it all

Foreign Minister Shalom says he will support PM's disengagement plan

Facts: The disengagement plan of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Sharon: "If you think disengagement rewards terrorists, listen to them whine"

In last interview, Rantisi claimed Israeli pullout as Palestinian victory: A full Palestinian triumph would mean "liberating the entire country"

Archived History: PM Sharon Explained - Ten Years Ago - Why Israel Should Not Withdraw From Gaza

Defense Minister Mofaz calls disengagement 'historical step, the right move'

IDF Intelligence chief Maj.-Gen. Aharon Ze'evi: Disengagement will reduce terror

Israel slams Jordan for opposing pullout

Dissent Strengthens Within the Likud Party

Dissident Campaign Has Already Begun in Gush Katif

Other News

5 Palestinians killed, dozens hurt in northern Gaza fighting

Israel turns up the heat in Gaza Strip: Fierce gunfight erupts as Israeli tanks hunt for the source of Palestinian rocket attacks on Jewish settlements

Israel frees nuclear whistleblower Vanunu

Dead man walking - New Hamas leader outed

Some 98,000 foreign workers deported from Israel: "By the end of 2005, there will be few illegal foreign workers left in the country"

Israeli-South Africa relations very icy - Empty of content

US Set To Veto Palestinian-drafted UN Resolution, Encouraging More Israeli Assassinations of Palestinians -- Arab viewpoint

Moral Collapse

Brits Going at It Tooth and Nail: Setting up random sex by using their Bluetooth-enabled cell phones or PDAs

Liberace's former lover Scott Thorson claims he had a homosexual affair with Michael Jackson: Revelations could affect outcome of child molestation battle

Bad Behavior? Psychologist’s Report Outlines Detailed Allegations Against the King of Pop

Florida Kids Bail Out of Party Cab: Taxi driver drinking while female companion started stripping in front of the teens

Rapper Lil' Kim Wants Separate Trial

Girls Gone Wild Producer Files $25 Million Lawsuit Against Woman Who Falsely Claimed Rape

Needle Exchange to Be Established in Queens, N.Y.

Most Adults Won’t Give Up Sex for Eternal Youth: Senior Citizens Won’t Give Up Coffee

German girl 'up for sale' on eBay

Cool Reception for 'Passion' From Networks

Illinois Tornado Collapses Buildings, Killing Four: More Damage Elsewhere

Blair Announces Vote on EU Constitution: Critics say Britain will lose its National Sovereignty by joining EU

Catholic Holy cards see resurgence in popularity

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

"Shrinking The Gap" News

Bush to launch international peacekeeping initiative: Global Peace Operations Initiative aimed largely at Africa

"Peacekeeping" = Shrinking the Gap of Non-Integrating States

Bush Administration Deadly Serious About "Shrinking the Gap"

Other News

Egypt's Mubarak: Arabs Hate U.S. More Than Ever

'Car bomb' shakes Saudi capital

Vietnamese Christians arrested and deported from Cambodia

U.N. recommends 8,300 troops for Haiti

United Nations Says AIDS Pandemic Threatens World Peace

FBI chief warns on terrorists in China

China reportedly urges North Korea to drop nuclear demand for U.S. security guarantees

Terror fears may stop British Royal aircraft from flying the flag

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 17, 2004

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Another bloody day in Iraq

Is Iraq Another Vietnam? Actually, It May Become Worse

Basra blasts kill 55 including schoolchildren

Massive Barrage Launched on Marines in Fallujah: There were Marine casualties, but no specifics given so far

Fast Facts: Deadliest Iraq Attacks since May 1, 2003, when President Bush declared major combat over

With rebels ruling Iraq roads, U.S. forces feeling pinched

IRAQ: No smiles, no waves

Support is growing for sending more troops to Iraq

Pentagon identifies units in case more troops are needed for Iraq: 135,000 currently in Iraq

Draft Talk: Senator says US may need compulsory service to boost Iraq force

Bush Administration: Woodward Book Wrong on War

Bodies of 3 Halliburton workers identified in Iraq: Were "private contract workers"

Italians ready to pay ransom for release of hostages held in Iraq

Iraq errors damaged Britons' trust in politics, says Archbishop of Canterbury

Dominican Republic to Pull Iraq Troops Early: In the next few weeks, following lead of Spain and Honduras

Spain's New FM Meets Today with Senior US Officials

Bush Regrets Spain's Pullout from Iraq

Top UN officials linked to Iraqi oil scam

Bush's Tilt to U.N. Shifts Iraq Debate: Increasingly relying upon U.N.

Bush names John Negroponte as Iraq ambassador

Iraq Leaders Create Tribunal for Saddam's Trial

Kennedy Slams Wolfowitz for Focus on Iraq: No WMD found though that was rationale for invasion

2004 Campaign News

Kerry campaign offers records of his war injuries

Bush, Kerry set fund-raising records

Edwards, Graham join Kerry in Florida

Bad timing for emperor Bush

Bush Campaign Has Raised $184 Million

Political Cartoons Draw on Controversy: Sharpest weapon is often the pen

President, high court pivotal for both sides: Election fuels abortion fight

Some gun owners unhappy with Bush: Patriot Act, homeland security measures rile gun-rights activists

Bush wants more Patriot Act provisions: NOTE - Dictatorship in the making

Widespread voting woes foil democratic process

Bush hoping to reach out to Jewish voters

More Bush Bad Fruit

Why Republican Arlen Specter May Save America from the Federal Marriage Amendment: Senator is pro-choice, extending hate crimes protection to sexual orientation

Bush stumps for Specter in final Senate primary stretch: "Arlen Specter is the right man for the United States Senate", Bush declared

Bush Support for Extreme Liberal Specter Shows President Puts Party over Principle

U.S. panel promotes effort to protect oceans

Big Trouble for Law of the Sea: Would give United Nations sovereignty over the world's oceans, seven-tenths of the earth's surface -- Quietly being guided through Senate by certain Bush officials

How Communist China Invoked LOST to Obtain U.S. Naval Secrets

Concerns About the Law of the Sea Treaty

"Intelligence Failure" R ecap

MI5-Style Intel Agency Could Be Hard Sell in U.S.

Ashcroft: U.S. Was 'Blinded' to Its Enemy - "walls," or barriers between intelligence and law enforcement agents helped create the kind of culture that allowed Sept. 11 to happen

Wall Dividing Intel Compounded Dangers

FBI's Mueller: We're Breaking Down the 'Walls'

Cutting Edge Archives: Smoking Gun Proof That 9/11 Was Widely And Accurately Known As Early As 1995

Bush Promotes Patriot Act in New York: Pressing for extension

Gay - Lesbian News

Oregon judge upholds rights for gay couples: Judge ordered Legislature to establish civil unions for same-sex couples or open marriage to them

Oregon Lawmakers Show Little Interest In Heeding Gay Marriage Ruling

Gay Days Hits Sour Note With Nebraska Band Members' Parents

Massachusetts Bid To Fire 'Pro Gay' Judges

Queen Appoints Gay cleric to one of the most senior roles in the Church of England -- Immediately says Church should bless gays

The Unfolding FTAA Battle: Free Trade Area Agreement will end our National Sovereignty

Swarms of Earthquakes Continue In Pacific Northwest, California, Yellowstone


Tuesday, April 20, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 17, 2004

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

With rebels ruling Iraq roads, U.S. forces feeling pinched

US reaches deal with leaders in Falluja: Threat to seize city by force if demands are not met

Civilian Deaths Anger Fallujah Refugees

7 US Contractors Dead Or Missing: Co-Worker Reports

U.S. troops shot to death two employees of U.S.-funded television station Al-Iraqiya, wounded a third in central city of Samara

List of Journalists Who Died in Iraq

Prayers and gunfire from Sadr's men in black

Their beliefs are bonkers, but they are at the heart of power: US Christian fundamentalists are driving Bush's Middle East policy

Bush mixing of policy, religion worries some: Nader called Bush a “Messianic militarist” for mixing religion and policy

How to lose Iraq -- UN edges back into Iraq

Bush, Blair stand united in rebuilding plan: Embattled U.S. president, British prime minister embrace U.N. proposal for interim government in Baghdad

Islamic nations to press for bigger UN role in Iraq, ME

Fallujah Leaders, U.S. Call on Iraqi Fighters to Turn in Weapons

THOUSANDS more British troops may have to be sent into Iraq

British troops 'may have to stay 10 years to keep order'

US chides Spain for Iraq pull-out

Honduras to Pull Troops Out of Iraq ASAP

U.S. girds for more coalition defections

Seoul's Foreign Policy on U.S., Iraq Unlikely to Change: US Expert

John Negroponte named Iraq ambassador from the United States

A Main 'Doonesbury' Character to Lose Leg in Iraq fighting

AAN Promises Important Iraq Story Tomorrow
: Promises story will be a "bombshell article"

British MPs confront Blair over military tactics and Middle East position

White House reels from Woodward book

Congress to Open Hearings on Iraq Policy: How America got into the dangerous predicament and how it will get out

Robot plane drops GPS-guided bomb in test: Another step for remote-control warfighting

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

World Bank seizes on Iraq debt deal to offer more generous terms to other Third World nations in Africa

Sudan Says Cease-Fire With Rebels Is Holding and Aid Groups Are Welcome in Western Region

Hungry Haitian kids turn to crime

Afghan Leader Announces Cabinet Shakeup

Thousands flee Mexico City gridlock: Residents take customs with them as they flee to less-populated areas

'Drugs for Africa' bill amended

UN battles to help released child soldiers in Sri Lanka

'East Asia's economic prospects bright'

Indians Brave Militant Attacks to Vote in First Stage of World's Biggest Elections: Five Dead

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korean dictator Kim holds talks with Chinese President Hu Jintao

North Korea may offer nuclear deal: IF United States changes what he called its hostile attitude

North Korea's Kim insists on US compensation before nuclear freeze

Cheney Wraps Up China Trip with Warning About N. Korea's Nuclear Program

Roh impeachment trial continues in South Korea

Experts Urge US to Pressure China into Allowing International Help for N. Korean Refugees


‘Cheney’s suspicion of China reinforced’: View China as potential future strategic threat

Taiwan launches massive annual military manoeuvres to assess defense against Chinese threat

Russian defense minister leaves for three-day visit to China

Moral Collapse

Adult film scare could alter rules: New anti-HIV measures considered

Dad kills 2 daughters, self in front of his wife: Daughters were 15 and 8 years of age

Lawmaker Eyes Simple Fix to Gay Marriage Spat

Calif. Churches Lobby For Gay Marriage

Six same-sex couples challenge Florida ban on gay marriage

Internet Hate Sites Growing: Number of homophobic and other hate sites on the internet is increasing at an alarming rate reports the Simon Wiesenthal Center -- NOTE: Simon Wiesenthal Center listed Cutting Edge as "Hate" site two years ago, then removed us after subscribers brought pressure

IRS investigating creationist theme park in Pensacola: Kent Hovind said to owe more than $1 million in taxes

Game over for stocks and real estate?


United Nations Becoming Global Government

"Law of the Sea" Debacle

Big Trouble for Law of the Sea: Would give United Nations sovereignty over the world's oceans, seven-tenths of the earth's surface -- Quietly being guided through Senate by certain Bush officials

How Communist China Invoked LOST to Obtain U.S. Naval Secrets

Concerns About the Law of the Sea Treaty

Other News

Bush plans aid to build foreign peace forces: President to launch international drive amid troop shortage: NOTE: Soldiers receiving blue UN headgear

Bush Deadly Serious About "Shrinking The Gap": Has the World War II O.S.S. been recreated?

UN official calls for doubling of spending on sanitation and clean drinking water

UN environmental agency opens new regional office in Brazil

Surge in new missions may strain UN’s capacities: Peacekeeping Chief

US Naval War College Professor Identifies The True Meaning of "Peacekeeper"


Disengagement Process Continues

Defense Minister Mofaz: Disengagement will improve Israel's situation

Military Intelligence Director, Major General Ze'evi: Gaza pullout will curb terror, Hamas in 'anarchy'

Background / PM's secret weapon in Gaza pullout vote: His enemies

Abandoned Gaza Jews under artillery barrage

Rocket Strikes Cohen Family of Kfar Darom

Clinton endorses Sharon's disengagement plan

Israeli right wing OKs Gaza pullout

Sharon Pushes To Cancel Knesset Debate On Retreat Plan

Analysis: Sharon and the fall of the dominoes

Arafat asks Hamas to restart joint leadership talks

Hamas urges Arabs, Muslims to unite: `We will defeat both the United States, Israel'

Jordanian king postpones meeting with Bush: Palace says U.S. backing for Mideast peace process unclear

Summing Up The Mis-Understandings in Bush-Sharon Meeting

Hamas Chief Mashal: The problem began in 1948

Assassination Fallout

US says it wants Hamas "put out of business"

Great Britain's Blair: IDF assassination action same as Hamas terror

Bush scraps Road Map: Rantisi killing has inflicted near-fatal injury to hopes of a Middle East peace deal

UN Security Council holds meeting on Rantisi assassination

Killing re-ignites crisis of confidence between Israeli Arabs and authorities

Other News

Israel maintains nuclear smokescreen 18 years after Vanunu blew whistle

Palestinian play: Israelis burned us -- Children's performance on video depicts 'dead' kids on stage

Three injured in Jerusalem bus stoning

Israel Power Plants Cleaning Up Their Act

Global Jihad News

Suicide Bomb Plot Foiled At British Soccer Game: Could have killed thousands of fans

FBI Agent: 2004 Will Be Remembered as 'Summer of Terror'

Ex-Hostages Recall Final Days of American Beheaded in The Pilippines by Abu Sayyaf

Feds may relax airport-security rule, beginning with Pittsburgh

Al Qaeda Warnings prompt boost in security

Supreme Court Hears Guantanamo Bay Detainees' Appeals

2004 Campaign


Focus on War, Terror Propels Bush Over Kerry in Polls

Kerry Broadens Criticism of Bush on Iraq

Kerry Hits Bush 'Sweetheart' Ties with Saudis: Vowed to end "sweetheart relationships" with Arab countries like Saudi Arabia that funded terror

Kerry's 'Anybody But Bush' trap

Bush's choice to replace archivist of the United States raises concerns: First time process is secretive

Bush Touts Patriot Act in Pennsylvania

Bush Administration Revising Overtime Eligibility: Retreating under pressure from earlier plans

Hillary Clinton leaves Jamaica after one-week vacation: Entourage occupied 40 rooms in very exclusive motel

Roman Catholic Sex Abuse News

Wyoming ex-priest's case uncovers lurid tales: Led sacred ritual beatings, torture sessions, penance prayers during that same time in the basement of St. Anthony Catholic Church

Hong Kong Abused altar boy seeks $2.3m damages from Catholic Church

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'': Demonstrates theological basis for sex abuse during the past 1,000 years of Church history

Lies, cover-ups, fat cats and an oil giant in crisis: Shell admits deceiving shareholders

Shell board blames crisis on 'human failings'

Independent report lifts lid on Shell's fatal thirst for reserves



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